Halloween 2008

Here is a remake of my Halloween video.. where the name ‘Halloween’ comes from.


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  2. rubenkaboom says:

    when she screams at 2:24 She reminds me of a zomby from resident evil she does the same sound lmfao and when she echos her self she remindes me of that little girl that says ” Your all going to die in here”

  3. leonard says:

    My random lesson selected by “Random Lesson”….I love it. Holy or what, I guess the graphics and all that video work stuff by HOTFORWORDS and “….from the past”; just makes me feel better. keep up the good work, over and over “Hallowed be my name” ACooper :roll:

  4. sindri says:

    mmmm looking svelte there Marina, or Lithe if you prefer. Wish hotforprofits would show herself off like that rrrrr. Anyways thanks for the remake I like the idea.

  5. jamman810 says:

    a glowing skeleton

  6. Ghost Rider says:

    Here’s a cool video I think you will get a kick out of watching it.


  7. Ghost Rider says:

    Marina here’s a picture of Gorby & Gorby. One part donated by Bob. I wanted to see what the port wine stain would look like on KobeGorby’s little head. :grin:

  8. parthenophilast says:

    Is “All Hallow’s Eve” an anachronism? Or did the word “even” change to “eve” while the holiday was still called “All Hallow’s Even?” These are the questions that keep me up at night.

  9. Ghost Rider says:

    Here’s a little relaxing moment to soothe all those tense muscles. :grin:
    T iny Bubbles

    • CampKohler says:

      Video: > …lactic acid loosens dead skin.

      Sulfuric acid also loosens dead skin and has the additional benefit of killing live skin if you don’t like the idea of having all that icky skin hanging about you. You wouldn’t need a loofa, either, but you would definitely need a lot of beer.

      • Ghost Rider says:

        I agree, you’ll need plenty of beer just to kill the pain. :lol: Just a joke I put up like Mijj does just to think your going to a sexy site. She didn’t look bad in her boy panties though. :wink:

    • cufan71 says:

      I never knew it was so much work and planning to take a bath! :shock: I just take a shower when feel like I need one!
      It’s great to be a guy! :cool:

  10. Chemikal says:

    What a cool video.. You totally scared me on 2:23 (yea right, even when your trying to be scary you look cute) :D

  11. onlycasperman says:

    Hello my sweet friend,this web site had been to wonderful,Iliked to it!You are very nice!

  12. This... is my BOOOOOM-stick! says:

    HOMEWORK: I’m not going to dress up for Halloween this year. Instead, I’m going to carve/scuplt a couple of pumpkins to as much fine detail as I could. :cool:


  13. Capman911 says:

    Hey Marina, great video and scary. You looked like you felt embarrassed when you did the scary scream. By the way since it’s another holiday will you be so nice and send us a Halloween card? Please. Here’s you a Halloween Treat

  14. This... is my BOOOOOM-stick! says:

    “Groovy.” :cool:

  15. CampKohler says:

    How does one disable the Co-comment stuff at the bottom of the comment dialog box? Co-comment boxes seems to pop up every time I place the cursor anywhere in the dialog box, even if it is not right near the bottom. It is as maddening as a virus.

    Hate it,
    Hate it,
    Hate it.
    Is there any way,
    To dissipate it?

    • Ghost Rider says:

      If you don’t want it any more just delete it from your control panel. I don’t use it so I don’t know how to turn it off, unless your running firefox then just click on tools and click on add ons and disable it in that section.

      • CampKohler says:

        I don’t see anything in Control Panel that would be relevant. I don’t think what I do in XP or IE7 is going to change what is obviously coming from HFW’s server. I was hoping there was a user-selectable setting that would allow one to disable the Co-comment feature. It is SO annoying. Help, Marina.

    • Ghost Rider says:

      Hey CampKohler, did you look in the add remove section of control panel it should be at the top of the page on the left if your running xp. There you can remove any program that is listed there. Just click on the cocomments program if it is there ans uninstall it.

    • Ghost Rider says:

      Here is their site contact that you can ask them any question to get help. It’s an e-mail address.


    • Ghost Rider says:

      Look under the comment box at the top of the page and see if you can log out or change your options from there.

  16. mijj says:

    ok, Marina Wordbuster … i have another vid for you .. this time it’s to tickle your mind rather than your soul. I’m *guessing* you might appreciate how the words have been toyed with in the first half of this .. [Roy Harper - The Lord's Prayer] (not that lord’s prayer .. his own one.)

    now, ok guys .. :oops: .. i know this is the second vid i’ve drawn M’s attention to in the last couple of days .. but, that doesn’t mean i’m sucking up!

    ps. .. i remembered to make it public.

  17. mijj says:

    :!: 125 million views on YouTube!!

    That’s 1/8 of a billion!! :!:

  18. ericj86 says:

    I was surpised when I looked at SEXY wasnt in the list.
    But maybe you dont need to do that word since your already doing it in every video anyway.

  19. hardcharger66 says:

    Word request. Why are captains in the Marine Corps, Army, and Air Force in the pay grade of O-3, while they are O-6′s in the Navy (Denotes a substantial increase of responsibility and pay)? Also, lieutenants in the Marines, Army, and Air Force are only O-1′s and O-2′s while they are O-3′s in the Navy. Why don’t they match up? I have my own unsubstantiated hypothesis.

    • CampKohler says:

      WLIU, the naval captain probably reflects a probability that they will have a responsibility of or equal to that of the captain of a large ship. As far as the lieutenants go, I’d guess it’s just the whacky way the Navy does things sometimes, i.e. starting out with ensign, which bumps Lt. up one.

  20. habahut says:

    The difference between cum and come is only a few letters, and they sound phonetically the same, even though they have different meanings. Or do they? Women have always been weaker then men, so is it possible that these words actually have similar meanings, i.e.: a woman making a man cum in bed is synonomous with making him come to her defence in a disagreement? I would be interested to know what you think.

  21. Che Volay says:

    …..M, do you mean you’re going to be hot4words, the evil sister for Halloween :???:
    …{only difference between the two is one has a preposition for a middle name and the other has a number} :grin:

  22. schleg64 says:

    Howdy! I would like to know the origin of the word, or symbol, known as “Rx.” I see it a lot at pharmacies and I believe it means prescription, but I’m not so sure.

    • CampKohler says:

      WLIU, I think it is a Latin abbreviation for take. A prescription would always begin with the “ingrediments” and method of preparation e.g. “Take two newt’s eyes, a bat’s wing, six pumpkin seeds, a handful of Kobe droppings and mix well.”

  23. errolenigma says:

    Hey Marina, I was wondering where the words goblin and troll came from. I’ve never understood what they mean.


  24. fatbuffalo says:

    why not wear a costume marina ?

  25. bobsully says:

    I am dressing as a gentleman from the 1776 period. I might even make a video to share with you Marina.

  26. bobsully says:

    Boo!!! :mrgreen:

  27. falkevor says:

    “Dilatant”: Thank you, your new fan.

  28. lostinhere says:

    I will be working Halloween, which is scary enough without the costume.

  29. osiris999 says:

    3 из 4 вампиров, рекомендуют вас вахта, hotsforwords!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
    Также, как о начале слова, southpaw, имя давая к левша boxer’ s!!! :roll:

  30. andrevrd says:

    ice cream sundae -
    why is the ice cream dessert called a sundae? like a chocolate sundae. has it got to do with sunday?
    thanks for the great show you are awesome.

  31. m3v4n says:

    Hi again Marina!

    can you please do the origin of “hanging Chad”?

    • CampKohler says:

      We all know the Bush-Gore election fiasco having to do with incompletely-punched chads still connected to the ballots, so you could just do chad. Chads have been around a long time as perferated tape was used by teletype machines as a way to store messages long before magnetic-tape or -wire recording was a twinkle in German eyes.

  32. muggins says:

    Whew ! That was a scary lesson. The only reason I didn’t run away was because Marina was looking so fine.

  33. m3v4n says:

    Hi Marina,

    Can you please tell me the origin of the words “Doppleganger” and “Dead Ringer”?
    Thank you!

  34. leonard says:

    Are the quotes added automatic at midnight? Good day at any time, later :grin: PLOW me Under, wordrequest”ploughboy” or old russian saying of having to shoot a horse that wasn’t pulling together. Grid lines, a good one. :eek:

  35. stokesjrj1 says:


  36. paintballakid11 says:

    NEW WORD REQUESTL: “Pussy” where did the word come from and why do people call Vigina’s Pussy’s?

  37. tristannolan85 says:

    was wanting to know where the phrase trip the light fantastic came from? :twisted:

  38. leonard says:

    Will the teacher, be a part of the Bill O’Reilly feature on CBS’s “Sunday Morning”, next sunday?

  39. stokesjrj1 says:

    words phrase request: terminal justice is the same as Texas Justice?

  40. stokesjrj1 says:

    any idea where “two timer” comes from?

  41. dpschreiber says:

    Any idea where the phrase “cat-bird seat” comes from?

  42. kobe says:

    Blue eyes or Brown eyes? :roll: :?:

  43. leonard says:

    old school reverb with echoe, dressed to kill and marching saints http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5z2Yy6sYGY&feature=related

  44. eric812 says:

    hello miss pretty marina,since it`s getting close to halloween when you sneak up behind someone and say “BOO!!!”can you find the origin and why say “BOO!!!” can you investigate?
    do you just take video requests?
    have a nice day!!!

    • CampKohler says:

      If you really want to scare the bejesus out of someone, just stand quietly a few inches behind. When they finally discover you are there, their mind explodes. “Boo” kind of gives their mind a few milliseconds of heads up and is not nearly as effective.

      Of course, if they turn around and bash you over the head with whatever is at hand, you don’t have a leg to stand on.

  45. mijj says:

    you know how you can “think of somebody” .. can you “feel of somebody”?

  46. danielpool says:

    Hi Marina could you please sing a song i love to hear you sing in one of your videos :lol: :lol: :lol:

  47. Hi Marina,

    I am going to be the “Scary Booger-Bush-Man”.

    I have been making all kinds of “funky” boogers by rolling up chunks of dried rubber cement. I am going to glue them all over the front of my George Bush mask. Along with this I am wearing this t-shirt I got when I was in Boston… says… George Bush?… vegetable? or noxious weed?

    My back pockets will be over-stuffed with fake US money.
    Yikes! :lol:

  48. buzzword says:

    don’t bother trick or treating the house below me.

  49. zxq896 says:

    Hi Marina I was wondering In my English class we were talking about the word catalyst can you explain that in more depth for me

    • CampKohler says:

      WLIU, a catalyst is something that allows other things to react together without the catalyst being directly involved in or consumed by that reaction. Without the catalyst, the other things would not normally react. In other words, it’s a helper to the reaction. Because the catalyst doesn’t actually take part in the reaction, the helping would not likely be predicted, but rather be discovered by accident. Example: “I was a catalyst in Jim’s divorce when I showed his wife pictures of him naked in bed with another women. Who woulda thunk!”

  50. tommaralem1987 says:

    Hello brothers and sisters:

    Let it be known that the ancient were season watchers. They looked for signs in the seasons to know when to begin planting, when to start getting ready for winter. Now attach spiritual significance to what you observe. We are about to approach an equinox(Time of the year when the number of daylight hours equals the number of nightime hours)
    There are two Equinii or Equinoxes(What is the plural of Equinox?). The Vernal Equinox which is the entry into Summer and the Autumnal Equinox which is the the entry into Winter. The Autumnal Equinox occurs in September, so why is ‘Halloween’ in October?
    There is fetishism for all things demonic on ‘Halloween’. So it is not a Holy day. The good thing to do is not to participate in any activity on this day. In other countries people go to pray for the dead, to ask God to forgive them and provide them rest. Here, people fixate and get pleasure from things demonic.

    Keep well everyone.

    • tommaralem1987 says:

      The ancients attached spiritual significance to what they observed in nature. The summer is seen as a time of joy and life; the winter, one of barronness and death. They mustve viewed the Equinoxes as the crisis(‘turning’ point) between them.

      • Dezdkado says:

        Saturnalia, celebrated at the Winter Solstice is a time of death and rebirth… particularly of the sun. The days (daylight hours of the days) dwindle shorter until the solstice, then begin to increase again.

  51. ignus275 says:

    I’ve got a word request; Bulldozer, the Tractor like machine with a large scoop at the front.

  52. Che Volay says:

    @Dez, you secretly want the polar opposite of your mother,
    no I’m not crazy just an observant goyim :grin:

    also i am right handed

    • buzzword says:

      and typing with your left.

    • Dezdkado says:

      Goy… goyim is plural. And I must apologize if I have misled you. I am not Jewish, though I would be proud to be so if I were so blessed. My upbringing and studies have afforded me some knowledge in this realm, but I am a gentile. But this doesn’t stop the yentas in my neighborhood from trying to play matchmaker… :mrgreen:

      • Che Volay says:

        …good for you…now when I make a yiddish joke someone will know what I’m talking about :grin:

      • Dezdkado says:

        Oh, I forgot, shiksa is correct… and acceptable and almost always meant in a humorous way in the US. (Only in one case have I ever met anyone who felt insulted by that word.) Watch out how you use it elsewhere though. Some may take offense. The root word from which shiksa is derived is sheketz, and it is definitely not a compliment. I believe sheketz roughly means forbidden, unholy, or abomination.

        My Yiddish is not so strong (not my forte, heh). I know more Hebrew. Have you ever met anyone who spoke Ladino?

  53. mijj says:

    it’s been 2 1/2 hours and Marina hasn’t started a new page.

    does anyone know if she’s ok?

  54. mijj says:

    oh no! .. i uploaded another new south african music vid
    [Condry Ziqubu - Mayibuye]

  55. tryant says:

    I dunno,maybe I’ll make a cardboard,robot-looking,suit from empty beer boxes :cool: c’mon ladies,have a drink on Me. “Me Beerbot,need iiiiinpuuuuut.


    • danielpool says:

      tryant all the pretty beavers on the C B are saying 10-4 what is your 10-20 :lol: :lol:

      • tryant says:

        I just fuc%in woke up and some darn upstart is all but callin Me a Hick!! Round here Son,Ya gotta be careful with Yer lips,some good ole boy will tie Ya to a Driftless tree(You know the ones,Kobe dropped down to pee on em during his balloon expedition)and whup the snot outa Ya. :smile:

        Driftless area is a close enough 20 since allllll the pretty Beaver already got My address,and,My Kids,house,car,retirement,biz and about 1/2 My pride.

        Didn’t anybody tell Ya son,,stopped callin it “beaver” looong ago! Now I gotta go see if My GF is wearing “squirrel covers” or not,I wanna “tear one off” before I go to work!


      • Dezdkado says:

        LOL, tryant… squirrel covers… lol
        That’s a 10-4 good buddy! :lol:

      • tryant says:

        Well TY dez! Now,ummm,how the heck did I become Mr “Trucker-talk”?!?! :lol:

        I do have a pair of walkie-talkies tho,and a pair of police scanners,and a pretty big “pair” in-general! :lol: Ooops,better amend that,*had* a pair of scanners,some woman(crazy ex-neighbor lady)stole My big one,still have My portable tho. :smile: Apparently She didn’t ever figure out how to use the scanner She stole cause She got busted,if the scanner was workin She woulda known they were comin!! :lol: I think that’s just ironic. :twisted: :smile:


    • Dezdkado says:

      I saw a conehead around here
      who had “mass quantities” of malted beverages
      and “cheese orbs”

    • Dezdkado says:

      Sorry, it wasn’t my intent to label you as “CB Guy”. :mrgreen:

      I remember the days when CB talk was the fad… back in the days of Convoy and the saga of the Rubber Duck.

      • tryant says:

        You didn’t dez,did Ya? I thought it was danielpool that started that,,no matter,,I am hardly ever 100% serious anyway. :grin:

        Yepper,I was a teen in those days,cb radios do have their uses and a heckuva lot more range than walkie-talkies. I’ve driven some machinery,a few big flatbeds,boom trucks,endloader,backhoe,dump truck,skid loaders and even a small caterpillar once,but,never got to drive a semi tractor,with or without trailer. Maybe someday,just to say I did.


    • tryant says:

      Wrong ring but a cool(though darkly foreboding)poem che volet;;

      One Ring

      Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul,
      Ash nazg thrakutulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.

      Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
      Seven for the dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
      Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
      One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne,
      In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
      One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
      One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
      In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

      JRR Tolkien

  56. aharm232 says:

    I would like to know where the phrase “Birds of a feather flock together” or even just “Birds of a feather”.
    And I am gonna be in my ACUs for Halloween this year lol

  57. mijj says:

    :lol: “If you were plowing a field, which would you rather use? Two strong oxen or 1024 chickens?” – Seymour Cray, father of supercomputing 1925-1996

    love that quote!

  58. Che Volay says:

    ….and it’s time for the best masturbation song ever Rosie – Jackson Brown

  59. smokey36bear says:

    I wanted to dress all in lace and go as a laced teddie since my name is Ted, but work won’t let me

  60. harry9 says:

    that was some scary video Marina

  61. the4thdr says:

    How did the word “Charlie Horse” come to be known for a pulled muscle?

  62. Che Volay says:

    …..well I’m going out and buy a white T-shirt put an impression of a tire tread across this shirt, then I can go out as ‘roadkill’ ……with my Pepe le Pew mask I’ll be a dead skunk in the middle of the road…. :smile:

  63. wetsuit5 says:

    I’m gonna dress up as HotForWords.
    Gonna tape a six pack of beer to my belly.

    Scary video, even Kobe decided to run for cover.
    At least he killed the fluffy rug the other day so Marina would be safe. Grrr Grrr Grrr!!!

  64. bsomebody says:

    I will be a pirate! Aaarrrrrrrghh :wink:

  65. mijj says:

    more music uploaded! a little excellent prime krautrock from 1971:
    [amon duul - race from here to your ears]
    (in three parts: Little tornadoes, Overheated tiara, The flyweighted five)

    .. this time i remembered to make it public! :)

  66. mijj says:

    word request: zit .. erm .. unless it’s already done.

    if you do this one, M, can you see if you can grow a couple for the vid and squeeze em as a demo.

    thank you.

  67. Capman911 says:

    I like these adds a lot better than the hairy gay men adds that were meant for Foxbro. :lol:

  68. Dezdkado says:

    Marina, in the theme of Halloween, could you look at “familiar”? It usually means something intimate or friendly. However, a witch’s black cat was considered a familiar, meaning a demon or evil spirit. How did the two meanings come to be?

  69. bukah0301 says:

    Hi Marina..
    Love your videos..

    Also in the spirit of Halloween, I’m just wondering where the word “Will-o-wisp” Come from..
    I don’t see anything related to it being a wisp..

    Thank you..

  70. originalistrick says:

    That is truly a great one, Marina – thanks!

  71. lanced says:

    Hi Marina

    What is the origin of the phrase ” That’s all she wrote ? ”

    For example, a newscaster might say, ” If Candidate X doesn’t win Ohio, that’s all she wrote. ”
    Or if a baseball team doesn’t start hitting the ball better, that’s all she wrote. ………Thanks and great job !

  72. James says:

    Idea for your videos

    Marina, at the end; to get more traffic to here why dont you have a picture that says hotforwords.com then put one of those annotations that have a link to the site in it? I am sure that would make more traffic.

  73. James says:

    Some one posted this on my video

    James ne liubit Marinu???… James malenkii zadrot!

    I think its croatian. Does any one know what it means?

    • Dezdkado says:

      I think you are right about it being Croatian… perhaps Serbian.
      I believe it translates “James does not love Marina? James is a bad man!”

      • Dezdkado says:

        I found a site that translates zadrot as Russian in origin…

        I don’t think this is the case, however, Marina should know if it’s Russian… or ask Pavel

      • Capman911 says:

        also Dez liubit referenced back to a Russian language also.I used Google Translate and Babelfish and they both came out with the same translation. He could be calling James a rooster vacuumer. If you know what I mean. lol

      • Che Volay says:

        ….i do know what you are saying Capman :shock:

      • Dezdkado says:

        Yikes… gives a whole new meaning to Rhode Island Red!

        I found a Russian translation for the Beatles hit: She Loves You. I note the use of the word “liubit” for love.

        Ona tebya liubit- she loves you
        Ona tebia liubit.
        Ona tebia liubit
        Ona seichas liubit tebia

        Ushla tvoya liubov’
        To chto bylo ne zabutet’sya
        No ona poliubit vnov’
        i zhelanie tvoye sbudetsya
        Ona skazala, chto gotova vsye prostiit’,
        Potom skazala, obesh’ala polubit’

        Ty obidel tak eye.
        Rassudok poteralyala ona.
        Seichas do neye doshlo. Chto ty eto govoril liubya.
        Ona skazala, chto gotova vsye prostiit’,
        Potom skazala, obesh’ala polubit’

        “malenkii” looks to be translated as “small” or “little”. So what it looks like is… (apart from the rooster vacuum option)
        “James does not love Marina? James has a little dirty (filthy) mouth.” or perhaps…
        “James does not love Marina? James is a little ass-mouth.”

      • buzzword says:

        my favorite new insult… ass mouth.

      • Che Volay says:

        ….sounds like a bad case of the zxactlies

        ……that’s when your breath smells exactly like your asshole :grin:

    • Capman911 says:

      James I translated this much using Croatian.

      James does not liubit Marino? … James malenkii zadrot!

  74. pluckynoonez says:

    Since it is almost Halloween, I was wondering where “boo” originated.

    And most importantly! why “boo!” is used at sporting events. If a crowd does not like something they “boo!” It has always fascinated me.

  75. thoughtonfire says:


    OMG That F**king scared me!!! You know I flatter you with my words when I respond with homework, and I’m serious all the time, I am serious I am serious. You scarred me! And of course I am going to flatter you with my words because you are hot. Hence Hot For Words. Yeah that f***king scared me!

    I’m a Zombie with a Brainz Fetish. Not so scary, but seeing as you have Intelligence I just might have to EAT YOUR BRAINZ!!! :twisted:

    Your Student,
    TOF :mrgreen:

  76. Capman911 says:

    Man I finally got logged in. Is the server slow M ?

  77. stokesjrj1 says:

    “Maid IN Hell” Investagte Please Marina? :roll:

  78. mrroboto says:

    sarcastic… what a weird word
    and by the way im being a ghost BOO!

  79. beliq says:

    Приветик моя дорогая учителница :razz:

    лучше перейду на английском чтоб все понимали. I would like to know the origin of the word, actually they’re couple of words but it could be simplified to one – bollocks?! I am a big fan of British humor and I am curious why “dogs bollocks” is supposed to be good and “plain” “normal” bollocks is bad or simply crap. What is the idea and where it comes from? I hope it is not a very vulgar demand i have there. I came with this one while watching your video about Bear and Bull.

    P.S. А и можеш называть меня белый или просто Паша :roll:

  80. cufan71 says:

    I doubt I’ll dress up, but I am planning to go to HOOTERS! The girls always wear cute costumes! Lots of FUN :!: :grin:

  81. Dezdkado says:

    Aha… we see Marina now in “Spooky-vision.” :shock:

  82. foxbow says:

    oooooh the Flying Spaghetti Monster ….. :razz: Ramen :!:

    nope,We don’t have Halloween over here, I think it’s kinda retarded anyways…. :???: not as bad though as this hideous “Carnaval” we have over here -.-

  83. James says:

    Good to see the vampire voice comeback Marina!!! I think samhain is actually a pagan festival. Actually a pagan told me it was a pagan festival.

    I am going away for 6 days on tuesday so let me know what I have missed!

  84. swamplady123 says:

    Dear Marina,
    I just saw your ceasar video and it reminded me that once i herd the word Czar came from ceasar. Did it? And how did it change from ceasar to Czar.

  85. tort says:

    Why do words like “retard” and “retreat” have the prefix “re” when they aren’t repeated?

  86. stokesjrj1 says:

    as a red lobster

  87. orion_ss1 says:

    A lab-coat and a stethoscope and poof – I’m a Dr.

    Excuse me – I have to check on the patient who fell into the upholstery machine and see if he is fully recovered. :lol:

  88. tazman says:

    Also this phase…
    “Modus Operandi”

    Thanks again!

  89. Bob says:

    It looks like kungfu86 is copying your style of dress, Marina. :lol:

  90. tazman says:

    I have to chose between Batman and the Reaper

    By the way. I’m still waiting for my word request. here they are again.
    anyone of these would be fine. Big THANKS.

  91. Bob says:

    I don’t think I shall be loosing my head, dressing up this Halloween, but I have found suitable costumes for capman and Kobe, and also
    one for Capt.Jack.
    I like the effects you produced in this video, particularly the colour negative one which made it look as though you had a fluorescent lamp stuffed under your … err … shaggy rug. :shock: :lol:

  92. My costume is a ‘stoner’ I call Mr. Pot Head or Mr. Phd for short.
    I walk around smelling of the herb and having the munchies. I also have delusion of grandeur, then upon review of these delusion on the next morning I realize all my ideas really suck. :mrgreen:

  93. labbatt78 says:

    I would like to dress up as Elvis

  94. thevoltroncrew says:

    Hey HotForWords Before I Make A Request I Wanted You To Give A Shoutout To The Girl I Like “Kusa Thy!” and i have a GREAT Word For You..”Selfish”, explain how they put those words together to make up a totally different MEANING..Help!

    PS I Love YOUR VIDEOS, i watch’em everyday =)

  95. hotrocky says:

    I want to really upset and terrify the other party-goers, so I’m going as a mass-murdering war criminal who destroys his country and turns it into a bankrupt fascist dictatorship, if I can find a GWB mask.

    • CampKohler says:

      And I’m going as a lame do-nothing that allows whacko zealots to carry violence and distruction into our country unhindered to reduce the population to hiding their children under their beds for their entire lives (unless they change their religion, of course, and then everything is miraculously OK).

      Puts a new perspective on Trick or Treat, doesn’t it?

      • buzzword says:

        so your going as palin?

      • CampKohler says:

        <soapbox>The way I look at it is, so what if she is merely ordinary? What’s wrong with a citizen vice president or president once in a while? I mean, look at Clinton with his scholarly honors. Didn’t stop him from ignoring 800,000 murders in Rwanda did it? (Any boob could figure out that few hundred tons of well-placed bombs that would cause them to stop and think would certainly be better than doing nothing, regardless of the collateral damage. Especially after the 400,000 mark was reached.) But nothing was done! (oh, well, they were only natives.) It seems to me that nothing she could do (short of nuclear mismanagement) could come out as wrong as that. A good heart goes a long way. </soapbox<>

  96. bhsrules12 says:

    what dose FBI means

  97. Che Volay says:

    …my costume is a pseudonym disguised as a different pseudonym :shock:

  98. Che Volay says:

    Marina can you place more toys in the HTML code section also more emoticons……i just need more ways to creatively express myself.
    ……{ maybe bake us some cookies too } :mrgreen:

    • CampKohler says:

      If you put too much in, people will start using huge fonts or whatever in order to stand out, which can be distracting to say the least. It depends on who the users are; just anyone from anywhere will take advantage (witness the YouTube comments), but a close-knit group tends to use self discipline and conform to the norm (or at least be thoughtful of others).

      One technique is to add a new allowed tag and see if anyone abuses (vs. uses) it. If they do, delete it; it they don’t, leave it in. Some tags are less likely to be abused, such as >olstrong<? Strong allows the browser to display whichever font the user has set up for emphasis (whereas bold just gets you bold).

      One thing I wish I could disable is the annoying Co-comment Updated Converstion thingy. It keeps popping up and I have no use for it.

      • CampKohler says:

        Rats! Something went wrong again. It should read:

        Some tags are less likely to be abused, such as >olstrong<? Strong allows the browser to display whichever font the user has set up for emphasis (whereas bold just gets you bold).

      • CampKohler says:

        OK, I finally figured it out! I was using my invented technique of reversing the angle brackets to keep the tags from executing (but since they aren’t allowed anyway, I probably didn’t even need to) and I didn’t remember that Word Press swallows up everything between a left bracket and any following right bracket no matter how much text is in between, including whole sentences. Therefore, that techniques only works when you type just one tag; two or more and you are in trouble.

        Now I have just discovered the real answer; if one simply substitutes the HTML entity code instead of actually typing the brackets, it appears normally, yet doesn’t execute. So then, it should read:

        Some tags are less likely to be abused, such as <ol>, so you could start with that one. BTW, what’s wrong with <strong&gt? <strong> allows the browser to display whichever font the user has set up for emphasis (whereas bold just gets you bold).

      • CampKohler says:

        Dang, left out a semicolon. We REALLY need edit back!

  99. leo says:

    Even though I’m old enough to be your father, I always enjoy your videos. You’re one of the best videos on youtube.

    How about the origin of the word “whippersnapper”?


    • CampKohler says:

      > “…old enough to be your father….”

      One can’t let little technicalities like that stand in the way of a good fantasy, can one? :grin:

      WLIU (this hearafter is the new standard HFW abbreviation for “without looking it up”), whippersnapper refers to a young or inexperienced person, especially an annoyingly rambunctious or unruly one. It originated from the tendancy of new horse wagon drivers to snap their whips over the horses, but seasoned drivers would merely utter a command and the horses would obey. The former would ostentatiously put on a show, wheas the latter quietly demonstrated their mastery over their animals. How’d I do?

  100. grotesko says:

    I’m going to be a Marionette, and I was wondering, what’s the origin of that word ? Thank you, Marina! :grin:

    • CampKohler says:

      The term originated from the feelings of the auto workers at the General Motors plant in Marion, Illinoise. They felt like puppets on the assembly line, with the bosses pulling their strings every second of every day, especially after efficiency experts had studied and timed their every move and then specified exactly how the job was to be done, with no deviations allowed. The workers finally had enough and the Marionettes, as they became to be known, killed all the supervisors and executives. Unfortunately there was no one left to pay them, so they all starved to death.

      At least I think that’s how it went.

  101. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear совершенная Marina, You must do enormous work to produce your videos! First, you probably eat nothing for three hours before filming, so you will look thinner. Then you set the videocam on it’s tripod and set up the microphone. You select a skimpy outfit to wear, put on make-up, arrange your hair and get in position before the camera. You recite the script for the opening and main speech. Then, there’s more work. After you eat a miniature meal that’s low-fat, low sugar and low-calorie, you must begin editing! You add the opening and closing videos, add still pictures of yourself, place new photos in your introductory video, and insert many pop-up images that you move in and out of the screen. You also add background music, and lots of sound effects, too. For this video you added negative images, tinted images, bloody image inserts, reverberation and other sounds! It’s lots of amazing work!
    I’ll need to play my guitar for days to create enough sound files for my own videos, and I haven’t written the first script, yet!
    For your homework, I don’t have to dress up for Halloween. I just pass out candies to children who call. If I would get many young, slender women to dress in tiny clothing just like Hot For Words, I think I’d have a very happy halloween! :razz:
    Your dear student, seesixcm6

    • mijj says:

      You must do enormous work to produce your videos! …

      … You select a skimpy outfit to wear, put on make-up, arrange your hair.

      That’s uncanny .. that’s exactly what i do when making my humble animations!

      • seesixcm6 says:

        Do you eat nothing for three hours before filming, too?
        I’m glad you’re already posting videos. I’m still working on background music for videos I plan to do.

    • mijj says:

      have you seen my videos? .. they’re seconds long.

      it’s not like they’re epics. most of them (‘cept for the last two) took 1..2 days. – except .. they were very hard working days .. i had a lot to learn.

      so .. yeh .. well .. i dont technically think there was a “3 hours before filming”, because that would have been the 3 hours at the end of the previous work.

      what are you using for the music? .. a music prog or live?

      • seesixcm6 says:

        I’m recording music I play on guitar on a cassette tape recorder right now. I hope to transfer it as background music to videos, later. To prevent problems with the music industry, I’m trying to use music at least 100 years old. “Home on the Range”, “Ode to Joy”, and stuff like that.

      • CampKohler says:

        Copyrights are now the life of the author plus 70 years in the U.S. (Disney got Congress to pass this for them so that they could keep Mickey Mouse from escaping into the public domain.)

    • mijj says:

      you not hveing a shot at recordig your own stuff?

      i played a little guitar yonks ago … just before i abandonned it i got some bits of stuff onto cassette. at some point i’ll have a shot at transcribing into my music prog. Trouble is .. i have v little music theory and cnat for the life of me work out what notes i’m playing unless i can put my hands on the neck of a guitar and actuall play the thing.

  102. Homework: I’ve opted to go with the
    Secret Service agent costume. I wear my
    Brooks Bros. suit, dark glasses (heh heh),
    and the earpiece, of course. I have a route
    planned to hit 4 spots where I am sure
    to encounter people costumed as candidates.
    Part of the act is to not smile, and “talk”
    to my shirt cuff. No makeup, no mask :mrgreen:
    Nobody I’ve seen has thought of this so
    it should get some laughs :grin:

  103. danielpool says:

    Hi Marina 5* :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: that was so scary. You did a excellent job on explaining Halloween i liked it very much thank you :grin:

  104. Che Volay says:

    Marina is leaning to the left in this video

    {…..some kind of political subliminal message, i wonder :???: :???: :???: }

    • mijj says:

      her right tho.

      when it comes down to it, M rests firmly on the right.

      • Che Volay says:

        ….exit stage right – Snagelpus

      • Dezdkado says:

        *Snagglepuss voice*

        “Heavens to Mergatroid! It’s getting very political, even!”

        • mijj says:

          well .. i think it’s possible to be rational and human and lean to the right .. i mean .. you don’t have to be insanely Bill O’Reilly right or George Bush right.

          plus .. why do people assume that the more attractive someone is, the more likely they are to be soft hearted and lefty?

          at core, M’s a serious business woman, and hard working business people tend to be politically left inclined. … Not that it’s impossible, but just that it’s something that wouldn’t come natural to a person involved in that kind of struggle .. they’d have to seriously put time aside to consider that kind of stuff.

          so .. maybe M is left inclined .. but maybe not.

          plus .. america hates lefties… M doesn’t want to be hated by america, does she?

      • BillyB says:

        Looks even, left & right, to me anyways, but I wasn’t going to say anything… I’m too polite.

  105. annuddermale says:

    Ai Ai Cthulhu Ph’Tagen. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu Rl’yeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

    i’m dressing up as a volleyball referee on Halloween – i have a match at a prestigious downtown Atlanta university…

    hopefully the coeds will be running amok in just being genie outfits when i get done… :cool:

  106. pandion says:

    This year I am planning on wearing clothes that have gotten paint on them, and putting a bandage around my ear. Van Gogh is a bit surreal for Halloween, but it is an easy costume.

  107. runawayscott says:

    Marina, this is completely sincere. I think I love you. You are gorgeous, intelligent, clever and funny. OK maybe I just have a little buzz on from getting the first comment in. But really, you’re great. If I thought I stood even the slimest chance, I swear I’d ask you to marry me.

  108. runawayscott says:

    Hey, I got here first this is so cool

  109. mijj says:

    nooooooooo!!! … :oops: … i fluffed a line ..

    i said: at core, M’s a serious business woman, and hard working business people tend to be politically left inclined.

    i shudda said: at core, M’s a serious business woman, and hard working business people tend to be politically right inclined.

  110. mijj says:

    damn .. that was for Dezdkado below in th ethread.

  111. buzzword says:

    good, i was about to disagree with you.

  112. Dezdkado says:

    A hard-working business person may be left or right politically. You don’t necessarily need to lean right to be successful in business, but I agree that many businesspeople do lean right politically… largely to protect themselves from an intrusive government, whether local or federal (or both).

    A business owner tends to want to protect what he has and what he has earned, whether that be for personal wealth, for re-investment into the business, for personal enrichment, or for increasing the standard of living for others (whether employees, social issues, or charities). These goals are often practical, not political. I find nothing wrong in a businessperson wanting to protect what’s his… and using his legal influence to keep the government out of his pockets. What I do have a problem with is a business owner who acquires wealth through criminal enterprise, the deception of the public and the government, or the exploitation of the labor force. This greed and this heartlessness is not a left or right political position. These flaws are human flaws.

    Our last two Presidential elections are evidence that the US is split fairly evenly between left and right… both in the popular vote and the electoral college. If you lived here in the US and listened to our media day-in and day-out you might get the impression that the US hates your political tendency, no matter what that might be, left or right. I tend toward a Constitution Party/Libertarian Party outlook. I want the government to keep its hands off of my rights and off of my wallet. In social issues I find the left-leaning MSM (main stream media) to generally flow with mine, but to be antagonistic to me concerning economic matters. When listening to conservative media, I generally experience the opposite.

  113. buzzword says:

    ha… “damned right!”

  114. buzzword says:

    yeah, i’d agree with that, as one approach to making government smaller that is usually unsuccessful. i have friends that are on social security due to being handicapped and they have been poorly treated due to privatization of those social services. however i would argue that many parts of u.s. government are unnecessarily large, redundant or ineffective in relation to their responsibilities. privatization rarely solves this problem and as you said merely makes failures private.

  115. James says:

    Well that was odd.

    mijj replied to your comment on the post Halloween 2008

    Your comment:
    Hmm. Is there some kind of way i can email you?

    mijj’s reply:
    nooooooooo!!! … :oops: … i fluffed a line .. i said: at core, M’s a serious business woman, and hard working business people tend to be politically left inclined. i shudda said: at core, M’s a serious business woman, and hard working business people tend to be politically right inclined.

    You can reply to the comment by clicking this link:

  116. mijj says:

    well .. damned right! .. that would have been ridiculous!

  117. mijj says:

    “I agree that many businesspeople do lean right politically… largely to protect themselves from an intrusive government, whether local or federal (or both).”

    yes .. i think it’s an instinct due to the tough competitive circumstances. You need to have an instinct to put yourself first and cut throats when necessary, because you need to do that to survive.

    The tougher and more uncertain the circumstances .. the more extreme those characteristics will be – i.e. the more right wing their natural inclination will be … i don’t mean in an intellectual talking point way, i mean in a natural behavior way.

    I think it’s highly appropriate for people in certain circumstances to have behavior and political opinions which boost their chances of thriving or surviving at the personal level.

    I think national problems are created by political leaders when those political characteristics which are suitable for particular circumstances are seen as characteristics which should be pervasive throughout society.

    I.e. should the aggressive right political viewpoint permeate throughout all society?

  118. mijj says:

    ps ..

    Our last two Presidential elections are evidence that the US is split fairly evenly between left and right

    ahem .. you mean “Our last two Presidential elections are evidence that the US is split fairly evenly between right and extreme right” don’t you?

  119. buzzword says:

    a recent political commentator noted, “it is not an issue of big government or small government but good government or bad government, big where it needs to be big and small where it needs to be small. as long as it is effective government” i agree with that statement.

    i don’t mind paying taxes as long as it is used effectively to solve social problems. emphasis on solve, not support social problems. i understand poverty, education, disease and autonomy as issues that need to be addressed to strengthen society and improve the future.

    i believe that if taxes are used effectively the result should be an more successful, healthy civically involved society consisting of individuals independent of government support. i also think that taxes could be better used to develop u.s. infrastructure. i approach taxes as an investment for future returns. currently i’d like to fire my accountant.

    but hey, i might change my mind.

  120. Dezdkado says:

    ahem .. you mean “Our last two Presidential elections are evidence that the US is split fairly evenly between right and extreme right” don’t you?

    Not at all, Mijj. But then I’m not looking in from the outside. I don’t say this to be dismissive or flippant, I assure you. You are a part of a nation and a government much closer to what I would call socialism. Your relative position makes your observation valid, to you and to most of Europe. The US is much more capitalistic by comparison. From where I stand, I see my two party system pulling to Fascism on the extreme right, and Totalitarianism on the extreme left, and a greater majority of moderation to either side of our collective middle ground. Since my 2 party system must appeal to a large and varied base, we change slowly, and enlarge that view that you expressed. If the UK is the standard by which all political positions are judged, you speak well and accurately. I can only judge from my American experience. I guess this is all to say that I believe I understand your observation. My statements did not invalidate your point of view, any more than yours did mine.

  121. mijj says:

    oh yeh .. lol .. the right are damned.

  122. mijj says:

    oh yeh . btw …

    a recent political commentator noted, “it is not an issue of big government or small government but good government or bad government, big where it needs to be big and small where it needs to be small. as long as it is effective government” i agree with that statement.

    that reminded me of a particular peculiar .. erm .. thing ..

    this thing about making big government small ..

    … what they do when they say they’re making government smaller is privatize parts of it.

    but .. that doesn’t make government smaller .. all those parts which are governing are still there .. maybe now more complicated than before .. the difference now is that that privatised part is hidden from view and resposiblity to the public. .. so .. it’s not smaller at all .. in fact .. it could very well be bigger ..

    .. what they really mean when they say they want smaller government is .. they want portions of the government to be taken from public control and put into private hands.

  123. mijj says:

    yeh .. oh certainly agree that huge parts of govt are inefficient …

    .. however .. it’s an entirely false notion that somehow puting the same inefficient organisation into private hands magically makes it efficiently geared towards optimising public service/unit effort. It’s not even about public service any more .. profit is about $$.

    plus .. is inefficiency really that much of an evil? .. that inefficiency is really welfare for office workers.

    It happens throughout private industry too … look at the record industry .. huge swathes of useless office people entirely funded by screwing musicians copyright — and these desk jockeys scream blue murder about how the music biz is hurting whey ppl dload tracks for free. .. serves em right.

  124. Dezdkado says:

    I agree in part. We are sold a bill of goods… told that privatization is making government smaller. Privatization only changes the party of responsibility. The governance still remains. In many cases government does not get smaller through privatization… all it does is reduce its overhead and responsibility for providing services.

  125. mijj says:

    there isn’t a comment-61226, James. (i doulble checked the source)

    what do you mean? .. hey! .. :oops: .. you’re not in prank mode, are you? .. why you …!!

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