Meh.. a new word in the dictionary.


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441 Responses to Meh

  1. Capman911 says:

    Marina these are three new nerd words if you haven’t already used them.

  2. danistan says:

    I have to say Marina, this is a great lesson, but you didn’t get the intonation quite right. You give it a flat intonation that does not rise or fall from one phoneme to the next, but in most usages (which as you point out follow from the usage in the Simpsons), meh has a falling tone. I think this is important for this word, because it is lexicallogically so empty. I think one of the hardest parts of learning Russian for me is getting the intonation right. What would [да ладно...] (as used when indicating that sufficient information has been conveyed to prove one’s point) without it’s intonation?

  3. pandion says:

    I just used “meh” in regards to this year’s Super Bowl commercials.

  4. swampwiz says:

    I use “um”.

  5. tabowers215 says:

    Is it Kobe or Gorby? I remember you changing your dogs name from Kobe to Gorby, but you still call him Kobe. So is it Kobe or Gorby? :neutral:

    I like Gorby Better.

  6. xvandalx says:

    Марина не верь ему он правду сказал )))) “protac6″
    Видяхи у тебя просто помпезные жду следующих)

  7. kaibanator says:

    I actually remember that simpsons episode :lol:

    Homer saw an ad for a place called Blocko-land (A ripoff of legoland). He was excited to go, but not the kids.

    A bit later on when they were leaving Blocko-land:
    Bart mentions how he likes his Lego shirt.
    Marge : Don’t you mean Blocko shirt?
    Bart: Err Yeah…Blocko shirt. :)

  8. protac6 says:

    I use the word meh when I’m watching your videos. I’m just kidding Marina I love you

  9. xvandalx says:

    Фильм про бонда был не “Ме” а “Бееееееееее” кал одним словом =))

  10. orpheus says:

    Dear HotForWords,
    I’d like to know the origin of a word I’ve been daydreaming about. Let’s see. Now what was it? Ummm, I was just thinking about it. Oh, I remember. The word is REVERIE. My favorite word. Thanks!

  11. cufan71 says:

    :cool: Here’s a quote form Star Wars-A New Hope.

    “The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.” Obi Wan Kenobi

    Somehow I think Capman had some influence on today’s quote. :wink:

  12. thetigtig says:

    :lol:Yesterday I request “neo maxi zoomdweebie” and today I googled it.Guess what came up on the searches? :smile: …thats right, hotforwords,what a small and fast world! :smile:

  13. siuresfree says:

    Mari please, decide to investigate the origin of the word Freemasonry.

    Thanks and greetings from Costa Rica,


  14. emurga says:

    i have a word for you.

    the word is ‘fishy’

    i heard it in an episode of Smallville, when Clark Kent meets Aquaman for the first time. Clark doesnt trust him, and pulls Lois Lane aside and asks:

    “Doesnt he seem fishy to you?”

    i know how its used, but i would like to know where it comes from

    thank you,

  15. emocalypse says:

    how about the word “suck age”…I never really understand it

  16. leonard says:

    pirates, yeah they robbed the queen; who paid them too…lesson later, gota cook’em ribs with beans :lol:

  17. Marina says:

    Wow.. just learned a new word.. from the U.S. Cruise ship that just outran the pirates:
    “In a statement on its Web site, the company said pirates fired eight rifle shots at the liner, but that the ship’s captain increased speed and managed to outrun the skiffs.”

    Skiff: a small light boat of any kind from French esquif, the Italian schifo and Old High German scif

  18. imperial7 says:

    Hey Marina, I was wondering the origin of the word salary. I saw on the discovery channel that it might come from the word salt.

  19. pedantickarl says:

    Hey, check out the latest entry on the “gizmo” :wink:

  20. pedantickarl says:

    My prayers to Gorby’s speedy recovery.

  21. askmartin says:

    I have words requests:

    1. Law – why this word to represent system/principles?
    2. Ceteris paribus – the history
    3. Call to the bar – why bar? why call to?

  22. kbsalzman says:

    A word request, please, as the time for law exams draws near…

    Where does the title “Esquire” come from, and why do some lawyers use the title instead of the more common J.D.? For instance, why do some lawyers sign their names, Joe Smith, Esq. as opposed to Joe Smith, J.D.?

    • CampKohler says:

      WLIU, esquire means without (royal) title. But because lawyers have started using esquire very much like a title, it now means “I have a title of no title, which I hope you find impressing as hell and makes me seem more like my fees are worth it.”

  23. cufan71 says:

    “Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’.” – Yoda ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

    Love this quote :!:
    I also llike the scene after Yoda uses the force to move Luke’s X-Wing, and Luke says “I don’t believe it!” Then Yoda says “That is why you fail!” So many great lines in The Empire Strikes Back! :cool:

  24. sebastian81 says:

    Never use Meh. Though I use Nah or Neh allot, as in not really.
    Love your show.

  25. bsomebody says:

    I keep noticing that M is wearing my gravatar more and more, these days. I feel so special. :razz: :smile: :lol: :oops:

  26. borntobebernie says:

    Dear Hotforwords,
    I would like to know what is the meaning of the word Vatican?

  27. fatbuffalo says:

    so this how meh is used in the US …
    In Malaysia meh is used in the ending of questions as in “Quantum of Solace good meh ?”
    Malaysian English is like a cocktail of Chinese and Malay
    Without gadgets , a Bond movie isn’t a Bond movie :evil:

  28. Fianchetto says:

    Word request “widget” to describe, generically, any product of industry as in:

    “I work in a factory that makes thousands of widgets every day”

  29. lostinhere says:

    Sorry, I don’t use ‘Meh’ and, most likely, never will.

  30. meby2k says:

    Word request:

    This one has stumped me for a while now. Why is it that we use “Holy” as a prefix for some words, particularly “Holy Shit”? Not trying to be too controversial, but I have even heard clergy use the phrase, which made me laugh.



  31. tok-715 says:

    Heard of it, not really much of a user myself (last time I used it? white random noise from my memory banks…). Still an interesting lesson though.

    One of the best things about an alphabetically based language such as English is its simplicity, which allows it to adapt and create new words as necessary to suite contemporary situations.

  32. wyo550 says:

    This was an OK lesson. The over-happy intro with the narcist geek at the recent Youtube love fest was over-the-top.
    I’d never heard of “meh” (sounds like a meth addict would know it) but I’ve heard of “ta” (the Australian short form for “little thanks”.
    Hope one of your online addicts doesn’t start telling me off like one loser did the other night. That was pathetic

    • CampKohler says:

      {CK twists the bullet end in his ear to lubricate it for extra accuracy, s-l-o-w-l-y and deliciously slides it into into the breech, pushes the well-oiled bolt forward and then down and ever-so-carefully turns the windage a click or two.}

      Security guard: “Hey! What are you doing up there?”
      CK: “Oh, nothing. Just watchin’ this guy.”
      Security guard: “Gonna be long?”
      CK: “Dunno yet.”

    • Bob says:

      {Whilst unseen by CK and unheard by the mark, a shadowy figure clad in an all enveloping, skin-tight black jumpsuit with a black hood with only three small holes for the eyes and nose, smiles as he silently slides an all black shoto out of its scabbard.
      He reaches into a small black pouch hanging at his waist and pulls out a bag of powder, which has been prepared from the crushed stamens of the Chrysanthemum flower.
      When this powder gets into the mark’s bloodstream from the small pinprick of the shoto, it acts as a powerful neuro-toxin that will have the victim writhing on the ground in agony as he wonders what kind of insect just stung him.}

      Security guard: “Hey! What’s happened to that guy you were watching?”
      CK: “Dunno. He was just standing there in the moonlight when a cloud came over the moon. When the moon came out again, he was on the ground bawling his head off. I never saw a thing.”

    • CampKohler says:

      {Bob and CK wash up, change clothes and go over to Marina’s place with a couple of pounds of ribs and a bag of charcoal. All three are chowing down at the table.}

      Marina: “It’s a different flavor meat, but it’s really good!”

      CK: “Well, some kinds of meat are best when really fresh.”

      Bob: “Yeah, like an hour ago.”

      {Bob winks at CK, who tosses Gorby a rib. Gorby winks at CK and they all laugh.}

  33. drmike says:

    The Oxford English dictionary says the origin of the word “canoodle” is obscure, and that of “cuddle” is “uncertain”. Could there be a connection with the German verb “knuddeln”?

  34. bechamboy12 says:

    and also in accordance with sliplink666, where does Semper Fi come from? is it latin?

  35. bechamboy12 says:

    hey marina, i would like to request a word.
    is the word stool(like the chair) in anyway related stool meaning (fecal matter, feces, please dont make me say more =))
    like, “go sit on that stool” is it related to stool sample?

  36. greatestpotential says:

    Meh. Hootie went country I don’t know what happened to the blowfish. :roll:

  37. sliplink666 says:

    Hey Marina
    I want to know about the phrase Semper Fi that the Marine Corps use
    Please and thank you!

  38. CampKohler says:

    I don’t use meh myself, but if I were to be forced to, the first application would be to old Bucko. A little of him goes a long way; that is to say, if he were a can of Spackle, you could follow a serial killer with a shotgun through a housing project and use him to fix everything up like new and still have enough left over to follow a serial killer with a shotgun through a housing project…

    Now, how does meh sound like a Russian cop? Do you mean litterally that is a sound they make or does it sound like the word for a Russian cop?

  39. originalistrick says:

    Sorry to hear Gorby still isn’t well. Keep us posted. Never used Meh. Always.

  40. r1wolf says:

    I don’t use meh myself, but my little sister uses it a lot.

  41. bobsully says:

    I don’t use it, but when others use it I assumed it meant mediocre.

  42. Evan Owen says:

    Hello Marina, John, dukerreno, Bob, James, Dezdkado, annuddermale, pedantickarl, foxbow, jt-turner, animalntaz, etyrnal, fong47, jakem952, russianboy, Capman911, absentmindedprof, bsomebody, Che Volay, CaptainJack, thoughtonfire, melikadothechacha, and any others I may have missed in my Nyquil drugged state,
    Many thanks for keeping me company while I’ve been shut in with a heavy cold. Thank you for your lively repartee, patience, support, and occasional gentle correction.
    Oh yeah, and Marina, my best wishes for Gorby’s quick recovery.

    • John says:

      best wishes for your quick recovery

    • CampKohler says:

      Well, that cinches it. I am officially chopped liver.

    • CaptainJack says:

      Ok I hope you get better. It sounds like its the cold and flu season. Im hearing many people including animals are sick. I have 3 friends with sick animals and 7 friends that are sick. Must be the changing of season.

    • Dezdkado says:

      You’re welcome… Make yourself a hot toddy, and may you wake up fully healed from your ailment. Here’s a (hopefully) funny story that may make you feel better…

      One winter I went with a friend and his family to Winter Park, Colorado for a ski-trip. We drove there in a huge truck with a covered top over the bed of the vehicle that kept our luggage and ski equipment dry. For the first couple of days everything was wonderful… the weather was perfect, the snow was plentiful, the crowds were small, and I had the joy of watching a friend attempt to learn to ski… as he struggled to stand or glide without falling. :mrgreen:

      But a few days in I succumbed to two sicknesses… (1) a flu virus and (2) altitude sickness. I was as weak and helpless as a baby… but nowhere near as cute or compact in size. For two days and part of a third I lingered in bed in agony… fever, vomiting, shortness of breath, etc. :cry:

      On the last day, as everyone was packing to go, I was still miserable. One of my friend’s relatives was in medicine and had kept an eye on me throughout my ordeal. Once the truck was packed and everyone else was on board, she gave me one pill and a bottle of water. :?:

      “What is this?” I asked her.
      “Just take it.” she ordered me, and then asked me to bundle up and sleep in the bed of the truck with the luggage. “When you wake up, you’ll feel better.”

      I did as she instructed. I took the pill, drank my water, bundled up, reclined in the bed of the truck, and closed my eyes for a short nap. I woke up about 9 hours later and two states away from Colorado. The group had stopped to get gas at a truck stop, to stretch their legs, etc. And I woke up in wonderment. I felt brand new. No headache, no fever, no nausea, no weakness, no nothing… I felt great! :smile:

      So I went to the woman who had given me the pill. I had to know the name of this miracle drug.

      “What was that pill that you gave me?” I inquired.
      “Well… they don’t make it any more…” she began. “It’s called Empirin…”
      “What was it used for?” I wondered aloud.
      “Feminine cramps.” She replied.

      I was mortified… and humbled as my friend couldn’t stop laughing at me. To this day, instead of asking how my day went, or inquiring after my family, he greets me with, “So Dez… how are you cramps?” :evil:

    • Dezdkado says:

      No, but I could do something in the future… one never knows until the story is told whether or not the audience appreciates it.

  43. Hi Marina,
    Would you start teaching Russian language classes?

    • CampKohler says:

      Good idea, RB! At the end of each lesson, she could pick one word (either the same as the English word or an entirely different one), pronounce it a couple of times (fast and slowly), define it, give usage examples and spell it in the Roman alphabet*. In the title, list the word, e.g. “Meh/Smitna” and have a separate page of Russian word lesson links, just like the English ones.

      Best of all for Marina is that she can do it from memory (no origins), so she can quickly adlib them. Oooh! I can’t wait!

      *The spelling doesn’t have to be technically perfect, just phonetically correct. After all, it will only be used as a way for non-Cyrillic writers to record it.

  44. dwarf mongoose says:

    hey Marina can you do a video on the word hockey and where the sport came from?

  45. hey marina love your show can you please find the origin of the word christmas since we are coming soon to this date. And also Marina i would like to ask you my biggest dream would you sub my youtube it is on this link please Marina also please leave comments love your show

  46. suprstock says:

    Meh….Whats up doc ?

  47. augie says:

    :razz: meh :razz: never used that word cause im always here watching my hot lil’prince sweetheart :razz: KISSES

  48. Capman911 says:

    Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow.

    Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.

    Just walk beside me and be my friend. :smile:

  49. rangerdave says:

    Hi Marina, I have a couple words for you. First is SUGAR, and then KISS. Kids where asking about SUGAR, and I wanted a KISS. :wink:

  50. andreas88 says:

    Hi Marina… Congrats for your show and your beautiful apearence evry time we watc your video…
    I want to know where the word “Deamn” comes from, as we say “Deamn!!! what a preaty woman”

    • CampKohler says:

      Is this a joke? Son of a biatch!

      • andreas88 says:

        does it look like a joke to you?
        Я не думаю, что вы хотите с кем-то беспорядок, как мне малыш.
        Поэтому остерегайтесь того, что вы говорите …

      • bsomebody says:

        Wow, it looks like someone has a potty mouth … I think. :roll:

      • CampKohler says:

        It looked like a joke, because deamn is not a word. It is a comedic pronunciation of damn, just like bi-atch is of bitch.

  51. aud0613 says:

    I was once told that the original definition for insanity ment to do something the same over and over again expecting different results. What’s the truth in this?

  52. rhynoplasty says:

    hey, id like to request the word onomatopoeia as this is a weird word that describes some weird words in the english language…. thanks :D

  53. Capman911 says:

    I don’t use meh. I use nah.

  54. Hi Marina,
    Hey you mentioned my screen name Huggles131..
    Wow, You really are hot.
    I was wondering where the phrase
    “Tim Buc Too” came from.


  55. jmoney says:

    You told us the history of the word collar, which made me wonder the history of the word “neck”


  56. jt1stcav says:

    That’s a ridiculous word, and I don’t ever use it. I think it’s…meh! :roll:

    Only 9 more days until we celebrate our birthdays, Marina. Woo-hoo! :mrgreen:

  57. thoughtonfire says:

    I think I can can’t can can’t can’t.

  58. thoughtonfire says:

    Look you are glowing like fire! You need a glass of water, or you’ll soon burst into flames.

  59. thoughtonfire says:


    Oh, I don’t use meh. My cat does though!

    Your Student,

    PS You are TooHotForWords! That’s because Meh is today’s word… :cool: :evil: :grin:

  60. coopermarsh says:

    Hi Hotforwords

    As this is the season of goodwill, what is the origin of Christmas and Xmas

  61. animalntaz says:

    Never heard of ‘meh’, how about meep? :mrgreen:

  62. kimberleeb93 says:

    Hi i have a word/name (if you can do names) request – Kimberlee … I really havnt found much information on it and i’d like to learn more about my name

  63. James says:

    I saw a tutorial about sorting it out in sony vegas and it looks like it was doing just like marina said to do so i will try that tomorrow or on friday. as long as vegas does not give me 400mb for 2 seconds of film i will be happy otherwise I will be uninstalling it. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    • pedantickarl says:

      Vegas, as most editors are tweakable. You can do a 10 min vid in 500K. I may be exaggerating, as I gotta run and can’t give an example or do the math. But, you must keep in mind, there is no free lunch, a LONG vid with SHORT file size means very lousy quality. It’s all in the trade-offs YOU designate.
      With Vegas You is in charge man, not BillGrates.

      • pedantickarl says:

        Oh, forgot, yes there is a learning curve. It is not steep, but give yourself at least a few weeks to learn the ins and outs. Once learned, you will be amazed. Trust me. I’ve gotten lots of free meals from people that were elated.

  64. dukerreno says:

    Where did the term or word two-bits come from? My grandfather used to always say that word when he gave me a quarter.

    Albert Nielsen

  65. James says:

    Marina, what I need to know is if your videos now have more room in them now than they had 2 weeks ago. eg you filmed your bed 2 weeks ago and you uploaded it and all we saw was your bed if you did it today would we see your bed and the table next to it?

  66. tigressmaya says:

    I love this word I tend to use it without OVER using it hehe. Right now i feel Meh cause of my allergies. :smile:

  67. pedantickarl says:

    Congratulations to Evan Owen for guessing Bob’s riddle. :smile: See Bob’s comment.

    Meh Z totes,
    N doe Z totes,
    N litter lam zeet IV
    A kiddle E Thai V2,
    Wooden shoe?

    Here is the answer in words and singing.
    Warning, you may be happily humming this song all day.

    Here is a jazzy version.

  68. nathan19 says:

    Hey Marina,

    I do use the word “meh” on occasion. Although, more often I find some curse word to fill in the gap when I’m at a loss for how I want to describe something; I need to make my conversational skills more interesting.

    So you’re publishing a book through Harper Collins? That’s exciting to hear. It says in your biographical information that it’s about fun word origins, but when should we expect to learn more about it? Do you have any sort of general idea as to when it may be published?

  69. sandrabellka says:

    my request word is PARFUM
    thanks :smile:

  70. galris18 says:

    I would like to know the origin of “ew” >.< it drives me crazy

  71. Evan Owen says:

    Y’know…I’d been thinking that there’s an almost mythic quality about Marina — as if she’s a fusion of Athena and Aphrodite — and then she comes up with “Meh!” :sad:

  72. amosfella says:

    Guess that didn’t work. Check here:

  73. amosfella says:

    What is the origin of the word ‘pen’.
    Here is a photo of a pen I made for sale.

  74. bsomebody says:

    Bummer, I just oredered my books for next semster; over 180 bucks! :cry:

  75. foxbow says:

    The dutch “word OF the year” chosen by the biggest dutch dictionary is “zwaffelen” ……that means slappping someone or something with a ….uhh.. :???: kinda hard…. penis….-.- :???:
    that’s fucked up isn’t it:P :wink:

  76. casaubon says:

    Word request: Buskill… Not sure bout the spelling tho. There has been alot of references to bus(h)kil(l) recently in shows like family guy or dexter. The word is linked to killjoy or a person with no sense of humor, but where buskil derives from? Tnx, im a big fan!

  77. James says:

    Right. Here is something for people about what I do with my videos

    1 film them on my camera (mp4)

    2 use anyvideoconverter to convert them to wmv

    3 edit in movie maker


    what I did

    use anyvideoconverter to convert it back to mp4 at 640*480

    what I do now

    used anyvideoconverter to do 640*360 (or whatever that widescreen resoloution is) but in flv format (cant do custom on mp4 :sad: )

    but that made it stretched. So now I am messing around seeing what Quicktime can do for me. I just uploaded a video but the quality was CRAP! I think it was my fault though so I will try it again in a bit.

    That goes back to me asking if anyone can guess at what the filesize would be if i filmed 3 mins on an hd camcorder like marina does.

    Oh, Marina has it all figured out!! :razz:

  78. runawayscott says:

    I would like to request the word TATOO

  79. tryant says:

    “meh” sounds like a shortened version of “mmmmm yeah” but said in a lackluster way,not with exuberance,kinda like You said,infers indifferance or even negative feelings.

  80. thetigtig says:

    Marina,this is a term heard just one time in a mid-eighties movie.
    What can you tell me about it?
    “Neo Maxi Zoomdweebie”
    Have you heard it?

  81. jt-turner says:

    I would really like to know the origin of the word philosophy. My religion teacher said it came from the anciant greek phrase philo sophia which means love of knowledge but i dont really believe him.

  82. etyrnal says:

    Please explain the origins of “Wisdom Tooth” or “Wisdom Teeth”. Does this have anything to do with the idea that that if You’re wise, You’ll take care of them, and still have them when You’re old? Or that if not taken care of, they will rot, and You;ll get an infection in Your brain that cause You to lose Wisdom? Or does Your body store Wisdom in there?

    =) Help Help — i MUST KNOW!!

  83. James says:

    Can you give me an estimate of what your video file size is? I want an hd camera but I dont want to find that a 3 min video is 300mb

  84. fong47 says:


    I am always curious about my name: FROILAN- What does it means and where did it originated. Thanks very much!

  85. jakem952 says:

    Jakem952 from atlanta, ga and I would like to know what “smartelick” means? I think something to do with being a smart a** but I would like to know the origin and so forth.

    thanks. I love your site!

  86. russianboy says:

    Dear Marina! Check this out! Do you like it? But, please, say the truth!

  87. thetigtig says:

    Hi Marina,as a huge Simpson’s fan,I would like to more about Homer’s favorite word and one I use much more than meh.
    And I think it also made it into the dictionary years ago :arrow:

    D’OH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. hecky says:


    What about the word ‘Ginger’ ! ?



  89. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear совершенная Marina, No, I never use the word, “meh.” In fact, it sounds like a Chinese word, “myeh”, which in English means “what.” For example, if you said “Я супоросый”, I’d ask, “What!?” :shock:
    I didn’t like the new James Bond movie, either. The villains weren’t as menacing and sinister as Goldfinger and Oddjob, and the plot was just linear, with few twists or surprises. Olga Kurylenko is very beautiful and I would “huggle” with her for a very long time! :razz:
    I saw Gorby sleeping next to you and I hope he’s better, now.
    Your dear student, seesixcm6

  90. James says:

    30 mb video processing

    i uploaded it 2 hours a go
    i uploaded another copy about 20 mins ago and deleted the other one still says the same


  91. muggins says:

    “Meh”? It sounds like something you’d hear from a cold sufferer. The latest Bond movie a disappointment? Let me recommend a movie you might like, Marina, and it’s, “Kicked in the Head” It’s one of my favorites. It has booze, drugs, shoot outs, mobs (including a Russian mobster), love interests, family values, the theory of love, the pros & cons of capitalism, cosmic meaning, and a lovable little doggy all in one flick.

    • Sounds like…Hitman! great flick :mrgreen:
      (except for the little dog, that is)

      • muggins says:

        I’ll take that movie recommendation :wink: They aren’t the same kind of movie, though. “Kicked in the Head” is a streets of New York flick and is packed with character actors like, James Wood (who is great in this film), Burt Young, Lili Taylor, and Michael Rapaport (His best work). I failed to mention it was a comedy, too, and that’s important. Wildly underrated by the viewing public. Not for the straight laced viewer that’s for sure.

      • muggins says:

        I rented “Hitman” and it was a purdy good flick. I especially enjoyed Olga. Thanks, melikadothechacha , for the recommendation :smile:

  92. russianboy says:


  93. lonsdale69 says:

    hey marina.. i would to know where the origin of the word ‘jug’ came from.. cheers..!

  94. runawayscott says:

    I’d like to HUGGLE you Marina. Sounds fun…

    I smell a restraining order comming my way. :neutral:

    • CampKohler says:

      No, you don’t. That’s not the restraining order, of course. It’s me, who’s delivering it. I didn’t get a chance to shower this month.

  95. Get up
    get out of bed
    you lazy head

    make sure your little dogie gets some exercise as well

  96. This is the first I heard of this word…Meh… so I haven’t used it. Now that I have discovered it… I will understand someone who uses it.
    The likelihood of me using the word is very low to nil.

  97. “I hope I die young
    and I don’t die gay,
    I hope I die senile”
    The Police – Masako Tango

    • 2utoday says:

      :mrgreen: I hope I don’t die at all. Maybe I could find friends like Rose Tyler and Doctor Who. Then,the adventures would really begin!

      • runawayscott says:

        I knew there was a Doctor who fan on here somewhere.

      • tryant says:

        Mmmmmm yeah,Billie Piper! Yummmy! Get Her now before She blows up like a balloon,Ya just know its gonna happen.

        Was that crass and uncaring of Me? Ahhh well,I still think I’m right.

      • 2utoday says:

        :mrgreen: Oh,yeah!! I just bought Season(Series)four of Doctor Who on DVD. I don’t have BBC America on my TV so I have to wait for the DVD release. I have watched the first three episodes of this collection and it is awesome!! Catherine Tate is back and the rumor around here is that David Tennant is leaving the show. Doctor Who is a popular show here in the states! Yeah!!!!!

  98. 2utoday says:

    :mrgreen: Hey! Don’t trash the latest Bond movie! I loved it. I’ll be watching it again and again. The Bond genre rocks! Long live all the Bond movies made and the ones yet to be made!!!

    • Ditto! This is the James Bond that
      Ian Fleming wrote about, not the
      flaming pretenders proffered up to
      us in movies for so many years. :mrgreen:

      • 2utoday says:

        :mrgreen: The only Bond film I didn’t like was the musical comedy parody called “Casino Royale” made many years ago starring David Niven,Woody Allan,and Tom Jones. It was terrible! The Daniel Craig version of “Casino Royale” is a real gem. And “Quantum of Solace” is simply fantastic! Yes!!!

    • Marina says:

      The previous Bond movie, Casino Royale was the BEST Bond movie BY FAR! And it did over a billion dollars at the box office as a result. Then the producer HIRE A DIFFERENT DIRECTOR for this movie, and you end up with none of the character development of the previous movie, nor the real tension you felt in the previous one.. PLUS Bond doesn’t even get with the main girl??? What’s up with that?

      I’m just upset that they had an amazing team on the last movie and perhaps didn’t want to pay for it on this one?

      If you read the books, Casino Royale was very close to the original book.. Quantum of Solace had absolutely NOTHING to do with the original story. I LOVE James Bond.. that’s why I offered my criticism :-)

      • CaptainJack says:

        Thanks for clarifying your criticism. I might have to make you my new movie critic. Now I can go see the movie and not have such high expectations to only get disappointed. I’ll go see it on a matinee price.

      • CampKohler says:

        Marina, Q gave me a cellphone that also serves as a clock. That’s sort of secret agenty, isn’t it? And my hair is white.

        “My name is Blondlish, James Blondish.” :wink:

      • 2utoday says:

        :mrgreen: Marina, I appreciate your views on “Quantum of Solace”. That is what makes this country great! Everyone has an opinion and is free to express it. I have talked to guys and gals alike about this movie. To me, it seems to boil down to one thing. “Quantum…” is a guy film. The guys I have talked to enjoyed the film. The gals,well,they seem to follow your train of thought and did not like this latest Bond adventure. Perhaps I am addicted to the Bond genre and like the movies. My only thing I would of changed is to have Bond in the cross hairs of an enemy agents gun appear in the opening credits instead of the closing credits. Remember the scene? Bond is seen walking and the enemy’s gun is aimed at him. Bond spins around,fires his gun,and the enemy’s gun slowly tilts down with blood covering the screen. Other Bond films show this scene at the opening credits. Perhaps you will like the next Bond movie. Until then,save the isle seat for me and I’ll see you at the movies!!!

  99. bsomebody says:

    Has anybody heard anything about Gorby?

    • 2utoday says:

      :mrgreen: Is a Gorby anything like a Doobie? LOL!

    • annuddermale says:

      Gorby is in the vet’s hospital being treated for an infection…say a lil’ prayer…

    • Marina says:

      I had to bring him to the hospital last night.. and he is there with an IV stuck in his arm. He had lesions all over his body that were starting to pop with fluid coming out. They say there is possible blockage in his digestive track, but they can’t x-ray him until today. He looked like he was getting better yesterday, then suddenly got worse. He went from 4 pounds to only 2 pounds in weight!

      • CaptainJack says:

        That sounded just like my friends cat (Cody). went through. Exact same symptoms. The x-rays showed he had some kind of stone blocking his digestive track.
        He had to have surgery to have it removed and now he is doing fine. Whats happening is the body is unable to remove wastes and is poisoning its self. Get things flowing again and everything is back to normal. Animals are just like kids putting bad things in there mouth. :mrgreen: Well this is good news Marina. They should be able to get him all cleaned out and he will recover just fine. Thanks for the update. :wink:

      • quiggles says:

        Dear Marina,
        I am so sorry to hear this. I once lived in LA with my very sick pooch. I took him to the Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital (off Santa Monica Blvd) and they saved his life. Best of luck, Q :sad:

      • thetigtig says:

        Hi Marina,I hope your dog is doing well!I had to bring my 4 month old kitten to an emergency vet (2 am) because he could not urinate.Diagnoses was feline cystitis (urethral obstruction,struvite crystals).Although an operation is sometimes the only option,I am happy to say his crystals are being controlled by prescription food.He just turned one and is doing very well.I hope the very same for yours!!

      • cufan71 says:

        Thanks for the update Marina! What Captain Jack said sounded encouraging also! Hopefully Gorby will be back to his old self in no time! Get well soon Gorby!!!

      • John says:

        Here’s something to cheer you possibly?


        • James says:

          You harsh fucking insensitive cunt. Go f*ck your dead gran you peice of hartless shite. Marina is such a nice person and I am not saying that because ” oh, I am friends with a really hot woman on youtbe with 100 million views” She really is a nice person, she is so helpful to me and all you do is leave hurtful comments you are a toatal prick, and I am sorry if this post offends anyone but it will just have to because the stupid twat is making me so angry right now I could fucking GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAHHHHHHHHHHHH :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

        • John says:

          Here are the Lyrics.

          Well, I had the carburetor, baby, cleaned and checked with her line blown out she’s hummin’ like a turbojet
          Propped her up in the backyard on concrete blocks for a new clutch plate and a new set of shocks
          Took her down to the carwash, check the plugs and points
          Well, I’m goin’ out tonight. I’m gonna rock that joint

          Early north Jersey industrial skyline I’m a all-set cobra jet creepin’ through the nighttime
          Gotta find a gas station, gotta find a payphone this turnpike sure is spooky at night when you’re all alone
          Gotta hit the gas, baby. I’m running late, this New Jersey in the mornin’ like a lunar landscape

          Now, the boss don’t dig me, so he put me on the nightshift
          It’s an all night run to get back to where my baby lives
          In the wee wee hours your mind gets hazy radio relay towers, won’t you lead me to my baby?
          Underneath the overpass, trooper hits his party light switch
          Goodnight good luck one two power shift

          I met Wanda when she was employed behind the counter at route 60 Bob’s Big Boy Fried Chicken on the front seat, she’s sittin’ in my lap
          We’re wipin’ our fingers on a Texaco roadmap
          I remember Wanda up on scrap metal hill with them big brown eyes that make your heart stand still

          Well, at five a.m., oil pressure’s sinkin’ fast
          I make a pit stop, wipe the windshield, check the gas
          Gotta call my baby on the telephone
          Let her know that her daddy’s comin’ on home
          Sit tight, little mama, I’m comin’ ’round I got three more hours, but I’m coverin’ ground

          Your eyes get itchy in the wee wee hours sun’s just a red ball risin’ over them refinery towers
          Radio’s jammed up with gospel stations lost souls callin’ long distance salvation
          Hey, mister deejay, woncha hear my last prayer hey, ho, rock’n'roll, deliver me from nowhere

          Copyright © Bruce Springsteen (ASCAP)

      • CampKohler says:

        Poor little thing. We are all rooting for you!

      • James says:

        The most common cause of acute pancreatitis is gallstones. Excessive alcohol use is often cited as the second most common cause of acute pancreatitis. ?

        Hmm well thats what wikipedia said.

        I am so sorry to hear about that Marina, today my mum noticed there is scuttling sound in the roof, we think its a squirell (we have timber framed houses and last year we had mice in the walls chewing the phone cables and electrocuting themselves at the same time as my next door neighbour had squirrels going in the roof) It doesnt matter what I think of an animal I will never harm one. I am nice like that. I really hope gorby is OK. just make sure you have a nice 640X360 basket for him to rest in when he gets back and keep an eye over him in high quality (how are these youtube puns :smile: )


      • smokey36bear says:

        I am so sorry to hear he is sick. I pray for his quick recovery.

      • John says:

        Marina, my apologies if the video I posted was offensive to you, it was just so upbeat i thought it my cheer you up and take your worry’s of Gorby for a while.

  100. Homework: First I heard of it was this video.
    I don’t have any plans to use it, either. :mrgreen:

  101. Jerry says:

    I don’t use the word meh, but I have a friend, who is a Simpsons fanatic, who uses it often. Another word Homer uses, which I use sometimes is “doh”. Is this a real word? If it is, what does it mean?

  102. neuroway says:

    This woman, with a pair of swords, is absolutely not “meh”.

    She dances with sabers like there is no tomorrow, beautifully crafting each single move. Her execution is perfect. Almost divine. She can hypnotyze her public. She’s the quintessential dancer.


  103. hutchiee says:

    What happened to the outtakes at the end of the videos? Did you perfect your craft so much there’s no more mistakes? It’s to the point where a little self-deprecating humor at the end when missing is… meh.

  104. absentmindedprof says:

    Slang Request: To keep with this lesson’s theme, where did the slang term ‘tarnation’ come from? Thanks Marina!

    Eric M

  105. bsomebody says:

    I would like to request a word for M’s next appearance with BO. I think “propaganda” would be very appropriate. :twisted:

  106. hitoshi says:

    my friend said “meh” to me when the company she was working at went bankrupt and had nothing to do.

  107. bsomebody says:

    No, I do not use “meh.” I am more the roll my eyes type. Sarcasm is my second language. Ya think? :roll:

  108. jenb81 says:

    Hi there…the word I’d like to request is “discombobulate” Always wondered because there is no root word combobulate lol

  109. cufan71 says:

    Homework :cool:
    I have never even heard of the word meh. I’m glad that Gorby is getting better! :grin: In your Twitpic it’s hard to find the little guy in the drapes, he really blends!

  110. quiggles says:

    p.s. More on strange titles. I try to see every movie with Philip Seymour Hoffman (one of my faves) and his latest is Synecdoche. I can’t even pronounce it! So what’s it mean anyway? Would HFW investigate?

    Thanks, Q :grin:

  111. John says:

    Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” – Henry Ford 1863-1947

    Old man Ford was quite a character he let his grandson (whom had been made president of Ford Motor Co.) build a coke processing plant( for steel processing) then he had the workmen tear it down just to show his grandson He was still the boss(?)

    I hardly ever use “Meh” however most people are rarely ever able to realize their speech habits until they record thier voice in conversation or as Marina does in her video’s and listens to themselves. I don’t think most people ever try to make over their speech patterns unless its for public display in making a good impression of themselves upon others.

  112. quiggles says:

    Hi Marina!

    Truthfully, I don’t use “meh” but am happy to learn about it. I like the evolution of language with the absorbing of new words and modifying the old. I agree about the new Bond movie which I was so excited about. Oh well. A bad title doesn’t bode well. Speaking of titles WHAT’S THE SCOOP WITH YOUR NEW BOOK? TITLE? TOPIC? A BOOK TOUR?

    I can’t wait! Q :grin:

    • Marina says:

      Just handed in revised completed copy yesterday… putting the finishing touches on it.. but the actual book does not come out until August of next year!! Which is crazy as that seems like an eternity!!

      I’ll let you know more as soon as I find out more… and yes, I will be doing a book tour :-)

      • leonard says:

        good luck on your tour…after st.nick day and then your your birthday, “Miss Ten, Dec.” and then 9 months after spring, it is christmas, then a new year and Epiph any…wow…you have all the luck :lol:

  113. moscht says:

    I use the word when i need to communicate with the goats on my granddads farm.
    Thats more often than i would like to admit :roll:

  114. orion_ss1 says:

    I prefer the tried and true staring as if whoever just said _____ ( whatever – just incredibly stupid ) as if a second head just sprouted. Second choice; looking around for the other person that they MUST have been talking to ( are you talking to ME? ).

  115. pedantickarl says:

    Marina, glad that this page has ads. I was starting to get worried. I’m clicking extra hard to make up for the two lost other pages. I wonder how that one ad knew I needed to lose some extra pounds. :grin:

    Loved the lesson and the hot for jingles lady walking across the screen. :grin:

    • bsomebody says:

      Does M benefit from my ad-clicking? Is it a $ thang, a rating thang…? Inquiring minds need to know.

      • pedantickarl says:

        It’s $ and ¢ and a few £ and Â¥ and € thrown in.
        Marina talked about it many moons ago. There is server cost, bandwidth etc. It’s Marina’s intention to keep the site free, so I believe in supporting the ads that support our terrific teacher.

    • James says:

      Sorry. I have an ad blocker. But when I use opera I always make sure I click the ads.

      • Marina says:

        Why would you run ad blocker? Websites use ads to be able to run and you are basically saying that you would rather pay for a website then view a few ads that help the site survive. If everyone runs ad blockers, free websites will no longer exist.

        Just one way of looking at it.. of course I record all my TV shows on my DVR and then fast forward through the ads… but I can still see the ads.. only really fast.. and on one or two occasions I have rewound and gone back to watch an ad that looked funny even in hyper speed :-)

        • James says:

          One rule for you and another for everyone else is it? Hmm, im like that. :lol: When you watch the news find a presenter who has a really animated face and pause them at random points. They always look so funny..

          I am one of those people that if I want to buy something I will find it myself and buy it. (I am using opera now so I will go and click on the ads many times)

          BUT MARINA!


          I try to buy it :smile: then I get told I can’t :evil: and its really making me sad :sad: . I cant eat sleep :sad: , I had to take time off college :!: :sad: . I nearly died of stress :twisted: :mad: I was smoking 300 a day :eek: it was awful. Now I am just waiting for december 5th :neutral: and that autograph :wink:

          ( hint hint on getting pictures printed

          :smile: :smile:

  116. davetato says:

    Use the word meh…? Shah! right! and monkeys might fly out my butt!

  117. dinovelvet says:

    i recently saw a movie called “killer nurse” bei trash-director and -writer ulli lommel and it really was quite meh…

  118. misscupcake says:

    PS i also want to request tick, because tick is a verb as in, when you grade someones work and it is correct, you give it a tick. and tick is also a parasite that tried tokill my cat didi.

    AND on twitter, captainjack and i wanted to request the story behind why we say cats have 9 lives. :mrgreen:

  119. misscupcake says:

    i used it most recently when someone asked what santy is getting me for xmas.

    ‘MEH. santy is getting me nothing.’ i replied.


    can cupcake has a calender from santy?
    i like your lilac dress marina :grin:

    i wanna know the origin of fetch. cos me and some others were discussing it on a previous lesson.

    wow my english is bad.

    I would like to request the origin of the word, ‘fetch’, as some other pupils and I were discussing it earlier.


    no but really, because it can be used as in ‘FETCH ME SOME CUPCAKES’

    or, marina looks very FETCHing in that lilac dress.

    or, marina and cupcake meeting one day if cupcake goes to america on tour? that is not so far fetched.


    or as lacey chabert’s character in the movie ‘mean girls’ says:

    ‘that is so FETCH’

    meaning cool, likeable, popular. etc.

    marina is fetch.

    i shouldbe in bed but i wanted to procrastinate a bit hehehe :mrgreen:

    gnite !!!

  120. annuddermale says:

    nope, never used it…i’m meh ’bout meh…

    btw, my son & i saw the new Bond movie; we liked it. so we parry your meh with a woohoo!… :cool:

  121. you get pull over by the cops and the cop ask you if you have any drugs,

    you reply, meh

    cop says, What you got meth?

    You just gave probable cause for a search :shock:

  122. Meh – something a caveman would say

  123. Bob says:

    Good morning Marina,
    See if you know what this means:-

    Meh Z totes,
    N doe Z totes,
    N litter lam zeet IV
    A kiddle E Thai V2,
    Wooden shoe?

    {Hint – It’s a childs’ nursery rhyme}
    Word request Why are wooden shoes called “Clogs”?
    I don’t use “Meh” but I do use “Meeeah” (Same sound but long and drawn out, starting on a middle tone, going up a couple of notes and finally falling to one note lower than where it started.) It comes from the Thai language and is an interjection of surprise or indignation, for example, “Meeeah, how did you manage to do that?” or “Meeeah, did you eat the last of the ice cream?”

  124. absentmindedprof says:

    I don’t really use meh much. However I do enjoy lots of huggles with my fiance, Joy.

    Eric M

  125. CaptainJack says:

    Homework: Do I use the word ‘Meh’? Nope. Don’t plan on ever using it. It’s a fad word that will die soon. The closes word that I use to say the same thing is ‘Naw’.

    [The comments I will state below are not intended for sensitive reader of the word 'Ni'. Discretion is advised!]

    I prefer the word ‘Ni’ as in the knight that say Ni. I have heard of such greatly feared knights that say Ni. The Knights are led by a man who is approximately 12 feet tall with disproportionately short arms and reindeer antlers inserted into his helmet. “Ni!” is only the most notable of the sacred words which they are assigned to protect; the others being “Peng” and “Neee-wom”. All of these words are infamous for the palpable horror and fear they bring about, whether delivered by the Knights or not. According to King Arthur, “Those who hear them seldom live to tell the tale!”
    The Knights have a weakness in that a number of words, when spoken to them, cause them pain and agony. The only one of these words that is revealed in the film is the word “it”. This apparently contradicts the earlier conversation, in which “it” is said, yet the Knights do not appear to be affected.
    Well that’s all that needs to be said. I must go out and get yet, another shrubbery. Oh wait, I think I was to get two shrubberies. Oh my my… Me shall not mess this up or the king will send the vicious Rabbit of Caerbannog upon me head.

  126. zubbzirroo says:

    hey, cool video. never tought there was a wordt for it.
    i left a YouTube comment,

    and i wana know the word: Womanizer can you please search thad up for me!? if you do so THANK YOU!:D

    btw you teach me great stuff i watch it everyday.

    greetz. Zubbzirro, from holland!

  127. horatiosans says:

    Hi Marina! My request is “big wig.”

  128. smokey36bear says:

    I can’t say that I have ever used “meh”
    I remember using the words “Nah” and “Yeh” for yes and no and getting in trouble for not speaking proper.

  129. amhotforwords24 says:


  130. amhotforwords24 says:


These are facebook comments below.


Not your typical philologist! Putting the LOL in PhiLOLogy :-)