Beat Your Wife Legally, huh?

“Rule of Thumb” did the expression really come from an old English law where you could legally beat your wife?


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21 Responses to Beat Your Wife Legally, huh?

  1. pavan kumar says:


  2. pavan kumar says:


  3. Camp Kohler - Sacramento CA says:

    Your example actually disproves what you say! The distance betweeen your thumb joints is way over an inch. Camp Kohler must investigate! (Say, that’s catchy—I’d better write that down.)

    If I measure my own thumb, the distance between joints exceeds one inch by at least 25%. However if I measure the width of the joint with a micrometer, it is almost exactly one inch. Another mystery correctly solved.

  4. iluv2cutfarts says:

    Bah! How funny! I was just writing about this earlier tonight, and here it is! I distinctly remember now that this was my very first lesson from Marina. I think I was scared off when she started asking me if I had been good, and then started beating the ruler on her palm!


  5. dash says:

    Sorry Marina, but a thumb itself was the linear unit, and it was not the lower phalanx (kootje), but the upper (bovenste) phalanx.
    Are you letting your students down :sad: Or is it an intelligence test for your pupils :smile: ?

    [Duim] (lengtemaat)
    Duim, oude Nederlandse lengtemaat die ongeveer gelijk is aan de breedte van het bovenste kootje van de duim van een volwassen man. Een duim heeft afhankelijk van de streek een andere lengte.Amsterdamse duim is 2,57393636 cm (11 Amsterdamse duim is 1 Amsterdamse voet)Franse duim is 2,7 cmGelderse of Nijmeegse duim is 2,7 cmHondsbosse en Rijpse duim is 2,4 cmRijnlandse duim is 2,61 cmBij de invoering van het Nederlands metriek stelsel in 1820 werd de duim gelijk gesteld aan een centimeter, echter in 1870 werd de duim afgeschaft.

  6. leonard says:

    Rated all the measurements possible……I would never think to beat a wife. I would eat a beet. A card sent in the mail and do you still need a date? :???: :smile: :wink: I bet you think I’m crazy or what? … you are the best

    • leonard says:

      [CcAaRrdD] :???: ["Don't let the milk come to a boil !"]…an inch of rule…who’s your wife that you want to use the ruler on ? :lol:

      I’m still waiting for the card

      … :roll: I’m just [exercising my mOrAl plights]… :smile: …good job to your prinCible or parts of princibal

      whats with your spelling :twisted:

      …hope your move is a going [WeLL] :lol: mush with the room(oral) :cool:

  7. stokesjrj1 says:

    Mountain Lions native of the americas

  8. tedt says:

    Democracy is nice….. :wink:

    Btw, I was a bad student !!! :lol:

  9. javajeff says:

    So how many of you measured your “Lower” pollex, digitus primus, digitus? Mine is 1 1/2. Fun web site. I only beat my wife when she asks me to.

  10. elmic101 says:

    :twisted: Excellent!!!

  11. therist says:

    Hey candy, wanna see Macedonia? Pick me up for Valentine! :cool:

  12. StylinAzn says:

    Great Video!!! :mrgreen:

  13. highvoltedge says:

    hell darlin i dont have a date for valentines either, matter of fact i havent had one in awhile lol great site mariana

  14. bigboy88 says:

    :cool: I think that’s a dumb rule if I had a wife I would not beat cuzz I love&charish her

  15. jsmooth5atl says:

    I Choo Choo Choose You :mrgreen:

  16. quepasakoolj18 says:

    Hey Marina, sweet video as always :) I’ll be your valentine if you want!

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