I challenge Bonaduce

A break from class today while I take on Danny Bonaduce in a “word-off”! :-)

Actually.. it’s a chance for you to win a new iPhone.. so check it out.


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323 Responses to I challenge Bonaduce

  1. leonard says:

    danny in his day …who won anyway? Were the from this site, or his radio show? :roll: random lessons…back to the island :wink:

  2. wordreet says:

    Marina gets the vote!

    LOL! Since I’ve never seen Mr Bonaduce before in my life.

  3. gio74 says:

    Marina 4ever!

  4. mrsjessbridges says:

    Chocolate-Dark chocolate

  5. mikeohhh says:

    I feel a bit :evil: tonight being Halloween. :oops: Now I’m :sad: But day off tommorow :smile: ing again. Thanks Mikeohhh

  6. slomo says:

    Danny Bonaduce is gonna lose!!!!!!!!! I know for a fact. But he’s still my boy!!!!
    Luis Perez

  7. jwwrgt1 says:

    I Would Like to Know , Where Honeymoon Comes From.

  8. maria9810 says:

    marina definately.

  9. grimshaid says:

    In case the contest is still running, I’d have to say that though Danny is funny, direct, and entertaining to hear, Marina has taken her presentation to the next level with the combination of friendliness, openness, and outright sexiness that she exudes during her shows. It doesn’t hurt that she seems to know more about the English language than the averave native speaker of it…

    winner: Marina :)

  10. nakedbullwinkle says:

    That is easy……….I want to party with danny but I want to be trapped on a tropical island with marina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, she can talk to me, talk to me, talk to me, over, and over, and over, and over, and over….all day and night…….ahhhhhhhh….it is good be be stranded with marina!!!! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

  11. dragonrulez says:

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :smile: :smile: :smile:

  12. shades72 says:

    that is an unfair question you know that Marina will win… why did you make this contest anyway all that is going to happen is your gonna win and he will feel bad and maybe start to cry

  13. crashbangspen says:

    id like to request the word “cartoon” coz i dont understand it at all :???:

  14. castlelong1 says:

    Bonaduce is cool, but let’s be honest. Marina will mop the floor with him.

    I almost feel sorry for him. Almost. :smile:

  15. mijj says:

    drought day 4? .. (losing track!)

  16. Just checking in…..
    What? the last post was two days ago?
    Uhhh?? Is the contest over – LOL!
    Still luvs ya , Marina! :mrgreen:
    In case the contest isn’t over,
    Danny, I liked your work with Dave Madden
    on the Partridge Family show. Comedy
    with the kid as a straightman – too good.
    I thought they should remake that show
    a fews years ago, when American Idol
    introduced a variety of new talents.
    Too bad Hollywood “gotsk no imagcination,
    Uck uck uck” [best Popeye voice] -PEACE!

  17. newbscanpk says:

    I’d like to request the word BARGAIN

  18. kingramzo says:

    marina is too good dont worry she will win

  19. animalntaz says:

    Hmmmmm… let me think about this…..

    …Marina Orlova……………………….. Danny Bonaduce………

    …HotForWords………………………… The Partridge Family…
    Gee, this seems like a no-brainer! (no pun intended) :roll:

  20. tokah the great says:

    Well there’s an easy question… and of course, its YOU!! :wink:

  21. lividemerald says:

    Marina has a 97.1% chance of winning.

  22. acethebathound says:

    I got to admit, I think Marina is the best! :twisted: :mrgreen: :lol: :cool: :smile:

  23. mijj says:

    [The 100 Point Sexual Purity Test]

    what the hell … i don’t care who knows it

    honestly answered :
    Your result for The 100 Point Sexual Purity Test …
    75% pure: Mostly Innocent

    I think it was the no experience of necraphilia and various bits of paraphanalia that let me down .. and i gotta admit .. i’m averse to ani too – that don’t help.

    {..stop making excuses!!}

  24. Capman911 says:

    Is anyone else having problems with Firefox or IE7. Firefox looks like this on Marina’s site,����������v�X�5 ^�Ǩw��{��]”���%>��e[.KY�����@I�R��v��ҷ� }�ct?P�B�k� LQ�̪L�$�X+VÄŒ3�������/������{Ƈ���}���*U*���ʋ���^�{kXe�8��8����U*/�o[��x�[�����Ϝr4:�}�|�,��Zg�,�ck��c9��~o�-9��j��޲m���pu�^�n}��)�v��v�`��N��R��Ix��� � O}��_���u�Q��~:zUjn��(��S�a�������]6W��N �+�%c{�喽� p}W�${Cxw�;z�/ ��zF`��pp�v���� ��;�8�>�#o�����~;����)��������mw�u�� �֯p�0��~;�i6�Հ�������*f��̓_z觓�I���eٻ�o�{��J��l����=uշ�V�K�B8_��ĕ/���s�G�K��4�Ye�\��\Q��u�s&ß°79��a�x���z�8��B�/�k�9�D+8�p��e�^ډ�’�pB�; ���X|X��Ff����^w��or��4K�sI��������2>&#D^�|����m᪂�����&��#�V��^ER�׽%�;�]�k’�~�:�#��hE��|j�- �a+3~���<��k�� �ҷ��n

  25. Capman911 says:

    I thought we could comment as much as we wanted. :???: It told me to stop commenting. :evil:

  26. wetsuit5 says:

    Danny or Marina? :idea:

    Wouldn’t be Danny even it it came with Susan Dey. :twisted:

  27. James says:

    Foxbow thinks his video will be rejected because he didnt add the bit on the end and he didnt uplaod it.. His friend did.. I hope he is rejected too.. It’s crap :twisted:

  28. lytw84x4 says:

    So, what does Danny do in Marina’s field of expertise? Or is Marina getting into Danny’s field of expertise?

  29. ukie_lucas says:

    HOT_FOR_WORDS – Marina # 1… NO CONTEST !

  30. James says:

    which one is better .. jamesington.com or jamesingtonthethird.com

  31. Capman911 says:

    How much longer on the Best Weekend Ever?

  32. chuck is great says:

    I must say your a million times better then bonaduce it is no contest in my honest opinion

  33. phlottenheimer says:

    Marina this is the best site i have seen for long time, thanks i really laugh every day when i log on your page to see what is new.
    And about a strange word:
    I would like to know how the word gay-lord appeard he he

  34. sparkyinseattle says:

    Can’t we all just get along :?: Come on get happy :mrgreen:

    • Capman911 says:

      Hey Sparky, Just ignore Alx. He’s just blowing off steam because he can’t get into cocomments. He’s alright, he has adhd and can’t control it sometimes. :lol: :lol: No just kidding. He’s cool. :wink: My comment under his is that I am feeling down because of all this rain we have been having. I have a leak in my roof I can’t fix until it quits raining. My adhd is coming out too. We are all happy folks in the end :wink:

  35. aLx says:

    no what the fuck is wrong with this fucking cocomment crap? it won’t log me in on that contest site. what the hell. this IS cocomment, right? i have to log in with my cocomment username and pw, right? what the fuck. i hate this shit.

  36. boyman52 says:

    marina: you could challenge ANYONE and come out on top – well, that is if that’s where you’d prefer to be…but that’s another topic. I’m SO enjoying your site -and I’d like to request a word and a video of the explanation of the word “beseech” I beseech you to honor this humble request from your most humble admirer. I remain,
    sincerely yours
    tj aka boyman52

  37. protac6 says:

    Marina, did you find the winner of the love letter contest yet?

    Keeping my fingers crossed! :???:

  38. David says:

    Hi Marina,

    You are going to get way more votes!!! I vote for you of course!!! :arrow: :lol:

    By the way —- My mailing address for the HotForWords iphone prize is Box 133, Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan, Canada S0G 3Z0 :arrow: :shock:

    Marina! Please include one of your photos in iphone photo gallery… :idea:

    Could you also program in Danny Bonaduce’s number for me. I will phone him and let him know he lost… everyday for a year!!! LOL


  39. pig-in-a-poke says:

    The “word-off” is on!
    Radio Free FM 97.1,
    Hotforwords’ only one.

    The Partridge’s red head
    vs. the Professor’s yellow T
    leave me no choice than
    to vote other than Danny.

    So, give me your Hot answers.
    Lend your Hot brains.
    I’ll take care of the brawn
    and win the commenters’ game.

    Bonaduce’s a good sport,
    his victory a small hope.
    He should know Marina’s ring tones
    will be on my I-phone with my vote.

  40. mijj says:

    Now I miss that heart-filling zing from Marina’s pic (that isn’t there) at the top of the page!

    First the sultriness was distracting, and now it’s distracting because it’s not there!!

    {stop it! .. behave like an adult}
    ok .. erm ..

    Marina .. are you familiar with the word pronounced as “cellar door” (English pronunciation – not American pronunciation – don’t want all those “r”s pronounced)? (e.g. something like sellahdawh)

    Most English-speaking people…will admit that cellar door is ‘beautiful’, especially if dissociated from its sense (and from its spelling). More beautiful than, say, sky, and far more beautiful than beautiful.

  41. pedantickarl says:

    Someone left a video on the contest site that reveals everything about Marina. Don’t watch that video!!!

    (hides in corner)

  42. matilda says:

    Hi, Marina. My vote is yours, of course.
    I always enjoy your video.

    By the way, are there any Russian words which are used in English without being known that they are Russian? :?: :?:

  43. cwayneu says:

    Hi Marina,

    There is a tool used for land surveys, and building and bridge construction called a Plumb Bob. Where did this name come from?


  44. mizu says:

    Hi Marina, I would like to request the word “Pleonasm”. Also isn’t the word itself a pleonasm? Thanks,
    - Mizu

  45. beaugosse says:

    Dear Marina !

    What about this strange word : Snob ! Have you an idea of it’s origin ? It seems there is a lot of possibilities…

  46. wetsuit5 says:

    @ 3511
    #2 @ 1682
    #3 @ 1441


    I think I’ve seen the video a thousand time.
    Starting to change my appreciation.
    “I had the best weekend ever”
    Ah great, another Marina video.
    “I had the best weekend ever”
    Ah, That’s nice.
    “I had the best weekend ever”
    Ah, shut up about your weekend already.
    How much longer does this contest go on for?

  47. ptm368 says:

    Teacher –
    Of course I vote for you… You are gorgeous! You are smart! Danny is not gorgeous… Danny is not as smart as Teacher! We love Teacher! Danny, no one cares about! Marina wins! Contest over!

  48. bowser says:

    i would like to know where the word ,haywire ,as in its gone haywire,
    from bowser in aus

  49. trucking1984 says:

    WOW kinda tough u see i grew up watching the Partridge family and danny was on the that 70s show and i not to long ago started watching u marina on youtube it’s been nice after driving a semi 11 hours up and down the highway state to state to see u on hotforwords to unwind and watching some of ur boopers. hhmm hot blond-danny-hot blond-danny it’s a hard to pick. thanks and keep up the good work

    • Being an OTR driver this should be easy for you.
      Ask yourself who you would like in the passenger
      seat for a long road trip. Danny is probably good
      at conversation, but you can get that off the radio! :mrgreen:

      • trucking1984 says:

        well u know doug i said i watch marina after the day ends instead of danny and i put hot blond first and danny second i guess marina doesn’t reply to her comments. and yes being otr is easy 4 me been driving a long time 23 years to b exact u mite have bought something i’ve hauled. thanks

  50. foxbow says:

    cocomenters like rick ashley :mrgreen:

  51. trucking1984 says:

    FORTUNE were does it come from and why does it mean telling someones future or wealth p.s. when you first signed on to youtube feb. 26 is also my birthday. COOL :lol:

  52. mondstein says:

    Hi Marina, it’s a joke, isn’t it? He can’t (!) win against you. You are sagacious and facetious. Danny is nice, but who likes to be nice? You are more than dilly. I vote for u. Go Marina Go!

  53. monty1 3 says:

    Hello Marina, i was wondering about the word “witty” since i only just starting thinking about it after watching a tv program :smile:

  54. celebornmars says:

    There’s no choice here. Marina, you’re so clever and soooooooo beautiful :oops:
    I’m sure that Bonaduce doesn’t even know the word “floccinaucinihilipilification” (haha, that’s the word)

    Moreover, I’m sure you could beat him in a confrontation of “karateoke” (a karaoke where people sing and dance using karate [like in capoeira])
    A ya prostila ya prostila ego
    (oooooooooooh taaaaaaaa)
    Opyat’, opyat’, opyat’.
    O, kak namayalas’ ya stoboj
    (wataaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaa)
    Moya popytka nomer pyat’.

    Your videos are great, please come on!

  55. foxbow says:

    wth…..this thing is corrupt…you can vote as many times as you want :P you can get like 80 thousand votes a day…

  56. girongo says:

    You are going to win marina!!! I vote for you!!

  57. labbatt78 says:

    Are you kidding me? It’s a breeze. I vote for dear Marina! :cool:

  58. theriddler says:

    What about the word Nerd or Geek

  59. theshock87 says:

    :mrgreen: HEY Marina, i was wondering why people call very smart people with mistic powers a Guru + it is you’r Youtube video category

  60. protac6 says:

    Go Bonaduce!

    I’m kidding

    Marina FTW

  61. sniperskaya says:

    Marina, sorry, have a contract with another phone company, can’t use an Iphone. Good luck.

  62. mintcar says:

    Hello Hotforwords, I wonder why they use the word “nut” to say that some one is “crazy” or “mad”.
    Please help me solve this problem, my trustee! :D
    Thank you, hHotforwords!

  63. sniperskaya says:

    One of you has just debased himself/herself. Trouble is, I can’t figure out which.

  64. ok – I registered and made a comment
    (that was easy) :mrgreen:
    James’ video is #1 LOLOLOLOL :grin:
    He must need a phone….

  65. buzzword says:

    for those unfamiliar with the thespian abilities of danny bonaduce or the masterpiece of television theater that the partridge family was, here is a five minute minisode.

  66. mijj says:

    hey buzzword .. are you in here somewhere?

    • buzzword says:

      dude, watch where your putting your hand!

      • mijj says:

        oh .. i shudda replied in here ..

        .. dang .. this reply mechanism is crap.

      • mijj says:

        oh thanks .. that’s great.

        i assumed the flick was ripped.

      • mijj says:

        he competency of the current u.s. administration and its associated cronies is that they are so inept that they are incapable of pulling anything as diabolical and complex as those theories demand.

        assuming that’s true, (and to me that seems true enough)

        that leaves two options: …

        1. all the evidence they mention is coincidence and it was actually a handful of terrorists – and there was no overall plan involving anyone from the US establishment.

        2. it wasn’t the administration that planned and implemented the plan. (which doesn’t necessarily mean they had no knowledge, though it would mean they would give their approval)

      • mijj says:

        lol .. if aLx thinks he’s going to lead a bunch of anarchists, he’s got another think coming.


        ps. i actually dont think it’s that important whether or not the mass of people believe the 911 thing was a conspiracy. I think what is more important is the underlying theme set out by the movie .. but which i’m not aware of yet :)

    • mijj says:

      oh . hi .. ok .. i just wanted to bring your attention to the
      [zeitgeist - the movie] vid.

      very fascinating stuff .. i wish i’d seen it when i was freaking. :)

      • buzzword says:

        yeah, i’ve seen that one. some interesting stuff covered. this is a link to the movies youtube site. will provide a bit more background for you.

      • buzzword says:

        my problem with the conspiracy theories is that my impression of the competency of the current u.s. administration and its associated cronies is that they are so inept that they are incapable of pulling anything as diabolical and complex as those theories demand.

      • buzzword says:

        hmm… have to go over the “evidence” they presented in this theory. i get my conspiracies confused sometimes.

        my current favorite is that aLx will lead an anarchist revolution that will sweep the world. i hope it works but according to aLx, he’s still in the planning stages. i guess i’ll be supportive as long as he’s in charge.

  67. barnkat36 says:

    :idea: Shit :!: pardon my french,, Teacher this is a noncontest :cool: OK :!: Danny is a hasbeen child actor :cry: ( sorry danny, no disrepect ): and you Teacher :smile: are TOO HOTFORWORDS :wink: :wink: Marina :!: :!: the Winner :!: :!: Hands down :???:
    P.S. It was nice to see you (Marina) get alittle excited at one POINT :lol: :lol:
    Jon X0X0X0X0 See YA :!: :shock:

  68. rjphotog says:

    No contest. My vote goes to Marina.

  69. theonethatyouloathe says:

    My friend and I were having a conversation and he said “For Pete’s sake!” So we both got to thinking, ‘Who is Pete and why does everyone do so much for him?’

    So I request the origin of the phrase “For Pete’s sake”

  70. gkkollect says:

    I’ll always be faithful to you, Marina. Sorry, Danny boy.

  71. daddio0069 says:

    a comment and a request….

  72. huggles131 says:

    This is a landslide vote for Marina, sorry Danny


  73. mijj says:

    {.. kicks competition in the nuts ..}

  74. mijj says:

    :neutral: boring competition {pout} :sad:

  75. 2utoday says:

    :mrgreen: I voted for Marina. She always gets my vote!!

  76. kaibanator says:

    I have no doubt that marina will win :)

    I actually voted for both danny and marina, as I didn’t want to pick one over the other. They are both cool commentors in my book :smile:

  77. carlbazan says:

    Origin of wachamacallit :?: !, please.
    Often heard such word in Manhattan (NYC).
    Carl Bazan

  78. carlbazan says:

    Hi Marina, I wish you win the challenge!
    Carl Bazan

  79. mijj says:

    whew! .. the Marina pic from the top of the page is missing!

    that was such a sensuous distraction .. now i don’t need to struggle to regain my senses each time the page loads.

  80. James says:

    Looks like I am doing well

    by jamesingtonthethird
    Votes: 1024 of 2096 | Ranking: 1 of 15

  81. nixproto says:

    Since you LOVE sesquipedalian words, I was wondering if you would do the word: spizzerinctum. My english teacher told us about it and that it means “motivation”. Will you investigate?


  82. mijj says:

    bloody ‘ell .. it’s slow in here tonight!

    i just may have to have a conversation with myself .. again!!

  83. eric812 says:

    marina,i have a word,it`s a double meaning word…symbol you know what a drummer crashes with his drumset and a symbol as in…. #,&,*

    • fianchetto1 says:

      Two words that sound the same, but are spelled differently are called “homonyms”:

      symbol = a sign that represents something else; #=number, sharp, pound, $ = dollar, money, & = and

      cymbal = the metal disc a percussionist strikes to produce sound :-)


  84. foxbow says:

    ugh, -.- that’s that hyper guy that think’s he’s so tough, the old man can’t even do normal push up push up

    • CaptainJack says:

      It looks like he is just a guy that likes to bulk up his muscles for show and not for strength or practicable purposes. I used to climb up the lines on the Tall Ship Lady Washington. Sorry I don’t have a video of this so here are some YT examples:

      The Russian Twins (Max & Tom) Bondi Rope Climb The Russian Twins (Max & Tom) Bondi Rope Climb
      Strong Girl Gymnast Beats Deadly Bondi Cliff Rope Strong Girl Gymnast Beats Deadly Bondi Cliff Rope Climb

      I now pull on lines that are connected to a 130 foot ship. I can pull in a 400 ton ship to the dock by myself. This is one job I would do once or twice a day. Now thats a practicable use for muscles! You know I should have someone shoot a video of me doing this. I think it might be spectacular thing to watch.

      • LOL! You’re only in trouble if they pull BACK! :mrgreen:

      • foxbow says:

        cool, I can climb up a rope like that to(witouth feet but not that fast tough), only problem is can’t come down….So most of time i just slide down…….shaving off the skin on my hands and drop down as quikly as possible ,we used to climb up like that to like 20 meters ,so you don’t wanna fall all the way down lol :???:
        You should make a vid , I wanna see :lol:

      • CaptainJack says:

        I get a bit spooked when I get up about 10 meters. One time I came down a bit to fast. I landed really hard. Next time I think I’ll have a halyard tied to my harness just in case I loose my grip. Im really big on safety.

  85. imjustme says:

    I just have a question with how people came to use the term “booty call” to replace the word intercourse….hotforwords, can you answer this question?

  86. CaptainJack says:

    I have to say this might be the best contest for everyone to get involved in because maybe Danny and Marina have a bit more control over in fairness of the game unlike ‘Nike’ and the body oil company. Im still upset over that Jay & Marina didn’t win.

    Marina, can you tell us more about how this contest will play out when this contest is over? Will CBS radio be fair?

  87. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina, of course I plan to vote for you. I’ve already voted for you for your “best weekend ever” trip to Las Vegas! I hope you win both contests! (And no, you won’t have to take me to Las Vegas with you!) I might go buy a cheap webcam now, since they only cost about $100, but I’d prefer to save up to get a good Sony camcorder with lots of features and even the ability to record in Blu-Ray! But they cost over $1,000! (Actually, if I win the iPhone, I could use it to make videos, hmmm?) Your student who votes, seesixcm6

  88. Oh Jeez, what now? :roll:
    Danny’s been workin’ on his guns, I see.
    He has the proper “pumptitude”
    Poor guy, still no match for Marina’s
    drop dead gorgeous gams! :mrgreen:

  89. Capman911 says:

    I can’t vote, I don’t have a camera :oops:

    • mijj says:

      are there instructions to do stuff in the vid?

      can you run through them?

      • Capman911 says:

        Mijj this is the first I have heard of this voting video with Danny Bonaduce. I don’t know where or how to vote either. This whole thing is 27 hours old. I lost like you are.

      • Here’s the copy:

        Want a brand new 3G iphone? How cool is that? We’re giving away three! Here is how you can win one!

        1. Tell us why you choose Danny’s or Marina’s comments by posting a video
        2. Vote, comment, share with friends
        3. Win a 3G iPhone

        Highest rated video, most creative video and most active commenter will be the winners!

        To upload a video register below and click on upload!

        (You MUST register at another website to become eligible?)
        Should I make a video, now? I dunno… I might start having
        fun you can’t handle – LOL LOL LOL :mrgreen:

    • mijj says:

      i got the impression there’s a vote about something … but what’s the vote for?

    • mijj says:

      oh well .. i guess it’s not for the likes of you’n me to get involved in this one, cap.

    • pedantickarl says:

      Hey Mike, you can vote. Go to this link which is also underneath the video above.

      On that page there are two smaller videos side by side separated
      by a “vs”. Vote for the video that says Marina. After that vote, one of the videos changes. So, it could be Marina vs Danny, Marina vs Marina and so on. If it says Danny vs Danny, click the NEXT button
      to get another Marina video.

      Right now Marina is winning with James’ video. His rank is 1 of 14 with 243 of 544 votes.

      It looks looks like when you vote for a Marina video, you are also voting for the submitter of the video who then wins an iphone. So, Marina and one of her fans wins. :smile:

    • mijj says:

      well, while everyone gets into a flap about voting .. I’m gonna watch this comedy vid :
      [bill bailey - part troll]

  90. James says:

    Marina, You said on the contest “what video jamesingtonthethird? upload it here” I have uploaded it…. GOOD LUCK

    • Alright, James. I see PedanticKarl also has a glitzy video up, too.
      He has some tech advantages you don’t have, so I cast my vote for yours :mrgreen:
      Hope it helps, but don’t sweat a bullet if you don’t win. In the end, you’ll outlive us all – LOL! :grin:

  91. cufan71 says:

    Groovy!!! Word Request: partridge
    I couldn’t resist! :-)

  92. lmv says:

    Is there any doubt about who’ll win :?: If u people have any doubt let me answer: it’s gonna be Marina :!:

  93. James says:

    Can I vote for my own video as much as i like?

  94. matalexwolf says:

    Even if I were female it would still be you M :roll: — no contest M, you are Number one of the world, after all :smile:

  95. mijj says:

    whew .. i guess i’m not missing any good info by not watching the vid then.

  96. athoorth says:

    You’ll win so easy that I won’t even need to vote ~_^

    Best Wishes Ath.

  97. James says:

    Danny or me.. That was cute when you said that.

  98. James says:

    Marina, Good video. well presented HE HAS GOT NO CHANCE!!! Look at you compared to him. Hell you could even turn gay people straight

  99. James says:

    That was pure luck! I just came in and turned on laptop. :lol: HAHA FOXBOW15! If the world ends tomorrow I die in the knowledge I was the last of the first!

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