Promiscuous.. what is the origin?


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  1. l-p-r says:

    test for the rich slaves by tony/buy bonds of war

  2. leonard says:

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  3. davidroa says:

    :twisted: it is a good thing!

  4. leonard says:

    :lol: My random lesson…it is bad…sluts and no buts about it…:-) :smile: bless your sweet [SOUL] miSS HotForWords—Marina— :lol: eat more oysters and happy holidays and pretty leggings…. :razz: no cheap children :smile:

  5. duke veritas says:

    Promiscuous…I like the original definition of the word!! I think it’s great to be exposed to new things and to try out different experiences. It’s fun to meet new people and make new jokes. :grin:

    As for the current definintion, I’m not so keen on it. It’s great to date, maybe to date a couple girls at a time if it’s nothing serious. But I don’t just fall into bed with any girl and once we have sex with a girl, then I want to see where things go with her. I like sex a LOT, but I want a
    relationship with a side order of great sex,
    not great sex from the “daily special” menu :razz:

    After all exposing yourself to new things is good, but there’s something special about continuous relationships and something decidedly UNattractive about exposure to gonorrhea, herpes, and HPV (HPV can cause cancer in women AS WELL AS crazy warts :shock: )

  6. tenkasian says:

    No doubt – it is not good, especially when one is not a party in that!

  7. isunshine says:


    I don’t think that being promiscuous is good. Being a “slut” has never been good. You never know what diseases you can get from being a hooker.

  8. thoughtforwords says:

    bit of a dangerous and impersonal thing. pretentious love. more of a bad habit than respect. All glands no brains.

  9. tricovictus says:

    I believe in the marriage and love; to love someone you may loves you first, take care of you; if Promiscuity is part of your habitts it will be rare you may have a mature reltionship with anybody.

  10. philophan says:

    Hi Marina,

    Re: promiscuous

    It’s the indiscriminate characteristic of promiscuity that makes it unappealling; now if it meant simply frequent change of sex partners, but allowed for discrimination, I’d approve.

    Your student,


  11. I never have to worry about Mrs Potato Head she’s of pure Russet stock from a fine Maine family. :roll:

  12. hutchiee says:

    In networking when you want to trace all network traffic on a segment, you have to put the network interface you are using into ‘promiscuous mode’. It always makes me think that the network port is the slutty one :grin:

  13. lostinhere says:

    I think it is context based. If it is during a marriage, it is bad. If a marriage is not involved, then i don’t care.

  14. dr. teeth says:

    Hello Marina,

    Now that the elction is order and the new administration is about to take office, we’re looking at some new appointments to the Supreme Court of the US. What is the origin of the word “Oyez” repeated 3 times when the SCOTUS is called to order.

    Thanks. You rock!!!

  15. tadacious says:

    Okay, being serious here. It’s the word we hear everywhere and used for just about every situation. Where does the word “F.u.c.k” come from? I’m dead serious on this one. I just heard that it had something to do with the King’s daughter or something

    • pedantickarl says:

      Congratulations, you are caller 165 and you just won the booby prize.

      Check out this link for all of the requests and answers

      Seriously, if you have time, go through those links and you’ll see that this has been an on going request for a long time. You’ll see lots of comments with links to YT vids that are entertaining.

      If you go back far enough, you’ll come across Marina’s comment where she says that she wants to do a video on it and is figuring out a way to do it since YT vids have been getting flagged and YT sponsors are reluctant to advertise with certain video content.

      Marina, if you still want to do the video, maybe you can post it on another video site like or many other sites.

  16. Shakira's feet says:

    HOMEWORK: I think being promiscuous is a lucky, as well as a disappointing thing (…just so long as you use protection). I’m tired of having to stick to porn for my sexual needs.

  17. Shakira's feet says:

    Let’s get promiscuous:

    Giggity giggity giggity goo!!! :mrgreen:

  18. Che Volay says:

    shucks mam, i got a new YT friend, HFW accepted my invite
    that makes 14 dudes, 2 gals & one alien (Yoda) :smile:

  19. louie says:

    Dear Marina,

    Thank you for your interesting video. Doesn’t “pro” in the word have a separate root meaning (I know it’s not short for prostitute :))?

    Promiscuity is not a good thing. It damages the ability to love another fully.


  20. sparkyinseattle says:

    Since the word “slut” was broached :shock: … Origin please?

  21. parchedsquid says:

    Today I needed to release my lease, then renew my lease on my computer’s ip address. It got me to thinking about “release”. Shouldn’t release mean to-lease-again? not to give up the lease?

  22. richo says:

    Hi Marina, I am from Mexico and I really like your videos. I know everybody tells you You’re beautyfull and stuff… I agree, I just wanted to add myself to that list of fans who love you :wink:
    The word I want you to investigate is “wee wee time” as far as I’m concerned It’s often used when parents are training their children to go to the bathroom by their own…
    what i don’t know is where the expression comes from…
    thank you my trusty hotforwords.

  23. mijj says:

    ok … after sneering at Bob for his sycophancy, in typical hypocritical manner, i’ve prepared a sycophantic gift for Marina! :)

    i’ve no way of knowing if M will see this link .. so .. i’m going to twitter her with the link later.

    so .. any comments will be appreciated cos maybe i can tweak something first.

    this prob seems somewhat counter to the mood of my criticisms of M, but really, it’s the flip side of the coin.

  24. mijj says:

    Bob replied on November 17th, 2008 6:16 am:

    She probably has something else (or Someone else) taking up her time.
    Not so long ago you were complaining about no Greenwall in the videos, and that was because she was too busy to start learning how to use it.
    For a one woman operation she is remarkably productive and industrious. Give her some slack to have a life outside of entertaining us. :smile:

    excuse me, Bob – did you just do the “you’re an unfeeling bastard to our precious, overworked Marina” routine?

    first of all .. that greenscreen stuff .. i wondered why she did it if she wasn’t going to use it – i acknowledged that M couldn’t put the time and effort in to do the stuff. .. i also (belatedly) realise that she did those so *we* could have a shot.

    plus .. yes .. she’s busy .. and no, i disagree, she’s not a saint who must be given more leeway than normal human beings.

    Taking a couple of mins / day to make sure her presence is felt is *not* a huge task that would bring M’s life to its knees. .. you make it seem like an hours long chore of huge dedication and finely tuned expertise to post a couple of comments.

    Just a random couple of pointless comments is all that’s needed .. just thumbprints on the page – to show presence.

    M doesn’t feel inclined to make herself clear to us .. originally, i thought this was because M has a cold, callous character and regards people in this site as little more than occupants of a goldfish bowl .. but maybe .. M finds being amongst us difficult.

    so, we have to take her for what she is. Implying that whatever she does is ok because she’s an overworked saint wont cut it. — if she fucks up, she should be called on it, not have excuses made for her.

    She’s a flawed human being! :)

    for me, M as a flawed human being makes her more loveable than M as an overworked saint.

    • Bob says:

      Wow! I really crammed a lot of hidden meaning in the nine spaces between the ten lines of my post, didn’t I?
      Honestly, I don’t know how anyone can read so much between the lines that wasn’t intended.
      1. I didn’t say Marina is a saint.
      2. I didn’t say she should be given more leeway than anyone else.
      3. How can she be overworked when she’s self employed?
      4. I didn’t make any excuses for her because I don’t think she has “fucked up” with anything.
      However, I’m sure she must feel awkward being “among” a crowd of drooling sycophants, 90%+ of whom are entertaining impure thoughts about her and fantasizing that they have some kind of special relationship with her. The pressure to satisfy those illusions must be immense and, if she blesses one or two with a comment, there are going to be scores who will start to complain that they never receive any recognition.
      Also, as James said below, some of the comments on here recently have been quite inane and must be taking some enjoyment away from her success.
      All I am suggesting is that a bit more understanding and appreciation be shown to someone who is not a superhuman saint, plus, of course, it was a good opportunity to paint you as an “unfeeling bastard” and elbow my way up the pecking order at your expense. :lol:
      Peace, as they say. :smile:

      • mijj says:

        However, I’m sure she must feel awkward being “among” a crowd of drooling sycophants, 90%+ of whom are entertaining impure thoughts about her and fantasizing that they have some kind of special relationship with her. The pressure to satisfy those illusions must be immense and, if she blesses one or two with a comment, there are going to be scores who will start to complain that they never receive any recognition.

        Bob, you’re still making excuses.

        comments dont need to be in reply, M could initiate a comment.

        e.g. ..
        … “busy today .. no time to check what’s going on”
        … “i’m not sure i like the way the comments in this thread are heading”

        i.e. .. keep us informed if she’s too busy. Keep us informed about the mood of the site. Takes no effort at all.

        if she doesn’t feel inclined to do that, then it’s no suprise that the place wanders occasionally wanders into strange territory.

        - that’s my main criticism of M.

        i’m not sure why you think elbowing me out of the way is your way up the pecking order. .. i’m pretty sure i’m way down there amongs the pond scum.

    • Bob says:

      But isn’t that what she’s doing with twitter?
      You just seem to be quibbling about where she’s putting her comments.

      • mijj says:

        really? .. has she said she’s not had time to look through the site comments?

        .. putting comments in the site gives a sense of actually being here and having looked at the comments.

        .. the twitter things are comments by M at home sent into the aether.

        ps. you’d do a better job of defending her if you didn’t insist on the jibes. If you examine your comments they’re basically a string of blind thoughtless defenses of any behaviour M cares to take. … and that implies there’s no substance to your defence. if you showed some awareness then there’d be some substance.

  25. Bob says:

    This is for you, Marina to thank you for everything you do for your fans. :smile:

  26. James says:

    Marina hasn’t been replying much lately :sad:

    • mijj says:

      not at all for the last couple of days .. a couple of spot things the day before that .. and nothing for a couple of days before that.

      i’m guessing that, now M posts things on twitter, she feels she doesn’t need to make her presence felt in the site.

      But .. that means we can’t be sure she looks through the stuff here, too.

    • mijj says:

      the pattern’s hard to ignore .. how often in the past has M had runs of not appearing at all in the site? .. and suddenly, recently, no sight at all for days at a time.

      definitely a change in habit.

      big mistake too, in my opinion.

      • Bob says:

        She probably has something else (or Someone else) taking up her time.
        Not so long ago you were complaining about no Greenwall in the videos, and that was because she was too busy to start learning how to use it.
        For a one woman operation she is remarkably productive and industrious. Give her some slack to have a life outside of entertaining us. :smile:

    • What is this all about? :mrgreen:
      The girl relaxes, goes to Hawaii for a much
      needed vacation, puts out a calendar, is
      wrirting a book (Hullo!) AND is expected
      to be here all the time? :roll:
      The trip to Hawaii should be your first clue!
      Marina needs some space – don’t be so
      smothering… she’ll be back :mrgreen:
      Speaking of MIA,’s anybody seen aLx and
      Buzzword, lately? Could be they are bored
      when it gets too “high school”…
      Raise the bar, before somebody trips over it :grin:

  27. cufan71 says:

    Word Request :cool:
    Curry-One my favorite spices! :grin:

  28. mijj says:

    mijj replied on November 16th, 2008 1:20 pm:

    express yourself with your hands, M .. not with your mouth!! .. people wont understand you if you don’t express yourself with your hands!!

    oops! .. :oops: .. i did it again … M did express herself with her hands.

  29. originalistrick says:

    Good morning, everybody. Hope we all have a great day! Love you, Teach!

  30. pedantickarl says:

    Marina Twittered about 10 hours ago;
    “why is it so hot out?”

    Marina, this is so funny. At 8 PM last night, I was standing out in front of a large brick building, and I said exactly the same thing. I could feel the heat radiating from that building, which I thought was somewhat unusual since I hadn’t felt anything like that except in the hottest of summers.

    The high winds weather condition that we have been having are called the Santa Ana winds and everyone seems to be saying that dry windy days are now a year round event instead of the normal fall to winter conditions, meaning more fires and hot days ahead. Ten day forecast is in the mid 80s.

    Would you not say that the promiscuous weather and geography is having a slutty affect on our culture? We forget that So. Calif. is a desert and it is reclaiming what rightfully belongs to it.

    Check out this wiki.
    Scroll down till you hit the heading Etymology. :cool:

    Consider this a word request by your trusty student.
    And, then again, maybe not. :smile:

  31. ptm368 says:

    Another stunning lesson…
    There’s an old quote, I can’t recall who said it first… “A slut is someone who sleeps with anyone; except me”…
    And where is Kobe?? Either you’ve gotten him to behave (doubtful), or he’s getting ready for his own webcast…

  32. jamman810 says:

    no i think it is wrong to be promiscuous

  33. pedantickarl says:

    For those, like Che Volay who wanted to know who the woman is at 0:59 in the video above, it is Nelly Furtado singing the song Marina was singing. I liked Marina’s rendition of those few short notes. :smile:

  34. leonard says:

    :twisted: :evil: :mrgreen: :evil: :twisted: :cry: :wink:

  35. Bob says:

    It’s been interesting reading peoples’ responses below, because no-one has yet defined what they mean by promiscuity, and it seems, judging from some of the posts, that people have different ideas about what constitutes promiscuity.
    Some seem to imply that having more than one partner in their life would be promiscuous, whilst others take varying degrees of more tolerant views.
    For me, promiscuity means having multiple sexual relations without commitment to some or any of the partners; relations without relationships.
    I, for instance, have had many partners when I was a bachelor, but rarely more than one at a time. Even when I had two girlfriends at the same time, I was committed (faithful) to them both, they knew and accepted each other and sometimes lived with me as a threesome.
    Does that constitute promiscuity? I don’t think so.
    Someone commented below that Islam allows a man to have 4 wives; would that be considered promiscuous? I don’t think so – as long as he was not casually having relations with other partners outside of his allotted quota.
    Now, since I have been married, I am monogamous, not because I believe that monogamy has any inherent virtue, but because my wife believes that if I “messed around” it would be an indication that I didn’t love her, and since I am committed to her, I’m not going to do anything to hurt her.
    So – is promiscuity a bad thing?
    If it has an adverse effect on other people, be they one’s own family or friends, or those of whom one is taking advantage for one’s own gratification, I think it is definitely not good. If it also has an effect on one’s own character, causing one to be selfish and unprincipled, it is also bad.
    So what does that leave us with? :???:

    • annuddermale says:

      well said, Bob…words such as “promiscuity” imply negative connotations, but it is the person one must deliberate…their actions may betray their hearts, but at times it is a momentary lapse…judge the whole, not the part… :cool:

    • pedantickarl says:

      Well, that leaves us with the old axiom,
      “Don’t piss into the wind”, I surmise.
      Now, doesn’t that feel better now?

      • Bob says:

        I’m not sure that “pissing in the wind” or even “crapping on your own doorstep” have anything to do with morality. They are simply actions which are likely to bring short term disadvantages in their wake. They are akin to “do unto others as you would they would do unto you”; good advice but more to do with fear of retribution than with augmenting one’s karma.

  36. el.nino says:

    I would like to know more about “noob” =), how it can be difined?

  37. savagenorthman says:

    Actually I have a word to request “hulk”, not in reference to the comic book character but to the weight and bulk of an object.

    Keep coming with those word origins Marina, I find them most entertaining and informative. :smile:

  38. tok-715 says:

    Excellent lesson Marina. When someone is promiscuous, it is actually a good thing (no controversy here) as long as the sexual connotation is dropped. I am myself promiscuous in the sense that I am friendly to anyone who treats me with respect. I do not discriminate someone based on their race, gender, wealth, culture, religion, etc.

    Promiscuity? If we lived in a world where STDs do not exist and birth control was absolutely safe and effective, then yes. Use of a condom helps a lot, and should be quite safe as long as it doesn’t break, has no pores and all contact with bodily fluids of high bacterial and viral content (blood, semen, vaginal secretions, etc.) was avoided. If the idea of monogamy wasn’t forced onto almost every culture on the planet (i.e. people still lack the he/she’s mine and mine alone, possessive, scorched earth mentality), then believe it or not, all social negatives will simply cease to exist.

    So what does all the above mean for me? Well, I believe it is one’s own personal choice and I respect that, and for me there is no right or wrong on this as long as one is responsible for one’s actions.

    As you might have figured out from your trip to Hawaii, Marina, Hawaiian traditional culture was very sexually vigorous. Sex was celebrated, fertility was highly cherished.

    Most western cultures are “officially” monogamous, though what happens behind the scenes can be a very different story. Some religions are polygamous. For instance, Islam allows a man to have 4 wives, and this had a lot to do with the history of the time, when many men were lost in wars and the male to female ratio was horrific. Just practicality.

    Basically, there is no coverall conclusion in regards to promiscuity.

  39. tort says:

    WORD REQUEST: “maybe” did it originate from the two words “may” and “be” or has it always been its own. What is the history behind this word?

  40. jsf1149 says:

    How about “dumb as a door post” ? Betcha can’t figure that one out.

  41. Evan Owen says:

    Here’s a quote from over at YouTube:
    “wow, she might as well just be naked. this is getting pretty bad.”
    Now, isn’t “pretty bad” an oxymoron? I think “pretty” is good! Especially when it’s our dear lovely Marina!

    • mijj says:

      Evan Owen replied on November 16th, 2008 9:58 pm:

      I wouldn’t assume that. With a million men hot for Marina, she may be thinking, “Why settle for less than the perfect man?”
      Anyway, it’s not really our business.

      well .. first .. it is our business. .. becaaaauuussssse. .. erm .. well .. she brought up the subject!

      and .. sexual pleasure could be for the moment too .. it doesn’t have to be a means to snaring people for other purposes. … and anyway .. how will M know how good they are if she hasn’t test driven ‘em?

  42. mijj says:

    lol – anagram:

    promiscuous =

    pious or scum
    music or soup
    opium or cuss

  43. stokesjrj1 says:

    I wasn’t promiscuous when i was married. Knowingly anyway.

  44. Evan Owen says:

    What man would want to be promiscuous if he had YOU?

    Oh, errm… :oops:
    ah-HEM! Word requests:
    avocado – chocolate – tomato – what do they have in common (not just that they’re food — I mean philologically.)
    Suggestion: check out “avocado” on

  45. mijj says:

    anyway .. i hope our lovely M indulges in lovely slutty wanton behavior .. :oops: .. it’d be a crime against humanity if M didn’t get all the pleasure she deserves.

  46. mijj says:

    Marina … right at the end there, where you say “bye bye, my students”, do you have someone in mind or is it a general message to the world?

  47. danielpool says:

    HI Marina just seen your video macadamia nut.WOW you have a BUTIFUL RUSSIAN APPLE DUMPLING :shock: :shock: :lol:

  48. kenshin5455 says:

    No I don’t think being promiscuous is a good thing. Cuz their is no telling what kind of STD’s you get… and I don’t what to get said “promiscuous” woman pregnant…….. :neutral:

  49. kenshin5455 says:

    No I don’t think being promiscuous is a good thing. Cuz their is no telling what kind of STD’s you get… and I don’t what to get said “promiscuous” woman pregant…….. :neutral:

  50. leonard says:

    :shock: :razz: :cool: :wink:

  51. originalistrick says:

    Ah, promiscuity. Casual sex… after I got divorced a long time ago I didn’t even want to talk to a woman for nearly a year. Then, I became a male slut for awhile. Actually, quite awhile. And while I do LOVE sex, in the end, that behaviour was extremely unfulfilling and actually left me empty and lonesome, even when I was “getting it” more or less constantly. For me, anyway, you can’t beat real love.

  52. wyo550 says:

    Promiscuity is a selfish act of individual behavior- not an evolutionary trend in human social behavior. For tens of thousands of years, female success has relied on hiding the status of her willingness to be sexual. This discrimination allowed for the most successful males to breed with the most discerning females. Likewise, human social development has relied on the accountability of family structure to ensure the survival of the young and the accumulation of wealth (which in turn provides for inter-generational success, social hierarchy and progress through investment of time and resources into things that are not directly related to immediate survival). If promiscuity was normal human behavior, nobody would know or care who was with whom and what belonged to whom and nothing would mean anything. I happen to know that Marina is not promiscuous. She is discerning and is only available (for speaking engagements) for mid four-figures plus travel expenses.
    THAT is the kind of girl someone ought to marry and have beautiful children with!

    • mijj says:

      “Promiscuity is a selfish act of individual behavior- not an evolutionary trend in human social behavior. For tens of thousands of years, female success has relied on hiding the status of her willingness to be sexual. This discrimination allowed for the most successful males to breed with the most discerning females.”

      actually, there’s been work to show that multiple partners (orgy style) benefits evolution insofar as there sperm competition to fertilise the egg.

      • wyo550 says:

        Duh…gee, I never thought of that! Wow! Multiple sperms and animalistic orgy sex! Wow, I never imagined that! Gee, do you think it’s a problem determining which “father” is going to protect the mother and child? Gee, I never thought of an orgy. Wow! What a revelation! Thank you for explaining traffic jams on the freeway! Everybody rushing to the next orgy!

    • mijj says:

      not only that .. there’s different sperm behaviours .. e.g. some sperm go hell for leather to the egg; some sperm act as barriers to sperm from other .. erm .. sources .. :) .. etc.

    • mijj says:

      “Gee, do you think it’s a problem determining which “father” is going to protect the mother and child?”

      by nature we’re tribal .. the children belong to the group as a whole – if we’d live according to our nature we wouldnt be of the opinion that particular people belong to particlular people and that we’re all responsible (by instinct) to each other.

      it’s natural for a child to know it’s mother .. it’s not natural for a child to know it’s father. in a tribe, is it really neccessary for a child to believe a particular person is its father?

      • wyo550 says:

        Gee, thanks for clearing it all up. I don’t need the status, prestige or inherited wealth that’s associated with being named John III, after my father (Jr)and grandfather (Sr). Since we’re tribal by nature (according to you) should I send you my postal address so you can get caught up on your back child support?

    • mijj says:

      thanks for clearing it all up.

      Your welcome. :)

      • stokesjrj1 says:

        mijj believe it or not and at the chance a few of the female fans here may take offense, almost all men want to know for sure that a child is his child, a mother always know a child is hers since she birthed said child, but a man has no reasurance that the child he is raising is his own is throught excluse access to the female or paternity tests a signed document at a hospital is no garantee of paternity, its just a hook for child support payments and alimony

  53. Che Volay says:

    Marina, you must know about the “devil’s breath”. The hot winds you have been experiencing.

    (ref to your tweet)

    if you make a post in twitter and then make a similar post here you get this duplicate comment warning and then it won’t let you post.

  54. mijj says:

    why did M chose to associate the V sign with promiscuity and :( with fidelity?

  55. r1wolf says:

    If it’s my girlfriend, a very bad thing. If it’s just a one night stand or a strictly sexual relationship, I have nothing wrong with it.

  56. Che Volay says:

    Marina, you must know about the “devil’s breath”. The hot winds you have been experiencing.

    (ref to your tweet)

  57. suprstock says:


  58. stokesjrj1 says:

    :evil: :cry:

  59. iloveyou4123 says:

    hi marina :) i have a word request for you.
    “yay” because it can mean “YAY!! i won the game” or, “he’s just about yay tall”
    hmm, i’ve wondered about it for a while. thanks!

  60. mas_nosnhoj says:


  61. mijj says:

    actually .. i think there’s some difference in the attitude to promiscuity depending on if the society is patriarchal or matriarchal.

    i think patriarchal societies have built in to them men’s angst that their partner wont conform to being a posession within a relationship.

    being a posession within a relationship requires absolute physical fidelity. .. thus promiscuity is loaded negatively.

    • BillyB says:

      Just watched a bit on the telly about polygomy… is it in your opinion Ok (polygomy) & if so , OK both ways, ie one woman with several “husbands”, I guess not unlike the Queen bee… except maybe for the drone gets the boot after mating part?

  62. mijj says:

    .. of course Aleister Crowley gave the guideline when he said we should be without shame …

    “Pure of heart means without shame of sex, and without fear of death.”

  63. CampKohler says:

    I don’t know if being promiscuous is good or bad, but, with the right volunteers, I would be willing to conduct controlled, rigorous, peer-reviewed experiments to find out. As her part, Marina would have to furnish the potatoe* salad needed to keep up my uh, strength. :lol:

    A word from a few decades ago is chippy, which means a young, promiscuous woman. I got to see some old court documents from my late maternal grandmother’s divorce from “he whose name is not mentioned in this family.” In one, he accuses my grandmother of being, “a sport and a chippy.” We still all laugh about those quaint terms, but it must have been a daring thing to say (especially to a court) back in the Roaring Twenties.

    Marina, it’s getting on towards what passes for winter here in California. The floor will get colder and harder. If icicles start to hang down from your uh, personage, will you finally move to a more comfy spot? I hope so.

    Today’s fantasy: Maybe you could buy one of those rattan, egg-shaped chairs that hang from a rope from the ceiling so as to elevate you above the floor. We could use our collective mental powers (limited as they are) to give you little thought-shoves, gradually increasing the amplitude of your swinging until you are forced to yell out, “Hey, guys! You’re taking me out of frame.” And then, chastised by the teacher, we would have to knock it off (for a while).

    *I’m just acting Vice-Presidential. :grin:

  64. mijj says:

    is M wondering if she should review her personal morality relating to sexual relationships and indulge in the pleasures of promiscuity?

    .. or is M wondering if she should curtail her life of wanton pleasure seeking and settle down to a faithful relationship?

    i’m ordering my copy of M’s autobiography early and beat the rush (unlike the calender).

  65. stokesjrj1 says:

    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

  66. snakebyte says:

    I just found your site, and its amazing! I checked to see if you have the 2 words I have always been curious about but you dont, so Im going to request them. My all time favorite word is defenestration(The act of throwing some one out of a window). And Ive also wondered about the origin of the word quiz. Thanks for the videos!

    • CampKohler says:

      It sounds like defenestration would be pane-ful. I shutter to think about it. I can’t imagine anyone doing it except out of jalousy, but that’s not my stile; I would climb the highest muntin before doing sash a thing.*

      *I know, I know. If I don’t stop railing about this, it’s going to be curtains for me.

    • James says:

      I guess it would be

      de – de

      fenetr̩ Рfrench for window

      stration stration

  67. stokesjrj1 says:

    SEE guys i told you you didn’t really kbnow what Marina was trying to accomplish. There You go another mystery solved by a Trusty Not so hot for words anymore. :???:

  68. orion_ss1 says:

    Aside from disease issues, and NOT intending to be judgmental.

    The cost of promiscuity is the lack of a deeper one-on-one relationship, where you can bond deeper with one person than fleetingly with many.

    Below someone referenced Hugh Hefner who currently has 3 ‘girlfriends’ – one of whom just announced her engagement to a football player. For her not a ‘deep’ relationship ( with either ) in my humble opinion, nor for him.

    Does that lifestyle SEEM enviable? Yes, I admit it sometimes seems so, but the worst thing that could happen would be to have that wish ‘granted’.

    I will continue to look, but try not to touch ( unless I mean it ).

    • stokesjrj1 says:

      Did you not know All promiscuous girls work for Universe Life Insurance and they all belong to our Mothers and Fathers and all they realy have to do is get you to look.

  69. runawayscott says:

    I really can’t say I think it’s a good thing. I know I sound like a prude but seriously I just don’t like promiscuous women. The worst thing is that most guys think A promiscuous girl is the best thing on the planet until they have to deal with one.

    • stokesjrj1 says:

      Did you not know All promiscuous girls work for Universe Life Insurance and they all belong to our Mothers and Fathers

    • BillyB says:

      What about a promiscuous man, why oh why are promiscuous men held in higher regard than women? What is the name for a male slut?
      I’m not talking about people that have had more than one or two relationships… but people who sleep around as a form of recreation, or even sport. Some I’ve known even keep score of scores… at least the ones in the same species… nobody here would want to go there, hopefully still considered “taboo”.

      • stokesjrj1 says:

        I don’t about higher regard but perhaps they just need a measure to judge by so as too know when to cash in that life insurance policy.

  70. teaguemaddix says:

    Hi Marina! I hope you’re well. Anyway, I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and the phrase “Do I give a rat’s ass?” came up in the course of our conversation. I was wondering where the phrase came from and why it means what it does.

    Thanks! Love your etymology lessons!


  71. bsomebody says:

    I was reading Cap’s comment below, and I have a question about mac/pc compatibility. I send alot of back and forth to students and teachers (mostly word docs, power points, and excel spread sheets.) If I switch to a mac, will I be able to communicate back and forth with them? I have already had some trouble with the format changing between word 2007 and 2003. I know 07 gives the option to save as an 03 doc, but format will still change, especially outline formats.

  72. bsomebody says:

    @M and TAs: Just casting a vote. The mouse-overs by the diologue box give me the quirkies. I get lost when I am trying to comment sometimes. Mebbee some of you more puter savy types have figgered out how this here trapshun works, but al be danged if it ain’t bamboozlin me :roll:

    • Capman911 says:

      Hey B, are you talking about the cocomments section at the bottom of the comment box or the smileys at the top of the box. The cocomments section did have an x at the right end so you could turn off the cocomments thingy. M must have done away with it. It is aggravating sometimes.

      • bsomebody says:

        I only have trouble with the CC thingy. I cna handle the smileys. See! :lol:

      • mijj says:

        hey cap! .. unless you’re loaded (and you might be) you could try a clean install of XP before going to the expense of a new Mac.

        .. on the other hand .. if your PC is clapped out and you need a new machine anyway .. well .. i guess i’m talking bollox. :)

    • CampKohler says:

      I believe I read somewhere that she has a contract with those bums.. uh, I mean that provider of fine applications. That would mean she can’t do anything about it until the contract is up (or is it down?). Perhaps there could be a slight modification made to Word Press that would place an extra blank line at the bottom of the comment dialog box so as to buffer our typing from the minefield below. They can put the Declaration of Independance in Pig Latin down there for all I care; I just want to avoid the inadvertent triggering of those blasted popups. :mad:

    • Bob says:

      Any Firefox users who are annoyed by various features of web sites should try the Firefox Add-on “Noscript”, which allows you to turn off any active content completely or selectively on a site by site basis.

  73. tryant says:

    The only honest answer I can give is:

    It is good when it works in My favor and bad when it works against My feelings.

    If I try to be more honest(with detail)I’ll explode and spatter the whole room. :shock:

    • danielpool says:

      IT’S all 5150 :lol:

      • stokesjrj1 says:

        Its quite a Revolution when it comes to Realisation of Realisation of Relative Equation of whats matter To Mothers of Time and Motion

      • tryant says:

        At 1st I thought “well thats a crazy answer” then I broke out the urban dictionary to see. Guess I was right! “5150″ decribes it all plenty well.


        Hmmm,the mothers of both are Big Bangs,thats all fine and well,but,whatever happened to The Mothers Of Invention? Maybe they got tied-up in Cap Jack’s String Theory.

      • stokesjrj1 says:

        tryant, refresh this page, then look up at the video at the top, there is one of what your asking

      • stokesjrj1 says:

        See by the look on her face she’s saying “wait a minute”, with her right hand she’s saying “whats wrong with this that works” that you want to replace it something thats ” been proven won’t accomplish the intended outcome”?

      • stokesjrj1 says:

        with her other hand :smile:

  74. danielpool says:

    IT was very nice to hear you sing. Marina you have a Beautiful voice. Could you please do more singing :lol: :lol:

    • CampKohler says:

      I think she knows better. We all have our limitations and it’s best to act within them. For example, when I drop a knife, I always want to wipe it off on my shirt. That’s why I shouldn’t do brain surgury.

  75. bsomebody says:

    As for the homework. I have had many types of relationships, but I prefer to quality over quantity. I have very few friends, almost all of which are family. I am much happier, now, with my wife than I was in my younger days with various girlfriends. Promiscuity did not bring me happiness.

  76. doaking says:

    i wouldn’t like dating a promiscuous woman, also what does lovelorn mean

  77. stokesjrj1 says:

    Promiscuous, Texas is your home State now get the to thy new home.

  78. Homework: Is it good or bad to be promiscuous?
    Promiscuous meaning a slut indiscriminate.
    Well, I’m no Jack Kennedy (or Bill Clinton, or Prince Charles!).
    Each of those horndogs are noted for being indiscriminate
    as to choices they made! Eddie Fisher was also unable to
    “keep his pants on”. Elizabeth Taylor makes Madonna look
    chaste, by comparison (7 to 1)! In all of these cases, the
    promiscuity exhibited was condescending to their ability to
    engae in healthy relationships. Wilt Chamberlain has a big…
    reputation for sleeping with a record number of women, yet
    today, his basketball skills are what is considered noteworthy.
    Pimps and hos gets no respect; therefore, my conclusion is
    that being promiscuous is not a good thing. :mrgreen:
    What-do-you-think-of-what-I-think? :idea:

    • BillyB says:

      I wrote out a long response to this, then my laptop “hung”. ‘Jist of it was… Jack, Bill & Chuck, even Liz, I wouldn’t consider as being in the promiscuous category, at least from the stories garnered, true or untrue, from the media. They commited indiscreations & maybe used poor judgement at times, but didn’t openly indulge in promiscuity, although they may have been accused of it.
      As far as pimps & hos getting no respect, depends on who is showing the respect & why. There are hookers & drug dealers that work near my shop, I’ve had to run the dealers & pimps out of the area from time to time & shoo the girls away from the shop, but my heart goes out to the girls that seem to be caught in an ever downward spiral of addiction & subjugation. The cops were out arresting the “Johns” last week because of some torturing incidents reported… Sick bastard(s) probably weren’t caught though.

  79. californiachelovek says:

    Hey people -

    If any of you have been tempted to start learning Russian because you want to sweet talk Marina in her native language :-), please check out my blog:

    • Capman911 says:

      I like your site Californiachelovek. You have put a lot into it. You should attach it to you site name so we can access it anytime. Just go to the dashboard and go to your profile. Half way down the page you will see a place to add in a web site. There is where you put your url. Your Gavatar name will then turn blue. :grin:


    • orion_ss1 says:

      I started learning Russian before Marina did.

      That doesn’t mean I speak it better – I barely remember a few vocabulary words and very little grammar; only a few canned phrases – just that I am significantly older.

    • Evan Owen says:

      Zdravstvuite to you too, California dude!
      WORD REQUEST: let’s ask Marina about the etymology of “lyubov” and if it’s cognate with “love.”
      Spasibo za vash…kak po-russkii “website”? Ya izuchal po-russkii, no ne pomnyu nichevo!

      • Привет Evan Owen.

        I’m convinced that любовь is a cognate. Website in Russian is веб-сайт. :) Internet is интернет.

        Как Джон Леннон пел, “Всё вам нужно – любовь”!!!

  80. mijj says:

    ok bsomebody .. i’m ready for your effort now .. reply to confirm you read this, please. :)

  81. noble sponge says:

    dear teacher, y are they called prairie dogs, i think it’s because of were they are found but why dogs? :?:

  82. mijj says:

    Marina! .. i’ve made a cheesy Flash gift/toy for you! … do you wanna see it?

    (.. will M see this? .. chews fingernails ..)

  83. polywogger says:

    I am curious as to whether there is a such a word as “gride”, which is supposed to be another word for “dustpan”. The story I heard was that a “bride and groom” belong together just as do a “gride and broom”.

  84. James says:

    you made me laugh

    “oh, im sorry”

    “means a slut. oh im sorry”


    Have you seen the parody called syphyllis boy?

  85. pandion says:

    Promiscuity is a good thing when I am trying to pick-up a girl at a party, but a bad thing for a girlfriend to be.
    I know that sounds like a double standard, but I was a fun party last night.

  86. michaela_b1808 says:


  87. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear совершенная Marina, Promiscuity must be a good thing for you because you have over 120,000 subscribers, over 131 Million views of less than 300 videos, and probably have sold thousands of calendars. This huge popularity is due to many, many males who think you will be very loving to them! Would that be promiscuous, or what!? :sad:
    Of course, I think promiscuity is bad because I want you to be exclusively for myself, as a truly loyal and faithful partner. I would share you with no one else. There are contracts for this arrangement, which are called “marriage.” :razz:
    Your dear student, seesixcm6

  88. annuddermale says:

    oh…i’m right after 69…whatever that means…

  89. MCLIJazz says:

    I consider promiscuity a bad thing.

  90. mijj says:

    oh! .. Marina! .. if you ever feel inclined to do a gimmick video .. how about a hand sign origin! :) .. they don’t have to be rude, i guess…

    .. how about where the V sign came from? … both variations.

    • mijj says:

      (that example came to mind because you’ve been using that a lot recently .. and i want to be sure exactly what you mean. :) )

      • Capman911 says:

        That’s right Mijj, good idea. Different hand or finger gestures mean different things in different Countries. That would be a good video request. Now that M is catching up on a back log of video requests. I think I am going to by a Mac. This dang computer with XP crashed again today. The only thing holding me back is all the software that I have is for Windows based machines.

      • Che Volay says:

        like touching your bent elbow to mean cheap

        Word/Gesture Request – Touching your bent elbow to mean cheap Mexican & Italian cultures

    • mijj says:

      when did people first start using their thumbs to show they want a lift from a passign car?

      why do americans use the finger and we brits use the V sign?

      what’s the deal with that thing where italians flick their chins to show contempt?

      is it true there’re places where ppl shake their heads for “yes” and nod for “no”?

      … etc.

      • bsomebody says:

        Brits use the V sign for the finger? What is the deal in the pic with Churchill giving the “victory” sign? So, if I pass you on the street and say, “peace, man,” you will cross the street and kick my arse?

      • mijj says:

        bsomebody .. churchill was an arsehole. he did the V sign as a stunt and he got it the wrong way round.

      • Evan Owen says:

        Bulgarians shake their heads to mean yes and nod to say no.
        Greeks nod their heads to mean “yes” like we do.
        “Ne” means “no” in Bulgarian, but “yes” in Greek.
        So when you cross the Greek-Bulgarian border, and see someone nod and say “ne”, you need to know his nationality to know if he’s saying yes or no.

  91. Bob says:

    The Devil’s Advocate wishes to point out that laws have been passed to eradicate discrimination and promote equality in the workplace and in society.
    An independent study has revealed that Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) saves the UK economy £800 million.
    In these difficult economic times, does it not behove us all to extend these laudable principles to our social lives and play our part in saving the economy, by eschewing discrimination between married/betrothed and those not bound to us by agreement or convention, and to be indiscriminate in our choice of partners? Who are we to deny the pleasure of sexual relations with others on the grounds of arbitrary standards of propriety and property? Are married people to be considered the chattels of their spouses, to be forbidden to dispense happiness to those we perceive to be in need of it?
    How much greater a contribution could we make to the economy by being indiscriminate and depriving the civil servant lackeys of the opportunity of wasting our tax contributions on their salaries and bureaucracy?

  92. noltie says:

    Actually I just thought of the word “Window”but you have already done that one so then I thought of the word “Glass”. It is made of sand, but why the heck do they call it glass? Also because glass was put in windows at a later time and actually therefor lost it’s function but is still called a window.

    Also, where do the words “yes” and “no” find their origin? There are several “versions” of them like “yay” and “nay”.

  93. stokesjrj1 says:

    Marina, a comment further down from”pig-in-a-poke”, I answered, haven’t watched this video yet so i dont know what Marina had to say you said “Promiscuous by nature, monogamous by nurture. “I’m so confused!” Should it be Monogamous by nesscesty, promiscuous of spirt, leads too motherly and fatherly by nurture? something to think about.

    The physcal nature of Male and female of, most not all is to be true to their kind and the spirt of most spirits is to be promiscuous which works well for manufracturing products then you run up against the book of revelations which says enough with the toy manafacturing and make new walking talking books of your kind. Then you have to have the correct combination of the physcal and the spiritual to procede any further This is the point I am at in my life and as your beginning to see also.

  94. Promiscuity is a serial pleasure in absence of any deep meaning.
    Sort of like sitting at a table half way through 40 crack hoots.

  95. goldyzm says:

    I would like to know something about word MIGRATION.

  96. Che Volay says:

    where does she hide the microphone :???:

  97. coloursoundandvision says:

    funky, funky chicken

  98. mijj says:

    on the ohter hand .. this discussion about discrimination ignores the other dimension .. ie. wide v. deep.

    ie. .. many partners -> wide range of sexual subjects .. but also implies not deep sexual involvement.

    • mijj says:

      i.e. .. many sexual partners (promiscuity) implies sex is a superficial thing .. whereas, maintaining sexual relationships implies a sense of exploration of sexuality.

      .. maybe.


      • parthenophilast says:

        hmm, interesting. Do you think Hugh Hefner is currently promiscuous or does he simply have three loving girlfriends? In other words, is he deeper than wide?

    • mijj says:

      lol, parthen .. i guess some people have the time and resources to go wide and deep (it’s related to his job – classed under R&D :) ).

      most of us poor earthlings have to go for one or the other.

      how about you, par? .. what’s your priority?

  99. mijj says:

    cufan71 replied on November 16th, 2008 1:21 pm:

    What happened to her “sister”? Haven’t heard from her in a long time! She hasn’t done a teacher’s pet in a while either!

    I wonder if M’s beginning to wear a bit thin .. she’s been doing these thing continually for a long time without a break.
    … and .. i’m worried about her sister and the teacher’s pet thing.

    you know what i’m beginning to suspect .. this isn’t the real M .. this is the evil twin .. that’s why no teacher’s pet.

  100. yojiffyskippy says:

    Hey Teacher, could you explain the origin of the word ‘sincere’? How can a word that sounds so deliciously sinful :evil: , actually be so virtuous :???: ?

  101. Che Volay says:

    Who’s the girl in the photo at 59 sec?

    Promiscuous girls serve a purpose in life
    nothin’ wrong with a girl being a little boy crazy
    A promiscuous girl is not one you take home to your mom
    maybe take her home to dad :grin:

  102. parthenophilast says:

    mijj is partly right. Studies show that people are pickier when it comes to looks for one-night-stands. However, if you’re not all that attractive yourself and you want to be promiscuous, you can’t afford to be all that picky.

    • mijj says:

      if you’re pretty ‘orrible .. then you’re going to less opportunity for discrimination and’ll be stuck with only a small collection of human partners to choose from.

      • parthenophilast says:

        Right, I think it comes down to the behaviorists versus the rest of us using our intuition. The behaviorist ignores the feelings that people say they have, so even if they feel discriminating, behavior-wise they may not be very discriminating at all.

  103. mijj says:

    slaps M’s hands for fidgeting

    • mijj says:

      talk with your hands, M .. not with your mouth!! .. people wont understand you if you don’t talk with your hands!!

    • mijj says:

      sorry .. i mean … express yourself …

      express yourself with your hands, M .. not with your mouth!! .. people wont understand you if you don’t express yourself with your hands!!

    • mijj says:

      .. personally, i think quality and sublety are transmitted by using gestures and body language as well as intonation n so forth.

      i think cerebral types (such as M) are intellectually more inclined to believe that meaning is transmitted via the words. … well .. (bangs fist on table and goes purple in the face) they’re bloody wrong! .. (kicks the cat)

    • pig-in-a-poke says:

      :grin: I noticed that, too, but I decided not to mention it, lest she becomes self conscious. Marina has very expressive hands and I enjoy their enthusiasm. Maybe she has Italian in her blood line.

      • mijj says:

        i’m assuming (given the evidence of her skill) that M can make use of objective observations about the quality of her vids.

        it’s not a value judgement that she’s fidgeting, so i think M wouldn’t be annoyed at someone mentioning that.

        … i guess it’s difficult to deal with tho, it’s an expression of some underlying mood that’s not in tune with how M would like to present herself in the vid. …

      • mijj says:

        - yeh .. she has expressive hands .. but she doesn’t like to use them! .. poor things. .. unappreciated .. like me!! .. she should call her hands “mijj”! (…sniffle…)

  104. mijj says:

    hang on a minute …

    “frequent changes of sexual partner” implies discriminating, doesn’t it?

    if you’re not discriminating then you’d be satisfied whith the same sexual partner.

    • mijj says:

      e.g. .. if you’re discriminating with food, you have a wide range of tastes.

      if you’re not discriminating with food, then you don’t care what you eat and you’re satisfied with steak n chips every day.

  105. mijj says:

    promiscuous .. something to do with promises? … (checks vid)

  106. damienro says:

    promiscuity leads to disease. why have sex with many partners at most once or twice a day when if you just have one you can do it almost anytime you want to. 2-3 times a day for a monogamous person is totally normal i would guess!

    • mijj says:

      “miss marina hasn’t been posting any comments lately and what happened to the bloopers at the end. i know people get better but i actually look forward to the bloopers at the end. like a jackie chan flick!”

      yeh .. i think there can be such a thing as too slick and professional – they begin to seem clinical. You loose the comfortable presence and personality that way. .. erm .. :oops: i dont mean you, damienro .. i mean Marina.

      Keep some of the stumbling in – and move around a bit.

  107. smokey36bear says:

    as long as you play it safe antything can be a good thing :grin:

    • CampKohler says:

      Snake venom
      Going over Niagra Falls
      Income taxes
      Mold in the refrigerator
      Inflight fires
      Soggy cornflakes

      Need I go on?

  108. pig-in-a-poke says:

    Promiscuous by nature, monogamous by nurture. “I’m so confused!”

    • stokesjrj1 says:

      pig-in-a-poke, I haven’t watched this video yet so i dont know what Marina had to say you said “Promiscuous by nature, monogamous by nurture. “I’m so confused!” Should it be Monogamous by nesscesty, promiscuous of spirt, leads too motherly and fatherly by nurture? something to think about.

  109. wetsuit5 says:

    Promiscuous is only bad if one of the parties is not consenting fully and freely.

  110. roperroy says:

    Beautiful lady With all the elections and everything going on here in the USA. All the government bailout I have a word for you.


  111. thoughtonfire says:

    Dear Miss Orlova,

    Being Promiscuous is a very bad thing in my eyes. I say often “Don’t sleep with somebody if you don’t want to live with somebody.”


  112. parthenophilast says:

    Promiscuity is the best thing life has to offer, if you can remain free from the worst diseases. The other two main cons are loneliness and jealousy , but you can always have “friends with benefits” or be in loving relationships that provide companionship and just deal with the jealousy, if you’re stoical enough (or have someone else deal with it!). Hugh Hefner pulled it off :lol:

  113. Capman911 says:

    Home work: I don’t think promiscuous is that bad. :smile:

  114. cufan71 says:

    Homework :cool:
    I like to call it Tom Cattin’ :!:

  115. foxbow says:

    YES!!!!! 1st!!!! finally , im so happy!!! I wanna thank my mom, my dad, and uh the all mighty spageti monster!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll:

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