Caesar’s Salad

Is Caesar’s Salad named after Julius Caesar?   Or a Mexican guy?   After eating the salad for years, I decided to finally investigate this!


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  1. nyotia says:

    mmmmm Caesar salad munch munch lol. Marina and the hotforprofits girl have such great bodies. I guess those salads would be a big part of the reason why.

  2. leonard says:

    Just to let you know this my random lesson—stats are fine–I gotta pick tomatoes, frost came :evil:

    • leonard says:

      Another random lesson: Love this feature, it makes for more learning of all the great teaching talents, you make of these lessons. Et.Y.Ma*** [Eu.pho.ri.a]…[Ex.cog.i.gate] …[exten.u.ate]…[e-qui-pol-lence]…does this transpose? :grin:

  3. hutchiee says:

    Caesar salad does go well with a Corona beer, now I know why :)

    Marina I have a request – in this video, how does your top stay on? It seems to defy gravity and strain a few other laws of physics.

  4. mijj says:

    ok .. let’s see what i’ve been missing since my self imposed drought.

    (i didn’t realise i’d missed so many of M’s vids!!)

    • leonard says:

      How ya been? my random and happy souls day…. :cool: :evil:

      • mijj says:

        hiya! .. long time no see. :grin:

        right now i’m strugglin’ with the idea of creating an anim to go with my (finally) finished song: Skull Island .. pity it ent ready for this inauspicious day.

        so, how’s you then? .. all cylinders firing?

        • pedanticKarl says:

          Hey mijj,
          I see you sneaking up on us.
          Watch out, M may just want to have a word with you or two.
          How have you been?
          I keep up with your tweets, so that’s good.
          Glad to see you stop by.

          • mijj says:

            been fine n dandy, mistah .. trying to get my ass back into gear tho (been far too leisurely recently).

            yeh .. i see your tweets too .. and i notice you n captainjack have a habit of complementing each other on hotness. Very suspicious.

        • leonard says:

          :lol: :smile: In the USA, cocaine was sold over-the-counter until 1914. It was widely used in tonics, toothache cures, patent medicines, and chocolate cocaine tablets. Prospective buyers were advised (in the words of pharmaceutical firm Parke-Davis) that cocaine “could make the coward brave, the silent eloquent, and render the sufferer insensitive to pain”.

          When combined with alcohol, it yielded a further potently reinforcing compound, now known to be cocaethylene. Thus cocaine was a popular ingredient in wines, notably Vin Mariani. Coca wine received endorsement from prime-ministers, royalty and even the Pope.
          piercing for decorationhel.lo :???:
          One medical use that was found early in the history of cocaine, and which the drug is still used for today (rarely), is that of a good surface anesthetic. Beginning in the late 1880s surgical procedures using local anesthetics (numbing a specific area to pain) were starting to be used instead of general anesthesia (rendering a person unconscious).

          This was due to experiments that were conducted by William Halstead, using cocaine. William Halstead was one of the four founders of The Johns Hopkins Medical School. He is often referred to as the Father of American Surgery.

          Unfortunately William experimented on himself by injecting cocaine, to see if surgery could be performed using cocaine as a local anesthetic. After experimenting for a time, he became addicted.
          :smile: :cool: I love the British…for mijj

          • mijj says:

            wow! .. thanks for that H.S.Thomson vid .. i never thought to search for anything re him on YT. .. that’s a great step forward for my brain.

            ps: “I love the british” .. course you realise that, until the ’70s, LSD was our official currency, don’t you.

  5. tennesseedundee says:

    SOS Teacher!

    Video Word Request

    Talk Like a Pirate Day is fast ahead!


  6. tryant says:

    testing gravatar

  7. Hi Marina…
    Maybe you should investigate the origin of the word Fajitas…..its not Mexican….!

  8. Hi Marina! This is mexicanyakuza, thanks for investigating the origin of Cesar Salad! Hugs from sunny Mexico!!! I love you! bye…. mexicanyakuza…..

  9. SurfinRI says:

    My favorite salad dressing is Rhode Island Dressing, which is a Swedish variation of Thousand Islands Dressing. In fact, the best-selling salad dressing in Sweden is Rhode Island. Yes, it’s true! Just ask any native Swede (not a Swedish-Amercan) and I’m confident that they’ll confirm this fact.

  10. 4thomasallan_fritigern_gumins says:

    Hey what about smattering :?: Everyone knows what it means but, how did it come about :?: Oh yea, and not to seem pretentious or annoying but, I believe you will find its Iulius Caesar, pronounced “i/ee/ie – u/oo – l – i/ee/ie – u/oo – s _ k – ai/ei/ae/eye – s – a/ah – r” not, “J – oo/ew/y/u – l – i/ee/ie – u/oo – s _s – ie/i/ee – z -uh/e/i – r”, its just unnecessarily erroneous, and for what, national stupidity?

  11. 4thomasallan_fritigern_gumins says:

    hey what about smattering :?: everyone knows what it means but how did it come about :?:

  12. nighteye says:

    But Cesare was himself named after Caesar, so in a way the salad is, too.

  13. vladi says:

    Привет Марина,

    (I don’t speak Russian,only English,Deutsch & Bulgarian)
    Can you tell me from where the words “atomic clock”,”sprite ” or maybe “pizza” originated from?
    I would like it if you make a video about my request.
    Thanks and see you at YouTube.

  14. rigo611 says:

    i want to know the origin of the word

  15. roadrunrnch says:

    Hi Marina and Guys
    Dropping by to catch up with ya’ll
    I guess Mine would be Hidden Valley Ranch. ( made from scratch )
    Are you going to come by my site and say Hi??
    Just click my name .. :)>

  16. candyholic says:

    I would like to request a word.
    Now, Helloween’s approaching
    so I’d like to know the origin of the word ” witch”.

  17. helipilot777 says:

    Could you please tell me where the phrase “Brass Tax/Tacks” comes from? Thank you

  18. z00f01d says:

    Hi. can you do me the word ‘anathema’.
    i think your website and youtube page are great and you present it very well, your English is better than my English, which is bad because i am an Englishman(a scouser) lol.

    thanx 4 ur time and stay perfect

  19. geronimo says:

    Marina: Today I am going to a rock, paper, scissor, contest to win a car. It is also called roshambo. Do you know why?

  20. joylight says:


    I came across your wonderful website through YouTube, and after watching a few of your posts have become a firm fan. The topics you cover a most instructive and entertaining, and I have to comment that your I find your seemingly relentless assiduity most alluring.
    Keep up the good work in seeking to educate us all. It’s SUCH fun!
    Yours ever

  21. labbatt78 says:

    i watched a retro Budweiser commercial on my channel. The food I’m not familiar with is a Wasabi. What’s a wasabi?

  22. dynamicpolymath says:

    I would be intrigued to know the meaning of the word ”power,” since it’s such a significant word when it comes to pop culture, the media, government, etc.

  23. devil666 says:

    hi, i want to knw the definition / origin of the word ‘EMO’ Please….

    my youtube account is – / user / 888Mujahid888

    fanks :idea:

    • buzzword says:

      contrary to popular opinion, “emo” is the name of an moronic standup comic that was popular in the late 80′s and 90′s, emo phillips. in the u.s. people started calling people who didn’t have a clue, “emo” punks, metal heads, goths and myself used it frequently to describe the kids who were posers and lacked adequate understanding of the counter culture to get true street cred. watch the video you’ll see what i mean. “emo” does not mean emotional.

      • buzzword says:

        no depressed goth, agitated punk or brooding metal head is going to use “emotional” as an insult. it was never used to describe a type of music that people listen to. i mean really, “hey lets call this music… emotional or emotive music… or just emo!” no, didn’t happen. i mean listen to iggy pop, pigface or motorhead and think, “no no no, not emotional”
        i mean compare emo phillips to my chemical romance you’ll agree. okay, i’m done ranting.

      • BillyB says:

        I don’t have the luxury of multi level replies… so I did reply to you on Karate (A little email tag or nudge would be a nice feature on this site to keep the replys in the right place)
        “panopticon” is a word I’ve never used & may never again. but We here have a prison system that is quite unusual in its security. As a visitor (done this) for an afternoon social visit, I have to first of all, apply & qualify, (paper trail) then on being approved, go through the searches & drug sniffers etc. leave my ID at the front entrance & again pass inspection on the way out. On another occasion (not a planned social) I was amazed how lax the security was. I have a truck that will carry a cord of wood & since the prison is on the waterfrount, driftwood is always available & the inmates cut it up & sell it for firewood. On request of an Inmate I took my truck, uninspected, into the prison acerage & escorted…
        (unescorted once) drove to the beach where the wood was stacked, only one admin staff (no guard)… inmates loaded the wood into the enclosed truck & I drove to the compound entrance & left (uninspected) after signing the documents(even inadvetantly stole a visitor tag once). The wood was for an inmate’s wife, who could of had her husband delivered home by me because they never even looked in the back of the truck on my way out & only once on my way in. I’ve done this three times in a two year period.

      • BillyB says:

        that was wierd, that reply I’m sure I put to aLx???
        Chemikal romance link ended up “not availble in my country” Which song?

    • James says:

      No thanks.. Too depressing

  24. jetpack says:

    bootblack what does it mean il be happy if you tell :roll:

  25. matalexwolf says:

    Hi HFW’s,
    Heinz Salad Cream is my fav. not very ambitious I know but is to die for. Have been known to take a jar with me when traveling. Hellmans mayo with tuna mind, is most enjoyable. Anchovies, blaaaah, they wig me out. — PHRASE request please HFW’s, G-sib William celebrated his fifth b-day yesturday; when giving me a slice of his B-day cake he said ‘this is how you get a fat women into bed uncle Mat! peace of cake!’ So un-PC :shock: — So question, how does ‘peace of cake’ come to mean ‘easy’? :???: — he then went on to with ‘what do you call a lesbian dinosaur? Ans: I Like to lick alot of puss’ :shock: — he knows nothing of meaning of lesbian or puss by the way but thinks it was an actual creature that once lived, which made it really funny. Oh the joy they bring. :grin:
    Looking tip top as ever M :smile:

  26. englophile frenchy says:


    This word doesn’t look or sound like any other English word. Where does it come from?

    This is my word request.

    PS: you’re the best.

  27. wetsuit5 says:

    @ 3170
    #2 @ 1669
    #3 @ 1217

    Championship Strip Poker anybody?

  28. desertfox says:

    Hello my dear teacher, I wolud like to know what does it mean ” pope”.
    Greatins from italy

  29. alin4419 says:

    I want to know!
    whats the origin of ‘alien’ :?:

    • natwhilk says:

      that’s an easy one. “Alien” comes from the Latin word “alia” which means “other”. An “alias” is your other name. “et al.” is an abbreviation for “et alias” meaning “and others” and of course “others” are those who come from another country. Thus, they are “alien”.

      xxoo my dear classmates… Natalia (nat)

  30. julius says:

    hi, what does ”bootblack” exactly mean and do people still use that word? best wishes and thank you for being here

  31. annuddermale says:

    years ago i had a friend that ate her salads without dressing…none at all! so i decided to try it, and surprisingly i liked it! nowadays i seldom have dressing on my salads at all – just a sprinking of salt & pepper and i’m good-to-go.

    when i do have dressing on my salads it’s the dressing of my youth – italian, the zestier the better…

  32. alin4419 says:

    whats the origin of ‘alien’ :?:

    My youtube channel: /user/alin4419

  33. franknitti says:

    Hi, Marina!! Thanks a lot for new lesson!
    I spended some time in Middle East and I would like to know the origins of name of the one arabic dish “Shaurma”, maybe it will be interesting to other too. Спасибо!

  34. foxbow15 says:

    woohooo 18 :mrgreen: now i can legally drive a car…vote and uuh pay a shit load of money on health insurance and other crap :???: great…

  35. tommaralem1987 says:

    Recipe idea:
    Musolini Burrito
    Wheat flour tortilla for wrapping. Beef and turkey strips for the meat portion. Marinara sauce, Pizza cheese and parsley.

  36. ragabashmoon says:

    I love caesar salads, but NEVER heard of putting anchovies in it… groooooooooss!!!

    • ragabashmoon says:

      I once got an anchovy at Little Caesar’s pizza, just to try it. Nasty. So, I offered it to my cat. He didn’t want it either. When a cat refuses fish… that’s a nasty fish.

  37. danielpool52 says:

    Marina you are hitting like a heavyweight the vote 3078 :lol: happy for you :lol: :lol: :lol:

  38. James says:

    Marina, could we have hyperlinks at the bottom so instead of typing

    we can just click the bit of code we want.
    and it comes up here


  39. James says:

    someone subscribed to my favourites. This has not happened to me before. What does it mean

  40. neonburger says:

    I remember this being my favorite word for awhile, but I’d like to know the origin of “panopticon

  41. masco82 says:

    my favorite dressing is bleu cheese….or bacon fat….hehehe…ok …ive got one that my grand father claims he came up with….i know hes wrong but i cant proove him so…its the phrase “catch 22″ we used to play chess alot together but as he got older and got more shaky hed pick up his pice and lay it toward mine but knock down al the pieces pretty much everywhere….we set them back up the best we remembered and after he made a good move he always told my catch 22….damned if i do and damned if i dont….hehehe…funny how he always knew where to put my pieces but when i questioned his….catch 22…damned if you do and damned if you dont….hehehehe god rest his soul….but i know hes not gonna rest

  42. animefreak says:

    whats the origin of ‘Hate’ ?

  43. james25 says:

    Wierd kinda like the toilet not invented by Crapper guy.

  44. levisan says:

    hi Marina… i got a word… it’s bug, it’s used in software development. i heard it comes from the Mark II computer when a real bug, inside the system, caused an malfunction… but i don’t trust the source… so, thx, have a nice day :)

    • thxeleven38 says:

      The term “Bug” was used within the computing industry as a shortened form of the word “debugging”. An activity performed by the electrical engineers to remove dead insects from the vacuum tube circuitry which constituted the machines inner workings, who had crawled there, that is the pests not the engineers, to get warm and electrocuted themselves. Their dead bodies would continue to short the circuits until they were removed. The machines where built in unheated environments. If this wasn’t done the machines did very poorly in arithmetic and insisted that one plus one equaled three.
      To find out more use this phrase “History of the Word Debugging”.

  45. kingramzo says:

    the origin of the homework

  46. whitezombie89 says:

    OK I got a word for you to find out about. It is “gasoline”. I only know that Rockafeller would dump it in the river at night. It was a bi-product of kerosine. Kind of like carbon is to humans. I was curious if you could figure out were the word came from.

  47. lofkc says:

    Ranch Dressing for me. still curious about natural hair color. Have a great day.

  48. oracle7 says:

    My favorite dressing is ranch mixed with buffalo sauce.

  49. Chemikal says:

    Wow.. after another night lost reading up for my exams, today after I passed even the last one… I checked my e-mail, and found the HWF new video alert.
    Oh, I said… that’s cool, let’s see what Marina cooked up this time… Caesar’s Salad, yum.
    And before I knew it, I was smiling blissfully towards my monitor, forgetting all of the hard times and the fatigue accumulated during my examination period.
    I couldn’t have received a better reward today!
    Thank you, Marina!

  50. leonard says:

    Potato salads are good food and the best is German style potato salad. Dressing naked is barely serviced. Anchovie paste added :grin:

    • mijj says:

      i love potato salad, too. :)

      when i was in germany, i had some in a restaurant. And when the waitress came back for the plates, i wanted to say “ausgezeichnete”, but instead i ended up saying “ausge scheisse nete”.

      i.e. “excellent” came out as “shit out nete” (as far as google translate can make out)

  51. abdulaziz says:

    hi marina :smile: ,

    could you please give us the origin of the word ((banana)) :wink:

    thanks very much.

  52. hoodster says:

    Hey Marina!!

    I have a word request (actually, a phrase request):

    Why is a baby shower called a baby shower?

    I mean, at a baby shower, it doesn’t rain babies…so why s it called this?

    Thanks for taking this into consideration!


  53. protac6 says:

    I’ve noticed there’s no Marina this whole thread. OH NO! WHERE CAN SHE BE?! :cry:

  54. avalonknight says:

    Lately I’ve been leaning more towards something fruity with a bit acidity. So my current dressing of choice is Raspberry Vinaigrette.

  55. mijj says:

    ok .. another salad based limerick spark .. any takers?

    To make a salad requires lots of luck …

  56. zfranciose says:

    i would love to know the origin of the word
    great video btw.

  57. protac6 says:

    Anyone here from the bay area?

  58. A #1 video, Marina – 5 stars, total yummy hotnesssss…. :mrgreen:

    Homework -
    Mixed green salad including broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower,
    carrots, bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes, iceberg and
    Romaine lettuce, grated cheese and croutons, topped
    with Hidden Valley Ranch Original House dressing.
    When’s lunch? :smile:

    • mijj says:

      i’m going to avoid watching the Marina vids for a few days…

      My brain overloaded on the allure: hallucinations, rapture and delusions were induced. While very useful for creativity, it’s very emotionally draining. Time to reset Marina back to being merely an attractive, pleasant person.

      • buzzword says:

        mijj, your sucking too deep on the hookah.

      • buzzword says:

        i never said what was in your hookah, that’s your business. now stop moving around damn you! i can get your replies.

      • mijj says:

        oh .. well … this reply business is confusing .. i know i have a reply because i get an email saying i got a reply in my post, and i get a link which takes me there.

        so .. i assumed it’s the same for you .. but … i suspect not!

        anyhoo .. i use Clary Sage oil too .. and i double checked : .. it includes:

        aphrodisiac, euphoric

        all the other stuff i mess with does weird stuff with brain activity too .. and increases sensitivity to the effects of the oils.

      • buzzword says:

        you got any links i could follow up on regarding this oily issue?

      • BillyB says:

        Alright, who’s going to put odds on how many day’s mijj can go without… ah, watching a vid.We got polling on the website, can we get some online betting action?

      • mijj says:

        yeh .. buzzy .. the oils .. i’m going to look around and see if i can dig out a few refs that do more than just give shopping info.

        lol, BillyB .. my vid viewing (in conjunction with my legal chemical experiments) involving Marina induced a state of mind conducive to my studies of the occult which are of the purest, most moral and craziest variety and not about mundane physical … erm …

        anyway :oops: my aim is to be able to watch a Marina vid and think “gosh! what she said about that word is interesting” .. and not fall victim to the heart stopping allure of her charisma.

      • mijj says:

        while i’m checking round, buzzwords … here’s some thoughts …

        when i check out these oils, i basically check for the claimed influences they have and not bother if the claims are backed up with hard evidence …

        … these things arent dangerous, and the point is to get benefit from them, rather than conduct a scientific study. So, bearing in mind the effects are subtle, i just use them and if i feel somthing’s benefitial in anyway, even if it’s just a nice smell, then i hang onto it.

        The mix i use most frequently is:
        Clary Sage
        Ylang Ylang

        i use these if i want to get into a spacy and penetrating study mode .. it also induces (for me) a very (in the child’s sense) christmassy feel.

        I use a mix of
        .. if i feel a bit stuffy or fluish, etc.
        … these are also good if you want your landlady to believe your flat is clean and tidy without going to all the bother of actually cleaning or tidying.

        Estate Agents (Realtors) also use a particular essential oil for homes they’re trying to sell. I can’t remember which one, though. Makes people feel like they’ve walked into a fresh bright roomy house, etc.

      • BillyB says:

        Buzz mentions above “My chemical romance”…be careful, I don’t mix any chemical or natural stimulants & tried to quit (viewing) once… thought I was a “free will” guy… swinging a little more “determainist” lately…’til I decide to swing back.

      • mijj says:

        good thinking, BillyB

        … really, the chemicals i’m dealing with are not powerful illegal type substances or even much in the way of stimulants .. merely enhancers and aids to concentration.

        I’m not going for a high via chemicals or other external means, i’m merely clearing the channels.

        i found that considering and getting my head around the reality of the occult creates a massively ethereal and otherworldly sense of being – which of course, means i’m crazy. :)

        My background (long ago before university) included the regular use of powerful chemicals – i’ve found the state of mind induced by controlled perception is far superior to any state of mind induced by chemicals. Mainly, i guess, because it has the sense of presence and super-reality.

        My sense of enchantment, etc with Marina while in that state revealed to me meanings in what i was examining that would otherwise be merely a collection of words. However.. on reflection … i guess this is creepy because she’s a woman presenting vids about words – she’s not expecting to be in the role of a high priestess who’s the spiritual force which is the complementary half of a fanciful chivalric quest to uncover the secrets of the occluded universe.


      • mijj says:

        … erm .. so basically, i’m trying to show some respect by trying not to be enchanted.

      • Warren says:

        Hello mijj,
        How is/was your rehabilitation? Did you get the shakes? Did you quit cold turkey or find a substitute? I agree with you that every once in awhile we need to reboot our system or we overload ourselves with Marina’s sight(site) and interesting lessons. But like any other addiction it’s difficult to stay on the wagon. Right now I’m trying to catch up on all of my newsletters and e-mails and yet I stop by here and get distracted by all of the interesting comments and links. I’m catching up again since I’ve been too busy with work. I was stuck out of town twice this week and now it’s my saturday and this is what I call relaxing.

      • mijj says:

        it was a tuff rehabilitation, Warren. If she didn’t have a brain she’d be easy to cope with. If she didn’t have a bod, she’d be easy to cope with. If she didn’t have wit, she’d be easy to cope with. But all those together is too intense for me.

        However .. i found a weakness in the mix. She actually chose (and was not forced by circumstance) to live in California in the shadow of the showbiz empire. No reason why she wouldnt want to do that .. but it’s a character aspect that doesnt ring for me .. so .. whew!! – i can hang onto that in times of peril!

        anyway .. it’s relatively easy now i don’t watch the vids.

        I come to this site cos i like the material Marina sets up and i like the banter.

        and .. i have to admit .. i get a delicious zing when M replies to a post – and that keeps my plate spinning. :)

  59. mijj says:

    oops .. try again …

    There once was a salad named “Caeser” …

  60. kayayetee says:

    Excuse me, but I was always wondering where the slang Knockers comes from.

  61. CaptainJack says:

    Why do people say I’ll take care of it shortly but never say I’ll take care of it longly? :shock: :grin:

  62. hungryluis says:

    ranch dressing is the best

  63. CaptainJack says:

    My friend Eddie Garcia used to call me the salad man because I would eat salads often. I don’t use any dressing. I think it takes away from the flavor of the fresh veggies. If I do feel like a dressing I use just some sort of olive oil and a fancy vinegar. When I make a salad its big, and I mean big. I fill up an entire dinner plate to the point the veggies are falling off. My salads are so colorful I sometime have to take a pictures of them.
    Here’s one for example.
    Wow I just posted this photo and I already have one comment on it for a list of ingredients. Heck I don’t remember. I just grab and dash. :mrgreen:

  64. misscupcake says:

    i once experienced a phase where i could only eat ceasar salad when i ate out. i dont eat out often but during that time i ate ALOT of caesar salad. its interesting to see how differently it can be made by different cafes and resaurants etc.

    maybe i only care about the production cos i work in the food industry tho. hehe.

    hey marina what about briefs versus jocks? where did the word jock come from when describing mens underpants AND the sporty guys from america!

    we dont use the term jock here in australia (for sporty guy)

    OMG i forgot to put some smilies throughout the comment so here is a great influx:

    (in order of most to least favouritist)
    :oops: :mrgreen: :grin: :cool: :shock: :neutral: :wink: :sad: :???: :razz: :!: :sad: :lol: :mad: :eek: :idea: :evil: :twisted: :roll:

    the rolling eyes one is so mean, so i hate it. :mrgreen:

  65. jnaples says:

    Russian dressing is OK too. I’m a ranch kind of guy. I’d like to pass on the raw egg and anchovies please….

  66. BillyB says:

    Caesar Salad, the best… must use fork, never added the anchoves?
    Love the way my wife makes the dressing, anybody that partakes, comes back for more, but sits alone for awhile.

  67. toptank11 says:

    My Dear Teacher,

    Could you please explain to me the origins of the word ‘varsity’.

    Thank you.

    Your constantly improving student,


  68. fianchetto1 says:

    My Dear Teacher,

    I am pretty new to this site, but see immediately that you are doing a tremendously wonderful job, and in a way that is so beautifully and uniquely YOU! Please don’t stop :-)

    I have viewed many of the videos, and noticed that many have a severe discussion of slang/profanity – to use it or refrain, and many of my fellow students type something followed by the question, “Is that a word?”

    Well, I have found for you a lexicographer who has an interesting set of ideas about words, and dictionaries, and wish to share her views with you and all my fellow students. I know you have a poll set up on the matter, but would like to have some feedback, particularly from you, but from anyone who wishes to put their two cents in.

    Anyway, here’s the link to Erin’s 16 minutes of fame:-)

    Enjoy, and please tell me what you, Dear Teacher, and you all, fellow students think of the matter. Enjoy!


    • bobmando says:

      Marita, Just to reinforce what Fianchetto1 said… Yes, Erin’s talk at is just what a philologist needs to study. AND I have found one of the most interesting and inspiring and just plain AWESOME sites… Ok, this is a bit far afield from philology,…. but my favorite talk is the one by Jill Taylor (a brain scientist) “My Stroke of Insight” ENJOY!

    • fianchetto1 says:

      In her Talk, Erin says basically that THE NET = LEXICOGRAPHY = WORDS + ENTHUSIASM. I offer a corrollary: WORDS + ENTHUSIASM + MARINA = ATOMIC FUSION.

    • misscupcake says:

      i joined so i could comment on the video :mrgreen:

      • fianchetto1 says:

        They have EVERYTHIN!!!!! …ribits that replicate, robots that teach themselves to walk…then teanch themselves to walk with a damaged leg. Close 2md to Marina fro my favouritest websites

      • pedantickarl says:

        TED is a great site with lots of great presentations. One day we’ll see Marina give a great talk on word origins. I liked your comment misscupcake. :smile:

    • buzzword says:

      that was fucking cool link, thanks. she made some good points, especially the ones that validate my own opinions. this is a link to erin’s site.

      • fianchetto1 says:

        thanks!, but must beg to differ..that site is MORE than cool….it’s cutting edge EVERYTHING! Please eplore it…btw, T.E.D. is acronym fot Technology, Entertainment and Design :-) Glad you liked it!


    • buzzword says:

      i’m familiar with t.e.d. but have never come across that lecture. lots of interesting subjects represented. hey, if you ever run across any other sites you find noteworthy give me a link.

      • fianchetto1 says:

        Gladly. Site is, on Youtube, the TED Director has a page where he posts recent talks…visit my u-tube site, he is in my favourites. link there, and make him one of your favourites, too :-)


    • danielpool52 says:

      Fianchetto1 that was very interesting thank you for putty it on

    • aLx says:

      ha! that was fucking great! exactly what i’ve been thinking and saying. thanks a lot for this link.

      • fianchetto1 says:

        You are a pretty frequent flier here, please urge our Dear teacher to have a peek. Thanks to all for the feedback so far!

        Ciao, Fianchetto1

      • fianchetto1 says:

        Perhaps now, when we feel a discussion of profanity, slang, etc. coming on, give them this link and then we canmove on to more meaningful discussion instead of re-hashing the same-old thing over and over again. Further, personally, I would like to have a button on the home page: “Is This a Word?”, and have it link directly to this talk.


    • 4thomasallan_fritigern_gumins says:

      President’s English, nice lol! hey how do you stick photos on your profile:?:

      • fianchetto1 says:

        When I first signed on, I had a mutan alien, too :-)

        In Our Dear Teacher’s Help/FAQ, I found:

        How do I get one of those cute pictures next to my comments?
        They are called “gravatars” which are Globally Recognized Avatars – would that be part acronym part portmanteau? Go to this website and register your email address that you used to register on this website and upload a picture and it will show up on all your comments – even retroactively! It’s a universal service and I think it works on all WordPress websites you comment on. If the gravatar does not show up right away, it may be that I am caching the images so it may take a day for it to show up, so be patient, but if it doesn’t show up after a while, email me and I’ll look into it. If you don’t pick a gravatar image, you are assigned a random monster image… but that image will change to your gravater once you make one.

      • fianchetto1 says:

        I went there, – it has live links there, none are showing up in my cut-and-paste copy here. click the links, follow the directions, and pu whatever digital image you like. :-)

  69. 2utoday says:

    :mrgreen: My favorite dressing is “oil and vinegar” because I’m lactose intolerant and I avoid any dressing with dairy products. By the way,why don’t you find out the origin of lactose and how it affects the foods we eat.

  70. fullysick113 says:

    hi marina,

    I would like to request “corny” as in when someone says something awkard and it is refered to as corny. Why? Something to do with corn?


  71. michael1171 says:

    I would like to request “going nuts”

  72. supersteve says:

    I like Thousand Island, but I only eat a couple hundred at one sitting.

  73. dusmar says:

    :grin: There’s a word that I’ve never had told to me because I’m awful at blackjack, winner winner chicken dinner. What does chicken dinners have to do with blackjack?

  74. leon2as says:

    Yup, why it’s called “Hollywood”, the origin o that word, and i want to know too the origin of the word “origin” hahahaha

    • lividemerald says:

      Young Brits talking about the lasses:
      “So. Do you think Molly would?”
      “Golly, no!”
      “What about Dolly?”
      “Maybe with a collie…”
      “What about Polly?”
      “Golly, no! But methinks Holly would!”
      “Jolly good!”

  75. lmv says:

    Hi Marina!

    I’ve recently watched the shout out video about ‘holy cow’. The word holy reminded me about a famous place: Hollywood. Why is it called hollywood? Were there any sacred trees or something?

    I’m curious about the word, so plz tell us its origin. I hope to see u in the next “Hollywood” video :mrgreen: (and to be next teacher’s pet if possible :lol: )


    • animalntaz says:

      :neutral: Sacred? There is nothing sacred about Hollywood these days. It’s spelled HOLLYwood, not HOLYwood (if that is where you are thinking where sacred is from).

  76. weloveuhotforwords says:

    my favorite dressing is ranch.
    this is completely random but what is the orgin of the word”blogana” (don’t know if its spelled right.)
    it seems like the weirdest name for a meat.

  77. monsoon says:

    My favorite is blue cheese dressing. What is the origin of “BLUE CHEESE” any way? Its not actully blue, so why is it called that?

    • foxbow15 says:

      it’s kinda blue -.- they could also have said purplely green blueish cheese :???: i’d go with just blue….

    • yomero says:

      It’s the mold, :shock: :shock: rotting fungi. :eek: :eek:

    • mijj says:

      speaking of cheese …

      Casu Marzu may be the most revolting cheese in the entire Orion spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

      ref: [Casu Marzu]

      To make, you start with pieces of Pecorino Sardo cheese. You set the cheese out in the open, uncovered, and allow cheese flies (scientific name “Piophila casei”) to lay eggs in the cheese.

      The eggs hatch into transparent white maggots about 1/3 inch (8 mm) long. Sometimes, instead of waiting for the flies to lay eggs, the maggots are introduced into the cheese at the maggot stage to speed the process along.

      Some people wear eye protection when eating the cheese, because the maggots can jump up to 6 inches (15 cm.) Some remove the maggots before eating the cheese, most people do not. They just focus on eating the cheese.

      The maggots can be forced out by sealing the cheese in a bag, suffocating them. You’ll hear the worms hitting the side of the bag as they jump out of the cheese, looking for air.

      However, it should be noted: the above website uses frames, and so should be treated with suspicion.

  78. animalntaz says:

    When I was a kid, it use to be Thousand Island. But when I got older, I changed to French. And now a days I get bored with French dressing, that I switch to Italian. I use to like Caesar dressing, in salads and certain sandwiches, but I don’t care much for it as I use to.

  79. mijj says:

    why is it that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but a man’s best friend is his dog?

    What’s going on here? .. what’s the deal?

  80. iloverussianmen says:

    Hello Hot For Words, I would like to request that you make a video about the word sarcasm. I use sarcasm all the time but now I want to kno what sarcasm actually means… Thank You ~I Love Russian Men~

  81. sirmau says:

    1) smoking hot
    2) Marina

    ps; enjoy all yur videos… educational indeed

  82. prospero811 says:

    Homework: Caesar’s salads are the best. So, Caesar dressing rules.

  83. sanjori says:

    Nice lesson! But what about the origin of the word “marijuana”?

  84. yomero says:

    Soup and Salad with buttermilk dressing for me.

    Teach, is the Stone Soup Story Russian in origin. The way I heard it was about Russian soldiers :?: :???: :smile: :wink: :cool: :grin:

  85. b-meister says:

    I really like chicken caesar salad, but usually I prefer Italian dressing.

  86. narleynina says:

    I would like to know the origin of the phrase “straight from the horses mouth” Why is it a horses mouth?

  87. smokey36bear says:

    Blue cheese
    Luna (a dressing we make at work)

  88. levisan says:

    ranch for me… but i’m not a salad fan… in fact, a bottle is a 2-month old in fridge

  89. protac6 says:

    By the way, who felt the earthquake last night? 4.1 I think. :shock:

  90. protac6 says:

    Homework: 1000 Island dressing or Italian dressing. Good flavor

    Marina, I say you do one of your videos like how the video looks when you announce the teachers pet. and SOMEBODY is revealing today. :wink:

    Keep up the good work Miss Marina!

    Oh yeah, can I be the next teacher’s pet pleaseeee! :cry:

  91. cufan71 says:

    Since it is hurricane season, what the origins for the words hurricane and typhoon? Typhoons used to be storms in the Pacific now they are called hurricanes. :?:

    • cufan71 says:

      :oops: I ment to say: What are the origins for the words hurricane and typhoon?

    • celebornmars says:

      “Hurricane” is a more generic term. It can apply either to typhoons (which appear in the Pacific area) or to cyclones (which appear in the Atlantic Area). We have the same distinction in France with the words “ouragan” (hurricane), “typhon” (typhoon) and “cyclone”.

      • cufan71 says:

        Interesting info celebornmars! Pleased to meet you! Where I am from we call cyclones, tornados. While hurricanes can spawn tornados they are not the same thing. Hurricanes can last for hours even days! Tornados, however last for just a few mintues, and strike without warning! word requests cyclone and tornado

  92. protac6 says:

    What time was this put up?

  93. chevolay says:

    In my house some salad dressing are so old the label is in Aramaic, (drum roll, hit the cymbal). :roll: :roll: :grin: The ones most rotated are Ken’s Stake House Ranch and Blue Cheese.
    OK now back to my BBQ. Luego :cool: :smile:

  94. semalf says:


    i was listening to your maxim radio session where you spoke of poon…
    and i was wondering, would this word be related in anyway to the word “harpoon”?

  95. duke veritas says:

    My favorite dressing to use at home is medium strength red salsa or green salsa. After all, the translation of salsa is “sauce,” and it’s a lot healthier than most dressings.

    My favorite dressing when I eat out is Peanut Dressing, which can be found in Thai Bistros. It’s light and tasty.

    Interesting to note, besides mountains, oceans, and forest, my favorite thing to see is a woman in a dress. So, you could say that I like women dress-ing, meaning when they wear dresses :wink:
    Yeah, the etymology doesn’t actually work there, but it’s a mystery & sounds funny :razz:

    • Capman911 says:

      If she does that would be cool. I think at one time she was going to let someone use a moving gravatar. :wink:

    • Bob says:

      :cool: Very Escher.

    • CaptainJack says:

      That’s funny I was just downloading that animated gif to put on my website. Its a shadow of the fourth dimension. Its a good example of what the 4 dimension might look like if we could see it. String theory predicts that there are 11 dimensions of movement. For more information check out “The Elegant Universe” You can watch the whole show online. It’s 3 hours long so take your time. Its a lot of information to absorb and to wrap your mind around. If the theory of strings is true then what we know of the of the universe amounts to a pin on top of an ice burg. :shock:

      • James says:

        Our theroies are melting :?: :lol:

      • CaptainJack says:

        No, not really. We are looking for a better theory that would explain how the universe works. Our current theories are in conflict. Einstein theory of the things very large and Bohr theory of the very small are in conflict. When you try to combine them into one ultimate theory of everything, they tend to break down. The numbers are nonsense. We need to find a new theory that can explain it all. String theory might be the one. The problem with string theory is that is has not made one prediction on how our universe works. Something is very interesting about it is the math of string theory is starting to make sense. The formulas are working. The holly grail in science right now it finding this theory of everything. It will dwarf landing on Mars!

    • lividemerald says:

      Any town in Iceland is an ice burg.

  96. seesixcm6 says:

    красивейшая Marina, You look so good and beautiful in that strapless dress with leaves on top. I guess you went out on Friday night, so there was no update then. The Los Angeles Philharmonic played Tchaikovsky at the Hollywood bowl, too.
    What? There’s homework? Well, Kraft has a “Light Done Right Thousand Island dressing”, an Wishbone has a “Just 2 Good Ranch Dressing.” I’m not as thin as you, so I must use low-calorie salad dressings. Your Американский студент, seesixcm6

  97. ibm6789 says:

    ranch is my favorite :D and, I have been wondering, what is the proper way to pronounce “W”. double-u? dubba-u? and, why is it not “double-v” or something like that…. :???:

  98. Capman911 says:

    I like Ranch dressing on my salads, hot wings, pizza, fried chicken, and veggie trays.

    • chevolay says:

      Capman, you still have electricity, good for you. How’s the wind and rain?

      • Capman911 says:

        The wind has died down quit a bit. I lost an apple tee that blew over. Plus a big leak in my roof to the ceiling. Big ugly brown spot now. I’ll have to call the insurance company Monday. We got some flooding, but not to bad. All in all we fared very well. Thanks for asking. :smile:

      • CaptainJack says:

        Two winters ago I had 60+mph winds hit my sisters town. It brought down 3 forest trees. luckily no one was under neath them. One of the trees was about 100 ft. tall. I missed it by 10 or 15 minutes when I came back from the store. It freaked me out. I said to myself “I don’t remember this tree sitting across the driveway 10 minutes ago.” :shock:

        I know what your feeling Capman. Ain’t storms just a bag full of fun until you have to go out and clean up the mess?

      • protac6 says:

        You have storms to worry about while I have earthquakes to worry about. Fair trade? :cry:

      • lividemerald says:

        Somebody wanted to call the new storm heading for the Keys . . . Hurricane Eisenhower. As for me, I like Ike.

    • chevolay says:

      Be safe and take care :smile:

  99. 4thomasallan_fritigern_gumins says:

    Prievyet (phontically spelt) Marina, kakdila/kaksila(whichever), I would like to know about America’s warping of ’till then, Generic, English words, eg; ‘mum’ becoming ‘mom’ from mother, or ‘colour’ becoming ‘color’ exactly like Spanish(different cases)? I have heard the vague story of a American protests of Britain, but i find it unfathomable, and thus questionable, as to why they would degenerate and contort their OWN language to abuse Brits (whom, if anything, would mock them for it as a sign of linguistic incompetents, and general idiocy(not a slite on you)?

    • 4thomasallan_fritigern_gumins says:

      -oh yea, home work; Hate salads, but i eat them because they are healthy and my mum makes me, I’m not about to make it worse with a dressing, though my friend has eluded to some Greek salads being nice, though, it looks like something you would feed a hamster.

    • fianchetto1 says:

      Please have pity on us poor, foolish colonists for our inability to properly spell the Queens English. Hmmm….Maybe we should just say we are actually correct in our use of the President’s English? And to save fossil fuels, push for more of that Nucular Energy stuff everybody’s talking about:-)


      • fianchetto1 says:

        I just noticed ‘Slight’ is spelled the same way in both dialects, and not he way tha you spelled it in your post…. :grin:

      • fianchetto1 says:

        please check my link waaaayy further up^^ in this comment section:-)

      • 4thomasallan_fritigern_gumins says:

        Thanks for pointing out slight, I was wondering about that actually and I would much rather be corrected than have someone who knows the answer to let me stew in my own ignorance, so shot mate(colloquial synonym for cheers).

      • fianchetto1 says:

        A votre sante, you too.

        A Russian proverb goes:

        “Only a friend will tell you when your face is dirty.”

        (while others will let you go around all day and snicker behind your back should your fly be unzipped, or there be… hair gel on your ear. )


  100. thxeleven38 says:

    Dear Teacher:

    My homework:

    Favorite salad dressing is Russian otherwise I like them naked, wet with virgin olive oil and freshly torn.

    Do Russian’s have an American dressing? Don’t say it’s blue genes.

    Get away from Koby.

    P.S. When are you going to get to those waiting double ” u” s video?

  101. mijj says:

    long shot: I don’t suppose anyone in here has used a MIDI guitar, have they?

    • Capman911 says:

      I just Googled them and they are expensive. Do you plan to start playing one?

      • mijj says:

        i used to play guitar – but i had ideas beyond my abilities. So .. i got them down on tape before i finally abandoned it.

        A little while ago i doodled around with a software music program (FL studio) using a MIDI keyboard.

        But only a few days ago i realised that MIDI guitars must exist .. and sure enough .. there they are.

        But – it’s a totally cloudy area to me .. i have no idea what kind of money you should expect to pay for what kind of capability.

        I wont be using it for live play .. just to play the stuff i saved into the software and doodle round wiht it there. (and compensate for my crap technical abilities)

        (here’s hoping the above makes sense cos i cant be bothered to look it through and edit it)

      • mijj says:

        there’s a cheap one in amazon [here]

        … but .. one comment says it’s great, another says it’s crap .. and there’s no tech info – and even if there was, i prob wouldnt be able to make a value judgement.

        so .. what i need is someone with personal experience to say ..

        cheap ones are pretty much as good as expensive ones. they all do pretty much what you need.


        for god’s sake … keep away from the cheap crap. The quality of the signal processing … etc etc.

        anyway .. i thought i’d ask .. you never know.

        I guess i should scour the net for a midi guitar forum.

      • mijj says:

        oops .. that one’s a USB guitar .. i guess it’s just a way of getting the analogue elec pickup info into the pc.


    • protac6 says:

      What’s a MIDI guitar?

      • mijj says:

        well .. you know music software you can have on your pc?

        well .. they can take “midi” control signals to control the insturments and so forth in the program (as well as the fake keyboard you’d get inside the program).

        so the midi interface is similar to a USB interface, but dedicated to musical signals .. so they carry pitch and velocity (for volume) and so forth.

        So .. i was looking for a guitar that would send those signals into my pc for the program … only .. it seems the best way to do that is with a bit f electronics that clips over the strings of a normal guitar and then sends info to a converter to midi and then into the pc.

      • protac6 says:

        Oh I see, i use keyboards for my computer to make beats.

  102. sniperskaya says:

    Marina, Mexicans speak Spanish (or a derivation thereof) which is a Romantic language, so the name Ceasar/Cesare is from a Latin based language. Makes sense.
    Julias Caesar also gave us the term “C-Section” for a Caesarian operation, which may or may not come in handy for you later in your life. Sure beats an episiotomy!
    My favorite dressing (those rare times I eat a salad – rabbit food UGH!) is oil and Basalmic vinegar.
    Is “Russian Dressing” really Russian, Marina? What do Russians put on their salads? American dressing? Or Vodka? Just curious….

  103. socksandviolins says:

    I once tried “Republican Ranch” dressing, but only ONCE. I poured it on my salad, and it drained all the life out of my vegetables.

  104. mijj says:

    Oops! :oops:

    [tiny little letters]‘scuse me .. i just farted.[/tiny little letters]

  105. quiggles says:

    Dear Marina!

    How wonderful! It’s my favorite salad; love those anchovies! My second fav is a good caprese. :)


  106. orion_ss1 says:

    Usually I prefer Thousand Island. French #2.

    Lots of places have variations of the Ceasar Salad with chicken or other meat added. When my girlfriend gets a salad she gives me her onions ( not USUALLY in a CS ) and I wish it came with tomatoes. It may offend purists, but with a little chicken added I can eat the CS as a meal and not an appetizer. Its as healthy a meal as I can eat.

    Recently in Denver a group of friends went to a place called Mad Ceasar where they ONLY have salads, served in stainless steel mixing bowls no less. Not bad I have to admit.

  107. James says:

    Noo my teachers pet reign is over already… Oh well.. It still tells me when I put my phone on

  108. fianchetto1 says:

    Mom always told me to do my homework first, so if I eat a salad, it will be a Caesar’s salad, or not at all. :-)

    Still laughing so hard from seeing your sister(‘s) site, and very much looking forward to ?both? of your next installment?s? as well as seeing whether you patch things up or continue to spat:-)

    I love your sense of humor, and am thoroughly enjoying your posts. Thank you for creating such a beautiful work, and please don’t stop!


  109. celebornmars says:

    I ate a very good salad recently: mozzarella with olive oil, bruschetta, Italian ham, red peppers, little pieces of reggiano and aubergines…
    “Aubergine”, an interesting word, don’t you think?
    And congratulations for this brilliant investigation, it was an interesting story.

    • lividemerald says:

      Aubergine is a funny word. For all I know, it could be some French word for eggplant!

      • celebornmars says:

        Yes, but the origin of the French word appears to be quite complex.
        Here is what you can find on the Online Etymology Dictionary
        We can also find there the origin of “eggplant”, which is used in American English (I use British conventions, this is why I use the word “aubergine”).
        Here is the version given by the
        Littré Dictionary
        I translate the end for you:
        “Etymology: To add: the etymology is not “auberge” or “alberge”. The aubergine comes from the East; Dominique Chabre, in his “Traité de botanique” (1678) calls it “melongena Arbabum”.
        The Arabic name is “al-badindjan”, from which Spanish made “berengena”, “alberengena”, Portuguese “bringela” ; then the French “aubergine”.”
        I found further information on the Italian version of Wikipedia (in Italian the word is “melanzana” or “petronciano”). I translate directly it from Italian:
        “The aubergine comes from India but in Prehistorical Ages, it was cultivated in China and other countries in Central Asia. In Europe, it seems not having been known until about 1500 years ago: the diffusion in Europa of names coming from Arabic and the lack of Latin and Greek words indicates that the aubergine was brought around the Mediterranean Sea by Arabs at the beginning of Middle Age.

        In Europe, the first region where the aubergine was known is Andalusia, in the south of Spain (a region which was occupied by Arabs until the 13th century [personal commentary]).

      • lividemerald says:

        Fascinating stuff. How about the origin of CANNEBERGE (cranberry)? My Petit Robert states that the etymology is O.I., which I assume is “origine inconnue.”

  110. neanderthal says:

    Warm Bacon Dressing on a Spinach Salad from a middle of nowhere supper club.

  111. David says:

    Hi Marina,

    Caesar salads are great with lots of fresh minced garlic and topped with pieces of BBQ chicken and real Parmesan cheese.

    My favorite salad dressing is Greek… olive oil, lemon juice, fresh chopped oregano and small bits of Feta cheese.

    Where did Buffalo come from in the name Buffalo Wings? hmm?

  112. foxbow15 says:

    anyone happen to own a fujitsu Q26W-1 26inch screen :?: :?:

  113. tryant says:

    You make Me hungry :!:

    I like Western the most with French a close 2nd,have been told over the years that they are pretty-much the same anyway.

    My Ex GF,Verushka(Vera),once said that Russian language and French were related languages,I’m guessing She was correct since she came from Ukraine.

  114. Bob says:

    Vinaigrette on Salade Niçoise for me, please, but hold the anchovies.
    BTW, what have anchovies to do with Aviators?
    That top you were almost wearing, Marina, looks as though it was inspired by a Caesar’s Salad; very appropriate and very distracting … making my mouth water.

  115. wetsuit5 says:

    Ah, just in time for lunch :grin:

    Chunky Blue Cheeze for today. :cool:

  116. danielpool52 says:


  117. foxbow15 says:

    hw: uh… yeah mine to…ceasar :razz:

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