Nimrod has an interesting origin for the modern meaning :-)

Here is the rest of the Bugs Bunny clip or you can watch it below.


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  1. leonard says:

    With all the GTW game…this video {trix cereal commercial} has bugs bunny making a guest appearance …Just love this “Nimrod”…thanks to HotForWords :lol:

  2. mythman says:

    Though the world be left behind, Dr. HotForWords reminds us that success is worth waiting-for!

  3. davecodave says:

    just cheching in. its been a while. hello everyone.

  4. pandion says:

    Marina ______
    (insert patrinomic here you are a teacher)
    Do you see these a cartoons, and think they are just knock offs of Nu Pogodi?

    Word request:
    “Knock off”

  5. inteligento says:

    Buggs was right.

    Nimrod defeated himself by trying to take the place of God by instilling fear in the people of his kingdom.

    God’s wrath on Babel or Babylon is said to have given birth to all the languages of the world.

    Kind of ironic, yes?

  6. Hi Marina,
    Thanks for your explanation of “Nimrod”.
    It’s true that the bible refers to Nimrod as a great hunter, but the name “Nimrod” itself came from the ancient Babylonian King “Nimr Raad”. He was credited with taming not only the horse, but the leopard, In fact, “Nimr” meant “leopard”, and “Raad” meant “subduer”, or tamer, so Nimr-Raad means “leopard tamer”, and the name became shortened to Nimrod. By the way, we know that since the African leopard can not really be tamed, they meant the cheetah, or “hunting leopard”, the only one of the big cats that can be tamed, and will never turn against you.
    They say Nimrod had cheetahs on either side of his throne, in jeweled collars.
    You can see great pictures of the cheetah and other animals at my site,
    See you, and Happy Holidays!

    • mythman says:

      @motionpicturecards–That’s good to know, but it’s seems Dr. HotForWords is focusing more on how “Nimrod” came/comes to mean what it means today; the ancient Babylonian has been off the press cold for eons now, but our teacher is loved because she’s hot for words and not lukewarm for words.

      Nimrod means “klutz” sarcastically, the way ‘Einstein’ refers to an idiot. (I’m sure Warner Brothers had something to do with that too!)

  7. cufan71 says:

    Homework :cool:
    Daffy Duck
    Porky Pig
    Foghorn Leghorn
    Yosmette Sam

  8. cimska says:

    Until next time

  9. Fianchetto says:

    New Video, guys!!! :grin:

  10. davekk says:






  11. bsomebody says:

    I just checked my e-mail. Thanks, M for the pre-Christmas card. You look lovely, of course. :oops:

  12. bsomebody says:

    I was always a big Hannah-Barbarra fan: Scooby, Josie and the Pussycats… :roll:

  13. cimska says:

    Hello, Marina. I have a word request. What is the origin of the word TABOO? I need more people to make my request accepted. All who agree & desire to know what the origin of the word TABOO is, Post their allegiance!

    • cimska says:

      :roll: I agree, above all the other requests, I would benefit the most from learning what the origin of the word TABOO is.

      • cimska says:

        Et cetera . . . Everyone else, Do you copy?

        • Fianchetto says:

          Welcome to HFW, Cimska. While the word taboo is an alternate spelling of a ‘loan word’ directly from the Polynesian tabu, maybe Marina can work her voodoo on it to give it that ‘special something’ that only she can provide! :wink:

          • Fianchetto says:

            I know – I linked ‘voodoo’ to her vid on ‘fetish’ because:

            voodoo: [Early 19th century. Via Louisiana French voudou < Fon vodũ "fetish"]


          • Fianchetto says:

            {…thinking… since Gorby likes to play with two toys in his mouth at once, I wonder if Marina is up to doing 2 words in the same video?}

            Words request, on behalf of cimska:


          • Fianchetto says:

            or, perhaps, for fun, tattoo – another Polynesian word for ‘ink under the skin’ as well as the military ‘call to quarters’ from the Dutch ‘Last call for alcohol’

            Since both tattoos and voodoo are taboo in some cultures. :-)

          • cimska says:

            Thank You Fianchetto, Yes the word Voodoo or Taboo have a great likeness. I see how fetish catches the crest of the air we air breathing. Tattoo also linked to polynesia. If i remember correctly. a quick reference

            Words requested :

          • cimska says:

            Tattoo: From the word Tatau, in Tahiti (tahitian language) which means “to mark something”

          • cimska says:

            VooDoo, Vudu, Vodun, Vodoun are related yet practices and beliefs are scattered through out the african society.

            Voodoo is a complex idea, Any one else to vote for the origin of Voodoo?

          • Fianchetto says:

            Marina has just posted a new video – ‘shopping’

          • cimska says:

            Taboo –

            the wikipedia has a few see also: including an incest taboo
            wiki states the origin is drawn from the

            Tongan tapu & Fijian Tabu. Meaning “Under prohibitation” “not allowed” “forbidden”

            solomon ilslands have a word tam-boo means holy or scared and thus something should not be disturbed

            Incest Taboo is a term used by anthropologists to refer to a class of prohibitions, both formal and unstated, against incest, the practice of sexual relations between certain or close relatives, in human societies!

            I DID NOT FIND AN anthropological/biological EXPLANATION on Taboo,

            Taboo has many uses, for sex, drugs, et cetera

            I am still very confused about the real understanding of what it may mean.

          • cimska says:

            Should we find a way to distinguish these words and just place our vote on the one which needs the most clarity?
            maybe propose all 3 of them again in a more organized fashion?

  14. n1yln says:

    Hi Marina! I know you already taught us the word “tit” but I’d like to know the origin of the phrase “tit for tat”. Tit is a breast and tat is to make lace. It doesn’t sound like a fair trade to me…

  15. annuddermale says:

    i don’t really separate Looney Tunes & Merry Melodies characters – don’t even know if they are different…but my favorites from that group are Foghorn Leghorn & Speedy Gonzales (other than the regulars, ‘course)…

    Foghorn ’cause he’s down-home & really has a good heart, for a cartoon character…(-;

    Speedy ’cause when i was young i was pretty fast and, havin’ Spanish blood, i just related to him…

    now, was Bugs being sarcastic or facetious when he called Elmer a Nimrod?… :cool:

  16. rubedus says:

    Where does the word NUMBNUTS come from?


  17. suprstock says:

    Good Bugs, now try Porky Pig….. :lol:

  18. typhonic says:

    Dear Hotforwords, When you can get around to it, I would like to know the origin of the word tab. Thanks

  19. checmark says:

    Scarey thought – in addition to all her many obvious talents did you realize Marina can also read minds? How else could she have known what I dreamed about receiving for Christmas? Okay, so it’s just a card, but the thought is there.

    And can you imagine waking Christmas morning to find Marina under your tree in that outfit? Oh yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus. :smile:

  20. temlord says:

    HI Marina!
    ridiculosely I dont finded the litera “Y” in your vocabulary ( I think it’s not an provocation)
    Very, very interesting to know the ethimology of word “YANKEE”

  21. James says:

    WHOA!! Went to but the calendar and postage costs more than the calendar!

    I sent Marina something roughly the same size (not weight) and it cost me £1.XX to send which is about $2 I think. I really want that calendar too… :cry:

    • Fianchetto says:

      I am certain Marina said somewhere, perhaps in another post, something like “Don’t worry about your calendar…” or words to that effect, mate. :wink:

      Perhaps you overlooked it or something. I wish I could direct you to it, but I can’t remember where it was she said it, But I thought it REALLY cool of her! :cool:

      I pray also, that both of you understand that though we may disagree on certain topics (one just happened to be particularly a sensitive subject for me), I still love you guys and continue to esteem you both for the good things you do.

      @Marina – I look at you as a beloved sister, of whose accomplishments and acts I am very proud. I’ll repeat myself and quote Rives: “You are like a sunflower in an old folks home. You represent something special to people on a daily basis.”

      @James – I look at you as a kid brother, of whose talents I am also quite proud. That chunk of code you gave Marina for the site was tremendous! (Personally, I couldn’t CSS my way out of a wet paper sack!), and though we disagreed recently, I admire your prompt stepping up to the plate to defend Marina against my criticism, effectively, and chivalrously ‘taking it on the chin’ on her behalf.

      • James says:

        I can’t remember that… If anyone starts mouthing off anyone I care about I will defend them. I do it on YT as well. Thanks for letting me know. James

        • Fianchetto says:

          Yeh – all is good. My initial post was intended to be a firm ‘dressing down’, intentionally provocative, allowing me to follow through, replying to those parties with statements countering my position on the matter I was so passionate about. I fully expected all of the fallout that ensued, and braced myself for exactly that.

          You just happened to be the one with direct statements of the most perfect counter-position to mine, to which I was most prepared to reply.

          BTW – For clarity: My ambulance ride metaphor was NOT intended to have meant “I wish to kill you”, but rather (perhaps I could have done a better, clearer job) along the lines of “You are charged with the resposibility of your pet’s well-being. What if someone responsible for YOUR well-being shirked his responsibility?”

          I only hope that someone might see it and perhaps link to http// or similar site for their pet, and think “Hey this barmy bloke just might be on to something. Perhaps I could take better care of my pet. I wonder why Mrs. Jones never brings me flowers from her garden anymore? Could it be that my cat in her garden has something to do with it?”

      • Evan Owen says:

        That’s what I love about this site. People can have civilized discussions of their disagreements and still obviously respect each other.

        James, Fianchetto, your contributions to the site have been an inspiration to me. :smile:

        • Fianchetto says:

          Thank you for the compliment – yourself, James, et al., are the ppl I keep coming back with whom to engage in everything from childplay to high-minded discussion of the topic of the moment. It’s very hard to find that on YouTube where there is some troll screwing things up for everyone, or some jerk posting huge comments to pimp their porn sites.

          I really do look at this place as much like a college frat-house, or even a family. We all play sometimes, console each other in times of trouble, offer friendly advice, offer smart-aleck advice, bicker, bitch, complain, and then we, like every family, forgive, kiss and make up, and return to play (dropping everything and coming to attention during ‘classtime’, of course).

          My goals here are to:

          - learn something from Our Dear Teacher
          - have a good time with you guys
          - do my part to make it a cool place for others to hang out as well.

          Though not specifically enumerated, I would probably be safe to submit that these would be the essence of our little community here. Can you think of more? Amend these I have listed? Feel free – just write your answer in the comments below! :grin:

          • bigbhd95 says:

            Dear Fiancetto :smile: TY for the ( mia culpa) :?: hope thats what it was :mrgreen: I have been reading & appreciating your & others posts,
            over the past many months & was quite surprized at your rant about sick
            pets & their owners resposabilities :!: I at the time was a little miffed @
            your harsh & (it seemed) hatefull remarks at the time :roll: However I
            must admit, I said to myself B. that person has so much love & respect
            for abused animals that you must give him some time to see the error in his
            belief that our Marina would not do all in her power to help something she loved so much :shock: Glad to have you back..B.B. :smile:

          • Fianchetto says:

            Thanks, B.B. – btw you are late for class – New video is up ‘Shopping’!

          • leonard says:

            keep up the good work Fianchetto…your knighted or horsed :lol:

  22. James says:

    Marina, that Christmas card was stunning. Thanks so much!

  23. Che Volay says:

    ……now is the time to get funky {Europe Edition} Earth Wind & Fire – Power

  24. nenad says:

    Hello Dear Teacher,

    Can you please explain to my what:
    “St. Elmo’s fire”
    means, and what are origins of this expression?

    Kind regards,

  25. leonard says:

    I’d like to be a successful hunter…succinct…succulent and daffy duck hunting

  26. jmcargal says:

    Other “Merry Melodies cartoons”? Bugs Bunny was Warner Brothers. I am not sure who did Merry Melodies, but even if it was Warner Brothers, Bugs Bunny was not part of that. :???:

    Just looked at the full cartoon. I was wrong; it is clearly displayed as “Warner Brothers” and ” Merrie Melodies”. I was thought of the Merrie Melodies cartoons as the more generic musical cartoons that they produces.

    • jmcargal says:

      Tried to edit this comment with: “Just looked at the full cartoon. I was wrong; it is clearly displayed as “Warner Brothers” and ” Merrie Melodies”. I was thought of the Merrie Melodies cartoons as the more generic musical cartoons that they produces.” However, the editor hung when I tried to save it.

    • popzzz says:

      Merrie Melodies is the name of a series of animated cartoons distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures between 1931 and 1969. The sister series to Warner’s Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies were originally one-shot musical cartoon shorts before gradually featuring recurring characters. By 1944, no distinctions existed between the two series.

      Originally produced by Harman-Ising Pictures, Merrie Melodies were produced by Leon Schlesinger Productions from 1933 to 1944. Schlesinger sold his studio to Warner Bros. in 1944, and the newly renamed Warner Bros. Cartoons continued production until 1963. Merrie Melodies were outsourced to DePatie-Freleng Enterprises from 1964 to 1967, and Warner Bros. Animation (now owned by Warner Bros.-Seven Arts) re-assumed production for the series’ final two years.

  27. kahnil says:

    nimrod was a king actually, there is a tale about him looking for abraham (the abraham) not able to catch him, he was pwerfull- i’ll give u that!

  28. smokey36bear says:

    I know this post is a few lessons late… But:
    I’m sitting here watching TV and an advertisement comes on for a DVD box set for a TV series. I think to myself “Who would want to buy a set of TV shows/ movies that they have already seen?”
    Then I look up on the built in shelves I have in my livingroom and see I have a “Rocky and Bullwinkle” (MOOSE AND Squirrel) set, a “Little Rascals” set First season of “MacGyver”, all 7 seasons of “Star Trek Voyager”, and over 100 movies (some of which I haven’t seen again since I bought them.)
    Then I think to myself “Ted (because that’s my name), you are such a Hypocrite”

  29. fatbuffalo says:

    oh yeah , i can play HD videos now !! It was all those dust clogging the CPU ==
    Thanks for the advice guys

  30. labbatt78 says:

    The Pre-holiday card is SWEET!Ty! i always like Roadrunner vs.Wily E. Coyote, Foghorn leghorn vs. The dog, Bugs Bunny vs. either Elmer Fudd ,Yosemite Sam or Marvin Martian.I lmao when anybody says “Ahhhhhhh Shaddup!” :razz:

  31. John says:

    I saw those lobsters on that picnic table :grin: :razz: :lol: :lol:

  32. bobcraw says:

    Hey Marina,

    I live in a town with a large population of Assyrians, Christians from Iraq and Iran. In their culture, Nimrod is a fairly common male name. The first time I met a guy named Nimrod, I had the “Bugs Bunny” flashback myself.

    By the way, didn’t Bugs also call guys “Maroons?”

  33. ilikesexytime says:


  34. Che Volay says:

    @Marina,Your PreChristmas card is just in time for Chanukah :mrgreen:

    { …this was intentional? Yes? Heis for yomtow }

  35. smokey36bear says:

    My dear teacher,
    Thank you so much for the Christmas card.
    Much love and happy returns,
    smokey :^)

  36. smokey36bear says:

    Porky Pig
    Daffy Duck
    Foghorn Leghorn

  37. chickenh0use says:

    Oh Marina, Thank you for the pre Christmas card :!:

  38. chickenh0use says:

    Exit stage left :!:

  39. Fianchetto says:

    When I grow up, I wanna be just like Chedda! :mrgreen:

  40. jindai says:

    Uh, Marina, did Persephone tell you her(his?) nick was pronounced somehow differently than the classical underworld figure’s? Purs-fon? Really? Because it surprises me greatly that an etymoligist of your reputation would pronouce it so very wrongly! It’s SUPPOSED to be “Persephone” /pÉ™rˈsÉ›fÉ™ni/ [per-sef-uh-nee]..ya know, parthenogenic daughter of Demeter, abducted into the underworld, which is where winter comes from, all that? I’m afraid this is more evidence you should NEVER try and research names.

    • Marina says:

      I get so many names that are abbreviations that don’t spell out anything that I don’t even think that they are meant to spell something.. so I just break the word into parts and pronounce each part. The problem is that I end up missing the proper pronunciation of proper names as in this case.

      • Bob says:

        I’m disappointed – I thought you were being wittily satirical about the item that the Germans so “campily” call a “handy”. :lol:

      • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

        The same thing happens in Hawaii. They like to play a joke on visitors. They give you a list of ten Hawaiian words to pronounce. Most people know that the syllables have only one sound and they know what the sound is, so they have no difficulty in rattling off the words, all ten of them. The visitor invariably pronounces the last one “peen-ee-ap-po-lee.” Then they say, “No, it’s pineapple,” and the joke’s on you.

      • Evan Owen says:

        Милая Марина,
        Очень красивая карточка! Большой спасибо!

      • 2utoday says:

        :mrgreen: That’s OK! We still love ya Marina. You could always sing that Frank Sinatra song, “I did it my way!”

  41. achsdu17 says:

    Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Michigan J. Frog, Foghorn Leghorn, Taz… I know a ton of the old cartoons. :)

    Thank you very much for the Pre-Holiday card. :mrgreen:

  42. runawayscott says:

    I was always a Bugs Bunny fan, along with Elmer, Porky, Daffy, Wile E., Road Runner and all those guys. BTW Marina, I remember you promising me a signed picture. That was a nice thing to do and I appreciate the intention even if I never get it. I’m telling you that would make one heck of a Christmas gift though. Which makes me wonder; how did we go from Hell to the less vulgar Heck? How does going from two L’s to CK make it a non-swear word? How did we get that variation? (Oh yeah and I didn’t mean to sound pushy by mentioning the picture. Just mentioning it to make it clear what a great teacher I think you are)

  43. orion_ss1 says:

    Nimrod is also the name of a British Maritime Patrol Aircraft ( presumably named for the pre-Elmer hunter ); somewhat faster than the P3 Orion; I am sad to say but the P3 is still faster than any sub ( that I am aware of – except the Seaview’s flying sub :sad: ).

  44. Tazman says:


    ((( “CURRENT” )))

    the present :?:
    moving water :?:
    electricity :?:
    Which one is right :?:

  45. Capman911 says:

    Hey Marina I found this site on wikiquote about Bugs Bunnies sayings and his last comment about nimrod.

    Bugs Bunny

    * What’s up, doc?

    * Duck Season!

    * Hey, Laughing Boy!

    * I knew I shoulda make a left toin at Albuqoique!

    * I wish my brotha George was here! (as Liberace)

    * Well now I wouldn’t say that!

    * [speaking in drag] I would just LOVE a duck dinner.

    * I’ll do it, but I’ll probably hate myself in the morning!

    * Mmm, rabbits. That sounds delicious. [Does double-take.] Rabbits!

    * Of course you know (realize) this means war!

    * Poor little nimrod.

  46. reflex says:

    Where does the word cheetah come from?

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      It was uttered by Virginia (Mrs. Edward) Kennedy when she heard about the Chappaquiddick incident.

      It’s true, I tell you.

  47. BillyB says:

    Thank you for the great card to add to my collection (saved ‘em all) & also for the expectancy (hope) of another one soon. Hey recognize the lovely dress, from the “Billy O” show.
    Did your Mom teach you english or you teach her?
    Nimrod is a handy word to use, but in my business “Wingnut” is preferred.

  48. thoughtforwords says:

    Cute. Dervation was interesting. High def is great.

  49. god of gods says:

    Hey girl! …noticed how often you use the word search? I was wondering – were does the word come from. sory I spelled the word “search” wrong in the other messege truth is eanglish isn’t my first language, anyhow keep up the videos.

  50. god of gods says:

    The word “Bang” is used in many different ways as in “big bang” and far from that in the word “gangbanger”. Marina can you serch for the word. PS: love you ;)

  51. Fianchetto says:

    Thanks Marina!

    Knew about the biblical hunter, but never understood how his name became associated with incompetence – says quite a lot about the profound effect of the entertainment industry on our culture, and how quickly the language can evolve. Bugs and Elmer reversed the meaning of the word in only a couple of generations. Wow. Who’d have thunk it? :cool:

    Homework – From when cartoons could be used for political commentary as well as entertainment, [Russian Rhapsody] – as opposed to the hyper-PC crap of recent decades.

    Seems back then, we actually wanted our children to be inquisitive and provoke them in this manner to ask questions like “Who is this ‘Hitler’ guy?” or “What’s a Nazi?”

    Seems now they restrict the content both of the news and entertainment such that when something like 9-11 happens, Everyone is left wondering “Why do these people hate us?” Are we just too lazy to answer the more modern equivalents like “Who is Slobodan Milosivich?” and “What is ‘genocide’?”?

    I wonder if there might be another Hitler or Milosivich waiting in the wings for the time when the generation arrives that has failed to be inquisitive or vigilant enough to prevent history repeating itself. Again.

    • In some ways we live in a world of aimless distractions and senseless “news?” bites. To be inquisitive and also have a thirst for true knowledge seems like a quest “on the fringe” taken by relatively few.

      There have been incarnations of evil and good since who knows when… and we are here… so I’d say good wins… but not without the battles along the way.

    • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

      Maybe the adults, realizing what little rascals they are raising, don’t want to put any ideas into their heads.

      “What? You mean you can just gather up thousands and thousands of people and kill them? Kewl!”

    • orion_ss1 says:

      There are DOZENS waiting in the wings ( and several are not waiting patiently ). There probably will some waiting forever.

      When the media gets the backbone to report the truth instead of being ‘fair’, it will be more obvious. What would be the problem with, when terrorists blow up something, calling it a ‘homicide bomber’ ( which doesn’t sound as romantic as a ‘suicide bomber’ )? When the PLO faction calls the news desk report it as ‘confessed’ instead of ‘claimed responsibility’. Being fair is one thing; pretending that there could possibly be justification for such crimes gives them support. I am against supporting terrorists.

      Some will say that I just don’t understand. Maybe I don’t. I don’t think the picture of a Palestinian toddler wearing a bomb vest was cute. What were the parents thinking? I do not understand it.

      Maybe the best way to stop it would be to deny them an audience, except in court.

      Same message to the UN.

  52. pagedoll says:

    Thanks for the Christmas card. :grin: Great pic! What a good Santas helper you are. :mrgreen:
    The reason for the season :smile:

  53. mementomori says:

    Hey Marina, could you possibly find the origin of the word YAKUZA?

    Thank you.

  54. elahie says:

    h/w: Tom and Jerry
    i love bugs bunny =)
    i remember that bugs bunny clip from wen i was younger =’)

  55. originalistrick says:

    Marina, you are so cute! Loved the lesson. I once had a wild cat I named Nimrod.

    And thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL card. That meant a lot to me.


  56. pedantickarl says:

    Marina, thank you for the wonderful
    pre-holiday Christmas card. It’s ♥ gorgeous.

  57. 2utoday says:

    :mrgreen: Oh,yeah! And a better tomorrow!!

  58. 2utoday says:

    :mrgreen: Tanks a lot fer dat Christmas card Marina! You look real cool! I saw all of that Bugs Bunny cartoon you featured on your “Nimrod” blog. Bugs always cracks me up. Yeah,he really does! My favorite,however,is the cartoons of Wile E. Cayote vs the Roadrunner.The cayote never has a chance. Have a great day!!

  59. The Prime Minister of Canada recently very controversially “prorogued” parliament, even though few people even know what it actually means. Where did it come from and what does it mean? We really want to hear you say it.

  60. Capman911 says:

    Thanks Marina for the beautiful card of you in the Miss Santa Marina outfit. :wink: You have some very lucky photographers to have you pose for them. :smile: Best wishes. :grin:

    Home Work:
    Merry Melodies


    • pagedoll says:

      That was funny, I like the guy teasing the lion. :lol:

      • Capman911 says:

        Hey Che I wrote your request about how to crop out a picture from a video on the How to post thumbnail size images in Word Game ect. I hope folks can make sense of it if not they can let me know and I will help them personally. :grin:

        • Fianchetto says:

          Thanks, guys, I had been either linking a larger image, using the smallest one I coud find (neither always small enough nor most appropriate to convey the intent) or, as rarely as possible, resorting to a large image. Now, I can post thumbs, links, and link the thumbs, too!
          Most Appreciated! :cool:

          • Che Volay says:

            Smooth move with the Express Train :grin:

          • Fianchetto says:

            That one is, I think, in the truest spirit of the game -

            1. observe previous post, determine relationship to its predecessor
            2. see where it goes in my brain
            3. illustrate, verbally or in image(s) the manner in which it bounces around in my head, allowing the maximum number of associative directions for the next poster, that they may have a rich starting palette to begin painting with, and add it to their own and similarly present his thoughts.
            4. Sometimes, I get a bit stuck on one. I then either resort to a minimalist approach, or wait for someone elst to post. Other times a minimalist post – just the words, just the photo, or the words linking to a pic says it all.

            These new tools from you, Capman, and PKarl are welcome additions to my toolbox. Thanks for sharing them!

          • Fianchetto says:

            So, for that one, vision quest led to vision express,
            leading me to express train, Japanese bullet train, and the Orange Blossom Special – the fastest train on the line, and all those visual directions, not to mention the song lyrics – to see what the next poster extracts and chooses which new direction of the many provided.

            Had I entered the next post, I would have probably referenced either (or some combination of):

            -New York City (Billy Joel – New york State of Mind vid)
            -a tasteful sexual/romantic image (caption or link:to get some sand in my shoes)
            -Florida or California beaches
            -The pink sand beaches of Bermuda
            -City of New Orleans (Arlo Guthrie or Johnny Cash vid)
            -Other Johnny Cash vid with appropriate presentation

          • Fianchetto says:

            Your R.O.C.K. in the USA has great directions, too!:

            -NASA -another acronym
            -Moon Rocks
            -Apollo Missions
            -Diamonds, gemstones, gold, precious metals, mining, quarries, marble, masonry (including Free-Masonry)
            -Ice (on the rocks)
            -troubled relationships (Neil Diamond – Love on the Rocks)
            -”Hey Bartender” (love, straight up)
            -patriotism, flags, fireworks
            -the cold war (USA vs. USSR)
            -If You See Kay (I might have used this one ONLY to allude to you and James’ recent thread, viewing it as too tacky and obviously lacking in creativity otherwise)
            -Rock music – Hard rock(and diamonds), Soft rock(and talc)

            -any of a number of other Mellencamp songs

      • Capman911 says:

        Yes it was, Happy whatever, dam :twisted:

  61. bluesland says:

    I’d like to know the term “piping hot” came about.

  62. fatbuffalo says:

    Elmer Fudd ruined the meaning ??!!
    Argh , I still don’t know what is going on with my computer , when i just turned it on it plays HD videos just fine , then after a few moments it just started lagging again ==
    Thanks for the pre holiday card Marina !! :mrgreen:

    • 2utoday says:

      :mrgreen: I think Bugs Bunny has gotten access to your computer and is messing with it. That could never happen to me. I have nybeondouenrug and po84mc-3j. That should keep the pesky critter out. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

        If that doesn’t work, you can always enable faaaaaarulatzenbus, being sure to set the evelnemitic gebeldimucker to 34 or higher. :?:

        • 2utoday says:

          :mrgreen: Bugs is a smart critter. But since I flimflamed the naugusblem, he hasn’t bothered me a bit. All I have to do is sit back and erk the lid until the carrots begin popping out of the ground and zip the eternal arroma for a fort night. Then Jack Sparrow will latch onto the cronnies and sail away,sail away,sail away! Ah,what’s up doc? Did the flaginbob finally invert to a whisper?

    • Capman911 says:

      Hey FB, Can you check and see if your fan is running on the cpu. It should be attached directly to the top of the main processor chip. Plus there should be one more fan that directs the heat out of the machine. I open up my computers every so many months and clean out the dust that has collected inside that could cause a heat buildup. Dust can also collect on the heat sink attached to the top of the cpu then the fan is attached to the top of the heat sink. If it gets to hot it will slow your computer and eventually shut it down. Just another something for you to consider or check. I know how frustrating a slow computer can be. :smile:


      • CampKohler - Sacramento CA says:

        The dust buildup happens because of fans in PCs. Any electronics engineer knows that you always use a fan to draw in cool air and blow the hot air out whatever openings or cracks are available (unless you need to direct it through some particularly hot item, like a power supply or CPU, which might have it’s on exhaust port). The cool air is dense, allowing the fan blades to move the air more efficiently, and, most importantly, all the outside air comes in one place where you can simply place a filter in the flow to trap all the dirt. This is the way it’s always been done and, if you maintain the filter, you don’t get dirty equipment.

        But did IBM do it that way when they built the PC? Nooooo, Dust-Bunny Breath! They used the fan to exhaust the hot air and the air came in through every crack and crevice, including the removable-media drive slots. Then this filthy air was routed over the components in the system, which acted as a forrest of little filters, trapping the dirt on everything. Finally it was routed out through the power supply, where the fan blades turned in the hottest and least dense air in the box. And it’s been that way in PCs ever since. NIMRODS!!!

        Now that you know how the cooling works, you should know enough to keep the PC off the floor where foot traffic causes dust clouds that can be sucked over the event horizon of your own personal black hole for dust.

        As Cap says, it behooves you to clean house periodically. And don’t use those pathetic little keyboard vacs; get a real SuckMaster1000 and put a crevice wand on it to restrict the opening and jack up the air velocity. Visit every surface inside the case using a small paint brush to disturb the dust and keeping the wand close by to remove it. You really ought to get inside the CD and floppy drives, but that is probably too much trouble for most folks. Theoretically you should also clean the power supply guts, but they’re closed up in a box which is tedious to open. Maybe by the time the air gets there, it has already been “filtered” by everything else in the PC, and there will be nothing left to settle on the power supply heatsink and board. One can only hope.

      • fatbuffalo says:

        thanks man :mrgreen:

    • CaptainJack says:

      This is a very common problem with older on board video chips. A quick tip is to pause the video until its fully loaded the press play. Not knowing all your computer specification I’m unable to recommend a solution.

  63. dudesonroad says:

    Hi Marina,

    “Nimrod” also means “city planner” -guess? :wink:

    best regards

  64. jcovejero says:

    you always so smart and you are right about Nimrod I don’t remember very well but my Pastor use to talk about Nimrod becouse was the first king on the earth.
    I very much appreciate your postcards, especially because you are there and your beautiful shape stamped on it.

    I wish to be useful to you.

  65. Heh heh heh! I was MADE for this homework :mrgreen:
    I love it – here’s one of my favorite Daffy Duck cartoons.
    Robin Hood Daffy
    “…to trip a trip a trippy trip, to trip it up and down” :cool:

  66. arvz23 says:

    Miss HFW your lectures are awesome. I`ve always wondered. Where does the word Study Come from? Cause I saw this thing on the internet about how STUDYING is actually Study and Dying combined. But thats just a joke, but still when I thought about it, it made sense lol. Please do one on STUDY. Who know`s your video might actually inspire the viewers into giving more efforts on there studies :)

    Best of luck to you =)

    • fatbuffalo says:

      Stu-dying :mrgreen:
      But studying & dying applies to all of us actually , not just Stu

    • thoughtforwords says:

      Good idea study might be interesting. probably means to look at closely or something.

      zeal, painstaking application (from Oxford American Dict)

      marina prob could find out more and she is cuter

  67. symbyote says:

    Hi Marina, I just drove by a murder of crows coming home… and that made me wonder where the word ‘murder’ came from. Both in terms of a flock of crows, and the act of killing a person.

    Your Loyal Student,

  68. turbo75 says:

    Hi Marina, My question has to do with the meaning of proper names, such as my name, James. Do you know where this concept came from. Love ya.

  69. 100percentjacob says:

    I got a Christmas card today from someone named “Hotforwords”! Thank you

  70. pedantickarl says:

    “Ahh, ahh, say, lookee here boy, ya gotta keep
    your eye on the ball, son” – Foghorn Leghorn

    “Sufferin’ Succotash” – Sylvester

    Well, Jessica Rabbit may not be Merry Melodies,
    but I love that Jessica Rabbit dress. Someone must
    have drawn that – not bad. :grin:

    Excellent video Marina.

  71. neuroway says:

    Here’s a mighty pair of nimrods. :smile:

  72. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear совершенная Marina, I’d volunteer to be your American-English language coach, if I could. :smile: The Looney Tunes character who stutters and says “That’s all, Folks” isn’t Bugs Bunny. It’s actually Porky Pig. :shock:
    And the closing line wasn’t written “Abrie-abrie-abrie-that’s all folks.” Instead, Porky’s line is, “Bah-bee-yah, bah-bee-yah, bah-bee-yah,That’s all, Folks!” :!: It’s a subtle difference, but for cartoon purists here, I need to share their true words.
    Porky Pig had a girlfriend called Petunia Pig, but you’d probably have to do a Google search to find her. I’m glad you like cartoons! :razz:
    Your dear student, seesixcm6

  73. thoughtonfire says:

    Dear HotForWords,

    I am speechless. You and your bugs bunny dress… Oh! Yeah, right, homework, uhmmm, bugs bunny… ate my homework :shock:

    *Tries to keep a serious face :???: * :oops: :mrgreen: :shock: :cool: :twisted:

    Oh, I was like, what’s up doc? And he took the apple I was going to give to you today. Which happened to not even be an apple, but a carrot…

    Your Student,

  74. wetsuit5 says:

    The real question is what’s the abrea, abrea mean.

    Is it Porky Pig Russian for let’s go to Marina’s picnic and be the Russian Bar-B-Que?

  75. brandon blut stein says:

    Hi, I was wondering where the word (Lexicon) came from? does anybody know?

  76. Bob says:

    You’re such a forward thinker, Marina, making it clear to the whole world that you’re only using public domain clips and not copyrighted material.
    My wife hoots with laughter at the name Nimrod because in the Thai language “Nim” means “soft”. (Think about it) :grin:

  77. Evan Owen says:

    What a bunch of Nimrods! :grin:

    Actually, this is a Judeo-Spanish song about the birth of Abraham; it starts off talking about King Nimrod looking in the stars and seeing a sign of the birth of the Hebrew patriarch. :cool:

  78. Che Volay says:

    “Public Domain cartoon clip”

    { been talkin’ to the lawyers have ya }

  79. animalntaz says:

    Here is another Biblical reference (that kinda sounds dirty):

    “rod of God” :mrgreen:

    (Sorry, that always causes me to snicker) :lol:

  80. nathan19 says:

    This is the second time in a row I’ve been within the first ten people to post. I really need to start doing something productive in my life.

  81. animalntaz says:

    Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Sylvester and Tweetie, Wyle E. Coyote and Roadrunner, Pepe L’Pue, Speedy Gonzales, Yosemite Sam, Tazmanian Devil…

  82. John says:

    must watch before posting?

  83. John says:

    :smile: :smile:

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