A very SCARY word!


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25 Responses to A very SCARY word!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Most dictionaries are descriptive, not prescriptive. What a large group of people use as a word is a word. Even what a single person (a native speaker of the language) regards as a word is a word, even if it’s a neologism. But it doesn’t mean that every word is worth to circulate in the language. Such nonsense words should not be used by conscious people – that’s the only way to eliminate them. That’s why there is a need for popularization of the linguistic knowledge.

  2. iluv2cutfarts says:

    BLOODY! BLOODY! POOP! Now I’m pissed, because I DID piss myself! And for that! IRREGARDLESS should NOT be a word! Hmmph!

  3. wajo2222 says:

    Yes, irregardless should become a word, because we are becoming dumber and dumber. I think it will accommodate our illiteracy even better.

  4. BlueTiger says:

    I don’t have no problem with “irregardless” being recognized as a real word! (And I mean that literally.)

  5. parthenophilast says:

    Yes, irregardless should be considered a word. The fact of the matter is that languages change over time. How many of you say “dial” the number, even though hardly anyone uses the old rotary phones anymore? The meaning of the word “dial” has changed and so has the meaning of the prefix “ir-.”

  6. Evan Owen says:

    Of COURSE it’s a scary word! It’s “eerie” + “guardless,” meaning you have no guard against what’s eerie and coming for you!!! :shock:

  7. leonard says:

    non standard form of regardless for the end times and that is very long time

  8. adamito says:

    Irregardless should NOT ever ever be a word along with “whole ‘nother”. Where do these idiotic colloquialisms start? AAARAGH? It is a scary word, it makes me cry. :sad:

  9. gooofy says:

    If Marina doesn’t like the word, fair enough. But she of all people should know that language changes, and that the etymologies of many words are based on mistakes or misunderstandings.

    Of course “irregardless” should be in dictionaries. And it’s been in dictionaries for a long time: it first appeared in The American Dialect Dictionary in 1912. Dictionaries are not reserved for the best words, or the words Marina likes. Dictionaries do not judge. They record the most common words that readers are likely to encounter.

    “irregardless” is not the only word of its kind. In the 17th century, words like unboundless, undauntless, uneffectless, unfathomless were very common.

  10. hutchiee says:

    I used to think the reiterate was one of the worst double-words, but irregardless also makes me cringe. Rather than petition against it’s inclusion in the dictionary, why not petition for it’s proper definition in the dictionary. If w00t can be added I’m sure this will.

    Hey, how about reiterate for your next word? Let me reiterate, how about reiterate for your next word how about reiterate for your next word.

  11. tedt says:

    The video makes me angry……sort of :shock:

  12. snakebyte42 says:

    Okay, gonna address the below comments in order because I know some of them, then make my own :)

    vezen: Irrigation is ‘irrigate’ and ‘tion’ (Or whatever, it’s a suffix, dunno how it’s normally written). It’s not ‘ir’ and ‘rigation’. To irrigate something means to supply it with water.

    prospero811: irrefutable is ir + refutable. Refutable is refute + able. There is no ‘fute’. To refute something means to overthrow it by argument, evidence, or proof.

    boilerpsycho, senior, and beezhan: AGREED.

    I can’t stand ‘irregardless’ and I cringe when people use it as well. It’s the same with ‘flammable’, which you covered earlier. Inflammable is inflame + able, not in + flammable. You can’t flame something, you inflame things. -.-

  13. cesdavis says:

    Trial and escaping the “a” revels 159,118 attemps to insure a playpen irregardless of the condition written by the manufacturer. Just as the day was I learned to share! Did they give “us” ribs to teeth on! Who are they anyway.

  14. beezhan says:

    THANK YOU! Someone needed to say it. Irrespectiveless of the few who support the use of irregardless, I must respectfully support your regard for correct usage (regardless of what those others may say)!

  15. cimska says:

    5 stars for all of Marina’s videos. It is amazing to know most words do not mean what everyone is used to thinking.

  16. senior says:

    I cringe every time I hear this word. :mad: Years ago I would correct people by stating that the word is a double negative. :shock: But overtime I have given up and just consider people who use this word not completely educated!! :roll:

  17. boilerpsycho says:

    I can’t stand “irregardless.” It’s almost as annoying as using the wrong form of “there,” “your,” or “its.”

  18. prospero811 says:

    Some things are irrefutable. Other things are refutable. But is anything actually futable in the first place?

  19. philophan says:

    Regardless of the popular misuse of irregardless, don’t do it! There should be criminal penalties for those who murder language.

  20. roachmeistercom says:

    Sure, irregardless should be a word. Just about every week do you not point out how words get combined and mixed, and morph into new usages?

    Holy Buttershit! Don’t be so mean to irregardless… :sad:

  21. vezen says:

    Okay, irregular and irresponsible make sense, but what about irrigation? And why doesn’t “unless” mean more!

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