Obama Girl

obama-christmasCute little Happy Holidays from Obama Girl to yours truly :-)

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34 Responses to Obama Girl

  1. mustanglvr69 says:

    I must be behind the 8-ball. Don’t know who Obama Girl is. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. vernon olson says:

    i love obama girl, marina and ann coulter, all for different things. hang out with ann, days i am not doing that hang out with marina, and obama girl for, you guessed it, the other activity.

  3. mp3salem says:

    Well done well have thought :smile:

  4. life-savy says:

    Obama Girl you’re an angel. And Marina, you are too. THank you both for giving America something to enjoy.

  5. saideid says:

    :cool: hi im very thankes
    i like me
    good bay

  6. greatestpotential says:

    Obama Girl if you’re reading this please send me a card too honey

  7. leonard says:

    Obama RULES and God Bless

  8. checmark says:

    New definition for the word “overkill” – Marina and Obama Girl at the same time. Heart attack time for me for sure. What a way to go though!

  9. Che Volay says:

    YouTube is a community, when one wins you all win

  10. bsomebody says:

    meh… but stil cool for M. One thumb slightly up from horizontal. :roll:

  11. elahie says:

    aww thats sooooooooooo sweet

  12. augie says:

    that was sweet now Marina pls do a video on Augie Girl of course you have to be that special girl mmmmm than my new year will be complete love and kisses to you family and friends that includes all your students world wide and may this New Year be the best you deserve more sweetheart

  13. Meh. (I actually used that word!) :mrgreen:
    Another case of fading fame grasping at straws of celebrity by glomming onto the Number One show on the internet?
    Give it six monthes and ask me again… LOL! :grin:

    • Bob says:

      Yeah, she’s cute, sexy, has a lovely smile and is a very slick performer so I don’t think she has many worries about fading away. She’s got herself noticed with her Obama Girl stunt so she just has to keep herself in the public eye, as long as she does it tastefully and doesn’t get desperate.
      As you say, Doug, time will tell.

  14. pedantickarl says:

    Thank you Obama Girl for taking the time out
    to recognize Marina, and as you said;
    “she is the kind of person that makes
    this country so amazing.”

    Thank you Marina!!

    • Chemikal says:

      heh, and she’s not even a citizen yet. Just we wait until that happens, who knows what kind of country-wide recognition she will have from the media then? What a good diplomat Marina would make, don’t you think? That is of course if she decides to quit her day job and switch to politics all of a sudden. :D

  15. wetsuit5 says:

    Command Performance (Lessons) in the White House?

  16. John says:

    Hey really nice words from Obama Girl but isn’t this kinda satirical, Marina can’t vote as she explained on Bill O’Reilly. OH well i’ll just stand back and see if it turns into a girl fight and learn something, or not.

  17. Che Volay says:

    spinning wheel, I’ll try later, OK it worked

    That was so thoughtful of OG, A person of good positive energy,
    the world could use more people like OG.

  18. Capman911 says:

    Another great plug for Marina. :cool:

  19. annuddermale says:

    hmmm…well, okay…OG doesn’t do much for me, but i know some like ‘er… :cool:

  20. Cool Plug for Marina, Kudos nina.

  21. Fianchetto says:

    :mrgreen: #1 Yippee! :mrgreen:

    Lovely gesture! :grin:

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