I discuss the origin of the word “machinima” and I did this awesome collaboration with the guys over at and their YouTube channel! Be sure to subscribe to them, they are doing great stuff!

See if you can think of any other portmanteau words and write them below.
Now I’m going to go and jump in my pool and then drive around in my new sports car :-)


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190 Responses to Machinima

  1. Very Fun Interview :D
    Thought you might be interested in Planetshifters interview re Celestial Elf’s Mytho Spirtual Machinima mission …
    Bright Blessings ~

  2. michael r says:

    lol all ur vids are so funny

  3. darlingj says:

    I liked it.

  4. leonard says:

    Two words in one…ah…shilly-shally. Shirk my shockwaves. :lol: The shindig was no cartoon. Porterhouse linguistics, talked back and demonstratively ate rye uncooked! soul not funny, another random lesson and thank you for all the fine work

  5. tedt says:

    Another Lara Croft programming failure ? :grin:

    (aye, they just showed the new Star Wars game coming soon for consoles :twisted: … Welcome to the Dark Side my Students :evil: )

  6. dank1313 says:

    Hey teach,
    that was cool, u into video games? I like boobs like an avalanch and beer. Yeahhhh…

  7. mello-g37 says:

    I Like the word BRILLIANT

    Be good for you to Do that word ……and still waitng for the word GRANT/ GRANTED / :cool:

  8. lindridge says:

    hifi (high fidelity)
    smog (smoke fog)

    If we believe ‘le’ is a fragment of a lost word meaning repeatedly,
    then babble, dribble, maybe chronicle, etc.

  9. oojufink says:

    As an attentive student to all your lessons, I believe that “spam” may be a portmanteau word.

  10. bruno darkness says:

    nice video realy funny can you plz put the word hot or teacher :?: thanks :mrgreen:

  11. BillyB says:

    Did anybody say anything about the sound of you’re voice in this one? Marina did you do little electronic mods on it or are you just an expert at cooing a little “…Much nicer than my world…” :lol: “I feel like going for a drive” great stuff. Loved your little intro too, made me happy. Couple of words “infotainment” your channel is #1 & when you say “goodbye” its a combo of “God+be(with)+ye”. Goodbye

  12. petema1975 says:

    What is the meaning of “marriage”?

  13. sevendueceoffsuit says:

    I recently heard that “shit” comes from when they used to transport manure by boat. Store High In Transit. Is this true, thank you.

  14. tooluser1 says:

    Hey Marina, you’ve been working a bit blue lately, keep up the good work! Working blue? Is that anything like cursing a blue streak? Please help!


  15. Hi, just wondering, if my name, phenylethylanamine, means what I think it means. Can you tell me what you think it is?

  16. roadrunrnch says:

    Teach, Where are You, ? Still out in your “New Car”. Your being a little aloof. Are you pouting? We still love you , Just hate the bad clone. We [ I ] come here to hear You explain “The Worgins of those Words” I think most of us have better things to do, But we check in to see your smiling happy face…….will ok , But . Dogs and Puppets …….not.

  17. pagedoll says:

    I was wondering if anybody can what the deal is with video that plays ever single time i log on…and who the heck is itchy amber anyway? :eek:

  18. alexatg says:

    Hi Marina,

    I LOVE your passionate and playful style :razz:

    Also I have a word request, please could you talk about the word obnoxious. I think thats a funny sounding word. Thank you so much Marina.

    xoxoxoxoxo Alexa

  19. stokesjrj1 says:

    Hi Marina : :smile:
    I believe the object you are speaking of is a tulip. As in tulip mania.

    I’ve only known about your website for two weeks. It’ great and your are absolutely Fantaselicious! What do you think of my new portmanteau.

    Well, I have a word request for a friend that didn’t know the meaning of the word smitten. As in i am quiet smitten with your charm, beauty, and intelligence.

    Also some day i would love too play among your hollow , dell and dingle. ha if only.

    Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей

    Well we mustn’t forget the letters we droped tomake the new word, after all each letter might represent someones whole existence.

    Hi Marina :smile:
    I believe the object you are speaking of is a tulip. As in tulip mania.

    I’ve only known about your website for two weeks. It’ great and your are absolutely Fantaselicious! What do you think of my new portmanteau.

    Well, I have a word request for a friend that didn’t know the meaning of the word smitten. As in i am quiet smitten with your charm, beauty, and intelligence.

    Also some day i would love too play among your hollow , dell and dingle. ha if only.

    Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей

    Ticd, as in a contest between blue ray and cd the tie always goes to the cd as it is the most common denominator

  20. laybhaarivishal says:

    Whats the origin of the word sympathy?

  21. roadrunrnch says:

    Teach, Please leave “Machinima” to the shut ins, Focus on your strengths, With O’Reilly and Others , You are on the way to becoming a Phenom. Like Cher, Madona, and others that took what god gave them and challenged the World.

  22. captainjack says:

    Hey Marina, Who is your web server provider? I want to know so I don’t buy anything from them. I couldn’t believe they went down twice. :roll:

    • capman911 says:

      Amen. Jack. I like the new picture. :cool:

      • captainjack says:

        You like the new photo?!?? That my old Second Life Avatar. I had a girl help me pick out shape and skin. I kind of wanted it to look like the real me but a bit enhanced. I never have a problem finding a date in SL. :roll:
        Song playing in my head…% Im too sexy for my car.. Im too sexy for my yacht. Im too sexy for my shirt… :roll:

  23. stokesjrj1 says:

    Yea there starting to come back now

  24. stokesjrj1 says:

    Hmm all my gravitars have disappeared after an automatic update of my avast antivirus. all except prospero811,annuddermale, nighteye,greenbush,Bob,and harveycasual . You guys must be embedded on the wordpress servers to be able for me to still view your avatars. WordPress might want to investigate a better security package than the one they are currently using.

    • annuddermale says:

      my gravatar comes from here, not WordPress. WordPress simply has a gravatar-enabled system…

      • stokesjrj1 says:

        That is who serves your gravatar, or did someone there make your gravatar for you, or do you work for them, otherwise that is not where your gravatar, came from. I did not know they provided the actually icon.

    • annuddermale says:

      that is the site that hosts my gravatar, correct…i simply uploaded the image file and that site created the gravatar…

      to recognize the gravatar, a site has to have a correctly executed gravatar plug-in…

      so perhaps there was a problem with the plug-in on the HotForWords site temporarily after the servers went down, or perhaps the servers hosting the gravatars for the members whose images remained “up” were simply closer to the HFW server and therefore the links came back up faster than for those whose servers were further away…

      or maybe it was just luck…

    • greenbush says:

      Don”t know what to say Mr. stokesjrj1. I added extra weight to my home-made gravatar so the anchor wouldn’t slip out………Yeah, I’ve been having problems logging in to reply here, many times. So I go to my msn browser, or IE7, or firefox/mozilla. I don’t know what works best because the answer always changes. But Miss HFW said about cookies, not to delete them. Not for me. I delete my cookies, temp files, run ccleaner, Mcafee cleaner, spyware check, ect. every day. So maybe the answer is in the server for HFW, as it is somewhat overloaded ( that’s why us dear students don’t have the option to rate this video any more).

  25. Chemikal says:

    If that’s you from now on… here are your future students! XD
    And they can be so… caprisious.


  26. Hey I’m new hear but I was wondering if you could tell me about the words Blaidd Ddrwg, Wales, and Welsh please. :razz: :!:

  27. jrr2602 says:

    I would rather have my “Hot for Words” lessons directly from the real Marina.

    • captainjack says:

      :mrgreen: Real as standing next to you or real as a video shot then digitized and uploaded to YT then zapped through the internet to be decoded into your computer for viewing on your computer monitor? :mrgreen:

      For me I would rather get to know how she thinks, what her thoughts are, what are her visions of her future, how she stumps me with her knowledge, etc. Hot babes are a dime a dozen. Super Smart hot babes are very rare. Hell if Marina was just a head in a jar like in the TV show Futurama. I would still be hear watching the vids. :grin:

      I’ll take Marina any form she wishes to put her self into and I’ll love every minute of it.


      • pagedoll says:

        Hey captinjack! thanks for the reply a few days ago. it seems i cant visit this site without learning something every time. i love it! i see you changed your av and because i can find humor in ALMOST everything I must tell you the first thing i thought of was good ol’ fire marshall bill. “Let me show ya somptin’”!! take a look and tell me if im wrong …please dont be made :mad: like i said its just the first thing that came to mind :smile:

      • captainjack says:

        We all learn here. Even our wonder teacher Marina. You see when we all share just a little bit if information to others we add to our collective knowledge. We are all teachers to some extent.
        Humor… Well if you can’t laugh and have fun in life then whats the point? Even in my classes I do silly stuff. Like for example you know when your teacher would throw an eraser at someone that gave a silly answer? Well I do the same thing but I throw rubber ducks. I throw it first then say “DUCK!”. It always get a laugh. Most of all it keeps the sometimes boring lectures I have to preach to the class. I should video tape a class or two. Even though the subject might not be of interest to some people but I think the show would be entertaining. :mrgreen:
        I love Jim Carrey stuff. Funny guy! :lol:

  28. georgeadams says:

    Back in the 60s-70s during the reign of sports analyst Howard Cosell, I invented a word to describe his manner of speaking, and called it “diarrhetoric”.

  29. tayljim says:

    I prefer the real thing

  30. melikadothechacha says:

    InpUt! INpuT! iNpUt!
    all the coool links!!!!
    I’m checking them all
    out – and I am VERY
    It’s like a sh*t storm
    of creativity has struck!

  31. bobsully says:

    The nothing like the real McCoy or Marina for that matter. :wink:

  32. trainerdave says:

    What? no outtakes tacked on at the end? c’mon guys, get with the program.

  33. annuddermale says:

    ‘er, okay…u’re a doll…
    always ‘ave been, so what’s a more…animated…one?… :mrgreen:

    as for smooshed together words, i like imperogative,, which my now 10-yr-old son coined last year for questions that are delivered with strong emotion (imperative interrogatives) yes, i’m sure he’s not the only one to “coin” the word. but, dabnabit, he’s my son… :wink:

    an example of an imperogative:


  34. nighteye says:

    Somehow, with the word machinima, the first thought that occurs to me is, Deus Ex Machinima.

  35. prospero811 says:

    Some cool Machinima:

    Galaxy Gulp

    Dr. Strangeman

  36. greenbush says:

    Dear Miss HFW: I agree with pagedoll and roadrunrch, poodle dogs and animation just aren’t my favorite videos. Let’s see portmanteau: I’ve never tried to mix clams with tomato, but clamato is on the store shelves. Miss/Mrs Shakira gets really hip shaken hot when someone speaks Spanglish to her. And not to many years ago Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez made a dud of a movie, together they were Benifer. Claymation also comes to mind. May I be the first to suggest that Senator Obama’s campaign of change and hope, be termed ……CHOPE We can do it! I better go back to my day job.

  37. labbatt78 says:

    I wish I go into the 3D world. My only chance to get in is in my deep sleep. :smile:

  38. pairadots says:

    I’ve always liked the words fantabulous and ginormous. There’s also rockumentary and sitcom.

  39. buzzword says:

    marina, you should have been in the new weezer, pork and beans video.

  40. ArgonTheAware says:

    I loved the video, you did a fabulous job! I did a video response to it on YouTube also to request the word Avatar since it goes along with it because most machimina use them.

    For the homework of portmanteau words Brunch is fairly common as between Breakfast and Lunch. I’m not sure this qualifies but Brangelina might someday be one.

    Keep up the fantastic work and I can’t wait for your next video!

    • Marina says:

      Saw your response ArgonTheAware.. I already downloaded it and I will look into doing a video. Thanks so much!


      • ArgonTheAware says:

        It’s my extreme pleasure, if I can be of any further help to contribute anything I’d be more than willing. I can do stuff that’s a lot more involved than just machinima.

      • melikadothechacha says:

        LOL! best “come on” line today!

      • ArgonTheAware says:

        :roll: I actually meant animation that is more complex and original than machinima like I did on this DVD :wink: Not hard to tell where some people’s minds are is it? :lol:

      • captainjack says:

        Thats fantastic Marina, as you might already know I spend a lot of time in SL (Second Life). My future plan was to move my captains classes into SL. Im networked with some of the biggest In-world developers that are helping me with such a move.

        ArgonTheAware is correct. You will find SL being the perfect platform to work in a VR world. There is a steep learning curve but if you watch the training videos from Torley Linden you should do fine.

      • captainjack says:

        Oh btw. My new avatar today is from SL. Yea I dress up as a captain in-world also. Whats wrong with playing what your really are in real life? Apparently Im not the only one. I met a few captain’s in SL that are doing the same thing. Yes I do have other outfits in SL. I have so much that I have forgotten what I have. Some of my SL friends say thats nothing compared to what they have. Thats just fine I have my 300 foot sailboat to play on.

        @Marina, It would be great if you do a vid on the word Avatar. With SL Lindens taking avatars to the extreme level in VR worlds this would make a good video. In SL we tend to shorten the word Avatar to Av. Like vid for Video, etc. We should meet up in world so we can get you some good skins, shapes, classroom, mansion, etc. Need to get ArgonTheAware to do a machinima of you until you get the hang of things.

        Oh Marina, one more thing. You can play YouTube videos in SL. Check out my friend Torley Linden’s video on how to do this.


  41. juhsepi says:

    I challenge you to find the origin of the word Corset. Gosh, I can’t imagine what you’ll be wearing if this makes the cut. . .

  42. xmorpheus3000 says:

    Lol, this was one of the coolest videos you’ve done thus far :).

  43. augie says:

    i much perfer u in person but this was done well thanxs babylious

  44. StylinAzn says:

    Hello Marina

    What is the origin of the word “Fetish” as in foot fetish and breast fetish?
    I have a fetish for you.. :lol:

  45. jwsluder says:

    I was wondering if you could explain the origins and differences of the words further & farther. It seems at times that they can be used interchangeably, but I know that they have different meanings. Please help me to understand them better.

  46. lividemerald says:

    I have to admit, I much prefer the real Marina. The video was okay in terms of explaining the term “machinima” . . . but the lip sync, intermittently flashing teeth, and disconnect between what was being said and the body language that accompanied it keep this visual art form from being of much interest to me. On the other hand, I really like the more refined CGI-humans that more or less began with “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,” continued with “Polar Express” and the more recent “Beowulf” (wouldn’t it have been wonderful if the Angelina Jolie role had gone to Marina instead?!?), and, theoretically, will return in James Cameron’s upcoming films.

    • captainjack says:

      What you don’t like to change it up a bit? Its not like she is going to disappear into the VR world and not do anymore videos of herself.

      Your going to see much more Machinima in movies because of the cost factor and ability to do things on a computer that are imposable to do in RL. One reason why things like Japanese anime is still very popular. :mrgreen:

  47. pagedoll says:

    I’m not lovin’ it. 5 stars just ’cause but this might as well have been the lesson today

    • BillyB says:

      Hey pagedoll, Marina may enjoy doing duets & some may be unlikely, but if she doesn’t try how will she know what works. Sometimes she will do something especially for you. Some duets are wrong & may give you the creeps

      welcome to sims flower duet , new for me

      See if practice paid off :???:

      • pagedoll says:

        Please dont get me wrong BillyB i agree. I just thought the cookie monster was funny :grin: I dont know to much(anything) about the whole sims thing. was that you getting married to someone in the sims world? do you control all actions in the sims or do they take over at some point?

      • BillyB says:

        I hadn’t heard the Flower Duet done by guys before. Have you got what it takes?

    • Warren says:

      Thanks for the change of pace pagedoll

    • BillyB says:

      I Know so little about most things, the sims even less, my daughter used to play around with the sims stuff before she moved out. My daughter is getting married 14th June (outdoors planned) so I guess you could say the sims version is like my wedding, if you consider who pays.(Sims’s virtualy cheeper)
      My future son on law did some claymation work & something is posted on Youtube (I can’t remember the name), but my daughter won’t leave him the time to do that anymore.
      I thought the cookie bit was funny as relates to your pic. Bob’s manamana vid wouldn’t run for me… que sera sera

  48. truespeak says:

    Hi, Hot For Words! I have a word request that I hope you can help me out with. The word is ‘cavalcade’. Is this word tied at all to the words ‘cavalry’ and ‘arcade’ (or rather the -ade ending)? Thanks!

  49. runawayscott says:

    Not a bad representation of Marina, but I think I prefer the real thing. No teacher’s pet this time?

  50. vagrantmessiah says:

    I actually have two word requests.

    “Under Thumb”
    “Sliver Tongue”

  51. xdarkwing104x says:

    There’s a saying that I’ve heard for YEARS and I’ve always wanted to know what exactly did it mean, and where it came from

    “Chickens are coming home to roost”

    For Example…..

    Thank you SOOOO much for considering this, and I’ve commented on the vid ^_^

    See ya soon :mrgreen:

  52. melikadothechacha says:

    Ritel-in or Ritel-out?
    Just bustin’ yer chops.. :mrgreen:
    Be a little patient..
    she’s still moving in
    and needs the time.

  53. scree says:

    Ahoj Marina. SPORK ~ a useful utensil.

    And word request please… ZODIAC.

  54. melikadothechacha says:

    Machinima Marina is a nimble minx – yeow! :mrgreen:
    jumping jacks on the sofa – Woo Hoo! :twisted:
    the volumetric adjustments were a tad
    interesting. is lip-synch portmaneau? :roll:
    Did Marina say “I’m hot”? :shock:
    HMMM…. fodder for a trance music loop?
    (get busy fellas – i’d like to see a link) :twisted:

  55. sniperskaya says:

    Marina, you’re a doll!
    For my assignment I offer the word “screamo”, a new age type of music from the words “scream” and “emotion”.

  56. harveycasual says:

    Hi Marina,

    I’m wondering if my bicycle art website name fits the rules for portmanteau.
    It encompasses biking and grooving… thus the name “bikengruvin”… a new word… hmmm?

    Enjoyed the video very much.
    Keep on “groovin”

    • harveycasual says:

      Ooops! mistaken link above… Don’t click it! :arrow: :shock: :!: :?:

      link to bikengruvin…

      Hey Marina… let me build you a nice bike table… say for placing all ofyour… web oscars, emmys, jewelry, phones, diamonds, gold bullion, loose change, snack bars, pokerchips, penthouse key, or whatever!

    • Bob says:

      I don’t think so, Harv.
      I believe a portmanteau word has to be composed of two words with a common sound or , at least, a common letter as a place where they morph together.
      Bike – gruvin’? Doesn’t work for me. :sad:

  57. roadrunrnch says:


  58. prospero811 says:

    Examples of Portmaneau words:

    Gerrymander (Gerry and salamander)
    Billary (for Bill and Hillary)
    Bennifer (for Ben and Jennifer) (and now every celebrity has this crap – J.Lo., LiLo, ScarJo, etc.)
    Wikipedia (wiki and encyclopedia)
    slithy (lithe and slimy from CS Lewis’ Jabberwocky)
    smog (smoke and fog)
    Reaganomics (Reagan and Economics)
    Infomercial (information and commercial)

    • melikadothechacha says:

      Kewl! totally animatronic!
      you look like the person to ask.
      Autopilot, autogyro, automobile
      i understand the first two are
      likely to be Portmaneau words,
      based upon “automatic”. OK
      Automobile is the one I wonder
      about…..What do you think?

    • prospero811 says:

      More examples:

      Hasbian (has been and lesbian)
      Manorexic (a man who looks anorexic)\
      Mansiere (man and brassiere)
      Mimbo (a male bimbo)
      Phoneme (phonetics and scheme)

  59. roadrunrnch says:

    Teach, WHAT THE F8CK ,???????????? TWO IN A ROW, IE. DOGS……………………PLEACE NO MORE …………………………………….., <<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>……..SHIT FIT……………………………….<<

  60. pirapus says:

    I didn’t think it possible to select a “least favorite” HfW video, but now I’ve done so. Please don’t cheat us this way again. I highly prefer all your other videos in which your unadulterated pulchritude shows through. IMHO.

  61. capman911 says:

    I think that was a very good likness of Marina. Lucky dude getting to ride off with her in her sports car at the end. :mrgreen:

    • melikadothechacha says:

      Really? I thought it was terrible!
      the eyes weren’t even close…
      the hair style was flat, not phat…
      and the clothes? no finesse…
      I just accept that her likeness
      in this episode is a result of
      the limited character array
      Sims 2 offers. Tony Hawk
      might be a better FMV
      platform. We could give
      Machinama Marina a
      lower lumbar tribal tatoo
      (tramp stamp) and get
      her to do the 900!

  62. Bob says:


  63. Bob says:

    After that display, the only portmanteau word I can think of is boobelicious. :twisted:

  64. Warren says:

    Thank you, Marina.
    Another very creative and funny lesson.

  65. elite_panda says:

    :mrgreen: Whats The origin of the word “Ninja”???

  66. buzzword says:

    that’s just not natural!

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