Say Uncle

Say Uncle!   Who is this Uncle guy who always saves you?


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278 Responses to Say Uncle

  1. thematrix75 says:

    Hello Marina ,and everyone!Probably the last time I said uncle was when me,and my older sister would wrestle and goof around when we were younger.Marina you trying to get Gorby to say uncle was funny!Very good video!

  2. It’s been a long time since i’ve had to say that.

  3. leoNard says:

    Another fan request…[condoms] :roll: Fun things you can do in condoms and flour
    and with Easter-[jelly-beans][[[-[yeast]-]]]…no really-[chewing gum], because my friend from Italy says he never had it, back in his old country!

    thank you Miss HotForWords :smile:


  4. mello-g37 says:

    I am a Uncle and get called a few times .
    Gave my Nephew a marshmellow gun for xmass .
    But kept teh marsmellows my self to eat LOL LOL

  5. leonard says:

    If I had those arms around my neck; I’d be saying pretty please Uncle :mad: and then say; see Gorby wrecking your pretty flower. The last time I had to say ‘uncle’ was to my Uncle Joe :lol: my Belgium uncle from Canada :lol:

  6. lividemerald says:

    It’s not the uncle himself that comes to save you. It’s the man from U.N.C.L.E.

  7. buckyb says:

    Say… “that was cool” :)

  8. matalexwolf says:

    Fantastic vid M, 5* :smile:
    Having know brothers or sisters – I screamed Uncle last year. My uncle Vern, is like a rock when needed. I am lucky also to be able to scream Aunty too. Aunty Mazz and another is my Aunty Dez. – Think I may be screaming for all of them soon due to one of the most surreal few weeks of my life. Had to let woofer Duke go back to his original owners which was gutting as quite bonded with the fella. Having lunch with my beautiful mother earlier this week, she bravely told me that I have an older half brother. This came about the time my contract collapsed, homeless living out of boxes too but sence of humor with endless amounts of positive energy will rule the day. Already have good things happening again, just got to be patient until September with new home and project to get stuck in to :) I tend to scream ‘for f**s sake’ more than I do Uncle and just get on with it.
    Besides, my Uncles are a wee bit crazy, at a wedding recently, Vern, Bill, Fred and I were all told to stop fooling about at the back of the church. We were placing bets on which family member was going to go next telling each other jokes that echoed about the church for all to hear. A few shocked faces from the future in-laws accompanied with TUTs followed by much laughter and smiles, once they clicked. The vicor was the best as he lost it completly when told paramedics are on stand by!!

    gotta go, see you in class soon :smile:

  9. protac6 says:

    Don’t let your sister bully you around Marina! Don’t you still have your KGB skills? :twisted:

  10. Chemikal says:

    awwwwwwwwwwww………….. this vid is now one of my fav ever!
    I was all smiles while watching Kobe. :-)

  11. lostinhere says:

    I last said “uncle” about three weeks ago. I was taking a combatives class and was unable to tap out, so I said “uncle”.

  12. matty1071 says:

    looking gorgeous as ever :)

  13. sniperskaya says:

    Not just “say uncle!”, but “Say UNCLE SAM!”

  14. sparkyinseattle says:

    You say uncle, I say cheese….
    Never surrender!

  15. animalntaz says:

    I think I heard the “Say Uncle” origin differently. I’ve heard it was rooted from Arabic, or something like that. And some people had misheard “uncle”, when in that language, that person was crying “mercy”.

    And I never had to say uncle, unless you include, “GET OFF ME!!!”

  16. josh says:

    Marina I sent you a survey thing, and i clicked the wrong button. I ment to click 1 or more years, but i clicked 2 or more so now it looks like im a liar lol. Sorry about that, just thought i’d tell you.

  17. presumined says:

    Hola Marina…

    I guess you already saw this:

    It’s quite affectionate, really :grin: (…and she got the boobs right :wink: )


  18. chiefakira says:

    i got a dutchuncle :grin:

  19. djerac says:

    I’d like to know the origin of the word DECOLTEE.

  20. chiefakira says:

    coby if funny ,hes trying to dig up a bone in your bed ….lol
    and later hes searching for ………..something behind your bed .
    i wonder what he is looking for ??????

  21. klimo says:

    Hi Marina,
    Greetings from Poland:)
    There’s one very anoying word you may hear quite often when you play online games (Guild Wars, WoW). The word is “noob”. Could You explain the origin of this word?


  22. myname24 says:

    I request the word Wedgie.

  23. pedantickarl says:

    Marina, in another video you mentioned Russian girls even wear high heels to McDonalds and the airport like you did. On Yahoo they just reported on the annual Moscow high heels race.

    Here is the Moscow glamor race from last year.

  24. cortomaltes says:

    Hello Marina,
    I would like to request a word.
    The word is “cuckold” and then “cuckolded”, “to be cuckold”, and even “cuckoldress”.
    Somebody told me it comes from a kind of bird.
    For me it is a very sexy word, because one of my strongest fantasy is to have a wife or girlfriend who is unfaithfull to me, or cuckolds me, or makes me a cuckold… strange but it makes me aroused. In spanish we have also a word with funny origin for the same meaning.

    Thank you in advance for your help and your work.
    Best regards

  25. biagini2 says:

    All right all ready, UNCLE!

  26. pedantickarl says:

    Hey Marina, are you teaching Kobe to be a ventriloquist?
    At 1:21 it looks like Kobe is making the squak sound for the parrot.
    Very talented.

  27. mlady says:

    I just started watching your show yesterday on YouTube and I love learning the origins of all these words. The word I want to learn the origin of is “flying buttress.” I learned about them in art history back in university, but never the origin of the word. I mean, it doesn’t look like a butt, so why is it called that?

  28. chiefakira says:

    i was wondering why amerika calls his country UNCLE SAM
    whats up with that???
    i still dont know after all this time.

  29. willwyko says:

    The last time I said “Uncle” was just a few days ago when I cried out to God for help with my finances, and he heard me. Where did the word “LIAR” :evil: come from?

  30. prospero811 says:

    Sheesh… the last time I ever had to say uncle was probably when I was a kid and my brother and I were fighting/wrestling.

  31. felicity says:

    What is she saying from 2:12 to 2:21 ?

  32. ibtree says:

    Hello Marina, I heard “Hanky Panky” in the movie “Once” and I wondered where it came from. My favorite e-mail everyday is your video. I’d give it a 12 if I could. Thanks, ibtree

  33. jnaples says:

    At 6’3″ and 200 lbs, I’m usually the one that says “Say Uncle!”. BTW Marina, I don’t think that Kobe can say “Uncle”. I know, I know. Just in case YOU didn’t know :lol: Love the vid.

  34. Marina ! And what about ТЁТЯ “tiotia” = AUNTIE ?
    In Slavic countries when a girl has her period and can not have sex one says “Auntie is there”. What about this in America ? I am curious.

  35. scoper says:

    I have a new word request. I recently visited the mountains in Kentucky. I got lost and asked a resident there for directions. He told me to go down the “hollar” as part of his direction. I’m curious to learn what this word means and what is it origin. HOTFORWORDS please investigate. BTW, I love your videos and find them intertainingly educational.

  36. spelcheck says:

    Hi marina ,
    I love your site.I like to read the comments.I’m not the smartest person in the world,but then again who is?
    I heard a word I haven’t heard for a while.>Sublime ?
    And I thought :shock: How could something Sub be the best ? Whats it got to do with a lime ? Thanks my trusty teacher for everything you have taught me so far.Keep up the good work. :lol:

  37. gwillikers says:

    Hello Marina, my enthralling teacher,

    My word origin request is for the word “clams” as referring to money ( dollars ). How did that originate?

    Also of interest would be the origin of other words that refer to paper money in America … “fin”, “sawback”, “bucks” … where did they come from?

    And it would be interesting to know if Russia also has a similar strange set of words which refer to the ruble?

    ps: Be nice to Kobe!

    MWAAA!! xoxox

    Gwillikers (being more conservative, lol)

  38. foxbow15 says:

    How old is that younger sister of yours……? :lol:

    • capman911 says:

      Foxbow must investigate :wink: If she is a true twin then she is old as Miss M. Which now we really don’t know how old Miss M is. She has been 27 now for about 2 years. :???:

      • CaptainJack says:

        Good Morning Mr. Mike. She was born in Dec, 1980. Must suck having a B-day so close to the Holiday. My step bro was born on New Years. He had hoped that his B-day was like mine, further apart from the holiday. My sisters B-day is easy to remember. I take my B-day and subtract one month and one day from mine. That makes it June 24. And you know what. I still forget her B-day. My bad. :cry: :cry:

      • Bob says:

        My niece was born two days before Christmas, and she has adopted the practise of the Queen by having an “official” birthday in June. :cool:

      • Marina says:

        It seems that way, right capman911!? When you are born in December you get practically a whole extra year at being a year younger!

      • CaptainJack says:

        Thats funny. I did the quick math and came out that Marina was a year older. I said thats not right. I forgot to subtract a year if the computation is before the birthday. I wish I knew Marina when she was 25 so I could say to her she is now a quarter of a century older now. My sister called me up on the phone on my 25 birthday and said just that. I returned the insult 4 years later. :lol:

        So Marina. Do you get many B-day presents or just one. My brother received only one or two presents where as my sister and I received much more.

  39. tedt says:

    You ……. and the video is ……., the same as usual :wink:

    Hum, can´t remember if I ever said it :???: , I prefer calling for mama :lol:

  40. James says:

    she said “hello my dear student”

    • CaptainJack says:

      Hey Bob, You just reminded me about one of my students wanted to know the origin of “Mind Your P’s & Q’s”. He heard of the Pints and Quarts theory and I heard of the type setting theory. I didn’t see a P&Q in the lesson list. Maybe professor M can investigate.
      I have another request, the phrase “Who’s your Daddy?’ That still stumps me today.

      • Bob says:

        There’s another theory that it had to do with sailors who wore Pea Jackets and had their long hair braided up in a single pigtail at the back of the head, a Queue. This Queue was often powdered and so would leave a white mark on the back of the jacket.
        I wonder if that has anything to do with the traditional square sailors collar on the naval uniform?

      • CaptainJack says:

        You know Bob, I really don’t know. I still have my pea coat from the Navy and I wore crackerjacks. The Navy has used many uniform styles in the past years. Now days its all about traditions of long ago is why they wear crackerjacks as their dress uniforms. They still wear blue shirts and bell bottom jeans for pants. Interesting thing about bell bottom jeans is they do sever a propose. They make it easy to take your pants off in an emergency with your boots still on. Crackerjacks have 13 buttons (i think) to remove the pants.

  41. bobsully says:

    We said “I Give!” rather than uncle, and it was probably at the hands of my brother many, many years ago.

  42. foxbow15 says:

    Last time I said uncle….Never :p Im not english :wink: it would be genade in dutch or armo in Finnish (both my natives)
    Luckily it has never come so far for me to say that, i’ll just figt back untill they say it :twisted:

  43. ilikesexytime says:

    Hey marina, do you get a lot of emails or something? cuz i send u a lot of emails, personal ones, but u never reply to any of them. I think u replied once but thats it. Id appreciate it if u could reply to some of my emails =) thank you. BTW nice video.

  44. smokey36bear says:

    Hey Marina,
    I think my mind wonders too much. I have yet another request for you :smile: Where did the term heeb-geeb’s come from :?: :?:

    SORRY if I am pestering you. I love words(yet I am not the best speller) and I have passed on alot of what I have learned from you to my friends and family :grin:
    Keep up the GREAT work.

  45. rudy311 says:

    Hello! Recently on television there was a spat between Omarosa and Wendy Williams. Wendy commented “you at like the Angry Black Woman that White people are afraid of.” Then Omarosa Stated” I would much rather be the AWB than be called a buffoon.”
    My question is what is origin of the word buffoon?

  46. 818gregd says:

    What is the origin of the phrase “naked as a jaybird” Why is it jaybird?

  47. jcr says:

    I can’t remember ever having to cry Uncle but your video gave me the urge to buy a cute dog and put up a Christmas tree to invite Santa over…yes, it is summer and I’m dreaming of snow.

    • CaptainJack says:

      Did you know up here in the Pacific North West the city of Seattle gets very little snow? You would think with all the rain the snow would be 10 feet deep. Snow in Seattle is always about 1 to 4 inches if that. It melts in a week or less.

      • Bob says:

        It’s the same here in Aberdeen, Jack. It’s due to the proximity of the sea which acts as a giant heat-sink and thus has a moderating effect on the weather. Go two or three miles inland, over the hill past the airport, and there’s often a straight line across the road with deeper and longer-lasting snow on the landward side.

      • jcr says:

        I was a bit familiar with the area but didn’t know it got so little snow. Very interesting! I know I’m probably in the minority but I actually like snow. A blissful day in winter is when we’re all snowed in, with a fire blazing in the fireplace and enough food, even if we have to cook it in the fireplace. If we have to, we can stay in that one room. Last time, we ended up completing the Eiffel Tower, made out of Legos. A zillion pieces, most of them the same size and shape and color and there were THREE (yes, three) separate instruction booklets. And yet, oddly, I still like Legos.

      • CaptainJack says:

        I used to live in a town called Aberdeen. Lived there for about 9 years. Its about 60 miles south of Seattle. The get 50 plus inches (1.27m) of rain. And when it snows its about 6 inch (15.24cm) to a foot (30cm). Get this Aberdeen is closer t the ocean than Seattle. I hear its this phenomenon called the convergence zone. This Zone makes it imposable to predict the weather.

      • CaptainJack says:

        jcr, I like all 4 seasons. One reason I loved living in Eastern Washington. You get all seasons. 5 feet of snow in the winter and 104º summers and everything else in between. Many Californians are moving to Eastern Washington now. Its becoming the next Palm Springs they say.

        Legos are great fun. It was my favorite toy. It required the use of my brain. Also if I got tired of what I built I would build something else. I just visited a Lego store about a month ago to see what was new. They are doing the Indiana Jones theme now.

  48. Warren says:

    What have you got when your parrot escapes?
    Nil parity
    A polygon

    Two parrots were sitting on a perch.
    One said to the other : “Do you smell Fish?”

    Once upon a time…
    My mother’s sister would hold me down and tickle my stomach until I yelled- “Auntie!”
    Some cousins would hold me down and give me a “pink belly” until I yelled “Uncle!”

  49. eric812 says:

    marina,what about the phrase….soups on!!!

  50. labbatt78 says:

    I don’t say uncle…unless if anybody thinks I’m lying.. I may be lying. If I am lying I might as well spit it out when the last time I cry uncle.

  51. presumined says:

    Hola Marina!

    I just watched your Vampire video. I like your vampire voice but (forgive me for being pedantic) I have a grammar correction for you. I think you said: “…who borrowed from whom”. I think it should be “…who borrowed from who” as the second who is the subject of the sentence. For instance, we say “who’s who in Hollywood” and the reference book for accomplished people is Who’s Who (not Who’s Whom).

    Oh, I am glad your little dog is in the videos more now. :) He is cute.



    PS Is the cheering you have at the start of your videos these days from a vinyl sound-effects record? You can hear scratching at the beginning! ;) I’m sure a computer guy can remove this…

    • pedantickarl says:

      Hi presumined,
      re: “…who borrowed from whom”.
      I believe Marina’s grammar is correct in the video.

      Substituting pronouns, we get:
      “…he borrowed from her” or “…she borrowed from him”

      Now, re-substituting who/whom we would get:
      “…who borrowed from whom”

      Based on Rule #1 near the bottom of the page of this reference:

      • presumined says:

        That’s not how we say it in England.

        It’s why we have a book here called Who’s Who.

        Your rule…

        Who’s Who = who is who = he/she is him/her

        Don’t worry, I’m sure they can reprint… once you tell them they’ve been getting it wrong since 1849.

        I’d rather trust the English language than some badly typeset page on the internet.

    • pedantickarl says:

      Hi presumined, I didn’t say Who’s Who is incorrect.
      Who’s Who is correct by the same rule.

      Ex: Who’s Who could be rewritten as Who is she or Who is he.
      Going by the same Rule #1, that becomes Who’s Who.

      It Would be wrong to say, Who is him and therefore Who’s Whom would be wrong.

      In the phrase “…who borrowed from whom”, isn’t the second pronoun the object being operated on and not a subject?

    • okay4now says:

      Sorry presumined but you’re on the loosing side of this one. According to Woe Is I, by P. O’Conner, who is a subject like he; whom is an object like him and generally preceded by a preposition. i.e. She is the author who wrote the book and in whom I have complete confidence. The Who’s Who lists are correct, —it’s like who is who, which is which, what is what etc., but, that doesn’t mean that every who is automatically trailed by another. It’s a slightly obscure piece of grammar & whom is dying these days and hardly used in speech. Great for you to question though, I wonder how many thought as you did and said nothing, keep it up! I’m wrong as much as I’m right–just not this time.

      • pedantickarl says:

        re: “whom is dying these days and hardly used in speech.”

        That is correct okay4now, and I guess we are witnessing a change in grammatical rules before our eyes. In some cases, “who” and “whom” is interchangeable and the more formal case of “whom” has been lost to the more popular “who”.

        English is my second language, so I am more sensitive to the nuances as I try to practice speaking proper English.

    • James says:

      If you live in england (like I do) then why did you say hola marina

      • presumined says:

        Jambo James,

        I say “hola” for sh!ts and giggles… :razz: To many people this is rather obvious but it tends to drive pedants nuts… (Didn’t u spot that I sign off with “bizoo”, which is French?)… BTW, when I wrote the the letter “u” just now, it was an incorrect spelling: it should read “you”. I’m fully prepared to concede that point… :oops:

        It strikes me that Marina’s mindset might be similar to mine. She’s making a crapload of money thanks to the power of the Pedantic Dollar. And she doesn’t point out my linguistic inconsistencies (…if you look back through previous postings you’ll see that, for some reason, she does indeed often respond to my rubbish… :eek: )

        Meanwhile, there are people being slaughtered in Darfur and certain other people who devote most of their strong emotions to arguing a point of grammar. It’s insane. :shock: It doesn’t matter if you do nothing to end the misery of thousands of innocents as long as you prove your point on a website message board.


        A la prochaine,

        Presumin’ Ed

      • pennsyltucky9 says:

        Nice observation, Ed. Good to hear from you again. These days and hereabouts there does seem to be quite a bit of nitpicking while the house burns down with the baby inside.

        But all the same I still can’t resist asking James the erstwhile A student under what conditions is it considered proper to terminate an interrogative phrase sans punctuation (see above)? Okay, that was a rhetorical question, i.e., JUST KIDDING! :grin: Have a great vacation, James! I’m looking forward to more of your videos.

  52. eric812 says:

    marina,whats the origin of the phrase…”say cheese” when getting your picture taken.

    • CaptainJack says:

      Maybe its because it forces you to show your teeth making it look like your smiling? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: When I take pictures I try to tell a funny joke. The smiles are more realist looking. :mrgreen:

  53. mystery man says:

    My Name Is Huitzil :shock:

  54. mystery man says:

    What does your Name Mean?… I’ve Always been asked by my friends about my name, the occasional one can pronounce it correctly. But no one that I have met has been able to recognize the origins of the word. So I ask you if you can mention the origins on one of your lessons. :idea:

  55. fablefan6 says:

    i hope you dont get mad at me for requesting this word could you do the word sex

  56. BillyB says:

    Why is it girls hang onto the Santa Claus thing?

  57. jalumora says:

    in the spanish language, to be more especific, in mexico we have the same joke and with the same punishment and also tearing the the hair out but the word that you suppose to repeat is GALLETA ( cookie ) and principally among teens and children

  58. acidedge94 says:

    hello hot for words. i just joined the navy and i was wondering if you could define the term/word “boot camp”. if you would that would be great

  59. cullen says:

    Top of the day to you Marina!

    Thanks so much for your wonderful videos!

    I have a word request………It is:


    As in Sports “Fan”

    Where does the fan part of Sports Fan come from?

    I hope you can answer.

    You are the best!


  60. BillyB says:

    Norwegian blue

    “All I can say is that it just shows that nothing is original.”

  61. tanathos23 says:

    i do have a magic uncle, but saving is not his job :lol: :lol: :lol:
    he gets drunk with me
    we use to play pool a lot

    word request: pool (referring to the game) does it have anything to do with the swimming pool? :lol:

    here in Argentina we don’t call our uncles to save us :lol: :lol:

  62. heavypsych says:

    hello Marina. I would like to know more about the word WEDGIE. :wink:

  63. leonard says:

    :roll: Head Lock :mad: AUNTIE you Santa Claus :grin:

  64. smokey36bear says:

    Hey Marina,
    I was wondering where dude came from. I know it started on the ranches, but how did come to now days eg: “DUDE WHERE’S MY CAR”?

  65. bobalobob says:

    Hi, I would like to know the origin of the word nerd.

    Thank you

  66. himynameisshann says:

    Hi, Marina.
    I was wondering about the phrase ‘eat your heart out’.
    It would be awesome if you could help me out there :]]

  67. danielpool52 says:

    coulrophobia i don’t have it but the king off the bugger king kamershles there something about him scar-re

  68. CaptainJack says:

    I don’t remember that last time I said uncle. Oh wait now I remember. I just typed it in my first sentence. :roll:

  69. koalabear says:

    We should celebrate BluJam’s win.

    Drinks at the pool anyone?

  70. BoArgMir says:

    The last time I had to say uncle was when I was being tickled by my husband :grin:

  71. roadrunrnch says:

    Could anyone hear that little plant cry UNCLE.? :roll:
    Just reading by, Thought I’d say hi on my way to the flame wars.
    I read that Blu-jam won. Is Marina getting a dish named after her?

    The HOTFORWORDS Special.
    kolbasa and sauerkraut
    kartopliana nachynka
    cheese paska

  72. smokey36bear says:

    Whats up with the pant. I think it’s dead :sad: :cry:

  73. kaibanator says:

    luckily for me I have never had to say uncle :lol:

    Congratz to those who voted for Blu Jam to win :mrgreen:

  74. stokesjrj1 says:

    :shock: Kobe didn’t have to say uncle, he had you saying it for him. :shock:

  75. spudea says:

    “God Bless You”

    I would really love to know the origin of “God Bless You”

  76. quiggles says:

    Dear Marina,

    “Calories” was a great lesson!! Oops! I’m behind on my homework. Sorry. But I’m burning up calories because it’s so hot here (DC 96°). I’m going to Houston next week where it’s 98° and in two weeks I’ll be in New Delhi (110°). So it’s hot everywhere. This got me wondering about the origin of the expression “hotter than a two dollar pistol”. Could HFW investigate?

    Das vadanya, Q

    p.s. I’ll catch-up on homework soon. :)

  77. smokey36bear says:

    The last time was when I was 12 and my older sister had me pinned down tickling me. I tell you what it’s hard to say Uncle when you ar laughing so hard.

  78. elite_panda says:

    :mrgreen: What’s the origin of the word “chips” :mrgreen:

  79. bill2468 says:

    When my aunt was beating me !

    BiLL (lol)

  80. stokesjrj1 says:

    Marina, after throwing the parrot in the pen, he had 11 prize birds in the frying pen. He wouldn’t have wanted to let those ringed neck pheasants go to squandered.

  81. annuddermale says:

    it’s been a while since i had to “say Uncle” to anyone…but lately i’ve been sayin’ it to the gas pump, tryin’ to wring out every last drop…

    but perhaps the phrase is related to “cry Uncle,” which some sources say dates back to Roman times, where chidren would say, “Patrue, mi Patruissimo,” (“Uncle, my best Uncle”) to surrender when playing wrestling games…

    from :

    As to precisely “why” bullies force their victims to “cry uncle,” opinions vary. It may be that the ritual is simply a way of making the victim call out for help from a grownup, thus proving his or her helplessness. Alternatively, it may have started as a way of forcing the victim to grant the bully a title of respect — in Roman times, your father’s brother was accorded nearly the same power and status as your father. The form of “uncle” used in the Latin phrase (“patrue”) tends to support this theory, inasmuch as it specifically denoted your paternal uncle, as opposed to the brother of your mother (“avunculus”), who occupied a somewhat lower rung in patrilineal Roman society.

    totally off-topic, your understated dress and appearance in this particular video is simply…elegant…and tres chic… :cool:

  82. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina, I rated your video five stars. For your homework, I haven’t used the word “uncle” in that sense since I was in the third grade. From reading other posts, I see the Blu Jam Cafe won the populatiry poll. I think my votes helped. I hope the owner treats you to a nice meal, there! Also, I got a book from the public library to re-learn some of the Russian words I used to know.
    Ahem! This was another video in which you didn’t send your dear students a kiss. I hope you don’t become so overconfident as to think you will get five-star ratings all the time! :-) Your dear student, Seesix CM6

  83. koalabear says:

    BluJam cafe won!!

  84. okay4now says:

    I hate jokes…

  85. wetsuit5 says:

    Anybody remember what U.N.C.L.E. as in “The Man From Uncle” stood for?

  86. danielpool52 says:

    what we have here is failure to communicate are you tired of the boss man then learn how to communicate at some men you just can t reach that boss man never new marina

  87. wetsuit5 says:

    Boy that puppy sure like rolling around on the bed. :lol:
    And the plant looks to have grown another leaf. :cool:

  88. CaptainJack says:

    Here is a direct link to YT page. Until she gets it fixed. :mrgreen:

  89. capman911 says:

    Only when I was little. :smile: Uncle Ben :lol:

  90. Hey Hot for Words,

    Love your Podcast.

    My wife asked me where the term “French Kiss” originated. I decided to ask my second favorite hot blond (Of course, my wife is first. She’s smokin’.).

    Take Care

  91. lucrolis says:

    you know what word i want to know the origin of, music i dont think neone has ever found out the true origin of the word

  92. wetsuit5 says:

    Uncle Fester…..Outstanding :razz: :razz:

  93. CaptainJack says:

    Damn and I just rebooted. Bad timing on my part.

  94. capman911 says:

    Marina its telling us the video is no longer available

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