Jacuzzi.. a funny word for a hot tub.. I wonder where it comes from?


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  1. l-p-r says:

      …{bath} or do the word {SHOWER}    

      “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness isn’t spending it right.”

  2. greatestpotential says:

    :x Those could have been someone’s babies swiming around in there

  3. michael r says:

    i wish i had a Jacuzzi lol :)

  4. elahie says:

    this post was exactly 4 years after hurricane ivan hit this island =P

  5. darkshadow says:

    I always look for a room with a jacuzzi when staying in a hotel.

  6. guhpol says:

    I am wondering why Macho man is named like that?

    P.S. I am sorry for duplicating my comment. Firts one had too many mistakes

  7. guhpol says:

    I am wondered why MUcho man is named like that? here is the example

  8. leonard says:

    random lesson—clean to relax, later

  9. hutchiee says:

    It amazes me how many commonly used words are actually trademarks. Sniff, sniff, need to go find a Kleenex (TM)

  10. mijj says:

    …tum te tum .. the second drought period M-vid i missed.

  11. mello-g37 says:

    I was in a Hotel in perth australia , and had a big one to use it was great :cool:

  12. tennesseedundee says:

    SOS Teacher!

    Video Word Request


    Talk Like a Pirate Day is fast ahead!



  13. ilikesexytime says:


  14. MCLIJazz says:

    John Ratzenberger visited the Jacuzzi plant in one episode of his Travel Channel show “Made in America.” (Sadly, the show was canceled over the summer after five seasons on the air. :sad:)

  15. hotrocky says:

    Marina, I hear so many people say “Ja coo zy” including you.

    Shouldn’t it be pronounced “Ja coot zy” like “pizza?”


  16. animalntaz says:

    Did she just show that guy who took a bath in a Burger King sink, that made its way all over the internet and then the news? I thought that what that guy did was kinda stupid.

  17. sparkyinseattle says:

    I wear a watch… auto wind and water proof, It signifies a goal I set and achieved. When I look at it I’m reminded I can do anything if I put my mind to it….

  18. itsmeee12345 says:

    hello hotforwords! please tell me the origin of the word underdog. thank you.

  19. Maxim1990 says:

    Hey Marina!
    When you say “by the way”, does the way refer to the way as in “way better” or the way as in “railway”?
    Love, Maxim ;)

  20. duvduv says:

    hello marina,

    may you sexyteach us something on the word “bravo” ?


  21. CaptainJack says:

    Are Jacuzzis still popular? Are you kidding me? :shock: Oh boy! I used to go over my bosses house and sit in his Jacuzzi (he had a true Jacuzzi brand) for an hour or two. There would be like 6 people in the darn thing. We would talk shop like flying model R/C airplanes and racing R/C cars. The girls would talk about… well whatever they talk about. It can’t be of anything of importance. :roll: :mrgreen: That’s all on week days. Weekend was a different story. We would have so many people show up we would have to take turns in Jacuzzi. :roll: Rarely there would be a time no one was in it. One of my favorite things to do in a Jacuzzi is sit in the thing during a snow storm. :shock: Nice and warm and try to catch snow flakes on your tough. Sounds a bit crazy but its really fun. Another fun thing to do is try breathing under water. Sure you can use the aerators bubbles, but I found a more intimate method that’s fun to do with your Jacuzzi buddy. Oh yea, you have to have a Jacuzzi buddy. You never know you might need mouth to mouth resuscitation from drowning in the Jacuzzi. :shock: Speaking of Jacuzzi buddies, Marina I think you should have one. You never know you might just stop swimming unexpectedly and risk drowning. :mrgreen: Since we are on the subject, my first aid & CPR certification is about to expire and I need to brush up on mouth to mouth resuscitation. Can you help me out? :mrgreen:

    p.s. Young Grasshopper, Your Kung Fu is getting better! :mrgreen: Just be careful. I broke my own nose once. :shock: Ok laugh all you want. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :lol: :lol: Oh there goes my pride, now shriveling up into a little ball the size of a mustard seed. :cry:

  22. del_binari says:

    Very entertaining website… and it is clear you have a passion for words.

    Try sorting out this phrase if it suits you.
    “‘cookie jar’ accounting”


  23. alifftee says:

    Hey Marina! I would like to request for the word ” Coconut ” If it is not a nut, why a coconut? THANKS!! :lol:

  24. muggins says:

    Jacuzzi :smile: rhymes with Uzi :twisted: , the Israeli assault pistol, and Doozy, from the Duesenberg luxury automobile :cool: .

  25. James says:

    Marina, when I type “kinda” it doesn’t show up as a spelling mistake. Is kinda actually an official word now?

  26. mijj says:

    calling all buzzword, calling all buzzword … re the essential oils stuff: :)

    after a long period of occasional doodling around looking for essential oil info that wasn’t mere new age fluff …
    … i found a site called: “Safe Alternative Medicine” which actually has genuinely useful info:

    [Aromatherapy - index]

    including …

    [The Basics of Aromatherapy] (background)

    [How to Blend Essential Oils]
    that sound awfully complicated .. i just drip the oils straight from the little bottles into the oil burner.

    [Top Ten Essential Oils]

    there seems to be two different methods of hoick the oils into the air.
    I’m only familiar with the crude dish-of-heated-water method (vaporiser or burner).
    The other fancy method appears to be termed “diffuser” (by means i havent checked).

    this is the kind of thing i …
    [White Ceramic Oil Burner]
    which is basically a dish (to hold the water to which to add drops of oil) on a stand with a nightlight candle in it.

    alternatively, if you’re lush with cash …
    this is an extortionate [Ultrasonic Misting Diffuser]

    There seems to be an unfortunate habit of essential oils sites focussing on malaise rather than enhancement, so you have to do some extrapolating and testing {shrug}.

  27. shakazulu84 says:

    Russian word: Komu. “To whom”

  28. meherenow85 says:

    Hey Marina if you can, i would like to know the origin of the word disappointed.

  29. roadrunrnch says:

    You guys are a little quiet without me to stir up trouble?
    Does anyone have anything interesting to talk about?
    A word I have a lot of problem with is FREE.
    What is your definition of Free?

    My definition of Free; ….
    Someone else pays for or gives something they own….
    Is air free? Is sun light free? I say no, but what is it?

  30. niam says:

    I would like to know the origin of either ‘Eskimo/Inuit’ or the word that you use alot, ‘Investigate’!!!


  31. namath12 says:

    I’d like to know the origin of the word “Cocktail”

    My mother says all the time at about 5:30 “It’s Cocktail Hour”


    • animalntaz says:

      I don’t know why, but there is just something sexual about that word. COCKTAIL. :mrgreen:
      Maybe it is named that because it sometimes comes after the drinking. Guys going out and grabbing some TAIL with their huge… :wink:

    • animalntaz says:

      I was just joking around with that last post, but I took some time to think about it as its reference to time. Maybe it is some kind of rooster (cock) reference. When a COCK first notices the sunrise, its TAIL faces west where the sunsets, which is when people normally start drinking. I don’t know, it seems like a plausible guess. :idea:

      • namath12 says:

        I think your first answer is closest, seriously, but I really have no idea.
        I though it would be an interesting word for Marina to research but
        i guess not. It would be great if she did….. Your second one is very intelligent and thoughtfull….

    • fianchetto1 says:

      Thanks, namath12, for your WORD REQUEST: “Cocktail”

  32. James says:

    Marina (or anyone else) is this true about mac??? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=iEAGmBRC1dc

    • foxbow15 says:

      jup, I love that guy :grin: he’s so awsome:P

    • aLx says:

      look. if mac was so great and pcs were so inferior or whatever, everyone would be using a mac. but the majority doesn’t. must be a reason for that.
      you’ll always hear something like, “i bought a mac because i don’t get any viruses / malware.” but actually it’s rather, “i bought a mac because i don’t know how to protect my computer.”
      there are macs that come with xp, i think. but, if you use xp on a mac — why did you buy a mac then?
      you can do everything you do on a mac on a pc, too.

      • James says:

        Thanks alx :mrgreen: . I don’t think sales has anything to do with one company being inferior/superior. Someone has to do better than the other. I also think it is because mac is quite expensive and you can only get mac on an apple computer, whereas Windows don’t make their own computers.. Others do.. like HP Packard Bell etc, so there is much more chance of sales, apple limits them exclusively to themselves :neutral: . I wish it was as simple as being able to do all I could on a pc.. But lately when I have made videos things look good then I publish it and it freezes midway, Windows can be VERY VERY irritating. I used to be a sworn windows lover.. Didn’t like mac at all but now.. I think out of wanting to try something different.. and desperation. i am buying one.

      • James says:

        alx… You messed up a bit on the wanna play link you posted below….. XboX is made by microsoft :!: :!: :smile:

    • aLx says:

      alright. if you hear a voice laughing because something doesn’t work and you can’t find another program … it’s me. hehe.

      yeah, if you can’t handle a real computer and don’t know how to fix stuff, you’d better get a mac.

      besides, what does not making their own computers have to do with anything? you don’t buy an operating system without a computer, do you? a person wants a computer. goes into a store. there are macs, there are pcs. you decide. most people in that situation get a pc. why? well, think about it.
      but, if you got too much money and you think you need overpriced crap, go right ahead and buy one of those girly computers.

      • James says:

        Its not that at all. I just am not going to be forced into downloading other stuff because windows is too stupid to do it.. I tried to look at some other stuff. But I didnt get on.. I think PC would be easier than mac to use. but i will get used to it.. I will use my pc and my mac.. And how the hell can a computer be girly :?:

      • mijj says:

        i think if you take the situation purely on it’s own terms (i.e. what you do isn’t for a resume)

        assuming that sw available on both machines is equally lucid (because this would be the priority – rather than the machine)

        .. then the Mac/PC thing is entirely irrelevant. I think there’s a historical preference for Mac because in the past it specialized in video (and printing). … the days are gone when there was a technological benefit to using one or the other.

        Plus .. current macs and pcs have oodles of processing power for the normal human being producing vids with fancy effects.

        ie. on technological terms .. don’t matter one bit.

        The real differences are in marketing.
        coolness and elitism of the mac v. the everyman pc.
        cool suave erm .. top macintosh guy v. evil gazillionaire Bill Gates,

    • Marina says:

      James…. I was simply trying to make your life easier if you wanted to edit videos Macs are the easiest to work on.. but I am not going to bother defending my advice.. I am simply telling you what worked for me and basically every other person I have ever run into in Hollywood where they make a lot of movies. If you want to buck the system then use your pc.. and good luck.

    • mijj says:

      If i might butt in and make a suggestion …

      … what’s most important is your style, content, and presentation .. the technology is secondary, it’s only there as your platform … however, being of the male gender, you’re likely to be seduced by technology – so beware – go spartan with technology.

      I would suggest get the software with the very minimal range of capabilities .. i.e. only sufficient to do the bare essentials .. do you can concentrate on what really matters .. ie. your presence, material, etc etc.

      • James says:

        I go all over the place mijj. :lol: I can get on with about anything… I would say what technology I have bought in the last year.. But people would probably think I was bragging << thats not bragging by the way <<nor is that << or that << or that << or that << or that << or that << or that << or that << or that << or that << or that << or that << or that

    • mijj says:

      oh .. i meant to add ..

      .. in other words the Mac/PC thing is irrelevant – unless you’re planning to go into the vid production biz professionally, then i guess it’s relevant for the resume.

      • aLx says:

        yeah, and if you do it professionally, you’ll need a fast computer. look at this:

        Mac Pro
        8 cores standard, up to 3.2 GHz
        Start building your Mac Pro with our suggested configuration:
        Two 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Harpertown” processors
        2GB memory (800MHz DDR2 fully-buffered DIMM ECC)
        ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT graphics with 256MB memory
        320GB Serial ATA 3Gb/s 7200-rpm hard drive1
        16x double-layer SuperDrive


        this is a complete rip-off.

        • Marina says:

          When you add up the cost of your productivity going to zero while you remove the adware and viruses from your computer because your cousin used your computer for 5 minutes and clicked OK when the popup said (click here to view cute flash card) .. then the Mac is a bargain! (I’m just playing with you aLx :-) )

      • foxbow15 says:

        2 quad cores running at 3.2 ghz and a ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT :???:

      • foxbow15 says:

        leaving outh the ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT would sound less stupid

      • aLx says:

        alright, i changed the configuration.

        Mac Pro
        Part Number: Z0EM
        Two 3.2GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon (8-core)
        8GB (4 x 2GB)
        500GB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb/s
        NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB (Two dual-link DVI)
        One 16x SuperDrive
        AirPort Extreme card (Wi-Fi)
        Apple wireless Mighty Mouse
        Apple Wireless Keyboard (English) + User’s Guide
        iWork ’08 preinstalled
        Final Cut Express preinstalled
        Accessory kit


      • foxbow15 says:

        if i’d buy such expensive machine i’d put in 2 4870 X2′s in CrossFireX :lol: but now apple won’t let you do that :???:
        But you can put in 32 gigs of ram :S weird….
        do you need a raid card in a mac to put your hd’s in a raid confirguration? lol it costs 710 euros :lol:
        a 1tb sata HD costs 360 euro’s wth!?!?! last time i checked a 1 tb HD was 100 euro’s in the computer store….

        I just configured a mac pro that has just about the same specs as my pc altough I have a 24 inch display and this mac has a 23 inch display, in total the mac pro costs € 5.446,00 ….
        my pc cost me a total of 700/800 (can’t really say exactly) euro’s :???: (took me a long time to get the cheapest hardware tough)

      • foxbow15 says:

        # One 2.8GHZ Quad-Core Intel Xeon
        # 4GB (4x1GB)
        # Mac Pro RAID-kaart
        # 1TB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb/s
        # 1TB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb/s
        # Geen
        # 2 x ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 256MB
        # Eén 16x SuperDrive
        # Apple Cinema HD Display (23-inch flat-panel)

    • mijj says:

      hmmmm! .. getting lots of technology!! … {pronounced intake of breath over teeth}

      death by technology!

    • roadrunrnch says:

      Bottom line James is for about $1000.00 more then a similarly equipped Dell, You can say you own a Mac. I think Marina will still like you aether way.

    • mijj says:

      You know, James .. maybe it’d be better if you did your vids as hand drawn animations synced to your voice.

    • foxbow15 says:

      buying a mac because it has an “Isight” or because it doesn’t get any viruses is just the most stupidest reason -.-
      the isight thing is like buying a specific really bad! car just because it has a cupholder or something :???:
      I’v never had any trouble with viruses or popups or whatsoever wth are those anyway? :shock:

    • mijj says:

      I ent got nuffin agin your face, James .. in fact

      … you could use a photo of your face and cut out the chin and mouth part and animate that, Southpark Canadian style. … and you could have Marina as an animated photo cutout in there too .. get round those massive appearance fees she charges.

    • mijj says:

      actually .. i was thinking earlier .. if i wanted to upload music it’d help with sound quality if i could keep the image part of the bandwidth down, so a simple animation would be the best thing to do.

      Adobe Flash does that kind of thing real easily.

      .. cetp, of course :oops: it isn’t going to be as easy as pointing a camera and recording.

    • mijj says:

      oh .. you’d have to find the synch points from the audio for the animation too ..

      .. hmmmm

  33. yomero says:

    It’s quiet here today, all the kids are back in school now.
    What does leisure and school have in common :?: :?: Someone needs to investigate. :smile: :roll: :roll: :grin: :grin: :wink: :mrgreen:

  34. labbatt78 says:

    Even in the wintertime I would not mind staying in the jacuzzi for very long.

  35. sniperskaya says:

    When I eat beans I can make any bathtub a Jacuzzi. :mrgreen:

  36. reekzilla says:

    how about FRIES
    why has no one gave them a real name, besides “chips”

  37. luigi787 says:

    hi marina what the word origin of french kiss why it is call the why thank

  38. gregory g mcbride says:


    Are you 5’7″ tall weighing 125lbs I drove past a female that looked like you in Stamford Conneticut. She was at an out door Restaurant on Bedford St.


  39. wetsuit5 says:

    @ 3279 (less than 100 to be in the lead by a factor of 2 to 1)
    #2 @ 1678
    #3 @ 1222

    Almost HotForPoker time.

  40. James says:

    I bet YT will still refuse me partnership

    #12 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedians
    #88 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedians – Global
    #25 – Most Viewed (This Week) – Comedians
    #12 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedians

  41. guhpol says:

    Hello Marina. I fond your profile on you-tube and found it really cool. I would be happy if you explain me why Russian salad is named like that?? thank uuuuuuuuuuu

  42. bobsully says:

    I use my hot tub most every day. It’s even more fun when it freezing outside! In fact it is used for both therapeutic and social purposes. I do use the term “hot tub,” however rather than Jacuzzi®.

  43. TongueTwislers says:

    Are Jacuzzis still popular, hell yea…. or atleast where i live, Wales.

    Speaking of Wales reminds me that we have to walk our dog in a flooded field, that might give you a clue to how much rain we’ve had.

    See ya

  44. peter11 says:

    Hi Marina, I lost contact with you. What happen to that wordlove108??? I really miss those days!!! talking about jacuzzi make me think of yakuza.

  45. mimboslayer says:

    I want to kno the origin of :grin: PICNIC :grin: never made any sense to me

  46. vladi says:

    Hi again Marina,

    I wanted to know the origin of the word “frankfurter”

  47. vladi says:

    Hi again Marina,

    I want to know the origin of the word “toodle pip”
    I heard it on TV.
    What does it mean and where did it come from?

  48. babydoll26 says:

    привет Marina,
    Thats about the only Russian I know :)
    I would like to know the origin of “Soap Box Derby”
    I understand the “derby” part, but where does “Soap Box” come from?
    Its homemade car racing…what does soap have to do with it!? Haha.

    Thank you so much! Loving you videos!
    – Babydoll26 (Alicja Dzbanuszek)

    • geronimo says:

      When these things first started, the carts were literally made from wooden boxes that were used for shipping soap. After the the soap was delivered, kids would take the empty boxes and put wheels on them and coast them down hills.

      • davecodave says:

        Duh !…., Doesn’t anyone watch “The Little Rascals” anymore?
        Where are people getting their information that gets them through life?

      • Capman911 says:

        The good ole days are gone. There is nothing like that to show the younger generation how we grew up and what we played with. I mean in the dirt. Trucks and little cars, soap box cars. make go carts out of wood frames and push each other. Take three old bikes and make one. Carve out boats to play in a mud puddle. Climb trees and make a tree house, man I am getting old. I don’t feel it yet. I still like to play. But now the bigger the boys the bigger the toys.

    • fianchetto1 says:

      Thanks, babydoll26, for your WORD REQUEST: “Soap Box Derby”

  49. duke veritas says:

    Hot tubs are seen in HOT HOT places like TX, but only during the spring or colder months–it’s fun to get that contrast when it’s in the 50s outside!!

    I haven’t seen any here in Northern Cali, but that doesn’t mean they’re not around…I just don’t have the money to associate with millionares or even the upper middle class who could afford it.

    I think they were a fad for people who could afford it in the 90s, then the fad began to fade :smile:

    Marina…looks like you can’t get enough karate-do!!
    Invigorating once you get started, isn’t it!?!
    That, or you like being silly…either works…as long as you enjoy it :wink:

  50. roadrunrnch says:

    Jacuzzi Jet? This my favorite kind.
    will it work

  51. yazquestiongirl says:

    hello Marina
    I’m from Mexico City and I would like to know the origin of the word: DUDE… i’m not a native english speaker so it could help me to understand my american friends… and also, is the word DUDE using in UK?
    Muchas Gracias — thank u a lot :idea:

  52. james25 says:

    How bout the origin of kleenex

  53. james25 says:


  54. mijj says:

    wow! .. anyone interested in percussion should check this demonstration of an :
    ["intelligent deployment of drums"]

  55. bonezilla says:

    Hi, Marina. I have a very simple and “pithy” request. I’d like to know the origin of the term “sugar walls.”

    Thanks a bunch,


    • duke veritas says:


      Interesting question! I was imagining a hut with walls made of
      hulled-out sugar cane, or a house made of rock-candy.

      Instead, all I could find was reference to the Sheena Easton 1984 song “sugar walls,” which was, according to the Urban dictionary: a complimentary term for a kickin vagina

      Wikipedia agrees, adding only vaginal walls

      Here’s the link to the video if you want to see it:

      There you go: It’s more sexually-related slang, created by a popular culture guru :wink:

  56. David says:

    Hi Marina,

    The Jacuzzi has been very popular here above the 49th parallel for a long time. Swimming pools much less popular… too much… maintenance and heating costs.

    One time I walked around the corner to find a married friend in the Jacuzzi with a girl with big boobs – no top on. (lucky guy LOL) I really shocked them and she was about to get up. My mind was instantly racing for a response. What to do – what to do??? I motioned with my hands for her not to get up… (although I was interested in seeing more)… I did a pirouette and said I sorry I must have the wrong address!! and left. Oh boy!

  57. rebecca says:

    My friend and I have a phrase request. “Put your foot in your mouth”! Crazy!

    We’ve been trying to figure this out for years, and we can’t find a solid answer anywhere, online or otherwise!! If someone can do it, we know you can!

    • animalntaz says:

      I wouldn’t mind if Marina put her foot in my…OKAY, I WON”T GO THERE! :twisted:

      That was bad. I didn’t cross the line, did I? Because I was just joking around. I have a bit of a bold, dark sense of humor. Sorry, if I caused any offense.

  58. sexxybeast7 says:

    Yes jacuzzi’s are still popular. Also, I would like to request the word basketball and could you find the origin

  59. mijj says:


    YouTube converts uploaded vids to FLV format .. but says you can’t upload vids in FLV format.

    Goddam stoopid YouTube.

  60. pedantickarl says:

    Anyone that wants to upload a video to the Best Weekend Ever contest has 2 minutes to do so. Ooops, too late. The upload phase has ended and the viewing phase is now in effect. Marina leads with 3187 votes over second place video with 1678 votes.

    • pedantickarl says:

      Monday voting has just started and this is the last week of voting for Marina. The end of the contest is midnight ET Saturday Sept 13.
      Marina now has 3207 votes.

  61. revigoe says:

    I want “Spore” please! :smile:

  62. fianchetto1 says:

    Somebody’s gonna hate me for this, but, Dear Teacher, I would love to see you do a piece on collective nouns – like many quail are a covey, many fish are a school, a parliament of owls, pride of lions, mischief of mice…:

    Collective Name Animal
    herd of antelope
    army of ants
    colony of ants
    swarm of ants
    shrewdness of apes
    flange of baboons
    congress of baboons
    tribe of baboons
    culture of bacteria
    cete of badgers
    colony of badgers
    sleuth of bears
    sloth of bears
    pack of bears (polar bears)
    colony of beavers
    lodge of beavers
    flight of bees
    grist of bees
    hive of bees
    swarm of bees
    congregation of birds
    dissimulation of birds
    flight of birds
    flock of birds
    volery of birds
    sedge of bitterns
    siege of bitterns
    herd of boar
    singular of boar
    sounder of boar
    chain of bobolinks
    brace of bucks
    clash of bucks
    herd of buffalo
    rabble of butterflies
    swarm of butterflies
    wake of buzzards
    flock of camels
    army of caterpillars
    clowder of cats
    clutter of cats
    glaring of cats
    pounce of cats
    dout of cats (house cats)
    nuisance of cats (house cats)
    kendle of cats (kittens)
    kindle of cats (kittens)
    litter of cats (kittens)
    destruction of cats (wild cats)
    drove of cattle
    herd of cattle
    kine of cattle
    team of cattle
    yoke of cattle (two)
    herd of chamois
    brood of chickens
    flock of chickens
    peep of chickens
    brood of chicks
    chattering of chicks
    clutch of chicks
    cartload of chimpanzees
    herd of chinchillas
    bed of clams
    quiver of cobras
    rag of colts
    rake of colts
    bury of conies
    cover of coots
    flight of cormorants
    band of coyotes
    sedge of cranes
    siege of cranes
    congregation of crocodiles
    float of crocodiles
    storytelling of crows
    murder of crows
    herd of deer
    leash of deer
    parcel of deer
    bevy of deer (roe deer)
    kennel of dogs
    pack of dogs
    litter of dogs (puppies)
    pod of dolphins
    drove of donkeys
    herd of donkeys
    pace of donkeys
    trip of dotterel
    bevy of doves
    cote of doves
    dole of doves
    dule of doves
    flight of doves
    piteousness of doves
    flight of dragons
    weyr of dragons
    wing of dragons
    brace of ducks
    flock of ducks
    flush of ducks
    paddling of ducks
    raft of ducks
    team of ducks
    aerie of eagles
    convocation of eagles
    swarm of eels
    herd of elephants
    memory of elephants
    parade of elephants
    gang of elk
    herd of elk
    mob of emus
    business of ferrets
    cast of ferrets
    fesnying of ferrets
    charm of finches
    catch of fish
    haul of fish
    run of fish
    school of fish
    shoal of fish
    swarm of flies
    lead of foxes
    leash of foxes
    skulk of foxes
    army of frogs
    colony of frogs
    knot of frogs
    flock of geese
    gaggle of geese
    skein of geese (in flight)
    wedge of geese (flying in a ‘V’)
    horde of gerbils
    corps of giraffes
    herd of giraffes
    tower of giraffes
    cloud of gnats
    horde of gnats
    swarm of gnats
    herd of gnus
    implausibility of gnus
    drove of goats
    herd of goats
    tribe of goats
    trip of goats
    charm of goldfinches
    glint of goldfish
    band of gorillas
    skein of goslings
    leash of greyhounds
    covey of grouse
    pack of grouse
    colony of gulls
    group of guinea pigs
    horde of hamsters
    drove of hares
    down of hares
    husk of hares
    leash of hares
    trace of hares
    trip of hares
    warren of hares
    aerie of hawks
    cast of hawks
    kettle of hawks
    array of hedgehogs
    prickle of hedgehogs
    brood of hens
    hedge of herons
    sedge of herons
    siege of herons
    shoal of herrings
    crash of hippopotami
    herd of hippopotami
    bloat of hippopotami
    drift of hogs
    parcel of hogs
    passel of hogs
    nest of hornets
    harras of horses
    herd of horses
    stable of horses
    team of horses
    troop of horses
    Collective Name Animal
    cry of hounds
    mute of hounds
    pack of hounds
    charm of hummingbirds
    clan of hyenas
    band of jays
    party of jays
    scold of jays
    smack of jellyfish
    herd of kangaroos
    mob of kangaroos
    troop of kangaroos
    deceit of lapwings
    ascension of larks
    exaltation of larks
    leap of leopards
    leep of leopards
    lepe of leopards
    pride of lions
    sault of lions
    sowse of lions
    troop of lions
    lounge of lizards
    herd of llamas
    plague of locusts
    tidings of magpies
    sord of mallards
    stud of mares
    richness of martens
    horde of mice
    mischief of mice
    nest of mice
    company of moles
    labor of moles
    movement of moles
    cartload of monkeys
    tribe of monkeys
    troop of monkeys
    troup of monkeys
    herd of moose
    barren of mules
    pack of mules
    rake of mules
    span of mules
    watch of nightingales
    bevy of otter
    family of otter
    raft of otter
    romp of otter
    parliament of owls
    drove of oxen
    herd of oxen
    span of oxen
    team of oxen
    yoke of oxen (two)
    bed of oysters
    company of parrots
    covey of partridges
    muster of peacocks
    ostentation of peacocks
    colony of penguins
    crèche of penguins
    huddle of penguins
    parcel of penguins
    rookery of penguins
    nest of pheasants
    nide of pheasants (on the ground)
    nye of pheasants (on the ground)
    bouquet of pheasants (when flushed)
    flight of pigeons
    flock of pigeons
    drove of pigs
    herd of pigs
    litter of pigs
    farrow of pigs (piglets)
    sounder of pigs (wild pigs)
    shoal of pilchards
    congregation of plovers
    wing of plovers
    chine of polecats
    string of ponies
    pod of porpoises
    school of porpoises
    passel of possum
    coterie of prairie dogs
    bevy of quail
    covey of quail
    bury of rabbits
    colony of rabbits
    down of rabbits
    drove of rabbits
    husk of rabbits
    leash of rabbits
    trace of rabbits
    trip of rabbits
    warren of rabbits
    nest of rabbits (young)
    wrack of rabbits (young)
    gaze of raccoons
    nursery of raccoons
    colony of rats
    horde of rats
    mischief of rats
    pack of rats
    plague of rats
    swarm of rats
    rhumba of rattlesnakes
    storytelling of ravens
    unkindness of ravens
    crash of rhinoceri
    building of rooks
    clamor of rooks
    storytelling of rooks
    run of salmon
    school of salmon
    shoal of salmon
    bob of seals
    colony of seals
    crash of seals
    harem of seals
    herd of seals
    pod of seals
    rookery of seals
    spring of seals
    team of seals
    school of shark
    shiver of shark
    down of sheep
    drove of sheep
    flock of sheep
    fold of sheep
    hurtle of sheep
    trip of sheep
    bed of snakes
    den of snakes
    nest of snakes
    pit of snakes
    walk of snipes
    wisp of snipes
    host of sparrows
    dray of squirrels
    scurry of squirrels
    murmuration of starlings
    muster of storks
    mustering of storks
    flight of swallows
    bevy of swans
    herd of swans
    wedge of swans (flying in a ‘V’)
    flock of swifts
    drift of swine
    sounder of swine
    spring of teals
    ambush of tigers
    streak of tigers
    knot of toads
    hover of trout
    flock of turkeys
    brood of turkeys (immature)
    bale of turtles
    generation of vipers
    nest of vipers
    colony of vultures
    mob of wallabees
    herd of walruses
    pod of walruses
    pack of weasels
    sneak of weasels
    gam of whales
    herd of whales
    pod of whales
    school of whales
    plump of wildfowl
    herd of wolves
    pack of wolves
    rout of wolves
    route of wolves
    warren of wombats
    fall of woodcocks
    descent of woodpeckers
    herd of yaks
    herd of zebras
    zeal of zebras

  63. Hot tubs, backrubs, candles, champagne…. :mrgreen:
    these are a few of my favorite things.
    Adustable blower jets are the way to go!
    You already know that, I bet – heh heh! :twisted:
    Relaxing and ……stimulating, yeowza!
    The best is when there’s a cold plunge
    available to follow up a hot soak. :grin:
    Your front snap kick looks improved!
    Be sure to do warm ups, first – less chance
    of a tendon pull or muscle rip. You won’t
    enjoy it if that happens. Chi-ya, babay :smile:

  64. yomero says:

    A good teacher is always one step ahead of the students. :wink: :grin: :razz: Yesterday in the Calender post I put forth the proposition of what words came directly from the names of inventors, :idea: and there she goes. Can we all get a peak of your Lesson Plan? :?: :???: :smile: :smile: :mrgreen:

  65. leonard says:

    jets of water—answer is word request

  66. fianchetto1 says:

    Homework: Yes, and growing in popularity by one … currently in a hotel after Hanna came through, and I am !!LOVING!! it!!!!

    When I rebuild, its gonna have a new jacuzzi(r) with about 40 jets just for my FEET. :-)

    I am absolutely spoiled to the one in the suite, here! :-)


  67. b-meister says:

    we’re getting a hot and a large porch added on to my house. hell yeah they’re popular. especially up here in massachusetts.

  68. smokey36bear says:

    Yes they are, but here people call them hot tubs. Which is weird, because a hot tub is just a tub of hot water with no jets or bubbles.

  69. 2utoday says:

    :mrgreen: I was going to post a comment but decided to go to the jacuzzi instead. Will I see you there?

  70. general_wrath says:

    where does the term “use your noodle” (aka: use your head) come from?

  71. danalvyzep4126 says:

    Oh yeah!!, Jacuzzis are still popular, in fact I own one here at my place… The problem is that I live in Mexico, if you wanna see it any time just let me know and I promise it’ll be REALLY FUN!! :smile: :wink:

  72. wingnutter says:

    We put in a hot tub this year. I just got out, came to the computer, and here you are talking about Jacuzzis!

    It felt good as we had been working around the house all day.

  73. jnaples says:

    Oh yeah. Jacuzzi’s rock! Especially when you have a beautiful Russian blonde with you. I won’t tell anyone Marina – I promise it will be between you an me and no further……Oh. I just told everyone on your web site. Well, I still stand by my offer!
    Send me an email and we’ll hook up! Did I mention that I’m Italian? I HAVE TO TRY, DAMN!

  74. idmmbn says:

    Hi there Marina,
    I wanna ask for a word,

    so surprised it hasn’t been cheekily asked for yet……

    and it is…..


    yup, pretty much, and no, it’s not steatopygia or dasypygal either…..

    just “callipygian”

    thanks so much :>)

  75. stokesjrj1 says:

    Jacuzzi’s seem to be popular items in the new housing market in the area where I live. I dont own one and have only used a jacuzzi hottub maybe once or twice in my time. I do however have a jacuzzi water well pump in my water well. This pump is supposedly is manfactured by the Jacuzzi company.

  76. rileymcarthur says:

    It’s RileyMcArthur and I wanted to know the origin of the word: Pimp…

  77. tryant says:

    Your camera might be bruised and needing a nice warm jacuzzi after that kick. No no!,don’t do it!,I was just kidding!

    I work in new houses often but haven’t seen one with,or designed for, a jacuzzi lately,prolly been a few years.Older houses can be retrofitted so this info is no “tell all”.

  78. lilasian360 says:

    Marina, i have a word request can you do the word ZOMBIE

  79. brofd0123 says:

    Two words i would really like to know:



  80. mazi says:

    :cool: Well i gues i would also like to know the origin of the word “Friend” :cool:


  81. blaz says:

    Marina could you please tell us the origin of the word FRIEND Please :D

  82. november432 says:

    Hello Marina :grin:

    Well first the jacuzzi’s are still popular and that picture at 15 seconds i got it on July 10 and a big thanks for that.

    And if you have any time i would to know the origin of the word “Friend” if you have time please find the origin of it i will appreciate it.

    NOTE:Thanx for sharing with us the site where you buy books
    - http://www.bigwords.com

  83. orion_ss1 says:

    Jacuzzi is a trademarked name, but like Xerox, it has come into common use for any brand ( by the public ).

    When using a public spa of any brand please be certain it is well maintained. By this I mean the water itself more than the also important mechanical parts. Spas should be checked at least every 2 hours for adequate Bromine ( more stable than Chlorine in the warmer water ) and pH levels. Untreated spas have been linked to outbreaks of Legionaires Disease. If the water is even a little green stay out. Trust me.

  84. john22 says:

    Hi, My name BJ or John if you will. I would like to know how did the phase (Bling, Bling) come about, and where did it originate from?


    John B.

  85. lilasian360 says:

    Marina, i was wondering if you could do the word obedience?? :smile:

  86. lividemerald says:

    Let’s see. Patent #3297,025. Filed January 10, 1967. Nope. Not mine.

  87. prospero811 says:

    Of course, they’re popular! Like the celebrity hot tub party! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdjv5ZwQcdQ

  88. maxmuller says:

    the origin of the word “ISSUE” please.!!!

    and how to pronounce

    I b’lve the word exists!!

    Thnx in advance :razz:

  89. lividemerald says:

    A Jacuzzi is just a Jucuzzi until Marina slips in. Then it becomes a HOT TUB.

  90. wetsuit5 says:


    And as for your picture at time 0:16.
    I’ll still pass. :sad: :sad: (Summer’s almost over)
    I can wait a few more months. :razz: :razz:

  91. wetsuit5 says:


    Not doubting your research but, I’m not sure “Jacuzzi” has it’s origin in baths. :???: :idea: :shock:

    Jacuzzi is a company name.
    I believe they made first water jet pumps.
    They were used in shallow draft jet boats in Vietnam circa “Apocalypse Now”. :?: :?: :idea:

    I think it’s more in line with jet boats and wave runners than hot tub baths. :idea:

    Hope you won’t need the karate skills when we ace your trip to Las Vegas. :razz: :razz:
    #32 is supposed to go on trial there soon and he has a thing for lovely blonds. (Look out he has a ………..) :evil:
    Maybe some karate attack dog training for Kobe :grin: :grin:

    • Capman911 says:

      Hey Wetsuit as far as I can tell the Jucuzzi company has been around since 1915.
      Company History:
      A wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Industries, Jacuzzi Inc. is the originator and world’s largest manufacturer of whirlpool baths, with which its name has become synonymous. Jacuzzi was founded in 1915 and remained a family owned and operated company until 1979 when it was bought by Kidde Inc.

    • Marina says:

      wetsuit5, Jacuzzi made items for airplanes.. and I think they made the first small sized airplane for transporting mail.. or something like that.. then the head of the company made a whirlpool bath for his son who had Rheumatoid arthritis.. which is how the first Jacuzzi bath was made.. and the rest is history. I gave you the origin of the word Jacuzzi to describe hot tubs.. as most people don’t realize it is a brand name.

    • lividemerald says:

      Just check out the Wikipedia article on Jacuzzi. It corroborates what Marina is saying.

    • lividemerald says:

      Is Marina coming to fabulous Las Vegas? I’ve lived here since October 1995. Currently starting my second year of teaching First Grade. But I was a casino dealer for nine years, and have also worked for RV caravan and condo timeshare companies (one year apiece). Favorite activities? Rock scrambling and off-roading!

  92. annuddermale says:

    hahahaha…love the karate moves…they kick arse… :lol:

    i’m sure jazuzzis are still popular…i’d have one, but i can’t see putting one in when i’m one this one lil’ ol’ well…

    ‘course, that’s one excuse…the other is i couldn’t afford one tile, let alone the whole jacuzzi… :oops:

    but do invite me over when you get one… :cool:

  93. seesixcm6 says:

    красивейшая Masrina, How could you possibly post a video while the 49er football gane is televised? Don’t you enjoy Americn football? Luckily, the commercial breaks are so long, I can catch up with your video and post a reply. For your homework, there usually is a Jacuzzi or similar water device at most hotels I use. I don’t go into publicly used swimming pools or jacuzzi baths anymore. I got a skin infection, once. I like to see you in your swimming suits, though! :-) Your многодельная student, seesixcm6

    • Capman911 says:

      That’s why I was able to post three times and wait five more minutes. I was watching a movie and had my bot reloading my computer for me.

      • seesixcm6 says:

        Yes, we’re watching football on TV! That’s why I mis-spelled Marina’s name, too! I guess things might be like this every Sunday until after the Superbowl! I’d still like to see Marina in her bikini bathing suit, or if we go to a private Jacuzzi, she wouldn’t need a bathing suit at all! :grin: seesixcm6

    • smokey36bear says:

      My ex-wife got one of those from the jacuzzi at a hotel we stayed at and the holtel REFUSED to pay for any doctor bills.

  94. frameshiftproductions says:


  95. maxmuller says:

    hey Marina….
    whats the origin of the word “ISSUE”??

    And how do we pronounce-


    Its probably a longest place name..

    Waiting for your answer!!

    Your obidient student ; :wink:

  96. mijj says:

    I refuse to watch the video!

    {folds arms}

    {gazes at little “f” vid placeholder}

  97. gamoulis says:

    Could you do the word banana ?
    Its kind of strange ! Its calld the same in greek too ! Μπανανα !
    And pronounced the same ! (Μπ = b , α = a , ν = n)
    Pleaseee !!

  98. cufan71 says:

    Hello! I stayed at a condo once that had a Jacuzzi and I loved it! :grin:

  99. mijj says:

    who is Jaques, and why is he carrying an Uzi?

  100. Capman911 says:

    I think they are the last hotel we stayed in had two of them and 2 pools.

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