Maxim Radio 12th Show

Here is my 12th installment of my Maxim Radio Show…
I discuss one slang word and one common word. If you have a problem with slang words that are somewhat “dirty” then please don’t listen to this show.

Catch me on Maxim Radio on Sirius – Every other Friday morning at 8-8:30 am PST

During the show call in at 888-99-MAXIM (62946) to participate in the game!


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20 Responses to Maxim Radio 12th Show

  1. 2utoday says:

    :mrgreen: I prefer your videos.

  2. kaibanator says:

    Congratulations on your book deal Marina!!

    This book will be an awesome way to get more people interested in all things etymology as not everyone would use or have access to the internet.

    I wish you the best of luck with getting your book completed, I know we will look forward to expanding our knowledge :cool:

    (about the radio show) It was a fun show :) I cracked up when Stretch was saying maybe he should go to russia and say puntanka and vodka :lol: I’m sure he’ll live his dream someday :grin:

  3. protac6 says:

    Hey Marina wassup with the new clothing line you said you were planning to come out? I have many many ideas. :idea: :idea: :idea:

  4. foxbow15 says:

    no! don’t go to russia dude it’s dangerous :shock: :P been there 2 times, ones my wallet got stolen and the second time my granddad got shot with an airgun in the neck….he could have died :???: …

  5. vbcham says:

    honestly, I thought the show was embarrassing and belittling. I had to turn it of half way through as it became apparent that it wasn’t going to improve. I understand that there is an audience for this type of show, but in future I’ll reserve my interest in your work for your normal web site lessons. I do hope that YOU enjoyed doing the show as it would be a great pity to think that you felt the same as me and still had to go through with it.

    • Marina says:

      vbcham, the show is really not for everyone. As you’ll notice, I have approached teaching etymology in a manner not typical to the average etymologist. I am trying to reach as broad an audience as possible, that’s why you’ll see me go on many different types of shows on TV, on the net and on radio.

      This is just another outlet where I am able to expose etymology to another group of people who would not normally pay attention to the subject.

      I do have fun on the show, otherwise I wouldn’t do it… plus it’s helping me prepare myself for all kinds of interviews in the future.. but you are correct, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea :-)

      • okay4now says:

        I taught ‘Street Talk’ at UCLA. It’s funny that no other teachers were really interested and I said “sure absolutely”. Students loved getting certain words & phrases that they’d heard (or were going to hear) in a trusted classroom setting, and I gave it to them thoroughly and scholarly. Fuc% in all forms, made them said “shit” until they sounded like they invented the word etc. There was no other class where the students were more grateful.

      • duke veritas says:

        Seems like you’re good at what you do, you have fun doing it,
        and now you’re working hard to make a career out of what you like :razz:

        If only everyone had the drive to do that… :wink:

        Besides, it’s nice to hear you laugh

    • protac6 says:

      C’mon dude, girls just want to have fun!

  6. smokey36bear says:

    Great show!!!! I can’t wait till your book comes out. :grin:

  7. leonard says:

    Books and more books. Christmas is coming soon! Russian rushing

  8. wetsuit5 says:

    Pun Tonka? :shock:
    Is that like Tonka toys? :twisted:

  9. okay4now says:

    I’m sorry, this guy is way too much of a dork; over-thinking is never a problem for him it would instead be an unusual excercise. He’s got Cabo Wobble written all over him, am sure he’s got the t-shirt to prove it. He’s the voice in any party that’s scream WOOO at stupid times making people saying anything real repeat themselves. The only thing that saves the night from jerks like this is that they get drunk early & leave dribbling something about right-on ‘bro’.
    By the way ‘bro’ Linden Johnson got more than Kennedy according to the people who really know anything. This guy is a source for nothing other than cheap sloppy drinks. At least he’s not on welfare, but he will be some day.

  10. BillyB says:

    Book Deal :cool: HarperCollins… will they do & distribute the DVD’s too? Possibly giftpak deal…

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