Those Pesky White Elephants


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19 Responses to Those Pesky White Elephants

  1. iluv2cutfarts says:

    I want cookie!

  2. michael r says:

    haha that king was smart

  3. virgolovekitten says:

    white elephants what about those pesky [pink elephants] and drunk people?

  4. eirian says:

    A white elephant was important as it was considered the reincarnation of an enlightened being

  5. leonard says:

    Cost more than it is worth—never owned an ela-phant, this is a random lesson comment. Gifts are for spoils and toils. For Christ sakes, gifts are for free “silly rabbit” :wink: Cards and thank you forever :roll:

  6. moscht says:

    Why’s her hair always messy?

  7. absentmindedprof says:

    In 1861 the king of Siam offered to send some elelphants to the U.S. when he learned that the United States had no elephants.. President Lincoln politely turned the offer down.


  8. tedt says:

    :lol: ……Intelligent is sexy, the king was sexy :mrgreen:

    Hum, I think i just got you as a white elephant, now as you are there I don´t know where to put. *disappointed*

  9. alexan says:

    Hi Marina, here in Mexico we call “white elephants” to those goverment institutions with unclear function, unclear goals BUT everyone in those fancy institutions receive their paycheck.
    Keep the good work, k4u

  10. lostforwords says:

    Bed hair and eyes, I love it! :!:

  11. monkcow says:

    I gave a signed and framed picture of myself with a message in Klingon for a white elephant gift last christmas. The year before I gave a couple of pet rocks.

  12. the shaun says:

    first time I even heard of this term, funny origin too. A lot of words and phrases seem to have interesting origins that may not even have anything to do with the common day definition.

  13. dihnekis77 says:

    huh. Very interesting story. I just spent a good amount of time there, but never heard the story. Do you know the time period? The current King is a very well respected dude(that word btw would be cool to learn about). I can’t say the same about his son or those that represent the other offices, but that’s another issue.

    I was not fortunate enough to see a white elephant but i did see a couple walking down the road as a “tourist attraction.” I can’t say i was impressed because i doubt the magnificent animals experienced good lives. At night, for safety, they turned on their tail lights though(can’t get any more literal than that eh? I was having fun with that notion for quite some time.

    Anyway, good lesson Marina. Being new to the whole HFW experience I’ve had lots to look at. ;)

  14. mileycyrus says:

    Hi marina! Please respond

  15. mityaj says:

    Excellent story, great conversational topic :!: King of Thailand was a wise man :smile:

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