Vampire.. why does this word appear in so many languages?   Are we…. I mean.. they taking over the world???



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  1. VenomRocK says:

    Vampires only really become dangerous when they start breaking the rules, …. turns into a werewolf at full moon. ;-)

    In Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, the undead are seen less as monsters, and more as characters with unusual cultural quirks. They even have their own bar in Ankh-Morpork.

    full moon and lunar effects

    “…spooky effects have been ascribed to the phases of the moon….But when the statistics are redone properly, the correlation with lunar phase always evaporates….Yet many sensible people—including police officers and emergency room staff—continue to believe otherwise.” ~Steven Strogatz~

    The Black Ghosts :cool: Alt. version?

  2. tonyb says:

    Saw Bram Stoker’s DRACULA last weekend. this movie had therology in it. At the very end when Winona Ryder kills the Dracula with a stake through the heart she is quoting from the Song of Solomon from the Bible FOR LOVE IS STRONGER THAN DEATH.
    And Anthony Hopkins quiotes from Ephesians 6:2 when he says BE STRONG IN THE LORD AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT. (that would be good advice for me as well). The red haired female victim of Dracula was pretty.
    It was certainly classier than the drucula movies I remember seeing on TV as a kid. Wasn’t Christopher Plummer the Count in alot of those?

  3. tonyb says:

    When I was a little kid in grade school I got alot of mosquito bites. and I would scartch them and they would bleed. and I would like the blood off of my sores. I remember my own blood tasted salty!! But that meant nothing to me because I went to church on su nday, went to confession on saturday and generally kept the Ten Commandments as a kid. But I do remember my blood tasted salty to me! But I do not have any interest in becoming a vampire!! I am glad you made this video long before I made those dracula jokes to you recenlty. so you know I did not deliberately hurt your f

  4. tonyb says:

    With it having been Haloween week, I saw a morning Dracula movie from 1979 in B and W on AMC. For some odd reason I became aware of its Romanianness. Dracula was a slick handsome aristocratic ladies man. and the victim I saw looked like Marina in a way-tall slender graceful, long white Feminine neck. Curly light hair. It almost seemed like a olddball love story or a lust story. he wanted to possess the pretty feminne woman. He even hypotized her from his mind. And she was powerless under his spell. then he sucked the blood out of her lovely body and was dead by morning. I knew of a girl in grade school named Betty whose dad atualy sounded like Bella Lagosi in those old Dracula movies. I went to try to visit with her around 1993 and her dad opened the door but said Betty did not want to talk to me. Sounded just like Dracula in some of the old movies. Weird, huh? I used to think just my dad was werd.

  5. beevee14 says:

    Oh yeah, don’t know if anybody else referenced this:

    THERE :arrow: WOLF

    I love your laugh

  6. tonyb says:

    They made a movie called BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA. They even worked some Theology into the character of Dracula. It went that his fiancee comitted suicide becuase she was told in error that he had died. And he became enraged at God and became God’s enemy becuase he believed his fiancee would be damned to Hell for eternity for killing herself! And he bacame but only in fiction sort of like the Antchitst in the Bible in that he had been a christian but then became an enemy of God. there are also lesser antichrists in the world besides old 666. I think I am being persecuted by some of them.

  7. tonyb says:

    Maybe I used to stare at the girls in junior high a bit strange and it gave some of them the creeps. but one of them put about me in a makeshift eighth grade yearbook that TonyB would write a book one day about how to become an undertaker in three steps: First murder. Then embalm and then bury. And the girl had a cartoon of a dead girl lying in a casket!! Freaky, huh? I did stare at a few of the girls in junior high with lust in my heart and romantic interest. Maybe they thought of me like Dracula?? That’s a sexy throaty altered voice you made of yourself. You do have a bit of a [femme fatalle] air about you. I was married for seven years and did not harm my former wife or my mother. Don’t be afraid of me.

    • tonyb says:

      I thought that might have been some form of CIA disinformation about me-that I harmed women or was a danger to them. that will not run old Tony back to the laboratory!! that science shit must have really been unnatural to me. I thought of it like my dad’s skilled trade. Some think of their sciene work as a religion. I used to muse that some of them professors were like high priests of some science pseudeo religion.

      • beevee14 says:

        Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise; the CIA has more important things to worry about than you right now, T. Not that you ain’t important or anything… ;-)

    • leonard says:

      Hey tonyb: Lets propagate to MARINA, the HotForWords [lady] and –sister—to “Hot4[$]4Words”……….word-requst [][][][LUST][][][]….

      …. :grin: iggy….my buddy”lust4life”…you drum? :oops:

      • beevee14 says:

        (bee with hand raised) “I do!”

      • beevee14 says:

        Speaking of drums, here is todd rundgren with my anthem.

        BTW I always wondered if it was him singing on Steely Dans “Dirty Work”. Sounds an awful lot like him…

        • leonard says:

          beevee14..Hunt Sales (born 1954) is an American rock and roll drummer who has played with Todd Rundgren, his brother Tony Sales, Iggy Pop and Tin Machine……I met Soupy’s kid, :smile: back when I interviewed bands for radio station…[extra-benefits] :lol: best thing :cool: free food and drink :oops: In 1976, he played drums with the hard rock power trio Paris, formed by former Fleetwood Mac guitarist/songwriter Bob Welch. This trio (which included ex-Jethro Tull bassist Glenn Cornick) was short lived…PALE HORSE, PALE RIDERPARIS の 『BIG TOWNE 2061』【1976】 …this one will stick in the brain….4 h0t4w0rds :lol:

        • leonard says:

          Hey beevee14: just to point out Flo and eddie***** :cool: *****<a href="Mark Volman and Howard Kaylon, founding members of The Turtles, former members of Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, and for all intensive purposes known as Flo & Eddie. Seen here performing their 1965 smash classic interpretation of Bob Dylan's "It Ain't Me Babe." …everything becomes endless… :lol: …I did this because of Rundgren’s bandNazz 1968 – Open My Eyes…Todd kicks some ass hEar… :smile: :lol:

    • beevee14 says:

      Damn, that is freaky! I looked at girls like that, too(and a few teachers) but they never said I was gonna off em. Maybe the goatee scared them off! :mrgreen:

  8. tonyb says:

    Dear Marina, I really do not wish to suck all the blood out of your beautiful white body. But you are so sweet, I could jsut eat you. Another pun. When I first discovered Radio Romania on the shortwave in early7 1990′s I heard them mention Transylvania, which is where Count Dracula supposedly lived. I asked them in a letter is there really was such a placa as Transylvania and was there a Count Dracula. I thought maybe he was related to some weirdo on my dad’s side of the family! Funny video.

  9. Venomrock67 says:

    I can see that there is quite a few comments on here from people who are maybe knowledgeable on the origin of this word, but like you said Marina maybe it’s better to leave it as a mystery, and oh btw you can sink your teeth into me and drink my blood anytime! :razz: :wink:

    • beevee14 says:

      Damn, Vrock, I thoght you would have had enough of blood sucking women for awhile! ;-) Hows it been goin, my man?

      That which doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger

      • Venomrock67 says:

        Yeah, I sure have. I was just trying to have fun with Marina on that post :roll:

        That situation I bestowed upon people on here about an ex dissolved real quickly and I was frankly surprised. Yep she did file a claim and the court appearance happened last week, it was quick, I thought it would be months before making an appearance but to my gratification the judge literally laughed at her, seriously! and couldn’t believe she was wasting the time of the court with her claim. So I guess I worried about nothing, but I had some friends and people put ideas in my head about all the possible scenarios that could happen. But all in all she got nothing. The attorney I consulted with suggested I counter sue but you know I just wanted the split to be final and we go our seperate ways. As far as how it’s goin, there aren’t any storms, things right now are calm and that’s the way I like it for now. I’ve learned not to ask for much.
        So I think I haven’t been coming here as often but I definitely haven’t seen you posting much, maybe things getting busy with you offline or taking a break. Sometimes taking a break is a good
        thing. ;-)
        I hope things are alright with you, It’s good to hear from
        you. :smile: :cool:

        THE WHO - I’m Free
        Live at The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 :cool:

        • beevee14 says:

          Yeah, I’m good. Got a bad chest cold but that isn’t why I stay away. There are only a few people I care to talk to on here, anymore. I would drop in, not see them, and step. Too many on here using ten dollar words when one worth a quarter works. Its like reading a freaking doctoral thesis, but one that talks down to you! It used to be more light-hearted and fun but I guess everything changes. I just try to keep up with the few people I like and check out the vids.
          Your right about leaving old girl alone. Remember: The best revenge is to live well. Take care

  10. saiberyan says:


  11. renepayback says:

    shame on me
    now you get me i though our Upír is so far away from Vampír :lol:

  12. yayer says:

    Bram stoker was a gadje, not a vampire. He embarassed the vampire community by writing that book, and turned many humans against them. In ancient times, vampires and humans coexisted peacefully. A vampire would mark a human or humans as “theirs” and that human or those humans, would supply the vampire with blood, and in turn be protected from any other vampires who may wish to hurt the human. I forgot the term for a human so marked…
    Now, that rarely happens, because of bram stoker. Now, vampires have to kidnap people at the risk of being caught, or feed on animal blood.

    Reference: Book: Vampire High By: Douglas Rees

    By the way, where does the word “gadje” come from?

    Gadje is a word used to describe someone who is not part of a specific group.
    Syn: outsider?

    Gadje is used as a demeaning term for non gypsies (aka. Roma).

    Gadje is also used (in this case) to mean a non vampire.

    Am I wrong?

  13. emanuil_dimitrov says:

    Vampires appear in all the slavic folklore.As the woman from the video said,this word exist in many languages:vapir,vampir,upir,vopir.
    In bulgarian “вопир”(vopir) i think that it comes from “во” (vo) which is archaic word for “in” and “inside”, and “пир”(pir) which is an archaic word for drinking.
    “пир-шество” means drinking for pleasure.So “вопир” is affliliated to “впивам се” which has similar meaning.Therefore “вопир” is an archaic word for someone who is atached to something in order to drink something.It is used also for the blood drinking insects.

  14. darknemos says:

    The origin of the word comes from Serbian Language. Try to search for it. Here it is called vampir. This link will help you :)ć

  15. jonnyboy says:

    i love you!!!

  16. thoughtonfire says:

    Dear HotForWords,

    Is there any Relation to the Words Dracula and Drak as in Dragon?

    Your Student,

    • jonnyboy says:

      yes… Dracula was the last name of VLad Dracula III, dracula was the son of Dracul… which means dragon or devil. Dracula basicly means son of the dragon or son of the devil

  17. doluseb says:

    The word is shrouded in obscurity but more than likely came from two words: Upir Lichyj…from slavic languages I believe.

  18. donfelipegonzales says:

    Ave Domina,
    Incredible! Terrifying! Gorgeously horrible! I am sure that after this lesson the poor mortals watching your website will be mesmerized and will suscribe. And evil will win.
    servus ad vitam eternam
    Don Felipe Gonzales

  19. lividemerald says:

    Bram Stoker’s sequel was called “The Vampire Strikes Back.” It was inspired by a story written by George Lucius.

  20. warlordfeyd says:

    I wanted to thank Marina so very much again for including my name on YouTube as one of the persons who requested the word “Vampire”–From the bottom of my soul Marina*muahs* and to Kobe too (please don’t bite me cutie hehe) love Mikey AKA WarlordFeyd… :smile: :wink:

  21. memetic100 says:

    Hmmm. Where to put this?

    I hope you do more Halloween videos this year. If you do, my word request is warlock. I’ve never quite believed the ‘male witch’ line that I’ve heard as a definition.

  22. vistor says:

    In my opinion the word vampire originaly came from romania becouse the first man ever called with that word is Vlad Tzepesh (count Dracula)
    PS: I really like your prounociation of the word at bulgarian (Marina rulzzz)

  23. runawayscott says:

    You can have my blood any day Marina

  24. davecodave says:

    My Grandpa looks like a Vampire but he is also very old…..I wonder if maybe he’s a “Grandpire”? :roll:

  25. sparkyinseattle says:

    What about us werewolves?

  26. aegius says:

    Hmm… If Marina died her hair black, put on make-up to darken her skin, had a black cape, black pants and other formal attire, she might just make a good immitation of Elizabeth Bathory in persona. In personality she radically differs of course.

    Marina – I’m not comparing you to Elizabeth Bathory; please don’t misunderstand me on that.

  27. martin1337 says:

    Marina… You mentioned Danmark and Sweden again, but forgot to mention Norway amongs them. All those 3 countries have almost the same language. This is the second time now Marina! You will have detention!! :evil:

  28. jalumora says:

    nice video marina; but why don´t you try in the dialects in the latinamerican cultures, as in europe in mesoamesican cultures existed living beings which lived on the the blood of other inferior species like animal and which also considered humans as inferior, they were called NAHUALES in mexico and they were half human half animal and also they were guardians of the imperial tresure, in fact, some say that this beings still exist and they are guarding the imperial treasure from moctezuma II at the top of the popocatepetl volcano in mexico, the legend says that if anyone gets closer to the treasure is never seen again. i hope this could help you dear

  29. DZimmy says:

    And what about Czech? It’s “upír” or “vampýr”…

  30. bobsully says:

    I did find this:

    The word vampire also spelled, “vampir,” or “vampyre,” has obscure origins, but scholars generally agree that it can be traced to the Slavic languages. But the debate over this will continue, since there are many numerous theories. The word may have come from the Lithuanian wempti, which literally means “to drink”, or from the root pi, which has a similar meaning with the prefix va or av. Other scholars would scoff at this, however, and claim that the word had Turkish roots, such as the word, uber or “witch,” or the Serbo-Croatian pirati “to blow”. After all, the word vampircan be found in the Serbo-Croatian language and is upyr in Russian, upior in Polish, and upir in Byelorussian.

    Some scholars insist that upir is older than vampir, an eastern Slavic name that spread westward into the Balkans. Scholars who hold this viewpoint claim that the word was then adopted by the southern Slavs and widely spread.

    No one knows when the word vampire or vampyre was first used in the English language, but it appeared in two 1732 publications

    Bobette Bryan © 2004

  31. steveclaycombe says:

    OK about “Vampire” and the dark side. Please consider equal time for the other side which leads to my word request for “Nurture”.

    “Nurture” from French “nourriture” and Latin “nutritia” and “nutrire” (nurse, nourish, suckle) has much for which your comments may be enlightening to understand a working mother’s need for time off.

    Many of us (guys) could benefit from your perspective. How is that situation handled in other modern societies, e.g. Russia?

  32. James says:

    That necklace makes it look like you have had your head sewn on to your torso haha, love that vampire voice. very sexy

  33. parthenophilast says:

    Word Request: jimmy, the noun and the transitive verb. Whose jimmy and what’s his story?

  34. eseverson says:

    Aren’t zombies also supposed to be dead bodies that have come to life? I know that vampires suck blood and that zombies eat brains. But… vampires are called the “undead”, but zombies are called the “living dead”. What’s the difference?

    • aegius says:

      A vampire sucks your blood and drains you dry. It may also turn you into another vampire. The reason why vampires were thought to roam the Earth was that the dead wasn’t given the proper burial procedure to lay the persons to rest. There were also concerns of disease spreading from vampires.

      In the case of zombies, a person was drugged, then thought dead, but really was still alive. The person went into a coma and came back, but was mindless and mute with less intellectual capacity than a mentally retarded person. So the person was essentially alive, but acted like he was “undead”. It comes from voodoo lore from Africa that migrated to the Caribbean. The notion of zombies eating human flesh to sustain themselves was completely made up by Hollywood movies.

  35. tryant says:

    I’m a day late and a dollar short but: What about “Wamphyri” and “Vamphyri”? Or are those two just Brian Lumley inventions for the Necroscope series?

  36. gwillikers says:

    Hi Marina,

    May I have a word with you please? …

    Cockamammy or is that cockamammie? … No one really knows?

    It sounds like it may have an arousing etyology.

    MWAAAA xoxox Gwillikers!

  37. willwyko says:

    Hey Marina: I would like to formally request the word—reckon. As in , ” I reckon, I’ll just head on over to Russia, and see them ladies for myself.” :cool:

  38. djcrawleravp says:

    Hey Marina… can i request another word??

    Sorry about requesting another on the same time but.. :razz:

    I`m listening some “funk” music :wink: and i love funk.

    why that name???

    Thanks again!

  39. rachelzeesee says:

    Ahaa Sorry for so many request ,but can you also find out where the word “Knockout” came from?

  40. rachelzeesee says:

    Ello Marina, Can you do a video about the word “Teddy Bear”. Was it invented by a teddy? thankyou.

  41. rachelzeesee says:

    Marina, My word request is the word “Hobo”. I’ve been wondering where that came from :grin:

  42. muzongooo says:

    Hey Marina. I was thinking about the word “lollipop” could you investigate where does it come from? sounds interesting. Also, how come people use the words sucker in an offensive way sometimes? I don’t see how this words is related!

    Thank you, I love your show, I watch each episode through Miro. Keep up the good work!

  43. James says:

    Hi marina. As I had tiramisu for breakfast, Can i please request the word tiramisu?



  44. scorpi0 says:

    Yo quiero una vampira como Marina :oops:

  45. zealot98 says:

    can you do a vidio on why poop is called poop?

  46. somehorlicks says:

    where does “knapsack” come from. why isn’t it “nap sack”…why the k?

  47. hoempfel says:

    Hi, could you investigate the term “Double dutch”?

  48. rafalillo says:

    Marina!! My request word is… “xoxo” :oops:

  49. shatteredsoul_2008 says:

    ok she is the hottest teacher of all time . damn her students in Russia were lucky. hope she lives long and stay hot for ever cause she is a Rare natural hot love to see her in person love you marina shatteredsoul (in a student way of course lol :grin: )

  50. capman911 says:

    I have a question about UTube and the fact that some of the people are partners like Marina. Does that mean she owns stock in that company or owns part of the company? Just curious. Any body can answer.

  51. jwoodswce says:

    Word request: ‘yellow dog fund’

    I understand what a yellow dog Democrat and a yellow dog contract (or clause) is, but what is a ‘yellow dog fund’ and where did it come from.

    I have seen ‘yellow dog fund’ used in two historical references to events about a hundred years ago: (1) a German industry-government fund used to subsidize product dumping against Dow Chemical, and (2) a fund at a law firm used for lobbying and political payoffs.

  52. lennyboy says:

    hey :)
    where can I find pictures of you?

  53. amirbrandon says:

    Hi HotForWords, I love your YouTube videos! They are educational and fun at the same time. :wink: Anyways, I wanted to request a word, and I hope you haven’t done it yet. The word I request is “chocolate”. :idea:
    I can’t wait to see your investigation! :grin:

  54. yohohoto says:

    We all know , what “n00b” means. But where does it comes from. What is the origin ? Thank you.

  55. subverse says:

    С самого раннего детства я мечтал уехать в США, начинал учить английский язык, и Ñ‚.п. только вот все вокруг только и твердили “тебе никогда туда не уехать и даже если уедешь – ничего не добъёшся”. как же я был глуп, что слушал их. :roll:
    Ñ‚Ñ‹ самое лучшее доказательство “моей” правоты. Огромное тебе спасибо за то, что Ñ‚Ñ‹ есть, и за то, что вновь вселила в меня надежду.

  56. wihac says:

    How about waxing and waning – as the moon is waxing or the moon is waning. Why don’t we just say larger and smaller?

  57. cwcurnutt says:

    Since you are SUCH a flirt, I suggest you do the word FLIRT…

  58. Daniboy King says:

    What’s the origin of the word “Picnic”? Love your videos!! :smile:

  59. corderoy17 says:

    I have a word suggestion. this one may be a bit unusual, because I have not been able to find an answer and it’s a name. the word is: Dresden. I have a female friend with this name; and the only thing I could find was the city in Germany. I’m not sure if you would be able to find the definition/origin of a name, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.


  60. fezzington bear says:

    Word suggestion: Handsome.

    Is it anything to do with hands? or taking one’s hand in marriage?

    if you’re a vampire why does your video seem to have natural light? eh!?

    • melikadothechacha says:

      I wondered that, too! :mrgreen:
      Gamma correction – 88%
      from moonlight (1/10th footcandle)
      to daylight/indirect (500,000 Fc’s) :shock:
      Resolution would take a knock.
      Maybe her wampire power
      keeps her in focus – LOL :smile:

    • Bob says:

      It wasn’t natural light; it was coming from the lasers in Kobe’s eyes.

    • Marina says:

      What you don’t think us vampires haven’t managed to upgrade ourselves? Modern day technology baby… it’s called nano-technology…. a special living layer over our skin… oh wait a minute… I’m not supposed to be telling you this! Sorry… forget what i just said! :evil:

  61. sonnythewhitedwarf says:

    Why are female vampires always so beautiful?

  62. nighteye says:

    So, does “vamp” also come from “vampire”?

  63. CaptainJack says:

    Hey Marina and the rest of HFW gang. Do you notice how we carry over words from past lesson to our current comments? Is it me or is this slightly fascinating?

    • Bob says:

      Teacher is giving us the knowledge, and like good students, we are integrating the new words into our vocabularies.
      Just goes to show how effective a teacher Marina is.

      • CaptainJack says:

        Yes I can’t tell you enough how Marina has effected my language skills. Im now thinking of writing some poetry. I jotted down some observations last night and was thinking how to make a poem about it.

    • melikadothechacha says:

      Just a blurb while I eat happy clams,
      with my evil fork and tomatoes with
      my clammy hands. Hope I don’t get
      salmonella-ella. For beverages, I
      have Molotov’s, Martini’s and Coke.
      Don’t drink the Kool Aid. I have to
      gird my loins and head for the loo.
      The Dutch lesbian in the penthouse
      told me that a horny hooker on heroine
      dressed to the nines lost her pink
      panties playing soccer. The irony
      is that the paparazzi were all just
      metrosexuals on dope. They got
      so many barbarians that day, the
      cops had to use duck tape. Uh oh
      it’s raining cats and dogs. Grab
      my gamp (umbrella-ella ) and
      call a taximeter cabriolet on my
      Bluetooth before i have a snafu.

    • melikadothechacha says:

      Once it got rollin’, it had a
      momentum all it’s own :twisted:

  64. foxbow15 says:

    hehe , where does the word Douchebag come from :lol: ?

  65. Bob says:

    I’d like to draw your attention to the claim that BRRRam Stoker (curiously familiar name – a portmanteau of RRRoadrunrnch and stokesjrj1) was inspired to write his novel “Dracula” by a visit to one of my local landmarks, Slains Castle at Cruden Bay near Aberdeen, Scotland.

  66. superdanilchik says:

    Милая Мариночка,this is definetely one of your finest works so far.. It seems that maybe the most plausible origin of the word vampir has to be traced back to the Kazan Tatar word УБЫР(ubyr)=witch.then from Tatar we had our word упыр which gave to the Magyar language the word vampir…. :cool: Anyway thinking about Blue Jam café i immediately found something very interesing to discuss: the word CAPUCCINO,it would be so cute Marina,if you could invent a nice game out of it :!: :cool:

  67. James says:

    Hi Marina, I have looked around for this origin and it does seem that nobody knows where it originated, however I did find this article which may prove slightly helpful

    “vampire” is from the Slavic “vampir” or “vampyr” and first appeared in
    the 1600s in the area of what is now Bulgaria and Yugoslavia on the
    Balkan peninsula. However, attempts to trace back the origin of the
    Slavic “vampir” are still under dispute. The theory currently favored is
    that “vampir” came from “upir”, which first appeared in print in a 1047
    CE East Slavic (Old Russian) manuscript in which a Novrogordian prince
    is referred to as “Upir Lichy” (Wicked Vampire). Tracing the source of
    “upir” and its Slavic cognates (i.e., upior, obyrbi, upirbi, obiri) is
    even more controversial, fraught with many theories but little documented

    For example, Franz Miklosich, a late 19th century linguist, suggested
    that “upir” is derived from “uber”, a Turkish word for “witch”. Andre
    Vaillant suggests just the opposite–that the Northern Turkish word
    “uber” is derived from the Slavic “upir”. More recently, Jan Perkowski,
    who has done a great deal of research on the vampires of the Slavs,
    also favors a Slavic origin to the word.

    But even amongst those who lean towards a Slavic origin, there is
    considerable disagreement. Kazimierz Moszynski suggests that “u-pir” is
    from a Serbo-Croatian word “pirati” (to blow). Aleksandr Afanas’ev points
    to the Slavic “pij” (to drink), which may have entered the Slavic
    language from the Greek, via Old Church Slavonic. A. Bruckner proposes
    Russian “netopyr” (bat).

    • lostforwords says:

      Well done James! You swot! Still use that term over there?

    • Bob says:

      Excellent work, James.
      I think that Auntie Marina has found her new Teacher’s Assistant. :smile:

    • Bob says:

      As you go through life, James, you will find that a certain percentage of people will hate you, whether you deserve it or not – you can’t please all of the people, all of the time.
      Such people choose to do that rather than make the effort to excel on their own merits, so you had better develop the mental toughness to ignore them and plough your own furrow. Never let negative people stand in the way of your progress, or prevent you from shooting for your goals.
      Just live your life blamelessly and with integrity, and you will attract more than enough good folks to support you and counter the gainsayers.
      Listen to your conscience, treat others as you would have them treat you (including those who are unkind to you), and you will build your character so that you won’t worry about the envy of others.
      Illegitimi non carborundum = don’t let the bastards grind you down. :smile:

      • Bob says:

        slotforwords is one of those you can ignore. :grin:

      • James says:

        Ha thank you, I try my best, but I don’t want to sound big-headed. It must seem a bit rude, me a 16 year old kid who has not got his GCSE results (yet). Giving word origins to a 27 year old philologist. I don’t want to sound cocky.

      • melikadothechacha says:

        James – age is no big deal
        if you got the smarts.
        Chance favors the prepared mind.
        So, does swot have some
        negative connotation I’m
        not getting? lostforwords’
        link seemed to be more a
        compliment, as I read it. :mrgreen:

      • roadrunrnch says:

        James old Man, You never know more then when you are young. ie. Young Guys know everything. You only understand how little you know when you learn something. …?? I know?? You will see,

        Beware of demagogy , False prophets , People with all the answers.
        Mocking a Bully is good, Even if He has all the support of the crowd.
        If you believe you have a point to make, Make it. Point Man always take fire. Snipers with innuendos and or straight head on personal attack. Standing up will always makes you a target.

        Like Bob said,
        1 in 10 just hate you and the rest just hate being in your wake. :shock:

  68. lennyboy says:

    hey marina! :)

    I can’t find “my” video on youtube :/

    haven’t you posted the video for the word cup yet?

    I would love to know the origin of that :)

    One more question. If I ask you really nice, could you send some pics of you :)

    maybe those model pictures that you can see in the beginning of every video.

    best regard, lennart from sweden ;)

  69. wetsuit5 says:


    Can you do the word “Bluestocking” please?

  70. lostforwords says:

    I’ve meant to say this….Marina, not only do you have the sexist voice, but that esses sibilance is utterly devastating.

    • pedantickarl says:

      Vampire video is now un-flagged…

    • lostforwords says:

      sexist, never ! SEXIEST

    • CaptainJack says:

      I remember this one gal. I think her name was Dairin. She worked for Horizon Hobbies (They sell Radio Controlled model airplanes, Cars, etc) as a sales associate. She had the sexiest voice I have ever heard over the phone. Her voice could make any man drop to his knees as if he heard the voice of Venus (The Roman goddess of love and beauty). The store owner (Bill) was buying stuff we didn’t need in the hobby store. I asked him why did he buy such and such. He said Dairin called. Well that was enough for me. No man could resist the force of the goddess Dairin. No man… :shock: Well she made it up to Senior Sales Management in like about 6 months it seemed like. I met her at a trade show years later and the voice didn’t match the looks we had built in our imagination. But we didn’t care. Later we met up with her husband. We told him his wife had a very sexy voice. He said, oh she has you under her spell too? Yea about $10,000 dollar of merchandise we don’t need. We all chucked… :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Bob says:

        I’ve known several pilots who have fallen insanely under the spell of female Air Traffic Controllers who had sexy voices.
        One young fellow even summoned up the courage to ask for a date with one of them over the radio, which caused a lot of mirth among those of us who knew that she was a 225 pound mother of six children.

  71. purrington says:

    Dear Hotforwords:

    When my Human is not home I love watching your videos.

    As a feline I particularly liked the one about “Hair of the Dog.” :twisted:

    That made me wonder where the expression: “Barking up the wrong tree” came from. :?:

    Would you please investigate this mystery for me? I would love to tease the neighborhood doggie about it. :evil:

    Thank you

    Purrington (The Cat)

    • stokesjrj1 says:

      Reminds me of a joke, A man and his wife were making love, the wife looks up at the ceiling and says red, red, i think I’ll paint the ceiling red.

      • CaptainJack says:

        Thats interesting. How did ‘making love’ associate with having sex?

      • lostforwords says:

        Making love had until pretty recently a sense that had nothing to do with sex. You here it often in old movies or songs. “Oh yes, X made love to me the other day…”. When it shifted to a coital meaning and why I don’t know since it used to refer only to preliminaries.

        Having sex is also bizarre. Sounds so impersonal and passive. You can have a cup of coffee, but sex? So basically, I would say we have to put both “making love” and “having sex” into the euphemism category.

    • annuddermale says:

      seems to me if a coon-hound was chasin’ a raccoon and acted like it had the ‘coon treed (feet on tree, barkin’), but it turned out to be the wrong tree, that just might explain that… :neutral:

    • stokesjrj1 says:

      The original was white,white, I Think Ill paint the ceiling white. Butt you knowsometimes things have to be adapted to correct a flaw

  72. szerdaheligyerek says:

    hey marina, I´d like to request the word(s):=FINANCE, FINANCIAL= etc.

  73. lostforwords says:

    Vampire’s now unflagged…

    • pedantickarl says:

      Hey lostforwords,
      Regarding the HQ video thing, check out this great blog. It talks about the YT video quality and format codes like fmt=6 and fmt=18.
      Comparison of Normal Youtube vs Youtube High Quality

      • lostforwords says:

        Thanks pedantickarl. The attacks on the site seem to have stopped because it running crisply again, which is a relief. Who’s doing this? My guess is that it has something to do with athenewins….

    • pedantickarl says:

      I’m not sure who is doing it, but I would love to see the server logs and hunt those clowns down. Where is my AK-47 and forks…. :smile:

      By the way, the vampire video is still flagged here in Calif. Either you are viewing a cached copy, or my ISP is still feeding me the flagged cached video?

      • lostforwords says:

        Too right pedantickarl although heaven is in NYC :wink: Clearing the cache took me right back to the confirm your age button, which really much of a roadblock, but still annoying.

  74. annuddermale says:

    ok…so who DOESN’T find the idea of Marina-vampiress a lil’…’er…

    stimulating?… :cool:

  75. elliott610 says:

    upon further research….
    The word vampire has its roots in the Mediterranean languages. The earliest reference to the word arises in the slavonic Magyar from vam, meaning blood, and pir for monster. Blood monster does describe the vampire on a general meaning. Of course, their is more to it.

  76. elliott610 says:

    If we go back to 1931 to Norman Lewis’ Roget’s we find the word-vampire listed with lamia and cross-referenced with flirt,coquette:(love) and also as plunderer:(plunder)


  77. gonzo78m says:

    dear teacher i have three requests now.
    1 getting a leg up on the competition
    2 dork it means whale penis and dork
    3 bullpen as in baseball

  78. melikadothechacha says:

    Marina – I need a translation!
    Help from the boys ‘n’ girls
    wouldn’t hurt none neither! :mrgreen:

  79. tedt says:

    This video always reminds me of lots of woman, sometimes turning to sort of vampires (in the face) while hutscheyku.
    Can sometimes be seen when you watch up, though I never ask what´s wrong, I always think it´s better to go ahead :oops: .
    Any suggestions ?

  80. sayoukikai says:

    hi teacher ..they flag your lesson…
    they are trying to push you down …but useless brain cant do nothing against us. hehehe (^@^)/
    by the way …i dnt know the origem of the pizza.
    ,,,humm humm piazza? pitissa? piza?
    i cant figure out…. help me….i know, i dnt love pizza like garfild but i sure i will love to see a lesson about pizza …can you cook pizza too?
    what about …the garfild … your dog odie…and you in the sexy style on the kitchen … teaching us about and how to cook a pizza (‘o’)/

  81. melikadothechacha says:

    The west coast wakes up and the east coast
    lost the server starting around 10:45am EST
    Bumped me in mid comment!

    here are the error messages:
    WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]
    The connection was reset – try again

    Huzzah – we’re back!

  82. killiansred86 says:

    Hey Marina. I must say, you have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen :wink: I was wondering, in one of your future lessons, if you could explain the origin of “masturbate.” I’m sure it’s very interesting. Thanks beautiful :wink:

  83. koby says:

    I really liked the dark theme of the last lesson. Very entertaining!

    I word request. I would like to know the origin, meaning and original intent of the word marriage. There has been a lot of talk about gay marriage here in the states (Please people, lets not turn this into a right or wrong debate. I really don’t have an opinion either way and do not want to hear yours.), and people are claiming differnt origins and intents depending on which side of the debate they are on.


    PS: The name koby is actually my cats name, which was taken from a charater in the movie “The Usual Suspects”.

  84. superdanilchik says:

    Definetely one of your best videos,Marino4ka. Thinking about Bluejam café i mmmediately found something interesting to request: CAPUCCINO,,,it would be so cute if you could make a game out of it :cool:

  85. dark knight says:

    thanks Marina
    from dark knight

  86. quiggles says:

    Dearest Teach,

    A very amusing lesson (as always!). You might take a look at your fellow academic Katherina Wilson’s work on this etymological research. She goes back a bit farther and unravels some of the mystery in Greek and Turkish origins. The History of the Word “Vampire”, Katharina M. Wilson, Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 46, No. 4 (Oct. 1985), University of Pennsylvania Press. Naturally, I trust you on this one

    BTW, I am still recovering from the HUGE and DELICIOUS organic cappuccino from Bluejam. What a great place! As I went there yesterday straight from LAX arriving form Seoul I was zonked from the flight. The food and coffee were a wonderful antidote to fatigue. Come to think of it how abut a piece on the origin of the term: JETLAG? Remedies would be most welcome.

    Das vadanya, Q

  87. matalexwolf says:

    Thank you for this vid, really turns me on! Wow, to be caught in the mid of night with your fangs deep in me is just, to die for… big time sensualy seductive…..gotta go! :twisted: (am I dreaming?)

    -anyhoo, WORD REQUEST PLEASE:-
    Due to a few recent changes in my life Marina, I have not cared so much about my appearence, kinda letting my hair down for a bit while I get new things up and running. As my hair is getting longer I find a hat is a very good way to keep the hair out of my eyes. Thought you could do some investigating into Hat Tax for me, can’t believe people were actually taxed for their hats? What’s the score with this, do you know please?

    ……uh, i smell garlic

    Fangs for your help
    Be undead !

  88. subverse says:

    мне интересно происхождение слова SUBVERSE, я не помню когда и как его выдумал, но перевод в словаре по моему не то

  89. reimxz says:

    Cool effects…. :cool:

  90. apilass says:

    you are the best teacher i ever had…!!! :lol:

  91. raneravenger says:

    where does reverberation originate from

  92. knomon says:

    Привет Марина, I just found you and I wonder why untill now, ’cause your videos are very interesting, cool, and educational…

    Well, I’d like to propose “Religion”. I once did a litle research about that word and it seems to be surrounded by debate due to religion matters and interests… So it wold be great if you coul shed more light on this issue…

    Thanks for your time and your teachings…


  93. hairypackman says:

    I never knew vampire was in so many languages! I was wondering if you would be so kind as to tell me where the word “surd” came from. It means a voiceless sound or an irrational number in mathematics. I’ve also heard that a Greek or Roman goddess was called Surd and she was some form of evil that committed evil deeds for the simple reason of just for the fun of committing evil deeds. I’ve noticed this word isn’t in many dictionaries so any information you find would be quite helpful! Wow long post!!

  94. tanathos23 says:

    hi marina, i’m just passing by to tell you that i’m going to be late because i was involved in a crash and i’m bad injured :cry:

    but don’t worry, i’m still tuned :mrgreen:

  95. roadrunrnch says:

    Vamp [Origin: 1175-1225; ME vampe ]
    1. Something patched up or refurbished.
    2. Something rehashed, as a book based on old material.
    3. A seductive woman who uses her sensuality to exploit men.
    ire [Origin: 1250-1300; ME ]
    “anger, wrath, rage,” from PIE base *eis-, forming various words denoting “passion” cf. Gk. hieros “filled with the divine, holy,” oistros “gadfly,” originally “thing causing madness;” Skt. esati “drives on,” yasati “boils;” Avestan aesma “anger”).

    Vamp- + -ire [Origin: 1725-35; Vampir < Serbo-Croatian vàmpīr,]
    1…Resurrection causing Madness
    2, Something made new from old as a gadfly ( A fly which bites cattle,)

    Just a thought.

    • roadrunrnch says:

      Reading some of the posts, It seems a lot of attention is payed to your back ground.
      May be you need to make friends with some local artist and hang their work behind you.
      Or put up a wall unit behind you and have people send you ( Via. P.O box ) Little nick knacks to fill it. Something new now and then.
      Or just do more close ups. No one will be looking past your Eyes. *>*

      • CaptainJack says:

        RRR, I like your gravitar. Its so you! hehehe :mrgreen:

      • melikadothechacha says:

        LOL! Superfuntime! :mrgreen:
        Me-lika-the-knick-knack-shelf-idea :!:
        Put LOTS of plants on ‘em! :lol:
        a few colored eggs, too, maybe?
        Keep those ideas coming :idea:
        “Kumbaya – It never horts to help”
        - Eek the Cat

      • melikadothechacha says:

        horts? oops – hUrts :mrgreen:

      • roadrunrnch says:

        You would be the first to send in a knack, knack, knock, knock what ever . To see your little figurine living in Her house would just make your day. Am I wrong?
        I would express to Her with great concern, that She check out each article for bugs. Some of Her disciples might just get a little cleaver.

      • CaptainJack says:

        Hey Meliky, I found the perfect video clip on Family Guy that has Loise bouncing up and down saying “Me lika bounce bounce” Its in the “Lethal Weapons” episode. I have it on DVD but I can’t find a clip of that part on the net. Maybe if someone out there can rip it from DVD and put it on YT.

      • melikadothechacha says:

        a little cleaver? :roll:
        Theodore aka “the Beav”? :idea:
        “June, I’m home!” :grin:
        “Ward, I’m worried about the Beaver”

      • roadrunrnch says:

        Where did dat “A” come from? * J *

    • I completely disagree with you but : Gk. hieros “filled with the divine, holy,” is 100% Indo-european *ISAROS like in Gaulic ISAROS.

  96. foxbow15 says:

    Where did the orchid go…?

  97. gamefreak741 says:

    Hey there Marina I’m a new fan I just started watching your videos and I really like them. I wanted to ask for a request of a word that is so simple yet I want to know where it came from. The word is “Game”. Oh and there is this word that I saw in some subtitles the other day from this movie while I was flipping channels. It’s called “Einherjar”. Do you think you can help me out?

  98. valerio says:

    i would like you to investigate the origin of ¨TWILIGHT¨

  99. socoolthaticecubesarejealous says:

    What is the origin of the word HEAVY METAL (Referring to the rock music). Why is it called Heavy Metal?

  100. noneyobiiz says:

    whats Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?

    no i diddnt make it up i saw it on google

  101. rocknrollgod91 says:

    i have a word i would like for u to do well two the 1st one is Nostradamus. the other one is heavy metal i mean why do we call it that?

  102. rocknrollgod91 says:

    i like all of your lessons i mean i have learned stuff i didnt even no that is what it meant so my comment is that i i love them and u are also one of the most beautiful women i ever saw :mrgreen:

  103. stokesjrj1 says:

    Any you guys have heard the story of the little dutch boy?

    Well who did the little dutch boy marry?
    Answer, He married the little dutch girl on the other side of the dike.She was a little water witch that kept licking his finger after she had her fangs pulled. Sorta like that picture on the upper right that says vampire

  104. tamcajb says:

    Why is it called “plastic” surgery?

    P.S. Nice melons.

  105. augie says:

    mmmm wanna be my vampire babe :lol: pls i may use ur help in my military duties :razz: my last nite to enjoy now look out Iran im there 2morrow and just wanna say LOVE YOU TEACHER incase i dont make my return home :!:

    • BillyB says:

      Go get ‘em augie… I will be looking for your safe return, may God bless your work man. Get back so you can tell us at leaast what you are allowed to abbout it.
      Funny to think about, but this place will look sane to you soon.
      Cheers, from a Canadian, who knows a little about what you’re heading into.

      • augie says:

        thanxs Billy gonna miss all this and my WOW~WOW teacher Ltcom August Van Suchtelen US Navy Seals and Canada Rocks !!!!!!

      • augie says:

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    • CaptainJack says:

      Have fun dude! I got your back covered here. Now go kick some ass! Huuraw!

    • BillyB says:

      Are you alive & able to respond??? Haven’t heard from you in awhile, hope you get this in your email. Send a quick “OK” if’n you can. If not God speed …and care.

  106. protac6 says:

    Gosh Marina the fearless one :shock:

  107. Marina ! I think nevertheless that the clues are in Romania and Ukraine : VAMPIRE has a prothétic V infront of UPYR’ = УПЫРЬ .
    In ancient Slavic V prothetic is frequent : UGOL’ / VUGOL’ , UGOR’ / VUGOR’.
    In my opinion VAMPIR in Romanian is taken from the ancient Slavic OM+PIR “the one who drinks/eats blood”. Then the word came international since novels were written about Dracula and other Romanian myths.

  108. caravelle42 says:

    can you please investigate the word orgasm.

  109. duddits says:

    I have been playing for hours. Even have the Eric Partridge {1954} book “Book of Usage & Abusage”, Wordsworth 1995 edition, off the shelf and open. Dame Orlova has done it — made words fun.

    In space, the ISS is not just NASA’s beach house any more; Russia, Germany, France, and now Japan are all swimming in the same micro-gravity. My record/edits of Space to Ground are moving to

    The fun with words video below has 2 words but I only want one.
    Short test vid with the word in question used in context:

    English, German, Russian speaking usaEnglish use “overstreach” in the dialog. Why? Is it a valid word? Made up word for the inside joke that is hovering in their dialog? Would you consider it. Thanks.

    • CaptainJack says:

      Hey have you every watch the ISS fly over head? I do all the time. Its fun to watch…

      • duddits says:

        The NASA site that plots ISS needs to payoff the microclimate control freak in this area. When I want to sneek a night away from the R.O.O.M. haze (night: average 80% releatve humidity & calm) is there.
        So, x number naked eye UFO — moving white dot, maybe I saw it twice with 10×50 binocular. Sigh.

      • CaptainJack says:

        I watch it many of times with the naked eye. Its a very bright light. Look like a jet flying overhead with a spot light on. I even had video of it on my website one day. Its very easy to spot. One evening I saw the ISS and the space shuttle the same evening. The Shuttle had undocked and was flying way getting ready to re-enter the atmosphere. It looked like it was 200 miles apart but I know it was much greater than that. Keep looking. You’ll see it.

    • melikadothechacha says:

      overstretch appears to be used as
      part of the technical vernacular
      created to describe a mechanical
      function or characteristic, albeit
      is applied in this context to the
      subject of language differentiation.
      I enjoyed your vids – neat stuff! :mrgreen:

      • duddits says:

        Well, it is possible. I am thinking overstrain or overextend became overstreach. The Oberfuecken[sic] Contol Center guy knows language, listen to Miz Peggy and Herr Peter when the voice tone goes off script. Their adlib was for Houston Flight Control. Everything is On Mic except Privatize on ISS/Shuttle missions. I have some test vid @ yahoo video that is slowly moving over. They managed to piss me off with their makover of a fast/stable site. Told them which line of javascript to change and never heard back. Safari v2 bug. Along with other changes&fixes Apple released Safari v3 which I cannot use. Long story if I don’t stop now. Some say I start channeling “The Answer Bitch”.

        I have about a 1000GB less whatever is on a dead 120GB iBook drive of video via NASA-TV, 90% in uncompressed form; special file structure that needs processed before it is viewable like the test vid. and then feed to, QT 7 pro or Final Cut V.whatever for edit and such.

        Some of the off-script is funny. The goofing off time takes a hit once HD arrives by the infamous White Stork.
        Thanks for looking & likeing the v0.00 vids

    • roadrunrnch says:

      I believe it is just someone not too familiar with English, Putting two words together to explain his thoughts.. He could have possibly said, unduly, overreach, overrun, overstep,, transcend surpass, exceeded, over did, overextend. Or just drop “over” from the word to “stretched.”

  110. ooawwrange says:

    Hey Marina, can you please investigate the origin of bowling?
    Thanks. :mrgreen:

  111. jcr says:

    I rushed to show this one to someone I know because he is a huge vampire fan, from Buffy to….whatever shows are popular now. I wonder why vampires are so popular in romance novels now? They seem to be trendy.

  112. hwangcookies says:

    CONSPIRACY!! I’ve heard it a lot in t.v shows and i was wondering WHAT does it mean, Where did it come from, Why so many people use it, and When it was created.

    Oh, and you don’t have to answer all OR ANY of these question if you don’t want to I know your busy. :mrgreen:

  113. bremlik says:

    What is the longest word? And what is the origin behind that word?

  114. schmoopy says:

    Hi Marina,
    I was wondering if you would please investigate the origin of the word warrior?

  115. jarkaruus says:

    Ah yes…..all part of my master plan…… :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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    I was wondering about the origin of the word skinny and if it had anything to do with skin?

  117. loneduck says:

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  119. versusx says:

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    request : tease

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    and the sexy voice…


    well, you know… :cool:

  122. labbatt78 says:

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  123. watch4 says:

    Hey Marina! Its kind of a perverted word, but I have always wondered where the word Masturbait has come from! I just don’t see how the word or anything in it relates to….the action itself. Its got nothing to do with vampires…but I think its an interesting word :oops:

  124. mf3177 says:

    Great video, though it does leave me wondering…..

    *cue spooky music*

    Does this mean more evil words to come?

    *holds out hope for Zombie*

  125. sadowski says:

    Hello, my sweet teacher!

    Can you please tell me the origin of the word caterwauling?

    thank you!

  126. astaroth267 says:

    What is the origin of the word brassiere (bra), and does it have any relation to the word brazier (a metal receptacle for holding live coals or other fuel, as for heating a room)?

    Also thanks for finally doing this word :)

  127. pagedoll says:

    Marina, I must tell you again, this web site is CRACKIN”!! since you’ve switched severs…good choice! :grin:

  128. grant585 says:

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    Here is a short phrase: Go get me a (can of backblast)?
    And a question,do you personaly do all your web design.

  129. Miguel says:

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  130. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina, I’ve been a subscriber since July 3rd, and this is the first time you tried to frighten me! You look very nice in your red dress and hardly seem to truly be that bad. I saw a recent post where you said you were size 34C, and have a 23″ waist, which is very slender and beautiful! So, my Dear Teacher, I hope you win the poll for the Blu Jam Cafe, and as a reward, they treat you to a very nice meal! I look forward to seeing more of your happy videos and fewer of your frightening ones! I think you are a happy person who likes to make others happy, too!
    Your dear student, seesix CM6

  131. manosmoo says:

    Awsome!!!! Maybe one of the best, if not THE best, videos you ever made Marina!!!

    But no homework and no teachers pet? :???:

    Hnm also, I was wondering yesterday… What’s the origin of the word “Alien”?

    Bye bye Vampire Marina, be good! :wink:

  132. fulldawg says:

    Word request:

    “Fixing To” as in I am fixing to go shopping. Meaning I am getting ready to go shopping.

    Thanks Marina!

  133. Absolutely the best vampire film:

    The Shadow Of The Vampire

  134. umbaflicks says:

    Hey Marina! I was wondering the origin of the term basket case to mean a crazy person.

    Thanks so much!

  135. aiziet says:

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  136. jvittori says:

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  137. shawnmnorris says:

    Nice video, Marina.

    My brother seems to be a bit of a vampire seeing that he works at night all the time and sleeps all day….

    Nocturnal is a good word to describe my brother – is nocturnal a Latin-derived word or am I just pulling that out of my hat???

    Excogitate is also a good word to do a video on

    Excogitate on this for me and for us, your faithful students,
    Shawn M. Norris

    • melikadothechacha says:

      My brother did the same thing
      for a couple summers. He kept
      falling asleep at the wheel!
      The “walking dead” don’t make
      the safest drivers… :mrgreen:

  138. beantownjim says:

    bite me lol xxxxxxxxoooooooo

  139. sniperskaya says:

    Marina, you wouldn’t be related to the late Maila Nurmi, aka Vampira, would you? Tall, intelligent, busty blond….
    or perhaps you inspired the creation of the comic book character Vampirella?
    Even if you didn’t inspire Vampirella I’d LOVE to see you in that costume!
    Please consider it for Halloween, dear teacher?
    Now how did the Bloody Mary get its’ name???

    • melikadothechacha says:

      The Vampirella (ella ella!) photo
      looks pretty tasty. Schmeck!
      Marina will like the Betty Paige
      pinup aspect, I’m sure! She
      has a respect for the works
      of Betty Grable, Jane Russel,
      et al and has been shown to
      make homages to them!
      Cool input, dude :mrgreen:

    • Bob says:

      Vampirella (ella ella!) Proof that Nature abhors a straight line. Wow!

    • sniperskaya says:

      Marina, apparently I’m not the only one who would like to see you in the Vampirella costume! :twisted: :razz: :mrgreen:

  140. mattym says:

    Marina, I’m really worried about your dog.
    I think he has been bitten! :shock:

  141. jnaples says:

    Hey! What did you do to my friend Kobe, Marina?!

  142. lostforwords says:

    Why don’t I get the high quality version on utube???? Drives me crazyyyyy! arghhhh………

    • lostforwords says:

      Anyone know how to get old videos from itunes? It really doesn’t go back far there. Another arghhhh…….

    • pedantickarl says:

      Hi lostforwords,
      What do you mean, “don’t I get the high quality version on utube”
      Does it mean that you see the HQ link and it doesn’t work for you, or are you saying that there is no HQ link?

      If you see the HQ link, but it doesn’t work for you, then you may need to upgrade your Flash player.

      If you don’t see the HQ link, but you want to see the video in HQ, then here is what you can do.
      tack on the following code to the video URL: &fmt=18

      For example, take the “Clammy Hands” video.

      Notice that there is no HQ link. However, if you tack on the code you get.

      Notice that there is now a link that says “Watch in std quality”.
      This trick may not work for some of the older videos.

      • lostforwords says:

        Hi pedantickarl,

        This is what happens: when the video is first posted, there is no HQ button (for me anyway). It only shows up later. I don’t understand why…

        But I’ll try your fix.


    • pedantickarl says:

      Don’t quote me on this as Google information is very sketchy.

      If you notice, the HFW “Clammy Hands” video has not HQ button link.
      The HFW “Killer Tomatoes” video does have a HQ link.

      I believe, my guess is that the HQ link is either a user function (i.e. HFW) which can be invoked by her, or it is an automatic YT function based on the quality of the original uploaded video.

      In other words, if the video uploaded is LQ, then there might not be a HQ link. But if the video is uploaded in 2x or higher quality, then the link might appear. There are some articles on Google that seem to indicate this, but the exact details aren’t clear, yet.

      • lostforwords says:

        That has been my experience, so you’re right. The video upload should not be compressed too much or the HQ button will not show up. Marina seems to have uploaded LQ in the past and switched sometime to less compression. Good idea Marina! The itunes versions are the best quality relatively, but only 4 or 5 of the most recent are awailable (I’m becoming a wampire!) at any one time.

      • lostforwords says:

        But this still doesn’t explain the late arrival of the HQ button….which does decide to show up eventually.

  143. djcrawleravp says:

    Hey Marina:
    Congratulations!!, i really LOVE your videos, i´m always seeing on iTunes and finally i decided to subscribe to your site.

    I wold like you to investigate the origin of the word “Speaker” (as a dj i love BIG speakers) :wink:

    Why they put “Speaker” to an artifact that it has no mouth?? :razz:

    Congratulations by your success and “Muchas gracias” or “Muito Obrigado” :mrgreen:

    (sorry about my english. I have learned english for my own but i understand it perfectly)

    • melikadothechacha says:

      this might help, in case Marina
      is a little busy.

      It all gets back to Thomas Edison
      Edison’s first wax cylinder phonograph
      used a membrane stretched over the
      small end of a tiny “megaphone”. A
      steel needle attached to the membrane
      scribed a hard, carnuba wax tube
      with a harmonic signature from the
      sound waves moving the air and
      perturbing the membrane. Playback
      was simply drawing the needle
      through the track, allowing the sound
      to transmit physically back to the
      membrane. The megaphone
      now acts as a horn, amplifying
      the sound. The name “speaker horn”
      was simply truncated to speaker
      as a common use shorthand term.

      hope this is useful :mrgreen:

      • djcrawleravp says:

        Very useful :mrgreen:

        But why instead of the word “speaker” isn’t “horn”? i mean if you say that “The megaphone acts as a horn” why it’s called “speaker”? (i think it’s because the phonograph were used to reproduce voices only)

        Maybe like “soccer” and “football” the word is not apropiated??

        what do you think?

        Interesting fact:
        In some hispanic counties (like Venezuela for example) the “speaker” it’s called “corneta” which is mean “horn”

  144. The origin of HOAX doesn’t any one else has asked to them self ?

  145. tedt says:

    “Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.” – Carl Gustav Jung 1875-1961

    It just appeared at the right of the Homepage. Seems like he has to be careful, before “he” gets cured (now as he is dead he can´t run away, seems like a easy game) . Don´t give them all you have while you are alive, Tedt 1982-still here

    • melikadothechacha says:

      “Vote early and vote often.” – Al Capone 1899-1947

      In old school programming, Al Crowe absconded
      this phrase for the “Save early and save often”
      axiom in use today. :mrgreen:

  146. zealot98 says:

    :mrgreen: when it did the scary voice thing, i thought that was cool :mrgreen:

  147. cliffthegeek says:

    you, and your loyal fans/ rapt students, might find the origins of the word ‘flirt’ to be interesting…I know I did!

    ever faithful,


  148. giants10 says:

    Great vid.

    Something that’s always bugged me was why some people got the certain nick names from regular names we see. Robert is Bob, Richard is Dick, Charles is Chuck…there are lots more that I can’t think of at the moment, but when did this start and why?

  149. elite_panda says:

    What’s the origin of the word “cologne”?

  150. tedt says:

    haha, going crazy on Vampir.

    Great video, realy a best seller :smile:

    You look great again :!:

  151. okay4now says:

    You ain’t no vampire. :???:

    • capman911 says:

      Hi Jessica, not all of us are heathens. If I show respect to you then I care what you say and how you say it. There was one day you and I didn’t get off on a good start, but I let it go and waited till things calm down. Some of these sessions can get pretty ugly sometimes. I have been in a couple of them my self with the same people you have. They treat almost everyone like that. But I try to treat everyone with respect and friendlyness. I know you feel the same way or you would not be here. We all need friends and people who we can share our thoughts with. I didn’t care for your two personal pages that was displayed ,but the one about your family was pretty cool. When it all comes down to it all we have is family. So take care of yours and you will be okforever. I put this over here to stay out of the main stream. Hope you understand. Mike

      • okay4now says:

        Mike, Sorry, I’m a dude.  I appreciate that you are what I once called you, a ‘total gentleman’, melika is not.  He’s a cheesy coward & he’s ruining this site–it’s not about words it’s about his shtick,watch him he runs around mostly kissing ass somtimes flaming and I won’t let him do either to me–they are both equally as sick, and I don’t know what sites or things he thinks he’s dug-up won’t even visit them, As for my family, yeah,  I have a gargantuan family and they drive me crazy, again don’t know what cheese he’s talking about.  There’s a limit and he’s way past it, sometimes as much as 15% + of ALL comments on lessons are HIS–it’s way, way too much.  Nothing wrong with an edge or a bite, not playin’ games either but I find all of this absolutely facinating and I’m learning more then he will ever know.  So, his defense is to call me a young girl, and a hopeless one at that come on we’re talkin’ about some pretty sick stuff, but if you don’t play his way by his rules he’ll “do some pretty nasty stuff” (his words).  Come-on, sick and absolutely fascinating.

  152. tanathos23 says:

    this was an easy one for you ; )

    i’d love to let you suck my blood :twisted:

  153. pagedoll says:

    Wampire??…loves it! :smile: …I hear there are alot of vampires in LA Marina….the beast, I mean , the best time to have fun in your town is inbetween 12am & 5am…yea, right? :wink:

  154. wetsuit5 says:

    Here’s Marina’s cousins.. :twisted:
    She’s actually 627 years old. :twisted:
    I wanna have whatever she is having to eat. :lol:

  155. capman911 says:

    Marina that was a killer video. :eek: The sound and visual effects were just awesome. :cool: That red dress was just perfect for the lesson. :wink: That was defenatly a fiver or better. :grin:

  156. chevolay says:

    moynf (milk out your nose funny)

  157. voxin2 says:

    You’re beautiful inside, and out. Thank you for taking time to reply, and keep the education coming.
    By the way, I belong to an A Cappella, Acappella, Acapella, A Capella, Acapella or A Capela? chorus in Northern California. This fourth of July, we took third place in an international chorus competition in Nashville Tenn. In celebration of this monumental achievement, would you run down the root of this very peculiar word for me? We of Voices In Harmony would be honored. We’re all huge fans, all 100 of us. Thank you Marina, You are fabulous.
    David Key voxin2

  158. peteriper says:

    HI Marina. What does slapperpunk mean? I know it’s a real word but the OED disagree with me!

  159. celkscutie04 says:

    i luved it! it was funny to me for some reason. :grin: hey, i was wondering if u could do a word for me. the word is “crush”. where did it come from, and how did it come to the expression “i have a crush on someone”?

    • pennsyltucky9 says:


      Thanks for the note. Sorry I can’t get much interaction time these days. :sad: Tough times around the home front. Good challenges, I guess. But not to worry. You know me. I sneak up when you least expect it. :twisted:

    • superdanilchik says:

      PRIVEEET MIKE! :grin: Thank you so much in advance but i’m also firmly convinced that it would be so much better see each other at Blue Jam cafè…..i’m just a little bit sad because last summer i spent three weeks in San Diego by my friends,i went a couple of time to L.A. but i’ve never been to Blue Jam…that’s a shame… :sad:

  160. melikadothechacha says:

    LMAO – The boys got to laugh at this!
    Marina a Vampire? …vampiress?
    .. a succubus, maybe
    a siren – most definitely.

    Love love love to see
    you in that red dress

    What’s with Kobe’s eyes?
    Up all night – a little bloodshot?

    Thanks stokesjrj1 for the response
    to blurbs. the email notice got me
    to check the site at the perfect
    moment to be first! Thanks, again

    • capman911 says:

      Do we want her as a vampire or a KGB agent? decisions, decisions. I guess anyway is just fine :cool: Bitten on the neck by her or spy onwith her. :grin:

      • lostforwords says:

        a wampire undead

      • CaptainJack says:

        I think she is some kind of agent. I see so many coded messages in her writings and videos its mind boggling.

      • melikadothechacha says:

        Now you did it.
        Got me thinking of KGB
        Marina with a gun
        strapped tenuously
        to a clammy thigh.
        Yowza! :twisted:

        Still, her wampire voice….
        sexy sexy OMG!
        Hey baby – what’s YOUR blood type?

        corpulent <– word origin request

        Captain J is right aout the subliminals. :mrgreen:
        Did you notice the orchid is gone
        and a nice scented (vanilla?) candle
        now balances the frame?
        Doesn’t she like to sneak colored
        eggs into her lessons?
        Other times, it’s like
        “Subscribe Now!….Or Die!” :shock:

      • stokesjrj1 says:

        Hey jack, Why haven’t you made this comment before? Good too know I,m not the only one. Guess we were on the same boat at some time or another.

      • CaptainJack says:

        The orchid is not gone. She was just filming in her bedroom! I notice the head board right away. Its very similar to what mine looked like. I loved that head board because it has some foam in it. Great for when you bang your head on it at 3am, or any other times. Oh I love the candle. Its just so perfect! Awe… very nice… the woman has taste..

        Well I was trying to piece all the clues together but I haven’t been able to put my finger on it. Im very distracted with work right now. I guess thats my excuse for not putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I think I need to buy another box of post it notes.

        Well its 10:26pm and I need to eat. Weird hu? I was never a morning person. I love the nights; I can get much work done without any distractions. Oh I just remembered something. I was called the ‘Prince of Darkness’ when I worked on the Cruise ship Island Spirit. Why? Well I was the night Captain so my day would start at 7pm and I would get off at 7am. The boss would always introduce me to the passengers as the Prince of Darkness. Hummm… very interesting, very interesting. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

      • jcr says:

        You guys are so observant about the details in the background, dispelling this female’s assumption that all attention is on only certain visual attractions :smile:

      • lostforwords says:

        Capt Jack,

        Yes you do indeed need a padded headboard for when you bang your head against it–that’s a good one :lol:

      • CaptainJack says:

        LFW, Yes your very observant my friend! Much of what I write has a second level of meaning to it. Most of the time intentionally and sometime by mistake. :mrgreen:

      • lostforwords says:

        For Freud, there are no human accidents in such matters, only things we are conscious of and those we are not. I am just pulling your leg, not making fun, but I couldn’t help thinking….

    • stokesjrj1 says:

      Well you welcome for the notice. Ill still be here to help you through your ordeal you have coming.

    • CaptainJack says:

      I thought the Kobe was very entertaining.

      Marina a Vampire? Not a chance.
      A Succubus, I hope not! The planet is over ran with them.
      A Siren, most definitely. She run my ship aground all the time!

      • melikadothechacha says:

        Sound like she run you aground in Jamaica, mon :mrgreen:
        No worries – be happy! :grin:

      • CaptainJack says:

        Don’t I wish! Just thinking about being in Jamaica makes me sigh. I have to sail to there someday. :grin: I have all the worlds oceans to explore. I can’t wait!….. :cool:

      • jcr says:

        If you go to Jamaica, don’t drink any mushroom tea they give out like it was regular tea. Trust me on this. It was awful, awful, awful! I saw things I never want to see again. Thank goodness they weren’t real except for the lizard that was on my stomach when I woke up from a nap I took while trying to stop feeling so terrible and seeing things that weren’t even there. The ONLY time that ever happened…well, except when they gave me some narcotic after I broke my leg. But at least I was in a hospital then.

      • CaptainJack says:

        I eat mushrooms in my salads. I drink lots of tea. Mushrooms as tea? Yuck! … You saw imaginary things? Wow…. Well this one time in the Navy, my friend and I stayed up for 72 hours. I remember seeing little critters run around the mess decks of the ship. I saw rabbits, gophers, squirrels with bling on them, rats, and all other kinds of things.

        I had cocaine shot up my nose once. I got into a friendly fight and broke my nose. The doctor had to shoot this, what looked like a can of WD-40 with a red straw on the end, up my nose. This yellow goo came flowing back out. They then proceed to set my nose. They got set somewhat ok but they said they would have to re-break later on it to get it set better. I refused! The doc gave me a paper to use in case I had to take a UA test, because I would have surely failed that exam!


  161. melikadothechacha says:

    #1 Awsome

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