Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

If you’re anything like me, you wait for this day all year long. Well,
thankfully you probably aren‘t a lot like me and that’s a good thing.

The Official International Talk Like a Pirate Day website.

Lesson # 1

Talk Like a Pirate Day: The Five A’s

Lesson # 2

How To Talk Like a Pirate

Lesson # 3

Now Try Out Your Singing Pirate Voice: You Are A Pirate (Lazy Town)


Lesson #4

Work On Fighting Technique Against a Ninja

Now you’re well on you way to celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day !

Now go and getrr booty you scurvy sea-dogs, before I have you keel-hauled! :twisted:

- Captain Jack

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52 Responses to Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  1. leoNard says:

    {Rape} my plunder and I’ll rape your thunder; she said!

    :lol: Swashbuckling leader of a desperate horde, devil-may-care philanderer and reckless adventurer: Errol Flynn is Captain Blood. Experts discuss the complexities of the fencing scene that was filmed in Three Arch Bay.In seventeenth century England, Irish Dr. Peter Blood (Errol Flynn) is convicted of treason against the King for aiding a wounded friend who had participated in the Monmouth Rebellion in accordance of his professional duties. He is sentenced to death, but by the whim of king James II, Peter Blood and the surviving rebels are sold into slavery in the English colony of Port Royal. Peter Blood is purchased by Arabella Bishop (Olivia de Havilland), the beautiful niece of the local military commander Colonel Bishop. Arabella, attracted by Blood’s rebellious nature, does her best to improve his chances of living by recommending him as the personal physician of the local governor, who is suffering from a gouty foot.
    wikipedia-liftedarGThe 1935 film Captain Blood, starring Errol Flynn, adapted from Rafael Sabatini’s novel , was loosely based on Morgan’s life. This film provided Flynn with a star-making role. :lol:

    —my favorite pirate… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Morgan …Because the sack of Panama violated a peace treaty between England and Spain, Morgan was arrested and conducted to the Kingdom of England in 1672. He proved he had no knowledge of the treaty. Instead of punishment, Morgan was knighted in 1674 before returning to Jamaica the following year to take up the post of Lieutenant Governor. :cool: …By 1661 Commodore Christopher Mings appointed Morgan captain of his first vessel. He plundered the Mexican coast under Lord Thomas Hickman Windsor’s commission in 1665.——666—–the mother and father—–666

    When Lord Windsor, governor of Jamaica, refused to stop the pirates from attacking Spanish ships, the Crown relieved him, and appointed Sir Thomas Modyford in his place. Although Modyford proclaimed loyalty to the Crown, he became a critical element of Morgan’s exhibitions by going against the word of the king and granting Morgan letters of marque to attack Spanish ships and settlements.

    Modyford was originally appointed governor of Barbados for both his loyalty and service to King Charles II during the English Civil War and his familial relation to the First Duke of Albemarle, but he was later removed from this position. Modyford was then appointed Governor of Jamaica as an attempt to save his dignity. This, along with the Royalist’s defeat at Worcester, decreased Modyford’s loyalty to the crown. As governor, Modyford was required to call in all pirates and privateers of the West Indies because England and Spain were temporarily at peace. However, the majority of these buccaneers either refused to return or did not receive the message that there was a recall, including Morgan.—-give me all your booty, U dogs— :o :razz: Capitan Blood- duel final

  2. thematrix75 says:

    Yo Ho, Yo Ho! A Pirates Life For Me here’s another version of the disney classic,since the one used before was taken off.and unable to watch it! Also The Muppet treasure Island Shiver My Timbers How you doing Cap’n Jack?Haven’t hear from you for awhile. Aaarrrr me matey’s how you all doing.I know I’m lost when it comes to Pirate talk. See you all later in class,if not ye may have to walk the plank aaarrr :lol: Peace everyone!

  3. Captain Jack says:

    Well guys Marina tried to install a fun little plugin that turns all the text in the website to pirate talk. The darn thing broke. Oh well, but have no frown for there is another solution. THE PIRATE TALK TRANSLATOR! http://www.talklikeapirate.com/translator.html

  4. Captain Jack says:

    Arrg! Guess what today is? Im not giving you any damn clues. Ooh wait, I think I just did. Blasted sheets! I need me more grog!

  5. animalntaz says:

    Aaaaarrr! Shiver me timbers, I just got back from Davey Jones’ locker… and he don’t properly wash his gym shorts. Aaaar!
    I mean it really reeks for so many weeks now. He tried covering up the smell with cologne, but without the laundry degergeant… PHEW!
    It’s like the smell of the sea mixed in with rum, tar, rotten onions, and it stanks of Nautica and Old Spice. Yaaarrr! :twisted:

  6. Aaar! Hoist me yardarm and shiver me down! Yaargh!
    Whar be the ample and comely wenches eager to
    welcome a barnacled soul such as meself? Aarr!
    To find a lassy and fill her head with rum and tales
    of treasures and pleasures, yaarrr :twisted:
    (…and her little friends, TOO!)

    Happy Talk-Lika-Pirate Day! Yo Ho Fo Sho! :mrgreen:

  7. animalntaz says:

    I also remember this pirate video I use to have for the PS2 years ago. I think it was called Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat, or something like that. It’s like the Lara Croft or Tomb Raider of pirate games. Except with the added ship battles, instead of only just the character battles, for extra fun. I enjoyed sailing around, upgrading my ship, firing my cannons at enemy ships, and taking over enemy ports, while out in sea. :grin:

  8. animalntaz says:

    Oh, how does that pirate song go again?

    “16 heads in a dead man’s chest…
    …Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!”

  9. yankeegato says:

    Here’show Rosetta Stone teahes pirate talk…

  10. kaibanator says:

    I don’t know if you guys had this tv show years ago, it is called Captain Pugwash. This show was one of few shows that snuck in with funny yet rude character names, such as Master Bates and Roger The Cabin Boy.

  11. mijj says:

    Time for a piratey sing song!!
    [Pirates Shanty]

    • CaptainJack says:

      If you haven’t already guessed, I have the Muppet Treasure Island movie in my video collection. You think Im a bit overboard with this pirate thing? I started pirating in 1980. I still have not been captured and tortured for my crimes. :wink:

      • mijj says:

        do you fly the Jolly Roger?

      • mijj says:

        oh yeh .. and why is it called the “jolly roger”?

      • CaptainJack says:

        You mean the one in my trousers? Yea I had to go there. Sorry! :razz: But there is some connection to my statement. Read on:

        Jolly Roger, a flag supposedly flown bu pirates, consisting of a white skull (and sometimes crossed bones beneath it) on a black background. Another version, a black skeleton on a yellow field, was perhaps a misreading of the flag of Imperial Austria, which during the eighteenth century was used as a flag of convenience by privateers. Its seems that the black flags where sometimes flown by pirates; but there is no hard evidence that the skull and crossbones was.
        The word ‘Roger’, from the personal name, Old French ‘Roger’, ‘Rogier’ and Old High German ‘Ruodeger’, ‘Hrodger’, had by 1700 comes to the slang from a penis, and may be figuratively employed in the expression ‘Jolly Roger’. What makes it festive is less easy to conjecture, unless carousing over the spoils. First attested in 1785 in Grose, A Classical Dictionary. :wink:

        So my Roger hasn’t been very Jolly lately. :cry: Maybe its because I beat him over the head with the belaying pin until the Sea men come out and stop me. The crew is always trying to stop me from having any fun on my ship. :roll:

      • Jolly roger, hmm…. :roll:
        of course “rogering” is
        another popular slang
        word for making a girl
        feel … welcome, Aaarrr! :mrgreen:

  12. animalntaz says:

    All this piratey stuff got me thinking of that low-budget horror flick, “Jolly Roger.” I thought a couple of the women who had topless scenes in that movie were kinda hot. That red-head in the beginning, who unfortunately got sliced in half. And that stripper chick, with the big boobs, who gave Jolly Roger a lap dance was awesome. :mrgreen:

  13. kaibanator says:

    After watching these videos, I realized that I did more pirate-like stuff than I thought. Most of the things mentioned in the first 2 lessons I have said at some point :grin:

    Thar She Blows :wink:

  14. kaibanator says:

    Cool vids :mrgreen:

    You should put this day in your hotforwords calendar marina :grin: Yarr!

    I always liked this song from Curse of Monkey Island. The song is called A Pirate I Was Meant To Be.

    This classic series of Monkey Island games were done by LucasArts. They also do the Star Wars and Indiana Jones games

    • kaibanator says:

      song starts at 2:46 :)

    • animalntaz says:

      I was just thinking of the sequel to that game, ‘Escape from Monkey Island’, that I use to have for the PS2. I kinda wish I could of kept that game… it was a load of laughs. But it also takes me just about 13 hours to beat the game. :smile:

    • This is a rush… the original Disney’s
      Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirates Life for Me
      with the lyrics!

      Monkey Island had a cult classic anime thing about it. :mrgreen:

      • thematrix75 says:

        Hello Me Lika Do The Cha Cha,I was thinking of this same exact song! To bad it is removed to a violation ,I Really like that song! So you still over in Texas working?Let me know how your doing ,and what’s going on.I wish you good luck,and Peace :!: :cool: :smile:

        • Links don’t age so well on YouTube. :???:

          Yes – I’m still in Texas, working six days
          a week. The job is at 40% complete after
          only nine days.

          My crew has been engaged in drinking ‘experiments’
          this weekend, so I’m the only who showed up for
          work yesterday!

          They surprised me with a new shot drink they
          call a ‘Cherry Cobbler’, served in a two chamber
          shot glass; one side cherry vodka and the other
          chamber filled with whipped cream vodka.
          They like Marina’s pictures, but her big…
          words scare ‘em :mrgreen:

  15. yomero says:

    Is it written in fact somewhere that pirates really spoke this way? :?:
    Is this the speak of an author in some old pirate novel? :?: :shock: :grin:

  16. Bob says:

    Happy hooking, me hearty.
    Make sure you put some protection on the end of your hook. :lol:

  17. yomero says:

    Harrrr show me yaw booty :grin:

  18. yomero says:

    ArrrR hello mates

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