Karate… similar first part from another recent lesson


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  1. iluv2cutfarts says:

    What a nut! LMAO!!!

    Marina – I found a KUNG FU Bear for you!


    And my most favorite Martial Art is Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun Do.

  2. Tomas says:

    Bordering on threadomancy*, but I’ll post anyway. :P

    Martial arts is the study of arts suited for war.
    It comes from the latin ‘martialis’, which if memory serves hearken back to roman times and the war god Mars.

    Nowadays, martial arts is used mainly as a term for unarmed combat, but the correct meaning is actually anything related to the study of fighting and warfare, so you have everything from training karate, to using a rapier, to practice with your rifle, to crewing a tank, to command a cruiser, to studying tactics, strategy and logistics (on any level). Or learning the control board for the weapon systems on a submarine.
    Hel, technically, taking care of the waste disposal on an army base is a kind of martial art (because if waste disposal isn’t handled well it’s going to affect the efficiency of the soldiers and officers. Dysentery really sucks…). That might be a bit of sophistry though.

    However, a culinary art that truly is directly related to martial arts is the military cooks. They are a very important part and can affect both morale and efficiency significantly.

    Martial arts is not to be confused with marital arts, which is the art of getting and/or staying married. :razz:

    *threadomancy = geek/nerd term for posting or commenting in a thread that hasn’t been posted in for a long period of time.
    A combination of ‘thread’ and ‘necromancy’.

  3. cufan71 says:

    :cool: Word Request

  4. Mal Bourne says:

    My favorite martial art is Noh-Kan-Doh. It’s the easiest to learn and do but the worst in a fight.

  5. tonyb says:

    I had tried brielfy some free karate group class at my former college. this brown haired girl with an asian style hair style and a green belt asked me to walk her to her dorm after class. She said she felt safe and secure with big old me. But I did not have any belt. Never got her name or phone number. But to me I guess karate would have been pointless. My foes shout forceful threats at me. but also my heart got sick.

  6. gone2dogs says:

    Gojo Karate is what i hold a belt in. But if some one is willing to teach i am willing to add to what i know, with or with out a weapon, so i guess my style whould be the the sum all i have learned over the years by all the teachers that have taught me so much about self defence, peace and life.

    Thank You to all of them!

  7. leonard says:


    Is Siberia the lagest region of Asia—Bigger than CHINA and JAPAN?
    Would your belly hurt if I head butted there?…Is pagan piercing art of perts and allowed in karate?
    my head butt(christ-sake :lol: :razz:

    :smile: [orient] of Med.di.terrori’m bord.ered :wink:

  8. stonemonk says:

    My art is Kung Fu San Soo. The translation for the Chinese words san soo means “technique practice” referring to our preference to practicing pactical combative techniques. The original name of the art as it was called in China was Tsoi Li Hoi Fut Hung, but that would be too complicated for Americans to try to remember when Jimmy Woo was beginning to promote the art in the 1950′s and 1960′s. As far as the origin of the term “martial arts”, I agree with the Roman origen.
    I love your show, don’t change a thing! Funny, pretty, and smart!!!

  9. pa tebya lyublyu says:

    Privyet Krasivaya!

    Karate, according to my sensei, actually started in India, in 500BC or AD, can’t remember now which one, by a Buddhist monk and was taken to China while he traveled.

    Martial Art comes from the Root.. Mars, the Roman God of war… therefore martial has anything to do with War or the military… martial music, martial arts, martial law, and I belief such words as Field Marshal…

  10. mello-g37 says:



    two i Know and did in my 20′s Good to know As it gives you power to control your anger as well as defending self . Shows respect and calm
    When in a tight spot .

  11. purplesaxark says:

    My favorite martial art is Aikido. Ai pronounced eye means harmony. Ki pronounced key means energy. Do pronounced dough means a way or path. So Aikido means the way of harmonizing with energy. The emphasis should be on the first section of the word strongest. Like EYEkeydough. Like how Subaru should be pronounced suBAroo. Different but same.
    I am currently preparing for my 3rd degree in it. Martial refers to war and fighting and so martial arts are fighting arts.

  12. Evan Owen says:

    “Martial arts” came from a transposition of “marital arts.” They were invented by abused husbands trying to defend themselves from their wives. :lol:

  13. nbeltran says:

    Extraordinary Lesson! You rock!
    I loved this…


    My favorite martial arts are Aikido, Hapkido and Judo!
    I would love to know the word origin of Tai Chi or even
    Krav Maga??

    You rock!

    speculative screenwriter/Insurance Agent.
    (New Hollywood Vegas, Michigan!)


  14. tennesseedundee says:

    SOS Teacher!

    Video Word Request


    Talk Like a Pirate Day is fast ahead!



  15. yoshisama says:

    Karate was not created in China and it wasn’t perfected in Japan. Karate is original from Okinawa, a set of islands south of Japan and East of the South of China. The island traded with China materials, philosophy and arts. The Okinawans mixed South Chinese Kung Fu with their own style and created a style that roughly translated to “Chinese Hand”. Years later Japan invades Okinawa and it becomes a Japanese territory. The take their martial art and change it from “Chinese Hand” to Karate or “Empty hand” which has a more philosophical meaning than just fighting without weapons (Japan already has Jujitsu and Aikido and both style are empty handed fighting styles). The Japanese try to force the Okinawans to teach them their style so they have a choice: teach their style or go into hiding. So some teach the Japanese part of the style while others go into hiding and different schools opens. For any more information you can go to http://www.cidio.net

  16. animalntaz says:

    When I was living in Hawaii, about a decade ago, I learned about 3 or 4 months worth of Okinawan Karate Do. I managed to get up to orange belt, but I thought that style was a little rigid and wasn’t for me. If I stayed in a little longer, I could have learned how to use weapons.
    I think the idealogy of learning to do something as a point as not to use it, doesn’t adapt well for self-defense or when neccesary to use it. Now a days there doesn’t seem much use of it, when you don’t often encounter a defensive situation, or having to worry about getting charged for assault by the guy who deserved it. I think that something that means “empty hands” has become more of an empty sport.

  17. protac6 says:

    I seriously would only get beat up by you.

  18. davecodave says:

    I wonder about two words that are used the same way and almost are exactly the same. Why do we say them diiferently? Did they orig. mean something different?
    The two words that I am requesting are
    1) regardless
    2) irregardless
    Marina, Can you get to the bottom of this? Please?! :wink:

  19. davecodave says:

    By the way,….Very impressive kicking Marina. Indeed ! :shock:

  20. davecodave says:

    My favorite Karate move is when someone tries to poke me in the eyes with their two fingers, I put my hand on the bridge of my nose between my eyes to block it. (very “Three Stooges” like) :lol:

  21. danielpool52 says:

    3001 on the vote :lol:

  22. wetsuit5 says:

    @ 2981
    #2 @ 1659
    #3 @ 1207

    Looking good, but not counting the chickens before they hatch.

  23. kaibanator says:

    Cool vid Marina!! Loved the sound effects :lol:

    Homework : If I had to go by what martial art looked the coolest, I’d go with Capoeira. Capoeira looks more like break-dancing to me :grin:

    For those who are interested in a show about martial arts, check out Human Weapon. I saw a few episodes of this show on cable, and it featured martial arts such as Kendo, Jujitsu and Tae Kwon Do.

    From the episodes I have seen so far, Tae Kwon Do is the one to go for, especially if you are looking to test your limits. It looked more physically intense than I thought it would be.

    My fave martial art related quote (From a show called Lano & Woodley) – “Careful frank, I know Karate, Jujitsu, and other martial art words.” :lol:

  24. barmar says:

    The political season has reminded me of the words I always wondered about: right wing and left wing. What are conservatives and liberals on the right or left of?

  25. misscupcake says:

    oh my god. marina….. i was looking through my images on my laptop and i found this.
    it looks like kobe LOL:
    kobe lookalike

  26. yozhik202 says:

    Hey Marina,

    With the recent events in Georgia I was curious why is there a Georgia in the US and south of Russia? Why do the Russians call it Gruziya and why do the Georgians call their country Sakartvelo?

  27. robertmac_33 says:

    Hey Marina just finished watching a load of your videos, after watching pant ees 1 + 2 I was wondering if you could tell me where the word Knicker/s comes from. we in the uk often use it as a word for womens underwear, but the word also appears in the name of an ice cream dessert – knickerbocker glory. Any ideas?? p.s when is your Calendar coming out? :)

  28. James says:

    Misscupcake just gave me permission to remix her video!! YAY

    • misscupcake says:

      LOL you dont have to publicly announce it !! :oops: hehe

    • BillyB says:

      James is too young to have or keep secrets… his own or anyone elses :razz:

    • BillyB says:

      I like you James, so I hope you didn’t take it wrong, a lot of young guys could take some lessons from you, in how to treat a woman.
      But leaving a little mystery is a good thing, let people figure stuff out.
      Be cool…and if a woman tells you something that no one else hears, “that” is more precious than anything I can think of… at least anything I can remember. (free advice is worth what you pay for it I quess).
      You’re a smart kid, I hope your parents are cool with your antics. Cheers

      • aLx says:

        f: “what does X mean?”
        m: (explains.)
        f: “oh, i thought it meant something else.”
        m: “yeah? what?”
        f: “you know.”
        m: “no, i don’t. what do you mean?”
        f: “you know exactly what i was thinking of.”
        m: “no, i don’t, otherwise i wouldn’t ask. so …?”
        f: “ah, never mind.”
        m: .oO(wtf?)
        f: “forget about it, let’s just drop it.”
        m: “umm … why don’t you just tell me?”
        f: (drops it.)

        annoying as hell. you can’t argue with that.
        same conversation b/w males:

        m1: “what does X mean?”
        m2: (explains.)
        m1: “oh, okay, i was thinking about Y.”

        and that’s that.

        anyway, here’s my question. what if a man tells you something that no one else hears? is that any less precious because a man told you, not a woman? maybe you didn’t mean it like that, correct me if i’m wrong.

      • BillyB says:

        LOL. once you get to (f: “you know exactly what i was thinking of.”) as a man married for 25 years it ain’t going any farther than that… at that time.eg. today’s quote

        “The man who goes alone can start today – but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.”

        As far as a what a man tells you being precious, and this is a bit of a rash generalisation, I guy doesn’t usualy speak to you from the heart & doesn’t for lack of a better way to put it “feel” like he is giving away a piece of himself. Guys will weigh the value of info from another guy & if the value isn’t understood won’t drop it ’til it is. As you say a women doesn’t, generaly, understand that you may not “feel’ the value of her communication. Emotion & logic have trouble connecting.
        At least thats how I think about it… helps me survive.
        Stll women are a full of mystery, so anytime something makes sense it is treated as precious, ’cause its a little rare.

  29. Chemikal says:

    The word Martial comes from the name Marina, as a tribute the one all knowing master of all arts! =)

  30. Chemikal says:

    I do know crazy :D

    This reminded me of a video I watched a while back, called Afro Ninja!
    My favorite martial art is Judo! In my opinion, one of the best self defense tactics ever. Get close, put down, fatality! and then just wait for the ambulance :-)

    Judo has some amazing techniques such as “here’s your arm back, to go”, “looky, you can fly”, “smell my… crouch”, what’s that on the ground” and “are you OK?”. Of course in Japanese they might sound a little different to you, but that’s basically what they mean. :P

    Marina you should train yourself to be a jūdōka. Because Intelligence and rapidness beat brute strength and size, always! Just use the correct techniques, and you can get out of any situation!

    Want to know how to train? We have a saying, “The best training for judo is judo”. You know what’s short for “Just do it”? … JUDO IT! :D
    P.S: Cutest kimono I ever seen! :-)

  31. protac6 says:

    No new video yet?

    I’ve noticed SOMEONE is a LITTLE busy. :wink:

  32. orelem22 says:

    I recently wrote a paper on the word “chicano”.I came across the word “chicanery”.Is there a similarity between the two? what is the origin of “chicanery”.

  33. danielpool52 says:

    Hello Marina could you investigate the origin of clairvoyant clairvoyance please :eek: :?:

  34. SurfinRI says:

    My Dearest Marina:

    Could you please investigate the origin of the word “flummoxed” for me?

    Your obedient student,

  35. gregory g mcbride says:


    It is the style called Miagi Doo from the Karate kid.

    It realy works as a defense.

    I utalized the style years ago when I blocked a series of shots as my opponet got faster and faster .

    I used it for defence and didn’t get hit once.

    Although my oppenent was so fast that I didn’t get a chance to go on offense.

    So I never threw a shot but Joe claimed to be a black belt.

  36. BillyB says:

    Try not to mis spell Marital Arts.

  37. Hai Karate
    Be careful how you use it :mrgreen:

  38. andy w says:

    Word Request: Rick Roll

    The song isn’t even called Rick Roll, and yet everybody calls it that.

    And also, if you want to do a little more to this word, then find out how people started Rick Rolling people in the first place. Why that song out of many many others?


  39. matilda says:

    Hi, Marina.
    Thank you for doing the two most internationally famous Japanese words. I’m so glad. :smile:

    My favorite martial art is “Kendo”. I think it’s much cooler than fencing.
    “Ken” means sword, and “do” means spirit. (It’s the same word that is in “Judo”) So it means, the spirit of swrod. Sounds cool, ha? :razz:

  40. jcr says:

    After watching that, there needs to be a Hot for Words musical. If they could do one about a spelling bee, they can do one about word origins. Besides, it is a hot topic right now! Hot for Words, the musical…I can imagine it. Can’t you ? :lol:

  41. bobsully says:

    You got great abs. :smile:

    [ snatches the pebble from Marina's hand ]

  42. tokah the great says:

    Lmao! You are so awesome to watch you crazy female! Anyways, my favorite form of martial arts is Shaolin Kung Fu.

  43. shakeydacheese says:

    all different topic:
    in all west-europe, the romans or at least their church esteblished the word “padre”.
    (fr. pere; ger. Vater; eng. father…ect).
    Even the familiar form “Papa” is wellknown
    is there a mentionable reason why in english children say
    “dad” or “daddy” ?

  44. arturishere says:

    hmm, i would want to know where comes word “Automatic” :wink:

  45. mergatroidal says:

    My hand is up, word request: tricky. As in, “If you can’t convince them with genius, baffle ‘em with it.” Tricky.

    Extra points to anyone correctly identifying who said the above quote to whom. Never mind where it was said and heard.

  46. matalexwolf says:

    you nutter, excellent moves M. Kicking about with some Tai Chi three times a week, 5am, crack of dawn, all weather conditions, bare chested only a bit like yoga with me M, just fall over and fart alot :lol: — dont just look at the end of the finger, otherwise you will miss all the heavenly glory! Love asian extream dvds, so many to watch, tony ja, jet lee kick some serious busting moves. Practice Muay Tai with mate who is winchung expert, always get my but kicked but so much fun to do.

  47. urickhunt says:

    Hello gorgeous, i have a couple of word requests to make. 1st word gorgeous, 2nd pleasure Thanks urick…

  48. Cashy says:

    Everybody loves Kung-Fu fighting…..

    but my personal favorite is Calligraphy, it’s the best….

    Don’t believe me…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5GslQ6ZP-w

    • Cashy says:

      I quite like the one above the monument to Pitt the Elder at Westminster Abbey. It’s in the North transept and contains a statue of Pitt mid speech with outstretched arm.

  49. silvergodofgold says:

    I think David’s other self-defense mechanisms mentioned below could potentially ward off any would-be attackers. Especially number 2. Nice. ;-)

    But I wouldn’t recommend doing so too long in public, or the Police might not find that too amusing. Maybe the defense is a weakness disguised as a strength?

    You could call it the 2-D porcupine defense posture, or something like that. Some people just wouldn’t understand, eh? (That’s the point, right?)

    Once when approached by an aggressor, I just smiled. Smiles can be quite disarming. Love can be a confusing feeling to an evolving soul. It’s my weapon of choice, nonetheless. :grin:

  50. troublemaker1991 says:

    Hi Marina!

    Me and my brother were interested in learning the origin of a common word used in some phrases and that word is ‘Blue‘ which is included in phrases like ‘Into the Blue‘, ‘Out of the Blue‘, ‘Feeling Blue‘. I suppose there are more that I cant think of at the moment… so our question is… why Blue? Why that particular colour? Why is it used in such phrases where you get into it, see something going out of it or feeling it? :shock:

  51. posti says:

    i would like to know about the wrods hocus-pocus

  52. jojokerus says:

    Teacher! Teacher! Oh, oh! I have my hand up!

    Can you do a bit on the word PATRIOT?

    I heard the wind up of McCains acceptance speech and I thought one bit was exceptionally well put (and I quote):

    “I fell in love with my country when I was a prisoner in someone else’s. I loved it not just for the many comforts of life here. I loved it for its decency; for its faith in the wisdom, justice and goodness of its people. I loved it because it was not just a place, but an idea, a cause worth fighting for. I was never the same again. I wasn’t my own man anymore. I was my country’s.”

    In particular I liked the “…not just a place, but an idea, a cause worth fighting for.”

    I know Samuel Johnson had a thing or two to say about patriotism.

  53. bassdozer says:

    Dear Marinochka,

    One fish is just a fish, but why are two fish called a ‘school’?

  54. b-meister says:

    It’s called martial art because since they have to do with fighting. Martial comes from the word Mars who was the Roman god of war.

    My favorite martial art is Sambo (which just so happens to be Russian) or Aikido from Japan. I would have said Krav Maga (Israeli) but that’s not actually considered a martial art because there are no rules and it’s non competitive.

  55. prospero811 says:

    Martial arts means the art of the warrior. Martial, I believe, has its root in the war god Mars. Arts are skills and talents that are learned over time and mastered – so, like painting, fighting is such a skill that can be learned and mastered. Ergo…martial arts….

    There you go…another mystery solved by your trusty wizard, Prospero.

  56. David says:

    Hi Marina,

    Funny ending!!! LOL

    Empty hands… verrrry interrrresting!
    Other martial arts that are very subtle and effective are…
    steering the opponents concentration away from their aggression

    1. point and say “look out!” to someone behind the aggressor… then go “beep beep” and run away like roadrunner in the cartoons.
    2. lay down on the ground with your arms spread open and start singing “highway to hell” by ACDC.
    3. carry around a wad of fake 20 dollar bills, throw them in to the air at the last moment, while his eyes go towards all the money, kick him in the nuts and punch him in the nose!

  57. sniperskaya says:

    Marina, at least you’re kicking the stuffing out of your competition on YouTube.

    • Bob says:

      But not with this video on Karate; it must be the slowest climber for a long time. Probably the single-word title is not inspiring people to click on it. You could say that when Marina was thinking of a sexy title for this video, she came up empty-handed. :roll: :grin:

  58. pedantickarl says:

    Marina’s video now has 2870 votes. She leads with a significant 1222 votes over the second place video. Another eight days to go.

  59. lividemerald says:

    You make karaoke and karate very, very sexy!

  60. yozhik202 says:

    Privet Marina,

    I would love to learn the etymology of tea/chai. It seems to be one or the other in quite a number of languages.

  61. danielpool52 says:

    2845 on the vote looking good for marina :lol:

  62. yomero says:

    Marina, Do you have any funny stories about being in the back seat of one of these cars? http://lh3.ggpht.com/_PFjMi5EIaeM/ROjUAxsjABI/AAAAAAAAAjA/wkLSlDXaPLE/Lada+2103+13 :?: :wink: :wink: :shock: :grin: :razz: :razz:

  63. kmatrow says:

    I learn so much from you, you are amazing! I would like to request the word “kid”. I have two kids of my own and I was talking to my husband yesterday about the relevance of the word kid being used not only for our own kids but also for baby goats. And that got me thinking about why we call our children kids and if that came from the goats, and if it did why don’t we call our kids calves or foals.. just a thought lol

  64. wetsuit5 says:

    So you use Karate to stay in shape and have a fine toned body so that you have to use Karate to defend yourself. :shock: :idea:

    But Marina, that a double whamee. :oops:
    You have such a disarming smile. :razz: :razz: :grin: :smile: :lol:

  65. hecky says:


    Nice video, I have learned Judo for about 7-8 years now.

    What about the word – Piranha?



  66. randomluck says:

    Hello Marina:

    Thank you for the lesson!

    Forms of Martial Arts I have trained in:
    Tae Kwon-Do
    Kali Sikaran
    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    Kung Fu

    Tae Kwon-do I liked the least. It has become more of a “sport” for competitions, and that’s not what I was there to learn.

    Kung Fu was the most “graceful”, I can see why Hollywood uses variations of it for their movies. It just looks impressive and remains effective. I’m not that graceful and so I’m not that impressive to watch, but I am effective in it.

    Kali Sikaran is weapons fighting, very effective if one gets the hang of it and loads of fun. Swinging sticks and weapons around also quickly builds upper body strength.

    GōjÅ«-ryÅ« is traditional Japanese karate. It was my first karate and one which sparked my interest in martial arts. It’s simple and effective, but not my personal favorite.

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is submission grappling and ground fighting techniques. I really enjoyed this one. Learning this one causes cuts, abrasions, and bruises all over, so the training physically hurts. Well worth it though.

    Kickboxing – Just a great way to stay in shape. Combines elements of all the above, so I don’t study in depth in any specific one and keeps me in shape enough to practice moves from all of them.

    • lividemerald says:

      It was just random luck that I read this post. Very interesting to read a synopsis of your martial arts experience as well as your personal take on each art. I’ve observed quite a few Tae Kwon-Do classes, but that’s the extent of my exposure to martial arts. If I were younger, I would give one a try. Too bad Suzanne Tamim, the Lebanese pop star brutally murdered in Dubai recently, didn’t have a background in martial arts. It might have saved her life.

      • randomluck says:

        Your never too old to start. I know of 50 and 60-year olds who pick it up. Increases flexibility and strength. True, they’ll never achieve what a 20-year old could achieve, but its about personal achievement, not competition.

  67. wordsmith123 says:

    how about the word ‘horny’? i’ve always wondered how that came to mean that you are in sexual arousal. Thanks, keep up the great work.

  68. Warren says:

    Hello Marina,
    I pulled a hamstring watching you. You are the best, I laughed every time I thought of this show while I worked last night.
    For the longest time I’ve always associated martial arts with the “far east”. But I don’t think they cover the whole field.
    But Capman911 I believe hit it on the head with his answer- can I copy his homework?
    My favorite martial art? I like boxing and fencing. Do they qualify?
    Thank you, Marina, that was so much fun to watch.

  69. yomero says:

    How come there is no standard unit of measurement for the thickness of a ply.
    Is two ply toilet paper is equal to a two ply tire. Does each industry set its own standard?
    In the tire industry is a five ply Uniroyal tire equal to a five ply Goodyear tire?
    Is two ply Kleenex equal to two ply store brand tissue?
    Are plies from European plywood metric and are the plies equal the USA plywood industry?
    What is the story behind the word ply? I’m not going to lose any sleep over this but I just was wondering.
    Anyone please feel free to contribute

  70. hutchiee says:

    I like the minimalistic white background, it’s surreal ( :?: word suggestion surreal :?: )

    I learned two things new today – empty hand fighting, and that Marina has a navel ring.

  71. orion_ss1 says:

    When I studied Shotokan the patch we had on our gi-s was a fist with a dove on top of the wrist. In the Navy we called our job ‘Peace Through Superior Fire Power’. Same thing.

    If you really want peace, you can either rely on the good intentions of others or you can rely on your own strength. Plan A is good, but its good to have a Plan B just in case Plan A fails.

  72. fianchetto1 says:

    No martial arts for me….I am a lover, not a fighter.

    “Keep your friends close…keep your enemies closer.”

    “The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.”


    • celebornmars says:

      The first sentence you quoted is not an apology of peace actually. When you are close to your enemy, you can study him more easily, which is useful for a future fight.

    • lividemerald says:

      I’ve known a few Tae Kwon-Do instructors. They are guys you would not want to engage physically. However, all of them were affable gentlemen. Like John McCain, just because they are not afraid of a fight doesn’t mean they want to pick one. I think strength can promote peace and security.

    • CaptainJack says:

      Thats why some people study Tai Chi karate. Tai Chi is the epitome of “internal”. For the most part (Chen style Tai Chi is not entirely slow), it is a slow moving style which stresses proper breathing and posture to facilitate the flow of chi. Tai Chi does, however, have self defense applications, but they have been stressed less and less as time goes by.
      You can gain the benefits of learning a Martial Art without doing any fighting. Im kind of like you and don’t really like the fighting part. I guess thats why I do very well in my Katas. :cool:

  73. jnaples says:

    I taught tae kwon do and women’s self defense when I was in college. Chicks dig the uniform!

  74. charliepatpk says:

    My favorite martial art is taekwondo, which I have studied for over 4 years now. Whereas it is also a form of Karate, it originated in Korea (or so I have studied).

  75. wetsuit5 says:

    My favorite Martial Art is having HotForWords be my Agent 99 and I’ll be her Max.


    • pig-in-a-poke says:

      Natasha would have been the perfect role for Teacher.

      • yomero says:

        PIP, Your Three Dog Night request is a good one, I suspect you already know the answer. If not maybe someone from the cold far North will tell you. The TDN band explained it once in an interview which I read in Rolling Stone Magazine. :cool: :cool: :smile: :smile:

  76. ptm368 says:

    Another great lesson, as usual (and you did a better job than Pat Morita in “The Karate Kid)… As far as that James Brown lyric goes, I think it’s really “I don’t know karate, but I know Ka-Razor” (James was a bit more “street” than the rest of us)… Say hi to Kobe for us…

  77. wetsuit5 says:

    @ 2835 (Sailing away)
    #2 @ 1648 (Why did I cheat!)
    #3 @ 1102 (Contest? Isn’t that over?)

  78. quiggles says:

    Hi Marina!

    I have been a long biz trip and have been out of the loop. So sorry. You have been busy! Thanks for so many great lessons! I like your front kick; you’ve clearly had some training! I studied goju-ru for years as a kid. It’s a Japanese form based on the White Crane style of Kung Fu. I like the spiritual side and its fun exercise. It’s also handy in a scrape when retreat is not an option. The term martial arts is one of many tributes to Mars, the god of war. I don’t like that so much because I think of karate as a path to peace. But then the best defense is a strong offense! Hmmmm. I may be delving into politics here….

    Great work and many thanks to you and HFW! I’ll try and be in better touch.

    Sayonara, Quiggles

  79. CaptainJack says:

    Ok this is so weird. Im emailing Rick from HFW site and we are chatting about our experience in Karate. This is just weird….

    This was my creed that we had when I was in Karate.

    I come to you with only “KARATE” – empty hands. I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor; should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong; then here are my weapons – “KARATE” – my empty hands.

    I studied Kempo Karate and Gun Fu. I learned how to break boards, bricks, and river rocks with the palm of my hand. Kata, a form of dance you might say is one of my favorite things to do in Karate. I learned a black belt level Kata that won me first place in our local dojo. I was just amazed that I beat out other black belts that had been in the style longer than I had. I even beat out the neighboring school that put on the competition.

    Quiz, what style of the Martial Arts came about because Karate was banned in the _______ country? Hint: It looks more like dancing than Karate.

    On of my instructors, Grand Master Archibeque was in the same class as Bruce Lee. I remember he said Bruce was really fast on his feet. Archi could not block his kicks.

    With your permission Grand Master Marina, I shall bow out of this homework assignment for obvious reasons.

    Marina, where did you get your information that karate was perfected in Japan?

    Speaking of homework. I have to run and go teach my students. We are doing navigation with charts. No GPS here. This is old school style.

  80. stathis55 says:

    Euhemerism.I saw it in a game and i didn’t know what it ment.Thanks

  81. Bob says:

    A very funny video, Marina.
    Yet more of your talents on display – high kicks and comedy.
    I have been most impressed watching an Aikido Master, I once saw on television, taking on four armed attackers.
    He just stood in the middle of the floor, sending them all flying with a deft flick of the wrist. It was like watching a ballet, it was so beautiful.
    My all-time favourite martial art was shown in the old film “Kelly’s Heroes”; the platoon had modified their tanks to have one forward gear and five reverse, so they could get out of trouble faster than they got into it.

  82. mittheman says:

    Martial Arts is a phrase coined by Europeans. Martial is derived from the Roman god Mars, The god of War, and means “The Art of War.”

    When we use the term Mrtial Arts, most people think of Asian cultures. However, the term actually refers to any sort of codified combat systems, regardless of origin.

    Also Marina, I’m crying corcodile tears because without rhyme or reason, none of my request are ever used. I don’t want to make bones about the matter but I’m mad as a hatter and thinking of throwing in the towel if you don’t promulgate at least one of my requests.

  83. foxbow15 says:

    LOL :mrgreen: nice video :cool:

    I’v done 5 years of judo 2 years of karate 2 years of teakwando and 1 year of boxing, never really liked any of those :???:

  84. TongueTwislers says:

    Hey Marina :grin:
    sorry you haven’t heard from me in a long time, i’ve been on holiday :!: ! :!: But I have to say this is my favorite lesson because i’m actually a brown belt in karate :cool: . and even better i’ll be obtaining my Black belt in november. :cool: :cool: :cool:

    see ya

  85. celebornmars says:

    An easy exercise for those who want to learn martial arts :mrgreen:
    Marina, a good friend of mine, Cameron Diaz (I don’t know if someone knows her :mrgreen: ), called me after seeing this video. She thinks you could replace her for a Charlie’s Angels 3.
    More seriously, you seem to be very inspired by Japanese words : this video and the one for “karaoke” are very funny. I hope you’ll be able to find inspiration for words like sushi, wazabi, dojo… but here is an interesting word for a future video I think: “banzai”

  86. Marina ! You have no KARA NAVEL ! What is it ? A CARAT DIAMOND ?
    What abouth the word CARAT ?


  87. charlie_luciano says:

    I got request for the word:”mafia”
    I have read somewhere that it’s an acronym of Morte Alla Francia Italia Anela (The death of France is Italy’s screem) or something like that. Because some French guys ruled parts of Italy in the 13th century. But the IItalian didn’t speak that dialect in the 13th century. So the acronym version seems not correct. In Mario Puzo’s novels it is said that “mafia” comes from an arabic word for “hideout”. And my father has told me a story that some guys daughter was killed and the authorities didn’t do anything and he shouted “My daughter” which in Italian is “ma figlia”. And somehow it was transformed into “mafia”.

  88. stokesjrj1 says:

    That looked like the dance of the sushi chef, word request tenticle.
    He He He He

  89. thxeleven38 says:


    You forget first lesson, no laughing while in salle. When you no sense you no fight. If laughing you no sense. My favorite “Martial Art” is an invention of David Weber, author of the Honorverse series, a futuristic science fiction saga centered on the life of Honor Stephanie
    Harrington and her treecat Nimitz, currently there are eleven books in the main sequence, three prequels and two parallels. Coup de
    vitesse, the martial art developed to combine Oriental and Western forms.

  90. stokesjrj1 says:

    What did she say at 1:23?

    • dezdkado says:

      She was quoting James Brown, who said once, “I don’t know karate, but I do know crazy.” I think he pronounced it as “kah-ray-zee”. Except for us older types, James Brown is a mythical figure… also known as the “Godfather of Soul” and “The Hardest Workin’ Man in Sho-Bidnez!”

      • muggins says:

        James Brown, man of renown. For me, he was the antidote to the Beach Boys
        and all that acceptable stuff they had on the AM radio stations in the early sixties. Hair slicked back, shiny pants, a bass guitar and some brass.

    • pedantickarl says:

      What Marina says is from a James Brown song;
      Marina says: “I don’t know Karate, but I do know crazy!”

      The Big Payback – James Brown 3:40
      ref: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCkmztX_F8A

      I think (correct me if I’m wrong) that the reference has to do with Elvis who was in the Army and martial arts.

  91. protac6 says:

    How come there was a long delay from youtube to here Marina? Beating up bad guys while singing?

  92. muggins says:

    Judo is the highest martial arts. I don’t know Judo, but I’ve been thrown through the air by a Judo instructor, and I gained respect for using leverage instead of brute force.

    • BillyB says:

      Judo has a real Japanese QueenSatoko Shinashi , proving that size realy doesn’t matter.

    • duke veritas says:

      Muggins, I agree, Judo is cool & size of the player is TOTALLY misleading :wink:

      However, to say that any ONE style is “highest” misses the mark. All styles have their uses, benefits, requirements for use, etc. As one Shihan, who was the first African American to win a bigshot Judo trournament in Japan, said that a true master knows many styles.

      After all, there are many precarious situations in which ANY ONE partiular style won’t work…karate on the ground is limited, although Jujitsu is excellent there. Judo is great up close and standing, but it’s difficult to use against persistent attackers that are good at keeping their distance.

      BUT if you think that explanation isn’t worth a damn :grin: , you can go back to the importance of knowing the kinds of moves your competitor is likely to have, & the ways in which you leave yourself vulnerable to their style, so that you can know how to stand your ground and maneuver your OWN offensive-defense :wink:

      • muggins says:

        I agree that the other martial arts have their uses, including boxing no less. And there are different circumstances, including take downs. So, definately a well rounded martial arts knowledge would be an advantage. If I had to choose one, and I was young once again, I’d choose Judo.

      • CaptainJack says:

        Grand Master Archibeque always told me to use what works for you personally and throw out what doesn’t . He mentioned to me to if I had to pick a style to use for self defense, was to chose a style that would end the fight in 3 seconds or less. He said there is no time to play around when you life might be in jeopardy. If you ever had 8 attackers, 3 seconds is a very long time for each opponite.

  93. labbatt78 says:

    Some martial art movies i love 2 watch are Rumble in the Bronx and the karate kid. My best video game in martial arts I love 2 play is Street Fighter 2. Where did some humans get fireballs, how can anybody get up fast after getting driven by the spinning pile driver? Balrog(Mike Tyson look-a-like), Sagat, Zangief(the big Russian wrestler) and Akuma are my favorite characters to use.

  94. levisan says:

    mmm…. naa… some knifes & a gun in house…

    • CaptainJack says:

      With the everyday burglar Knifes and guns would be ok. But against a well trained MA you wouldn’t stand a chance.Your hands can not be taken way from you and used against yourself as a weapon can. I don’t carry any guns because of this and also of the paperwork involved after the shooting. :smile:

  95. danielpool52 says:

    marina can you sing more songs in your videos i love to hear you sing you have a beautiful voice :lol:

  96. zach777 says:

    the word i want to know is “haberdasher”

  97. sniperskaya says:


    MY EARS!!!
    IT BURNS!!!
    IT BURNS!!!

    (Don’t give up your day job, Marina. The phrase “Would you like fries with that?” will prove very useful in your singing career.)

    • geronimo says:

      It’s so true, she can’t sing and she can’t fight, but she does make me laugh! :lol: She is goofy. I wonder what the origin of goofy is? Marina, when you are done “singing” and doing “karate” could you find the origin of goofy?

      • chevolay says:

        The lawyer says to Mickey, “Now let me get this straight, you want to divorce Mini because she’s crazy.”
        Mickey replies, “I didn’t say she was crazy, I said she’s f**king Goofy.”
        :shock: :smile: :smile: :mrgreen:

      • geronimo says:

        That’s a good one! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • CaptainJack says:

        I agree with you on that (singing and her kata) geronimo. I was thinking she was a bit goofy. She was very entertaining. I do see she has a lot of potential in those areas. Marina has a lovely voice that with some work she could be good. Watching her move she has a bit of a natural style that would be good for learning MA. Teaching many students in the past I see she could do very well in MA. Her movements were fast, precise, and fluid… sometimes. :mrgreen: If she had a desire I would enjoy teaching her.

  98. smokey36bear says:

    I got my votes in!!!!! she is now at 2714

  99. dezdkado says:

    Homework: Part I – Marine Combat Training… with and without the M16A2 service rifle
    Part II – Capman911 answered it very well, below

    My Rabbi once told me a joke about martial arts…

    Rabbi: “What’s the difference between Karate and Judo?
    Dez: “I don’t know, Rebbe. What is the difference between Karate and Judo?”
    Rabbi: “Karate is a highly disciplined form of unarmed self defense. Judo is what bagels are made of.”

  100. 100percentjacob says:

    I love how you always switch up your videos.

    WORD REQUEST: When referring to someone insane, my teacher said they were “crazy as a Betsy Bug”. Can you please investigate? He didn’t know where it came from.

  101. monsoon says:

    I like all kinds of martial arts. Its hard to pick a favorite….But I will say aikido.

    And Im not giving up on the word “OOPS”
    and the word “HAMBURGER”

    I would really really love to learn the origins of those 2 words…

    • smokey36bear says:

      The word hamburger come from how it was cooked. The hamburger, as we know it today started life as a meat ball. Then one day a cook got pissed when it took so long to cook and smashed it with his spatula.
      Before that it was called steak cooked Hamburg style. (As in Hamburg Germany)

    • duke veritas says:

      Akido is quite a martial art form!! It’s very young, the founder was still alive (as of 2003). Basically, it’s intended to make a person VERY nimble on their feet and able to keep balance very easily, and to be in harmony YET STILL defend oneself without HAVING to smash a person’s face, larnyx, or bones. Interesting, many people report feeling calmer and having more confidence in their movement as they learn how to keep their balance, how to fall, & how to tumble.

      As a strategy, it’s about redirecting others by taking their energy and making it work against them INSTEAD of smashing or breaking things.

      As for me, I like the excitement of karate, the skill and grace of Akido players, & I wish I had the time to do both :razz:

      Here’s a video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-bfFwo_z5I&feature=related

  102. danielpool52 says:

    yet it is eyes which blind the man because a man can see he dose not look master PO

  103. smokey36bear says:

    I took Karate when I was younger. We moved to Montana just before my Green belt test. There wasn’t any studios here till about ten years later.

  104. seesixcm6 says:

    сильная Marina, with training, you would be very good at self-defense. I hope you had fun making this video. For your homework, the Army taught me the MacNeill system of hand-to-hand combat, but when stationed in South Korea, I learned Taekwondo from real experts who treated me very kindly and made me good at it. For the second part of your homework, “martial arts” are so named after Mars, the Roman God of war. Martial arts used to include any kind of military training, but now it just refers to many systems of hand combat, usually without weapons. You should learn some self-defense because some people post bad and mean things, here.
    Your well-trained student, seesixcm6

    • dezdkado says:

      Hong Kong Phooey, number one super guy.
      Hong Kong Phooey, quicker than the human eye.

      He’s got style, a groovy style,
      and a car that just won’t stop.
      When the going gets tough, he’s really rough,
      with a Hong Kong Phooey chop (Hi-Ya!)

  105. davemarkwz says:

    Okay, as long as we are bringing out clips of favorite martial artist
    -Who is your favorite martial artist?
    -Got a favorite movie/story?
    -Can they kick Chuck Norris’s butt or not?

    *Jackie Chan, the scene where he gets ran over by a hovercraft:
    “Are you alright?!:, Chan: “NO!” and continues fighting.
    This was “Rumble in the Bronx”, correct?
    (And I think Chan would put old Chuck to shame!)

  106. shig says:

    i’ve taken judo, 2 different styles of karate, but my favorite is aikido. the ‘ki’ part is the most difficult aspect of it, but worthy of the challenge.

    btw, i see at least one of your lessons right before sleep every night–if not your latest, one of the older ones. caps the day nicely.

    • Capman911 says:

      Makes for good dreams doesn’t it. :wink:

      • protac6 says:

        Haha I feel you, I got them on my ipod podcasts before I sleep. Good bedtime stories I must say. :mrgreen:

      • tryant says:

        Ok,now this is strange,last night I had a dream of Marina naked,woke up and here You are talking about it!

        About 25 years ago I saw Little Mary do naked cartwheels through the livingroom,She had 2 friends(big mary and nancy)with her and I’m here to tell Ya,hittin 2 outa 3 wasn’t bad! :wink: :cool:

        Is Marina gonna ship Me off to detention for talking about this stuff during class? Reminds Me of a saying;

        Buy Em books,send Em to school,what do they do?–Eat the teacher!

  107. Capman911 says:

    2704 Marina———–1648 CT. :lol: :lol:

    Don’t forget to vote :grin:

  108. You fight like a girly girl – LOL! :mrgreen:
    I only trained one girl when I was teaching
    Tai Kwon Do in the 70′s. She wasn’t a good
    fighter, but she was GOOD! The elbow smash
    with the horse stance was your best move.
    This link is to my school where I was a teaching
    assistant under Masters Jun and Camilo who
    taught in Hanau, Weisbaden and Frankfurt.
    I had studied Tai Kwon Do for seven years
    prior to meeting them. We were all in the Army
    at the time. Martial arts is bushido (art of war)..
    The big game at the time was match spar tournies
    with Master Jimmy Pond’s school where the form
    taught was Pond Do Kwon – LOL! I still have the
    scars… :mrgreen:

    • Capman911 says:

      My next door neighbor is a Tai Chi master. He teaches in a classroom at his house, and at the local hospital for the elderly to loosen up and rehabilitate. He moved here from California where he trained with Bruce Lee.

      • Tell him that to say you are a master of Tai Chi (in China) is an open challenge to all comers, since Tai Chi literally means “grand ultimate”. Very old school style. Back in those days, I remember my master saying that Jackie Chan was a better actor than a fighter! LOL! Tai Chi can be done slowly for fluidic motion and breathing, or quickly for power and chi.
        One Bruce Lee technique I learned is called the “one inch punch”. Lethal and effective against many styles.

  109. tryant says:

    That’s Your best one ever Marina! LOL! *All that* and comedy too! Loved it! :smile:

    Kung Fu is My fav,well,at least the show with David Carradine was great.

    I’ll guess that martial arts means fighting with high skill,or something like that. :grin:

  110. davemarkwz says:

    Hi Marina & Friends!
    I never really asked myself why they are called “martial arts” and so
    I simply looked up “martial”. It said: “Pertaining to or related to war”
    and so forth. So, it relates to the art of war (Which is a revered
    book amongst martial artists and businessmen alike).
    My favorite martial art is called “Iaijutsu” and in the many things
    it encompasses, the “lightning fast sword technique” is it’s best
    description. A master of the technique should be able to draw sword,
    strike (likely at the head, removing it) and return the sword to
    scabbard before the head or other target hit the ground.

  111. danielpool52 says:

    karate and all martial arts is a good thing to know but hollywood has made it something it is not but hollywood does that to almost everything :grin:

    • smokey36bear says:

      I know what you mean about Hollywood. I had a friend that was in a bar in Ennis, MT when Steven Segal got his ass kicked. I think the reason he got beat up was because he was waiting for someone to yell ‘CUT’

  112. BillyB says:

    I must confess I watched 7 times to see if I could go without laughing at the ending. Didn’t work. I hope you didn’t hurt yourself doing this vid.. Why was Karate banned in Russia, 1973 :?: Were kids hurting each other.

    • BillyB says:

      Oh yah, homework “Muay Thai”… Lisa Nova fights under the name Gina Carano.

    • celebornmars says:

      I quote what I found there: http://www.jyoshinmon-shorin.ru/jshm/root/eng/history/2/

      The 60s brought out new schools of karate in the USSR. 2 names were very popular at that time, there are kiokusinkaj and shotokan. Besides, the former was preferred as a style of fighting and the latter was a prerogative of the privileged. But The Sports Committee prohibited any propaganda of karate in January 1973, considering at something strange for the soviet ideology.

      This action was a sort of spur for secret grouping of people who indulged in karate. But the fear for unbridled activity of underground schools made the Committee change the decision and in 1977 it legalized karate by making it one of the kinds of sports single combat.

  113. annuddermale says:

    gawd…y’all act like the kid in class with his hand up going, “me! me! me!!!!”…

    oh, wait…that was me…

    dang,Marina, you really are kick-ass…or is that ass-kicker?

    my favorite martial art is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu…i just decided that because i have no idea what the various martial arts are, but any art that “focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting with the goal of gaining a dominant position and using joint-locks and chokeholds to force an opponent to submit” sounds dang kinky enough to be fun…

    oh, and Brazilian…mmmm

    but i digress…

    surprise… :cool:

  114. socksandviolins says:

    Does painting of the wild west qualify as a “Marshall” art?

  115. Capman911 says:

    The word ‘martial’ derives from the name of Mars, the Roman god of war. The term ‘Martial Arts’ literally means arts of war. This term comes from 15th century Europeans who were referring to their own fighting arts that are today known as Historical European martial arts :cool:

  116. danielpool52 says:

    good one marina funny :lol: martial arts i think means art of war and dance

  117. Capman911 says:

    I don’t know any martial arts except Kagun :twisted:

  118. mattym says:

    Does anyone still use Hi-Karate cologne?

  119. danielpool52 says:


These are facebook comments below.


Not your typical philologist! Putting the LOL in PhiLOLogy :-)