Top 10 Word Myths – Ask Men Article

I did an article for the website on the top ten word origin myths. Check it out :-)


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27 Responses to Top 10 Word Myths – Ask Men Article

  1. darlingj says:

    Another well done promotion. The ‘Top 10′ format is very popular, and really seems to fit with today’s attention spans and Web Surfing style of journalism.

    Now that Marina will soon be a published Author, I can see the doors opening to more of this type of exposure as a natural extension of her activities…and it SHOULD be! :grin:

  2. sensfan says:

    it’s perfect. do you have msn? if you do please tell me, please?

  3. crackcityrocker1211 says:

    Fuck in 1700-1800′s was to breed cattle. At least I was always told that but prefer it has a verb anyway :smile:

  4. Evan Owen says:

    No. 9, kangaroo: “A few hundred years” — to me, “a few” means at least three, and if memory serves, Capt. Cook visited Australia in 1770.
    No. 2, OK: What of the competing theory that “OK” comes from a West African language and was brought by the slaves?

  5. CaptainJack says:

    Oh cool! Good job Marina! That getting the word out.

  6. annuddermale says:

    nice article, Marina…and i remembered the origins for the words you did. proves you can still teach an ol’ dog new tricks… :cool:

  7. schnurgiggli says:

    Wow. All I can say. Why weren’t teachers like this when I was in school?

  8. James says:

    So Marina, you foud the origin of fuck, does this mean I will have to remake my fuck video? I think I will, Its a bit rubbish.

  9. leonard says:


  10. Capman911 says:

    That was a great article that you did for I left a comment for your article. I know we have covered those words before, but it seems different when you can actually read the same lesson in print. It’s like watching a movie and reading a book, you can get more out of the book. :smile:

    • BillyB says:

      at the end there, they say

      …Marina is Hot For Words and each day a million people tune into to watch Marina as she…

      imagine, a million people a day poking around the website. Looks like about 49 rigtht now if that little number thing at the bottom is right. Does it mean 49 signed in or 49 altogether?

    • Warren says:

      Hey Capman911,
      I’d like to get a DVD of all the lessons and a copy (hopefully autographed) of her book.
      If everybody that looks in on her show bought one book -Marina is going to have so much money in the bank she’ll be on permanent vacation :sad:
      I hope she doesn’t stop her lessons.

  11. danielpool says:

    Hi Marina Myth=My story History=it is his story :?: Could you do the word TRUTH who’s story is that :smile:

  12. mijj says:

    i have to say, M isn’t particularly appealing in #6 #4 #3 #1 – particularly #1.

    and i don’t think anyone really believed “fuck” originated as “Fornication Under Consent of the King”.

  13. mijj says:

    for #6, Marina should have been in sexy, skimpy, see-though black grieving widow’s kit.

  14. mijj says:

    bloody ‘ell, Marina!! .. these things keep sprouting!!

  15. Dezdkado says:

    Wow, you’re in print and websites everywhere… congrats, yet again, Marina!

  16. Che Volay says:

    …gee Marina you’re on your back and they did not go flat, remarkable :shock:

  17. originalistrick says:

    Way to go again, dear Teach! And thanks for the fresh photos. I know you hear this constantly, but you are STUNNING! Thanks as always for all you do, and best of everything to you.

  18. danielpool says:

    ok :cool:

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