Blurb…. what the heck is a blurb?


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  1. leonard says:

    Burps are book “Blurbs” :smile: …Marina Orlova is HotForWords and her Republic of Lexicon RULES. *****5stars+TEN******…Words and LANGUAGE is HOW we communicate. GOD Bless Marina and H*O*T*f*o*r*W*O*R*D*S….listen and read ON :razz:

  2. matalexwolf says:


    Marina Orlova IS Number One of the world.
    She is super smart, super sexy super HOT. Sui Generis. Creative, imagintive with a devilish sence of humor that can make your toes curl whilst your grey matter works in overdrive. Commedia dell’arte. Investigate the world of Philology in the largest known virtual class room. Mix it up with Guess the Word games and word/ phrase suggestions with fellow students. Do your home work and who knows, you may become her teachers pet one day. Certainly is Sweet Child o’ Mine, Maina makes every day a Beautiful Day.
    So if you haven’t subscribed yet, do your self a big favour and join in the fun. Be good

  3. matalexwolf says:

    M, some blurb for you :smile:

    A very Hot A-Z of Etymology! Boost your linquistics knowledge in a fun and tantalising manor. Learning the meaning and origin of words has never been so interesting as this before. Allow Marina to take you through every day words or phrases to the outlandishly ridiculas!
    Marina is certainly Sui Generis when it comes to Philology. Become a Hot For Words student and you will become revered by everyone you know!
    Now pay attention, class is in session…….

    143always :smile:

  4. protac6 says:

    Retro Marina at the end again. :grin: As for the blurb, I’d say that you put quotes about what the media said about you, as well as comments from your students.

  5. doothemad says:

    “Intelligence is sexy is a tagline by the author Hotforwords. These word origins are as interesting as she is stunning. Beauty and brains are too hot a combo to miss.” I think that’d be a good blurb. On the literary front how about the origins for book, writing, literature, genre, or author. Thanks and keep up the good work. Duane
    PS love the historical aspects.

  6. mrchex says:

    This was great fun. Thanks a very interesting one.

    How about the word snippet?

  7. jcr says:

    I think “hot, hot, hot!” should be somewhere in the blurb but then that might not let people know that the material is truly enlightening or informative. I like “too hot for words” too but that is primarily because it’d get picked up by search engines, helping to promote the book. SEO (search engine optimization) techniques really do help but having a niche, as Marina does, and a fan base could be the best promotion of all :smile:

    • BillyB says:

      I envision; in a bookstore… no, a chain of bookstores, a promotional video, running on a small monitor,with a couple of samples vids or blurbs by or about Marina, promoting the DVDs & Book, which are available individually or as a special boxed gift set… think big.
      Have you seen this from…Russia Today?

  8. annuddermale says:

    Finally got around to making the blurb…thank goodness you sent that card…

    Hot Book is weak, i know…

    but i kinda like Hot Marina

    ‘course, i think everyone does… :cool:

  9. pedantickarl says:

    Hi Marina, here is my blurb for your new book. I hope you enjoy it. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.

  10. celkscutie04 says:

    hey marina! i was wondering if you could do a vidoe on the origins of “who” and “whom” and what the difference of the two are.


  11. Marina….I called in sick today because I am not feeling well. I told the boss I was “under the weather.” Then I thought…where did this phrase come from and why does it mean you are not feeling well?

  12. danfisitb says:

    Hello my sexy teacher,
    I would like to ask what is the relation between the word “ignorance” and “nostalgia” ?

  13. classicgamer08 says:

    That was an interesting lesson. Thanks. Anyway, I was wondering if you could do a phrase for me. The phase is “Die like a dog”. I would appreciate it.

  14. djsombrero says:

    I would like to request 2 words that are related, the words are stereo and radio. I love watching your videos. Thanks for posting them.

  15. jcr says:

    I had to write a blurb for a popular book once and it is still on the cover but…if it is on the cover, is it still a blurb or is a blurb only on the back cover?

    Whatever your blurb says, I think it should let readers know that you are smart, not just visually appealing. A pet peeve of mine is that most blurbs don’t really say anything about the book. Why not? Maybe they could convince people to buy it.

    If the book is tongue in cheek or witty, you’d want that kind of blurb. The title of that book, Eats, Shoots and Leaves was pretty funny and even relevant but I don’t remember the blurbs for it. Most blurbs are written by famous authors and their recommendation usually sells the book. For instance, Stephen King writes a lot of blurbs but not all of his recommended books are worth reading. I think some blurbs are just favors from one writer to another.

    • jcr says:

      A possible blurb: ” This is a vital book. The author manages to create one of the most important contributions to philology and word origins, doing so with a rare combination of historical perspective and….” someone else will have to finish that sentence :wink:

      • jcr says:

        Edited slightly: “This is a must read! The author manages to create one of the most important contributions to philology and language ever, doing so with a rare combination of historical perspective and….” (someone else will STILL have to finish that sentence)

      • BillyB says:

        One word could end your sentence nicely, “delight” or “mirth”…
        If the book is anything like the videos, Marina’s felicitous style will captivate the reader and hold them entranced while knowledge is absorbed and embedded.

      • jcr says:

        Yes, something like that would be great, a blurb that hints at the very solid info as well as the style.

  16. ckowitz says:


    I retire from the US Air Force. I am a fighter pilot. I really love your videos.

    My call sign in the Air Force is Beef. In fact on Fridays I wear a name tag with my nickname (call sign) Beef.

    Could you do a video on Beef?

    I want to show it at my retirement ceremony as I retire on 18 July.

    If you cannot do Beef by then I still would love the video.



    Lt Col Chuck Kowitz
    US Air Force

  17. superdanilchik says:

    МИЛАЯ МАРИНОЧКА,ЭТО просто шикарно,значит after Belinda Blurb,we are going to see МАРИНА БЛУРБОВА soon :!: :cool: i’m really looking forward to reading your book soon,i ‘m really eager to have it,i really hope i can find it here in Europe in one of my three countries,otherwise i’ll have to visit my American friends as soon as possible and then enjoying a nice meal at Blujam café with my friend capman and maybe other students… Marina,i have a further question: i see a lot of students requesting many words whose i know pretty well the origin but i -almost- never wrote anything because i thought that this could spoil your great job and preventing you from making nice videos..however, sometimes do you mind me giving some hints sometimes :?: sorry i didn’t want to be a grind or a bootlicker :oops: ..just a disciplined and well behaved student! :smile:

  18. lostforwords says:

    Chère maîtresse,

    I haven’t seen Gucci. After Kobe ( or is it Cobie, Kobey, Coby, Cobe, or Cobey?) arrived, was there a problem of compatibility?

  19. cej says:

    So that`s a blurb. I think i can use here XD. Another great show, in special for the bloopers, sorry is just i like any kind of bloopers.

    In fact. If you want, I would like to know something, where is the “bloopers” come from?

    thank you and greetins

  20. quiggles says:

    Dear Teach,

    Great lesson! I am visiting LA from Seoul and am eating lunch right now at Blujam on your recommendation (and those of your rmany fans). I will be using a fork but will post a review after the meal! :)

    • Marina says:

      WOW! That’s AWESOME! Make sure you tell Kamil (the owner) that Marina (from HotForWords) sent you! :-)

      • stokesjrj1 says:

        Maia Marina I think you’ve just had a little of my definition of a blurb by proxy. see below comment.

      • quiggles says:

        Dearest Teach,

        The food at Bluejam was terrific! Best egg white omelet with avocado (a good possible word for you to investigate) and sun dried tomatoes (how do pronounce this word properly???) I have ever eaten. The cappuccino (organic coffee only please) was the size of Lake Baikal (and so delicious). The music was amazing (I like the oldies mix they were playing today). I asked for your friend Kamil but he wasn’t there at that moment. I told my wonderful serve (Michaela) that I was visiting from a far off land and was there only because of you and HFW.

        Thanks so much :)

    • errin says:

      Fascinating. I wish I had a coupon book for all the Marina-endorsed establishments. And here I thought I knew all of the restaurants on Melrose from back in my days as a studio runner for a place called The Record Plant. Blu Jam seems like a cool, healthy place. I prefer to eat in and cook myself (part of my vegan/vegetarian thing), but it’s always fun to dine at a good place. It’s the lousy places I am tired of dining at. :cool:

    • stokesjrj1 says:

      I am talking about my earlier comment further down the comments column, not these comments below my above comment.

    • annuddermale says:

      quiggles, that’s awesome – i appreciate you sharing your experience with all of us… :cool:

  21. livster13 says:

    I was wondering where the phrase: “The Bee’s Knees” comes from.

  22. errin says:

    Whoops! I almost forgot my homework assignment. Here’s some random blurbs I can think of:

    “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover… Judge it by how hot it’s author is!”

    “Intelligence is sexy… so buy this book or you are an unsexy idiot.”

    “Proceeds from this book will go towards the grooming, feeding, and housing of the world’s cutest dog… “

    • errin says:

      Odd. It left out the *insert Kobe’s pic* at the end of my last blurb. Guess it’s because I used the ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ symbols to box in that part.

  23. errin says:

    I got to look up this Burgess fellow now. I am a big fan of authors and poets into wordplay, with my favorites being Lewis Carroll and e.e. cummings. Recently, though, I learned of a poet named Anne Sexton thanks to a lyricist/musician friend of mine by the name of Aimee Mann, known to me by the fruit nickname ‘Manngo’ (my fruit nickname being Tangerrin… it’s all semi-private humor). Aimee wrote about it in her song ‘Stranger Into Starman’, off her latest album @#%&*! Smilers, which goes as follows:

    I turned Stranger into Starman
    in the Sunday New York Times
    Like Anne Sexton with her STAR RATS
    working backwards till it rhymes

    For the love of God you can’t tell me again
    For the love of God you can’t tell me again

    With a pencil and eraser I’ve rewritten all your crimes
    I turned Stranger into Starman
    in the Sunday New York Times

    The Anne Sexton poem that Aimee references in that song goes like this:

    Busy, with an idea for a code, I write
    signals hurrying from left to right,
    or right to left, by obscure routes,
    for my own reasons; taking a word like writes
    down tiers of tries until its secret rites
    make sense; or until, suddenly, RATS
    can amazingly and funnily become STAR
    and right to left that small star
    is mine, for my own liking, to stare
    its five lucky pins inside out, to store
    forever kindly, as if it were a star
    I touched and a miracle I really wrote.

    Which then leads to the lyrics of my song ‘Small Starr’, one of the few songs on my upcoming debut album in which I engage my knack for wordplay, a ‘starr’ being something alien and mysterious…

    In an infinite space
    In a cradle of stars
    In it’s very own place
    Is the world we call ours
    Though we’re infinitismal
    And so pitifully small
    We still have our own star
    ‘Cause we’re part of it all
    Look to the skies
    When the planets arise
    If you do, you’ll see through
    To a starr of small size
    At the edge of the night
    In a ray of starrlight
    Shining through just for you
    Here to make it all right
    There will be a small starr
    To whoever you are
    There will be a small starr
    To whoever you are
    There will be a small starr
    There will be a small starr
    There will be a small starr
    There will be a small starr
    When the world has gone dark
    And you’re looking at stars
    From the world we call ours
    Do you know who you are?
    You are infinitismal
    And so pitifully small
    You will have your own starr
    ‘Cause you’re part of it all
    Look through the guise
    Of the thing we call size
    If you do, you’ll see through
    When the planets horize
    At the end of the night
    Is a starr that burns bright
    Shining through ’cause it’s true
    That the meek will have might
    There will be a small starr
    To whoever you are
    There will be a small starr
    To whoever you are
    There will be a small starr
    There will be a small starr
    There will be a small starr
    There will be a small starr

    Using all three poems, there is a bit of a wordplay game going on. And to those among the student body into wordplay games, I ask the following: Can you shift one letter in the title ‘Stranger Into Starman’ to find my fruity nickname? Can you find the word ‘starr’ hidden in the lyrics of ‘Stranger Into Starman’? You see, wordplay can be a lot of fun, especially when used as artistic expression, especially when playing with Anne Sexton’s ‘code’. Peace and love, Errin : ) ; )

  24. parthenophilast says:

    Or better:
    A scholarly work including the often surprising origins of your favorite words from A to Zyxt… best read in the privacy of your bedroom.

    Of course, you’d be wearing a sexy teacher outfit for the photo.

  25. stokesjrj1 says:

    Well after listening to the latest maxim radio show posted, I would have to say a blurb is the aftertaste of the book you’ve just finished reading :?: :?:

  26. parthenophilast says:

    A book with the origins of many of your favorite words from A to Zyxt… best read in the privacy of your bedroom.

  27. wonderfingers says:


    My word request is what I feel to be a politically-expedient one, given the current climate in Washington.

    My word is: FILIBUSTER.

    Thank You,

    ‘fingers. :shock:

  28. dow311 says:

    What about the word “ORANGE” what is it? is it a color named after a fruit or a fruit named after a color?

    Hot for Words please investigate this mystery.

  29. gwillikers says:

    Hi Marina, Our Sexy Teacher From Russia With Love,

    I noticed that you haven’t done ORGY yet?

    Can you do it for us? Please.

    I’m sure we’d all appreciate it if you’d do ORGY for us, in your own inimitable way.

    ORGY has an interesting, and even religious, etymology, I believe.

    MWAAAA! xoxox Gwillikers!

    Orgy as Myth

    Orgy as Mime

  30. shrek says:






  31. Punk XD says:

    now that i think about it where does the word “internet” come from?

  32. wesfoster says:

    Hey marina, this would be very interesting to find out. It’s more than 1 word, but I believe you could cover it all in 1 video.

    Where did the names of the days of the week come from? Sunday, Monday, Tuesday etc. They have to have some kind of meaning. You should “investigate” thses :wink:


  33. superbuffundo says:

    I saw that you did “white elephant” but not the “pink elephant.” could you do that please, also maybe mention your favorite drink. also you are sooo sexy and thats not just your looks. thanks

  34. millsey says:

    Dear Marina,

    I have a word reqeust. I am pretty sure it is a British word, but i hear my friend’s say it sometimes also. My word request for you is “Wanker”. Please and thank you =]

  35. oobaby says:

    hey Marina,
    have you ever thought about how weird the word “food” is and the word “eat”… well i know we have been “eating food” for a longggg time to survive but has it always been called food and to consume it was it always called to eat? and where did these words come from?
    :?: ooBabyItsSarah

  36. roadrunrnch says:

    Happy happy Joy joy?

    She’s HOT , She knows Words. She is Marina Orlova,
    The Philologist with a smile and a way to get Any Man
    or Teen to Learn.
    Give this Book to your Teen and He will surprise you.
    He will know this book cover to cover in days.
    You may even be able to speak to Him, Using actual
    Give this Book a chance before you send your Teen to
    Rubbish pit of POP Culture.
    Make Him Hot-For-Words. Don’t be the last to have it.
    HOTFORWORDS, The Bible of Philologist the Word Wide.

    L.A times, Editor,
    Phd, Anthropology
    Dr RRR

  37. buskalog says:

    Walking away from the 4th of July holiday, the word “picnic” keeps rattling around in my head. It’s a strange sounding word if you think about it. So, where did it come from? Blagodarnost.

  38. The word ‘Freckles’. Where does that come from *wonders*

  39. kaibanator says:

    She puts the “YOU” in Youtube ;)

    Guaranteed knowledge in 30 sentences or first page for free :cool:

  40. u2bist says:

    Hi Marina,
    Have you ever wondered about the word “disheveled,” meaning “messy?” If “dis” implies “not,” then presumably “heveled” means “neat” or “orderly.” Maybe “hevel” is related to “health.” Or to “behave” — disheveled hair certainly is not behaving. Or could the word “chivalry” be involved? A chivalrous knight would never appear disheveled. “Hovel” sounds similar to “hevel,” but a hovel is always disheveled. Could “hevel” be related to “heaven?”

    Many “dis” words mean the opposite of some word that is still in use, for example: disappear, discover, dismount, disarm… But there seem to be far more that don’t make sense in that way… dishevel, disturb, distract, disappoint, dismay, disparage, disgust… Words that begin with “dis” seem like an interesting topic.

  41. felicity says:

    Hi Marina. Here is felicity from Japan where iPhone was finally released today. Is your book going to be published in Japan? I want it!

  42. foust70 says:

    Dear Hotforwords, my trusted teacher. I have the biggest crush on you…. Wait a second, were did the word Crush come from when it is used to discribe your feelings for someone that you like? Would love to hear your thougts on this. Foust70

  43. tryant says:

    “Words to live by” might be a good,succinct,blurb.I like this better tho,”Mmmmmm comprehension,thanks Teach”!

    May I request *duds*(clothes)as a word to analyze? If this request “flies” then,maybe,add *Snappy Dresser* in with the lesson.?.Not only can You clarify but You are also the inspiration for this word request. :smile:

  44. labbatt78 says:

    The last time I wrote a short paragraph is last Sunday when I was texting a very special friend of mine about a starry night by the lake when I was out visiting my relatives in Michigan.

  45. tayljim says:

    Homework: The best to come out of Russia since Vodka :!:

    and of course a 5 star performance, no make that 6 star

  46. pagedoll says:

    Marinas… HotForBlurbs :grin:

  47. killiansred86 says:

    Hey Marina. You are so beautiful and smart :wink: I was wondering where the word scapegoat came from, thank you sweeite

  48. marioyugo says:

    Hi Marina, this video get 5 kisses :oops: just like the rest, I would like to know where the origin of the word -Aerodynamic- comes from, when you just say it, it sound like arrowdynamic, dose an arrow have to do anything with the word or not :smile:
    I thought of the word when i was cycling home from work and a car drove by me really fast, I hope you pick the word

    Safety and Peace/ Mario

  49. bricotius says:

    You said in this video that randyn asked ‘out of the blue’ where blurb comes from…..but where do we get ‘out of the blue’ from?

    As for the homework –

    “As thousands of viewers around the globe have already discovered, learning from Marina is an experience unlike any other. Simultaneously gorgeous, intelligent, and enlightening, you will be charmed by her fascinating conclusions. It is a masterpiece for the ages.”

  50. stokesjrj1 says:

    Maia Marina, words request: Where is the origin of the word “meltdown” and is there any examples of such an occurrence in recorded history?

  51. ibm6789 says:

    It should say something like “A hot Russian blond, worthy of a James Bond movie writes… (and then a description of your book, on… whatever :???: )”

  52. seesixcm6 says:

    Dear Marina, I rate your video five stars. A “blurb” for your book would be: “Beauty stimulates learning. Just as you learned more French when you had a beautiful young female French instructor, Marina’s beauty stimulates and reinforces your ability to learn. Improve your lexicon and philology by buying this well-illustrated book.”
    I hope you have great success with your book, Dear Author.
    seesix CM6

  53. apilass says:

    hey marina this lesson was fantastic….you are a gorgeous teacher :grin:
    but i want to ask for a word : PSYCHEDELIC
    please make my wish to become true….

    bye bye from apilass

  54. thxeleven38 says:


    Subject: Blurb for the back cover of your book

    I have seen some books which have covers with high relief printing for
    words and images. Pick a picture of yourself which can be printed in relief and use a quote similar to this: “Open me for some ‘carnal’ knowledge”. Perhaps the quoted carnal could be italicized, subdued or deleted.

  55. scorpi0 says:

    Hello Marina: :mrgreen: I’m wondering the origin of heath word… I hope you can solve this mystery too xD In you I trust

  56. okay4now says:


    Conceived in public, incubated in a gallery, this book, whose live birth was witnessed by millions is the new epitome of the electronic age. The dawning of which is, very literally, at hand; actually, it is now more like dawn + 10.

  57. juhsepi says:

    Very funny outtakes! It’s refreshing to see that not everyone is ashamed of there mistakes!

  58. tedt says:

    “Education is rather boring, isn´t it” ? :mrgreen:

    Nice video again.

    • melikadothechacha says:

      Make your own fun!
      Education can be tedious,
      Rote Rote Rote! Did you
      have the English 2600 book
      in seventh grade? Thick
      paperback only memorable
      because it was perfect for
      flip book animations. That
      thing could stop a bullet! :mrgreen:

      • tedt says:

        :mrgreen: Yep, reading can be very hard. When I was young I did it to fall asleep. I like History books, Science books…..(I want to follow the human´s history and the history of the cosmos (as far as possible :!: ).

        I don´t like those “story” books, though there are some good ones that I never have read. :oops:

  59. wetsuit5 says:

    Answers to FAQ = Blurbage :smile:

  60. sniperskaya says:

    Marina, many authors have audio books out, how about you doing the first video book, one people could “read” on their Iphones or Ipods?

  61. sniperskaya says:

    Marina, for your blurb how about a photo of you in a tight fitting jacket (the green one in this video is nice) and your blurb could be “Buy this book and the jacket comes off!” Of course you’re referring to the dust jacket on the book… :razz:

  62. annuddermale says:

    Here’s the original book cover. I’m not sure either “buxom” or “blonde” truly apply, but I’m sure it was risque for the time period…

    and just as sure the Marina’s update would rocket book sales…

    here’s my poor attempt at a blurb for ya:

    “Not just annudder female, Marina refutes the ‘education is boring’ convention with sublime witticisms, artful presentations, and just plain fun times. Sexy, intelligent, yet suprisingly down-to-earth, Marina will make you lust her, love her, and most importantly, learn from her.”

    thanks, Marina for annudder good lesson… :cool:

  63. nighteye says:

    Nice video as usual, Marina. But it makes me think of another word request: what is the origin of giggling?

  64. bigbadwolf88 says:

    Hey marina i wanna request a word.. i hope this isnt to inappropriate BUT i was just wondering how did the word “pussy” used to discribe a cat, also came to discribing a womens.. well you know :wink:

  65. pedantickarl says:

    Marina, I see the changes and updates. Very nice! :wink:

  66. don_of_i says:


    Blurb is a lady? I didn’t see that coming !!

    Thanks again, Marina.

  67. James says:

    OMG A NEW LESSON!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  68. english_teacher_27 says:

    Sorry about Russia in the Euros. Your post got me thinking about a debate I had once, about the origin of the compound word “hat trick”, used when a player in hockey or soccer scores three goals. I know that hockey fans throw their hats onto the ice after a player scores three goals, and a soccer player who would be selected to play for their country would receive an actual cap. Is either of these where the origin comes from? Also, for YOUR homework, what is the scoring of two goals in soccer referred to as in English, and why do the British refer to zero goals as “nil”? Bye, bye, my teacher.

    • melikadothechacha says:

      Interesting! No magicians
      or rabbits involved, eh? :mrgreen:
      three strikes in baseball is an out,
      but in bowling it’s a turkey?! :roll:

  69. geronimo says:

    82nd :mad:

  70. morsa says:

    Hi, Marina,

    I guess english language is full of onomatopoeyic words… For instance “to knock”, “to ring”, “to slap”… what do you think?

    Thanks for your lessons… I think you’re great!

  71. jarkaruus says:

    Words. They have existed since time immemorial, drifting down through the ages, ever changing with the ebb and flow of civilization. A seemingly insurmountable mountain of twisted meanings and lost origins, it is not for the faint of heart, yet a heroine arises to take on the challenge of sorting it all out. Join us now as we journey with noted philologist and etymologist, Marina Orlova, as she takes us on a magical journey through the meanings and origins of what we call…..WORDS!

    A bit cheesy I’ll admit, but it was fun to write. Another great lesson… :smile:

    • melikadothechacha says:

      The signpost up ahead… :!:
      Interesting mish mash
      a little Star Trek,
      A little Twilight Zone,
      a little PBS Nova?
      Not bad, though. :cool:

      Get the guy who
      does “the voice”
      to do this as a
      trailer when the
      book is made
      into a movie. :mrgreen:

    • pennsyltucky9 says:

      Excellent. This one gets my vote, jarkaruus!

      I couldn’t have put it more succinctly, and I appreciate the way you highlight the intrepid heroine aspect while downplaying the sexual attraction element because, let’s face it guys: not all people who are interested in etymology are men. This blurb will sell books to a wide audience. Nice work.

    • capman911 says:

      It is better than mine. I’ll vote for yours too jarkaruus :smile:

  72. saintcarter says:

    Word Request: “ruffian”

    *This word does not seem to be used anymore. So that made me wonder the word’s meaning and where it originated (and how long ago).

  73. icebreaker says:


    Attached is a link to the original dust jacket from the Library of Congress collection:

  74. somehorlicks says:

    word request: i’d like to know where “etcetera” / “etc” came from.

  75. koalabear says:

    The missing scene from lesson one. :lol:

  76. pedantickarl says:

    Word Request:
    I wish to know the origin of the word relationship as in, “having a soulful romantic relationship”. What does a ship have to do with it?

  77. gwillikers says:

    Marina, Sexy Teacher from Russia,

    In this video and the prior one, you seem to be going at a faster speed than in the prior videos. Are you deliberately pepping up, I wonder? I like the normal paced ones the best.

    But you are always nice enchanting and a pleasure to have as a teacher. :>)


  78. greenbush says:

    Youtubes’ top rated videographer and unchallenged philologist, Miss Hot For Words Marina Orlava, puts the Z in Zing, as her students learn the origins of words.

  79. CaptainJack says:

    Hey Marina, That was a cool effect when you faded your video from color to B&W. What program did you use to do that with?

    • Marina says:

      It was a combination of photoshop to make a black and white version and I laid the color one over the black and white one in Final Cut Pro and then made the top video go opaque (see through) and that’s how it went from color to black and white. :-)

    • CaptainJack says:

      Marina, you must be doing an experiment on thumbnail clips of your videos. The last two videos didn’t move up the list as fast as the others with you in the photo. I wonder what your stats are like. :???:

      • pedantickarl says:

        34C – 23 …. ohhh, wait a minute, you mean YouTube stats? Ehhh, never mind. :oops:

      • Marina says:

        Yes.. I am experimenting…. I wanted to see the response with purchased stock photos vs. shots of me… vs just a random thumb.. and the results are dramatically different.

      • lostforwords says:

        Few surprises there! Sounds perhaps like new photos are on the agenda…

      • CaptainJack says:

        Well Marina, any of us could have told you the out come of that. :mrgreen: I was watching your video move up on page 2 of YT and I even didn’t want to click on the links. The crazy haired lady with tomatoes was nuts. Your looks are still one hot product. What you need is some new photos. I wish I still had my $2k Pentax camera. I would fly down there and take you out for a few days of shooting. Hey I know where I could rent a good Cannon EOS Digital Rebel XTi. I think I could fly up to San Francisco and get some perfect back drops. Its a very beautiful city. Im cheap too. I only charge you for coffee and food.

    • pedantickarl says:

      Hi Captn, Marina gets asked that question a lot. I even asked that question a long time ago. It’s Final Cut Pro on a Mac.
      Another question to be added to the FAQ dept.

  80. wonderkid11189 says:

    Could you possibly do the origin of the name Olallah? It’s a beautiful name and I would like to know where it came from and how it became a name. Thank you!

    Btw, your vids a great!! keep up the good work

  81. lostforwords says:


    No more teacher’s pets? :sad: I always got a chuckle out of those.

    • melikadothechacha says:

      I think she only does that once or twice
      a week. She does like to drop lists of
      students en masse for certain words.
      She scrolls it fast and sounds like a
      chipmunk on elderberries! :mrgreen:

    • gwillikers says:

      Yah, Marina, I agree with lostforwords …

      The Teacher’s Pet schtick is one of the best fun parts of the whole thing … especially when you toss out a luscious kiss.

      To think otherwise will lead to boredom and loss of fan support.

      Hope not to be discombobulating about that. :>)

      Gwillikers! MWAAAA!

  82. capman911 says:

    Well my computer just told me it’s going into tuneup mode so I guess I am going to bed. See Ya later. :wink:

  83. lostforwords says:

    Blurb: A compendious catalog of concupiscence, circumendibus, charisma and cleavage calculated to cause coetaneous cardiac calamity and cogitative confabulation.

  84. protac6 says:

    Is there a race for comments I’m missing out on? :neutral:

  85. melikadothechacha says:

    Nice chuckle at the end! :cool:
    I have been reviewing a
    few early lessons tonight,
    so I got a good laugh at
    that last outtake. :grin:

    blurb, huh? If I ever go on
    Jeopardy, I’ll know tthe origin! :mrgreen:

    Homework: I have to cheat and use a
    ghost writer. There are so many nice
    articles written about you… I say go
    with one of those. The ones I saw
    had similar boilerplate intro text
    that would do the job magnifique.
    Pick a writer you like and be happy!
    Maybe one of these guys will be
    able to revamp the boilerplate
    real nice and then, use that!
    I’d really like to see the raw
    materiel unedited. Aside from
    the usual quick takes, does
    Kobe carry on more than
    you let us in on? LOL
    xox ciao

  86. capman911 says:

    The cover of this book denotes a reknowned etomologist named Miss Marina Orlova. But as you read the book you will find more than just an etomologist. You will find a more deeper insight into her thoughts and ideas and who she is and what you can learn from her.

  87. CaptainJack says:

    Oh the last part of the lesson cracked me up when she bleeped herself out. !!!!!! :mrgreen: Oh Marina is just too funny.

  88. tanathos23 says:

    i think a good blurb for your book would be one telling you are the hottest woman on youtube that teaches on the internet, obviously expanded :wink: .

    do you now that watching you is a big work??? XD i watch you on youtube so as to keep you first, rate you, and then i come over your website, rate again and write my comment… however i love doing this :mrgreen:

    see ya marina


    • melikadothechacha says:

      Alright! Another soldier!
      Outstanding work.
      Be sure to read all the
      stuff on the Homepage,
      including the Shout Outs.
      Worth the effort :mrgreen:

  89. CaptainJack says:

    Onomatopoetic? Wow that’s a big word! I’ll have to look that one up.

    • melikadothechacha says:

      Some Wikipedia for ya, Capt!

      Onomatopoeia (also spelled onomatopÅ“ia, from Greek ονοματοποιία) is a word or a grouping of words that imitates the sound it is describing, suggesting its source object, such as “click,” “bunk”, “clang,” “buzz,” “bang,” or animal noises such as “oink”, “slurp”, or “meow”. The word is a synthesis of the Greek words όνομα (onoma, = “name”) and ποιέω (poieō, = “I make” or “I create”) thus it essentially means “name creation”, although it makes more sense combining “name” and “I do”, meaning it is named (and spelled) as it sounds (e.g. quack, bang, etc.).

      Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene 2 “it was greek to me”

  90. pagedoll says:

    That blouse kindda reminds me of some kind of tropical cocktail that you’d get with an umbrella-ella-ella-ella in it…maybe even with a slice of pineapple on the rim…sweet AND refreshing…loves it :wink:

  91. pedantickarl says:

    Looks like the BluJam contest is over and I think they won with 35% of the votes.

  92. johnnymahalo says:


    I was wondering what the origin of the word “cockeyed” is and if it’s just a slang term or if it has a background story?


    Johnny Mahalo

  93. lostforwords says:

    :smile: damn 6th

  94. melikadothechacha says:


  95. elite_panda says:

    2nd :grin:

    • CaptainJack says:

      Marina posted before her last video made it to the top of page two. I guess she wanted to get it done before she went to bed.

      • pagedoll says:

        Now thats the kind of work ethic I can respect!!

      • capman911 says:

        She needs her beauty sleep. But she doesn’t need anymore beauty. You can’t get any better than her. :grin:

      • lostforwords says:

        More like go clubbing I’d hope–Thursday night.

      • CaptainJack says:

        PageD, What? The part going to bed or getting her work done.

        Capman, Well from looking at her earlier photos and what she is today, I think she is getting prettier. So whatever she is doing, I hope she keeps doing it.

      • pagedoll says:

        Getting the the job done before bedtime. :smile: I always like finishing a job a day sooner than I told the client it would take. :wink:

      • pagedoll says:

        Question: If I get a apple computer is is hard to transfer over things like pics and most importantly, my itunes catalog from my “winblows” machine?

      • foxbow15 says:

        Dont get an apple….you cant transfer you’re itunes to another computer, that’s wy i think apple is so freaking selfish!

      • Marina says:

        You can COMPLETELY transfer all your information from one mac to another… in fact you can transfer ALL information including programs from 1 mac to another.. which you can’t do with windows. You can copy your iTunes library to 5 other macs SIMULTANEOUSLY as well. So do yourself a favor pagedoll.. get a mac.. no viruses, no popups, no spyware.. none of that.. just good clean fun :-)

      • foxbow15 says:

        -.-, you can’t transfer everything from a PC! to a mac…
        Build yourself a pc and you’ll have the same performance for at least half the price… Of course you can transfer everything from one pc to another…..

        :lol: yeah, pc’s rule!! hehehe :razz:

      • CaptainJack says:

        PD, You sound like Scotty on Star Trek. It was his secret to getting things done so quickly.

        From WindBlows to a Mac? Professor Marina is exactly correct, You can completely transfer all files and programs. There are many ways to do this operation. First off you can transfer all your data files directly. See : Switch 101. Second method is to buy Parallels and you can run Windows inside your Mac OS. Third you can hard boot your Mac into a Window environment.

        First off when you get all your data and applications moved over to Parallels you can move your files (ie pictures, music, docs, etc) from the Windblows side to the Mac side at your leisure. Its just a drag and drop it onto a Mac side.
        Also you can run you old Windows applications on your Mac if you really needed to. For example specialty applications that are only made for windows environment and not Mac OS X. I have 3 such programs on my computer that are used for ship systems. Although you will find the native applications on the Mac much easier to use once you get familiar with them and you will not be going back to windows anymore.

        I think your best option that you just follow the steps in Switch 101 and just jump in with both feet. Learn the Mac OS X. There are many tutorials on Apples site that can teach you just about everything. You’ll soon find out that is is similar in many ways. And if you get stuck or just don’t want to mess with it. You can go to the Genius bar at the Apple store and they can walk you through the process or for a fee transfer all your files for you.

        I heard of one option (only if your getting a tower Mac) that could could put your hard drive out of your PC and put it in a tower mac. Then you can boot up on the Mac OS and pull files from your old PC when you need them or use it as a extra drive for your Mac.

        So as you can see there are many options to choose for you. And if you need any help, just drop me a line. I have helped many people switch over. In fact I have two friends making the switch right now.


      • foxbow15 says:

        this vid is so awsome ,i’v seen it over 50x orso and still it’s freaking funny:P

        “I like the handle here….. That’s so you can attach a chain and you can use it as a boat anchor!!!!!!!!!!!” :razz: haha

      • CaptainJack says:


        First off. In the article posted above, The guy is already made up his mind. Quoted, “I hate Macs. I have always hated Macs. I hate people who use Macs. I even hate people who don’t use Macs but sometimes wish they did.” That a statement of opinion. Probably that person had a very bad experience on an older mac (which is very understandable).

        Second, The video link above, the guy is referring to older operating system of years ago. All those problems have been solved. He is incorrect about the operating system, The current OS X is Open Brand UNIX core. I can go into shell and fix my mac and run many Unix software just fine.

        Third, Even Microsoft loves the Mac. I know because they have many Mac side by side with PCs in the offices. My best friend worked for Microsoft on projects for the Mac side.

        Fourth, prices are matched with comparable machines of quality and preformance.

        Fifth, I prefer PCs over the Mac in Gaming because game programmers are not yet programming for the mac. That will soon change though.

        This is just the typical Ford vs Chevy argument of the past. Today it is not so. When one does ones homework and not listen to opinions of others that don’t list their facts, one can find the truth of which product is better for ones purposes at hand.
        I do support the use of PCs. I even talked my sister into buying a Dell laptop for school because thats what the classes where teaching windows applications. This was before Apple came out with the Intel chip. Her best friend even owns 3 Macs that he uses for making promotional works for Hilary Duff.

        From what I have discussed with PD, I think he is a good candidate for getting a Mac. He will find the machine easy to use and enjoyable. Im pretty sure in about a month after the switch over he can evaluate his experiences well. In the years I have helped people move over, to OSX I have yet have any of them go back. :smile:

      • pagedoll says:

        WOW! Thanks for all the advice! :grin: You should sell apples!!

      • CaptainJack says:

        The fruit kind? I used to pick apples a bit in Yakima. Most of those orchards are gone now and its all grapes. People rather drink than eat healthy apples.

        I use to sell Macs for Sears. I even thought about opening up my own mac store. But after 22 years of retail (including my lemonade stand), I am finished with that game. Im an instructor now and love it very much. I was thinking about writing a book how to sell an electric Ice maker to Eskimos with not electricity.
        Have you ever been really good at something and then later just don’t really care about it anymore? Well thats me with retail. Plus it doesn’t pay diddly.

      • pagedoll says:

        I hear ya!…Try sanding and finshing wood floors for 20 years! It pays well, but man, is it painful! Its like havin’ carpel tunnel of the entire body! HA! …just can’t bring myself to hire somebody who won’t do a job as well as I can. :???: I was thinkin’ about becoming an interior decorator, kindda gay I know, but I’ve worked with so many over the years I think I can bring something new to the whole process, being on the other side of the game for so long….did I mention they make wheelbarrows full of cash :shock:

      • CaptainJack says:

        Oh I know that pain. I used to strip and wax floors in many major stores. Even started my own floor waxing company. “Scumbusters” is what we called it.

        Interior Decorator, Bringing something new to the process, now that sound interesting. Well if it fills up your wheelbarrow then go for it.
        I don’t think ID sounds gay; if you don’t think my swimsuit designing is gay. :shock: :mrgreen:

  96. yusukes92 says:

    Could you please do the origin of the word “brief”? and how briefcases and briefs (underwear) are related. :wink:

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