Maxim Radio 14th Show

Here is my 14th installment of my Maxim Radio Show…
I discuss two bawdy (dirty) words. PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN to this show if you have a problem with dirty words. Since slang words are a part of the language, I feel that it is fine for me to discuss their origins.

Catch me on Maxim Radio on Sirius – Every other Friday morning at 8-8:30 am PST

During the show call in at 888-99-MAXIM (62946) to participate in the game!

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31 Responses to Maxim Radio 14th Show

  1. freebird says:

    A guy I know had a raspy voice and a smile on his face. I asked him, “what happened?”. He said, “I ate too much vanilla!”

    Now that I know what he meant, is this possible? :shock: :lol:

  2. darlingj says:

    I will never look at a Vanilla bean the same again.

    And Marina, I am SHOCKED at what a dirty girl you seem to be…(call me)…


  3. blackhawk49 says:


  4. matalexwolf says:

    Vanilla / Muff = ordinary sex, the holiest of hollies?? Has to be a strawberry shortage someplace! The world over needs more Strawberries!!….// two muffs covering your ears :cool: so would a vanilla bean cover the nose? -just a thought…. :arrow: :shock:

    Enjoyed the show, just got vanilla pods on my brain, which is a bit creepy all things concidered……

  5. jamriman says:

    Hey Sirius,
    Get her on Howard! That show would be great!

  6. dezdkado says:

    Knowing how strong vanilla flavoring/extract is, “vain” and “void” made no sense to me. Also white bread was not the common man’s bread. White bread was a wealthy man’s delicacy. Peasants ate brown or black bread. The comment that white is devoid of color made no sense either, as white is a combination of all colors. Black (ironically) is the absence of color. Muff as ear muffs was an educated guess for me, but I guessed correctly. I had no idea the term was so old (300+ years). Makes me wonder when the term “muff-diver” came about (no pun intended). The vanilla term I already knew, believe it or not, from history classes at university. It was Hernan Cortez’s men who named the plant when they first encountered it in Mexico in the early 16th century.

  7. magix says:

    I mean… for a lady to discuss this sort of thing would seem inappropriate otherwise I guess (for you of course).

  8. magix says:

    You know Marina, this isn’t really…kosher, if you catch my drift :???:

  9. foxbow says:

    “a womans thing was furry back then”….. :roll: aren’t they stil :lol:

  10. chevolay says:

    There is nothing better than eating a big wet persimmon
    now that is one sensuous fruit. :wink:

  11. cufan71 says:

    :shock: Licking a vanilla ice cream cone has a HOLE new meaning now!!!! :lol: Great show!!!!

  12. Egg McMuffin? with cheese, pleez – LOL!
    Vanilla wafers? hmmmmm….. :mrgreen:
    I never know what to expect, next!
    I don’t want to know where ragamuffin
    comes from, thanks anyway!

  13. sovereignty says:

    Funny words. They are all related to vagina :grin:

  14. tryant says:

    I can be very basic in my tastes. HOT apple pie with soft and near melting vanilla ice cream is a combo I haven’t had for a while.

    Great show there Muffy! I’ve never had a teacher I could call “Muffy” before! There was this teacher back in Jr High named Mrs Fox,true to Her name she was a foxy lady,great for looking at and drooling over but,sadly,she was an ornery bitch. Not like You Muffy,not in the least!


  15. checmark says:

    Possibly not the right place to post this, but the Captain told me to check out your bio to learn who the lucky man in your life might be. I can’t find anything in your bio. Is there a guy who every guy in the world would like to be? If there is, we already despise him for his incredible good fortune. :smile:

  16. checmark says:

    Great show! Love to hear Marina laugh. On the vanilla word, does this look like anyone you know guys?

  17. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear совершенная Marina, That was a very enjoyable show. I hope you are “noticed” someday soon by a wonderful movie producer so you will appear in a spectacular movie, or even by a prime-time TV producer who would make a “guess the word origin” game show. It’s nice to wish good things will happen to you. Of course I know you succeed by using your talents and skills, and not by wishing, but I think you will be even more successful than you are, today! Your dear student, seesixcm6 :smile:

  18. wetsuit5 says:

    Enjoyable show.
    No pun intended, but you present well orally as well.

  19. wetsuit5 says:


    How about the bag/tube like hand warmer “Muff” (muffler) being the origin vs. ear muffs?

  20. James says:

    Oh, its back now

    You make me laugh talking about muffs

    2 naked girls to hold their muffs up to your ears

    vanilla looks like a vagina lol

    Your teacher SmutForWords is back with another lesson.

  21. James says:

    OOH. I am first.. This is unexpected.

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