Random Press

Here is some very early random press that I received. Also be sure to check out my TV and Radio appearances as well as more recent press!


Right Celebrity Marina is “Hot for Words”

Softpedia – Marina… the hottest YouTube attraction

AOL Video Videologist Chief of Staff Pick – Women’s Dictionary

California Medicine Man – Expanding Your Vocabulary With HotForWords

Student Operated Press – Vestige of the Vox Populi

Cool Stuff To Look At – Not your typical philologist

Marina is Hot for Words
Marina Is Strictly A YouTube Phenomenon

Sandi Black – Homage to Hot For Words & BadTV.com – Our New Noises

Watch the REALLY funny video here. HotForNoises

DanielPhillip.com – Paris And Marina Discuss and Oxymoron; A Definition

CheapBlueGuitar – Is it wrong that Daniel and I are hot for HotForWords?

Excite (In Italian) – Sul web arriva la sexy insegnante di inglese

La Cueva del Lobo – Hotforwords tiene website

YouTube – Sxephil Rescues Hotforwords cartoon

Memory, Making, Meaning – Essential learning, plus entertainment

Shadowscope – Origins of Halloween

YouTubeStars – Happy Halloween!

Lost In Translation – sexy YouTube philologist Lost In Translation

Crazy Adventure – Etymology of Nightmare

Igor – Duct Tape or Duck Tape?

AAOOGAA – Hey Guys!

The Latest At YouTube – Where Did The Word ‘Blooper’ Come From? The Latest

White Noise – What about that accent…..

The Clever Cynic – Learning was never so much fun.:D Clever Cynic

my-tube – “Nightmare”: Hotforwords explains

Mooch.info – HotForWords Mooch

Erorincho Hida Ch お手軽に・・ erorincho.hida-ch

wikiHow – How to Film Videos With a Video Camera and Put Them on Youtube

The Presurfer – Hot For Words

WrestleWithJimmy.net – VOD – Women’s Dictionary from HotForWords

The F Drive – Learning Is Half The Beauty Frameshift

Mysticalforest – Can You Read? Mystical Forest

Legion of Decency – LAZY SUNDAY #11: HOT FOR WORDS� legion of decency

Z V Magazine – Hot For Words

dece?blog – Too Hot For Words

Fok – Hot For Words…

Leuk is anders – HotForWords

Morningstarr.co.uk – Your top 5 ‘fitties’

Israeli Blog – HotForWords Israel

Greek Blog – HotForWords Greek

And another Greek Blog – Internetakias.gr Ωρα για μάθημα internetakias

Indiecent Music – Hot For Words Indiecent_Music

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