Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Rap

I love this!   This is the collider that some people say will destroy the Earth when it sucks the planet into an uncontrollable black hole :-)   This video and rap is so great!   Another way to learn is to rap the lessons!   Perhaps I should try rapping a lesson, what do you think?

Here are the lyrics and mp3s, etc.

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  1. hankhoogwater says:

    Dear Marina,
    if you start rapping your lessons this has advantages and disadvantages: The advantage is that we will see your wonderful body in motion. The disadvantage is that a student like me whose mother language is not English will have more difficulties to follow and understand your lessons.

  2. fianchetto1 says:

    I called my boss at work this morning :

    “Dude..I don’t think I’m gonna be able to come in for work today…”

    “Whats the matter?”

    “Those guys at CERN just cranked up their new huge atom smasher”

    “I read something about it in the paper the other day..

    “Well, I think it created a black hole, and transported me to a parallel universe. I don’t think I’ll even have time to start looking for a way to get back for quite a while, either….I still have 71 more virgins left.

    “and you know, the crazy part of it is that I’m not even Muslim”

    So, Dear Teacher and fellow students, I will continue to make my posts from here on my blackberry, for as long as the battery holds out.
    I don’t know where this place is, but have confirmed that I am travelling at nearly the speed of light since I am experiencing time dilation….I know this, because I only just now finished with the first virgin and decided to take a break to check for the word of the day.
    1 down, 71 to go… :mrgreen:

  3. tabowers215 says:

    Hmmm, a real STARGATE, perhaps? :-)

  4. hutchiee says:

    This video does a great explanation of what the LHC does, who knew a Higgs boson would make it into an MP3. I remember when I got my physics degree that this was just getting under construction, it’s good to see it’s all go. Even cooler that Stephen Hawking gets the honor of turning it on.

  5. James says:

    To see a world in a grain of sand…

  6. matalexwolf says:

    That really explained it well so R YEAH, rapping the teaching wax lyric is the go. Fantastic bass line, now Alice, who the F*** is Alice?? :shock:

  7. yankeegato says:

    Rapping is a great teaching tool. Years agi I tutored special-ed first graders in math and reading. They were not expected to be able to do anything more than add and subtract numbers up to 10 after a year. I made up rap lyrics (4 quarters are a dollar but a dime a little smaller, it’s only 10 percent), had one kid who knew some tap tap-dance his addition and subtraction, etc. By the end of the year they were working on multiplication already and could add and subtract numbers up to 4 digits, including carrying numbers, etc. Plus, I’m sure you could start a new trend – Russian accented rap – that will guarantee numerous platinum albums in the years to come.

  8. CaptainJack says:

    If we do not discover the Higgs Boson what does that mean for the standard model? Will this bring us to look at the string theory a bit more closely?

    Great site for explaining what a Higgs Boson is. More of analogy explanation for you non physicists types. :)

  9. CaptainJack says:

    Ok we know the LHC is in a circular tunnel 27 km in circumference. It straddles the Swiss and French borders on the outskirts of Geneva. My argument is any particle that passes the Swiss or French borders should not be exempt from doing a customs check at each border. :mad: I think they laws need to be amended that each observed particle should be made to do a full customs check before proceeding. Each particle should have some form of ID. Any :grin: particle that doesn’t have any ID will not be allowed to pass between the borders. :lol:

    Now who is with me on this!!!!

    • matalexwolf says:

      I concure Cj, just cant imagine the paper work being fast enough! Maybe they should have built it over here in England as our Gov. seem to let any one in with out checking papers. :roll: Did I hear correctly that the temprature inside will be greater than the center of our sun when these particles collide? Parallel universes would make sence, would explain why I lose my keys alot only to find them back where I had looked before!! As complexed as physics is, I like to think of our Universe as one energy which simplifies everything. For every action there’s a reaction. In order for me to stand up, I must push down. String theory certainly seems, kinda, to make sence. Is rather mind blowing to imagine something so much smaller than an atom I guess these quarks are everywhere. Utterly confused just thinking about it…

      • CaptainJack says:

        I just checked the LHC and they have had the temperature down to about 1.9 to 2.1 [K] (−271.25 °C) to keep the magnets cool to boost efficiency. This is colder than space, even colder than Pluto. Yes the temperature of these collisions LHC might produce, would have a temperature of about 1014 Kelvin, which is about 25 billion times hotter than the surface of the Sun., but should have little effect the temperatures in side the collider. :smile:

        Speaking of Pluto I heard they might put it back up on the list of our 9 planes. Anyone want to comment on this? :shock:

      • CaptainJack says:

        Damn I got in a hurry and forgot to address the rest of your question. :oops:
        Yes I too struggle to wrap my mind around quantum universe and the theory of strings and how we react to them. Im blown away about the prospects of superposition. I think we might have some sort of direct influence on it. Which means we might be able to create reality or at least adjust it. :shock: I still am unable to understand why my sister and I could read each others minds just briefly at times. I think there might be a connection of entanglement that is behind all this. :grin:

  10. nw2394 says:

    Should you rap a lesson – er – how can I put this tactfully – you’re beautiful, intelligent, fun – and maybe a whole lot of other good things – but singing – er um – stick to the day job please.


  11. James says:

    I really like this song.. Shame I may only be around for one day to hear it

  12. mergatroidal says:

    They really don’t tear you apart as you might think. We are already in pieces.

    Captain Jack, best probably to think of ourselves as built from pieces. Repulsive, attractive, and vibrational forces at the atomic level bring proteins to fold which allow arms and feet to move and minds to think, eventually to have this clown homo sapien to place a footprint on the moon. Yes, I left some systems out of this description of ourselves. Alot of empty space, if you will.

    melikadothechacha, the Big Bang refutes the “always was and always will be” explanation for the existence of the universe. Before Hubble this was a difficult idea to counter. Creationists and this ilk have evidence (the expansion of the universe is actually accelerating!) giving more credence to the argument for an origin of the universe ([I]n the beginning, God …), and furthering the curiosity for the cause. Where did all the energy of the universe came from. This is why the huge investment and interest for the LHC. We want to understand the nature of that freakin’ “God Particle.”

    To think a Creator deliberately hides itself from Its creation. Or, nah, the universe always was and always will be, still.

    Interesting times we’re in, if you like to think about these things.

    If Our Teacher ever considers discussing these type of things with the class, we’ll have to dress her with a smart looking white lab coat. Mechanical pens and pencils, a hand calculator jutting up from the breast pocket, … peering over a pair of eyeglasses every so often, to emphasize certain critical points, so we’re sure to understand what SHE’S TALKING ABOUT! Damn it!!


    • CaptainJack says:

      mergatroidal, good description there. Thanks for leaving out all the levels. It would have taken pages. :) I like how you brought the whole thing to the guy putting a foot on the moon.

      Accelerating! That is just amazing. They say in about 100 billion years we won’t have very many stars left to see. I better run up to the Griffith Observatory in California. and look at them all one last time. Btw, Griffith Observatory was the place I first got a glimpse of Saturn with 4 of the largest moons in 4 corners of view. Funny some people thought it was a trick with fake Saturn suspended with string. The wanted their money back.

      Physicists don’t wear lab coats! They wear funny clothes that don’t match. Oh and have lots of pockets to hold things like scientific calculators. As for understanding what she is talking about I would have to take brain boost pills to increase my I.Q.

      • mergatroidal says:

        They wear funny clothes that don’t match.

        Like one red and one blue sock? Hmm?

        Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, Cub Scout field trip, each of us scouts had about ten seconds to look at Saturn. Cool.

        The foot on the moon passage is a summary from a biochemistry article. From atoms to let’s say, the eyeball, there are four, five systems of organizations that structure events leading up to —

        I can’t remember enough to spell it all back out. I modern college biochemistry textbook will have the idea I’m referring to inside. It’s where I found it. Protein folding, and the organization of biochemical things, and I simply remember the leap of thought that impressed you too.

    • Capman911 says:

      Closest I could come to a white coat, “not quite white though” glasses, nerdy look, and a dry erase board. Still hot and Nerdy :wink:

      • mergatroidal says:

        I like the part with the pens and pencils in the white shirt pocket.
        Day before yesterday I changed Mara’s sister to Brenda. The change is bothering me. Brenda is the name of a blood cousin …! and sometimes one has to hurt the one they love. Damn …!

      • mergatroidal says:

        Good thing he said the universe came from “nothing” at the very beginning, otherwise I’d have to stop and try to understand how anything can originate from another thing that doesn’t exist.

        People try real hard to deny the possibility that there may be something beyond our universe, and “causing” what is not fully understood. The implications are of course tremendous, either way.

  13. Marina,
    Yes, Great Rap! Makes my Higgs bosons tingle.
    Do not be conCERNed. No mini-black holes will destroy the earth.

    When the Higgs boson and probably other non-zero vacuum expectation particles are discovered we will be well on our way to understanding mass and gravity with the goal of unifying all the basic forces in nature. Can a new diet and weight reduction plan be far behind?

  14. timbotsford says:

    ragabashmoon, think for a moment, :idea: , if you use an antimatter bomb and it blasts the whole city into oblivion, into just what are you going to move 30 seconds later. #1: there probably would be a big whole reaching as far as the ‘antimatter’ bomb would reach in, I am assuming a spherical shape. #2: if you are within 30 seconds of it, you are probably going with it. :) I know, it was a great idea. Anyway, just teasing you. Use a neutron bomb instead, wasn’t that the one that kills living matter but not destroy buildings?..could be wrong on which one.
    Hmmm…now, to get the FBI off my back for using the word ‘bomb’ online….honest, I have no intentions, nor knowledge, nor desire, to make any bomb….just a discussion. :)
    FBI, I do appreciate your hard and dangerous work!! Keep it up! If I were young enough, I would join you.

    • CaptainJack says:

      You can use the word bomb because you have not discussed locations or how you plan to move the bomb. The ECHELON system looks for combination of words and not just the individual word.

      Oh and its not the FBI you have to worry about. NSA has the best systems. NSA has a budget 3 times greater than even the CIA. As the BBC news article discovered a report published by the European Parliament in February alleges that Echelon twice helped US companies gain a commercial advantage over European firms.The first came from a Baltimore Sun report which said the European consortium Airbus lost a $6bn contract with Saudi Arabia after NSA found Airbus officials were offering kickbacks to a Saudi official.

      The paper said the agency “lifted all the faxes and phone-calls between Airbus, the Saudi national airline and the Saudi Government” to gain this information.

      Mr Campbell also alleges that the US firm Raytheon used information picked up from NSA snooping to secure a $1.4bn contract to supply a radar system to Brazil instead of France’s Thomson-CSF.

      So as you can see they do pass their information on to other parts of our government. They are not allowed to share information about domestic citizens. NSA does collect our information but they can’t act on it. My question is who’s policing this sharing of information from abuse?So for now I think we are safe. But laptops do get stolen and domestic information does leak out of the NSA on accident. :roll:

    • Capman911 says:

      We have had many conversations on here about Marina was secretly trying to get us to enlist in the old KGB which is now the FSB. But it was all in fun and games. Marina was even joking about it herself. So don’t worry if you get investigated we all will be. :wink: :lol: :lol:

  15. seesixcm6 says:

    Yes, Marina, you should try to make rap recordings. Perhaps on your next video? It might get more views! As for the small danger of a black hole, thus CERN lab is in Switzerland, which is famous for being neutral. So if CERN dissappears, there would be no change to their neutrality! :smile: Actually, I hope the experiment works and they do discover whether anti matter behaves as predicted or not. seesixcm6

  16. davemarkwz says:

    I’m hoping they have accounted for such matter/anti-matter. Magnetigics are the common theme to contain the problems that arise.
    Some such dirty regular matter – fine with me. Anti-Daves and Anit-Marinas….. then you have got yourselves into deep caca.

  17. ragabashmoon says:

    Cool to see photos of that thing… I knew it existed but damn… Yeah, antimatter is kinda scary… They say that when it “annihilates” it actually leaves nothing behind, no radiation, anything. Just destroys the matter in a big flash of light, soooo… controlled antimatter bombs you could blast a whole city into oblivion then… move in 30 seconds later.

  18. James says:

    You really have started a discussion now marina :roll: I think i will have to favorite tis the tune is good and quite catchy.. What I want to know is.. WHY . whats the point WHY SPEND ALL THIS MONEY THAT COULD BE SPENT ON BUYING ME A MAC! Whats the point of the large hardon collinder? Cant people just be happy that they exist.. So.. they find out what they wanted to find out. and.. what then.. some other big wasteful project?

    • CaptainJack says:

      Why are you so angry? :cry: Oh your going through Mac envy? :grin: I know that pain. :mrgreen: Get a Mac mini. They are cheap. I know in the UK they are much more. Try getting a used one on ebay or some site that you use to buy used things. When you get a old mac just buy OS 10.5 and it will look like a new computer.

      Why should we invent cars? We have horses and two feet. Why invent the telephone. We can just mail a letter. Why invent the internet? I could just call you on the phone. Why invent the airplane. We have horses and cars to get around. If you think about it, that its you that wants the LHC to be built. You want to make new science so we can build cooler product like super fast computers. Its not a wasteful project. There is lots of money to be made form such experiments. Imagine if you knew how to build a quantum computer, how much money do you think you would make from that knowledge? If you look a little deeper in to CERN I think you will find why we need it. :smile:

      • James says:

        Hmm We need areoplanes because england is an island.. The guy who invented the internet lived a mile away from where i do (just a bit of random info) the mac mini means i have to buy a screen (i don’t have enough room) also.. What does smashing particles have to do with making computers? also telephones have an impact on everyday life it is not like anyone will ever say hmm… I really fancy a jam sandwich.. Oh shit.. Out of jam :cry: :cry: . Oh well not to worry, I will just go to the LHC to get some more. :lol:

      • CaptainJack says:

        We don’t need an airplane. Thats why we invented the boat. Oh the guy that invented the internet only lived a mile away? (thats very cool dude, btw) See he could have bicycled to your house with a floppy disk with all his cool programs, email, games, etc on it. We don’t need internet. You see what Im getting at James. Yes you should read up on the LHC. What kind of questions can it answer for our science? I know a good example of science we don’t fully understand but we are using it for secure communications between government locations. It uses the theory of entanglement. Someday we will use the some form of secure communications for our computers.
        Taking things apart is how we learn how things work. If you want to know who an atom works you need to smash it to see what parts fall out. Just read up on LHC experiments. You’ll get the idea.

        Have you heard of the quantum computer? It could be the worlds fastest computer. Google that and see what you find out.

        You know the replicators on Star Trek? It’s in the realm that could be possible to build them.

        Keep your mind open and use that search thing called “Google” once in awhile. I know you get a bit lazy at times but its really a good tool to gain knowledge. Just be cautious that what your reading is true knowledge and not some nonsense. :grin:

      • James says:

        (my gravatar is a tap (not a hook) )

        How can you say such blasphemy

        We don’t need internet

        :eek: :eek: :shock:

        If we didn’t have the internet then there would be no HotForWords. and I wouldnt be able to find out about mac!! OH GOD!! don’t put such thoughts in my head :lol: :lol: :lol: :eek: :cool: :grin:

        DISCLAMER: Used in humor

        Really though I must go to sleep I start my first day at college tomorrow. Oh wait.. I always wake up dead in the mornings anyway

      • Bob says:

        We are mostly made up of empty space.

        And some of have most of it between our ears, which is why, when we get upset, the steam comes out of our ears. :lol:

      • mergatroidal says:

        James, you think you got your hands full with our Marina, you’ll be the talk of the campus you get Jorge to speak at the college. He’s cool.

      • CaptainJack says:

        mergatroidal, I have visited this web site often. I love some of their t-shirt ideas.

      • Capman911 says:

        Just click on my name Capman911 and it takes you to Google for a quick search engine while on this site. Another way to be helpful.

    • ragabashmoon says:

      I’m with Bones… I don’t trust those matter transmitters. I mean they TEAR YOU APART… beam you across space… and put you back together. Then there was that episode of New Generation where they had the problems with it… returned to the planet a year or so later to find Commander Riker pissed cause they’d left him behind… but they DIDN’T… due to the malfunction, it had copied him. Sooo… what if that’s what it does in the first place? KILLS YOU… then clones you? Maybe Bones was right not to like them.

      • CaptainJack says:

        They really don’t tear you apart as you might think. We are already in pieces. There is more empty space in our atoms and between our atoms than there is matter. We are mostly made up of empty space.You could imagine we might look more like steam at the atomic level.

  19. Between the Hubble Deep Space Imaging and the LHC,
    it may be discovered that the Big Bang Theory is NOT
    the way of the Universe! That’s why hypotheses must
    be tested through experimentation, for validation. The
    real question becomes, again. “What is the Universe
    and how did it get here?”. We are seeing structures
    and elements akin to those found in “foam”, at the
    Galactic scale. Instead of surfacants producing
    bubbles, as seen in foam, think in terms of interacting
    gravitational and centrifugal force fields as bubbles,
    also interacting with electromagnetic fields of force..
    Approx. 80% of the known matter in the Universe exists
    in plasma state; which easily conducts EMF (electromotive force)
    It’s going to be of great interest if they can disprove Big Bang, or show it to merely be a local phenomenon – not Universal.
    Time to readjust our cosmic mindset yet AGAIN! Woo Hoo! :mrgreen:

    LCH Rap – Rocks! Great video, 5 stars :cool:

    • CaptainJack says:

      What I would like to know is what is Dark Matter? Why can’t we measure it? We know its there. What is the propose of Dark Matter? Is there a connection of Dark Matter and Supersymmetry? inquiring minds want to know. :mrgreen:

      • ragabashmoon says:

        Well, the way I understand it is that it’s because we exist in a state of matter. It’s there… we “know” it’s there because our theory says it has to be, but we can’t see it because it’s doesn’t exist in our dimension, so to speak. If it does exist in our dimension, then it cancels out the same amount of matter in a huge flash of light… and now both are gone. So, we COULD measure it… if we wanted to annihilate the universe :P

      • says:

        ragabashmoon, you’re probably mixing up dark matter with anti-matter, with a big wallop of StarTrek physics, which unfortunately differs from our physics.

        CaptainJack, to put it simply, dark matter is the label we put on something unknown. Not completely unknown, but mostly so. We know just enough to put a label on it.

        Here’s what we know. We observe microwave radiation coming from all around us (the cosmic microwave background), the orbits of stars in distant galaxies, the reddening of the light from distant stars, and the minute bending of the path of light from distant galaxies on the way to Earth. All these observations can be modeled given some extra information, just like we can model the path of a baseball knowing its initial velocity. This extra information is the density of matter in the universe on intergalactic scales, that is scales on which galaxies start looking more like a thin mist as opposed to individual specks.

        Reversing the argument, just as we can extrapolate the initial velocity of a baseball by observing its trajectory, the density of matter in the universe can be obtained by extrapolating from the above observations. Of course, every number obtained in science must be checked in multiple ways. Another way to estimate the matter density of the universe is to simply look up into the sky, count all the specks of light and add up their masses. Unfortunately, the matter densities obtained in these two different ways do not agree and the difference is dubbed jointly dark matter and dark energy. Of course, these names are appropriate only if our current models of the universe are accurate. So far, most of the evidence indicates that they are, but we could always be wrong.

        Every other kind of matter or energy is available on Earth and can in principle be investigated in arbitrary depth, given sufficient resources. Unfortunately, neither dark matter nor dark energy can be investigated in this way. Either is yet to be located and isolated here on Earth. That’s why both names labels something that is yet unknown. If we are lucky, the LHC experiment will help; if we are unlucky, it will not.

  20. CaptainJack says:

    Ok Marina have you been spying on my YouTube favorites list again? :mrgreen: That list is only open to the public. Not for intelligent teachers with the name of Marina. :roll: :razz: Oh I can’t wait until that damn thing goes online. I’ve been waiting years for this to get built. Its the ultimate doomsday device. The world will end September 10th, 2008!! THE END IS NEAR! REPENT! heheheheh Hey why did the pick Black for the color of the whole? Wouldn’t pink been a better choice? :roll:

    Ok well if your going to RAP then I want you to do a beat box style like the Hungarian Beatbox Princes Nona</a from Budapest. Also check out Steffe la Chef

  21. roadrunrnch says:

    Have they said, There is a real possibility of blowing up the Universe too. They may inadvertently create a big bang…… again. Or at least
    create a new Star/Sun were the Earth WAS.

    • CaptainJack says:

      RRR, It can’t happen. This machine doesn’t have enough power to do such a thing. We don’t have enough power on this whole planet to create such a thing. Also these collisions they will be making at CERN are so weak they won’t last very long.
      Check out this video and fast froward it to near the end of the 21minute video at the 17minute mark. Prof. Alvaro de Rujula touches on this question. “The Globe Show”

      [Although physicists acknowledge that the collider could, in theory, create small black holes, they say they do not pose any risk. A study released Friday by CERN scientists explains that any black hole created would be tiny, and would not have enough energy to stick around very long before dissolving. Five collider collaborators who did not pen the report independently told CNN there would be no danger from potential black holes.

      John Huth, who works on the collider's ATLAS experiment, called such fears "baloney" in a recent interview, and noted that in normal physics, even if the black hole were stable, it could just pass through the Earth without being detected or without interacting at all.

      "The gravitational force is so weak that you'd have to wait many, many, many, many, many lifetimes of the universe before one of these things could [get] big enough to even get close to being a problem,” said Huth, professor of physics at Harvard University.]

      • roadrunrnch says:

        They should add ” We are pretty sure it won’t ” :lol:

      • CaptainJack says:

        Yea, anyone with basic knowledge of physics can understand that for the earth to get swallowed up is just about as the probity of throwing a match into the ocean and watching the world blow up. Water is made of of Hydrogen and Oxygen. If separate H2O and then re-combined quickly you get what looks like the Hindenburg. I don’t think there is enough energy in this galaxy to make that happen. Energy is nether created nor destroyed. Its just move from one location to the other.

  22. wetsuit5 says:

    A resounding YES.
    Stretch those talents to the max.
    Agile delivery.
    Not something for a steady diet.
    But a fun diversion.

    How about a cooking show style for one?
    The ingredients of the word to include it’s origin.
    The origin of the name of different foods.
    (Today we are going to make Borsch and this is it’s origin)

    How about a game show style for one?
    The word is right.

    How about a house repair style for one?
    This old word.
    Fixing bad grammer.

    How about a circus show style for one?
    Walking a tight word.
    Marina all made up as a clown.

    Could you do one while driving?
    Words people use when stuck in traffic.
    The origin of traffic.

  23. chevolay says:

    Is it a coincidence this story is on CNN fifty-five minutes ago? :grin:

    • Bob says:

      An unintentional pun in this CNN story leads me to request a hotforwords investigation into the words “particle/particular” and “matter”.
      In Latin, “particularis” is the opposite of “universalis”, so I would like to know, in particular, how particle came to mean a minute part of the universe, or a bit of matter, and how “matter” came to be “important”.
      I hope Marina will look into this, but if she doesn’t, it won’t matter.

  24. chevolay says:

    In order to appeal to a mass audience you need to mix up your lesson presentations, it’s all part of the creative process, but you already know this. :wink: :wink: :smile: :grin:

  25. chevolay says:

    Something new :smile: :smile:

  26. foxbow15 says:


    that’s the atlas project right?

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