America! Land of free sex?

Write your answers to other countries (or continents) named after a person here!


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  1. l-p-r says:

    …hiding behind the LLC/book…hAHa    Thesis and Dissertation anthropology/…sex   edUcation lol  UPdate!  

  2. Wow… All you need is a gootar and you can be the naked cowgirl.

    Naked cowboy supposedly makes about $3,000 dollars in tips everyday :cool:

  3. leoNard says:

    :!: :!: Happy COLUMBUS day :!: :!:

  4. Marina, America was not named after Amerigo Vespucci because of his description of the behavior of native women. America was named after him because the Europeans thought Columbus was incompetent in thinking the world is round. Columbus thought he had discovered the Indies when in fact, it was this Italian gentlemen cartographer named Amerigo who discovered and said something to the extent of “Hey, wait a minute. That’s not the Indies. That’s something else.”

  5. waw you have progressed (<-mnot sure of the word btw…) but it's funny how you just teaching whatever followers are following or not, really funny. nd

  6. jp says:

    i don’t even know who this woman is. i like your new cooler, more comfortable self better, especially since now you are freaking hilarious WHILE being educational. the lesson WAS again enlightening though, I had no idea about this at all, so funny, makes a lot of sense too, its always about marketing with desires and capturing the imagination, timeless… that scarf is hot, i want it to remember you by, those are golden skulls on it? awesome.

  7. iluv2cutfarts says:

    That scared me at the end! Almost made me cry!


  8. I can think of two countries named after persons: Colombia (Named after Cristopher Columbus) and Bolivia (Named after Simón Bolívar). But… Let me remind you that America is a continent, not just a country (the US).

    As I remember, Columbus died thinking he actually arrived to India. Vespucci was the one who realized that they were actually in a different place a new undiscovered continent… So, Columbus’s letters, besides boring, talked about India and Vespucci’s letters, besides fascinating and sexy, talked about a whole new world… Maybe because of this, the new world was named after Vespucci, not Columbus.

    I would like to see the look on my colombian friends’s face if they thought of the possibility that the whole continent would be named Colombia :P

  9. mfzb says:

    Nice lesson unfortuantly completely wrong america was infact named after Richard Ameryk, mabye you should take the time to fact check before you start recording

    • HotForWords says:

      The continent was named America in M. Waldseemüller Cosmographiae Introductio in 1507, a map of the world. Waldseemüller stated that he chose the name as the Latinized version of Amerigo’s name. That was a common practice back then in naming continents.

      The theory about Ameryk is just an alternate theory advanced by some people but not supported by anything that exists today. That theory states that Waldseemüller was aware of the name America from another map that named it that after Ameryk.. but that map does not exist and Waldseemüller didn’t agree with that. But this is history, and it’s not always 100% accurate, but it’s also not necessary to state that I didn’t fact-check. I most certainly did. The story I stated is the most accepted among historians.

      • beevee14 says:

        I had never heard of Richard Ameryk before mfzb’s rude comment. I had to Google.

        Moral: You never know where you are going to get your learning from, so be ready! :mrgreen:

        • leonard says:

          Now I ask you……beevee14!!!Cheers to the new yEar…Two thousand and ten to you :cool: The Apache Dance was first reported as a domestic street fight between two men and a woman in the ‘Montmart section’ of Paris in the front of a night club that was indirectly responsible for the name “Apache.” A local Parisian gazette journalist reported that “The fury of a riotous incident (a fight) between two men and a women rose to the ferocity of savage Apache Indians in battle.”…just preserving more history —–of the– HOTFORWORDS…Marina rUlEs ;-)

      • leonard says:

        :oops: :mrgreen: :lol: Right On_-_-_-_-_-_:::::::::_-_-_-_-_-_[SISTER] :lol: :mrgreen: :oops:

        America where are you now?”steppEnwolf



        [][][] :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: All for GOOD…if ya did not listen…read…by John KayOnce the religious, the hunted and weary
        Chasing the promise of freedom and hope
        Came to this country to build a new vision
        Far from the reaches of kingdom and pope
        Like good Christians, some would burn the witches
        Later some got slaves to gather riches

        But still from near and far to seek America
        They came by thousands to court the wild
        And she just patiently smiled and bore a child
        To be their spirit and guiding light

        And once the ties with the crown had been broken
        Westward in saddle and wagon it went
        And ’til the railroad linked ocean to ocean
        Many the lives which had come to an end
        While we bullied, stole and bought our a homeland
        We began the slaughter of the red man

        But still from near and far to seek America
        They came by thousands to court the wild
        And she just patiently smiled and bore a child
        To be their spirit and guiding light

        The blue and grey they stomped it
        They kicked it just like a dog
        And when the war over
        They stuffed it just like a hog

        And though the past has it’s share of injustice
        Kind was the spirit in many a way
        But it’s protectors and friends have been sleeping
        Now it’s a monster and will not obey

        The spirit was freedom and justice
        And it’s keepers seem generous and kind
        It’s leaders were supposed to serve the country
        But now they won’t pay it no mind
        ‘Cause the people grew fat and got lazy
        And now their vote is a meaningless joke
        They babble about law and order
        But it’s all just an echo of what they’ve been told
        Yeah, there’s a monster on the loose
        It’s got our heads into a noose
        And it just sits there watchin’

        Our cities have turned into jungles
        And corruption is stranglin’ the land
        The police force is watching the people
        And the people just can’t understand
        We don’t know how to mind our own business
        ‘Cause the whole worlds got to be just like us
        Now we are fighting a war over there
        No matter who’s the winner
        We can’t pay the cost
        ‘Cause there’s a monster on the loose
        It’s got our heads into a noose
        And it just sits there watching

        America where are you now?
        Don’t you care about your sons and daughters?
        Don’t you know we need you now
        We can’t fight alone against the monster

  10. michael r says:

    i love America even more now lol

  11. leonard says:


    *****BLOOD OF CORTES*!*(1485-1547)*!* is ALIVE*****What was the re-named(christian) of “Indian”(Mayan)” maiden who aided brother Hernando?….answer is MARINA…*****10*****

    …brother CORT’ES died in Spain, neglected by the court. :evil: :sad: :mad: :shock: Got any ham?…Johnny Cash – Sixteen Tons
    **$**!***$***!**$**Johnny Cash – Oh, Lonesome Me :lol:

  12. darlingj says:

    What a great and interesting lesson, with equally great intelligent participation from the class!

  13. Amini Meisam says:

    I,m meisam amini of iran :razz: :oops:

  14. mrroil says:

    Don’t know of any countries named after people…

    But Washington State and Washington D.C. were both named after George Washington.

  15. loudfighter says:

    I listen in the school this word! :razz:

  16. leonard says:

    two continents: north and south………south africa must have been named after an african? a Rhodes dumbass I mean scholar…merry xmas :lol: gota go

  17. temlord says:

    Нет, ну мне нравится этот проект,… когда простая учительница Русского языка и литературы объясняет басурманам на их же басурманском языке происхождение их слов.
    …как сейчас помню свои уроки русского языка 4-го, 5-го, и 6-го, классов , когда наша учительница делала тоже самое для нас. Спасибо Вам мои учителя! (((что мы не выросли пиндосами)))

    К стати она была тоже красива и молода.

    З.Ы. So pindosas take the shoot under the weist.

  18. charlieinau08 says:

    Don’t know if that scarf is working for you … but it does highlight certain aspects =] I’d like to see a style competition between you and hotforprofits.

  19. wapiti7718 says:

    It’s not just the message, but how it is written, so the reader may connect their emotions that makes the difference.

  20. magix says:

    That’s remarkable, considering how highly praised the Native Americans are by some of us (Americans I mean).

  21. mijj says:

    Is it possible the generally recognised story of the origin of the name for “America” is false?

    According to info below (not cross checked in any way), it is likely that America was actually named after “Richard Amerike” – a patron of Cabot.

    Not only that, but it’s likely that the Stars and Stripes flag design is based upon Richard Amerike’s coat of arms.

    [The Naming of America - Richard Amerike]

    snips …

    When Cabot’s voyage of discovery was proposed, Amerike donated more money than anyone else to funding the construction of the ship. is also probable that, as the chief sponsor of the Matthew’s voyage, and with Cabot’s wife and children then living, at his instigation, in a house belonging to a close friend, Amerike sought reward for his patronage by asking that any new-found lands should be named after him.

    Since the flag of the United States of America is based on the design of Amerike’s coat of arms, it is more than probable that its origins lie with Amerike and not with George Washington, whose family also bore arms of the Stars and Stripes. According to the American Flag Research Centre in Massachusetts the heraldic origin of the American flag is not positively known; archives in the British Library confirm that the Stars and Stripes was the coat of arms of the Ap Merike family – and that they pre-date Washington’s connection with the continent by 300 years.

    • mijj says:

      a brief rough outline of this info is on this video clip of part of an episode of QI:

      5:20 into [Qi - Series 3 - Episode 8 (part 3)]

    • pedantickarl says:

      Hi mijj, I concur with everything you say, but I might rewrite the following phrase: “… origin of the name for “America” is false?”

      What I might say instead is this: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”.

      I’ve done a lot of research into this area some years ago, and forgive me for not having my notes in front of me, and I do concur with what you say. From what I remember, John Cabot landed on the mainland what we now call America, about two weeks before Columbus.

      John Cabot should have been given credit for discovering America, but as it turns out, political expediency and persuasion and other underhanded acts caused history to take some interesting turns. How does it go, “The winners of wars and B.S. get to write the history books”.

      I think there are countless other cases where this is so. I understand that the Germans had the radio before Marconi, but Marconi is recognized as the inventor of the radio. On and on it goes.

      History can be cruel sometimes as it is not always the first act that gets recognition, but he who acts first to get recognized.

      Perhaps, Marnia can offer her perspective as well.

      • mijj says:

        yes .. very often .. it’s a simplified history for the masses.

        and it doesnt stop there.

        i think in any field of learning there’s the simplified version for the masses where facts are clear, simple and in no doubt.

        e.g. in physics, there’s the big bang theory .. the version for the masses is that this is the established and agreed theory for the origin of the universe. Whereas, in actual fact, evidence to support this theory is thin, and there’s lots of theories to explain other *actual* phenomena which would have to be abandoned in order for the big bang theory to tie up. … etc etc.

        I think really .. it’s about giving the impression to the masses that those authorities of learning are almost god-like in their command of information. .. not that i doubt this is true in M’s case.

  22. itsugo says:

    Columbia or Colombia, a Latin American country located at the northern part of South America… what is funny about that, is that Colombia was named after Christopher Columbus, but America wasn’t .

    (Oh, and here women didn’t have sex with everybody, they were a little bit more, uh… monogamous.)

  23. maahin says:

    how about the continent Africa, or is that i bit too difficult???

  24. lostforwords says:


    Dans ce clip, tes épaules et tes bras sont super. Ils paraient élégants parce que bien définis—ce qui est exquis. Je te fais ces compliments parce que je veux que tu saches que j’apprécie les détails de tous ce que tu fais pour te rendre plus séduisante. Ta coiffure est aussi extra.

  25. mystere says:

    CANADA!KA-NA-TAActually when Canada was discovered the settlers were told by the native Indians that they teepees were called KANATA. The settlers were actually asking what the land/country was called. They mistakenly thought it was Kannada and thus came the name Canada!;)

    I know I know you were talking about America, but you should doa segment about Canada Marina :mrgreen:


  26. alghol says:

    Al-Idrisi’s books ‘Nuzhat al-Mushtaq fi Ikhtiraq al-Afaq,’(The Delight of Him Who Desires to Journey Through The Climates);’Rawd-Unnas wa-Nuzhat al-Nafs’ (Pleasure of Men and Delight of Souls)

  27. alghol says:

    salam alikoum,it’s illogical to name a continent after a first name, here’s my contribution:AL-IDRISI (Dreses),He is also known by his short name Al-Sharif Al-Idrisi al-Qurtubi,was born in 1099 C.E. in Ceuta, Spain.Al-Idrisi is best known in the West as a geographer, who made a globe of silver sphere weighing 400 kilograms for King Roger II of Sicily, he mentioned a name of a continent located beyond Atlantic ocean “Al Mariqa” , in arabic means the farthest.Al Mariqa becomes America

  28. donfelipegonzales says:

    Dear teacher
    Yes, another mystery solved by the trusty &. Thank you. A very interesting and incredible story.
    Well, it is a little bit late but Colombia in South America.
    Don Felipe Gonzales

  29. rreppy says:

    Was Amerigo Vespucci the cousin of Simonetta Vespucci, the concubine of Lorenzo Medici and the model for Botticelli’s masterpiece, “Venus Rising from the Sea” (you know- the one on the seashell)? That would be interesting, since both Vespuccis hold fame due to a sexual connotation.
    Also, even with your explanation – why isn’t America called “Vespucciland”?
    ( Note – I just have to comment on how much I enjoy your wonderful sense of humor. You crack me up! Like the “abracadabra” video where you show the little clip of you dancing in a bikini – very nice, by the way – then comment “Oh my god! It works!”. I laughed till I cried. How did you know that’s what we were all wishing for? )

  30. awesomewayne says:

    My dear Marina,

    Rhodesia, was named after, I believe his first name, is Cecial Rhodes; ” the Rhoades Scholers” which was created by him, and today, we have Idiots, running around, thinking they are educated; getting themselves and everyone else in trouble, one of the greatest examples is Bill Clinton.

    Russia has Ivan the terrible, well America, has Bill the Terrible.

  31. roachmeistercom says:

    This is a peculiarly boring and monotonous comment thread given the subject matter — free sex.

    Is there some particular reason why a woman who sleeps around is “equal”? That sounds like a bunch of 21st century wishful thinking to me.

  32. agentofchaos says:

    Europe is named after Europa a woman in Greek mythology who was abducted by Zeus. According to Homer she was a mythical Queen of Crete. See this link for more details:

    According to Josephus, Africa was derived from Epher a grandson of Abraham, although this etymology is probably incorrect. The ancient Greeks seemed to think that Asia was named after the wife of Prometheus, although again this folk etymology is probably erroneous. Wikipedia has more details:

    In Australia, the state of Victoria is named for Queen Victoria, and Adelaide, capital of South Australia, is named for Queen Adelaide, consort of William IV (if I recall correctly).

    Will your report card be nice and sexy? :smile:

  33. billhug says:

    Great Britain was named after Herbie Great Britain, a 4th century gay florist.

    • jafstraycat says:

      I thought that he was Herbie “The Great” Britain. Besides being a florist he was also known around the land as “The Flatulent Flautist”.

  34. daswort says:

    I found this: Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia (an african country), was named after James Monroe, president of the United States

  35. jevman87 says:

    Bermuda was named after Juan De Bermudez
    China was named after Quin Shi Huang
    Israel was named after Jacob
    The Cook Islands were name after Captain James Cook
    Bolivia was named after Simon Bolivar
    and last but not least Saudi Arabia was named after Muhammed Bin Saud
    these are the ones i know

  36. BillyB says:

    Would’t it be harder to name a country, or place or even street thats not named after somebody?

    • mattgoffriller says:

      now that you mention it there is a street in Damascus that is called ‘Straight’ (in Arabic of course) since it is unusually straight for a street in Damascus. so it would not be named after someone. but then there is my favorite not-named-after-a-person-street, Vienna’s Ringstrasse. i assure you it is named that because it runs in a circle or ring and not because it was named after a writer friend of F. Scott Fitzgerald. :wink:

    • jafstraycat says:

      Come to think of it…
      Main St. was named after John Q. Main
      1st St. was named after John Q. 1st
      2nd St. was named after John Q. 2nd

      Sorry… those were just terrible.
      But seriously there’s actually a lot:

      Australia is from australis “southern,” from auster “south wind”.
      Antartica is obvious.
      Greenland and Iceland
      Most of South America

      Actually, all of the names of these places are descriptions of them.
      Such as Canada from the word kanata, which in Huron (an Iroquoian language of eastern Canada) meant “village.”
      Or how about Chicago which was first recorded as Chigagou, an Algonquian word meaning “onion field.”

      Sorry about going on and on about this. I suffer from etymological desires!


  37. sgtduckie77 says:

    Liechtenstein is named after then Liechtenstein dynasty,

  38. tomping61 says:

    :mrgreen: :arrow: :roll: everyone else just about covered anything i could think of.oh well!

  39. vginatarian says:

    Britain is named after King Brutus from Trijan heritage, who was the son of King Silvius & the grandson of Ascanius & the great great grandson of King Aeneas. After the loss of the Trojan war, Ascanius’s goal was to create a new Troy. After he founded Alba on the Tiber river, came Brutus then leaving Italy (banished for unknowingly killing his parents) Brutus unites with Trojan exiles & setteled on an island north of Gaul (France) & named it Britain. Of course there’s a great deal of events that happend in between the lives of the Great-great grand father Aeneas & Brutus…we just dont have time for it.


  40. jafstraycat says:

    How many are there? Wow… so many!
    The obvious first one is Columbia after Christopher Columbus.

    From there the list goes on and on. How about:
    Saudi Arabia – Muhammad bin Saud

    How about all the saints:
    Saint Helena – Saint Helena
    Saint Kitts and Nevis – Saint Christopher
    Saint Lucia – Saint Lucy
    Saint Pierre and Miquelon – Saint Peter
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Saint Vincent of Saragossa
    San Marino – Saint Marinus

    • jiro says:

      notice in all the countries you listed, why does “the philippines” have the word “the” and the other country with “the” is “the united states of america.”

      Why is that?

      Well they call saudi arabia “the kingdom” but that’s entirely different.

    • jafstraycat says:

      This is because the Phillippines are an archipelagic nation which comprises 7,107 islands. They were formerly called the Philippine Republic (still “the”). I would have to say that “the” refers to a plural such as “The Soviet Union”. Of course this doesn’t work with UAE (United Arab Emirates). Go figure!

      As far as “the Kingdom” is concerned… good flick!

    • jafstraycat says:

      PS… I guess this theory doesn’t lend itself to all of the other archipelagos I listed! So rather than baffle you with my BS any further I should just cop to the fact that I wrote it as I think of it. That is to say that I think of it as THE Phillippines!!


  41. vginatarian says:

    In response to Kirby Harrison about Columbus.
    Yes you can say that you have indeed “discovered” or more appropriately “learned something new”. But you cannot claim that you alone have discovered it or anyone else before you has not. Therefore Columbus did not discover north America he simply learned of its location.

  42. Hope you didn’t get a lot of negative feedback to your mention that Columbus “discovered” America. Some of the politically correct crowd will deny this, asking with much indignantion how he could have “discovered” a land that had already been “discovered” by its indigenous peoples. My response to that is simple. Several times a week, I “discover” the origin and/or meaning of a new word from my trusty teacher hotforwords. The fact that hotforwords and thousands, perhaps millions, of people had already discovered this origin and/or meaning does not negate the fact that I have now “discovered” it.

  43. vegasgsxr750 says:

    Britain – derivative of Brutus’ Land where “-tan” meant “-land”
    Europe for Europa of Greek mythology fame.
    Many US states like Pennsylvania, Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, Washington

  44. mattgoffriller says:

    actually an official name (recognized in its constitution) of the country India is Bharat. Bharat is named after Bharata a legendary early king.

    • matalexwolf says:

      Thank you Mattgoffriller, I didn’t know that! I shall read up more on India and King Bharat. I would so love to go there one day.

      Best, matalexwolf

    • mattgoffriller says:

      glad you were amused. i would also like to visit India some time. next trip abroad looks more like Greece and Italy.


  45. matalexwolf says:

    Loved the homework Marina and Tut! Naughty America also!
    Hmmm, so got thinking…..

    Some of the places I’ve been too:-
    Alice Springs, Sir Charles Todd
    Brisbane, Sir Thomas Brisbane
    Darwin, Charles Darwin
    Mackay, John Mackey
    Melbourne, William Lamb, Lord Melbourne.

    Kingston Jamacia, King William 3rd of England

    New Zealand,
    Wellington, The Duke of Wellington

    Telford, Sir Thomas Telford
    Ormskirk, Orme, Viking Chief dude.

    Ferney Voltaire, Voltaire

    Couldn’t find much relating to Asia however Cambodia for example, is from the meaning ‘of dark skin’, plus many more through out Asia but, no names! Such is the amazingly rich history of the East……….

    …and some places I would love to go to:-

    Papa New Guinea,
    Port Moresby, Sir Fairfax Moresby

    Colon, Christopher Columbus

    Port Louis, Louis XV of France

    Bodh Gaya, Buddha

    Gagarin, Yury Gagarin
    Pushkin, Aleksandr Pushkin
    Lomonostov, Mikhail Lermontov
    Soul partner, Marina

    Hong Kong,
    Belcher Bay, Edward Belcher

    Georgetown, King George 3rd

    Alexandria, Alexander the Great

    Karlovac, Charles 2nd of Austria

    Victoriaville Qubec
    Victoria, British Columbia
    Regina, Saskatchewan, by, The Queen Victoria.
    Vancouver – Cpt. George Vancouver

    Hamilton, Henry Hamilton

    Speightstown, William Speight.

    and not to forget, the US of A
    Austin, Texas – Stephen F Austin
    San Jose, Saint Joseph.

    Thanx Marina, looking forward to more Brain Candy!

  46. fat says:

    I would say that “Nicaragua” comes from the name of the speaking tribe ( Nicarao ) which inhabited the shores of Lago de Nicaragua !

    Am I right?

  47. veritanuda says:

    Ahhh I think you are all overlooking the most obvious one. Marinastasia, which since the unification of Krasota and Umnaya in 2007 became the Lexicon Republic. A rich and productive country know for it’s friendly educated people and breathtaking mountainous features. A country well worth visiting, though I am told emigration is tough :)

  48. bloddnthunder says:

    Scotland is supposedly named after an Egyptian Princess named Scota who some believe settled there after fleeing Egypt, though there’s little in recorded history to prove it.

  49. Beta-guy says:

    I never get to say this stuff first but… Solomon Islands I was also thinking of Monrovia but after looking it up it’s a city not a country :p

  50. slipperynoodle20 says:

    OK, I’m putting in Bolivia(Simon Bolivar) which now seems too easy. In my defense, I put it in about 24 hours ago at the hotforwords site because this com
    ment area wasn’t yet available. Not sour grapes, just want my report card.
    Thanks for another 5 star lesson.
    Your Faithful Student

  51. Qermaq says:

    Aw, all the easy ones are taken. How about the Marshall Islands, named for British Captain John Marshall.

  52. regken says:

    Yep – just confirmed about St. Francis of Assisi from Wikipedia:
    Spanish colonists first settled in northern New Mexico in 1598. Don Juan de O

  53. regken says:

    OK, I know we are supposed to be naming countries or continents, but a few have listed cities, so here is one more — Santa Fe, as in the State of New Mexico, USA is a reference to St. Francis. I assume this is Saint Francis of Assisi …

  54. bigboy88 says:

    North and south AMERICA

  55. wikipedianerd says:

    Bermuda was named after Juan de Berm

  56. elmic101 says:

    Cook Island after captain James Cook
    Israel after Jacob’s name was changed to father a nation.

  57. kenperry says:

    Saudi Arabia, Israel

  58. badboy says:

    The country of Scotland has a legend called the “Scotichronicon”. The legend goes to tell of a Greek prince named Gaythelos, who was banished from Greece. Him and his Egyptian wife named Scota moved and settled in Spain. Their son Hiber founded the island of Ireland, and called Scotland, ‘Scotia’ after his mother.
    The Gaelic language comes from the Greek prince Gaythelos, which all say ‘Scotti’.

  59. badboy says:

    The word Greek comes form the Latin Graecus that comes from the Greek word Graikos. ‘Graeci’ was the original name for the Greek people (‘g’ pronounced as ‘y’ in the word ‘yea’!). Graikos is the name of an 8th century BC Boeotian tribe. The new name for Greece, ‘Hellas’ came during the new starting Christian movement who called them ‘heathens’ as others in turn were called ‘barbarians’. In Greek, ‘Hellas’ means the English word ‘Greek’.

    In some kind of sense, I still don’t understand why the word ‘Hellas’ means ‘Greek’,
    because can you just not say ‘Graeci’ too?

  60. t0nyburton says:

    The Solomon Islands were named after King Solomon.

  61. clarsct says:


    Well, I knew Bolivia, Washington, Georgia, Virginia, New York, after the Duke of York. Carolina, north and south. El Salvador is ‘our Savior’ which may refer to Christ, but is not a true eponym. The Bering straights and sea. St. Petersburg, both in Florida and in Russia.
    Maryland was named after Queen Mary. Pennsylvania is ‘Penn’s woods’, named after William Penn.
    Pittsburg was also named after a guy, but I am fuzzier on it.

  62. 13r4d says:

    ooh..and St. Lucia is named after St. Lucy

  63. 13r4d says:

    Columbia – Named after Christopher Columbus ( least he got 1 country)

  64. starlinej says:

    The country of Saint Helena was named after, believe it or not, Saint Helena.

  65. Dassiswas says:

    I hope I’ll get an A+++ for linking the list

    Hope I don’t spoil it all :( :oops:

  66. sgtduckie77 says:

    Israel was another name for the patriarch Jacob. And the Philippines were named for King Philip II of Spain.

  67. darthdidious says:

    Well, Rome was named after the legend of Romulus and Remus. Then there’s Alexandria, named for Alexander the Great.

  68. trajan says:

    El Salvador… named for Jesus Christ… the Savior…
    Nicaragua… I believe Nica was a native leader, and agua is obviously water. I believe that Nicaraqua essentially means Nica’s water, which refers to lake Nicaragua… so like Chad, it is named for a lake, and the lake’s name is derived in part from a person’s name.

    I believe part of Rwanda and Zimbabwe used to form the state of Rhodesia… that was named for Cecil Rhodes… It no longer exists as a state.

    Of course the Roman empire was ostensibly named after one of the fabled brothers, Romulus and Remus. Guess which one?

    Lots of city names are eponyms…

    Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)
    San Francisco
    San Diego
    San Jose
    St. Paul

  69. ccstew22 says:

    I had said Bolivia for Simon Bolivar first on youtube!

  70. trajan says:

    Bolivia … named for Simon Bolivar.

  71. Maxim1990 says:

    Tasmania was named after Abel Tasman, Colombia was named after Christopher Colombus.
    That’s all I can think of right now ;)
    Keep it up! =D

  72. China was named for Qin Shi Huang who was king of the Chinese State of Qin from 247 BCE to 221 BCE (officially still under the Zhou Dynasty), and then the first emperor of a unified China from 221 BCE to 210 BCE.

  73. jsmooth5atl says:

    The Republic of Chad is named after Lake Chad or Lac Tchad in French :)

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