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  1. leonard says:

    Word games with history. History with word games. Language is name calling. Name calling is language. Pointing me to give you that. Xmas is every day. :razz:

  2. stolla2009 says:


  3. regken says:

    Thank you for the Holiday Card. I love your words, and you rock. I look forward to the New Year’s card. Your skills are excellent. Keep up the good work. You’ve come a long way, and we are going to see great things from you in the future.
    Greetings from America’s midwest –

  4. BillyB says:

    Hi Marina, thanx for the card & the work you put into the vids. Can’t wait for the next lesson & reading the comments & arguments they evoke (even ignite). Hope for success for you in all your endevors. The number of responses your lessons get tells us you’re doing something right. Keep it classy & Mysterious.

    Canadian greetings eh :!:

  5. desdub says:

    “..and I hope..” (bloody keyboard :roll: )

  6. desdub says:

    Thanks for the card Marina,

    I’ve loved your lessons through the year and can’t wait until class starts next year.

    I wish you all the best for the festive season an I hope the new year brings you everything you desire.


  7. bobizizou87 says:

    Thank you for the card. Have agreat holidays Marina.

  8. riffslade says:


    Thank you so much for the card :) Very cool way to brighten the holiday season. Great job on the vids. Some of the origins are really interesting.

    Have a great Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!

    BTW, what is the origin of ‘yule’ such as with yuletide and yule log?

  9. rvltn206 says:

    Your YouTube videos are fascinating, and so are you! Just got the Christmas card email. Wow!!! You really should be on cable/satellite TV or PBS orsomething. Bill Nye the Science guy has nothing on you! Get an agent if you don’t have one would be my best advice other than give your life to Jesus of Nazareth if you never have. He’s the way, and the truth, and the life!!!! That’s my area of expertise. I have a degree in religion. Keep up the excellent work. And ple-e-ease try to get work in real television!

  10. kokaki says:

    Hi Marina,

    greetings from hong kong!

    there seems to be a problem registering for a holiday card from you :shock:
    anyway, i have just signed up with this site minutes ago, and i loved your videos, they’re all great. thank you so much.

    Happy Holidays!


  11. stacy_a_lbc says:

    Is this the place to post the origin of names? If so, …. my first name is Stacy, which is an English derivation of the Greek name Anastasia, from which we also get the English name Anna or Anne. The Greek word means “return from death” or “resurrection.” (I’ve had enough close-calls myself, so the name is very fitting for me, I think). The name is traceable to St. Anastasia, a 3rd Century A.D. Serbian saint who was martyred in the very last Roman persecution of Christians under Emperor Diocletian. (The next Emperor, Constantine, adopted Christianity as the Roman state religion, effectively ending the long practice of feeding Christians to lions. — ouch!) She was known as a potion expert, herbalist, and venom-antidote concocter, so perhaps she got the name Anastasia from her abilities to bring snake-bite victims back from (near-)death.

    Is it okay to do the “investigating” for you? If not, then pretend I just asked for where my name comes from! in any event, I admire your podcasts, especially your keeping things focused on Words, and the idea (that I totally subscribe to myself) that you can be a hot chick and be intelligent and educated without compromising your hot-ness! :)

  12. patrick lee says:

    :lol: :lol: Wow! A splendid job!

  13. jools182 says:

    Hey wheres my card? :smile:

  14. jedisanders says:

    My name is Sean. The name sean comes from the route name john. The spelling of my name is Irish. At comment

  15. ak says:

    Why does the word Valet end with a “t”?
    Shouldnt Cafe also end with a “t”?
    Just curious.

  16. jo_le_rigolo says:

    Thanks for all the things we learn!! ;)

  17. sonic says:

    Thanks for the unique kind of education. I hope the Christmas card is full of surprise!

  18. houston says:

    :grin: Marina, I know this is about english language but I have been telling a lot of friends about you ’cause our first language is not english and questions about the origin of some english words are hard to avoid, that’s why: good job!!! thx for explaining what some people think that “it’s always been like that!” (and, I can’t wait to get the christmas card!)

  19. fab-one says:

    This is a great thing
    :grin: :wink:

  20. :arrow: I was checking out the website and noticed that it said, and I quote, “Not your typical philologist :-).” But that is wherein the problem lies, because I know not of any other philologists so I am just going to have to believe you on that. You are officially the number one person, HotForWords, on my list of Renegade Philologists :!: , and actually now that I think of it, you are also number one on my list of Philologists :!: , not just on my list of Renegade Philologists. So way to you, I must say. :!:

  21. says:

    This is the best combination I’ve ever had: Sexy girl plus intelligence.

  22. sportsfreak says:

    Your videos are very interesting, and you are very smart and very hot.

  23. berserk says:

    Hi Marina

    Just want to say marry Christmas and a happy new year from lule

  24. mistasean7 says:

    thank you very much for making learning fun. :shock:

  25. topdollar1974 says:

    :cry: I have not gotten a card from you.

  26. sirius91 says:

    Hi Marina
    I just want to say, that I love your show soooooo much!!!!!

    its so interesting and i love it to learn english with a teacher like you do;)

    i wish you Marry Christmas and a happy new year.

    From zurich, switzerland

  27. aptsa says:

    Hello from Greece Marina. :lol:
    I enjoy all your videos on u-tube (really great work) and I would like to wish you Merry Christmas.
    (I would also love to have your Christmas/Holiday card. :grin: :razz: )
    Kisses for now!

  28. jadie-lo says:

    Hey Marina.

    Podcasts, WoW! you download straight to my pc and I can take you everwhere!! :grin:
    Keep up the great work your doing, I enjoy watching your videos and educating myself all at the same time!

    O, could you help with the history of the word DOG, here in england we have a genlteman named Stephen Fry, very well known for his use of the english language but even he doesn’t know where this word originates from, apparently it just appeared!!

    Festive holidays and happy new year,
    Love, hugs and kisses, Jadie-Lo. :grin: Xx

  29. jetdrvr says:

    I sure hope my Xmas card comes with a picture :!: and an explaination of the word Christmas. Also, where does Xmas come from?

  30. albenis says:

    Hi there beauty :wink: you speak perfect and your pronnounce is great. This is good, having a personal beauty teacher always with interesting topics. :cool: i was wondering about the christmas card hehe how would it be? regards marina. :cool:

  31. aileen says:

    I really enjoy all your discussions of words. Your pieces are so much fun to watch. You should be part of a class in schools for children. I’ll bet they would pay more attention! lol It’s really nice to stretch the old brain. There’s always a new connection somewhere. And an old one.

  32. marina says:

    Thanks everyone.. I’m trying to figure out how to reply to specific comments… I will install that shortly!

  33. TedYB says:

    Hi Marina,
    Fun learning from you investigations! And yes

  34. fanofmarina says:


    Congrats on the success of your video series. With your beauty and your accent, you make learning new vocabulary very exciting. Keep up the great work and much success to you in 2008. Have a very Merry Christmas :wink:

  35. mongoose301 says:

    you should post some of your photos on this website :roll:

  36. azloth says:

    Hello Marina,
    Just wanted to add my compliments to all the others here. I am a huge word lover myself and I watch your videos regularly now. I have also spread the word to several of my friends who are becoming fast addicted to you as well. A common sentence now is,”Hey, what was the word this week?”.

    I would like to make one request, but not for a word. I would love to hear one or two sentences of you speaking in your first language. Your accent makes me want to melt.

    Forever your fan,

  37. pongman says:

    So tell us how did you ever get involved with words? I mean you could have been a movie star or a Victoria Secret model but seriously what made you decide to pursue words?

  38. metalalcoholica says:

    I’ve never had a female teacher looking like you. Where are you coming from, Marina? From Sweden?

  39. lithuaniamania says:

    OK Marina. I’m ready to attend your first “HappySlip” style Meet n Greet. When can I expect the bash to occur? And, of course, I’ll need your address along with your phone number just in case the cabby gets lost. :cool: Say what? A snowball in WHERE? :shock:

  40. volumexx says:

    Can you explain why “bicentennial” means two hundred years, while “bimonthly” means twice a month as well as every two months (according to Webster’s)?

  41. vody says:

    Could you explain why barrel makers were called coopers?
    Oh, and you are doing a great job!

  42. tomallen825 says:

    I’m so happy that I stumbled accross your site. Marina you are GREAT :!: :!: :grin:

  43. mityaj says:

    Hi Marina! What’s the relationship between words “persimmon” (a fruit) and “parsimony” (frugality) or do they just sound similar? :smile:
    Keep up the good education!

  44. untamed903 says:

    You are wonderful Marina. Thank you for educating us with your brains and beauty. I have a request for you to research. In the spirit of the Christmas season. Where did “Hot Chocolate” get its start? Have a Merry Christmas Marina. I’m wishing for you in my stocking this year, lol.

  45. raptortzx says:

    Realy great videos, and this website was a good idea too :grin: Keep up the good work!

    Greetz from Hungary

  46. donald7948 says:

    Marina, if I watch all your videos will I be able to get a SHEEPSKIN from HotforWords University? Also why does the term sheepskin refer to a diploma? Thanks Marina, here’s a virtual apple for your desk.

  47. guildenstern14 says:

    hotforwords, is it true that the word chocolate comes from aztec?

  48. guildenstern14 says:

    oh,! also i was wondering about the origins of some christmas words, like bauble, tinsel, fir (tree), and manger. thanks i wonder if other people are interested in christmas word etymologies :grin:

  49. guildenstern14 says:

    i take latin, and your werewolf etymology was very interesting to me (vir!) ! ^_^
    do you think you could investigate the origins of my username, guildenstern, ? thanks so much! youre a good role model

  50. sheehan8286 says:

    Marina, you make word etymology exciting. I saw your last video and thought I should add some more eponyms: Benedict Arnold, Achilles Heel, Adam’s apple, and Code Adam, if you are familiar with department store lingo. What is the origin of the phrase “nest egg”, since it pertains to a large sum of money?

  51. srspeer says:

    I’d like to know the meaning behind the word Speer.The origin of the name and it’s meaning.

  52. myeng says:

    ow and I’m from Belgium,almost forgot to say :mrgreen:
    you are East-european?

  53. myeng says:

    You arz f*ck*** beautifull girl. I like blue eyes^^
    Nice videos too, why do we don’t get a teacher like you at school :cry:

  54. erik069 says:

    It’s a cool idea and you are doing a great job. Funny, interesting and seductive at the same time. Keep up the good work. Btw, I love your accent. A simulated Russian accent? East European in any case. I love it ! Take care. A big thums up from Belgium.

  55. markpugh says:

    I am not sure about other countries but here in the U.S. we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway. Where did these words come from and why is that? by the way, your videos are awesome!

  56. kashyyykster says:

    Marina, looking forward to my Christmas card. In you latest vid you asked for more eponyms. Here are a few I can think of — Quisling, Benedict, Jezebel. Keep up the good work.

  57. phunsuch says:

    Hey Marina, I guess I am one of those people who can not chew gum and walk at the same time. In my case it’s watching you and trying to think about the words. The watching you wins out! So I play each vid several times till it sinks in!

  58. spookadams says:

    WOW, your every college professors dream. Anyway, I dont want to be rude, but could you look up the origin of the word d**k. Seriously

  59. paulfwb says:

    Why are midwives called so?

  60. fsnus says:

    I wish that you were Swedish, if you were I would need a lot off your help since I am going to do a big test with a lot of uncommon / hard Swedish words. Your films are awesome. When are you going to send the holiday / X-mas cards? :)


  61. seanearl says:

    Hey Marina, how about the origin of the word “dogpile”? You know, where kids jump on on top of the other in the playground, shouting “dogpile on (victim’s name), until the pile spills over. Don’t recall ever seeing dogs doing the same, and with the popularity of “” it got me thinking.

  62. phyuk says:

    can i suggest a word: honorificabilitudinitatibus, its shakespearean so the etymology in that ones got to be good ; )

  63. 104liberty says:

    :smile: Wow! I never thought philology could be so much fun. Thanks Marina and Hot For Words. Your class room is my favorite since I hadn’t fallen asleep once. Your videos are very interesting and educational too. What a great idea. :idea:

  64. insano says:

    Hi Marina i am a greek student and i like watching your videos :D im starting loving education “dont think otherwise ” :D ^_^ i would like to ask you if u can explain me words n greek or words which origin is greek like nike,racism..and so on i know the meaning of those 2 <<<—- As everybody knows 1/3 of the English language is greek words…

    Your eyes are killing me !

    See you soon:D remind me if you can help please

  65. bedoboy says:

    Hi Marina just wanted to say thanks for being one of my subscribers on You Tube, do you ever watch, I watch yours all the time beauty and learning all in one channel.
    Its my 31st birthday today the 6th December.

  66. ewreid says:

    HOMEWORK – Where do we turn it in? My guess is that unique numbers up to 12 were created to facilitate trade. 12 is easily divisible so it appears all over the place: Numbers of months, a dozen eggs, 2×12 hours in a day, Chinese Zodiak calendar, number of notes in a western musical octave, etc. It got it’s own name cause it was so important. I disagree with the mathematicians who say 11 and 12 get special names because of their proximity to 10. We don’t have some shortened form of “penultimate” that means 9.

    Marina – What about the names for days of the week in English. Where did they come from?

  67. foxtrot7777 says:

    Dear Marina,

    Your videos are fun, educational, and very informative! Keep up the excellent work. This is the first time I’ve seen the videos and I really did enjoy them. I plan to watch them on a regular basis now!

    Here’s a question for you:

    As Christmas is coming up around the corner, what can you find about the origins of the word “BIBLE”. Is it an acronym? Or was it just always…called.. the Bible? Thanks!


  68. meherenow85 says:

    Marina, I Love your videos, they keep getting better and better. you are very pretty. cant wait to learn more from you.

  69. totakeke says:

    You are an amazing teacher, Marina. Thank you for being a positive role model (and I stress the word “model” ;)) for girls. Proof that girls CAN be HOT and SMART at the same time!

  70. magic says:

    do you know HTML too?
    you did a nice job with your website :smile:

  71. sweet_jer says:

    Sup just wanted to say sweet vids love that someone can actually pull off a sweet smile with some actual information that doesnt have to do with boobs Lataer

  72. marqs says:

    Marina! Thank You one more time, big HI from Poland ;) The website is very nice like your videos…. I have a one quesion and one word to investigate… VIDEO, may it be? In polish is FILM, i know that in English it can be something different… but try to investigate… I know that you can! Take care and thanks :) Marek

  73. bobizizou87 says:

    Signed up… Learning something every day…. :smile: :!:

  74. Denis12866 says:

    Hi Marina, just saw your video on “sin” and now am feeling “sinful” so to speak! :lol: Great fun! Keep the videos coming!

  75. Ravage says:

    Signed up, thanks for the invitation.

  76. takit2dbank says:

    Marina, love your video’s! facinating and entertaining

  77. lithuaniamania says:

    I wonder if Marina is a “Wordsmith” by trade or just as a hobby? Obviously she knows photographers who seem to be pros and her ability to strike a pose is undeniable. Also, she seems pretty sharp at video production or knows some people who are. She is a true mystery to me right now. But then how does one define “Mystery”. Maybe Marina will investigate for me.

  78. tjey says:

    U are the best! …. Czech republic greets you! :!: :!: :mrgreen:

  79. Jamie Mellon says:

    Dear Marina , Wow you make learning so enjoyable , Thanks . Takes me back to my shool days when I had a crush on my teacher , thanks so much for helping me remember those feelings . Don’t do that scary looking stuff again please. I got really scared. Perhaps if you have time you could investgate the origin of the word Please . Cheers Jamie. :shock:

  80. alfiebengal says:

    Hi Marina, I just love your work oh how I wish I’d had an English teacher like you……….. Would you like to have a go at explaining the expression “As nutty as a fruitcake” which seems to be a complete contradiction of its meaning hmmmm

  81. cunninglinguist says:

    Yum, U R gorgeous. Do you give private lessons?

  82. trendkill_84 says:

    hey found you on youtube out of coincidence, interesting intepretation of penny!

    plus, you are gorgeous too :)

  83. biff says:

    Marina: I want a HotForWords ring tone for my cell phone. Any ideas? Luv your work.

  84. GutS says:

    Marina is my hero :smile:

  85. jlang57 says:

    It’s always great to learn new words. I am also interested in the derivation of words and would love to learn Latin, but haven’t been disciplined enough to do so… yet.

    Perhaps sometime you could give the origin of the word “defenestration”?

    Entertaining, interesting and sexy. A truly remarkable mix. :-)

  86. asaison says:

    To Marina…I’m once saw a YouTube video where you and SexE Phil had a little exchange of words. It was really funny. Would you be able to send me the the link or post it on this page so I could see it again. Thank you.

  87. danielphillip says:

    you rock!

  88. FiremanMajor says:

    Merry Christmas Marina! Now I need you to register on my site. :cool:

  89. mikeyb. says:

    Wow, such a beautiful mind in such a beautiful person…What’s the origin of “Hubba Hubba”?? :wink:

  90. loktito says:

    Good job on the website! I would like to do my own website too…can I know how to make one like yours Marina, if i may be allowed. I enjoy your podcasts in iTunes and i’m so glad they are free. Learing is free, thanks to you :D Keep on the good work Marina!

  91. chillsyl says:

    Hi Marina! I just love learning with your podcasts. You sure do a great job and seem to have fun. That’s the way :smile:
    Sylvain, from Canada

  92. professordavis says:

    Dear Hot For Words,
    I would love to know the origins of the word “cantankerous.”
    Prof. Davis

  93. mmaarriiaann says:

    I am glad to join this site, I have enjoy watching your videos. You are very good and nice looking girl

  94. chetvroan says:

    With a christmas theme in the offing, how about teaching us about “Noel”?

  95. noot909 says:

    ho ho ho, Who was Shakespeare? I would like to know. Also, who is Santa…

  96. jojo3102 says:

    thank for the education…. How about the word yule log or why is fruit cake a christmas treat…. thanks :grin:

  97. hey, Marina I have a word for you :razz: , its simple and quite relevant to this time of year, “calendar”, enjoy :smile:

  98. Hendo56 says:

    You should have a photo gallery section on your website. :grin:

  99. mike4 says:


    I am glad to join this site, I have enjoy watching your videos on Youtube. I think you have made words interesting and sexy. You are a specail lady with the love of words and a beautiful smile. Mike from Australia

  100. leixinyi77 says:

    Anyeong Marina..Quite an educational site you have here..can you do a research on the origin of the word “numismatist”? thank you and always looking forward to your video on YouTube..from a fellow Youtuber in Korea.

  101. ccstew22 says:

    Wow, you’re amazing! You should give Spanish lessons. haha

  102. kevbo says:

    Hotforwords makes an excellent stocking stuffer.

  103. BillyB says:

    Never sign up for stuff usually, but had to because after seeing “women’s dictionary” & Sharing at work with coworkers, customers & suppliers we are entertained & educated every time we view your work. Thanx for keeping it classy. Greetings from Canada eh! Wonder where the “eh” suffix comes from eh?

  104. Dionysus says:

    Marina, I really enjoy your lessons and eagerly look forward to see what you have in store for us. I would also like to you to discuss the word “infatuation” sometime :mrgreen: . With Christmas coming up soon I would like to also suggest the word Christmas and the origin of the word Christmas Tree. Congratulations with all your continuing success and thank you for all that you do.

  105. Praxeas1927 says:

    I love the lessons.

  106. Jancitos says:

    Hi Marina, I am happy to see that you have gotten your website up and running. I am a HUGE fan of your shows, please keep up the amazing job!! @-) I am hypnotized by you, Marina!!! lol

  107. getalife75 says:

    One more to add to the ongoing list of compliments of your great work on YouTube and iTunes. I not only admire you knowlegde of words, but also your impressive and creative skills with the (Macintosh) applications to edit your videos. For many it’s hard to believe you do it all by yourself :shock: , but i know you do and I really envy you for that.

  108. googleman81 says:

    i am really looking forward to getting this christmas card :mrgreen: .
    you can also be found in the zune marketplace btw (by the way). thats where i am subscribing from :wink:

  109. DigitalAlan says:

    Had to sign up – This is a great – learning about the meanings of various words is really fun.

  110. K0ARGUY says:

    Love your stuff. Keep up the good work.

  111. laglacious says:

    Marina, I am so happy 4 you new Site!
    I am definitely a fan of your’s. Ill always be you’re fan. You are also beautiful and intelligent! Keep up the good work!
    I love you & God bless you! :mrgreen:
    Jesus loves you! :lol:

  112. koala says:

    hi marina …. wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. XChopStickZ says:

    I’m so happy i can’t wait for a xmas card :razz:

  114. ashleylovesdaddy says:

    Please tell me that you’ll be doing a desk calendar complete with 365 words and of course, a pic for each day. I’ll buy one right now!

  115. I think you’re really great “Hotforwords”. You have taken a funny part of world culture and combined it with something educational and interesting. You have a beautiful, wonderful mind! Take care honey!

  116. TomEnder says:

    Congratulation on your new site. Like you, Word Press hits the spot. :wink:

  117. misternaturalist says:

    Thank you for all of your wonderful work. Your posts on YouTube are always fun and educational. Kudos!

    Here are a few words that might be interesting to explore: “funambulist”; “prestidigitation” (and/or the synonymous word “legerdemain”); “defenestrate”; or “tintinnabulation”.

  118. flybenji says:

    the word dating is very confusing to me. What should dating include or not include as far as activities & behavior & what is someone telling me when they say they are dating someone?

  119. flybenji says:

    I enjoy your video’s

  120. Bernie says:

    I just found your lesson “oxymoron” today, marina. In future I’ll show it in my lessons concerning analysis of modern lyriks. So my students will as well learn english language and rhetorical figures. My idea about the next lesson on this issue: paradoxon. Waitin’ for your christmas greetins in the cold and rainy city of cologne………….

  121. Louis says:

    Thank you. I’d never have guessed we have so many long, confusing, and impossible to spell word in the English language.

  122. dretouc says:

    :grin: word request: infatuation

  123. jwlnler says:

    Anyways Marina, keep up the good work! I’m sure one of these days, some Folklorist will come looking for you, given your skills with philogy!

  124. theKevster says:

    Marina, u are wonderful. I Love U :!: :grin:
    I have been a fan from the very beginning :!:
    I look forward 2 every new vid that u post :!:
    I hope u have a great Christmas :!: :razz:

    theKevster-aka ZebZachary

  125. jsmooth5atl says:

    Marina you are a great teacher :razz: I check for new vids :grin: Free X-Mas card :lol:…

  126. framedit says:

    Marina, your videos are fantastic! thank you for sharing your love of words with us, you are obviously very passionate about the subject and if you can get people interested in learning then that is great! well done, love the website. :grin:

  127. stephenetienne says:

    Marina, You did “werewolf” for me back in October on YouTube. Anyway, please add more linguistic things to this great website! I think you’re great. Keep up the good work. Stephen

  128. Leclaris says:

    If only my uni teachers lokked like Marina. then i would at least look up on the blackboard :oops: hehe
    Go hotforwords

  129. r0bw00d says:

    Way to go with the website, Marina! I’m sure I speak for many people when I say that I can’t get enough of you. :grin:

  130. Qermaq says:

    Free card, I’m in.

    And I like the above coinage – Marinaphile.

  131. daxk9 says:

    I am a “Marinaphile”,,,

  132. wolf wind says:

    Yo! your vids are great Now im learning for real! :wink:

  133. vainihminen says:

    Hey. I’m just a sucker for freebies… and education.

  134. temptothetemp says:

    Signed up as soon as I saw the link in your last video.
    You have been doing absolutely marvelous Marina, I am very impressed with your channel.
    I hope you got my last message, as I would be very interested in seeing your etymological breakdown of several key biblical terms. – especially with Christmas (Christ’s Mass) on it’s way.
    Enjoy your holidays Marina and keep the videos coming. You’ll be the #1 subscribed to guru soon enough! :mrgreen:

  135. shadow545 says:

    thanks for the explanations… i want to become a theologist too :grin:

  136. veritanuda says:

    Woo Hoo..! :lol: Finally I get to admire your publishing skills as well. And get an Xmas card into the bargain!! I won’t say I am your biggest fan because it is hard to compete against so many but I will say that from when we first me my feelings now and back then have not changed one bit. Still admire you, still adore you, and still think you have such a positive influence on making people want to THINK about what they are saying. All good in my book. :razz:

    Keep it up Marina, and know I’ll be following you all the way up if I can.

  137. madmal666 says:

    If only you knew how many times I have asked these questions to myself ?
    All this, & brains !
    I am in danger of falling for you !!

  138. tigairsobo says:

    Thank you for shareing yourself, (by getting active on the internet). You’re making the world a richer place, as many of us did not know that such a beautiful and eloquent woman could exist.

  139. jericho says:

    Congratulations on your new website! I hope it is as fun and entertaining for you as it will be for the rest of us!

    Your always a 5 star act!


  140. Sara says:

    I really do enjoy watching your videos and learning the origins of words. I’ve always been interested in things of that nature.

    Thank you for your videos. I feel like I learn something new everytime I watch them.

  141. StylinAzn says:

    You Are Awesome Marina!!! What is the origin of the word “Infatuation”.

  142. CharlieL says:

    I love the education !

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