Does salary have anything to do with salt?


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  1. I have not much time, but I’ve got many useful things
    here, love it!

  2. thoughtforwords says:

    24065435246873211321358 grains per anum

  3. Evan Owen says:

    ***VIDEO CREDIT***
    The Word Request for Salary was filmed by my 13-year-old daughter Rhiannon, who wants credit for her work. Fuzzy quality is due to the $50 Digital Concepts recorder, not to any fault of hers.
    Evan Owen

  4. annuddermale says:

    so, salty language isn’t cheap talk, ‘eh?… :cool:

    like most, i don’t think i’m worth a bit more than what it shows on paper…and i’m sure it is less than most are earning at my age…

    happens… :cool:

  5. onlycasperman says:

    Yes some womens !

  6. animalntaz says:

    Whatta Man

    Don’t really care for the song… but I LOVE the bubble bath scenes! :mrgreen:

  7. lynzimarie says:

    I have a word request!! :)

    Obtuse as in a wide angle…. does it have any correlation with the word obese?

    Thanks Marina!
    Love your videos!!

  8. fatman_j says:

    Word request !

    Napkin ? Whats the origin of the word napkin ?

    bye thx btw !!

  9. James says:

    Marina will there be a new vid or not?

  10. leonard says:

    It seems I remember my British nutrition professor, told us that celery(veg), contains the most sodium and kelp(seaweed), the most iodine(iodin)…that is my 2 salt shakes worth.

  11. gio74 says:

    Hi Marina,
    a funny news for all language freaks. It is no fake, everything happened for real:

    Enjoy it!

    • leonard says:

      Publication of the journal caused some anger among touchier webizens once the real Chinese meaning became clear, but generally sparked much amusement among online readers, and the Max Planck Institute was quick to acknowledge its error.

      gio74…I paste above from that link, because are we all “webizens” and is that a new word? thanks

    • pandion says:

      I wonder how many of those with Chinese character tattoos really have what they think is written on them.

  12. nikko024 says:

    Hi Marina, I would like to know the origins of the phrase “Play it by ear”. My spanish friend thinks it is very funny when I say that, so I was curious where it came from! Thanks!!

  13. Capman911 says:

    Marina, a love medley for you this morning. :wink:

    All You Need is Love

  14. Chemikal says:

    Funny things that came into mind…
    “SALT BANKS” …
    hearing the line “I’m sorry sir, there’s no more salt left on your credit card.”

  15. Chemikal says:

    If we were all paid in salt, then our piggy banks would gobble up all our savings! :D

    In my field I can have a salary up to 100 tons of salt monthly!
    But I need to finish up on my Computer Engineer’s degree first! :P
    Right now though all the salt I get is in the kitchen in a small container… :-< Being a student sux sometimes. :/

    Never mind that now… Happy Holidays to everyone on HFW!
    Hope Santa brings you something that you’ve always wanted, or maybe a few tons of salt under your X-Mass Tree! :mrgreen:

  16. James says:

    What happened to the find marinas birthmark thing…

  17. James says:

    Marina what on earth has happened to the search. Now it brings up everything people have posted in comments not just lessons. The comment layout, I can just about manage but that search thing is U.G.L.Y

  18. fist says:

    Hi can I request a word pls?

    I have never done this before but I would like to know past behind this:

    “Murder of crows” why is this normal for the flock of crows but only crows? My native language is not English so sorry for any grammar errors.

  19. mindjob says:

    :?: Here in California we have cities named San Francisco and San Jose, which are men’s names, and Santa Clara and Santa Barbara which are women’s names. What is the origin of the word San / Santa? I assume it has nothing to do with Santa Claus.


  20. jemerson says:

    Hello Marina,

    I’m getting my wife a nice gift this Christmas that I think she will really enjoy. Inevitably, she will ask how much it cost. To which I will reply, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” My wife is Russian and I will have to explain this phrase to her, but I don’t know how. Could you help me please? Thanks.

  21. Che Volay says:

    now it is time for seasonal music Jimmy Buffet – Christmas Island

  22. Che Volay says:


  23. dr_feelgood says:

    Hi Marina,

    I wish I had you as an english teacher in junior high school.

    I have a word request. The word is in the phrase, “In order to get ‘ahead’ you
    have to ‘succeed’.” Does the word “succeed” have anything to do with oral sex?


  24. dr_feelgood says:

    Hi Marina,

    I wish I had you as an english teacher in junior high school.
    I have a word request. The word is in the phrase “get ahead”. Does the word “ahead” have anything to do with oral sex?


  25. melora says:

    I would like to know if the words “polite” and “politics” come from the same root.

  26. melora says:

    When and how did the word “kid” come to mean a child or young person? The use is slang. The real meaning of the word “kid” is a young goat.

  27. CaptainJack says:

    Homework: Thats a difficult question to answer for I don’t make a salary. I’m a contracted instructor. Some classes (depending on the number of students) I would average about 54,945 lbs of salt per year. Other classes I average 21,978 lbs of salt per year. Last class I only netted about 1,820 lbs of salt. I don’t know if thats because salt is in short supply or I’m no longer worth my salt.

    Good job Marina on salary lesson! :grin: Many people have mentioned to me that salary is a nautical term which it’s not. :shock: The term [Worth one's salt] Meaning, To be effective and efficient or deserving of one’s pay. Which I think might have brought on the confusion.

  28. paul wong says:

    Hi, I wish to suggest to check the origin of ‘running nose’. Does nose run when it sick?
    And, good works to all of your videos.

  29. lostinhere says:

    My salary is $88,000 a year. If salt is $0.37 a lb, I would be worth 237,837 lbs, or 108 metric tons, of salt a year. That’s a lot of salt. :lol:

  30. nizki says:

    Dear HotforWords. I was always wondering, where the word “terrorism” comes from. Has it anything to do with territory? Thanks for your lessons. nizki

  31. royalblue says:

    Hello Marina, I was pondering what is the origin of the word Paw, as in a dog’s paw. Thank you :]

  32. ilikesexytime says:

    MARINA ORGIN OF THE WORD MISSLETOE!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE REQUEST MISSLETOE! does it mean a toe thats long? please explain to me!!! :wink:

  33. Hmmm, all this Salt=Salary has me wondering.
    People say.. that food is very rich.. hmm rich like alot of salt, or salary?
    Sometimes people say this food is to salty.. hmmm salty like to rich?

    Hmmmm all this salty rich food has me confused..
    I think I am going to have me a salty dougnut, and wait for my salty dog friend to come over.
    Then we can drink our beer with salt in it.

    I need a stimulas check to buy more salt.
    But this time I am buying the Sea Salt.

    It is snowing here… Should I throw salt on the sidewalk?
    Hmmm, now I know why the IRS was placed in Salt Lake.

    Very interesting, Thanks Marina,
    You are HOT for words.

  34. gaptt says:

    it seems that most words in all the laguages come from latin. but how did words come about in the first place? how did ppl decide to start saying these “words”?

  35. thoughtonfire says:

    I get my Salt ‘N Paper.

  36. mertensproductions says:

    hey marina, i would like to know the origin of the word “magazine”.

  37. leonard says:

    salt taffy I’m a bum, soul I make no salary. Thelonious Monk – Epistrophy

  38. logic says:

    Здравствуйте Marina!
    I would like to know the origins of the word AMEN, and if it is in any way related to (Ancient Egypt) Amen Ra ? I’m not trying to associate the sun worshipers of Egypt to any modern-day religion, but could that be where the word came from ? Could Moses have brought it back from Egypt into Jerusalem ?
    Thanks and Merry Christmas ! :shock:

  39. mjhsnow says:

    marina, can you explain the difference between the words “insure”, “ensure”, and “assure”? michael

  40. ranhead says:

    I’m a member of IUOE local 825. So my hourly wage varies a lot, depending on what type of equipment I am running. But generally it is from $42 to $37 an hour.

  41. silvereagle2061 says:

    I was always wondering about the word “CAR” came from and is it what I thought it was which is a short version of the word “CARRAGE”?

  42. kylel86 says:

    That is interesting that salary “came from” salt. Where did the word “kudos” come from.

  43. fatbuffalo says:

    Allowance , more like
    Maybe a few packets in salt .
    I guess who lives near the sea must be really rich back then ==

  44. Evan Owen says:

    Dear Marina and fellow HFW Fans:

    I earn enough to be comfortable, and not enough to set aside for my retirement. Thanks for the reminder, Marina, I need to cut back my time here and put more into editing my book, an anthology called Wisdom of Our Mothers.

    Marina, if you’re semi-serious about only making a salt-shaker, I’ll pay you to write a story for the book, double the usual rate, payment on acceptance rather than publication. Oh yeah, half the profits will go to shelters for abused women, if that sort of charity appeals to you. :grin:

    Anyway, it’s been great hanging out and exchanging banter with you-all; I’ll check in every now and then to put in my 2c worth. ["Whew! I thought he'd NEVER leave", collective sigh of relief.] :mrgreen:


    • John says:

      Evan, check in often your words have been insightful and informative and humorous at times and with the use of babel fish someday i may be able to spell or recognize “hello” in Russian even if i never learn to speak it.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Yeah, don’t be a stranger. Be at least a semi-stranger. Wait, that didn’t come out right. :smile:

    • leonard says:

      Best of luck Evan Owen. My mother was a teacher. “teaching from the heart reaches more people than a book” and thats not feudal…again good luck :grin:

  45. dudesonroad says:


    This means approx. 5 people / hour :wink:

  46. greatestpotential says:

    :mrgreen: This hotforwords video on Salary has me wondering how to mount up a “Got Salt :?: ” campaign cept I haven’t figured out how to go about doing a salt moustache ad yet for media billboard exposure.

  47. tjhbob says:

    What ever is, “Concupiscent “?

  48. bsomebody says:

    Missed the last couple days from class. Mrs. Somebody has kept me busy prepping for the Christmas celebrations. I will bring a note tomorrow. :mrgreen:

    First thing: Pagedoll, awesome poem yesterday! Hopefully, one of our more artistic classmates will paste it onto a cool card or something. The poem was very accurate, funny, and helped to lighten up my day in this very busy season. Thanks! :grin:

    Homework: Between the two jobs, we have more than enough to be comfortable, but not so much to become dependent on the material things. (At least not the things that we can give up :mrgreen: )

    I heeded BB’s advice and changed my Christmas font. Well, I compromised; it is a much darker red, now. If you have not visited yet, please stop by. I have Christmas music for you, and the cider is hot.

    Merry Christmas!

  49. pagedoll says:

    I get paid by the square foot. Anywhere from 2.85 – 4.50 per sq. ft. It takes anywhere from 25-32 hours to sand/finish a 1000 sq. ft. depending on layout, what color the client wants and what species of wood the floor is…Although, I have been know to knockout a 4000 footer(no stain) in 14 days time every now and again. :mrgreen:

    • Evan Owen says:

      Some 30 years ago, I worked refinishing floors. Are you old enough to remember that nasty Swedish Finish (no pun intended), that was beautiful and durable but burned out eyes and lungs?

      • pagedoll says:

        Glitsa? Glitsa burns yer eye balls bad! Its a lacquer base finish and its really good but just to toxic to apply. I did a lot of it back in the mid and late eighties. It worked well on white floors because it didn’t yellow over time…and everybody wanted white floors back then. :roll: Moisture-cure types are also wickedly toxic but are the most durable…I always wear a respirator when I coat. :smile:

        • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

          Because it is fumes you are protecting yourself from (as opposed to particulate matter), I assume that you are using some kind of replaceable cartridges with charcoal or something that screw into the mask. How do you know when to replace the cartridges, i.e. how can you tell when the cartridges are no longer working?

          • pagedoll says:

            I change the filters about every third job. Or after I’ve coated a total of about 1500 sq ft 3 times. I’ve have to use older filters at times in the past and they still stop alot of the smell, but just not enough. …fresh is best! :smile:

        • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

          So you do it by smell? One would hope that the smell and the dangerous gases are related one-to-one. Even better than filtering is fresh air. Perhaps you could have a blower that would suck air from a hose dropped out of a window and through a hose to your mask, which of course would vent to the room.

  50. chickenh0use says:

    I don’t make enough to get salt with my fries :cry:

  51. temlord says:

    ??? So Marina what about “Yankee”???

  52. temlord says:

    ??? D I S C I P L I N E ???
    ну или дисциплина как вам будет угодно Марина.

  53. hoodster says:


    And I thought plethora was a good word too!

    Looking forward for the future videos!!!


  54. sergio_warnick says:

    Thank you Marina and company for posting this and calling me out. Happy Holidays!

  55. hoodster says:

    I just heard in German class today that the German for Santa Claus is Nikolas. I thought it was Saint Nikolas, but it was apparently not…

    Can you look up the origin of Santa Claus?

    Thanks a Bunch!!!


  56. James says:

    100TH :mrgreen:

    Hmm I just flipped my matress over. So when this side gets crappy then i flip it back over again, will the side underneath be good again?

  57. temlord says:

    А вот Наша учительница Русского языка, рассказывала нам в 4-м классе (а это эквивалент 1-го секондера в пиндосии) в 1977 г. что слово SOLDAT произошло от названия денежной единицы (solda) которыми оплачивалась солдатская работа (и помоему это было гдето в германии). А может быть солдаты были всегда солеными на вкус для женщин поверженных стран?

  58. morimoto says:

    That is soo weiiiird ! Since a couple of months, everytime you mention a french (or an old french) origin, the word is always mispelled. Though it used to be so fine earlier … Did you get a new crazy French dictionary ??
    Please get back to the old one :!: ;)

    for today, “salarie” –>”salaire” (pronounced sal-air) ;
    for Shopping, “eschoppe” should be replaced by “échoppe”

    Anyways, your lessons remain an great work – keep it up! :mrgreen:

  59. John says:

    I also am not a salary man about 13 dollars an hour.

  60. runawayscott says:

    I make about ten bucks an hour. not a salary man.

  61. James says:

    Have you recieved the package yet Marina? You should DEFINITELY have it by now

  62. rafa_99899 says:

    word request:


    Acttualle I have two words … BUCKS …. and TERRORISM

    • rafa_99899 says:

      ups I clicked :P

      the two words is because I Don´t understand why the americans says .. buck to their dollars … and the second is because is one of the more popular word in internet …

      Thank you in advance for your attention.

      Rafa_99899 :D

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      And why are dollars also called clams? Why not oysters or some other revolting shellfish?

  63. originalistrick says:

    God, you’re pretty in that dress, Marina!!! I try to keep my compliments about

    your beauty to a minimum, but I just had to say that.


  64. originalistrick says:

    HOMEWORK: Pathetic!

  65. terminova says:

    A few years ago I was working on a co-op story where I was writing the main villain for the story, and one of the other writers tossed me a few suggestions for a name, one of which was “thane”. I had looked it up, and ended up using it, but something that caught my interest in the word was the different meanings were separate yet somehow the same. What I mean is that one of them is as a retainer, and another is that of a Scottish feudal lord. Did that have anything to do with the Scottish-English conflicts of that time, or did it have to do more with where the word came from initially?

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      In the old American cowboy films, the greedy character trying take over neighbor’s ranches,was invariably named Sloan or Slade. I always thought it was because of the SL sound, like in slither or slimy.

  66. John says:

    Oh i would say salary wise about 2000 tons of salt a year. :neutral: :neutral:

  67. odensepoliti says:

    Allright.. Now thats it christmas i was wondering, what the origin of santa claus´s “Ho ho ho” comes from :smile:


  68. texanite says:

    I would like to know the origin of cataract

  69. autismbass says:

    hi Marina. Interesting how “salary” is related to “salt” (didn’t know it was). Anyway, speaking of which, would you happen to know the origin of the word “wage”? Thank you honey. Merry Christmas.

  70. pedantickarl says:

    There’s no way I can justify my salary level,
    but I’m learning to live with it. :grin:
    - Drew Carey

    and it’s not your salary that makes you rich,
    it’s your spending habits.
    - Charles A. Jaffe

  71. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    In case any of you think you have it bad, this was just reported by someone in a machine shop forum:

    We now have no electricity and no gas. A gas leak, that had been reported on the 2nd Dec. was not touched until today during which it exploded underneath the main power grid pylon that brings power to 40,000 homes in our valley. No heating or cooking. Electricity and gas are unlikely to be fully restored before the New Year. Laptop running on batteries, lighting by candles, keeping warm wrapped in rugs, don’t know how long the phone system batteries will last before we are incommunicado.

    I don’t know where this happened. Seems kind of strange that a gas main would be run under an electrical tower, but I suppose gas mains have to cross electrical lines someplace.

    • Utilites that cross, or run parallel, have minimum clearance and reinforcement standards.
      To “save a nickel” the engineers and contractors in this case, either ignored or “interpreted” the standards to their own use, without regard to public safety.
      Sounds like the lawyers will be making a bundle over this one. :neutral:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      I found where the accident occurred — England; all the facts fit and everyone there calls the transmission tower a pylon, a term we usually reserve for a marker of some sort. There’s a nice video to keep you warm and the newsman, like a dog with a rat in his mouth, really excoriates the National Grid representative, the poor sod.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      I found the exact point of the explosion! You can see the pylons (there are two parallel transmision lines) on Google Earth at 53 41 42.41N and 2 18 14.59W, which is smack between them. A furrow crosses the lines and I believe that is the track of the gas main. To the south is Holme Ln, which is the street cordoned off in video; it’s the only street providing access to the immediate area.

      You can see that the pylons are out in a field and there are only a couple houses on Holme, so it’s not like it’s in the middle of some vast housing project; it’s more like out on the edge of town. The field lies between the River Irwell (to the east) and the A682 highway (to the west). (BTW, the bit of highway in the background of the video I believe is the A682.) Just north of the east-west power linesthis picture was taken of the river, facing to the south. Guess what shows up in the background? Yes, it is! The very one!

      Wow. I’m playin’ detekative in England from a gazillion miles away. Ain’t it wunnerful?

      • Bob says:

        CK, that’s some impressive detectivery you’ve done, however, you’ve not quite found the right place.
        Your Google Earth reference of 53 41 42.41N and 2 18 14.59W shows a bend in the line of two parallel 440v three phase lines which are carried on wooden poles and are only about 20 feet high.
        There are two high voltage transmission steel pylons (towers) in the vicinity. One is on the edge of the sports field on the other side of the dual carriageway at 53 41 44.53N and 2 18 17.20W, but from the picture on this site, I can see that the explosion occurred at the electrical sub-station at 53 41 39.24N and 2 18 03.73W.
        I have flown aerial gas pipeline inspections throughout the UK, and cannot see any signs in Google Earth of the 30 inch high pressure trunk gas mains in that area, so the broken main can only have been a small local domestic or possibly industrial main supplying the nearby homes or factories.
        If it had been one of the 30 inch main there would be a hole in the earth as big as that where the PanAm Jumbo, flight 103, came down at Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Parden for the picture’s broken link, but here it is:,_Rawtenstall.jpg. You will have to copy and paste it in your browser, because Wickedpedia doesn’t like the way WordPress builds URLs, (or at least this one).

  72. Che Volay says:

    Wonder what ever happen to the trinkets, (beads, buttons) that the Dutch gave the local Indians in exchange for Manhattan Island.

  73. Tazman says:

    Hello Marina!!!!! :grin:
    I would like to know about the word



    • Tazman says:

      by the way. you didn’t answer this question for me yet. So I’ll ask again.

      I like to use ‘Merriam-Webster’ thesauruses and/or vocabulary builder when I’m writing my stories. To get better words.
      Was hoping you can tell me some others books that would be helpful in my quest for the “GREAT STORY” that I hope to complete one day.


  74. CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

    Being retired, I don’t get a salary per se. But AT&T pays me $18 every month. I would let my Pacific Bell bill run up to about $80 or so, and then I would send in $100. This saved postage and bother, and they went along with it for over 30 years. But then SBC (now called AT&T) bought them out and they wigged out, finally turning off my service. As cellphones were in use by then, and I hadn’t made or received a call in six months on the land line*, I let it stay off, saving me $18 a month. Ever since, every week or so AT&T mails advertising emploring me to sign up for telephone service. Priceless.

    The salt-box-as-soldier at 01:10 got me looking and you can read about the present-day Carey. That was probably a WWII advertising image. Just the look of it is similar to others in that era; the fonts used and the heavy drawing strokes are typical.

    Carey mines rock salt (halite) now, which has impurities making it unsuitable for table salt. But they have evaporation plants in Louisiana that might have produced table salt back then. Like Morton, Carey also used a salt girl on the box (which probably wasn’t used on M’s pix because it didn’t fit with the soldier theme).

    Sorry to pepper you with so much information. :smile:

    *How many of you out there have “cut the cord” and use only cell service?

    • pedantickarl says:

      re: “cut the cord”

      CK, what do you use for Internet service and what’s your b/w?
      Cable, DSL w/o ph service, Satellite, cell?

      • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

        I have an office about two blocks from the house where I have (free to me) DSL. It’s the cheapest that AT&T offers, which I guess is 300K or so. It seems to keep up with video, and that’s all I need. Everyone who crows about b/w doesn’t realize that when you download something, you are getting a slice of the server’s time and that is generally what determines the download rate. If they give you a 3K slice, all the b/w in the world isn’t going to improve that. Rarely do I see the download rate equal the pipe size.

        I do have a LL here for the fax machine. It’s a -1000 number*, so there are lots of wrong numbers, which I can tell by the ring followed by no fax. Anyone wants to call me, they know to call my cell. Then I just reach into my pocket, put something in my hand and talk to them. :lol:

        *I had one at home long ago. You dial up all the even-thousand numbers in your exchange until you find the ones that go to recording. Then you ask telco if any of those are available (read over a year old). Repeat until one kicks loose. But then you get a lot of wrong numbers, so I gave mine to the guy who pays for the office to port to his cell. He says he gets lots of wrong numbers, but he wanted it for business use. It costs $30 to pick your own number in CA (AT&T), but in OR (Qwest), it’s $250 (after the customer does all the work of finding it)! It’s better to get an easy number to remember like 334-3334, but not an even thousand. The guy who shares the suite with me has an -0000 cell number. Try and get one of those! (And how do you even pronounce it?)

    • leonard says:

      Just two weeks ago. “cut the cord, lord” :cry: remember party lines?

  75. neuroway says:

    ¡Pardiez Teacher! I must agree with you here. Salt is way better than paper. Anything that the government can’t print to the infinite is a better salary than paper money. Salt, pepper, gold, silver, platinum, wood, precious stones, women, … erm… forget about the women all right? Taking women as salary would be looting, which is a vile, worthless and despicable activity. Plus a true caballero should not accept any woman as a salary.

    There’s one problem though.. Put too much salt somewhere and you end up swimming in a pretty harsh and sterile dead environment.

    • Bob says:

      Ha! getting a new woman every month would be like being paid in White Elephants. :razz: :lol:

    • orion_ss1 says:

      The government DOES print money, but only to represent what is in the system for the banks to use. Actually money is created by the banks when they make loans. The Fed limits how much they can create by requiring banks to have money in reserve as a percentage of deposits. We used to be on the gold standard; paper money represented gold. This was convenient since any significant amount of gold can be heavy to carry around. Now paper money is backed by OUR faith in the government.


  76. soleilnu says:

    Привет, моя девочка! So, why do you “foot the bill”? Or “toe the line”? And what makes someone a “heel”? You have, ummm, inspired me to ask these things :wink:

  77. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear совершенная Marina, At this time, salt in bulk lots cost about $55 a ton delivered. So my writing jobs earn me over two tons a month. Salary for my regular work would require several railroad car lots of salt per month. In fact, it might cost me too much to store it or sell it! :!:
    Although there is an historical relationship between salary and salt, in modern Silicon Valley days, there seems to be a relationship between salary and the number of dates with beautiful women you can get! :razz:
    До свидания, Марина От см. 6.

  78. smokey36bear says:

    In the US it costs the same to make a $1 bill as it does to make a $100 bill.
    It costs about 1.5 – 3 cents to make a penny.

  79. wetsuit5 says:

    Is there a connection then of salt and working and back to the salt mine?

    And when the Dr. says to cut down on the salt, are they saying to get an easier less paying job?

    I can see the CEO’s rushing to get a new job at McD’s, do you want fries with that?

  80. smokey36bear says:

    I make enough to pay bills, eat, and have fun when I want.

  81. Anna says:

    Where does the name “Guinea Pig” come from. They aren’t from Guinea, nor are they Pigs.

  82. Capman911 says:

    I don’t earn a salary, Uncle Bob and I sit at home with Marina or gad about and have fun. We have paid our dues to the work force of our two countries. :smile:

  83. xennelul says:

    what is the origin of the word pyjamas ?
    Do you wear pyjamas?

  84. I make about 2,000,000,000,000 granules of salt a year! Wow eh!? :lol:

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      ———————- The Big Transaction ——————–

      {RL1 walks up to the paymaster’s office and stands at the window.}
      Paymaster: “May I help you?”
      RL1: “I make 2,000,000,000,000 a year.”
      Paymaster: “Yes?”
      RL1: “Well, I just checked my last pay envelope and it was one grain short.”
      Paymaster: “How can you be sure?”
      RL1: “I counted it.”
      Paymaster: “You counted it?”
      RL1: “I did.”
      Paymaster: “All 38,461,538,000 grains of it?”
      RL1: “Well, that’s just the thing.”
      Paymaster: “What’s the thing?”
      RL1: “There were only 38,461,537,999 grains.”
      Paymaster: “I see. How, uh, vigilant of you. Wait right here please.”
      {The paymaster goes away and returns a minute later.}
      Paymaster: “I have consulted my immediate superior and I am happy to tell you that I am authorized to pay out the, uhm, deficiency in your pay envelope forthwith.”
      {The paymaster passes a small envelope through the tray below the window.}
      RL1: “There’s a one grain in there?
      Paymaster: “Not exactly.”
      RL1: “I don’t understand.”
      Paymaster: “Even though this is the paymaster’s office, we don’t actually handle the salt here for security reasons. There’s a voucher in there for one grain. Just take it down the hall to the cashier. She will take the voucher and, in return, issue you the grain of salt.”
      RL1: “Oh, well, that doesn’t seem too complicated. Thank you for your help.”
      Paymaster: “Your quite welcome.”
      {RL1 leaves, headed down the hall.}
      {The paymaster picks up his telephone and dials}
      Paymaster: “Hi, Gloria. I’ve sent you a live one. He should be their in a minute or two. What’s it about? Oh, just you wait and see…. I’m not being mysterious at all, dearie; it’s an official transaction. Yes, indeedy.”
      {A smile spreads over the paymaster’s face as he puts the receiver back on the cradle.

      • Your story has me at the edge of my seat… wondering how the rest goes… (in the meantime! :mrgreen: )

        RL1 goes from paymaster to the cashier with voucher…

        “Howdy Ma’am, I have here one them vouchers! My oh my, you are one good looking woman. Do you think I could give you a kiss before I run off to join the army? I will keep this beautiful memory with me while I am overseas… and with the Lord’s help, I will return”.

        Lady blushes and says, “Why of course! We are grateful to men like you… willing to take risks to protect our way of life.” She opens door so they can meet.

        RL1 dashes in through the door… stuffs sock in woman’s mouth then ties big handkerchief around her face to hold the sock inside. Pulls out Colt45 and motions to her to stay sitting on the floor.

        RL1 goes to the already open wall safe… sees gold bullion and starts stuffing them into large mailbag. He swings the bag over his shoulder and then kisses the beautiful (shocked!) woman on the forehead… he scoots out of the place and jumps on his horse… heads outta “Rancho el Salto”…

      • Bob says:

        I’m taking both of your stories with a grain of salt. :roll:

  85. tommaralem1987 says:

    Money is what people believe it to be. Who is to say that 1 ounce of gold=1 dollar? That law did not come from God(Allah), it is a human contrived system.
    We could use salt for money, we could use water, we could use paper(like we do today). The next thing is most probably going to be electronic money. Money is worth whatever the society believes it to be. Electronic money is a hopeless system, because you are getting something tangible(Products) for numbers in a computer. Poor system!

    If you think Government scandals about money are frightful today, imagine what would happen in an all electronic system. Party loyalists would have bank accounts increase without there being transfer of something tangible you can catch them with, just numbers in a computer system. Computer hackers as well can increase bank accounts at will.

    Tangible for tangible is the best solution. God(Allah) didn’t invent money, we humans did. All human contrived systems are doomed to failure.

    Another topic:
    Are you Russian Orthodox Christian Marina? There are Muslim Chechens, Muscovite Russian Orthodox Christians and Jews in Russia. Which one are you?

    As we are approaching what Christians call Christmas day, I think it appropriate that there be an investigation into the names of Santa Claus. Names like “Saint Nick”, Santa Claus, “Old Saint Nick”. If you could please investigate that matter it would be appreciated.

    Spaciba wa Shukran. Ma Salama

  86. cufan71 says:

    Homework :sad:
    Not enough! :sad:

  87. Evan Owen says:

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  88. Homework: Rule #1 says that my salary is only a matter of discussion with my bank, and the IRS. Sorry, I am not at liberty to disclose how much I earn. If you discuss this where you work, you could get fired! Employers don’t like that…

  89. Che Volay says:

    Has anyone else have this happen to them:

    While in Google search a pop up screen comes on with an ad, when you click the ‘X’ to remove it some audio begins to play, like music, now you have no place to click it off. I must restart the computer to get rid of it.

    It’s really annoying.

  90. thoughtonfire says:

    Dear Miss Orlova,

    I actually just lost my job over a no call in no show. I’ll be looking for a new job.

    I wonder, does ‘Sold’ have anything to do with Salt/Salary?

    Your Student,

    • vinioh87 says:

      Yeah it’s very easy to loose your job right now…
      I lost mine over a prank…
      There went my two years of faithful service and hours and hours of volunteer time!

      • thoughtonfire says:


        I was always working very hard and I did many shifts that were requested by the management. I even filled in for another at a different location.

  91. Che Volay says:


    Late again, Lots of distractions this time of year,
    Oh! Look! another shiny thingy :shock:

  92. Fianchetto says:

    Homework: bwahahahaa! My salary = $0.00 :shock:

    hehehe I am a wage-earner! :grin:

  93. Che Volay says:


    The people who just got the snowstorm must be loaded because the have been dumping salt all over the roads this weekend.

  94. havoc135 says:

    hey could you do the origin of the word guitar :lol: :arrow: :)

  95. tricovictus says:

    In my country, the price of the salt is around the 5,45 dls. – 6,00, per bag, so I will be receiving a wage of 73394495 bags of salt to the year

    • Bob says:

      When I worked in a hotel, one of the other employees noted that our hourly wage was the same as the cost of two boiled eggs when served in the breakfast room.
      If anyone asked him how much he earned, he would say 16 boiled eggs /day. :lol:

  96. animalntaz says:

    Ever put “salt” on celery?
    I don’t like celery, even though some people like to dip it in peanut butter or ranch dressing. :razz:

  97. Bob says:

    I have a pension, a little interest and the occasional windfall, but no salary, because I waste far too much time hanging around in the HFW clubhouse.

  98. parthenophilast says:

    I make 35 thou a year, but I still feel impoverished, due to the fact that my salt isn’t worth enough to find me a mail-order wife, or even a first-class escort (those are for congressmen and movie stars). Oh well, one day…

  99. fredjr says:

    I have two fears:
    1) I am not being paid what I’m worth.
    2) That I am.

  100. leonard says:

    Three days ago, I gave the rabbits outside salt; they loved it.

  101. Marina says:

    I make about a salt shaker :-)

  102. tayljim says:

    My salary Not enough

  103. popzzz says:

    I’m in class …..

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