Big Kahuna

Big Kahuna – what is the origin?


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  1. leonard says:

    [random] for a friend…The number one sport here of the “Great Lakes” is surfing!!!

    Lords of Dogtown :cool: …I’m lucky enough to surf this site :lol: It is a combination of two R&B hits by The Rivingto ns, “Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow” and “The B ird’s th e Word” and was release… 1962the Thrashmen—”Surfin’bird” :cool: …DICK CLARK…1963…hot for random[tarzan] :razz:

  2. telltalelover says:

    i think the origin predates the hawaiians. “kahuna” is a variation on the word “kohen” (pronounced “ko-hain”) which is a hebrew word for priest. the priestly class consisted of the first “high priest” aaron, brother of moses, and his progeny. in hebrew “high priest” is “kohen gadol”. the word “gadol” in hebrew is an adjective meaning big, great, and large. the term was introduced to the hawaiians by christian missionaries and appropriated by the hawaiian priests. the hawaiians could not pronounce “kohen” so it became kahuna.

  3. 101kasi says:

    I have not surfed but I have seen someone surf. :grin:

  4. sensimilianna says:

    Ah that swimsuit was awesome! :shock: :mrgreen:
    Or its not about the swimsuit)

  5. pjfishy says:


    I love to Surf. Have you ever tried snowboarding?


  6. rizzijohnson says:

    try back to get on a surfboard an stand up dear marina you’ll feel the world under your feet

  7. animalntaz says:

    Here is my favorite Hawaiian song:

    Love and Honesty :cool:

  8. kaibanator says:

    Didn’t know what or who the big kahuna was until now. Thanks for the video Marina!!

    All this Hawaiian stuff sort of reminds me of This slightly Hawaiian song by The Offspring called Da Hui

    (The moral of this song? Don’t f*ck with Da Hui) ;)

  9. fatbuffalo says:

    The web , yes . The sea , no . I don’t get to go to the sea much to like surfing , and I can’t find any shops selling surfboards in Malaysia . BTW you either get small waves or a tsunami here , not good for surfing

  10. suprstock says:

    hot is…….as hot does……yaess????

  11. muggins says:

    I have a soft spot in my heart for all things Hawaiian. Thank you, Marina, for bringing us li’l bits of Hawaii.

    Now that we have this foundation in Hawaiian culture, a logical next step is to read Hunter S. Thompson’s “The Curse of Lono”, a book about Hawaii, and Thompson’s & Steadman’s nightmarish experiences while on assignment.

    But…if you’re new to Thompson, you had better read “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” first. It’s a short book. You can knock it out in a couple of sit downs. It’s possibly the funniest book ever written, and a must read. (You can get it used at Amazon for the price of a pack of cigarettes.)

    • stokesjrj1 says:

      30, 2007
      Katrina and the press

      Pic Source

      We recall the female reporter sitting in a rowboat
      making her televised report as two men walk past
      her in rubber boots in less than a foot of water.
      We might also remember the reports of lawlessness,
      including rape, that the press quietly acknowledged
      later as rumor. Below, in purple, is a an accounting of
      what the government got right, which the press missed.

      The National Guard had its headquarters for Katrina,
      not just a few peacekeeping troops, in what the media
      portrayed as the pit of Hell. Hell was one of the safest
      places to be in New Orleans, smelly as it was.
      The situation was always under control, not surprisingly
      because the people in control were always there.

      From the Dome, the Louisiana Guard’s main command
      ran at least 2,500 troops who rode out the storm inside
      the city, a dozen emergency shelters, 200-plus boats,
      dozens of high-water vehicles, 150 helicopters, and a
      triage and medical center that handled up to 5,000
      patients (and delivered 7 babies). The Guard command
      headquarters also coordinated efforts of the police,
      firefighters and scores of volunteers after the storm
      knocked out local radio, as well as other regular military
      and other state Guard units.

      Jack Harrison, a spokesman for the National Guard
      Bureau in Arlington, Virginia, cited “10,244 sorties
      flown, 88,181 passengers moved, 18,834 cargo tons
      hauled, 17,411 saves” by air. Unlike the politicians,
      they had a working chain of command that
      commandeered more relief aid from other Guard units
      outside the state. From day one.

      There were problems, true: FEMA melted down.
      Political leaders, from the Mayor to Governor to the
      White House, showed “A Failure of Initiative”, as a
      recent House report put it. That report, along with
      sharply critical studies by the White House and the
      Senate, delve into the myriad of breakdowns, shortages
      and miscommunications that hampered relief efforts.

      Still, by focusing on the part of the glass that was
      half-empty, the national media imposed a near total
      blackout on the nerve center of what may have been
      the largest, most successful aerial search and rescue
      operation in history. Source

      Katrina compared to Galvatsten and other storms.

      Posted by Muggins 0 comments
      May 29, 2007

      This was my ex wifes name Katrina, and it just happened on our honeymoon a Hurricane blew in on the gulf coast this was 1980, and my left foot was in a cast.

      Katrina her was your 15min of fame, goodbye.

  12. madman83 says:

    where did the term IOU originate? :idea: :?:

    • muggins says:

      On the construction site, when a cylinder of Nitrogen or Argon gets empty, the protocol is to screw the cap on the cylinder and slap a piece of duck tape near the top and write the letters, “MT”, on the tape. An apprentice asked me what “MT” stood for. I didn’t tell him. I knew it would dawn on him if he thought about it. It’s one of those puzzle thingies in life, and it would be a shame to spoil it for him.

      • stokesjrj1 says:

        more tape

      • muggins says:

        @ stokesjrj1

        Mo’ tape? Ha-ha, that’s funny (snark) :lol: , but seriously…

        That labeling system has been refined and perfected, being the quickest, most self-explanatory way of indicating the “empty status of the cylinders”, that any deviation would be a profitless regression. If perhaps the abbreviation “MT” were to be written out long hand, then handwriting problems would inevitably surface due to the natural haste in the work environment, (although construction workers usually have better handwriting than say…doctors). It’s easier to visually identify 2 letters than a hand written (or scribbled) word, which might even get misspelled, causing confusion and mis-identification which would cost time, and time is money. Try explaining to a welder, if you sent a cylinder via a thousand dollar/hour crane to the top of a building just to find out it was an empty cylinder. In fact, the convention of labeling empty cylinders is so perfect ‘n’ easy, that for the one in 75 hundred English speaking people who can’t figure it out, it provides a source of entertainment for the rest of us monkeys. It reminds me of the 2000 Florida election, when it was complained that the ballots were too complicated. There’s a problem there, no doubt, but it might not be the ballots.

      • stokesjrj1 says:

        Here why i said more “tape”, the federal government in essence owns all pressure cylinders of these types so to return them to get full one means more “red” tape. We only get to legally rent them legally.

  13. chiselstone says:

    My word request is for a very simple word, the word “fast”. What I don’t understand is religious people have been known to fast for long periods of time. However today we say Michael Phelps is so fast he is the fasted swimmer on earth. How can such a small word have two completely different meanings?


  14. BillyB says:

    Marina, Since John, my #1 mechanic gets to watch your new lessons now before I do. He said “I like what Marina was wearing today, much better than the workout wear”… “It’s classy”.

    • BillyB says:

      Oh, my only surfing experience was on that beach @ Waikiki.
      Enticed by a lovely, floral bikini clad, poleniesian surfing instructor… surfboard standing proadly by her side… the sun caressing her smooth brown skin, as little water droplets were glistening like little round diamonds on her back… Oh my. I see that vision again.
      Anyways as my new wife sat laughing on the beach, I braved the wild surf (little waves like the one that knocked Marina over in the other vid) and took my first & only surfing lesson. My only surfing experience was good. I paid attention to my gorgeous instructor, hanging (10) on every word of wisdom that fell from her honey glazed lips… worked my tail off paddling out & then worked just as hard or harder to get up to the speed of the wave that was throwing itself, in a feat of hellbent self destruction, towards the waiting, unforgiving shore. Just as I was about to give up on yet another wave, I gripped the board & as per insruction, in one quick motion I arose & planted my feet firmly on the board beneath me. Miracle of Miracles, I felt like St Peter must have felt, the water was below my feet & I stood confidently, like a newborn colt, on a board that was hurtling towards the shore. A beach full of people, including the love of my life, seemed oblivious to this, what felt like the greatest achievemnt of my life. In the end I was humbled, as stepping off a plank, made unstable by curling, foaming water & traveling at just below mach speed, could not be done gracefully, especialy the first time attempted. Needless to say I stayed on the board too long & crashed on the beach with nary a cushion of water to come between me & the unforgiving, hard packed sand. I still to this day can’t figure out why it was, that evening my wife failed to pity me & my bruised, sunburnt body. Cold showers in Hawaii, remembered.

      • CampKohler says:

        Oh, yeah, I remember him — St. Peter, surfer dude!

        Maybe one of the reasons you weren’t pitied back at the hotel was that your wife noticed your uhm, nature studies (glistening water droplets, honey-glazed lips and the like). :roll:

    • stokesjrj1 says:

      My names John Im not your mechanic and i Liked how she dressed when she lived in her old place, and your story is a sad attempt for sympathy you won’t be getting from me.

      • BillyB says:

        Hey thanks for reading it, no sympathy desired, it happened in about 1983. How Marina dresses for her vids is her business, & yes change happens… would be boring if every video was the same… well in M’s case, not boring but repetitive.

  15. foxbow says:

    I don’t think i’v ever even seen a surfboard in real life….. why would anyone even have one here in the Netherlands… :lol:

    • BillyB says:

      You fly, you should try this, very carefully though.

      • CampKohler says:

        I don’t think care is enough. When you undertake something in which a failure (even if rarely-occuring one) can result in death, then IMHO it should be avoided altogether. I would never jump out of a perfectly good airplane (PGA) for that reason. There are all kinds of things that can happen to an airplane, almost all of them allow you to descend to the earth in a safe (if exciting) manner. But parashutes can desert you in an instant and you have relatively little time to prepare a recovery plan, put it into action, and, if it doesn’t fix things, write a goodbye letter. And then the damned pen won’t work.

  16. tricovictus says:

    aquatic sports…. no, i’m very bad on them. But i enjoy the sea and the beach.
    may be this request could be pretty obvious but. “overseas” what is the origin of it?

  17. Che Volay says:

    Hey guys I’m in an Apple store messing around on a Mac Pro with a 30 inch screen. See ya later :grin:

  18. swampwiz says:

    Марина, when I lived in California, I tried 2 sports – surfing and alpine skiing. I was not successful at picking up the surfing, but was very successful at skiing, and it is my favorite sport.

  19. philophan says:

    Aloha Marina,

    I recently vacationed in Hawaii too and had a great time.

    For some time I’ve wondered about the expression “all told”. It seems to me that there are apostrophes missing: Shouldn’t it be “all to’l'd” since the meaning is all totalled rather than all said? I can understand why they might have been dropped in usage since they’re inconvenient to write and unattractive in print. Please let me know the story about this.

    Your student,


    • CampKohler says:

      WLIU, perhaps told is correct and not totalled. Maybe the phrase is shortened from “after all is told,” meaning after everything is known. This would be like “the proof is in the pudding” is a shortening* of “the proof is in the eating of the pudding,” as taught in a previous lesson. So, if you’ve just bought a brand new box of apostrophes at WalMart and you are aching to sprinkle them around, I suppose (if my guess is right about the phrase) you could say ” ‘ all ‘ told.” But that’s a bit messy and not very satisfying, is it?

      *Margerine or butter may be substituted in your pudding recipe. :lol:

  20. aboocock says:

    You Probably couldnt stand up while surfing, as you were over ballanced by your own “Big Kahuna’s” :wink: :shock: :twisted:

  21. Chemikal says:

    Request : PIECE OF CAKE

    What exactly is supposed to be easy when talking about cake? It’s certainly not easy to make, and it’s not very easy on the calories either. So actually, it’s not easy at all… Then where did the expression come from?
    Thanks :)

  22. kdhrocks says:

    Marina the word MAKEUP has so many uses that I wandered how it came in to common useage

  23. quiggles says:

    Hi Marina!

    I envy the sunny southern California lifestyle and your trip to the beaches of Hawaii. It all looks so warm. In the meanwhile, I am sipping hot chocolate in the cold northeast. There is something floating in my cocoa. It’s white, gooey and sweet. So what’s the origin of the word: marshmallow???

    Cold and getting colder, Q

  24. hitoshi says:

    i’d like to know the origin of the word “entourage”

  25. Fianchetto says:

    Homework: Nope..never surfed. Like golf, it just doesn’t do anything for me.


    So, we have uber-TA, Captain Jack,
    Capman, Pkarl and ChaCha, right? Can I get a roll call of all the TA’s to know who they are, and express our appreciation for all they do to keep things going here at HFW?

    Special “Thank you”s to you all! :grin:


  26. cufan71 says:

    Word Request :cool:

  27. jamesmlbelcher says:

    Hi, I was wondering where the word “TALLY-HO” came from. I hear it all the time on old British war films with pilots in them.


  28. checmark says:

    For your homework assignment many folks answered that they “surfed” the net. Any idea where that term came from? Doesn’t seem to have any connection to actual surfing. More of a connection to golf – “playing the links”, don’t you think?

  29. checmark says:

    We KNOW why you couldn’t stand up on the board and we love you for it! Just curious – who is the lucky guy taking the vid of you in Hawaii?

    • pedantickarl says:

      Hi checmark, we are still in luck. :grin:
      It wasn’t a guy taking the vid. It was her girlfriend.

      My Hot Calendar video

      RSPaintballfig (1 week ago)
      who’s video taping this?? our boy friend?? lmao if so he’s extremely lucky..

      hotforwords (1 week ago)
      My girlfriend.. she’s not a professional camera girl as you can see with her shaking!

  30. verico says:

    how about the word “THRIFTY” since the word is often used in my home country.

  31. absentmindedprof says:

    The only surfing I do is surfing the ‘net. :lol:

    Word Requests:

    1. Cojones. (Does the big Kahuna have the biggest Cojones? :?: :smile: )

    2. Incognito.

    Thanks Marina!

    Eric M

  32. gio74 says:

    Did you say “another mistery solved by your busty teacher”? :twisted:

  33. lostinhere says:

    I have never surfed.

  34. chocolate897 says:

    hmm uve never done a word ive done and i really would love if you did this one:Aperiodic or where the word bubbling or poultry or where the word tattoo comes from or even where the word dissect or a word such as gawking came from or viscous or the word freak or pina colata(spanish drink i drank in mexico) parfait(saw on a menu) or where the word math comes from please do one of these and mention my username or say tyler or both thanks!

  35. achsdu17 says:

    Never surfed before…

  36. tomtom says:

    What about the word latter?

    Where does that come from?

  37. CampKohler says:

    Oh! The little thank you voice is missing again. Poo!

    Marina, you have been caught making the Tourist-Pisses-Off-the-Natives mistake! You said, “…back in the States….,” but of course Hawaii is still in the States, unless Congress went nuts while you were vacationing (which I guess is more than possible, but less than probable). You should have said “Back on the mainland….” Now, to apologize, you will have to make a pilgrimage to the Kamehameha statue and kiss its feet the next time you go. And we will want a picture of you doing it. Don’t forget this or the Kahuna will shove a pineapple up… Let’s just say it won’t be pleasant. :-)

    When a word derives from, say, Latin, where did they get it from? Is it lost to history? Were there Latin etymologists? Was there some big book where they recorded their new words as they entered the language? Or the old ones?

  38. the shaun says:

    No, I’ve never seen the ocean, but I have tried snowboarding. I also couldn’t stand up — at least not for long.

  39. MCLIJazz says:

    I’ve never surfed, but I have boogied (boogieboarded).

  40. kevron says:

    Im curious where the word gregarious originated from.

    • CampKohler says:

      Mr. Greg A. Rious, of Cucamonga, is credited with being the first person in the history of the California Dept. of Motor Vehicles to accidentally have his name printed on his driver’s license with no spaces in it.

      It’s true, I tell you.

  41. originalistrick says:

    Grew up on the south Texas coast, so yeah, I’ve surfed. Always preferred water skiing. A speed thing, probably. Surfing the waves of Hawaii would undoubtedly be sweet, though. The Gulf just doesn’t produce waves remotely comparable. Thanks for doing what you do, Teach. Always.

  42. 2utoday says:

    :mrgreen: Hey,I’ve got something new for you to investigate. What does “Fat Chance” mean and how did it originate?

  43. 2utoday says:

    :mrgreen: Me surf? Ha! I get sea sick taking a bath so I have to take a shower. I do like watching re-runs of “Hawaii Five-O” on television. That’s about as close to the ocean as I want to get. Don’t laugh! It’s a guy thing!!

  44. chickenh0use says:

    Welcome Melikadothechacha aka Doug :!: Hows the tarpon fishing down your way :?:

  45. rangus says:

    Carpenter, Threshold, and the Rangus.

  46. crackcityrocker1211 says:

    Hey, it would be awesome if you would do the word guitar. I always wondered its origins since I taught myself it when I was 11 and now play bass guitar in band with a cd coming out soon. If you do guitar I will stop swearing a minute each day when im not asleep (It’s a good deal i swear alot).

  47. pandion says:

    I’ve never tried to surf. I do not think I’d be very good at it.

  48. Capman911 says:

    Marina is there any way you can add the x at the end of the cocomments thingy at the bottom of the comment box. You had it there one time before so we could close out the cocomment box if we didn’t want to get hung up or us it. Many thanks to your understanding. :grin:

  49. Penknight says:

    I have a word request, if that’s all right. I was wondering where the phrase “dressed to the nines” came from. Thank you!!

  50. Capman911 says:

    I’m late, I’m late for a very important date with Marina. Computer crashed again, must be a bad mother board as all the other peripherals are fairly new . So I went and got me a laptop.
    Homework: No ma’am I have never tried to surf. I tried the little flat boards you skid on at the shoreline. Busted behunkus so I don’t do that any more either.

  51. Evan Owen says:

    Aloha Marina,
    Surfing: no, but around Seattle we have the Jan. 1 Polar Bear swim. (Isn’t that a Russian tradition too?)
    WORD REQUEST: Polynesian terms: taboo (kapu); “compound” as in “village”
    More “first American” terms:
    In Washington State, the term for “big kahuna” is “hyas tyee” or “hyas muckamuck.” Other Chinook Jargon terms in Pacific Northwest English include “skookum” and “tillicum.”

  52. annuddermale says:

    surf the net all the time…but water?…nope – went tubin’ once, that was a pain ’cause the guy drivin’ the boat delighted in tryin’ to make ya fall off or turn over…

    so i’ll never dangle my legs o’er a board for a shark to bite… :shock:

    • I see this translucent charcoal grey picture thing pop up with the jaws photo. How did you do that?

      • annuddermale says:

        i’m magic?…

        lol – no, it’s html…here is a tattooed man

        the html commands for it are as follows, except where you see a left parens, (, you need to use a left angle bracket, <, and the same for a right parens, ) :
        (a href=”” class=”extlink” target=”_blank”)tattoed man(/a)

        hopefully this will show and not blow up the page…

        good luck with pics, rl1…

      • Is this part…. /wp-content/upl oads/2008/04/checker-tattoo-is-bloody-weird-but-cool.jpg” class=”extlink” target=”_blank”

        the part that makes the photo appear in the popup picture viewer. Do I upload pic to a wordpress site or something?

        I know how to link a pic that I post on one of my webpages but I would like to know how to put pic in this viewer thingamajig. hmmm?

      • CampKohler says:

        annuddermale: When you want to show a tag example, you can substitute “& L T ;” for < and “& G T ;” for > (delete the spaces). That will display the symbol, but won’t form a tag. Example: <a href=” … “>tattoed man</a>.

      • CampKohler says:

        Test (I’m doing it here, because I think the sandbox works differently.)

        no blank

      • CampKohler says:

        I have discovered a couple of things about the pix.
        1) The sandbox works differently than regular comments. A pix link will open in a new tab (for IE7) in the sandbox, here the pix is shown in the transparent viewer overlay.
        2. For a pix, even if you leave the target attribute out of the anchor tag, Word Press will put it in as _blank. Or if you use another value for the target, Word Press will change it to _blank. So you can just omit it. This does not happen for a .txt file.
        3. As Word Press uses the viewer only when a pix is a link, it obviously is looking at the file type.

        Just out of curiosity, if you view a .txt file online with your browser, it displays it even though it is not HTML (View Source shows not a single tag in it). How does that work?

  53. annchrbay says:

    Hey i wanted to know where the origin of the saying “Say Cheese” came from thanks!

  54. I’ve tried surfing, wind surfing, surf skiing and they are all a lot of fun. Also, I did a bit of couch surfing in my travels.

    The Big Kahuna is also used to describe a gargantuan doobie, joint, reefer, splif, j, gagger, … etc.

    It was probably coined during the ’70′s Cheech and Chong era.
    Further, it also can refer to a woman who has big boobs… “Big Kahunas!”

  55. James says:

    it gets stuck at 1:19

  56. mindrush says:

    a lil word request that should fit with the on comming winter : Christmas

    ( not too shure if its writen perfectly my english aint realy good )

  57. Che Volay says:

    Hey! little free spirit hippie girl :razz:

    Word/phase request flower power :cool:

  58. bsomebody says:

    There, I had to go to YT to watch the vid. I have never surfed nor wind surfed. We used to do everything else, though. We would boogey board, body surf, surf on a beach raft and anything else we could get in our grubby little hands.

  59. bsomebody says:

    Can’t get the vid to load. :cry:

  60. runawayscott says:

    I can’t surf, no balance or coordination.

  61. Che Volay says:

    Marina making a fish mouth in the ‘hold’ photo of this lesson :eek:

  62. orion_ss1 says:

    When I was 12 I rented a surfboard in NJ and spent all morning trying. Finally I got all the way up, and surfed all the way in. BTW, when you get close to the beach you should kick out. Otherwise the fins bottom out, the board stops, but you won’t. Trust me. :sad:

    I used to be fairly good at windsurfing. On the Chesapeake Bay the waves aren’t that good but the wind is usually good enough most days.


  63. Homework: Surf’s up! Hella-fun! :mrgreen:
    There are several good points between Dania Beach and
    Pompano. We get clean waves off the Atlantic all the way
    from Africa. Not as big as the ones off the Pacific, but
    quite surfable when the wind is right. We have a winter
    cycle, now – so it’s low rollers and massive undertow.
    Perfect for body surfing – just keep your knees away from
    your face when the undertow grabs ya! Owwie!
    That’s where Marina should start; body surfing!
    Sail through water like a ship’s figurehead!
    If Marina is getting her board mount technique right, check
    to be sure nobody waxed the top of your board (old trick) :mrgreen:

    • CampKohler says:

      Unfortunately Marina would suffer poor sailing qualities (excessive drag) from the continuous deployment of her “sea anchors.”

      • Turtles are large and bulbous, too! :mrgreen:
        Surprisingly, they’re among the best swimmers.

      • CampKohler says:

        And submarines that are football-shaped go faster underwater than they do on the surface. What we might be dealing with here are protuberances on the basic shape that interfere with the smooth flow around the shape. Perhaps I should bring some of my base-ten digital shape-analysis probes* by Marina’s and do a rigorous study to settle the question.

        *Five on each hand. :wink:

  64. smokey36bear says:

    I have done some body surfing in Hawii, Mexico, and Myrtle Beach SC. Never on a board.

  65. leonard says:

    We ice surf-in the great lakes :eek: Wipe out neat

  66. stokesjrj1 says:

    I just noticed you sure seem to get back from hawaii quite often or these musings are out of order………?

  67. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear совершенная Marina, Yes, I surfed before. I found out it was more fun to go out in a kayak or small boat. It was just as much fun, the oar gave you more control, and it was less risky. Your dear student, seesixcm6 :razz:

  68. stokesjrj1 says:

    Surf never surfed the only time surfing along Texas beaches is when a storm blows in. To surf you have to go to where the big waves roll in.
    Did skateboarding way back in the sixty’s when skateboards had steel wheels, about as close to surfing as iv’e every got except when vacationing with the family when i was a grade schooler.

  69. Bob says:

    I’ve surfed in racing dinghies and catamarans, which was quite exciting, and I’ve managed to windsurf in one direction in quite a strong wind, which was extremely exciting – but turning round and coming back to the beach was too difficult.
    I had to wait to get blown ashore and walk back, which was embarrassing.
    At least no-one had to come out and rescue me.

  70. Shakira's feet says:

    Back when I was out it in field, during my basic training, I used my camo make-up and nearby long grass and weeds to disguise myself what I thought to be a Kahuna or some sort of Hawaiian tribesman.
    I would use black around my eyes and straight down my nose to chin, and use brown all over the rest of my face. Then I would use the grass and weeds on my helmut and make it look like a giant mohawk. My drill sergeant said that I looked like a damn chipmunk! It got some giggles from my platoon. :mrgreen:

  71. tom owens says:

    Marina moi pah-druga (Phonetic Russian!!)

    What is the origin of the word “quack” when used to denote a phony or inept doctor?

    Love you; love the learning!


  72. cufan71 says:

    Marina your the Big Kahuna around here! :cool:

  73. thoughtonfire says:

    Aloha Miss Orlova,

    I live in Utah so we equate Surfing with Snow Boarding. I tried it once, I also, could not stand up :grin:


  74. cufan71 says:

    Homework :cool:
    Never surfed on water just on the internet.

  75. Shakira's feet says:

    HOMEWORK: I could never surf, I can only boogie-board. We use to go boogie-boarding on the eastern shore of Oahu near, I think it is called Baker’s Air Force Base or something. Even though there were good enough waves, there was a lot of garbage lying on the beach. :neutral:

  76. cufan71 says:

    Ain’t it great to be number 8 :!: :cool:

  77. leonard says:

    power love

  78. Shakira's feet says:

    lucky 7

  79. mijj says:

    M isn’t acknowledging my gift. … :(

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