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What will the word of 2010 be?

The 2009 Word of the Year, according to the New Oxford English Dictionary was  unfriend, which seems befitting as 2009 really wasn’t such a great year and weaning yourself of […]

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I do the origin of the word Avatar. Please rate, comment and favorite at YouTube to help the video.  Thanks! Here is the link to the Wired Sexy Geek Contest […]

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Vote for me for’s Sexy Geek of the Year – 2009

It looks like it’s on again guys and gals.. the 2009 edition of’s Sexy Geek of the Year Contest.. and it looks like I was nominated by someone!  So […]

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Why do we kiss under mistletoe?  The plant’s origin may surprise you! Please rate, comment and fave over at YouTube to help the video. And Merry Christmas to those of […]

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Some phobias

Just a fun video about some phobias!  Can you guess them? Please rate, comment and fave over at YouTube to help the video :-)

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Review of Zombie Babes

AppStoreReviewer just did a review of my Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes From Outer Space. Click here and show him some comment love! Thanks AppStoreReviewer! ___________________________________________________________________ (Sorry about that […]

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Fun Time at the Go Daddy Party

I attended Go Daddy’s annual Holiday Party in Phoenix this year and it was a BLAST!  Bob Parsons, the founder of Go Daddy, really knows how to throw a party. […]

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Mischievous part deux!

OK guys.. I was in New York for my birthday and saw that the New Year’s Eve ball was being taken down and it appeared at this party on Sunday. […]

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Go Daddy Holiday Party

Guys, I’m going to the annual Go Daddy Holiday party in Phoenix tonight and it’s going to be a really big bash, with secret bands and all. Bob Parsons, the […]

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Profanity… pro?  +  fanity??? WTF? Please rate, comment and fave over at YouTube! Thanks!  :-)

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Happy 29th Birthday Marina!

In honor of our dear teacher completing 29 years and working on the big 3-0, here is our birthday post. (note: This is the last time we will mention her […]

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This is a word I did before as a Nerd Word of the Day.. I just wanted to have fun with it.. so I made this cheesy video about it! […]

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Nerd Word of the Day: Lexadaisical

Lexadaisical: adj – Being lackadaisical with your lexicon. Examples of this would be your instead of you’re, its instead of it’s, or as Will Farrell said in one of his […]

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#1 in Trendhunter Magazine’s Top 50 Interviews of 2009

Trendhunter Magazine counted down their top 50 interviews in 2009, and look at who made the #1 spot! Click here to go to the countdown. There is no way I […]

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