Pencil has an intersting origin.

Song at end by Anders Lindkvist – Dawnbreakz (Guitar Outro).


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  1. leonard says:

    A sunday random…[tail] and [tale] Olga Arefieva & Ark-band
    :razz: …information from

    :lol: 18. tails
    a. A formal evening costume typically worn by men.
    b. A tailcoat.
    a. Slang The buttocks.
    b.[ Vulgar] :twisted: Slang A sexual partner, especially a woman. :lol:
    Quick review of the history of pencil sharpeners and some tips and techniques for sharpening pencils :lol:

  2. elahie says:

    i hate writing with pencils

  3. ddull2000 says:

    Ooh! A typo! intersting

    I write with mechanical pencils, ball point pens, and keyboards, in different contexts.

  4. avila343 says:


  5. dylex6 says:

    I write with a pen

  6. ilikesexytime says:

    Plz hold my penicl! :mrgreen:

  7. animalntaz says:

    Would it be wrong for me to say that the penis is mighter than the sword? :mrgreen:

  8. thoughtforwords says:

    Staedtler® Mars® Draft Technical Pencil Set is my favorite so far for a pencil.

    The rollerball pens are nice for pens as long as you remember to put the cap back on them before sticking them in your shirt pocket. Nice solid unbroken lines. good for making copies of etc.

    And there you have it. thanks for asking.

  9. txturbo930 says:

    You can borrow my Pencil anytime. :cool:

  10. 007 says:

    Pencil=PENIS?!?! :shock:

  11. Jerry says:

    Request: Where does the expression “cool as a cucumber” come from?

  12. Jerry says:

    Hi Marina,
    Home work: I usually use a pen, but when I know I might make mistakes I use a pencil.
    While watch your class, I was reminded of a scene from “The Rock”. An FBI agent was trying to get John Mason (Sean Connery – one of my favorite actors) to cooperate. The agent says at one point, “It would be nice to get out of prison… while you still have lead in your pencil.” I don’t know if they knew the origin of pencil, but I thought it interesting.

  13. shane says:

    What about ‘Stool Pigeon’?

    Why does this mean telling on someone or revealing a secret? What does a pigeon or a stool have to do with these things?

  14. CaptainJack says:

    I was just going back through some old emails I received from Marina and found this funny statement. I just had to share with you all. :lol:

    “I will be bringing the pets back.. it’s just that I need to get around to shooting them.”

    How could one not think of Marina running around with some kind of Nerf gun and shooting teacher’s pets. Maybe she feels a bit like shooting some of the pest pets that hang around this site. :roll: To think shooting them would bring them back. What she thinking here? heheheheh :lol:

    *Sorry Marina. I had to poke some fun at your comment that I completely took out of contexts. It wont happen again. NOT! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  15. Hi Marina,
    i was wondering where the word “gabber” got its origin. i know it comes fom the netherlands but i don’t have any idea how the word was born.

  16. shadowgb says:

    hello marina, what is the origin of the word convoluted?

  17. cufan71 says:

    I have a brand new video uploaded! Carl Edwards signing autographs I was wondering are there any NASCAR fans here? :cool:

    • bsomebody says:

      I used to be. I was a huge Rusty fan. I got burned out from pro sports when baseball and football kep going on strike, and then basketball seemd like it was a bunch of thugs. NASCAR kept getting more high tech and commercial, so I just quit the whole thing. :neutral:

    • CaptainJack says:

      Im not currently a NASCAR TV fan. I rather be in the pits if im going to watch. TV just doesn’t do it for me any more. I miss the roar of the engines. That something TV can’t do. I was raised around those cars. My dad was a sports writer for the newspaper so I was with my dad many times when he had to get stories done. I had access to the whole track most any time. I would get car rides from time to time. What a thrill going 100mph! I even had a chance to get my own car and start racing. I passed it up because I was interested in computer programming at the time. Damn I should have taken it up. It would have been fun.

      • cufan71 says:

        I agree it’s more fun being there! :cool: I have never been in the infield during the race but, I get chills when the cars first fire up the engines and on the first green flag laps! Another thing you can’t get on TV are the smells! One time a car’s engine blew up right in front of us and I found out what burning oil smells like! So :cool:

    • originalistrick says:

      Look out for my man Mark Martin next year with the Hendrick organization! Class AND balls-that’s Martin.

  18. Che Volay says:

    What’s for lunch or tea time? :smile:

  19. thetigtig says:

    Hi Marina,how are you.I would like to know how you came up with “hotforwords” as your site name.Is it because you have been referred to as “too hot for words” or is it simply you are hot for or in love with the meaning and origin of words.I think you are great,funny,very smart and I wish much success.
    I hope you ignore the stupid comments posted on youtube because I find similar comments for just about every vid.(your vids. and others) posted there.People apparently have nothing better to do on this internet.Good luck, thetigtig

  20. greglrfc says:

    country plz i want to know its origin :smile: :mrgreen:

  21. wetsuit5 says:

    Gorby’s a Ham?

  22. James says:

    AARRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH Youtube has gone all widescreen. As soon as someone works out how to make videos widescreen can you let me know?

    • Capman911 says:

      Dang if they didn’t. Now everyone that uploads a video will have to change to the wide screen format or stay the way they are.

    • pedantickarl says:

      Your camera has to have the 16×9 wide screen setting and usually associated with HD, even though the term HD by itself is meaningless. When you process your videos, you also have to render the video to 16×9 wide screen format.

      For video enthusiasts, this is no surprise as many other web sites have already had 16×9 and YT made a conscious decision to delay the entry of new technologies until now. The buzz about this has been going on since late last year and earlier this year.

  23. James says:

    Marina on the last video you mentioned about the email adresses. Well I used bugmenot but I have just noticed they have closed down. If I ever sign up for anything now I will just use Just sign up with whatever you want (eg ) then tyoe it on on the webisite and any junk will go there too.

    • Capman911 says:

      James how about your comment replies from here, do they go to your inbox of your email?

      • James says:

        if u signed up to with a fake adress then all reply mail would go the fake adress

      • CampKohler says:

        If you are worried about disclosing a primary E-mail address when signing up to a site, you can do what I do. I set up a secondary account, let’s call it Then I set the preferences in the secondary to forward everything to my primary. Should a ton of spam start hitting the secondary, I can cut it loose and cancel the forwarding. If desired, I can then create a replacement and update the sites with it.

        You could set up a secondary for each site you join, but if they’re like Hotmail, you’d have to log in to each one at least once a month to keep them from being cancelled, a major bother.

  24. James says:

    Marina! I also asked for pencil. No worries though.
    I thought you were going to say

    “for your homework. Do you have a penis? If you know the answer write it in the comments below :lol: :lol: !


  25. pig-in-a-poke says:

    I like to use my a pencil for math calculations, but I must have a Pentel hi-polyer eraser* in the other hand for clean erasures. The erasers on the tips of pencils are too messy and tear the paper. Give it a try. Ooooh, so nice and clean.

    * (The eraser is about 1″x2-1/2″ – white polymer. Other brands will work as well.)

  26. kambrogi says:

    Hi Marina,

    I have a word request. Where did the word MEZZANINE come from.


  27. Marina,

    Where did this expression come from?

    Living “high on the hog”

    • Bob says:

      Do people who live high on the hog all own Harley-Davidsons?

    • CaptainJack says:

      Yeah, I have always wondered that also. My grandmother used to say that all the time. I always thought it was pigs were fed the best scraps. Grandma always cooked more food than we could eat just so there would be extra for the pigs and chickens. :grin:

      • tryant says:

        I’ll guess it means the hog was just butchered and instead of saving some of the meat the person chowed it all down without a thought for the future,AKA,lived high on the hog.Perhaps too high.

    • Che Volay says:

      Not sure where it comes from but without doing any research on the subject it may have something with the best (most expensive) cut of pork is up high on the pig, like the sirloin.
      So when you live high on the hog you living the good life because you got money.

      • CampKohler says:

        We were an Air Force family, and so didn’t have much money. I remember one treat my mom would get every once in a while. It was pickled pig’s feet. I guess, by definition, that would be living low on the hog.

  28. myntthec says:

    Hi Marina i have a word request, what is the origin of the word: folks

    P.S you ar very beautiful

  29. moscht says:

    I am always marking sluts with my pencil

  30. monkeybot1000 says:

    I have a question for you, Marina; Where does the phrase “Beat the Band” come from?

  31. John says:


  32. hotforwordsdavid says:

    Well I did, but now I am sure I will never put one of those things in my hand again. Thanks for the tip…..I mean advise.

    Good Grief, this is becoming complicated.

  33. russianboy says:

    Hello Marina! Of course i use pencil, because it is more comfortable i think. But pen is more popular..
    By the way, do you know that Russians cosmonauts use only a pencil in space, while American cosmonauts use a Special Space Pen!!! :grin:

    • russianboy says:

      i don’t know what happens with this links :evil: :evil:

      • pedantickarl says:

        Hi russianboy, my guess is that you either pasted your link to the left of the two double quotes, or you only used one double quote.

        Hover your cursor over your links above and look at the status bar. Notice that you have one single double quote at the end of your link.

        For the example, I am using square brackets instead of angle brackets so you can see what I mean. I’ve also added extra spaces for easier viewing.

        The is the link template: [ a href = " " ] Some text [/a]
        What you want is. [ a href = "" ] …

        Possible error #1: inserted link to left of the two quotes.
        [ a href =" " ]

        Possbile error #2: missing quote before http:
        [ a href =" ]

        Hope that helps. :smile:

      • russianboy says:

        My GOD!! pedantickarl thank you for your great work man!! I don’t have words!! I am touched!

      • CampKohler says:

        When something doesn’t work (and you know what it must look like), you can examine it to see your mistake. Just right-click in a blank area (not in a photo) and choose View Source. This shows the HTML text for the entire page. Then type [Ctrl-F] to bring up the find box, type in a word or two that is unique to your work (in this case “space pen” would be good) and click Next (or press [Enter]). The search words will be highlighted, showing where your work is on the very large page. Then study it.

        Too bad that after you see what is wrong, there is no way to fix it. Homeland Security took the Edit button away for fear we might alter our passports, print fake currancy or something else just as terrible.

      • CampKohler says:

        BTW, what went wrong with the link is that you omitted “http”. Without that, the server doesn’t know it’s a Web request, so it returns an error.

  34. cufan71 says:

    Homework :cool:
    Back when I was in grade school I used pencils. Now I use ballpoint pens.

  35. quiggles says:

    Dear Marina,

    My favorite pencil, by far, is the Movado Black Warrior (preferably with #1 soft lead). It’s a solid round pencil made from cedar with a waxed core, a shiny black cylindrical shaft, a brass ferrule and a pink pearl eraser. It leaves a smooth dark line. Even better, it’s made in the good old U.S.A. (Tennessee, I believe).

    The video homage to adorable Gorby was a treat. Thanks!


  36. pricedot says:

    I Use a Fountain pen ? Why Fountain I Wonder? Can I Request that word Teacher?

    • CampKohler says:

      If you quickly pull the lever that is used to refill the pen, the ink will come out like water out of a fountain. Since that is the last thing you would want to do with it, I don’t know why they chose that name.

  37. bsomebody says:

    I generally only use pencils when I am (trying) doing math stuff. For note taking, I almost always use gel pens. I like either purple or orange, so they show up more distinctly from the text. I keep a blue and black handy, just in case I need to look official-like.

  38. TongueTwislers says:

    I’m Back ! :!: ! Bwaahaahaa :twisted:

  39. pedantickarl says:

    As Che Volay commented below, YouTube is now in wide screen.
    Marina, you can now encode your videos in 16×9 format.
    Now we can have you and any graphics on the screen at the same time. :grin:

  40. annuddermale says:

    hmmm…i suspect we’ll hear a lot of “tall tails”[sic] ’cause of this one…

    but i write mostly with pen or just electronically these days…i do love a good pencil, though, and carry ‘em in my ref kit because the young ‘uns keeping score at volleyball matches need to be able to correct errors…

    since Gorby was in the vid, i have a “stupid dog” story: my husky, Illa, like all huskies, is a digger…i caught her burying some bones the other day – but they were not real bones, they were dogfood bones…i don’t think they’ll be there when she goes to get ‘em back… :cool:

  41. the shaun says:

    it means tail huh… So when guys say they want some tail… haha Thanks for giving me the knowledge to make a good gay joke at the expense of some guy should the opportunity arrive.

  42. bobsully says:

    It depends, but I use a liquid roller ball pen at work if available. When I am drawing I prefer using a pencil. Of course holding one now is going to give me pause. :smile:

  43. misscupcake says:

    hey marina, over the weekend my beloved cat didi got sick :cry:
    i found a tick on him and removed it, but it was a ‘paralysis tick’ so didi was starting to become paralysed so i had to take didi to the vet and they gavehim some injections and he is still in the hospital until tomorrow :cry: :cry: :cry:

    so, i was wondering, where did the word ‘tick’ come from?

    because we use it as… a way of marking something as done or completed or correct. but there is a parasite known as a tick also!

    (and omg they are so freakin ugly) :mrgreen:


    or maybe aLx. :mrgreen:

      • pedantickarl says:

        Bob BEAMed from ear to ear :mrgreen:
        way down there below:
        “Yippee! I got my secret sign at least three times.”

        The magic sign was:
        “…taking your eyes off the camera and
        glancing off to her left :-> Bob”

        Indeed Bob, she did give you the secret sign.
        : thumb’s up :

    • CampKohler says:

      Oooh! Oooh! I want to not answer, too! So here is my feline non-answer:

      Last Thursday I visited my two cats in my workshop to feed, water, brush and pet them. I had to keep them there, because one, a HUGH calico, had some kind of hip problem and couldn’t (or didn’t want to) get around, say to actually get in the litter box. Her name was Her Royal Majesty, because she reminded me of the queen in Alice in Wonderland. She like to have her head scratched and her belly rubbed so much, that if I did both at the same time, her purring started to sound like slobbering.

      I lifted her into my lap and started brushing her (she can’t clean herself below the neck). She started panting heavy breaths, so I paid close attention in case it was a precursor to coughing up a furball. She wanted off and quickly started climbing down before I could lift her down; she almost fell on the floor, where the panting eventually went away. I had never seen this before. The next day I found her dead.

      I still have Sweetie Pie, who is a normal, active cat and I give her extra petting in case she misses her friend. Sweetie Pie uses the litter box, so I could take her home if I choose. I found both of them on a very rainy day three years ago abandoned in a soggy box next to the Dumpster at my office. So, it was raining cats that day; no dogs.

  44. lostinhere says:

    I use both a pen and a pencil. The pencil is used for things like filling out crossword puzzles.

  45. CampKohler says:

    Awwwww. Gorby the model. And all in one take, too. What a pro.

    The music choice was impeccable.

  46. misscupcake says:

    i only use pencils at IKEA :mrgreen:

    what about the word ‘fetch’ ?

    i mean, we know what it means. especially when used with a dog.


    i occasionally use it in everyday conversation, but it feels like an ‘olden day’ word.

    so where did it come from and who decided to use it with dogs but not with anyone or anything else ?

    • CampKohler says:

      There are several meaning of fetch. It is also a common CPU command that retrieves data from memory for immediate use. If data is retrieved well ahead of it’s anticipated use (to save time), it is a prefetch.

      Sometimes dogs prefetch and bring the ball to you before you command it. They do this to earn brownie points.

      • misscupcake says:

        thanks but, i want marina to tell me in her sexy voice, where the word originated from :wink:
        dont tell her i said that


      • koalabear says:

        {Marina in a sexy voice}
        There are several meaning of fetch. It is also a common CPU command that retrieves data from memory for immediate use. If data is retrieved well ahead of it’s anticipated use (to save time), it is a prefetch.

        Sometimes dogs prefetch and bring the ball to you before you command it. They do this to earn brownie points. :grin:

      • hotforteacher777 says:

        Okay but then why the saying “far fetched?” You know saying that several times fast after just waking up becomes a tongue twister. Blah, tired!! :mad:

      • CampKohler says:

        Hey! Don’t keep tacking on words, now. Next you’ll ask about “mayonnaise far fetched.” :razz:

    • russianboy says:

      misscupcake IT will be a secret!!^_^

      • misscupcake says:

        i couldnt ‘reply’ to your comment below so i thought id reply here so you’d get an email from the site letting you know about my reply :)

        i would like to know the translation for that russian song, yes :) thanks if you can do it! :)

        :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      • russianboy says:

        So I vainly thought
        That I shall receive everything, that I want
        Day and night in the dreams
        I Flied in clouds
        Me and you on stars we go
        Our love and only we together
        You bear me on hands
        And I am already in clouds
        And I all flied
        But I knew
        That dreams only a little
        For love la-la-la
        And I all flied
        But I knew
        That dreams only a little a little la-la
        La-la la-la la-la
        As always in clouds
        I float you
        Have thawn in them and has left one
        Know, remember as were with you
        Ours store love
        Without you as without the sky the moon
        Night so is dark, and I is cold
        But do not think,
        I do not long
        So I want
        And I all flied
        But I knew
        That dreams only a little
        For love la-la-la
        And I all flied
        But I knew
        That dreams only a little a little La-la
        All flied And knew
        All flied La-la-la-la
        All flied And knew
        All flied la-la-la-la
        And I all flied
        But I and knew
        That dreams only a little
        For love la-la-la
        And I all flied
        But I and knew
        That dreams only a little a little
        And I all flied
        But I and knew
        That dreams only a little
        For love la-la-la
        And I all flied
        But I and knew
        That dreams only a little a little la-la

    • CaptainJack says:

      MCC, Ok Im going to put in my vote for ‘Fetch’. :grin: I did a quick search in the etymology dictionary and found there might be some interesting facts about the word ‘Fetching’ use as crafty, scheming. Let’s see if we can get M to make a lesson on the word. :mrgreen:

  47. John says:

    Is she asking which came first the pencil or the pen? :neutral:

  48. tok-715 says:

    Great lesson Marina. Always had this nagging suspicion that pencil and pen had something to do with penis…

    When it comes to writing tools, I’ll use whatever suits a given purpose best or whatever that’s available. Use the best tool for the job, but when unavailable, use whatever’s available to get the job done.

    Gorby’s really cute, like it’s (someone please confirm if it’s male or female, though I’m guessing it’s male at the moment) master.

  49. CaptainJack says:

    “I’m living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart.” – e e cummings 1894-1962

    How true this is today….

  50. Che Volay says:

    just found a YT channel with Russian pop music Blestyashie: A ya vce letala

  51. swampwiz says:

    Yes Marina, my “little tail” would like to get some “tail”.

  52. matilda says:

    Hello, dear teacher!
    Could you tell me the origin of the word “platonic”?
    Is it related to Plato?

  53. Che Volay says:

    YouTube now in wide screen :cool:

  54. chickenh0use says:

    Whatever is handy on my cluttered desk.

  55. pandion says:

    Beyond writing little notes to myself, I rarely write anything anymore, but when I do I use a pen. I am left handed, and a pen is just neater. Pencils tend to smear when I use them as my hands drags across the paper.

    During the space race, NASA spent millions of dollars developing a pen that would work in zero gravity. A normal pen just will not work in space. The Russians just used a pencil. :lol:

  56. seltaeb65 says:

    I usually write with a pen.
    I was wondering if you could be so kind as to inform me of the origin of the phrase “fashionably late”. Thank you Marina. :)

  57. tab says:

    I usually write with a penis…er…um… pencil.

  58. nettehexe says:

    I am using a Pelikan Fountain Pen when I write post cards, letters, etc.
    We had to use fountain pens only in school. My handwriting is absoultely 99% better when i use it. Otherwise I like micropens and many others!

  59. rick says:

    Crayons. :grin:

  60. muggins says:

    About the clip at the end with the guitar solo and Kobe the dog.
    Ha-haw….that’s okay, we don’t need to see Kobe’s pencil.

  61. Evan Owen says:

    ***WORD REQUEST***
    Milaya Marina,
    Since you ended the video with a guitar solo, what is the origin of “dobro guitar”? The word looks suspiciously like “dobroi” as in “utro”. Any connection?

  62. smokey36bear says:

    I like the quote of the day

    I’m living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart

  63. weeder14 says:

    Pen or pencil. Whichever is handy. But to be more specific, I am partial to mechanical pencils or gel pens. Take from that what you want.

  64. keymusic says:

    Dear Marina,

    What is the origin and correct pronunciation of the word “bruschetta”?

    Thanks, Jim

  65. tryant says:

    WTF was that action?! Showing a primarily male audience/class Your dog’s dick?! LOL! I suppose it could be deemed a “learning aid” to accompany the penis referances in today’s lesson :roll:

    To see You in a collar was ok but to see Your roommate’s pecker was a waste of bandwidth IMO,,kind of reminds Me of the immortal words of Dr Hook “Ohhhh Goldie,how could You do dis ting to Me?!”.

    I write with whatever is handy pretty-much like the rest of the world,unless of course,I’m too busy with changing My outlook on life.I’m due for that :wink: :cool: :smile:

    • CampKohler says:

      I think it’s because females think penises are “cute,” especially their very own little dog’s, whereas we guys mentally fit them in to the “mighty weapon” category. It’s a Venus/Mars sort of thing.

      • tryant says:

        I dated a Venution Wench,,Her desctirption of My penis was “Oooooowwwch” then “aaahhhhhh” then “stay for the whole night Earthman!” as she had more uses for it.

        One time,doing Her missionary style,She came so hard Her face twisted up and becam very red just before She came screaming and pooped on the carpet! LOL,I made Her clean it up of course,I did clean My own balls tho.She said “never agin with You” but 15 minutes later She said “Hoooonnnneeeyyyy”.

  66. Evan Owen says:

    Hey, is there a Hotforwords addiction support group? I just killed another hour watching her videos and reading associated comments.

  67. hotforteacher777 says:

    Answer to the homework: I don’t use pens much anymore because they smudge for me (I’m left-handed).

  68. koreandmin says:

    speaking of which where does the word: Demon come from? =o

  69. koreandmin says:

    ahh! o.o lol its prounouced Korean Demon O.O
    its my nick name: D Min o.o lol hehe ^__^ but ty!!! ^__^ now i know where the word pencil comes from… O_O

  70. Evan Owen says:

    Hey Marina, Dr. of Russian philology,
    Is the “instrumental case” what you carry your guitar in?

  71. Evan Owen says:

    Ya pishu s karandashom
    Evan Owen
    (’cause I forget the instrumental case ending for “piro”)

    • CampKohler says:

      Piro sounds like Biro.

      • CampKohler says:

        No, although I do have Russian friends, one of which I worked for for a year in the countertop and flooring biz. The business went bad here in Sacramento, so they closed it and opened a store in Portland. I’m in the old office now and E-mail their bills to them, do research, etc. BUT THERE’S NO BUSINESS DONE HERE. THERE’S NO NEXUS. DID YOU HEAR THAT, CALIFORNIA STATE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION AND STATE FRANCHISE TAX BOARD? NO BUSINESS AT ALL! Gotta keep things straight around here. The gummint is always after your money. :roll:

    • Evan Owen says:

      OK, so “piro” is of Hungarian origin and “karandash” was originally caran d’ache from French. Sounds like Russian etymology is just as convoluted as English!

  72. iamnotafish118 says:

    Alrite teach!

    i have a word and the word is…. Televison.
    have a good day/night wherever u are :P

    IamNOTaFish (i seriously aint)

  73. hotforteacher777 says:

    Teach, I have a phrase request actually. My hubby’s Grandmother tonight said “Easy as pudding” which I assume is a vary of “easy as pie” (simple, second nature kind of thing). Why do we use this term? My YouTube screenname is Grimmistress666 in case you needed to know!!

  74. Capman911 says:

    Marina I have a word request= Floosie

  75. neuroway says:

    Ceci n’est pas une pipe. Tuyau peut-être? Can you rollback the word “pipe” to its origins?

    Personally, I don’t think intelligence is sexy at all. Beauty is sexy. Not intelligence.

  76. originalistrick says:

    I like the feel of a pencil. And no, I am not a chronic masturbater.

  77. nighteye says:

    Are you sure it has nothing to do with the origin, marina? :razz:

    Anyway, I noticed that you claim intelligence is sexy, and I agree, but while thinking that I was reminded that you’ve yet to do the origin of sexy. Wouldn’t that be interesting? :mrgreen:

  78. John says:
    my favorite pen thought they keep disapearing because everyone will steal them if they get the chance.

  79. grimangelein says:

    Pencil is probably my first choice. especially when you just want to doodle, the pencils seem more refined. pens are too sharp, and markers just bleed through the page.

    I got a few suggestions for future lessons: where does the phrase an eye for an eye come from? how about the word etymology? and what of the verb to “own” someone?

    • hotforteacher777 says:

      An eye for an eye was a saying quoted from Exodus (in the Bible). Earliest relation might be from the Code of Hammurabi, which was a form of law enforcement when if you caused harm to someone’s eye they would take yours in return. It works for all parts of the body. Eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. That is the basis of the Code of Hammurabi.

  80. runawayscott says:

    I prefer a pen, doesnt smudge like a pencil. dont write much anymore. How far would i have to go, I mean what would i have to do to get close to Marina? wow that kinda sounds a little stalkery huh?

  81. fatbuffalo says:

    i prefer using pencils for writing coz it can be erased . Room for error

  82. fade says:

    I WANT TO HEAR HOW devil came about :twisted:

  83. animalntaz says:

    This lesson has reminded me of an old joke:

    “Is that a pencil in your pocket?”

  84. originalistrick says:

    Gorby really is precious. Look at his eyes looking at Marina. I swear, you can see his love for her in those eyes!

  85. Hey Marina,
    Love what you do, I’ve learned a lot!
    I was wondering if you could help me find where the phrase “riding shotgun” came from.
    Seems to me like just riding in the passenger’s seat!
    Good luck and have fun! :)

  86. scottjherdman says:

    I always liked the word scrumptious. Tell me about scrumptious. Where is it’s origin? What does it mean? How would I use it in a sentence? Scrumptious

  87. Capman911 says:

    Google has done it again. M teaches about pencils and Google puts up pen adds. It’s a good thing it wasn’t penis adds :lol:

  88. parchedsquid says:

    I like the “click a box below” thing at the beginning, but wouldn’t it be better at the end? Allowing you to link into other videos after you watch the first one?

  89. hoodster says:

    Hey Marina!!!

    It’s the Hoodster!

    I have a word request…and the word is “Mannequin.” Now that it is almost the holiday season, mannequins are everywhere displaying clothes in department stores or at malls. But why is a mannequin called a mannequin. I mean, not all MANnequins are men. Some are obviously woman.

    So that’s my word request!

    Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!

  90. Bob says:

    Well! I thought I was being funny when I wrote, “The penis mightier than the sword.” Just goes to prove that there’s many a true word spoken in jest. :smile:
    I rarely use a pencil these days, more often a ball-point pen (whatever I find lying around as they are so cheap that people don’t take care to keep them), but usually I use a plastic stylus on the touch sensitive screen of my PDA.
    Gorby is still living the life of Reilley and is obviously as happy as a dog with two tails :wink: Does he have a girlfriend yet?

  91. jakob321 says:

    How did the term you smell or that smells came to mean that smells bad. why did we drop the bad and just say that something smells.

    • CampKohler says:

      At a party, a lady guest said to Samual Johnson, the 18th-century lexicographer, “Dr. Johnson, you smell.” He replied, “No madame, you smell, I stink.

  92. pedantickarl says:

    OK, get ready to practice for a possible future episode on the word origin of; eraser. I presume the question will be; Erase or strike out as in strike out

    Word Request: eraser, erasure, expunge
    Funny looking different forms of words with similar meanings.

  93. tayljim says:

    homework: pens

    request: yellow as in cowardly

  94. pedantickarl says:

    I think Marina was alluding to the expression, “Git me some tail”. Phewwwww!!!!, glad I never used that expression. :oops:

  95. pedantickarl says:

    Marina, loved Gorby at the end with great winding down music. Loved Gorby playing peek a boo. Just beautiful…

  96. pedantickarl says:

    I used to be a #2 pencil guy for many years, aaaaaaannnd, since I used to make mistakes, it had an eraser at the end. Now, I bet you guessed, :grin: I no longer mkae mistaekes, so I write with a pen – with no eraser, even. :mrgreen: Now, that’s what I call confidence. Ohhhh, yeah, and we don’t need no edit button either. :lol: :lol:

  97. CaptainJack says:

    Homework: In my line of work I use pencils daily. I prefer ink. It seems to flow better. :smile: But I make so many mistakes you just can erase ink very well, go figure. My penmanship sucks. I write on the white board daily and im very conscience of how my penmanship looks. :oops: Im slowly replacing writing on the board with over transparencies that I make on the computer. Later I’ll have it all put on Keynote presentation. My transparencies will be the back up in case something fails.
    In charting, we have to use mechanical pencils because we need to draw consistent thickness lines and have to erase our work to redraw. I use pencils when ever I need to be able to erase. Other than that I like to use a gel pen. Love the smooth free unhampered feeling of ink. :mrgreen: That and I hate it when the lead breaks! :evil:

    • Bob says:

      It’s even worse when you have no lead in your pencil, Jack. :grin:

      • CaptainJack says:

        Well that’s not a problem with me. Mine is always stocked with lead. I even bought extra case of lead to us in case I get low. I’ve been thinking of switching from a .07 to a .05 pencil lead. The .07 seems to be a bit overwhelming and causes errors that doesn’t leave to the problem being satisfied. I prefer accuracy over ‘slam bam’ the .07 does. Someone suggested .02 lead to increase accuracy even more but that would just poke tinny holes in the project. The lead would break way to often and nothing would get accomplished. It’s best to apply a yen and yang balanced approach to the problem. So far the point O’ five seems to solve the problems every time and everyone is happy. :twisted:

      • Capman911 says:

        I saw your comment where Marina gave your secrete sign three times, what was your sign Bob? and congratz for getting yours. Mine was her twirling around. She may have turned around a couple of times , but no twirl.

    • Capman911 says:

      You know it makes you wonder while Marina was at the UTube party all she ate was a lot of oysters. Now today’s video is on pencils or the etymology of pencils. Maybe she has to much lead in her vanilla ice cream. :lol:

  98. animalntaz says:

    Hey, I just remembered that Katy Perry wasn’t the first to kiss a girl.

  99. xdavid says:

    i want to now where double agent came from or whats its origin.

  100. Homework:
    I can write my name in the snow! :grin:
    Not with ink, but it’s often yellow…
    Not with a pencil, not with a pen…
    …but seriously… :roll:
    I write with whatever’s handy
    pencil, pen… chainsaw… :mrgreen:

  101. Che Volay says:

    Che likes mechanical pencils when a pencil is needed, Che owns some excellent AT Cross pen/pencil sets. The mechanical pencil writes thin, this make writing look cleaner and neat.
    Today Che rediscovered some small antique mechanical pencils that his mother carried in her purse.
    Back in the day before PDA’s ladies would carry fancy gold/silver mechanical pencils.

  102. CaptainJack says:

    Oh that was entertaining ending. Is Gorby working on his modeling career? If that doesn’t get the bitches barking at his door nothing will. I see his hair is getting longer. Looks good on him.

  103. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear совершенная Marina, I’m glad you’re back home safely from that YouTube event. You look so good in red short-shorts! :oops:
    To answer your question, I use ball-point pens most of the time. My favorite type is the Papermate 98 retractible pen. I also have a Parker fountain pen, but seldom use it. I use mechanical pencils, because they’re more comfortable and less messy than wood pencils. I also had a nice set of drafting pens and instruments, but I gave them away because I now use computer-aided design (CAD). :smile:
    t was nice to see your view of Gorby. Your dog really likes you and is interested in what you do. I also noticed you have nice, new background music in this video. :cool:
    I look forward to receiving your new Calendar! I hope it will be soon! :shock:
    Your dear student, seesixcm6

  104. Marina It was AMAZING Meeting You at Youtube Live! You are So Smart and Gorgeous in Person! I LOVE YOU!

    Hope You Do My Word Request for the word “Matrix”!

    Hope to see you at the Next Gathering!

  105. smokey36bear says:

    I use a pen, because the pencil tends to fade or smudge alot

  106. orion_ss1 says:

    In school I always used pencil.

    In the Navy all logs had to be kept in ink and I just got in the habit.

    Now I even do crossword puzzles and sudokus in ink just to irritate people ( it usually works ).

    I am somewhat surprised you didn’t include ‘pen’ in the analysis; I’m reasonably certain its very similar if not directly connected. I assume pens ( quill types ) came before pencils but I am not certain. Enquiring minds want to know :smile:

  107. animalntaz says:

    HOMEWORK: I usually write with both pen and pencil.

  108. I write and draw with pens and markers… pencils rarely.

  109. absentmindedprof says:

    I write with a ball point pen.

    Eric M

  110. Capman911 says:

    Hey that was quick. or I am slow. :smile:

  111. animalntaz says:

    5….. The number of times Marina has mentioned the word “penis.” :mrgreen:

  112. thoughtonfire says:

    Dear Miss Orlova,

    I write with a Pen, because pencil’s cannot be used at work. I am getting deja vu here, and I swear I talked about this on the deja vu video. Man…

    I have an itching desire to use chalk on a chalk board though, and in school they are converting to markers on marker boards. Which is alright too…

    I don’t write with pen or pencil and paper all that much really.

    It is not surprising that something so phallic as a pencil would be similar to penis in origin, but actually having the same latin origin is actually quite fascinating.

    I wonder what penis was in latin though? Phallus? Is that even latin? I want to learn latin, it’s one of my 5 year goals.

    Your Student,

    PS Awwwww…that ending made me want to pet him….

    • thoughtonfire says:

      After some thought I don’t like pens. I don’t even like pencils…

      I’d rather just say what I want to say with my voice.

      “The pen is mightier than the Words.”

      But then, that would be where men got two heads to think with…isn’t it? = :???:

      • thoughtonfire says:

        Of course,

        Using sticks to write in the dirt has always been my thing. :cool:

        I josh I josh.

        I really always want the power that artists have with creating art.

    • russianboy says:

      Nice work thoughtonfire you wrote a very big comment!!

  113. xxwtfomgxx says:

    whats the origin of the word sex?
    i always wanted to know:)

  114. davetato says:

    just heard another term on the news…”flim-flam” which I think means to speak a bunch of nonsense, or double talk.
    any clues to its origin?

    • CaptainJack says:

      Funny thing. I used to a shelf full of 3rd place trophies and like three first place trophies and two second place. I was wondering why I was always getting 3rd place. I must have been missing that one thing, whatever that was. Damn! I wish I knew what it was. Though I was always proud to at least place well enough to get the darn thing. To me 3rd is like a respectable spot to be in. You never get accused of cheating at 3rd place. You don’t get looked at with a microscope. You do get to stand on the same podium as the first and 2nd place people do and get your picture taken. I like 3rd. Just wish 1st would happen a little bit more often.

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