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  1. iluv2cutfarts says:

    The funny thing about the whole “Dirty Viking” reference is that the Hormel food packing plant, where SPAM is canned and shipped, is up here in Northern Minnesooooooota. The Vikings are our Football team, and there are tons of Scandanavians up here.

    BTW – If I was starving and had a choice between a dead horse and a can of SPAM – I’d eat the ass end out of a dead horse before I’d eat SPAM. The only thing SPAM (the meat product) is good for is to use it as fish bait for Bluegills.


    • Back in the 70s I went on a field trip to a Hormel manufacturing plant that made the little cocktail wieners. We proceeded to walk from one end of the plant to the other and I was able to observe first hand what goes into those little puppies. Needless to say when I got the end of the tour, I politly declined an offer to take home a couple of cans of their products, and to this day I have never eaten a single one.

      “Ignorance is Bliss”, perfectly describes how I feel about the food I eat.

  2. leonard says:

    My [bologna] has a first nameNo bone to pick with this beef! :grin: …Marina porked us some [][][Bologna][][] In general, bologna is constitutionally much the same as hot dogs, although larger and sliced.

    Beef Bologna This is an all beef version, it is usually more of a red color than its mixed-meat counterpart.

    Kosher or Halal Bologna Typically made with only beef, but sometimes made from turkey or lamb.

    German Bologna Also known as Garlic Bologna, this sausage is typically distinguished by adding garlic to the recipe. Despite the name, bologna in Germany – where it is very common and known as Fleischwurst or, for better varieties, Lyoner (“Lyon sausage”) – does not usually contain a noticeable amount of garlic.

    Lebanon Bologna Named for Lebanon County, this is the Pennsylvania Dutch variety of the sausage. Distinguished by its smokey taste and dark, coarse appearance, this is one of the more extreme flavors of bologna.

    :lol: Bologna sausage (pronounced /boˈloʊni/) is an American sausage somewhat similar to the Italian mortadella (a finely hashed/ground pork sausage containing cubes of lard that originated in the Italian city of Bologna). It is commonly called bologna or, informally,[ baloney]. US Government regulations require American bologna to be finely ground,[1law] and without visible pieces of fat. Bologna can alternatively be made out of chicken, turkey, beef, or pork.


    .. Vikings of the Glove
    NO SOONER HAD the Sea Girl docked
    ….dam scam got spamed…I love spam fried with pam: never had it as a child, except once at stopping in at my mothers uncle bachelor pad…city food and kNo(w) bones :lol: …excelling random ;-)

  3. Capman911 says:

    Test or is a test of a test. lol

  4. leonard says:

    Is there a differ(ea)nce between the ‘web’ and the ‘net’?…origin rhymes with virgin…interneting spiders and the flys unite…

    flowers for MARINA :smile:

    [spice] and nice like HOTFORWORDS :razz: … :lol: white pirates using the “LAZY” word for scan for scaming :lol:

  5. äläx says:


  6. äLx says:


    can anyone set their display name to “alex” now that i changed it?

  7. buzzword says:

    damn, there’s a lot of bitch ass whiners being all pusillanimous in the comments. the nerd word bit is okay, i’d have called buzzword though. lol

    • alex says:

      yeah, it’s okay, but look at how everybody is saying that those words ain’t no words. pfff. to bad p11 is not around anymore, it would’ve been so total fun to piss him off again. lol.

    • alex says:

      it’s that time again. i guess i be gone. this is just annoying.

      • buzzword says:

        yeah, the conversations generally kiss ass or just suck ass. a lot of the old crowd don’t comment as much or are gone. there are good reasons for that. your good trouble, they just can’t handle your shit. i’m getting some free time this quarter, i might drop a few comments.

        • alex says:

          seen the o’reilly thing and took a quick look at the comments.
          i was wondering.
          there’s extremely negative comments as well as extremely positive. you know, those suck-up horse rider comments.
          tried to somehow get an objective kind of view on things. kinda like this:

          |’negative’|———-| ‘normal’ |———-|’positive’|

          you know, some sort of spectrum or whatever. negative comments are as far away from “normal comments” as positive comments.
          so, it’s a question about extremes, i guess. is one better than the other?

        • alex says:

          dude. i somehow don’t seem to get your twitter thingies. they don’t show up or something. is that how it’s supposed to be?

          • ahem, just so you know… Marina hasn’t fixed it (oops!) so you can’t be seen on the Recent Posts list, like it was before.
            … just sayin’ – in case you don’t want everyone to see you and Buzzword behaving like closet queens – heh heh! :mrgreen:
            Life of Illusion?
            @ buzzword – crying to Marina like you did, didn’t work out so well, huh? Yes, I know what you did…
            I’ve had my eyes on this since the very beginning – and so have many others.

        • leonard says:

          BS…drop-ping may cause break-age…[music of dancing brEaks] :roll:

    • alex says:

      dude, check it out.

      from a general, ethical, humane point of view this is just sad.
      however, objectively, from a linguistic point of view this should be interesting. she’s five years old. usually, the linguistic development is finished at the age of six, given of course that there was “normal” language input. there was this case, i don’t know when it happened, that a 13 year old girl was found in a basement, she had had no input language-wise, she never really learned to talk. they said the … well, threshold of being able to learn language is at about 12, 13 years of age. that being said — i wonder if she’ll learn to use language as other people are able to use it. hopefully so.
      in the news they said that she’s on a mental level of a 2-year-old. i wonder if that is really the case, or if they link intelligence and language in a casual, simplified or even inappropriate way.
      any thoughts on that?

  8. says:

    love gives you wings it makes you to fly

  9. alex says:

    i found this an interesting article.

  10. alex says:

    have some comments been deleted in here?

  11. I am so fucking pissed off with the fuckiing stupid people that I ccan’t even type straight nor spell correctllly!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: It’s so bloody embarrassing to be associated with the species. Now I know what the meaning of the words of “Ignorance is bliss”.

    Im so tired of carrying the weight of non-thankful idiots. Why do I bother? What is it worth? Why should I put my life on the line for these ungrateful souls that are only in for them selfs, as they feed upon materialism.

    If I continue to hang around idiots, will I become one? I feel my mental thoughts degrading over time.

    whiff.. Im going to bed now… try to sleep on it… Damn I should have purchased a beer so I could sleep better.

    Me……. :evil:

  12. hs4mm says:

    At HFW, we consider the origin of words. This video New Web scams, old tricks discusses the origin of web-scams. (If the link is non-functional at the time you are reading this, googling for “New Web scams, old tricks” might help locate it.)

  13. alex says:


    what the hell happened to the url attached to my name. it’s gone, why?

  14. buzzword says:

    well damn, i’m no longer a mod in the forums. not even a heads up, marina thats just cold.

  15. leonard says:

    my random lesson—it helped

  16. pulchritudinous is you says:

    good word, thanks. it was in the newspapers recently, since Spam is a cheap substitute for meat

  17. buzzword says:

    hey, marina. thought this article might interest you.

    • Marina says:

      Great article! So funny and probably true!

    • alex says:

      uh. what’s with the edit function? who the hell needs that? i mean, you’d think that people think about what they’re going to write, so why change it afterwards. pfffffff.

      that’s probably some give-and-take thing from that russian chick running this site. finally a forum, but edit comes back.

      • buzzword says:

        some dude wanted the time to edit to last 10 minutes. ten fucking minutes!

        • alex says:

          yeah, well. why would anything change.

          anyway. how was christmas?

          • buzzword says:

            nothing does change, nothing. i thought the forums might be interesting but everybody just wants to play word games. which just bores the fuck out of me. tried starting up a discussion about language and culture but for the most part nobody gives a shit.

            christmas was good. we keep it simple. it is challenging raising kids in such a consumer driven culture, advertisers start targeting kids still in the uterus. catching shit from people because we tell our kids that santa isn’t real.

            visiting my in-laws wasn’t bad, the whole family is basically the exact opposite of me politically, religiously, etc. i keep my mouth shut, their not interested in having an informed discussion anyway. they either think he’s the antichrist, a terrorist, or socialist. or all three.

            i’m not doing much work for the museum anymore. i’m starting to tutor people at school though. schedule is more convenient and helps me keep what i’ve studied fresh. next quarter i’m taking abnormal psychology, woo hoo! got damn good grades last quarter, me and this other guy compete, makes it more fun, it pisses some off. the medical classes are really interesting, but i really wish i was back in anthropology. gotta pay the bills though.

            how’s life on your side of the rock?

        • alex says:

          well, i’m sitting pretty much naked on that rock, so it’s kinda hard.

          i’m not much of a people person, let alone a family guy. kinda like the exact opposite of my mom. she gets along with everybody and everybody gets along with her. might be different for me b/c i don’t feel the need to get along with every living creature on earth. but, christmas time means family time. it’s always cool when my uncle is there, he’s fucking funny. even my cousin was there this year, hadn’t seen him in a long time, last three years he had to work. he’s a cook, so i asked him about his work, i was curious because i read “kitchen confidential” by that bourdain dude. it’s more or less as he described it. 12 hours of work per day, six days a week. hard job. i mean, shit, imagine 300 people per day eating there, and there’s maybe four groups of 15 persons each — and everyone wants something different, perhaps even w/ appetizers and shit. he said, you got to learn to not take anything personal in there. yeah, that was interesting.
          like every year, i had to eat a lot. goddamnit. my mom always cooks like she expects 50 persons to show up or something.

          i guess santa claus is part of our culture(s), huh? i guess people expect other people to do the santa thing till the kids reach a certain age.

          cool to hear about the job you’re gonna do. abnormal psychology. hm. that should be interesting. my favorite book by foucault is, “abnormal.” that’s not quite what your class is gonna be about, i guess, but it reminded me of that. he wrote a lot of things around the subject. “mental illness and psychology”, “madness and civilization”, “the birth of the clinic”, “psychiatric power”, and a lot of other stuff. don’t know if that is of any interest to you.

          ah, the forums. i’m kinda glad they’re there. imagine people would play those word games in the lessons. which they did before. that was fucking annoying, man. i do think that, in time, people will start discussions on more serious subjects.

        • leonard says:

          “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” – Albert Einstein 1879-1955…happy New years

          I predick(preselect)…in NINE(9) months you will (sell)celebrate …CHRISTMAS…when and where you fuck is most important all your rus(l)es

          :wink: Bees R. GOODe

      • buzzword says:

        naked on a rock. not a good place to be, especially if the light is waning.

        bourdain, yeah. i’ve seen his show, “no reservations” and have read his blog. he’s cool and damn funny. i’d like a job like that.

        hmm foucalt, i should read up on him before the class starts. the stuff you mentioned does sound interesting. i have a love hate relationship with psychology. looking forward to the class, but i hear the instructor can be an ass pain. oddly appropriate for a class in abnormal psychology.

        the forums, my language and culture discussion has a couple people that comment, which i appreciate. i try and keep it related to… language and culture. you know, like how instructors try to guide the class discussion. i try and bring up questions and subjects that might stimulate conversation. see where it goes. your welcome to add some shit.

        don’t exactly know what to do with the moderator status. if i attempt to do anything i don’t want marina or a t.a. slapping my wrist and making me look like a fuckwit. but the forums do need some organization to it. i’ve been watching just to see what patterns emerge and then may recommend some form of order. there ought to be a forum called, “wordplay” or something to manage all the games people play. anyway…

        what the hell are the details of your current state? are you resting your nakedness upon a cold pokey rock? i mean aside from knowing that you were a student in linguistics you could be a gutter whore, living in a box, in a puddle, of piss, next to right wing political headquarters. hmm, naked on a rock would be preferable.

        asking some potentially personal questions, if you prefer, email me dude.

    • alex says:


      thanks for the link you sent me. “the wrestler” is a song for a movie (“the wrestler”, duh), mickey rourke and jet li are gonna be in it. damn! i’m fucking excited and curious!

  18. buzzword says:

    i’v decided to lay low for awhile, too much bullshit and chatter going on in the comments. ought to change in a few months or so. anyone need to connect with me try my other accounts. peaceful days.

  19. alex says:


    i don’t know for sure but i probably won’t be posting on here much anymore, if at all. at least for the time being or something.
    so, yeah, get back to me via email, or maybe there’s another public place / forum.

    rock the fuck on. :)

    \m/ ò.Ó \m/

  20. buzzword says:

    marina, alex

    i used the phrase, “not to mention” and realized it’s seemingly contradictory meaning. it is an example of paralipsis, or declaring what will not be referred to and thereby referring to it. i realized its a type of phrase that really annoys me, “it is pointless for me to mention what an ass alex is.” since this seems to be an ancient method of arguing i wondered if it is used in either of your native languages as well?

    • alex says:

      yeah, we got expressions like that, too. umm. one of them translates to “[in order to] not say …”, or “[in order] not to say” or something. i guess there’s some english equivalent to that, probably “even”, as in: “that was cool, even great!” it’s used like: “that was cool, [in order] not to say great!” dude, that’s really hard to explain / translate.
      that was one thing. “not to mention” is translated as “geschweige”, “ganz zu schweigen von”, or “geschweige denn”. now, in all three translations there’s some form of “schweigen”. as a verb, it means, “to remain/be/keep silent”, as a noun, “silence”. i think “geschweige denn” could also be translated as “let alone.” “ganz zu schweigen von” i’d translate as, “to remain entirely silent of …”
      uh, yeah. hope that makes any sense to you.

      as for russian, uh, i’ll take a look into my dictionary, it’s … around here … somewhere. maybe i can come up w/ something.

      • buzzword says:

        yeah, thats what i was talking about. i wondered if this type of phrase was common across languages. so, german speakers use it to create some distance between them and a subject. as in, the speaker anticipates the response of the audience and sides with them, disassociating themselves from the statement they make. and then the speaker states it. as in, “what i’m about to say is rude and unnecessary, obama is part nigger” yeah that annoys me, i shouldn’t admit it but i probably say shit like that.

    • alex says:

      alright, so i finally found my old russian-german dictionary. yes, they have something like that, too:
      “не говоря уже.” i kinda kicked myself because that wasn’t too hard. anyway:
      не — ‘not’;
      говоря, from either говор (noun) — ‘speech’, ‘talk’, etc. or, more likely, говоритъ (verb) — ‘speak’, ‘talk’.
      уже — ‘already’, ‘yet’.
      though somehow i felt like there should be a preposition, that kinda confuses me. the preposition for “about” in “talk about” is “o”. (говoритъ o …).
      yeah, well. so you got a negative in conjunction with “talk” in there.

  21. buzzword says:

    marina, who the hell is this rosiecheeks?

  22. buzzword says:

    alex, ya know something bothers me about rosiecheeks. 1. her youtube page hasn’t been signed into in about a year. 2. when i check her comments in dashboard, her language drifts away from the slang she originally began posting in. 3. she seems to have a very good rapport with everyone, something that usually takes more time than two days.

    she/he may be someone else that has been here before. even though her posts don’t include any other nicknames. anyways, just thought i’d inform you of my suspicion.

    • alex says:

      yeah, i don’t know what to make of it. first, they’re all giving her shit for her word request, “hate speech” and all, then they’re friendly as hell. hm.

      what’s with the homophobia around here?

      i like that kungfu chick.

      and why is it that people don’t answer simple yes or no questions? ah, fuck it.

      • buzzword says:

        what are you gay!? just kidding. can’t find the kungfu chick. checked dashboard for kungfu, kungfu86, and kungfu 86 can’t find her i’ll look on the pages.

        this rosiecheeks is one of us i think, her rapport is a giveaway i think. there are clues, she has switched genders a couple times, has used french with competency. i’ve been using multiple dashboards to compare users and their posting patterns. i kinda like the challenge.

        james and foxbow switched identities, think with the help of captain jack. rrr not to long ago posted a comment searching for responses and got none. don’t think its mij, he’s busy with his videos and aggravating you. rosiecheeks ended a comment with the name “bob” and a green toothy smiley. but i think she mistaking che for bob. che is immediately became suspicious. i thought it could have been melikadothechacha, don’t know really. kinda pisses me off, don’t like this kind of manipulation.

        i wonder if marina has noticed rosiecheeks peculiar behavior.

      • buzzword says:

        oh yeah, found her kungfu 86, video request.

  23. alex says:

    what in the fuck is this?

  24. alex says:

    “WordPress 2.6.3 is available! Please notify the site administrator.”


    hey, i still wanna know about my email. :/

  25. alex says:


    “ — experience russian dating” … does anybody else get this ad on here or is it just me again? because of the porn war link?

    • buzzword says:

      possibly, i get ads to hook up with sexy young gay republicans.

      • alex says:

        ah, as for your music question below (i somehow missed that, noticed yesterday cause i was scrolling down the page.), i guess a lot of the stuff i’ve been listening to was introduced to me by friends, acquaintances, and tv music stations such as mtv, viva, or vh1. i’m not sure about springsteen. i think the first time i heard / saw him was on mtv. “human touch.” i know that that was the first album i bought. probably around 91/92? also, there was this dude in my class, frank. he’d been playing guitar, he and his dad were both springsteen fans (springsteen played in east berlin in 88 or something, they were there). so, i had an ally, if you want to put it that way. yeah, you’re right, he wasn’t popular among people around my age, most of them didn’t know him anyway. our class made this school trip to the czech republic, uh, in … don’t know, must’ve been around 91 or 92, too. me and frank bought springsteen’s mtv unplugged album there. yeah.
        i think the first time i heard about tom waits was on mtv, too. probably “hold on.” hm.

        which reminds me! do you know domino? with mickey rourke, keira knightley, lucy liu, christopher walken … — and tom wait’s got a little part in it, too.

      • alex says:

        what’s with the wardrobe thing? why is this important?

    • buzzword says:

      no, i have not seen the movie, “domino”. maybe get it this weekend. the wardrobe thing. well they mccain/palin have been identifying themselves with the working class and she’s always going on about being a hockey mom and all that bullshit, they criticize the liberals for being elitist. and so here is palin walking around in $150,000 worth of clothing. kinda distances herself from the rest of the working class she is trying to identify with. frankly the wardrobe thing is the least of the numerous things that aggravate me about mccain/palin. you should check out her interview with katie couric, she makes a comment that when “putin rears his head its in alaska air space” laughed my ass off. i have the image of a giant putin head peering over the horizon at alaska and then laughing at palin. she is bush with boobs.

  26. alex says:

    i think it’s kinda funny how all those hfw contacts get transferred to youtube, with all those friend invites and all.

    • Marina says:

      How is that alex? What do you mean?

      • alex says:

        well … if i recall correctly, it hasn’t always been that way on here that many people link to a lot of youtube stuff, right? and, somehow, gradually, that has changed. and a lot of people have youtube accounts, or _use_ them respectively. i didn’t do much on youtube till a while ago, i eventually registered to be able to view every video, those that were flagged, too. that’s all. that’s why i registered there. i didn’t have any friend invites, i didn’t comment on videos, i didn’t comment on channels etc.
        now, most regulars on here have a youtube account and they use them. to send each other private messages or things like that.
        so, all of a sudden, people started talking both on here and on youtube to each other. take a look at my friends list over there, or at buzzword’s, or mijj’s, or foxbow’s. we all have people in there who’re on this site. so … there is some sort of youtube network with all those people from here.

        know what i mean?

      • alex says:

        yo, marina, let me know if you got my email. since you deleted that post again. :PP

      • alex says:

        oh, and what font is this? looks like tahoma or verdana?

  27. alex says:

    politics for the masses? georgia and russia in another war.

    • alex says:

      (this is an old post, though.)

      • buzzword says:

        busy with school work, family, keeping up with news and oh yeah that job i have that i ignore. i’m trying to stay in the top 5% of the class to compete for early slots into the program. i’ve gotten one “b” so far. i post short comments here and there, i must be missing you. this palin chick is like bush with boobs, fucking joke.

    • buzzword says:

      snicker… how can the public even take this guy seriously? i would think this would damage is reputation as a serious politician. and what is with the ukraine casting a gay guys as putin and yanukovych?

  28. buzzword says:

    aLx, that was so fucking cool! really cool cool cool. got to watch that again.

    • aLx says:

      yes. epic win. hehe.

      • buzzword says:

        big bold flashing epic win.

      • buzzword says:

        u96 yeah have heard of them, haven’t listened much though. listening now. so much music. its always interesting to know how and when someone is introduced to music genres. like the way one meets people. sometimes it is through other people and sometimes its just accident. i gave up using music to judge people or argue what is “good” music. when i was fresh out of high school i was listening to lots of americana stuff, jazz, world beat, rock but then ran into this goth prince and then through him a punk/goth/rivet head who introduced me to a lot of stuff and then a whole fucking fucked up universe sucked me in. the goth prince is now a muslim, married to a somali, popping out lots of little ones in… toronto i think. he wears a turban and robes. i smile cause i can still recall the goth tribal tattoos he still has underneath. oh memories. so like how has some of your music been introduced to you? a lot of the kids i knew would never listen or admit to listening to certain types of music. no one would’ve admitted to listening to sprinsteen, but they would tolerate tom waits.

    • aLx says:

      just in case you’re not familiar with (epic) win / fail / epic fail, see failblog.

      • aLx says:

        alright, that was a link fail. again: failblog.

      • buzzword says:

        front page of the local newspaper. big picture of these guys celebrating and cheering along a busy road. they have cardboard signs and their yelling. the one dude, front and center has taken off his shirt and has written the word “honk” on his chest. except its written upside down and backward. the dude has looked down and written it on his chest so he could read it.

  29. classical_hero says:

    Naughty hotforwords. Surely she should know how to pronounce the word “often”. It has a ‘t’ in it and as a result it should be pronounced. Surely a Philologist should understand linguistics. I ought to spank you for that. :twisted:

  30. buzzword says:

    notice what details marina does not mention about her character and opinions. and then how one so eagerly fill in these blanks with their own traits and opinions. i’ve done it. her position on grammar surprised me. take sir frued the psychologist knight, i’ve never seen a charge led with such pompous arrogance. kinda reminded me of that professor dude from way back. looking at who comes on so strong, how they change, who remain, what norms are being established, what descent is tolerated, valued. cool stuff. sir frued i expect needed to attack some dragons to prove his honer and skill. he ought to reread his psychology texts.

    • aLx says:

      an internet forum is in a few ways different from “real life”, i guess. maybe some people are used to step into a room and automatically dominate others, just by their presence. much like a scholar, i guess, or some executive in a company. that’s way different in here. people are sort of equal, they don’t know how things are around a particular forum, or who the participants are. so they’ll have to try to dominate others with what they’re saying, mentioning who they are, what they’re doing, what they achieved, whatever.
      or am i too far off?

      dude. being 30 sucks. for real. kinda glad i’m back home now from my mom’s. some family there, some acquaintances, lots of food. yeah. never celebrated any birthdays. what’s the point, anyway? why would someone congratulate me for something that i didn’t do? they ought to congratulate my parents or something.

      • buzzword says:

        no not too far off at all. i agree with you. birthdays too. it seems to me that these celebrations that are supposedly all about you are actually just a reason for everyone else to have fun. your just an excuse. i find myself responsible for making everyone else comfortable. although home cooking is greatly appreciated.

  31. buzzword says:

    have you ever watched lewis black, fucking hilarious. i think you would like his other stuff as well.

  32. aLx says:

    is this the beginning of something really bad?

  33. buzzword says:

    alx, i may just be paranoid. but if one was really sadistic, into switching identities, manipulating people and seeking attention… it would be clever to assume a role that opposed the others. such as the female ex of an existing antagonistic role. this new role would interest men, provoke their sympathies, and provide a plot for the puppet master for further manipulative entertainment. imagine the joy given to a sick shit, conducting the drama between two fictional roles and watching everyone here flock to defend the victim, when the victim is the perp. but i’ve been fucked with before so it might just be me being overly cautious.

    • aLx says:

      no, i had the same thoughts. this is weird anyway. why would some ex-wife who hates her husband follow him on whatever sites he’s on. doesn’t make any sense to me. i think it’s just someone trolling around, not worth paying attention to. imagine, though, it was real. that’d be weirder than someone just pretending things, wouldn’t it?

      • buzzword says:

        yeah, when selecting the most likely explanation for a human behavior, “fucked up” is the best theory to choose.

      • buzzword says:

        ha, i’ve watched that anthony guy cook on television. he’s fucking funny. i remember one when he was in iceland or someplace, complaining that he was freezing his nuts off.

  34. buzzword says:

    aLx, billyb gave me this link, thought it was pretty cool. check out the directors other stuff at this link

    my finals were a pain in the ass. now i’m scheduled to do hospital rounds again. fuckityfuggly! by the way, what is your state of education?

    • aLx says:

      hospital, dude, i couldn’t do that. for real. , illness, disease, death … nah …
      yeah, cool link, thanks.

      hey, i subscribed to this newschannel, wlky 32, louisville, ky. they covered the damage. so, how bad is it?

      • buzzword says:

        nothing really bad out where i live. but i was at the hospital today and half of columbus still has power out. the rumor is that all the crews have left to go to texas to rebuild their grid. i think six have died due to trees falling on them. one was inside their house which sucks, but the dudes that are outside standing under a tree in 60 mph winds… stoopid.

        the hospital thing… yeah. i used to hate hospitals, the one i’m doing rounds is located in an area of columbus known as the bottoms, cause it used to always flood. of course it is a poor neighborhood with all the associated problems. i was on the elevator and over heard this, “man, shot… and by someone on his own crew, thats not cool!”

        last quarter rounds i met several people dying, old dude with lung cancer, young guy with aids/hiv… today met a woman diagnosed with a brain tumor, just removed, she wants to live to see her daughter graduate in june. young woman recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis fell and is hoping like hell to feel her legs and maybe walk. many more.

        most of the stuff i do is fucking boring. i mean i’m an academic, i like the scholarly shit. and i am an asshole, selfish, arrogant, etc… so why in fuck am i here? money, now ain’t that shitty.

        but in the midst of this experience i feel like i’m surrendering, fears, self, preconceptions, all that. today i was work with the young girl with m.s., she ain’t pretty, nasty gray teeth, needs a bath. there was six of us holding her up, i’m holding her up in front, a few in back are squeezing her ass to see if she is moving any muscles at all, others are holding her knees in place, she’s saying, “nothing, nothing, can’t feel anything.” and a therapist says, “i think your moving a little!” and the girl says “really!” and that means everything, i’m looking into her eyes and she’s beautiful.

        in those moments i’ve forgotten my name, my identity, my arrogance.

        the woman with the brain tumor. she wants this type of cancer therapy that costs a lot. someone rich could afford it, but it’s so expensive that the insurance doesn’t want to cover it. and she tells her husband, she doesn’t care, go in debt, loose the house car whatever, they can’t take her kids away or her husband. and i think what is wrong with this fucking country. and i want to change things, i want to give this woman and her family a day in june.

        so i’m in this place that i hate, dealing with shit that makes me uncomfortable, disease, death, the sick, but the responsibility i have negates all that shit, demands some humanity. and i become more human.

    • pennsyltucky9 says:

      Hi Buzz,

      Thanks for rattling my cage. Yeah, my major is all done and I’m set to graduate in January, but I”m so swamped with finishing out my electives (read: unfamiliar subjects I barely care about) that I haven’t tried opening a single HFW lesson in weeks. Plus, I was really getting tired of a couple members who posted way too much to actually have a mortal existence and who also seemed unclear on the concept of live and let live, if you know what I mean and I think that you probably do. Since I could spend my entire life wading through the raw sewage of ridiculous comments while only enjoying a couple people’s replies, it suddenly became clear that it was time I gave it a rest for awhile.

      I hope I didn’t miss anything, like being named teacher’s pet or something. Not that Marina has a shortage of eligible students, lol. Yeah, I miss the interaction, but it’s refreshing to deal with playground bullies in the flesh for a change. No quarter asked or given…

      At least I get some recognition as an “advanced student” in my T’ai Chi Gung class. The instructor makes me lead the class sometimes. Go figure. Must’ve been the 7 semesters of Judo I took back in the autumn of my youth, which reminds me: has aLx suffered maximum zenith overcrossing yet? He gets all pissed off at me whenever I try to wish him a happy Bday, like time passage was my invention or something.

      School is such a burn. I’m way behind on my reading; it puts me to sleep immediately. I always thought that was what it was for in the first place, but what the hell…. Back to the quest for knowledge

      Peace, bro.

      • buzzword says:

        on the last stretch then, congratulations. i got all my electives out of the way first. actually i didn’t know what i wanted so i had to get several majors out of the way first as well.

        no, you haven’t missed anything. at least i don’t think so, i don’t have time either. read my above comment for further detail. i just look for avatars that i recognize, make that avatars i care to keep up with, keep in touch.

        the martial arts thing, thats cool. interests me a little, i need a discipline, temper my hostility. body needs a practice to keep in shape.

        i forgot about aLx’s day of reckoning. hey aLx you old yet?!

        lots of reading, hard to get around that. get a good nights sleep, select a time when your mind is fully fueled and take breaks, stay fresh, walk with the idea and do some deep thinking. connect what you read to other concepts and integrate it into a larger construct. best way to retain info. takes longer though.

        i’ve a got a problem with short term memory, so everything i study has to be done this way or i forget.

        i’m going to think of way for you to get my email without posting it anywhere… i know, if i provide a link to a youtube video with a current comment of mine you would recognize, you can follow it back to my youtube page and then leave a message there and i’ll send you back my email or you can just contact me there. sound complicated enough?

    • aLx says:

      i be 30 on 9/28.
      tell pt9 that he can ask me directly.

      • pennsyltucky9 says:

        Maybe I should consider myself lucky my birthday is the 24th, third day of the cusp. That makes me a crosseyed Virgo-Libra halfbreed. Shit. Goddamn Libras! Can’t make a decision to save our own necks! The world’s just too fucking little, aLx. Seconds are ticking away….. Fuel up the ambulance! Check the tire pressure and charge the defibrillator!

    • pennsyltucky9 says:

      Okay, that sounds complicated enough, just like all the release forms and petition to graduate crap already on my plate. But what the hell. All I have to do now is get your link, then remember to check yet another site for messages (throw it onto the stack of campus email, assignments, group projects, admin stuff, yahoo mail from the fambly, student loan contract, etc, & hope it floats to the top again after I get some sleep). But it just might work. No use mentioning it unless you’re ready to give it a go I guess. Godspeed, Buzz. Talk to you soon. Thanks for replying.

  35. buzzword says:

    aLx, since your a fan of basketball and hiphop thought you might enjoy this afrika bambaataa was one of the defining figures in early hiphop.

    • aLx says:

      dude, that’s fucking great, thanks for the link. never heard that name before. weird. but then again, i’m just european.

      right now i’m trying to find out how pakistanian-russian relations work and what they’re like.

  36. buzzword says:

    this stokesjrj1 is a pain in the ass. i don’t understand his random attempts to provoke responses and his alternating nicks. dude must be lonely and aggravated.

    • aLx says:

      yeah. i’ve never paid much attention to him, though you unfortunately can’t ignore his posts when he’s posting the same thing a hundred times.
      what i also noticed … people sometimes state what they’re doing or have been doing. nothing wrong with that per se but it looks weird when posted without any reason, without any connection to anything. like, yeah, i just brushed my teeth and now i’m gonna go to bed … i just got up and had this dream about my dead guinea pig. this stuff comes out of the blue, and i find myself reading this and thinking: … and?

  37. aLx says:

    ah, crap.

    sorry for posting fourth level replies. i just got to get used to it, uh, yeah, got to answer on the lesson page i guess, not on the dashboard. damn.

  38. aLx says:

    something funny today.
    the russian ambassador in germany called a press conference to explain the russian point of view and how they see things and all. he complained that all you can see in the press are russian tanks.
    and then he said something like, “… that the [american] tactics /policy / poltics of ‘he’s a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch’ won’t work out even anymore.”
    lol. he really said that.

  39. aLx says:

    yeah, georgia, some very uncool shit going on over here.
    georgia as part of the west and nato and all gets support from its “allies”, first and foremost, the u.s.
    i don’t really know what position exactly germany takes. it’s part of nato and everything. nato said that the recognition of abkhasia and south ossetia by russia as independent states is not right, it violates international law, it violates u.n. resolutions. this is kinda funny. the u.s. didn’t give a shit about the u.n. and its resolutions (iraq).
    so, that’s what’s upsetting them right now. russia, on the other hand, asks why recognizing s.o. and abkhasia as independent states is wrong, but having recognized kosovo as an independent state is right. and this is a very good question. they got a point.
    i just hope that germany will try to remain more or less in the middle, trying to negotiate or whatever. leaning too far towards the u.s. is not good. germany needs russia. they probably need the u.s., too, but in my opinion it’s more important to establish and maintain good relations with russia.
    ah, a good source of what’s going on is russia today. they got an interview with pat buchanan as well.

    humm. this is not good, man. anyway, i strongly recommend russiatoday. check it out.

    • aLx says:

      by the way, i was browsing through their videos, went a few months back. and then i was like, wtf?! they did an interview with m. lol. now that’s funny right there! you subscribe to a news channel and get hfw. i was like, what the hell, that’s a bit disturbing, ain’t it.

    • buzzword says:

      thanks for the info, will check them out. one reason hitman checked in was because i was asking him some questions about the situation on his youtube page. i read a lot of news but it really helps to have contacts abroad. people over here seem to be taking the simplest approach, “russia bad” people can be so fucking ignorant. i wish i could discuss it more on the other pages but it would just turn ugly.

    • buzzword says:

      so although no official word, the u.s. flew into pakistan dropped some special forces, killed 20 or so people and then flew out again. i’ve checked the global guide to diplomatic decorum and it states that any russian citizen can now bitch slap any u.s. representative that opens his or her mouth.

  40. protac6 says:

    This random lesson has sooooo many comments

  41. aLx says:

    this is so fucked up. what the hell is it with thìs dude?

    • buzzword says:

      once again, in the dark. which dude do you speak of?

    • buzzword says:

      oh, yeah. i see what you mean. dumb story, made no sense. he went from soft core porn to epic poem. i really wish these guys would keep their marina fantasies private. unfortunately these fantasies serve as their muse for poetry… bad results. the other thing that annoys me is that because we’re not dancing around in leotards playing lutes and serenading marina… we get shit. because we speak honestly which means not going along with everyone or contradicting marina at times… we get shit. well, actually you get a lot more shit than me.

      then again, this forum is a public dialogue in which all the participants have an interest in directing to match expectations. groups of common expectations form, then they maintain dialogues that satisfy there mutual interests and values. when an individual or group interferes with their influence upon the forums progress then they take defensive posturing. when i comment, “thats fucking stupid!” i am trying to make corrections and impose my own expectations for participant performance. if i get everyone behaving the way i want i feel more secure and satisfied. it becomes my forum. thing is its marina’s forum. so, i guess i’ll go on doing what i’m doing and if marina wants to correct the progress then she can kick me in the ass and say “what the fuck!?”. and i won’t flip out like some kind of insulted lover. i’d say, “what the fuck?, what the fuck!?” anyway… dumb ass poem.

      anyway…. what is with this cold war all over again bullshit? people over here are fucking nuts. i can’t believe all this political posturing is happening just because of the georgia conflict, i mean someone has to slow this whole process down. people have to cool off, fuck i’m just annoyed personally and globally.

  42. aLx says:


    did you instruct hitman not to say anything? if so: damn you! no fair! :/

  43. buzzword says:

    damn, fell into an argument with rrr. bottom of the burrito.

  44. aLx says:

    argh. i did it again. damn. gotta try to remember the reply level or reply on the actual lesson’s page.

  45. buzzword says:

    i sent a love letter to prospero811 haha.

  46. buzzword says:

    aLx james on best weekend ever, is spazing out over your ability to reply. i provided him some background so that he would understand. hahar!

    • aLx says:

      yeah, that was more or less an accident b/c i replied right from the dashboard.

    • aLx says:

      lol. just read your reply. that was funny!

      • buzzword says:

        hey, did you get my links to the origin of your avatar? i doubt if anyone would recognize it, relatively obscure. i think it suits your rather well.

    • aLx says:

      ah, the links. yeah, checked them out. you were right — i was very amused.
      checked the trailer to that movie, too. i’m not really a comic freak. i seen a lot of movies based on comics, though. probably even movies of which i didn’t know they’re based on a comic. i liked x-men, hellboy, aeon flux, batman … not sure though if aeon flux or hellboy are comic characters? hm. what about sin city? of course, batman, spiderman … uh … yeah. ah! beavis and butthead! still got some beavis and butthead comics somewhere that i bought in 95/96 in kentucky! uh, that is, i hope i still have them.

      • buzzword says:

        yeah, all comic books except aeon flux. that one started out on mtv, they had a late night animation show. sin city, spawn, yep. spawn? the popularity of comic books is kind of unique to the u.s. although the most celebrated writer is british, alan moore he also did v for vendetta. hell boy, check out mike mignola’s artwork . and the work of frank miller. oh, better stop going to go all out fanboy on you.

    • aLx says:

      hey, look what i found!

      roadrunrnch replied on August 21st, 2008 6:28 pm:
      Is it just me but ever see buzzword and Marina at the same party.
      I just saying, only one person can post inside a 2nd reply.

      god, i love that dashboard and the search function.

      • buzzword says:

        ha! he’s thinks there’s a conspiracy. check out his reply on my high top fade post on pigtails. “who is this really? buzzy marina koba??? dude, lovin’ this.

    • aLx says:

      yeah, which brings me back to the koba question. dude, this is really fucked up. wikipedia says, well, some island or the stalin thing. we can rule out stalin, i guess, as well as the fucking island. search for “коба” in google. do an image search. you’ll see that this word actually exists. you’ll see mountains, and caves, and cats, and dogs, all kinds of shit. but there is nothing that connects these things. this is really getting on my nerves. i hate things like that. “коба” is not in the dictionary. i found a german — polish dictionary online, well, needless to say, no koba. a lot of words starting with “kobacie-” though which have all to do with female-. wrote an email to a woman i know, she’s from poland. i doubt that she’ll be able to tell me something. damn, how i hate things like that.

      • buzzword says:

        yeah, marina is being a tease. she never said she would provide the answer. but i kinda assumed, she would explain. but i won’t satisfy her shallow attempt to acquire more attention, i’m ignoring her.

        damnit marina, you ass pain, what the fuck does koba mean!

    • aLx says:

      chomsky and putin discussing politics, yeah, that’d be nice. i picked putin because i think he’s one of the most intelligent people around. his career, development, is really impressive. so is chomsky’s, and his work, respectively. chomsky’s facts and points and arguments vs. putins point of view and rhetoric … yeah … they might even find some things they agree on.

  47. aLx says:

    umm, did you put comments with a certain amount of links on moderation due to the spam thing a few days ago? b/c one of my comments is awaiting moderation …

    • aLx says:

      k … let’s try this w/o links …

      no. my dream weekend is one involving julia bond, christina ricci, noam chomsky, and vladimir putin. now, don’t ask me how all this goes together, but that’d be one hell of a weekend. it’s all in there: pr0n, art, linguistics, and politics

  48. aLx says:


    just in case it gets lost in the latest lesson, i’ll just post this twice.
    bbPress — code is poetry.

    Easy integration with your blog

    WordPress and bbPress are siblings, and they get along together a lot better than you and your brother did when you were kids!

  49. aLx says:

    “a shit-storm of criticisms”. i kinda like it. hahaha.

  50. aLx says:

    uh, that’s odd. we just talked about spam and there it is. all over the place.

  51. aLx says:

    ah, don’t remind me of university and studying better not talk about it.

    well, i don’t know. young men are most often attracted to older women. i read once that a man’s sexual peak or whatever is when he’s around 20 and a woman’s when she’s around 30. never researched stuff like that, though. just read it years ago in some newspaper or something.
    yeah, as you get older you may be attracted to younger women. maybe because everyone is attracted to youthfulness or something, to skin without wrinkles. to natural things like no boob job (cause you’re not really like, “whoa! tits! yeah! i want em big, as big as possible!” anymore [plus, you do see it, compare her pic in that nickname lesson to now ... nothing wrong with that but she didn't look worse before]) , not to mastoptosis (ha! i just looked that up! medical term), and all that.
    as for now, i’m not interested in dating anyone. don’t know. don’t wanna go through all that getting to know shit and “what are we gonna do today besides screwing around”, you know, nah. what i noticed, and that’s not really a great surprise, is that the tolerance range gets bigger. they don’t have to weigh 120 lbs at the most or something. age range, well, it gets bigger, too. +/- 7 years or so. wasn’t that big when i was younger.

    yeah, nin, if you like “the slip”, they got another album available for free download: “ghost I”.

    • Marina says:

      I just spent the whole night last night and this morning removing my contact email addresses from this website… someone thought it was cute to sign up one of my email addresses to this website yesterday morning which resulted in my email box getting 1,000 messages in about 5 minutes! They added my email address to this website: Sp am Za (dot) com (remove the spaces) and change the dot com…

      I will remove this link shortly… as I don’t want to promote them…. but a really “dicky” (is that a word?) move.

      • aLx says:


        You don’t have permission to access / on this server.
        Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
        Apache/1.3.33 Server at AppStuff Port 80″

        maybe it was a crawler / robot that picked up your address? you could’ve written it as nospam [at] mysite [dot] com. a lot of people do that for those reasons, you know, to not land in any of these spam databases. one of my email addresses that i mostly use for signups at various sites is … now, i don’t check this account very often. maybe like once every two months. i don’t care if there are like 2000 spam mails. never got any, though. :)

        “dicky” is a noun.

        • Marina says:

          It looks like they just killed the site.. it was a site that you put an email address in and it signs that address up to literally a 1000 newsletters on the web immediately.

          My email address was not farmed… my server actually hides my email addresses behind code that is not visible to crawlers.

          So this was literally a person choosing that one email address as a joke to mess with me.

          Oh well.. I was able to use email as a form of communication up until now… now it’s forms moving forward… not as convenient… but oh well.

          Regarding email addresses… I do something a little different.. I actually have email addresses that are created on the fly when I sign up to websites.. that way I know when someone has sold an email address of mine to spammers. And once one of the throwaway addresses gets sold.. I can kill it.

          • CaptainJack says:

            I heard of high tech sweat shops that have people just visiting sites to get email addresses. Mostly its in some cities in China. I have heard of a few in Chile, South America. It might not be someone playing a joke. I’ve been hit twice. Im surprised you just got notice.
            Also I notice a few of the blogs you visit seem suspicious to me. The call them spam blogs or something,

      • aLx says:

        actually, i get a lot of spam crap on my website, only as comments to the wordpress stuff, thank god. it’s annoying though (“awaiting moderation, please visit the control panel …”. do you know if there’s something i can do about it? because your entire site is made w/ wp.

      • Marina says:

        I solved that by requiring people to register in order to post comments. Do you require people to register?

      • aLx says:

        uh, no, that site is not really well-known anyway. not yet. har! but i do put all comments on moderation.

      • aLx says:

        whoa, cool. :)

        no, not the blogspot thing. that’d be cool if we owned blogspot. this one. but it’s not that important, just a little spam is all. like i said, we don’t have many visitors. we need to get this fucking shop going. that is, start getting some stuff to put into it. hmm.

        so, how did we get the honor to get promoted?

        • Marina says:

          You two have been here so long and contribute so much.. I thought it’d be cool for you.. plus you can search through all the comments.. PLUS you can nested reply ad infinitum (so be sparing with that!) :-)

      • buzzword says:

        the email situation, that sucks, such a waste of your time. um… dicky. i’d use “prick”. thanks for the increased access and the trust. the trust part is damn cool.

      • CaptainJack says:

        Marina, Just do what I do. I made an message form page that sends the message to whatever’at’ and forwards to my private email account. I still get weird message from time to time but I can see its a robot or some spammer. Photo verifications can be read by computers, so forms are not 100% fool proof, but they do stop the majority. Second thing is get a Google Mail account. It has a mazing spam protection. I sometimes get about 100 spam message a day. Gmail filtered it all out just fine and only twice has it misfiled an email in the past year or two. I gave up on my dotmac account. I use yahoo for sites that I think might spam me. Yahoo really sucks.

      • aLx says:


        here are three glossaries.

        # 1.
        # 2.
        # 3.

      • buzzword says:

        marina, weren’t you going to remove this link shortly?

  52. aLx says:


    i put the link to the free download of nine inch nails’ “the slip” album on the cash lesson. anyway, just in case you didn’t notice that comment, i put it here. they require an e-mail address where they send you a link to. if you don’t want to do that, let me know, i can e-mail you the tracks if you want. i think it’s a cool album. some of it is slow, instrumental, other stuff on it is not.

    • buzzword says:

      got it. will listen later, let you know what i think. like trent. getting ready for finals in the next few weeks. studying. your degree, how far along are you? how far are you going?

  53. aLx says:

    huh. your comment about the homework and ugly bastards, in combination with “intelligence is sexy” kinda made me think.
    there’s this prof. took a few of her courses. i once went to see her during office hours, just had a tiny, little, not highly intellectual question. i said, you know, sorry for asking this, since it was a question related to a philosophy of language class, not one of hers. she was like, no, don’t worry, i’m always happy when someone comes asking because they actually want to know something, not out of pressure because of a presentation or a seminar paper they have to turn in. so, yeah, she was kinda cool. i went there a lot, asking her tons of questions, she’d even let me borrow books off her and all. and, well, i thought she was kinda sexy, not in a physical kind of way. does that sound weird? she was like in her mid-fourties. really one of the smartest persons i’ve ever met. once, i don’t remember why, i was bitching about economists and lawyers. and she’d listen, and when i was done, she was like, my husband is a lawyer. and i thought, okay, ummm, this is awkward … then she gave a grin and said something like, but i’m a linguist, and i think i have a good influence on him. whoa. dude …

    • buzzword says:

      all different sorts of attraction that encourage relationships. she sounds nice and smart, not just academically. it would be good to keep in touch with her. do you usually date women older or younger, doesn’t matter? what do you think women in different life stages offer? i could argue that men tend to be attracted to younger women who could produce offspring. but it also depends on the man’s stage of psychological development and personal achievement.

      most of my professors were really guarded and competitive. always pissed me off. lots of grad. students competing for their attention. seems like your university or at least department faculty are more approachable. one or two were nice. one odd women, reminded me of a fat margaret thatcher invited me to go hot tubbing with her and her husband… ew.

      that reminds me of a study i just heard about. it seems women on birth control don’t respond to men’s pheromones as usual. women on birth control are attracted to men who share more similarities. whereas it is natural for women to be attracted to men who are genetically more unlike them. to provide diversity to compliment their genes. interesting implications. i was wondering if it also affected other natural hormone based behaviors that influence the way women select and maintain relationships with men. also, what happens if a women quits birth control, does that change her attraction to the man?

      i’m looking for the study now.

  54. aLx says:

    ah, crap, this anna chick isn’t answering either. damnit.

  55. buzzword says:

    dig the battle of the homework all stars.

    • aLx says:

      hahaha. oh, well.
      but i like her picture in the vid. hair looks nice a little darker and the rest is so … natural.
      so. as for your homework! what nicknames you got? hehe.

      • buzzword says:

        one place i worked for some years, the guys called me medicine man. i was really into wade davis. i had really long hair, piercings with feathers carved in whale bone i got in alaska, primitive rings, bracelets and shit. went native for a while. into some peculiar shit.

        after that, asshole. no kidding, my best friends first impressions of me, asshole. i think it had to do with me not putting up with their shit, not intimidated by the goth, industrial, gangsta hardcore stuff they were menacing the locals with.

        so much of it is performance art, which is fine, interesting, lots of fun. but i’d call it what it is and people would get pissed. there was this guy who called himself, “satan” he often wore a long black cloak in the middle of august, he made of fun of christians. he hated me. anthropologists can be assholes. so yeah, asshole would be the most common nick for me. i kinda like it better than medicine man.

  56. buzzword says:

    aLx, marina

    both of you seem to have an appreciation of the macabre, check out this video from gnarls barkley portraying a girl breaking up with a guy.

    • aLx says:

      that was great!
      when he pulls it out, it reminded me of two things.
      one, a movie.
      two, a dialoque, written by heiner müller. roughly translated it goes like that:

      one: may i lay my heart at your feet?

      two: if you don’t soil my floor.

      one: my heart is pure.

      two: we will see about that.

      one: i can’t get it out.

      two: do you want me to help you.

      one: if you don’t mind.

      two: it would be a pleasure. i can’t get it out, either.

      one cries

      two: i will operate it out of you. what do i have a pocket knife for. just a second. work, and don’t despair. there we go. but this is a brick. your heart is a brick.

      one: but it beats for you only.

  57. aLx says:


    i got a question regarding foreign words in russian. buzzword linked to a great site below, here’s a picture from that site. now, it says “джекпот” there, i was wondering for how long words like have been around in russia. it’s kinda hard to tell if they’ve been around a long time or if they got into russian after, say, 1990. also “бизнес” and the like (not sure about the spelling).

    • aLx says:

      uh, so my question is if they started to just put foreign words into cyrillic just recently. those terms seem to center on business-related or technical things, which would explain it i guess. most anglicisms we got over here are from that field, of course.

    • buzzword says:

      i was looking through those photos of moscow as well and was trying to translate the signage. interesting question aLx, the article references the social and economic changes occurring in moscow and i wonder what type of effect it is having on language. if you only knew a russian philologist who could answer your inquiry. but what are the odds?

    • buzzword says:

      i guess your going to have to get interpretty to answer your question.

  58. aLx says:

    lol. p11. i had the same thought yesterday that you wrote in one of your comments: what do we agree on?
    seems like he disagrees with everything i think about language and all.

  59. aLx says:

    hmm. what’s this new plugin on the frontpage?

  60. aLx says:

    have you clicked on interpretty’s name? damn. i wonder if this is really her.

    • Marina says:

      Wow! She is really pretty and SMART!

      • aLx says:

        well … yeah … this is why i was wondering why she’d ask for “fuck”. usually, women, well-educated women, wouldn’t ask for words that have to do with “profanity”. something else that confused me is her “cheers!” at the end of her comment. so, i don’t know … some russian-speaking person should talk to her in russian, see if she speaks it.

    • buzzword says:

      can’t locater her. i can’t believe i missed a request for the word “fuck”

      • aLx says:

        on the life of riley lesson:

        interpretty on August 14th, 2008 6:44 am
        F..k, please!
        Marina, do you agree it comes from the ancient or is it primitive or traditional England where a person could not have sex unless he or she had consent of the king in those days (unless that person was in the Royal Family). It is said that when anyone wanted to have a baby, they got consent of the King, the King gave them a placard they hung on their door while they were having sex. The pacard had F.U.C.K (Fornication Under Consent of the King) on it.
        Would you agree with this version?
        (You and I have much in common – Russian, philologist, 27 year-old, blonde, love words and wordplay. It’s a great idea to create such a website – accept my compliments. Cheers!)

      • buzzword says:

        thinking of visiting moscow? i do believe they have a bit of a night life culture.

      • aLx says:

        i said that months ago. that i’d love to see moscow. but it’s expensive. most expensive city in the world.

        i even looked up how much a flight is. about 300 euro which is … about 450 dollars. well, that’s okay for a flight to moscow i guess. but the rest … damn …

      • buzzword says:

        moscow never sleeps check out the photo gallery.

      • buzzword says:

        i’ve always been fascinated by the contrasts that exist among night lifers. poor, homeless, junkies, thugs, emergency rooms, night clubbing, celebrity, performance, romance, excitement. threshold between pleasure and pain. the extremes get tiresome after a while. here’s another related song featuring iggy. you got to love iggy.

      • aLx says:

        true. the first one was even with vanessa paradis! ha! very cool.

      • mijj says:

        with regards to “fuck” ….

        This is a cartoon panel from an old underground comic (Zap):

        “after the norman conquest, the normans outlawed the entire saxon language.
        In obstinate revolt we’ve been left with all the old german four-letter words like “shit” (to eliminate) and “fuck” (to sow seeds).”

      • mijj says:

        ok … this thread is abandoned … so it’s safe to add a poem that noone will see (.. continuing the current theme) …

        [YouTube: Evidently Chicken Town - John Cooper Clarke]

        This is just between you ‘n me, thread! … … shhhhhh!

      • mijj says:

        EVIDENTLY CHICKEN TOWN – John Cooper Clarke
        the fucking cops are fucking keen
        to fucking keep it fucking clean
        the fucking chief’s a fucking swine
        who fucking draws a fucking line
        at fucking fun and fucking games
        the fucking kids he fucking blames
        are nowhere to be fucking found
        anywhere in chicken town
        the fucking scene is fucking sad
        the fucking news is fucking bad
        the fucking weed is fucking turf
        the fucking speed is fucking surf
        the fucking folks are fucking daft
        don’t make me fucking laugh
        it fucking hurts to look around
        everywhere in chicken town
        the fucking train is fucking late
        you fucking wait you fucking wait
        you’re fucking lost and fucking found
        stuck in fucking chicken town
        the fucking view is fucking vile
        for fucking miles and fucking miles
        the fucking babies fucking cry
        the fucking flowers fucking die
        the fucking food is fucking muck
        the fucking drains are fucking fucked
        the colour scheme is fucking brown
        everywhere in chicken town

      • mijj says:

        the fucking pubs are fucking dull
        the fucking clubs are fucking full
        of fucking girls and fucking guys
        with fucking murder in their eyes
        a fucking bloke is fucking stabbed
        waiting for a fucking cab
        you fucking stay at fucking home
        the fucking neighbors fucking moan
        keep the fucking racket down
        this is fucking chicken town
        the fucking train is fucking late
        you fucking wait you fucking wait
        you’re fucking lost and fucking found
        stuck in fucking chicken town
        the fucking pies are fucking old
        the fucking chips are fucking cold
        the fucking beer is fucking flat
        the fucking flats have fucking rats
        the fucking clocks are fucking wrong
        the fucking days are fucking long
        it fucking gets you fucking down
        evidently chicken town

    • buzzword says:

      which reminds me, that search function was handy. why did she take it off?

  61. aLx says:

    damn. she’s good.

    • buzzword says:

      more like jesus, she’s good. yeah, hopes she sticks around.

      whenever i run into women that i think could be cool to hang out with, i end up talking about my wife. i guess its to let them know that i’m in a committed relationship and convey that i’m not interested in hooking up. just so everyone knows from the get go. in the past when a women realizes i’m married i can tell they become suspicious of my intent. so if i put it out there, seems to make em’ feel more comfortable. i’ve watched guys who are married start talking to a girl their obviously attracted to, and when the women brings up his status, the guy admits to it like he’s ashamed to be married. funny thing is i think women on some level find a happily married guy more attractive because he is capable of a healthy relationship. women have a larger portion of their brain committed to human relationships whereas men have a larger portion of their brain committed to sex. no surprise there. there is a whole evolutionary theory explaining that.

      hey, i assumed you weren’t religious, too cynical. are you, were you, a faith based organism?

      • aLx says:

        i think i’m an agnostic tending to atheist views, though i find myself defending religious views at times. this is because many non-believers are just stupid and uneducated concerning religion, or being polemic, or trying to put down people who believe. i don’t like that.
        i once read that book … it was about the genesis. the author explained every paragraph, you know, history and all. and i thought, man, this really IS complicated and very complex.

        i think a major factor is how you got raised, brought up. i think that if you, as a child, go to church, attend sunday school, bible studies … if you do that you’re more likely to adopt religious views.
        i didn’t get raised like that. i think my mom kinda believes in … something, not really sure what, my dad does not.
        me not really believing is probably to do with growing up in east germany, too.

        at the end of the day, no-one knows. nobody can verify or falsify his own or other people’s views, which is not necessary anyway. even the attempt to do that is stupid. it requires that there is an entity of which everyone has the same picture in mind, the same access. like a car. somebody could say, i don’t believe that it has wheels on the other side, the side we can’t see. i could say, i don’t believe that, it just looks like that because it is parked on the side of a little bank. then both of us could go around the car and falsify at least one of those statements.
        so, if you say something like, i believe in god, what about you? what could my answer possibly be? i should then say something like, maybe, could be, it’s possible, i don’t know — because i just don’t know what picture, notion, you have in mind when you say “god”, and you will never be able to exactly tell me what your picture looks like. and i will never be capable of seeing the exact picture that you have in mind. and that’s that.

  62. stokesjrj1 says:

    Hi Marina, here is another meaning for dirty vikings; “viking on the quest for mud:
    Jocular name for a sodomite . See sodomite for synonyms.”

  63. aLx says:

    what the hell is it with this dude?

    • buzzword says:

      the man is just fucking peculiar. marina ought to make these frames mean something, like, “fucking odd” for some and “cynical” for others. i wish there was a, “stay the fuck out of my frame” button. man, all this hostility is getting in the way of my naturally eloquent and serene state of mind, fucking pisses me off. you ever been described as hostile?

      • aLx says:

        there’s a lot of adjectives and phrases people used to describe me. needless to say, it always depends on who it came from and all. people that don’t know me well may misunderstand my words / actions.
        so, yeah, hostile was one of them. hostile, unsocial, ironic, sarcastic, cynical, defeatist, mean, nice, honest, too direct, undiplomatic, like an ice block, somewhat extreme, apathetic, choleric, chaotic, minimalist, complicated, complex, different, dainty, pedantic, analytical, emotional, not emotional, like a robot, unrealistic, a dreamer, an idiot, good, bad, destructive, “he doesn’t really mean it”, naive, indecisive, weird, a loner, helpful, cooperative, incommunicative, reserved, quiet … and on and on … most it is contradictory. i don’t know. and it’s not something i think about a lot.

    • Marina says:

      Can you email me aLx.. is there someone I need to talk to?

  64. buzzword says:

    what’s with all the drummer jokes? makes no fucking sense. this is exactly what i meant. he has nothing to say so he gets a joke book and just randomly posts drummer jokes. pathetic, and he complained about us?

    • aLx says:

      that’s what i was thinking. asking him wouldn’t make any sense i guess. maybe he just wants some sort of reaction, regardless of what that reaction may be like.
      friend of mine is a drummer. went to england a few years ago to attend university over there. got two degrees, working on his ph.d. now.

      • buzzword says:

        no, not going to ask either.

        best friend is a drummer in a band out in colorado. musicians get shit, well musicians in certain genres get shit for being stupid. such bullshit. i would like to learn to play something, piano. the whole process, environments and social setting are really attractive to me. probably why i’ve spent so much time hanging out with musicians and bands.

        are your friend’s degrees music related?

    • aLx says:

      ah, forgot to mention that. no, he’s got philosophy degrees. we always have great discussions about all sorts of things. that is, when he’s over here which doesn’t happen very often. he seems to like philosophers i don’t like so that makes for long and funny discussions. also constantly arguing about literature and the world and whatever.

      yeah, sometimes i think i should’ve tried to become a rock star or something. someone playing the guitar. they always get the girls. hehe.

      • buzzword says:

        those types of differences among friends really adds to the dynamic of the relationship and conversations. nice to have disagreements that are constructive and beneficial. i enjoy disagreeing with friends, comfortable conflicts.

  65. aLx says:

    dude, what the hell. i need to be kept entertained? what is this? fucking pre-school? what’s this place turning into? i don’t need anyone getting suddenly all schoolmasterly and patronizing on my ass.

    screw this.

    • buzzword says:

      you talking about the captain providing entertainment for the kids with short attention spans? his explanation was rather condescending but don’t take it personally. besides if it satisfies some people it could be beneficial. so many start bitching about where the hell marina is or just waste time making peculiar comments while waiting for some attention.

    • CaptainJack says:

      alx. I wasn’t referring that you needing to be entertained. It was an idea I had to help keep the kids entertained/distracted until the next video gets put up. Marina can’t take a day off without the natives getting restless and bitchy. :neutral:

      BW, Kids with short attention spans is right on the money! I see a pattern right after the new lesson is posted. They all make comments on the new vid then some do the homework. After that it becomes a free for all. After about 400 comments or so they start flinging poo at each other. The biggest problem is the tolls here watch this go on and like to stir up the flames until there is a big bon fire. They get everyone worked up on senseless bullshit. I think they get their rocks off on building fires. Me personally, I’m getting sick of the drama. :neutral:

      All Im trying to accomplish is finding ways to keep the kiddies from mudding up the classroom and try to reduce some of Marina’s work load. If you guys have any ideas, my door is open. :cool:

      • buzzword says:

        free rice, don’t know how you’d work it in. but its a good cause and is word related.

      • aLx says:

        i don’t know any games and it has not to do w/ distraction and all but …

        aLx on April 3rd, 2008 8:46 am
        since some people know about certain linguistic termini, but a lot of others don’t — maybe you would consider doing a glossary? like, what is a morpheme and the like. I think that’d help some people to understand what other people are talking about and then even engage in conversations? like, some time ago I was involved in a conversation about morphemes, I think. some guy asked what morphemes are, I tried to explain it and then he understood the whole thing, or he got an idea of what other people were talking about.
        just an idea.

      • buzzword says:

        yeah i think that would be constructive. a basic glossary of terms and summary of the methodology could encourage some interesting discussions. i also thought that marina could do a couple videos explaining some basic linguistic concepts. it would get attention, imagine the title, “marina, morpheme addict”.

      • CaptainJack says:

        I tried the free rice. That was great.. :mrgreen: I like it.. I had just to quit the game because I was getting addicted to it. The glossary sound great also. I would love to learn more about linguistics and how all this works. :cool:

        I found a few little flash player games that interest me and I think would interest the above average students. I will see how to incorporate these ideas into her blog and I hope they don’t crash or bog down the system. That last game I posted was just a link so there was not conflict with the server. It was a short lived game only lasting 5 minutes and your done. But it proved to me that some people where interested in word games. :cool:

        I like both of your ideas because they addressed the more intelligent students in the class. Now that hard part is finding something for the (short attention span/I just learned how to spell my name) type students. I might have to find some of the stupidest games out there and see which ones they like. :roll:

        This glossary idea, you know of any website that are already doing something like this. I want to not have to waste time reinventing the wheel and if Im lucky find a tool that would make it easy for students to contribute. Having Marina do videos would increase her work load but I don’t see that would need very many videos to get weeks upon weeks of discussions. I think Marina would love to discuss many of her concepts she learned over the years. :grin:

        If any other ideas pop into your head or you come across any while surfing let me know. You can email me too if you want, ta at captain jack dot (ws). Sorry to get all cryptic but Marina doesn’t have an email shroud plugin installed yet. The spambots are getting smarter now. :roll:

  66. aLx says:

    lol. what the fuck is going on?

  67. buzzword says:

    yawn, the drama continues.

    • aLx says:

      that chacha dude … damn … that really got to me. *rolleyes*

      • buzzword says:

        actually this is some of the most coherent writing he has done. i’m kinda of proud that we’ve inspired him. unfortunately, i have no idea what a effitist is or what is meant by pseudo head games. head games means deceptive manipulation right? so are we fake deceptive manipulators? unless he means our discussions are superficially intellectual. okay so he isn’t that coherent. i was a little surprised that i, you have irritated him to such a degree. i never really gave him much attention, he never has anything to say that interests me, lots of puns and useless links. most of the time he doesn’t make any sense, ranting or rambling.

    • Marina says:

      I guess I learned that I cannot go more than a day without a new lesson otherwise all hell breaks loose!!! :shock:

      • buzzword says:

        she has to make an appearance or they get agitated and start acting out their frustrations. this site provides some damn good psychological observations of male behavior patterns.

    • aLx says:

      yeah, i know. this is why i said it would all be forgotten as soon as the next lesson is up.

      male behavior patterns. dude, if we’re really that fucked up … there’s not much hope, huh.
      would it be different if it was like the other way round? a guy doing videos and the audience consisting mainly of females? what would that look like?

    • aLx says:

      as for chacha, i was surprised, too. thought something like, what is he talking about. what did i do to upset him. oh well, didn’t really care. though “head games” doesn’t sound too bad. better than child play or something. didn’t he call me cynical? i can live with that all right.

  68. aLx says:

    wtf is this stokesguy up to?

    • buzzword says:

      got no clue. i was reviewing the sequence of his comments and he seems to have just switched personalities.

      some of these guys start commenting to each other and i can’t make sense out of it. it gets annoying cause they frequently seem to understand each other. like do they share the same mental illness or something?

    • buzzword says:

      now he’s just posting odd video links to comments in various lessons. lots of odd behavior.

  69. buzzword says:

    damn, capman went nucking futs.

    • buzzword says:

      the correct spelling conversation was entertaining. you ever consider teaching sixteen year old kids?

      • aLx says:

        are you being serious or am i missing the humor again?

        dude. 16 year old kids. damn. i was sixteen once, i know what 16-year-olds are like. i know what i was like. always had a problem w/ authority. still do. there were teachers i liked and teachers i didn’t like, and vice versa. we had this astronomy teacher. dumb as fuck. i always corrected her grammar when she wrote something on the blackboard. probably mainly because i really sucked in astro b/c i really wasn’t interested. shit, if a _teacher_ says something like, “there is no semicolon in german” … what are you gonna do? especially when you’re 16 years old? i mean, damn, she graduated from university at some point in her life, didn’t she read any books? didn’t those books have semicolons in them? what the hell?
        anyway. i don’t know if i had the patience to teach anyone.

        you’re pretty busy these days, ain’t you? or are you more like a reader momentarily?

      • aLx says:

        ah, i forget.

        i meant to ask you if you got an opinion on the “off” thing, being an american and all. you know, that (probably unfinished) discussion w/ p11.

    • buzzword says:

      no, just joking about teaching. i have the same problems with authority. i am now attending a smaller college and a lot of the instructors suck. my psych. instructor was illustrating a process of the brain and providing an example. a student asked about some detail, “how is that possible?” and he says, “oh, i don’t know much about the brain.” my head dropped to my desk, i swear i lost consciousness. i used to challenge him, but i just don’t care anymore.

      i’ve already aggravated him, he took two points off an answer of mine. a portion of a question asked to provide two examples of abstract thought, and he said my two examples were too abstract. ha fuck. is there a word for being amused and pissed off? this is a portion of my insufficient answer, “… placing oneself in another person’s role or situation and contemplating that individual’s perspective.” this is the example he provided during class, “thinking about thinking.” what the fuck!

      well, time passes by and then i scan all the comments and by the time i think about going back and commenting i look at the time and like, shit, time, got to go.

      the “off” thing what the hell was that about, see what i mean no time, missing shit. inform me please.

      by the way, our discussion about capitalization, i was typing up notes when i realized how much efficient it was to skip capitalizing, so i gave up on that some time ago. hmm… should have given me more time to comment. maybe i should give up punctuation, all those periods, think of all the time i’d save.

    • buzzword says:

      oh yeah, well… i have heard about the origin going back to wwII. i always thought it referred to pissing on somebody and making them retreat. i’ve seen kids while pissing, pissing on each other’s feet in game play, to move them off or away. of course if one gets pissed on while retreating or off they are generally angry or pissed off, because they have been pissed off instead pushed or knocked off. pissed off is a state of anger in response to insulting, dirty or unfair tactics. and thus the fight is about to get down and dirty. anyway, my opinion is that its a preposition, for the above stated reasons. now piss off.

      • aLx says:

        (a.1) i’m pissing [off the building]. –> prep.
        (a.2) # i’m pissing off [the building]. –> ?

        (b.1) i’m pissing off [p11]. –> ?
        (b.2) # i’m pissing [off p11]. –> prep.

    • buzzword says:

      i’m a little rusty at this. if you said “i’m pissing off” “off” would be an adverb because there is no object. right? “i”m pissing off p11″ is a prepositional phrase because there is an object to complete its meaning and the whole sentence is an adverb phrase. right? subordinate conjunctions always confused me. no wonder i don’t speak good english.

  70. buzzword says:

    marina, checking out some of your comments.

    post apocalyptic future, the natural environment would have to cope with all those nuclear reactors melting down.

    asian american stereotypes, the term “asian american” does include a wide variety of cultures of which some do not excel in math and sciences. that characteristic is a result of educational expectations and cultural values of specific asian cultures. i would say that if you apply that characteristic to all asians or asian americans it is a stereotype, however if you use it as a description of japanese students in general to describe a statistical pattern, it would be appropriate. however the issue becomes complicated, these statistics are dependent on the generation of the asian american. as generations are distanced from japanese cultural values the more defining american values may affect math and science scores. this only emphasizes the cultural origins of success in the math and sciences.

  71. aLx says:

    does “i’m down for that” mean the same as “i’m up for that”?

    • buzzword says:

      i use, “down with that” to note agreement, understanding or appreciation. i use, “up for that” to convey a commitment with enthusiasm or motivation. for instance, “are you down with rock climbing?” response: “yeah, i’m down with rock climbing.” “so, you want to go now?” response: “no, ain’t up for that.”

      • Marina says:

        I agree with you buzzword… “down with that” seems like you are OK with something.. whereas “I’m up for that” might be used where you are more excited about doing it. Both basically mean the same thing.. one just has a little more enthusiasm attached to it.

  72. aLx says:

    personality disorders … uh … i know what borderline can look like, three of my ex-girlfriends were borderliners (three in a row, that was weird), one of them exhibited signs of schizophrenia. another one was kinda hysterical, yet another one had depressions and/or something else i couldn’t quite figure out. occasionally, she’d go some place and didn’t remember how she got there and what she was doing in the last half hour or so. scared the crap out of her.
    and, it’s a little bit how nietzsche put it: when you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.
    so, i got the disorder thing covered, i think …

    • buzzword says:

      damn… must have been really hard on you as well. what do you think compels your interest toward people with these shared characteristics? do they represent a large portion of the social scene you function in?

      i ask because, well, best friend was bipolar, lots of other friends were suffering as well from various disorders. i thought i was really fucked up as well. still do, frankly, just not as much, slightly neurotic perhaps. but i think a lot of it was the scene with its values and motives that i shared. many of us were definitely not healthy for each other.

      i recall too many shitty situations, taking pregnant girl to hospital because of suicide attempt with pills and having to go back and tell her father, who assumed i was her boyfriend. at one point he was crying with me and saying how lucky she was to have a boyfriend like me. i’m think to myself, man, your daughter is alone in a shit hole with a bunch of guys too stoned to take her to the hospital. she’s not making it, she was just lucky i was there.

      anyway, thats my bit. thats why i care about your experiences, seems disturbingly familiar. tough place to be, even if you have the disorder thing figured out. its like saying, i’m not lost, i’m looking into the abyss, i know exactly where i am. so here’s to the abyss and all the pills it takes to fill it.

      • aLx says:

        after the third borderline girlfriend i talked to a … well back then she was a friend … she was about to get her degree in psychology, she’s a therapist now, i think. anyway, i told her about that and she’s like, “what do you think — coincidence or pattern?” yeah, i thought about that a lot. didn’t really come to a conclusion, i mean i talked to a lot of people and they were what’s considered “normal”. thing is, you don’t really know about this stuff when you meet someone, you just can’t tell. the third one, well, she showed this “weird” behavior, kinda extreme, and at some point, i was like, look, you’re not gonna like this but you do show signs of borderline, i think you should get some help. that was a hard thing to do. sure enough she got upset (“what the fuck? i’m not crazy!”), eventually, she’d give in, and, there you go, borderline, suspected schizophrenia. tried to kill herself w/ pills, i dialed 911 … yeah, well. i ran into her about two years later, she said that she’d been in treatment and thanked me saving her life, which i think she didn’t really have to do, if someone really wants to kill themselves, they’ll do it, no matter what.
        as for now, yeah, i know people being in psychological treatment or having gotten (?) borderline/ bipolar diagnosis. this world is depressed i guess. maybe it’s mainly people from my generation, generation x. funny thing is, “x” in mathematics is an unknown variable. in order to solve for x, you have to rearrange the equation. plus, x is unknown at first. i think this is a great analogy. generation x — you never know what you’re gonna get.
        being w/ someone suffering from mental disorders can be exhausting. you’ll need a break once in a while. which is kinda counterproductive (“you don’t love me anymore, i hate you, don’t leave me.”) stuff like that. weird thing is, you kinda get used to it.
        and there’s a lot of crap out there that makes you angry, you know. like, switching on the tv, it’s a perfect world in there. but someone has to take care of this mess, someone has to take care of those left behind, those who are struggling … if you don’t belong to them, you’re lucky. but i guess luck is like money or love — unequally distributed. one of the biggest lies of the past and present century is that you can get and become what you want if you just want it bad enough, or something to that effect.
        everyone is trying to save their sorry ass. and that’s what it all comes down to. that’s it, that’s all.

  73. aLx says:

    whoa, dude! thanks for the articles! that’s what i’m looking for. great!

    • aLx says:

      ah, by the way, uh, is this some other email address of yours or is there like an option to email stuff from a website?

      • buzzword says:

        no, not my email address. option to email documents from the website. i have access to a database of publications, a student benefit. the database is huge, if you ever want me to look stuff up let me know. maybe your university has something like this, if not you should recommend it. although its damn expensive for the institution.

    • buzzword says:

      i was finishing up some school work and thought i’d look up a few for you. i skipped down to the, “conclusion” or “discussion” portion of the articles and did a quick read. hope some of the stuff was relevant. some of the stuff may be completely unrelated to your subject. if i run across anymore do you want them?

      have you looked into personality disorders, like border line, antisocial or narcissistic personality disorders. if an individual has a personality disorder you may be able to identify the particular type and use it to predict future behavior.

      • aLx says:

        no, i don’t think ym university has something like this, so, yeah, if you stumble across something … i’d appreciate it. but i guess i got enough to read for now.

  74. buzzword says:

    meliketodothechacha just rationalized the u.s. public burning up japanese related items after the bombing of pearl harbor. to explain and validate referring to french fries as freedom fries. i wish more u.s. citizens would spend more time reading the historical documents that have defined this democracy. i mean there has been some really good shit written that makes me well… proud. most of it contradicting current popular opinion. there is a popular song, “i’m proud to be an american where at least i know i’m free…” well if thats the least that someone knows that isn’t enough and if that sums up what everybody in this country understands about this democracy then we’re fucked.

    • aLx says:

      i’ve always been careful about using the word “proud”. you know, once in a while you hear or read sentences like, “we should be proud of our history”, or “i’m proud to be german”, or something like that. at some point i refused to use the word proud in a context like that because in my opinion, you can only be proud of things you have achieved yourself. one can be proud of winning a gold medal or something. i don’t think i can be proud to be a german, because that’s just a coincidence. i was coincidentally born in germany.
      so, i’m curious, what’s your notion of “proud”? if someone says they’re proud of the history of “their” country, don’t they automatically define themselves as a part of that country, and only that country? and throughout history, well, countries change, i.e. borders may change, certain aspects of politics. this change will be bigger the more you go back in history. at what point do people stop going back in history, i.e. how far do they go back?

      • buzzword says:

        damn good points. i hesitated to use the word proud for many of those reasons. to be honest proud means to me, a sensation that encourages an association with a subject, event, symbol, etc… that reinforces certain values and maintains a sense of self security, righteousness and accomplishment. proud is almost always self serving because of the central importance of the self. admittedly, i am most proud of those historical documents that confirm my own personal beliefs and expectations regarding my government, history and culture. but i have, as i’ve reviewed them allowed myself to dispose of certain assumptions that were not supported by the documents. i’ve never been comfortable with the word, “proud” it also puts me on the defensive when i encounter it.

  75. buzzword says:

    marina, that can’t be your residential address that is posted. that’d be a dumb ass mistake. come on, get a post office box, don’t be so… blonde!

    • aLx says:

      i don’t think it’s her residential address. looks like the address of her … uh … registered office, or whatever you call it. “hotforwords, llc”.
      i’m not sure, i don’t know about this stuff, but over here i think you’re required to put an address and a phone number or something in your imprint if you’re running a business.

      • buzzword says:

        yeah, but that doesn’t have to be public. one usually uses a u.s. post office box to receive correspondence and packages when one doesn’t want the public showing up at the door. its like having a huge mailbox at the post office.

      • buzzword says:

        just sent you a document i found, i think it may have some nuggets your looking for. i’ve had an experience in loosing a best friend due to deception, it was a rather complex relationship. i contacted him once and really regretted it.

      • buzzword says:

        um… reply to wrong comment box. they all look the same.

    • aLx says:

      doesn’t really matter, i got it anyway.
      yeah, thanks a bunch for the article, just read the first three pages, looks like it’s giving me several things to think about.
      interaction, communication b/w humans seem, and probably are, very complex. of course, i guess every human believes that their communications are the most complicated ones. i think when you look at other people, or their lives respectively, you do not perceive them as complex and complicated as yourself, you know, with all your own contradictions and confusions and everything. there might be a reason for that.
      “how are you?” — “just fine.” … well, that’s rarely the case. there’s always something. something that makes you uncomfortable. okay, maybe a lot of people are fine and happy, i don’t know. but everyone is saying they’re fine. that can’t be true. yeah, i know, it’s a phrase, more or less. imagine that: “how are you?” — “actually i feel like shit, i think my partner is going to break up with me, and i got this weird eruption on my left thigh.” yeah, imagine that conversation between two people who do not, or barely, know each other.

  76. aLx says:

    umm, where the hell is everybody?

    buzzword, i guess you’re busy w/ school and all. well, i was trying to find some good articles about non-verbal communication, not regarding stuff like flirting or something, more like the opposite, you know, like, “i should’ve seen the signs” stuff. couldn’t locate any. so, i thought that you might know some sites for researching things like that. no rush though, comrade.

    • buzzword says:

      hmm. i’ll check into it. like non-verbal behavioral cues that are an indicator of future behavior, right?

    • buzzword says:

      i’ve found some articles, mostly on how criminals use deception. haven’t checked on any sites. can you be more specfic? like are you trying to predict the possibility of destructive behavior or a chronic psychological problems in an individual. have you met a girl? there’s no use dude, they will always be a puzzle.

      • aLx says:

        yeah, deception sounds good.
        no, haven’t met anyone new. hm. i don’t really know how to explain it. of course it has to do with psychology, yeah, but not restricted to behaviour you can observe in a vis-a-vis conversation, but also like, intentions for contacting someone again you maybe broke up with, or somehow stopped talking to, and who you supposedly, allegedly, “hate”, someone that you haven’t seen in a while. stuff like that.
        primarily, of course, vis-a-vis conversations. like, if you can draw any conclusions regarding someone’s state of mind, or intentions, by observing, well, whatever they’re doing.

  77. aLx says:

    uh … your gravatar … lenin? lol?

    • buzzword says:

      no thats not right it supposed to be, “dvxgfvbhd”

      • aLx says:

        well, actually it’s ghvtf, a language spoken by about 50 people in the wide palm deserts off-shore germany, it means “i’m not signed in at cocomment, so let me post my fucking comment in the normal way as you usually do”. but you’re right, in standard ghvtf it’s how you wrote it. i used a dialect though, spoken by about three people.
        so there.

  78. n2wyj says:

    If you need any clarification on cell phones just let me know. :wink: :!:

  79. n2wyj says:

    I saw the video regards to math, that kid was funny. What does Blog really stand for, or history behind it. Also, I DO know why we call “Cell phones” cell phones. Years ago, back in the fifties and sixties Amateur radio operators or “Hams”, developed a system network that involved fixed based stations called repeaters. These repeaters would pick up the signal from the hams’ radio on one frequency and transmit it on another frequency from a higher elevation and a lot more power so the signal can be received by more folks. This method lead to the idea of “linking” the repeaters, so that a Ham can make a call in one part of the state to the other in great distances. The next idea was “Auto-Patch” was allowed a Ham to make a phone call through a repeater. All he or she, had to do was use a special microphone which had built in it a number pad. This number pad made it possible to tap in the special code that told the repeater a phone call is to be made, then you would tap in the phone number. With repeaters spaced equally apart you could make a system of repeaters that would allow a phone conversation to happen. In the years that followed, engineers at A.T.T. / Bell Labs determined that repeaters spaced 2 1/2 miles apart was ideal have as a system. That way the transceivers (phones) can be constructed very small and still have good signal in transmitting and receiving. The final part of developing this system was,voting. Voting means when a transceiver is moving through an area and the signal is getting weak on one repeater but stronger to the next repeater the repeater will “pass off” the signal to the next repeater so your conversation may continue. The location of these repeaters became known as “cells”, as the pattern of these repeaters looked like a honey comb pattern- cells. So, with that development the term “cell phone” came about. Got it?

  80. n2wyj says:

    My question is: What does the word “Blog” mean, and what is the history behind it?

  81. aLx says:

    you getting the achmed ads on here, too? just asking because it says “click here” in german. which is kinda weird because only a few people over here know him, i guess.

    • buzzword says:

      no achmed ads, who the hell cares about boring german politics anyway? by the way did you see barack obama? ah ha ha.

      • aLx says:

        what? you don’t know achmed the dead terrorist?! i kill you.

      • buzzword says:

        that’s funny. i’ve never run across that before. apparently he’s real popular here. anymore recommendations, i got to keep up to date!

      • aLx says:

        recommendations. uh, well. there’s this channel i subscribed to quite some time ago. she did this video on sky mall, which is a magazin you get on planes with all weird kind of stuff in it.
        another funny thing about this video that she put on youtube like three days ago is her last sentence. uh. don’t know if she ever watched one of marina’s vids but it certainly appears so …
        but i guess you were asking for some other kind of recommendation. i’ll come up w/ something.

      • buzzword says:

        hey, she’s cute and funny. love that combination. expressive eyes.

  82. buzzword says:

    hey marina, what’s up with the frames around the comments, something new?

  83. buzzword says:

    aLx, i seriously doubt the authenticity of augie the navy seal in iran. just doesn’t make any sense. check his site, from some of the details he’s an older, out of shape, bouncer at a strip club. the u.s. military is going to send this dude to a hot spot like iran? i would hope they could find someone who could at least type effectively. not to mention letting information like that slip is just fucking stupid. i mean, “oops i just mentioned a secret u.s. military base in iran on the internet” come on! his communications would be monitored that shit wouldn’t get out.

    • aLx says:

      yeah, that’s what i thought, too, without looking at the site. have you noticed those pics of those girls? he’s got like two albums on there. wth?

    • aLx says:

      ummm … look at the fourth blog entry. he linked one of marina’s lessons … and the still image reads “ho”. ummm … yeah …

      • buzzword says:

        yeah, the guy’s badge reads, “pink pussycat topless bar” his location is listed as arizona. no clubs by that name out there. there is one in miami beach however! that whole site is weird. maybe all those girls are strippers he has met. anyway enough time spent investigating this suspect.

  84. aLx says:

    hey, maybe you can help me with this. i got three questions.

    1) i’m trying to remember a song. that is, the title. i know who it was by. vanessa paradis. it’s an old one, more or less. i think i remember like a tiny piece of her video to that song. she’s standing in an empty pool.

    2) another song. don’t know who did it. it’s this “li la dida” song. woman.

    3) i saw that commercial when i was over there in mb. i think it’s an ad for t-mobile, not sure though. i was looking on youtube for it, couldn’t find it. it’s like, there’s this dad with his family, and at the end of that commercial, this teen daughter asks him something, and his reply ends with ” … what a drag … dude …”

    any ideas?

  85. aLx says:

    lol. he reacted to tell me he won’t react? and i didn’t even mention him. wtf. wasn’t even thinking about him when i wrote that comment. what the hell.

    • buzzword says:

      yep, comical ain’t it? he has mentioned pissing people off. i haven’t figured out what he did, i must have missed it.

      • aLx says:

        i don’t know, at some point he started talking about how he pisses people off or something, didn’t get that either.

        yeah, you told me about the b.a., but, as far as i remember not the physical therapist. cool. and kinda funny, too. my mom, she was unemployed a while ago, so they (“they” being a federal agency) made her do this job at a hospital. it’s hard to explain, the agency stuff, that is. they have what’s called one-euro-jobs. so, you get financial aid and you got to do one of these jobs, if you don’t they’ll cut down the aid, you know. anyway, her job in that hospital was to kinda take care of people suffering from dementia. which really pissed me off, cause that’s not what she once learned, not her profession. that fucking hospital just wanted to save money. so they told the agency that they needed people doing those jobs so they wouldn’t have to pay a skilled worker, a specialist to do that. people who are supposed to do this job, people who want to do this job. this is fucked up. oh well, my mom said she’s fine with it, it’s a hard job, mainly because she never done it before, but she liked it. but, you can’t do a job like that forever. besides, one euro an hour. that’s like $1.50. what the hell. those employments end after about six months, i think. after that, she got a job as a receptionist for a physical therapist. that’s her job now.

      • aLx says:


        “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” – Revelation 6:8

  86. buzzword says:

    hey, i just got a smithsonian exhibit for 2010!

    • aLx says:

      cool, what’s it about?

      just emailed you a link to some of the pics …

    • buzzword says:

      marina, if your interested i’ll send you a link or something, maybe i’ll text message you my grant/programming proposal and the smithsonian’s response. ha. the medical term for vision problems from reading digital devices is “iStrain” i imagine that your inbox is more of a garbage can. won’t send you anything you don’t request.

  87. buzzword says:

    woohoo, i’m back on! um… yeah. now i’ve got to go and study. lets see, medical terms for the the digestive system. As much fun as a abdominoperineal resection. ugh.

      • buzzword says:

        the instructor seems to have suffered from every possible digestive disease and loves to share details. I am really sick of hearing about this women’s bowels. get your pics up.

    • aLx says:

      ah, i’ve always wanted to ask you why you have to do all this medical stuff? is that anthropology related? i mean, yeah, it’s got to do with humans and all, but so has sociology.

      yo, marina, is that present perfect “correct”?

      • buzzword says:

        hmm, i thought i explained this… probably not. so, i was planning on getting my masters in anthropology. but the more i asked around and researched the less realistic it seemed to be.

        i would have to go deeper into debt, spend more time in school (i wouldn’t mind) but there’s other things i’d like to do and afterwards the job market for social scientists is like none existent. there is lots of competition for few jobs and the pay sucks.

        so i did a little more research and realized that i could switch to a medical field (physical therapy). my wife is a therapist and she gets calls, mailings all begging her to accept a job, with all these great benefits and locations.

        so i figure most of my education credits would transfer and i would graduate in less than half the time into a career that is in high demand for the long term, has great insurance benefits (u.s. health care sucks ass) and pays better than if i’d gotten my masters.

        the long term plan is to get a job at a university research hospital, take anthro classes without paying tuition, live life, make money, travel, play, do the shit i (and family) can’t afford to do now and work on finishing my masters. at which point my kids will be older, more independent, i’ll be able to pursue anthropology without worry, cause i got a day job and some security.

        you mentioned what your father had to endure, totally respect him. my father, a good man and evil bastard, has lived many lives, fell out of the steel as a pipefitter and ruined his legs. like that! we were poor, i remember my dad getting strawberries out of a grocery store dumpster.

        i don’t want to struggle like that again. and i’ve met many who have struggled harder and farther than i have and they remind me just how damn lucky i am. i’d rather set aside some of my own expectations of who i am and make sure that my family is happy, secure and able to have some fun, see the world.

  88. aLx says:


    due to a recent comment: when people start talking crap about your appearance, your looks (“you’re ugly” blah blah) — does that bother you? do you think about it, even just for a second? i assume it’s not a problem now, but how about when you started to do videos?

    • Marina says:

      Doesn’t bother me at all… in fact I actually laugh out loud at some of the comments as they are such an obvious attempt to get to me somehow.

      The VERY first time I got a bad comment it hurt me, then the second one hurt me.. then after the 3rd or 4th, I started the analyze the situation… and I asked myself…

      “When have I have taken the time to go to a video that someone has made and then written a comment on their video telling that person how ugly I think they are?”

      And of course the answer is never. If I don’t like someone I literally move on to something else.

      Which made me realize that there is something else going on here with the negative comments.

      If someone takes the time out of their day to go to a video that someone has obviously put time into making and then writes a comment that is meant to hurt that other person… then I think what is going on is one of two things:

      1 – I am really threatening that person’s livelihood somehow, as it is causing them to take time out of their day to try to convince other people that are watching my videos that I am an idiot, a fraud, etc… Perhaps this person has always told others that pretty blonds are dumb… so this girl must be a fraud.


      2 – the comment is made by a 14 year old boy who thinks it’s funny to say that I look 50. As he is trying to stir the pot.

      I laugh at all of the #2s and feel sorry for the #1s – but I understand where they are coming from. That’s why I feel extra happy when I get emails from girls thanking me for what I am doing, in helping break down the stereotype that affects them at school as well.

      Evil comments are the first thing that other YouTubers ask me about.. other girls doing great shows… asking me how I handle them.. and I tell them, that the comments are not directed at them… they are just young kids having fun (almost like graffiti of sorts if you think about it) or people with issues of their own that they need to work out. Once they get over that, then they start to have fun.

      • BillyB says:

        One 24yr old kid thought he was being funny, said something about violent rape… I don’t normally react to the negative xomments on Y/T, mostly just go over to see who is there. That comment scared me, an adult, 24 is that, expressing publicly, a desire to rape someone (you) & worse, some others commented they thought it was funny. I couldn’t ignore it, laugh it off or analyze it, I had to say something… even tried to be nice about it, well kinda. In the end told him to apologize. I expected a reaction or response to what I said…nothin.
        Anyhow M. you say it hurt the first few times, it hurts worse when your friends hurt you (scar tissue builds up). Keep your heart tender as you build up a thick skin.
        Sorry to butt in on the converstion, Hi aLx, Florida’s good eh. No wonder so many Canadians ljve there all winter.

      • says:

        Non-constructive negative comments should always be ignored. They are a very well known phenomenon best described by the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.

  89. smokey36bear says:

    I don’t think it did either. But i thought SPAM (the spiced-ham product) got its name when the company had a contest to name their new product and some kid won by putting the words together. I got this information on the History channel when they did a show called “America Eats History on a Bun”

    • Marina says:

      smokey36bear, I’m starting to realize that the History Channel gets a lot of their information wrong! They’ve manged to get quite a few etymologies wrong, which have caused quite a few arguments in some of my lessons.. as we are conditioned to believe that what we see on TV must be correct.. especially a channel like the History Channel!!

      Makes you wonder what other information might be incorrect as well.

      • smokey36bear says:

        I am the first to agree that you can’t believe everything on TV. I tell my son all the time that just because something happens on TV doesn’t mean he could do the same.
        Although you would think the History channel would do a better job on their reaserch. Even the Discover channel’s show Mythbusters get alot wrong, stuff I have witnessed being true they say can’t happen.

        hanks for your reply :smile:

      • tedt says:

        Hum, I think that the History Channel is correct, but sometimes you can´t follow the whole story of something and to include it all into a video would make a 5 hour story about it. If you watch the videos and then follow single parts of it you will truly reach the real etymology.

        Mabe some stories are results of it……you won´t find the reality in a movie, just some overall info. if you watch another movie about the same story you prolly hear something the other movie did not mention.

      • tedt says:

        Movies are like Hamburgers——–> Fastfood, ready made for all.
        On the other side I always think about the Histoians and Scientist who go out and make those movies, I don´t think they can pay their studies by talking 1 hour about the word Artichoke….you took that part, you do a real good job here and I love it to find those etymologies :wink: . But if I would ask you to talk about the old Romans you will make a video that explains all, from A-Z ? :wink: Guess I will wait one year for your movie, mabe two :mrgreen:

        Please go and tell them to say the truth, and please make a video out of it, I want to see what they tell you :mrgreen:

        Please don´t hate me, but you know the world “it´s all about the money”, the truth isn´t important to the publishers, just to the scientists.

  90. aLx says:

    Don’t bring the sand to the beach!!

    true. too bad i don’t speak spanish.

    hey, that tune in your videos, by the polish guys? i heard that on tv over there. can’t remember if it was in a commercial or something else, though. we mostly watched the fucking weather channel when we got up, and spike or whatever when we were back in our room in the evening.

    • Marina says:

      That’s cool that you heard it.. I wonder if it was related to me.. or if I promoted it enough that other people contacted them to use it…

    • Marina says:

      I added a new comment rating thing… so if I see someone getting a lot of negatives… I can have a word with them! Perhaps keep them after class. But then again.. they may want to stay after class! Hmm…

      I was thinking about adding a detention center to the site… but maybe as a warning if you get listed there… I don’t know…

      • aLx says:

        i don’t know, man. i mean, look at the artichoke lesson. stokesjrj1 is rated -1 and i don’t see the reason for that, maybe whitebyrd did that.
        if you write a comment and someone else doesn’t like it, or they don’t like your response, they can give you the thumbs down although your comment wasn’t insulting or anything. it’s like on youtube, you know. but then again, most people on here are different from people on youtube, so it might work. hm.

      • aLx says:

        lol, i just tried to rate myself and it works. now that’s kinda … uh … you know … weird …

      • Marina says:

        I can’t rate myself. hmmm.. maybe if you are not logged in you can rate yourself… but it’s still a 1 time deal if you can.. and that may be enough to prevent abuse. We’ll try it out and see how well it works.

      • leonard says:

        Interesting…work and labor tools… :lol:

        …talk and scribes :lol:

        …[chinese-rock] :lol:



        week dollar


  91. tedt says:

    Hello, had to do the name in, so we see a new fae on this one :lol:

    Kind of spammers down there :mrgreen:

  92. buzzword says:

    god, it’s like snow white and the seven dwarfs if they don’t get to party with marina someday they’ll just all move in together. drop me word when you get back aLx.

    • aLx says:


      back from boob country. well, what can i say. if i could, i’d take the next flight back to miami beach. dude! friend of mine asked me what it’s like over there. told him: if you ever go there, leave your girlfriend at home. hehe.
      loved that art deco shit, the weather, beach, ocean. you know. oh yeah, and cheeseburger baby.

      so how have you been doing? anything new around here?

      • Marina says:

        Don’t bring the sand to the beach!! (I know… cliché :-) )

      • buzzword says:

        fuckity fuck! i’m not dead, good to know your not either aLx. forced to use public pooters my modem is down. course work is heavy too, lots of fucking papers to write. personal rule, can’t get anything below a 90%, so when i really fuck things up, my grades are good enough to compensate. i’m catching up with my projects, hope to be conversing from the comfort of home soon. damn internet service provider. email me about your trip, details dude, details.

    • Marina says:

      People are asking for their accounts to be closed out (I think) due to the roadrunnerch kid.. have you guys been having any issues with him?

      • aLx says:

        uh, well, i think he’s a dumbass. and he thinks i am a dumbass. something like that. there were some comments on the not-so-nice side but who gives a damn. i guess we’re ignoring each other now.

  93. buzzword says:

    marina, what kind of limits are there on your search function? trying to locate some comments by locating a word and searches come up empty.

  94. buzzword says:

    hey marina, you ought to number the word games like this, 001, so that they will remain in numerical order on the lessons page. you may want to add more zeros, depending on how long you plan on keeping this up.

  95. aLx says:

    hehe. they miss you.

    • buzzword says:

      actually, i’m beginning to miss me. i’ve been doing hospital rounds as a part of my classwork. fucking hard work. i’ve been doing cardio, neuro, palliative, ortho and whatever patients. if i see one more naked ass i’m going to need hospitalized. no that would just mean more naked asses.

  96. aLx says:

    by the way, who / what is (a) brodie? if that roadfucker calls me that I wanna know what I am. supposedly.

  97. aLx says:

    oh, hey, I remember you were supposed to do this website. how’s that coming along?

    • buzzword says:

      ha, that is now on a wait till they have more money list. in the mean time i’m trying to get some skill. also, just putting up a blog, youtube, myspace, etc. type of presence on the internet for them. the html thing is still a foreign language to me.

      • aLx says:

        actually, html is pretty easy once you know a little about how it works. museum, huh? I guess you’ll want to read up on frames and tables. I love tables, they’re very useful. by using tables (in combination with a little css [maybe only for defining the appearance of links and simple text, and positioning elements within the table]), you have total control over positioning elements. I’m talking about blind tables, i.e. tables where you can’t see the borders.
        how about some html editor? they have like assistants, you know, like a table assistant, you tell this thing how many rows and columns you want and it will insert the basic table structure. I use those things only because they display certain things in a certain color. that makes it easier to find stuff, is all.

    • buzzword says:

      hey yo thanks for the advice. it’ll come in handy. i check your blog once in a while. i threw one up to practice on, since i apparently had an account. pretty tame and straight forward. strange switching roles sometimes, i function in too many disassociated social groups. one of the aims of the museum is to increase family participation. so i’d thought i’d try and experiment on that oprha demographic. here’s a link… commonunity

      • aLx says:

        just checked your blog, it’s a great read. very cool and interesting stuff.
        family participation in a museum? how’s that supposed to work? through the exhibitions? like, the themes or subjects of them? which is a good question: what do they exhibit anyway?

    • buzzword says:

      well… when i got on at the museum the board wanted to just put shit in glass cases and be done with it. which is in my opinion a funeral for history. nothing would change and after a while everyone would stop coming. i’ve been to small town museums, i’ve seen a gun up on a wall and under it is a little brass plate that reads, “gun.” my attitude was that the museum had to present history as being vital and relevant. so have a few permanent exhibits that are central to the community; education, industry, faith, etc… then create exhibits that you bring out annually, for special events. then host traveling exhibits which i did last year, from the smithsonian. by hosting these exhibits i reevaluate the permanent exhibits so that they add to the context of the traveling exhibit. the last smithsonian exhibit had to do with food and american culture. now… families. the only people who are members of the historical society are old people who don’t even bother showing up and as they die off so does membership. gotta get fresh blood. get kids interested in history, by working with the local school, programs for kids, they drag mom and dad in, mom and dad support the museum. i also design the exhibits to appeal to those institutions that are significant to the area. so oil industry, church, education, they recognize the work i am doing and thus are more likely to contribute resources, hopefully cash money! i could go on but thats about it. second nature actually, applied anthropology, bit manipulative actually, moo ha ha! i’ve caught myself thinking about ways to help you and your artist friends actually, how’s that going?

  98. aLx says:

    damn. I had to google for “c-blocking”. he does mean cockblocking, right? hehe.

    • buzzword says:

      yea, he means cockblocking or c-blocking. and he adds, “metaphorically” to keep it clean and appropriate as not to offend the fair maiden marina. does that mean it would be completely appropriate for me to comment, “hey d-head, you can metaphorically take your f-ing unabridged oxford english dictionary and shove it up your ass.” wow, using dashes and the word, “metaphorically” makes my foul language completely appropriate, this is fucking, i mean f-ing great!

  99. aLx says:

    I read this article, it’s about if and how plants sense things in their environment, like recognizing plants of their own kind.

    “No one proposes that we literally look for a walnut-shaped little brain in the root or shoot tip,” five authors wrote in defense of the new group. Instead, the researchers say, they are asking that scientists be open to the possibility that plants may have their own system, perhaps analogous to an animal’s nervous system, to transfer information.

    now, if they do find that plants have something like a nervous system — and sending electronic signals actually does sound like they have one — , will that have any impact on how, for instance, vegetarians (those who justify their vegetarianism by saying that plants have no nervous system so they don’t feel anything, unlike animals) see their food? you know, the more “moral” approach. mind you, I don’t have anything about someone being a vegetarian or something, why would I. but sometimes I feel like, those who refuse to eat meet see me as a cruel person or something.

    • buzzword says:

      yea, vegans. i expect they would have to contrive some kind of loophole, i mean what are they going to do stop eating? they do see you as cruel, doesn’t that just satisfy you in some way though? i’ve had this argument before. i always ask, “have you seen how a lion takes down a water buffalo? talk about cruel! now i’ve seen animals butchered. in nicaragua they sacrificed a pig during a celebration. they did this by holding on to his rear legs and slicing it’s throat. the pig was dead in like seconds. now as i see it humans can be the most compassionate predators on the planet. i really think there is a deeper compassion for those people/s that hunt, thank the gods that be, and communally consume their catch than any vegan can understand. those that practice such methods are more aware of their humanity and place in the environment than someone who vainly attempts to isolate themselves from the natural world around them are ignorant and arrogant. who in the hell can live a cruel free life?

  100. aLx says:

    this dude is starting to really get on my nerves.

  101. aLx says:

    is it “there is times when …” or “there are times …”? non-count item / group noun? you can’t count time.

    • buzzword says:

      hmmm, i’ve always said, “there are times” as in times equated with incidents, occurrences. as in, “do you remember that time when i was right, not those times when i was wrong?”

  102. aLx says:

    yo, marina, why don’t you do a live chat?. hehe. ;P

    • aLx says:

      in fact, why don’t you implant a little chat on here? this could be funny. people could insult and talk to each other in real time.

    • Marina says:

      aLx.. I don’t the live chats is for me… it seems to be more for people who like the attention.. I don’t know… my stuff takes a lot of research… I feel that people will just be trying to get me to take my top off :-)

      • aLx says:

        I see your point, yeah. here are my reasons for suggesting the stuff above:

        live chat. this is not meant to be a regular thing. it’s just like half an hour or fifteen minutes, some sort of marina-subscribers-interaction which is currently present, too, as you respond to comments on here and over at youtube as well as taking word requests. this live chat thing was meant to be an exception, even a one-time thing. people can ask question about … I don’t know … russia or something. maybe it’s something like “some facts about me” thing, know what I mean? a lot of people do that on youtube, probably just to be more “personal” or whatever. about the t-shirt thing, yeah, of course there will be people like that. I don’t know if you got the possibility to let only registered users get in that chat room, but you do have the possibility to kick people out of the room (there are bots too that kick out people who’re spamming etc), you can also make people ops (give them the right to kick other people).

        the chat thing on here. I didn’t mean to say that the chat should replace anything else. I don’t think there will be less comments to your lessons if you implant a chat. it’s just, like, people can talk to each other in there to talk about subjects they don’t want / can’t discuss by postings. people can talk in realtime instead of emailing each other. nothing wrong with emails, but maybe people feel comfortable chatting with each other. takes less time. like, say, bob wants to talk to billy or captainjack about a certain subject he mentioned in a posting or something. and it’s not like they have to use it, you know. I didn’t mean to say that you’d have to participate either. it’s just for people that want to talk about things that don’t really fit in any of the discussions on your lessons or something.

        nobody has to use it, it won’t affect the (amount of) postings on your lessons, especially if you don’t show up in that chat. maybe you should just give it a try, see how it goes. you can remove it anytime.
        it was just a thought, you know.

      • aLx says:

        to give you an impression of what a live chat could look like, see here. it gets recorded, too, so you can … I don’t know, put it up on your site or something.

  103. aLx says:

    shit, those grammar discussions get exhausting.

    • buzzword says:

      yea, at this point i would just like anyone to say, “yea i can understand that reasoning”. some of the chatter has absolutely nothing to do with linguistics. i can’t even respond because that just opens up another can of trash. i mean how do i respond to the comment, “individuals who vary too far from the norm (outliers) will be considered grammatically-incorrect…and must learn the old axiom: adapt or die” or “a poet has not only the right but even the obligation of disobedience of grammar. is timbaland a poet? no.” the one dude that made the language is like biology remark is a biology teacher. its no wonder our kids are morons. we are both coming from different approaches but the results are the same. it has always seemed to be the way you approach language or culture. i was explaining to my wife that i don’t think i would’ve been able to teach introductory classes in colleges because i wouldn’t have the patience for this shit. how many different ways can you explain it? by changing their concept of rules their tongues won’t drop out of their mouths, children won’t start barking like dogs. everything is the same, just the approach changes. i don’t have the character for working in academics anyway, kinda glad i’m out of it. well that reply went on longer than expected… oops.

    • buzzword says:

      i give up. i mean people don’t even seem to be able to understand the reasoning. fuck it, what’s the point, i don’t give a damn. i’m solid with it. hey, when are you going on vacation? i guess i’ll have to scroll down, na to lazy.

      • aLx says:

        yeah, I was about to respond to him but then I though … man, this is pointless. either he doesn’t understand or he’s not willing to understand. either way, you can’t argue on this basis. he still wants to impose his notion of grammar and its rules on me, while I’m talking about something else. I mean, he asked for a rule, I gave a rule, but he doesn’t accept it as a rule. I mean, what the fuck?

    • buzzword says:

      marina, so this cocomments thing, i’m trying this out. but some of the comments you make i can’t find after i click on them in your cocoments list. i get to the site, but it no you. for instance the violent video games comment on healthline, can’t find your comment. not that i’m trying to hunt you down and disagree with you everywhere. just interested in opinions. besides if you choose to be wrong that’s okay with me. har har

      • aLx says:

        that is exactly what I was talking about in my postings on “commenting is sexy”. sometimes you don’t see any replies on the site where the article actually has been posted.

      • Marina says:

        Yeah… I’m still trying to figure out how it all works.. I think it tracks my comments, even if the person has not approved them yet (moderated). I’ll keep you guys updated… and I DO want you to follow me.. that’s the WHOLE point behind the coComment thing.. for me at least :-)

  104. aLx says:


    They are equipping billboards with tiny cameras that gather details about passers-by — their gender, approximate age and how long they looked at the billboard. These details are transmitted to a central database.

    –> full article.

    this posting is also here.

    • buzzword says:

      so in our vanity we gave the monster eyes.

    • buzzword says:

      digging around your blog, got some intriguing shit, don’t understand it all, but fascinated. cool.

      • aLx says:

        thanks. yeah, when I read this dude’s blog marina pointed out to us, I had this “okay, I’m gonna get my own fucking blog now” feeling thing. I guess I’ll use it as some sort of notebook for random thoughts or something.
        I read your reply over there as well. did you register at blogspot or do you have a google account?

      • buzzword says:

        i have a google account for some reason. i just was informed by my museum board that they want me to set up a website and do all that computer internet stuff. thinking to myself… “i don’t know shit about that.” its because i’m at least 20 years younger than everyone, so they assume i either know this shit or i can learn better than anyone else. well that and there isn’t anyone else, other than me and the board. i think i’ll model our site after those paranoid conspiracy goof’s sites. i can see it now, “history, it’s sneaking up behind you!”

      • aLx says:

        well, I did set up a few sites. you already seen them, I guess.
        I don’t know what content they want you to put up, but I guess the best way is to use three frames without borders. one of them being the menu bar on the left. you can try and do this wordpress stuff but that’s more or less for blogging, wouldn’t do that.
        keep it simple. keep it clean. not too much graphics because people look for text, not for graphics. in most cases, less is … well … less. but in web design, less is more.

  105. aLx says:

    why won’t this homepage thing update? :/

  106. aLx says:


    did you read this?

    • buzzword says:

      no, haven’t seen it, interesting article. the electronic and neurological interface is the most fascinating part. the monkey’s abilities are examples of operant conditioning. early experiments had monkeys, animals making a response to produce a change in the environment. like the first step in educating the monkey with the joystick. but this is pretty cool, that they have skipped the whole hand arm part of the chain of events and gone directly to the central nervous system. you know those surgeries when they stimulate a part of the brain and the hand twitches? this is like the reverse. that seven million dollar man could really be getting a bionic leg or arm someday. i guess its also a little strange, monkey brains and robot arms. robomonkey, sounds like a roger corman movie.

  107. aLx says:

    alright, the cocomment-I-can’t-post-shit-error thing appeared again. here’s screen shot.
    right below “click to cancel reply” there’s a button “senden”, that’s german for “submit”. now, when I clock that button it’s gonna post the comment, when I keep trying to post it by clicking the normal one, it won’t post it, instead that error message keeps appearing.

  108. buzzword says:

    hey, marina. i don’t know how to freeze this screen but i’m seeing two submit buttons again. one rectangular one that reads, “submit comment” and then the html practice link and under that is a gray capsule shaped button that reads, “submit”. and then the little floating notice that i got to change my preferences to accept all cookies. it’s happened a couple times actually. if i click submit does that mean i have to do what ever you tell me to do, cause i ain’t nobodies lackey. i don’t give a damn what kind of cheese you eat.

    • buzzword says:

      i had to hit the little grey submit button, the other doesn’t work. could the rectangular submit comment button be part of the cocomment thing and the grey capsule button be a hfw thing? now that i notice it, it’s located under the click cancel to reply. if that makes any difference.

    • aLx says:

      that happens to me too, sometimes. it happens when the normal submit button won’t let me post my comment (saying to turn on cookies), then the second one shows up below. when I click on that one to submit a comment, it works. weird.

    • aLx says:

      cheese dipped in tea is probably pretty close to pig testicles, huh?

      • buzzword says:

        dude, dipping cheese in one’s tea is disgusting, a vegan muslim would eat pig testicles before dipping cheese into tea! i’m surprised that youtube allowed the video. marina’s into some really twisted shit. just wrong man, cheese in your tea, ack! just ain’t natural.

    • aLx says:

      I’m not a tea person anyway. more like coffee and water. and dr. pepper. I keep away from the healthy stuff.

  109. buzzword says:

    i so enjoy fucking with prospero, i don’t care if i end up being wrong, it’s just damn fun.

    • aLx says:

      I’m waiting on him to ask about how this is not a spelling issue. de saussure may be dead a long time but he’ll still beat the 8-less one.

      • buzzword says:

        ha! you keep a loaded gun ready. thats smooth. the problem is that your shooting while he’s fencing. you shoot him between the eyes and he’ll still argue that it doesn’t count according to the rules of fencing.

  110. aLx says:

    in the “my comments” section:

    “Your Daily Lesbian Moment!: Her milkshake brings all boys to words”

    what is it with those lesbian things? and why does it say “my comments”?

    • buzzword says:

      i followed it, it’s part of cocomment labyrinth. someone on some site is listed because of a comment made by someone on another site is commenting on a site that is… i still don’t get it, but i’m slow. i am also paranoid, don’t like the idea of people following my comments everywhere. people start bringing up shit from other comments other sites, wouldn’t know who was talking about what when.

  111. aLx says:

    hey, what happened to the ringtones thing?

  112. aLx says:

    marina, are you updating stuff?

    what’s with the warnings?

  113. buzzword says:

    Hey, and marina made an HTMhell area for people to practice on, cool idea! I want credit.

    • aLx says:

      yeah, the HTMswell area is a good thing.

      but … the code tag is not for fancy things. it’s for showing (html) code so your code won’t be automatically transformed into a link, and it also displays it in a different font.
      so it basically says: this right here is html / jacascript / css / whatever code.

  114. buzzword says:

    aLx, a recent response to one of your replies caused me to look this word up. An inferiority complex, in the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis, is a feeling that one is inferior to others in some way. Such feelings can arise from an imagined or actual inferiority in the afflicted person. It is often subconscious, and is thought to drive afflicted individuals to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement or extreme antisocial behavior, or both. Unlike a normal feeling of inferiority, which can act as an incentive for achievement, an inferiority complex is an advanced state of discouragement, often resulting in a retreat from difficulties. From wikipedia. For example if one does not feel smart enough, one may emphasize economic superiority instead.

  115. buzzword says:

    Oh hey, the, “most commented” list is gone.

  116. buzzword says:

    aLx, what in the hell is your gravatar? dude, if that’s a part of your anatomy your should really have that checked out by a doctor.

  117. aLx says:

    does the recent comments thing work?

  118. bricotius says:

    Wow you guys kinda hijacked this forum lol. :lol: :lol:

  119. aLx says:

    btw, we climbed up. “spam” ranks #7 now in the “most commented” section. the ranking is weird anyway, cause “teacher’s pet” ranks #2 although it got “only” 373 comments.

  120. aLx says:

    no visions.
    when I got on yesterday, it said, server not found. after a while it worked again. then I got your mail, and soon after that it didn’t work anymore again. I asked a friend of mine if he was able to get on this site, he said no, so it wasn’t just me. and, not many comments were written yesterday. well, maybe her domain hoster had some problems. I don’t know.

    so, have you finished the documentary? how big is it now? should fit on a double layer dvd?

    • aLx says:

      oh yeah, I forgot to mention the random disappearance of all the replies.

    • buzzword says:

      The documentary is a little over an hour long. I wanted to include interviews with some academics to comment on the history of religion in the u.s., religion and rural america, deepen the analysis a bit. But all they wanted was oral histories. Pretty straight forward, learned a lot though. Editing is the most tedious process, I have to watch footage over and over again to make sure some old guy doesn’t shift in his seat and complain about his balls aching or something. I like the documentary form though. There is this one bit in which an old woman is asked, “Now your parents weren’t presbyterian, how did you get to be a presbyterian?” And she says, “We walked.”

  121. roadrunrnch says:

    wow Teach, You have really come along way in a year. In the day, spam was great, lasts with out refrigeration and could be eaten cold, uncooked. Good as Earth quake supply. Rice, dryed beans and spam. Put that in a 55gal barrel with a container of clean water , Seal it up.

  122. aLx says:

    umm … don’t I get an e-mail anymore when someone replied to one of my comments?

  123. buzzword says:

    Reading the comments to marina on the, “Teacher’s Pet” lesson, I keep hearing Iggy Pop’s, I wanna be your dog. I’m surprised that no one has linked it. No punk rock fans maybe.

  124. aLx says:

    fuck. we’re in the “most commented” section.

  125. buzzword says:

    who is this errin dude, his posts are really long and arrogant. I keep mistaking him for the errinf dude. That and the name and the tie dye pattern on his gravatar doesn’t help.

  126. aLx says:

    uh, dude? does the dog video work on youtube? it doesn’t work for me. this is so weird. it works on this site, everything works fine with internet explorer, I can watch all other videos with safari — except that one. wtf.

    • Marina says:

      I know.. it’s really annoying. I can’t watch it either! If you click on the low quality then high quality then low quality it works.. but I seem to ONLY have problems these days! Arggghh! :mad:

      • aLx says:

        yeah, okay, it works. maybe it didn’t work because I set the video options on youtube to high quality? I don’t know.

        here’s another question, though.
        what’s with the replies? I mean do they just randomly disappear? or are you working on the site at those times?

  127. buzzword says:

    I made a comment on the lesbian answer. I was amused with all the lesbian jokes and the fascination with lesbian sexuality. So, this comment I made seems to take the recognizable form of a joke, “Two lesbians walk into a bar… ” I guess I’m being a smug pain in the ass. But the point of my comment is that for the most part gay and lesbian lifestyle is pretty much boring relationship, daily activity shit. All of these heterosexual males are expecting to have their erotic expectations satisfied by the comment, scenario, me. But the bartender says, “Oh” and gives them their beers. Which is funny as hell to me, because of the contradiction of expectations and resulting confusion by readers. So in a sense the common heterosexual response of dissatisfaction to the reality of the lesbian lifestyle is the joke. I also wanted to see if anyone would post lesbian jokes to provide that which is lacking in mine. You know how long awkward explanations crush the humor of a joke? CRUNCH! That’s why I’m posting it here. Of course I’m doing this all for my own satisfaction and amusement, which makes me the sick one.

    • aLx says:

      I do that too once in a while.
      I can’t laugh about the most jokes. I don’t know. most of them just ain’t funny to me. I liked the one posted by … I don’t know … raggaefucksoon or whatever his name is.
      this s one of the reasons friends keep telling me I got to get more social, you know, publicly spirited or whatever.
      a friend of mine, this (gay) dude he knows, and me … we were sitting in that pub. and once in a while there’s girls trying to sell shit to people, you know, promotion. so, this girl came up to where we were sitting and she was like, I see you’re smoking, may I introduce you to these small cigars? try one, and if you like it, the whole pack is just €2 (which is about $3), and that friend of mine, he goes, well you got to tell us your name first. and looked at us like, wtf? she eventually told us, friend was smoking that small cigar. she had this lighter with her. I’m like, this lighter is like a womens’ lighter. she’s like, no, it’s not. and that gay dude goes, yeah, he’s right, either for women or for gays. and she’s like, no, it’s retro. I showed her my zippo and I’m like, no, THIS is retro, she goes, no, that’s a zippo. that friend of mine started laughing and I’m like, I wouldn’t buy your cigars in the first place because your lighter sucks. oh well. she didn’t really like us. tough job, though.

    • aLx says:

      dude, are my comments so hard to understand? don’t I make myself clear enough? am I using weird expressions? am I using ambiguous phrases? what is it?

    • buzzword says:

      You sound like a black dude.

    • buzzword says:

      No, no… just kidding. I think he is entrenched in his perspective. People prefer to exist in a reality that have clearly defined concepts of right and wrong, normal and abnormal. He just not willing to admit the relative nature of his perspective. It seems odd to me, since he is an atheist and has discussed the relative nature of people’s religious beliefs and that you can’t really determine or prove any of them to be the superior one. I may be making a leap here but I think he has the ability to use the same rational thinking and apply it to language. Since he doesn’t, he must be really invested in this right and wrong judgment of grammars. I conceded to him that this judgment of grammar and normative grammar does exist, it is very real, but it is a relative cultural construct that is not based on linguistic principals. He is holding on to this with a tight grip. Don’t know why, when I’m wrong, I let go. Chance to elevate, fly a little higher. Don’t see it as loosing or going down. I thinking holding on to this concept of right and wrong grammar really gets in the way of enjoying language.

  128. aLx says:

    a lot of posts and replies today, eh?

  129. aLx says:

    what the hell? the replies are gone again.

  130. aLx says:

    ah, the vernacular discussion on the bad grammar lesson reminded me of something.

    I had been in louisville for about … eight or nine months … and my host mother (this is really an awkward word) actually told me to improve my english because I talk too much black english, and what are people supposed to think about that when I get back home.
    every exchange student had an “international exchange coordinator”. every coordinator took care of about 10 students or so. one of them was ray. cool dude. around 50, I think. he had a student staying with him in bowling green or something that I visited once. you could curse all day long, that was fine with ray. lol. when we went on that trip to florida he told me I’d use a lot of black english. but in his case it wasn’t a judgement, just a statement. I don’t know. maybe he was a bit surprised at that. in school I mostly talked with non-white people.
    well, if you pick up a lingo you can’t really tell if this is “black” or “white” or whatever english. actually, I don’t care.

    • buzzword says:

      Cool that you met so many… well, cool people. What do you think made your relationships with blacks successful?

      I worked in this warehouse, only white guy on my crew. We had these temporary workers come in. This one white kid was trying to tell us, me and another dude, that a girl on one of the machines needed something. And so we asked which one? And he pointed. But there is like dozens of girls. Which one? And he says, “um… that one with the black hair.” Okay, that’s like a dozen. I then realize his problem and I say, “You mean the black chick!?” And the kid says relieved, “yes.” And my friend busts out laughing. There was only one black girl in the whole group but he didn’t know if he could identify her that way.

      • Marina says:

        I thought of something the other day… you know how Americans say “African American” now instead of black.. well.. what do you call a black English person? African British? Or a black German? African German?

      • aLx says:

        that’s funny, I’ve been wondering about exactly the same. people always laugh at first when I say that, I mean they’re not making fun of me or anything, they just think it’s funny.
        the german media says “afro-amerikaner”, “afro-american”. and it should be … african european or “afro-europäer” for that matter
        and, I don’t know why “african american” is more politically correct than “black”. I’m white and I ain’t got no problem with someone calling me white. what the hell.
        there are a lot of things germans /europeans / the german media just absorb from the u.s. sometimes it’s funny.
        oh, and there’s other funny creations. what in english is called a cell phone, we call “handy” over here. that’s an english word. who the fuck came up with that? there is no german word for that thing other than “handy”.

      • Marina says:

        Well aLx.. handy actually makes more “common” sense than cell phone… meaning that cell phones were called cell phones when the radio towers had cells.. which I don’t think they even have any more.. whereas a handy means it’s a phone you can carry in your hand… so it turns out to have been a better choice as people will always have hands.. but handies stopped using cells a long time ago.. and now we’re stuck with an outdated name!

      • aLx says:

        when I went to florida to visit this girl, I was wearing this rodman t-shirt. like, his head on the back, face in grayscale, hair orange. I dyed my hair orange, too which freaked my host parents out. oh well. so I was sitting in that plane from chicago (imagine the route: louisville — chicago — tampa) to tampa, and this dude next to me, he was like, hey, you’re going to see the game? chicago vs. orlando? nah, I said, just visiting someone and all. and he’s like, alright, I own a few restaurants down there, he pulled out his business card, wrote something on the back and said, here you go, take her out, it’s for free.
        so I got there and after she picked me up we went to that mall. we were walking down that corridor and that black dude was walking towards us, when he passed me, he was like, ” ‘sup, g.”. and she was like, you got to get rid of that hair color, this is weird, whites don’t get called “g.”

  131. aLx says:

    thanks for the picture, I like the shot. when I was in louisville, I went to church with my host parents like two or three times. that was a big one. it holds like 4000 people or something. it’s like a theater or an opera or something. they got like speakers, and a big silver screen. they also had this little basin to the side of the stage where people got baptized. it was a modern church, you know, a modern building and all. I remember my host brother, so to speak, paul. one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met, actually. he was some kind of punk or something. unfortunately I met him only like three or four times that year cause he was here and there. he went to alaska before. hitchhiked all the way up there to visit and stay with a friend or something.
    anyway, paul, his girlfriend and I were to pick up this other dude from the church. so we were waiting in the parking lot outside. when the service was over all those people came out of the building, a LOT of people. eventually the dude we were supposed to pick up as well, he was standing there with his mom and some other relatives. and paul, well, he opened the driver’s door, got up, and yelled across the whole fucking parking lot, “DUSTIN! get the FUCK in the car!”. lol. and they were all looking at us like, uuuh, wtf? who is that? how can he dare to use profanity right here? needless to say, dustin was pissed as hell. I was laughing so hard, that was so fucking funny.

    changes on my website? I hope you’re mistaken and discovered an area that you haven’t noticed before cause I didn’t do any changes. dude, don’t be scaring me.
    but, I do have to do some changes. we’re like three people, a puppet player, a photographer / writer and I. the goal is to sell shit, like, t-shirts and mugs and what not. I’m the owner of the site, and as of now the technics dude or whatever. you know, coding and shit. html, css. the site is not up-to-date cause anna got a novel published and all, so this has to go in the news thing. also, I wanted to add some pictures of us doing “art” stuff, like, the construction, the buildup of voom’s puppet show. so, there’s like three sections, three homepages if you will. voom’s, anna’s, and mine. mine consists of texts I wrote long ago. got to update this, too. anna and I also want to do some project, a cd where we read texts and there’s music that accompanies the texts, you know, underlying music. we’ve been thinking about this, it’s all done in the head, you know, theoretically. we were thinking of a name for it. after like an hour or so, I was like, look, let’s just call it “lyrikscheiß” which roughly translates as “lyric poetry crap”. so that is gonna be the title. the name of the website is “kunstscheiss” — “art crap”. I also had the idea of doing some sort of comic with real photos. not drawings. but that will be … more than difficult. so, there’s a lot of ideas floating around. but the main purpose is to set up a shop and eventually sell shit. problem is, we don’t have the money right now. printing t-shirts and all is expensive.

    here’s some photoshop stuff.

    edit 1.
    edit 2.
    edit 3.

    christina ricci:

    doesn’t look like much, though, but for starters like me this is not done in like two minutes. especially shit like trying to make a necklace disappear.

    • buzzword says:

      nice work, you did something to her hair, more blonde? I’ve watched people work on photoshop. One of the reasons I’ve avoided it. They zoom in all the way, work and work, and then zoom out and they have maybe changed a micron or two. Not patient enough.

  132. buzzword says:

    aLx, I was listening to motorhead and I thought this song would be appropriate for your forthcoming U.S. vacation.

  133. buzzword says:

    Hey, you have been working on your site since last I visited.

    • buzzword says:

      aLx, you have been working on your site, I noticed marina’s been toying around with hers as well. But she all ready gets enough attention, so this comment was for you. What prompted the changes?

  134. aLx says:

    haha, I just knew nobody but p811 would reply to my “inva…” comment. let sleeping dogs lie but while we’re at it … turdlover disappeared.

  135. buzzword says:

    Holy Shit, all the replies are gone!

  136. buzzword says:

    OK… that’s weird. aLx’s replies are gone. When the girl told me to get a 150 gig dvd-r I was like er…um…ok. But then I got my senses back and was thinking, “what kind of movie needs 150 gigs?! I started looking at the size of the audio, video and effects and it still didn’t add up. So I called apple again and spoke with the imovie expert.

    Anyway, problem theoretically solved. My movie is 120 gigs because, “Nondestructive editing references original video to prevent alteration of source footage” So, although it seems as if I am adding a clip I am actually adding the whole fucking video I am clipping to my main movie. I guess if I have ten clips from eight different videos I have eighty videos in my movie. When I move the movie to iDVD or quicktime or whatever, the movie sheds all of the unwanted source footage.

    My plan is to either save my videos as quicktime and burn them to a cd-r thus giving me more disk space which would make editing a pain in the ass or… I can save the unfinished movie as a quicktime movie then reopen it and begin editing it again. Either way I am loosing some quality. But I think that’s my only option. Any opinions?

    • aLx says:

      so, how’s the editing and burning coming along? you good or just cursing?
      well, as I mentioned, I’m trying to do shit with photoshop. like, changing eye colors, trying to come to grips with liquify and other filters, erasing a necklace. basically just trying to work on a face, changing some features and trying to let it look natural. doesn’t sound like much but I have to be really thorough and do it over and over again to really learn it. I just want to get to the point where you can wake me up in the middle of the night, bark “change my eye color!” or something at me, and I’ll be able to do it. btw, that one starbuck picture, and one of those christina ricci pictures are great pictures to work on and try to do stuff cause they’re like big and really detailed.

      anyway, what’s gonna happen to your documentary when it’s done? are they gonna sell it at that church or something?

      • buzzword says:

        It’s a program to engage the community more. So that hopefully the community supports the museum. The museum wants to preserve local history. So the museum offers this service, we interview people, collect images and document the history and produce a historical package that they keep. The museum retains all the collected material and archives it. The museum intention is to target local institutions, organizations and industry and market our goals. They come to value the service and the goals of the museum and possibly contribute cash money!

        From the archives we further develop exhibits exploring how local history and culture relates to broader contexts. We recently hosted an exhibit from the Smithsonian which tested the approach. People were able to identify with local culture and history and then place that into a larger context. I got school children to visit, arranged speakers, laid out the exhibit, handled the paperwork. It was stressful, but ultimately a success. The museum is struggling so a lot depends on these programs. I’m coming up with a bunch of stuff though, some of it fun.

        I’m responsible for the development of the programming and lots of other shit which the grant money does not cover. But the experience is worth it if I am to stay involved in anthropology. Although the emphasis is historical the skills are applicable to most cultural institutions, not to mention an edge compared to academics who spend all their time in the college.

      • buzzword says:

        Oh yea, getting better at editing and burning. Everything is going smooth. Hard part is that the people in the interviews get sidetracked which makes editing difficult. Little old ladies trying to remember details about someone who lived somewhere when someone was married to someone before they moved somewhere because… oh, yes my name is Erma.

        Hey, you should send some of your stuff. I sent you a pic I took at the church. I like the shot, nothing was staged, didn’t move anything. Just found the pic while exploring the angles in the room.

  137. buzzword says:


    So my documentary is like 120 gigs, what dvd-r did you use to record on? Apple said to use monster hd dvd, which has 150 gigs. Which I’m trying to locate now. I started out with eight interviews each around 3 gigs but with extra audio, stills, effects and so on I end up with a 120 gig video. How long are your dvd’s and how many gigs? I’ve posted my question on apple without any responses. argh!

  138. buzzword says:

    Fuck you too, aLx!

  139. buzzword says:

    OK, I have so much respect for you marina, learning all of this video editing, DVD burning bullshit. I’m just using imovie HD and iDVD. But I’m working with multiple audio, eight hours of video interviews and shots and stills. To create an hour long documentary. Argh! One board member asked me if I new anything about creating a Youtube channel. Oh well, need to find some way to increase my GB’s, iDVD has crashed twice already.

    • aLx says:

      dude, I’m trying to learn to do stuff with photoshop. you know, not just randomly put a picture through some filters and then look what result I get. I mean, really learn it. it’s hard. I mean HARD.
      there’s this awesome little series on youtube, “you suck at photoshop“. this is so great.

      what are GBs?

      • buzzword says:

        Cool, I’ve got photoshop elements. That link may help. I play around with photography but never got into messing with the finished product. Did you notice the several pics of assorted guns the guy had, in addition to several shitty vans?

        GB’s… Gig, I need more gigs. Because of a really dumb joke involving punk rock, computers and CBGB’s I typed gigs as GB’s. The really dumb thing is that I can’t even remember the joke anymore. It was one of those funny things that become part of friend speak. Shit that nobody else gets, and when you use it without any of your friends around everyone just stares at you.

        Example: My best friend and a car load of friends passed a buddy and his girlfriend in their car. Nobody liked the girlfriend. She really didn’t like his friends (us). She had good reason, we were arrogant bastards.

        As the cars passed my friend threw a butt plug (he worked at a store which sold adult sex toys) across traffic at the other dude. The dude (imagine this in slow motion) is smiling and waving, sees the butt plug gracefully arching over traffic and toward his window. He covers his head and takes cover.

        Butt plug smacks the girlfriend in the face. She, confused, looks down, horror spreads across her face. Cars pass out of sight of each other. Later that day, couple argues, couple breaks up, aggravating girlfriend goes away, with a welt on her forehead. After that every time we met a friend’s new girlfriend that we didn’t like we would shout, “butt plug!”

  140. aLx says:


    how did they come up with that last name?
    –> link.

    also, I got a technical question.
    when you’re the owner / admin of a website / domain, you can download log files. like, which ip with which operating system accessed what page at what time and all.
    there’s also the referrer in there, i.e. from which website they come from (if you put a link on a website or when someone gets to your page via google).
    when someone clicks on my name, which is linked to my site, it looks like that:

    anon-[my IP] – - [08/May/2008:08:43:42 +0200] “GET /lager/hfw05.jpg HTTP/1.1″ 200 37511 “” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; de-DE) AppleWebKit/525.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.1.1 Safari/525.17″

    okay, now, I got a hit from:

    anon-[IP].[ISP] – - [10/May/2008:17:39:55 +0200] “GET / HTTP/1.1″ 200 803 “” [...]

    what the hell is that? that’s impossible. I tried to do that. I logged out, logged in again, went to the dashboard, that’s still wp-admin area. but, my name there is not linked. plus, if you put “” in the type-bar-thing-whatever-it’s-called-in-english, you’ll get redirected.
    how does that work?

  141. aLx says:

    no, we don’t really have trailer parks over here. houses, big apartments, small apartments … I don’t know about the rents, that is, if rents over here are higher or something. depends on the region, anyway.

  142. aLx says:

    I don’t know if you like this as much as I do. a friend of mine just sent that to me thinking it may be of interest to me. needless to say, he was right about that one.

    when I went back to germany back in 96, I had a two-hour layover in amsterdam. I went to get some coffee and a donut. everything works in english over there at the airport, of course. there was this dude sitting there and he’s like, “hey, you’re american too, I’m american”. I was like, “no, I’m not, sorry, I’m german”. he goes, “come on, yes you are, you sound like you’re from kentucky or georgia”. I’m like, “dude, I’m german, just getting back from my exchange year” and all.
    I was kinda impressed how he could tell the region I stayed in. I picked up the lingo, I guess, yeah, but I’m still german.
    something else comes to mind in this context. when someone starts learning a foreign language — what do they focus on? my theory is: you can either focus on pronunciation, or on vocabulary. and the next question is, do you consciously choose which one out of those two you focus on? I don’t remember. what I do remember is this. I like accents. americans like accents. what I don’t like is having an accent myself. when I went to florida to meet this girl, well, she picked me up at the airport, I put a springsteen tape into her car stereo, and she goes: “you talk like him”. she’d always make fun of me because of how I talked. anyway, that’s kinda weird because springsteen’s from nj. freehold. so I don’t see the connection.
    lol, when I went back to school in germany, I didn’t have to do much in english class. actually, I didn’t do anything. the teacher didn’t ask me anything. just sometimes to read a text out loud, which she only did two or three times, cause “no one understands your wild west english”. haha.
    oh yeah. she was hot!

    oh well, just thought I’d share the link.

  143. buzzword says:

    remember that math kid on youtube marina linked. dig weird al gangsta ha, weird all is funny.

  144. aLx says:

    last dream I remember was being somehow on top or beside starbuck which is weird, too, because I didn’t watch battlestar galactica for months.

    I rarely dream, that is, I rarely remember my dreams. that actually reminds me of a line from a song by springsteen: “I slept the sleep of the dead, I didn’t dream”.

    so … what’s up with the future?

    • buzzword says:

      so… here’s the story. I was working in a warehouse in a cereal factory. I was sitting down taking a break when um… It was like I was seeing in two directions at once. In front of me and then through the side of my head. So I says to myself, this is interesting. Keeping calm, taking some mental notes, what is it that I am seeing I asks. Well I see machinery, conveyor belts, warehouse equipment overhead and around. Then someone starts talking to me and I’m trying to concentrate. A few seconds later I close those other eyes. I dismiss it and get some food. Months later, I get back to that part of the warehouse and they have built all that shit that I saw. So I’m walking around exploring it and I find where I was sitting and turn to see the same view. And then I think, whoa, is my past self looking through my eyes now?

      This is the kind of shit that messes with being professional and scientific and shit. Sometimes functioning in academics and science I feel like I’m posing, like we are all posing. Everyone has stuff they want to say the way they really say it but never do because of display rules and norms and peer pressure. Then I run into some crystal loving reincarnated witchy poo ovarian goddess and I’m really thankful to identify with something more grounded.

      by the way I catch battlestar every now and again on dvd, starbuck… yea. Nice pic

    • buzzword says:

      Oh and springsteen, that was nice. I listen to a lot of music, and bruce always brings it home again. Tender and brutal all at the same time. Thanks

  145. buzzword says:

    This is so fucked up. I’ve been doing all this video editing on imovie HD before sleeping. Last night I had a dream and I began editing it on imovie HD. I zoom out of the dream and it’s on my desktop and I’m moving audio samples around and video clips, bitching about it in my dream. I can’t wait for this project to be done.

    • aLx says:

      uh. yeah. this IS fucked up. a dream. jesus.

      • buzzword says:

        Have you ever played a game like tetris a lot and then dreamed about it? I recall that one theory is that your brain is running simulations of regularly experienced activities to prepare you for the next day.

    • aLx says:

      I remember dreaming waking up, looking at my cell phone, thinking: crap, missed syntax.
      which I didn’t. that would’ve been the day after.
      dreaming of waking up is weird.

      • buzzword says:

        I dreamed that I was being chased by these guys with a spike for a hand. They caught me and began torturing me. I realized that the only way to kill them was to wake up from the dream so I grabbed his wrist and shoved the spike into my eye. Woke up, thinking, what the hell is wrong with me!

        I have some strange dreams, like I said I don’t like messing with my head, it’s already fucked up. Ever tell you about the time I saw into the future? Yea, sounds dumb I don’t know what to make of it either. I’m like OK mr. scientist don’t bring this up in class.

  146. aLx says:

    maybe get marina to make an appearance.

    well, I put a link to one of her youtube videos on a profile I got in a chat community. hm. can’t check if there’s an increase in views, though.
    there’s actually no connection between her site and mine, so I didn’t know where to put it, but I’ll think of something.

  147. aLx says:

    like that? one of my favorites. I was actually surprised to find a lot of agonoize songs on youtube. that kinda fits in with the comment below. somehow.

  148. aLx says:

    sometimes I’m dumb. for some weird reason I was looking for your wilco comment on the gird game and gird answer lessons. dude! I tried to use the search function on the top of the page but it returned like three or four results for “wilco”. so I wanted to go through the lessons. needless to say, the pagination thing didn’t work. it just wasn’t there, I hateithateithateit. what the fuck. so I even started firefox. it took me like half an hour to finally find your comment. shit.

    anyway. I liked the song. but … why did you want to hear this in german?
    and, I don’t like thomas mann. he’s way overrated. for real. no one can read this shit. it’s like reading kant or habermas. he needs like three pages to finish one sentence. but since everybode says that one should have read thomas mann, everybody else says, yeah, great thing. they’re just saying that because everybody else says that and if they don’t agree they’re like … cultural outsiders or something.
    plus, german is a sov language, at least concerning subordinate clauses which is the “real” sentence structure for german sentences — simple declaration sentences are generated by moving shit around. the finite verb is the structural center of a sentence. so, if you got a really long sentence, and you got the finite verb at the very end of that sentence you’ll have to read that sentence twice because there’s not enough memory to keep the beginning of that sentence in mind. this has nothing to do with being oblivious, thats just how it is.
    I heard or read somewhere that he wrote ten pages a day. yeah, that’s a lot for a day (if you ever wrote something other than depressing poems you’ll know what I mean.), but … this is how it reads. he should’ve taken more time.
    this is why I like wittgenstein, djian, or houellebecq … simple, clear sentences.
    a quote from the preface of wittgenstein’s tractatus logico-philosophicus:

    What can be said at all can be said clearly

  149. buzzword says:

    aLx, before I forget. I wanted you to hear this song by peggy lee. video sucks. Lyrics based on book by German, Thomas Mann, Disillusionment. Funny, before knowing the origin I always wanted to hear this in German.

  150. aLx says:

    600+ comments

    that is why I propo.. ah, never mind.

    yeah, buzzword, sometimes like giggling schoolboys, sometimes like … ah, never mind.
    you still read the youtube comments? impressive.
    anyway, I don’t even read the third and fourth page anymore. rarely the second. I don’t know. I don’t want to scroll up and down for like 30 minutes to see if anyone had something interesting to say, which is rather seldom the … ah, never mind.
    I ought to be working on my own site anyway cause I need to make some … ah, never mind.

    • buzzword says:

      I was checking out her youtube to compare participation and comments. More comments than youtube! I don’t have time to read the comments, I scan the first page of the newest video and check in here. The comments drift off… way off.

      I noticed a wilco comment I had made didn’t receive any comments for a while until bob or billy or prospero added one then comments collected at a significantly increased rate.

      There was a study on how long it took someone to stare up into the sky and collect a crowd and at what rate and how big. If you can get two or three to stare into the sky the crowd begins increasing faster.

      hmmm… gives me an idea.

      Anyway got to finish this cursed church documentary I am making for the museum. What up with your site, maybe get marina to make an appearance. Prepare for the comments! 600+ How does she walk away from this? The fun/work ratio. Mine is way out of balance.

      Hey check out a comment I’m going to make on the roger wilco lesson.

    • buzzword says:

      You know the problem with posting, “Wha… What was that?” on the Roger lesson is that we are both notorious for being trouble. Everyone suspects we are guilty of something. That really gratifies me.

  151. buzzword says:

    I’ve never known so many positively giddy men talking to each other so happily so frequently on one site. It’s just plain silly, their like giggling schoolboys sometimes. Interesting the difference from this site and the trash on the youtube site. Wonder what the reason is?

  152. aLx says:

    oh no, it’s paged again. :/

    • aLx says:

      the bad thing is … if I click on a comment in the recent comments column, and that particular comment has been made (tense?) on a page other than number one, it won’t take me to that comment. it just takes me to the lesson, that’s it.

      • buzzword says:

        that is an ass pain. I don’t like to complain about these details, marina is doing a nice job. But… finding a comment is an ass pain.

      • Marina says:

        I know it’s a pain.. but right now my site is excruciatingly slow due to the fact that it has to load 600+ comments every time someone makes a comment. I had to page it. I’ll email the guy who wrote the paged thing to see if he can fix that recent comment thing. Worst case is you can go into the account area and get to the comment that way. I’m working on solving all these issues.

  153. buzzword says:

    schadenfreude I am preparing for a psych. exam. The chapter is on emotion. I ran across this, it states, “There is no English word for certain emotions found elsewhere; the German word schadenfreude refers to pleasurable feelings one person derives from another’s misfortune.” How correct is this aLx?

    • aLx says:

      it’s very correct.

      schaden = damage, harm, disadvantage, mischief.
      freude = fun, pleasure.

      “das ist schade” = “that’s too bad”.

    • aLx says:

      by the way, I had to read one of your quoted sentences twice. first time I read:

      ]There is no English word for] [certain emotions found elsewhere]

      instead of

      [There is no English word for certain emotions] [found elsewhere].

      that was confusing.

  154. aLx says:

    I’d still vote for a forum. this is getting so messy. people will continue commenting the lessons on the lessons’ pages anyway.

  155. aLx says:

    evidently, there are worse things than those ads. what the hell.

    • Marina says:

      I made it so that the ads will NEVER show up if you are logged in, which everyone who makes comments is logged in.. so it will not show for you guys.. only new people and only once per hour.

      That might allow me to make a little money from people who never sign up.

      We’ll see how it goes.

  156. aLx says:

    ha! just before I read your posting I did a “fuck” search!

    man, did I really write it that often? I’ll change my name to “cuzzword”!

  157. aLx says:

    so, marina, you never thought of getting some sort of forum? 400+ posts on one lesson …

    • Marina says:

      Forums become this free for all thing.. and.. I don’t know.. for some reason I feel that forums are so 90′s… I like the “converse around the latest topic” that these blogs offer.. it gives people a place to go to that is always changing… always fresh in a way…

      • aLx says:

        yeah, I guess everything has its advantages.

        oh, I know! get some little chatroom for … uh … those special dudes … errr … the more you chat, the less you post or something … don’t tell me I’m evil, k? ;)

      • Chemikal says:

        Fresh, AY! Agreed, and not agreed, in the same time… it’s hard for people to keep track of anything that’s said, if a certain comment/thread is not read at the opportune time it will most probably never get read. Because people don’t usually browse comments of older lessons. Also topics that are discussed in a certain lesson, remain behind, and that leads to repetition and encourages spam.
        I mean let’s face it… we like to talk all kinds of stuff other than the lesson itself (and the comment section gets cluttered with all the replys and replys of replys). Those subjects may have a separate special place, where they can be read by all.
        Just an idea… and as this reply goes, I’m really not sure if you’ll ever get to reading it… that’s about as much faith I’ve got in the present commenting system. It’s shouting Revolution! Can you hear it?! :-)

      • hs4mm says:

        I think you are onto a brilliant distinction here Marina! After thinking about your comment, here’s my take: Writing on paper is the best form of recording one’s thoughts — and the internet is the worst. This is because proper expression of thought takes a lot of work and time (which is presupposed by writing on paper); and when one writes on the internet, one does so for expediency. A forum, by continuing discussions across time, gives the illusion of thoughtful writing — but it is an illusion because even though a thread can go on for ages, each post is written expediently. Given the expedient nature of the internet, it is good as a place for mere conversation; and the HFW comment pages are suited for such transient conversations.

        • hs4mm says:

          Test to see if I get an email notification of reply to comment. This page seems to be special in that comments entered here do not show up in the “Recent Comments” column; so testing to see if email notifications are generated.

  158. aLx says:

    buzzword, I question your maleness!

    • buzzword says:

      You found me out! I am Marina, well actually Marina is an attractive russian actress in need of employment, but I’m the brains. I’m also Uucking Fgly and nobody would watch my videos if I did them myself.

      Ha, is that for real? How’d you run across that, that post is like ancient history, or biblical history.

      • aLx says:

        yeah, it is for real. I stumbled across it when I was trying to find out what the hell I posted in the birthmark game. man, that was weird. actually, this was the only instance of buzzword-posting/marina-gravatar correlation. I checked your other posts on that particular page, all good there.

      • aLx says:

        wait a sec. did you say actress? in need of employment?
        hey, pauly! get over here, pauly! :X

  159. aLx says:

    this pagination shit drives me crazy. I can’t read comments because links in the recent comment column won’t take me to that certain comment. most of the time the pagination is just not there so I can’t look for comments on the second page cause I just can’t get on it. wtf.

  160. aLx says:

    “meet military singles today!”

    what the fuck?

  161. aLx says:

    what the fuck is it with those people?

  162. bad doggie says:

    I always heard the origin of the word Spam was a shortened version of the phrase “Supposed to be Ham”. I never noticed it tasting particularly spicy. although I did hear that Geordy Hormel refers to it as his father’s “Heart attack in a Can” invention :shock: It is being revitalized as a new gourmet meat. I have not a clue as to why or how :?: :?: :?:

  163. buzzword says:

    Just of note, actually a rant, regarding word usage and the u.s. government

    Got Milk?

    To simplify, milk that is hormone free should not be described as such because it implies that a great big pharmaceutical company’s synthetic hormone is unhealthy for you.

    This is why I eat organic food and not much meat. Farmers don’t raise u.s. food pharmaceutical companies do.

    • buzzword says:


      My wife drinks goats milk, she used to raise goats, but now purchases it from a local farmer. We try and support local growers. The u.s. gov’t says it is illegal for the farmer to sell the milk without getting licensing, inspections and lots of expensive equipment. Stuff only corporate farms are rich enough to do. So she and many others write on the milk containers, “pet food, not for human consumption.” and sells it to us anyway. Land of the free.

      aLx, I think you started me on this tangent when you mentioned the gov’t required micro chip passport. Thanks! This is great therapy and prevents me from going all domestic terrorist.

  164. rreppy says:

    Dear Marina: For some strange reason, the state of Hawaii eats more spam than any other. (I think it’s just because the Portuguese and the Japanese like it with rice).
    At any rate, its use there has only gone up in recent years, so in Hawaii, at least, the more modern use of the word has NOT hurt the sales of the meat product.
    I hope that sheds some light on the conundrum you proposed.
    Thank you again for proving that intelligence IS sexy. You rock!

    – RReppy

  165. aLx says:

    jesus, don’t talk me to death.

    • buzzword says:

      Apologies aLx, busy week. Exams, many exams. I’m really competitive in class and I study hardcore. I was also busy during the weekends doing this documentary for a local church. That and fundraising for this little museum. And family…

      Marina has posted a few videos, going to check them out and the comments. Maybe find something to get annoyed with so I can relax a little. ha. Vacation is getting closer, getting itchy?

      • aLx says:

        no need to apologize.

        yeah, I went to tell them I need a passport the other day. took my fingerprints. jesus fucking christ, you almost feel like a future criminal or something. they’ll be saved on a chip that’s inside the passport, they’re not actually on it.
        I’m thinking about what to take with me. I guess I won’t take that much, maybe I’ll get something over there, too. things will most likely be cheaper over there. like, pants for instance.

        yeah, check out the comments. there’s a new lividemerald. wordlover. heh. and people complaining about not being the teacher’s pet. same old, same old.

      • buzzword says:

        I still have the old passport, no micro chip. Makes me paranoid though to think about it. I rather enjoy my anonymity. That probably makes me guilty of something.

        Good idea about shopping. I would recommend wearing pants on the flight over here though. You might give the authorities good reason to check your passport. Airport security profile muslims in turbans and germans without pants.

        Yea, I stopped reading the comments after the “cat out of the bag” question. This is how I picture the competition to gain the attention of marina as teacher’s pet or as I call them, male dominance posting displays.

        How far along are you in school?

  166. aLx says:


    I don’t get it. is the pagination thing active? like, sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. and I’m not talking about different lessons. maybe it’s my browser?

  167. aLx says:

    yeah, why don’t you do a video request for “vikings”? hehe. people are asking about vikings all the time anyway.

  168. aLx says:

    lol, buzzword, have you listened to the radio show? dude, no one went with the vikings’ horns.

    • buzzword says:

      That was funny, also amusing is listening to these guys as their brains shut down. Do we all start sounding like that in front of women we find attractive? I hope not.

  169. buzzword says:

    Thought this might amuse you aLx.

  170. buzzword says:

    Hey, the new bauhaus is out. You listen to bauhaus?

    • buzzword says:

      alx, this means you.

    • aLx says:

      no, I don’t. my first association with “bauhaus” was the architecture and design school.

      now, how does the band relate to the other thing?

      • buzzword says:

        I was introduced to the music then the architecture and design movement. Which I like more than the band now. I understand that the design movement and the band’s music are supposed to share some type of aesthetics. Which could mean anything. Bauhaus was very influential in the development of goth rock. Development, like there was a team of mad scientist scheming to create music that would undermine wholesome values. Progression would probably be a better word. Anyway there you go.

    • aLx says:

      somehow reminded me of ween. you know how there’s music that sounds like stuff you’d play or listen to while you’re on drugs or something.

      • buzzword says:

        I agree with you on colors. For a couple reasons. First physics, matter doesn’t actually have color. Color is just reflected light. So an object that is green is absorbing all the colors except green which is reflected and gets to your eyes. But matter does not “have” color.

        Different cultures categorize color differently. I’m recalling this because I have too many texts on my desk and I’m not getting a dusty one out to be accurate. Tribal cultures, in the Amazon for instance frequently have a few categories for all colors. Commonly black and white are the first color categories. So a green is called black or white depending on it’s shade. The next color interestingly enough to be identified or isolated from the rest is red. Many argue that it is because of blood. Then comes blue or green, sky, vegetation and from there other colors become identified. A color becomes individually identified only when it becomes important, otherwise it is just black or white.

        And finally specifically to your reasoning, yea I think you are dead on. You cannot go beyond perception. As to which is the right one? It may be rather pragmatic of me but each is correct. As each represents a series of events that are consistent with physical laws even though they may result in varied perceptions, none of them contradict the nature of the whole. Arguing which one is correct is pointless though.

        You are not weird. I know weird first hand, its why I rely on science so much, personal subjective experiences have provided me enough weirdness. Thats the reason I usually don’t mess with my mental processes. I cannot go beyond my own perception, I need to keep it simple.

        My black is darker than yours.

      • buzzword says:

        No, you are weird. It’s alright with me.

    • buzzword says:

      I always miss out on these conversations because I don’t use them, drugs. Well just twice with no great effect. Once I smoked pot with a cute girl named Charlie who was waiting tables at an all night diner in Alaska. She looked like Gwyneth Paltrow… What was I, oh yea. I avoid drugs and have been stoned by listening to music more often than listening to music stoned. I don’t like shit that messes with my mental processes. My mental processes are fucked up enough as it is.

      • aLx says:

        I never tried pot. I don’t even drink. so I’m not exactly an expert on intoxication.
        but, since you mentioned mental processes, let me ask you this. if you took something that made you see everything inverted — i.e. black is now white and so forth, shapes stay the same, just like clicking on “invert colors” in photoshop –, would you call that messing with your mental processes?
        I don’t really believe in colors. I think it is possible that part of our brain just does what it wants to without asking. maybe “colors” or “seeing colors” is just a way by which the brain structurs our environment. so we won’t constantly bump into things or see things better or something. now, this is not really a “theory” of mine, you can easily argue against it.
        the reason I don’t believe in colors is this one. how do you learn that something is red? how do you teach someone that a certain object is red? you show them red things and they’ll learn to refer to those kind of things as “red”. but that does not mean, nor prove, that their perception is like yours. maybe my “dark red” looks like your “light red” or “green” or whatever. you can not go beyond perception. this is where it all stops. no metaphysics, no nothing. man, dog, horse, and bee will perceive a tree very differently (maybe this sentence sounded great to me just because it could’ve been a line in a rap song). but which one is the “right” one?
        yeah, I know. this is fucked up. don’t be looking at my post like that, man. sometimes I’m weird.

  171. aLx says:

    I’m confused anyway. since thursday I’ve been cursing more than anything else. I need a passport. miami, you know. now, I’ll have to pay about €56 for this thing. that’s about $84. fuck this. this is a complete rip-off. it’s a double rip-off. like, we have to have an id. that’s the law. id means, a unique id, not a driver’s license. you HAVE to have it and you still got to pay for it. this sucks. an id is about $10 or something. and when you got it, it’s not even yours! it’s property of the state. this is so fucked up. €56! goddamnit.

  172. buzzword says:

    Hope your weekend went well. Mine was busy. I am doing a historical documentary on a local church and am bored out of my mind. Although learning the technical stuff and editing is fun. I record my audio on a separate devise. Getting great sound but syncing the video and audio could be easier. Setting up the shots is good fun in an artistic sort of way but shooting the interviews is tedious. I’m getting a memory card for my camera so it will have a longer recording time. I’m still figuring out my video editing software, iMovie HD.

      • buzzword says:

        sorry, multitasking while reading multiple comments. comment was meant for marina. Now we are all heading out catch you later.

      • aLx says:

        huh? who’s heading where? what?

      • buzzword says:

        We as in me and the family, we were going out to get some lunch. I shouldn’t post comments unless I can really sit down a give it some time. Like now, I’m in for a few minutes, but now I’ve got to run an errand. I was going to ask marina if she mikes straight into her laptop or if she uses a separate device. If she uses a separate device how does she sync her audio with the video. I spend a lot of time looking at people’s mouths and shifting the audio around, getting it just right. I’m sure there is an easier way. I’ve looked it up on the apple site without success, I must not be asking the right question. Sorry for the confusion, I’m going in several directions at the same time.

  173. aLx says:

    and, can someone rephrase billyb’s comment for me? I don’t get it. what do those boobs have to do w/ the $7mman?

    • buzzword says:

      I think he is implying that $7million was spent to make a man look like a woman to be marina’s t.a. That is as close as I can come to figuring it out. I think its just lame excuse to share the video.

  174. aLx says:

    what’s with the page thing? sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. :/

  175. aLx says:

    there are a lot of great pictures of her. it’s weird how one person can look so different.

  176. buzzword says:

    Damn it, errinf just posted above me on bar-b-q!

  177. aLx says:

    I recall seeing requiem for a dream though I don’t remember much of it. pi was great!

    well, sometimes you should watch a movie just because of how it is done, the pictures, the characters, or because it’s funny, or it’s a hilarious idea behind the movie. like fear & loathing, crank, spun, pulp fiction, no country for old men, big lebowski. great characters, great dialogues.
    mickey rourke is always worth watching. so are a lot of other actors. e.g. christina ricci. <3

  178. buzzword says:

    OK this whole arrangement is making my ass twitch. I’m going to have to vote, yuck, on the layout. I keep getting lost. Oh, by the way I left you a post/link on the most recent crusade of the white nights of the word table.

    • aLx says:

      yes! seen the post! that was one funny movie. I watched it once with german subtitles because I’m not used to british english. damn, dude, this is a whole different movie. that was shocking, man.

      I voted for get rid of it. never touch a running system, or never change a winning horse, or whatever it was. I get lost, too.

  179. aLx says:

    besides, I’ve never seen a mccain ad on here.
    why is it that I always get the “lesbian t-shirts” / “secret love letters” / “meet women from russia/ korea/ germany/ malaysia…” ones?

  180. aLx says:

    well, if you like fear and loathing, harley davidson & the marlboro man, and the like, you’ll like spun, too. mickey rourke is one of my favorite actors.

    that quote … well, yeah, it’s fucked up. it probably sounds weird if you only hear that one quote, not knowing the movie.

    so, did you watch a scanner darkly yet?

  181. aLx says:

    damn, ever since errinf posted his crap I was waiting for the knights to arrive, armor all shining, pulling out their swords. I was wondering who’d be first. yay. and there he comes, sire prospero. all hail the knights from the order of the holy virgin of words. all bow to their infinite glory for they are truly our maiden’s sheperds.


  182. aLx says:

    man … what the hell is up with this errinf dude?

    • buzzword says:

      No shit, is militant hippie an oxymoron? I’ve seen the website he’s referring to and the funny thing is, they have a McCain add as well. I dislike O’Reilly, and FOX, and Rupert Murdock. Hey, you view FOX don’t you? I’m going to tell errinf! But errinf is nucking futs! I read his comment a couple times, he is being ridiculous.

      I really doubt his threats have much weight. I don’t think the guys from daily kos would even bother. Marian could just send them his post and they would anticipate his monkey wrenching. Daily Kos isn’t some type of militant liberal progressive terrorist group, they would probably appreciate the heads up. Even if they bothered, I think the content of this site is actually rather liberal anyway. Liberals appear on FOX all the time. His argument… lacks credibility, substance and rationality. If he can’t find the conspiracy he’ll make one. I think he might be smoking too much pot, you know those hippies are.

      I just read his comment again. I really don’t grasp his point. I could reply to his comment, explaining why I think he is over reacting, but that would be fucking stupid, wouldn’t go anywhere. No insult intended marina. But what would be the point. These are the types of relationships he probably thrives on. This is what happens after you turn thirty.

  183. buzzword says:

    Speaking of comics, “Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.” Alan Moore is cool.

    • aLx says:

      v for vendetta, yes. seen it twice.

      never heard of matchstick men. unfortunately there are a lot of great u.s. movies that no one over here has never heard of. that’s weird because we usually get those, too. especially when there’s actors like nicolas cage in it.
      here’s a quote of another movie no one seems to know about over here, and that I stumbled upon coincidentally.

      “I walked in the bathroom one day and my mother was standing there, kneeling down. the dog had a litter, about eight, and my mother was bending over and she was killing each one of these little puppies in the bathtub. and I remember, I said, ‘why?’ she said, ‘I’m just killing what I can’t take care of.’ then my mama said to me, she looked at me, she said, ‘I wish I could do that to you.’ maybe she should’ve. yeah.”
      –> link.

      • buzzword says:

        I didn’t know this quote haven’t seen the movie. That quote is fucked up. I like several of the actors though in other things. I’ll look for it. This is fun, I like trying out new movies. The quote made me think of another film, running with scissors. The relationship being the ways in which parents screw their kids up. Running with scissors is a true story too.

  184. aLx says:

    a scanner darkly.

    this is a must see. keanu reeves, woody harrelson, robert downey jr … great movie. it’s done in this weird comic style. like, you recognize the actors, and it’s real acting but it looks a little bit like a cartoon or an animated movie.

    • buzzword says:

      Yea, I did like it. Great cast of characters. Woody Harrelson is a cartoon character already. He’s fucking funny. The guy that is burned out, seeing the bugs, he was great to watch. He was moving around like a bird or reptile, funny. The animation was really different I’m going to look around to see how they did it, neat stuff. I liked the scene when the three of them are in the car and the breaks stop working. Lots of good scenes and quotes. Haven’t located spun yet.

  185. buzzword says:

    I had no idea what that quote was from, then I hit the link. I just got that movie out from the library and have been planning on watching it. Sitting on the receiver now. Any good? Have you seen Sin City?

  186. aLx says:


    “why do you say it’s an 18 speed bike when it has only nine gears?”
    “huh? what?”
    “ya. ya. six right here, three at the other end of the chain. six plus three equals nine. it’s a nine speed bike.”
    “wait. wait. now I count eight. six here, and then two in the front, that makes eight.”
    “what do you think happened to the missing gears?”
    “think? I know. they were probably working on it, these gypsy grifters, with improper tools, no technical knowledge, no understanding of reverse engineering, and when they attempted to reassemble it they panicked, they got scared, and they left nine orphan gears there just laying on the floor, they’re probably still there on the floor …”
    “let’s just go rescue the orphan gears!”

  187. aLx says:

    I’ll have to come up with quotes that are not so easy, I guess. I’ll think of something.

    meanwhile, another easy one.

  188. buzzword says:

    It’s the attitude, being young doesn’t make you a bad ass. Being a bad ass makes you a bad ass. Be a bad ass thirty year old. I was sitting in a theatre with my wife watching… legend of sleepy hollow. Johnny Depp. These two young shits yelled out, “rape em” during a scene. Most of the “old” scowled and squirmed in their seats. The young smiled and giggled. I got up walked down the aisle put my hands on their shoulders, lowered my head between theirs and said to both of them, “Shut the fuck up or you will be choking on your own balls.” And then I sat back down. The two kids didn’t move the entire movie and nervously left at the end of the movie. The old respected me, didn’t want to fuck with me either. I am not young nor old I am trouble. I’m guessing that if you stay true to who you are, regardless of age, you will make any age a damn fucking great time to be. Always be true to the rebellious nature of the intellect, love, spirit and all that shit. Ignore thirty, piss on thirty, fuck thirty, to hell with thirty, life is the thing.

  189. aLx says:

    I don’t know, man.
    someone once told me, getting 30 sucks, getting 31 is cool. well, hopefully.

  190. buzzword says:

    sure, haven’t you heard of, “Young at heart.” Does that make you feel better?

  191. aLx says:

    young man! I’ll be fucking thirty in a few months! this sucks. this number just sucks. you know, right now I still can say, “I’m in the late twenties” or something. won’t be able to do that anymore. crap. what am I gonna say? “I’m old”? thirty. there are no euphemisms for that, are there?

  192. aLx says:

    another quote:

    “better dead and cool, than alive and uncool.”
    –> link.

    • buzzword says:

      Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. I seem to remember movies with nudity within the first five minutes of the intro. That was a fun movie, I ought to wear my cowboy boots more often. You know you stop being cool after thirty.

  193. buzzword says:

    Ghost Rider! It was originally a german movie. The movie is Wings of Desire. Relatively older movie 87′, maybe before your time young man. Although I didn’t see it until a few years ago. Has Nick Cave singing in it. Familiar with Cave? Hey, I’m taking a psych. test, I don’t have time for this! Haven’t seen Ghost Rider.

  194. aLx says:

    btw, I like nicolas cage. I liked “leaving las vegas”, lynch’s “wild at heart”, and “lord of war”.

  195. buzzword says:

    Hey, what are doing? I didn’t ask you to watch the damn movie just guess the title. It’s a relatively old movie and they did a remake in the u.s. starring nicolas cage that really sucked. Now give me an answer and some popcorn, lightly buttered, that shit will kill ya.

  196. aLx says:

    err… what happened? is something missing in here? looks kinda different?

  197. aLx says:

    dude, I’m really bad at lying to other people, you know. so, that rules out the cult thing.

    well, if someone got a name linked to a website and you clicked on it, he could find out where you live (won’t take too long if their website is a really small and not well known one, will take forever if you got a site like hotforwords with I don’t know how many hits/views/sessions per day.). well, at least the city.
    actually, reading ip logs can be interesting. to see where all those people that viewed your website come from. also, how they found it. like, if they did a google search for your website, or if they googled something else and just accidentally got to your site. or if they clicked on your nickname on here or some other website you put your link on.
    they won’t know your name or anything but your ip address, your internet service provider, your operating system, your browser, the time at which your ip accessed which page/file of your website. that can be helpful for statistics.

    don’t get all paranoid now. ; )

  198. aLx says:

    I don’t know the guy and would never date him. Please! Give me a little more credit!

    lol. he’ll be glad to read this.
    so, pauly, if you read this … if you ever get to meet julia bond … tell her she’s a great actress, I’m a big fan. har!

  199. buzzword says:

    Got one, but I had to look up the qoute for this movie. The movie is german.

    Yeah, to be able, once in a while, to enthuse for evil. To draw all the demons of the earth from passers-by and to chase them out into the world. To be a savage.

    Or at last to feel how it is to take off shoes under a table and wriggle your toes barefoot, like that.

  200. buzzword says:

    hrm… that link for the second movie quote I posted didn’t work. It is Smoke Signals Not exactly an edgy movie but distinct in its representation of contemporary native american life and the involvement of so many n.a.’s in the film making process. It’s a good movie if you can find it.

    The first quote sounded really familiar but I couldn’t identify the movie. I expect I’ve heard somebody else quote it. I have never seen this movie, but wanted to and completely forgot about it. I hear that ricci’s acting is very good. She’s playing in a new movie about a pig faced girl.

    The second quote I did get. I really enjoyed that movie, lots of good quotes. You won’t find that kind of journalism anymore. But I would hardly say that he was doing journalism as much as journaling. My favorite quote is, “There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.”

    Now let me think of a quote something german maybe…

  201. stevewesthead says:

    haha i just stumbled upon this page. reading all your guy’s posts was entertaining

  202. aLx says:

    dude … all those fuckers slobbering and most likely jerking off all over the place. what the fuck.

    • buzzword says:

      What in the hell are you ranting about?

      • aLx says:

        ah, you know. the horse riders. not just that they’re riding, you know, from time to time they get off their fucking horses to … just talk crap. I don’t know. I’ll find some examples …

      • aLx says:

        alright, here we go …

        “La femme aux pommes…”

        “If Eve were like you, is it any wonder that Adam took a bite of that apple?”

        “If Eve looked liked Marina, it wouldn’t be an apple he’d want to taste…it would be those luscious lips.”

        “However, if there was any evidence for God that I’ve seen lately, it is Marina. She surely is divinely inspired.”

        “I don’t know about bikini, but Marina’s breasts do strange things being set so widely apart. It’s mesmerizing.”

        “I was on :cloud nine: watching your video.”

        and it goes on and on … an it gets worse … yeah, I know, maybe yesterday’s posting was some kind of overreaction, especially because I’m not her. it just gets annoying reading this.
        I don’t even bother reading the comments on youtube anymore.

        by the way, this is why I like the “are you still with me?” part in one or more of her earlier videos. that was funny! she should do that again in one of her upcoming videos.

    • buzzword says:

      Yea, I soon as I read a post and that shit starts I skip to point in which they stop thinking with their hypothalamus. What they are really doing is turning each other on by talking to each other. They are causing little amounts of dopamine to be released in their brains. They are rewarding themselves and each other, a reward usually released for having sex among other things. So although they may be motivated by marina they are really satisfying each other. Which for me is liking encountering ugly people making out. I’m happy for them but, uck! look away, look away! Their actions remind me a lot of bonobo behavior in which when something good happens they jump around stimulating each other. Also reminds me of an rat experiment. Rats that had become addicted to getting the stimulation they desired from hitting a switch and getting direct stimulation to the brain… run on sentence The researchers stopped giving them as much. The rats coped with the stress in three ways. They would run over and gnaw on a piece of wood like fiends, forget what the second was, maybe wank off, and third they would find another rat a beat the shit out of them. Being a lab rat sucks. hrm… have to go.

      • buzzword says:

        now I remember. the researchers turned off the switch and the second rat response was repeatedly hitting the switch like a gutter punk junkie on heroine.

    • Marina says:

      At least the comments are on the positive side…. over at YouTube it’s of the same order of magnitude.. but on the negative side.. so it helps to balance out my aura in the universe.. ifyouknowwhatImean? :-)

      • buzzword says:

        Oh, delightful marina! Your aura is a pure and guiding light, all pixie dust and sparkles that illuminates with gentle wisdom… Blah, I don’t know how those guys come up with that stuff. And then the insulting stuff on youtube, its like reading the stalls in public toilets. I’d hate to have to read though all the stuff you do. Some of it has to sink in and bother you. I’d be walking around punching random guys in the nose. Well, I do but I’m working through some personal issues. ha.

      • aLx says:

        “the only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent.”

        hehe. you into movies, buzzword? if so, you might know the quote above. from one of the best movies. when I took that picture I thought it was funny to connect the toilet and the movie. it’s a weird restroom anyway. kinda big. only that one toilet in there.

      • Warren says:

        Hello Marina,
        I was just going through the older shows and I couldn’t help but read some of the comments.
        I read your post and I thought of this link and this alink
        The song is kind of whiny but the words seem to follow up on your comment.
        The second link is a visual treat as well as thoght inspiring.

      • Warren says:

        I can spell the words I’m typing most of the time. I just forget that I need to reread what I’ve written before I post it.

    • buzzword says:

      Move junkie. Falling a little behind, busy life. I remember that quote from the trailer, revolver. That was a good movie. I had to watch it several times, could watch it a couple more. Reminded me a little of, the usual suspects and fight club. But it stands on its own. Recommending movies based on quotes sounds like fun. Better than math.

      an easy one

      I’ve just spent 120 quid on me hair, if you think I’m puttin a stockin over me head you’re very much mistaken.

      and a difficult one from the u.s.

      You gotta look mean or people won’t respect you. White people will run all over you if you don’t look mean. You gotta look like a warrior! You gotta look like you just came back from killing a buffalo!

      But our tribe never hunted buffalo – we were fishermen.

      clips of both available on youtube, of course.

      • aLx says:

        man, trailers suck. :/

        the weird thing about jason statham is, he never seems to play in bad movies, only good ones. the transporter, crank, war, lock, stock, and a barrel (that was your first quote — yeah, great movie).

        the second one, I don’t know. sounds like a native american thing. only thing that comes to mind is mel gibson’s apocalypto, but that’s not it.

        “she convinced me this would lead to the holy grail. harvard. a place where I would finally be surrounded by people I had something in common with. I’m not gonna ask for much, they don’t have to be a springsteen fan.” (–> imdb entry.)

        #2 (I guess everyone would know that one):
        “we can’t stop here, this is bat country.” (–> imdb.)

    • buzzword says:

      That picture was of an actual toilet?!

  203. aLx says:

    I’m surrounded by artists. a friend of mine is a photographer, she also wrote a novel (some crime novel for teens), her boyfriend is a puppet player. a few friends of mine are into music. and I … well … as for now I’m the web dude, doing all the technical stuff on the website … I got to learn how to read. I mean, really read, as in reading text to other people, or for recording respectively. that’s hard.

    so, what kind of artist are you?

    • buzzword says:

      Generally bad and unproductive.

      I’ve done pencils, sculpture and some photography. I doubled majored, anthropology and comparative studies. Comp. Stds. being conveniently vague. During the Comp. Stds. major I got into performance studies or theater, music studies and art history. My b.a. took 7-8 years. I’ll always be pissed because I thought I was graduating with two b.a.’s but my advisor fucked up. So I got a single b.a. with two majors. Musically I’ve never really played anything, but when hanging out during band practices I end up banging on metal. test department style.

  204. aLx says:

    so, buzzword, planning a trip to california?

    you saw that link coming, right? well, I just had to post it. one of the best songs anyway, in my opinion. plus, it’s a great version.

  205. aLx says:

    just downloaded that safari browser. lol. apple feeling on vista or something.

  206. aLx says:

    you asked about the cold war in an earlier posting.

    I’m a subscriber to both thew new york times and the moscow times.
    top story in today’s moscow times: Putin Tries Surprise NATO Offensive. this is about the plans of the u.s. to set up some missile defense system in the czech republic.
    it wasn’t even mentioned in the politics section of the nyt.

    so, where are we at? the whole world is talking about the cold war being over.

    Moscow says that missile-defense system could threaten Russia’s security and tip the strategic nuclear balance in favor of the United States.

  207. aLx says:

    I got a grammatical question.

    I used to know this, that is, kinda intuitive back when I was an exchange student. now it’s confusing me.
    the problem is, I don’t really know when to use simple past, present perfect or past perfect.
    I understand that there’s some sort of time line when using the perfect tense. but sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a difference. In german nowadays, there is no real distinction between simple past and present perfect.
    I always get confused now. :/

    • aLx says:

      this is the good part about russian, by the way. they got only three tenses. past, present, future. (the rest is complicated, though.)

    • buzzword says:

      As soon as you reminded me of the rule I began getting confused. Increasingly it seems, (u.s.) people are freely switching the part that specifies the immediacy of the past event. Which generally determines present perfect or simple past. Grammatical example: I have seen three movies this week. (present perfect) I saw three movies last week. (simple past) Ungrammatical example: I saw three movies this week or Grammatical example: I have seen that movie already (present perfect) I saw that movie on Thursday. (simple past) Ungrammatical example: I saw that movie on Thursday. Grammar Link

  208. aLx says:

    so, what does the calculator say?

    art and literature. difficult subject. art is kind of suspect to me. there’s only two people that I consider as artists. dalí and escher.

    • buzzword says:

      Art has always been suspect to me and I’m an artist. I read somewhere that the part of the brain which interprets art is the same part that lies. Which admittedly is a creative process as well. The more I get into evolutionary psychology and neurology the less impressed with the fine arts or f.arts I am. Science explains it without all the bullshit. Well, actually I am impressed by art but for entirely different reasons. My descent/ascent actually began with cultural anthropology and studying the arts of other cultures. I began to reevaluate western high art within a context of western culture and then warhol started making more sense. Art instructors hated it when I used the word gimmick to describe a style. I dig escher, but we are getting back to math again. I appreciate dalí but I quickly get mentally fatigued or overexposed viewing it. A critique of my own limitations instead of dalí. I like a lot of different art, but the motivation is how art manipulates my moods and mental processing or just plain pleases me. I like what certain pieces do to my head and then considering why. Sometimes the why turns out to be pretty fucking simple. I recall saying how I liked some of rockwell’s stuff among some my terminally avant-garde friends and the rallied responses were, “sentimental, romantic, patriotic, illustrator…” Fuck em’. I like what I like. Some of my friends are/were heavy into the goth scene. But for me, I was in school, elbows deep in a cadaver’s gut and taking some forensics classes. So the exposures didn’t really come together for me, I appreciate the shit but just doesn’t function for me. Another time, another place maybe. Same for us all. I like bukowski, I like alot of the beats, but I don’t get ginsberg. Now I’m getting into literature. Better stop now. Hey, I recall Marina paints.

  209. aLx says:

    dude. damn. they’re right about the 0.999999etc = 10 thing.

    I just asked someone who studied computer sciences. now there’s a REAL geek.

    he used the same argument, more or less:

    6/9 = .66666666 etc.
    7/9 = .77777777 etc.
    8/9 = .88888888 etc.
    9/9 = well … yeah, it’s not .999999 etc. it’s 1.

    fuck math. suckers. :/

    • aLx says:

      no, wait, edit. it is .99999etc but per definitonem x/x = 1, so 9/9 = 1.

      so, .99999etc = 1.

      so it’s kinda both. or something.

    • buzzword says:

      Ha! I got one for the mathholes!

      • aLx says:

        looks interesting. but, to be honest, I don’t think I can follow. math was … well … a long time ago. I had to do a class (course?) on formal logic. syntax, morphology, and semantics are pretty formal, too. one of my profs (the best one in the whole fucking world, I swear) at the university of saarbrücken told me to try computational linguistics. that involved computer sciences / programming and a lot of math. she was like, well, I don’t think it’s that different from syntax etc. binary systems. but I told her that I think that syntax etc. and math are two not-so-closely related subjects. I could be wrong. well. I think she thought that was a weird thought of mine. I spent a great deal of time in her office (hours) asking her all kinds of syntactical stuff. stuff that she didn’t really teach. not because she didn’t want to. anyway, she even lend me books and articles. chomsky, pollock (ever read his famous article from ’89? great stuff.).
        I’d better stop now, drifting too far away from the subject.

    • buzzword says:

      Oh, I suck at math. Barely got out of high school because of flunking that and bad test scores in others. But I enjoy beating my head up against the wall the separates us and plato’s transcendental reality. Once I was studying for a trigonometry exam. Getting late and I was exhausted and completely broken. I dropped my head to the table and felt a sharp pain. I lifted my head slightly and the prong in my notebook was stuck in my head. It fell out and blood started running down into my eye. I thought, “great, I’ve just damaged my frontal lobe, responsible for decision making.” So, yea, math is… not my favorite. Aspects of linguistics definitely seem mathematical to me though. I’ll look up the pollock article, I like some of his paintings.

      • aLx says:

        you’d be looking for jean-yves pollock. the article is “Verb Movement, Universal Grammar, and the Structure of IP”. he compares french and english in certain aspects and proposes to split iP into AgrP and TP.

        can’t find that article anywhere on the web. it’s cited a lot, though.

    • buzzword says:

      I used to be able to access most academic articles on the internet because of university access. Its aggravating that I can’t access them anymore, and to purchase them or subscribe to the journals is too damn expensive. I was kidding about pollock.

  210. aLx says:

    and, how can you be an art lover anyway if you don’t know one of the most famous american writers?
    war and peace? yeah right. bet he hasn’t even seen this book.

    and this other dude … 9.999 = 10?
    what the hell is that? they tought him that in hs? his math teacher must have sucked.

    I remember my math teacher in 11th and 12th grade asking me what a point is. first thing he said that morning. before saying anything else. just looked at me and asked that question.
    and I was explaining and explaining … you know … talking about co-ordinate systems, precise, unique allocation … three-dimensional co-ordinate systems, x-plane, y-plane, plane in general. must’ve talked for about 10 minutes. and I thought: damn! that was fucking great! I suck in math but this explanation right there fucking rocks!
    and he looked at me, didn’t say shit. his expression didn’t change a bit. after about 30 seconds he’s like: “a point is an angle that has its legs ripped out. a point is not defined.”

  211. aLx says:

    yeah, well, this is pretty weird shit. to me anyway.
    I had to read this massacre crap twice cause I didn’t believe he really wrote that. wtf.
    never thought this debate would get so … well … how it is. kinda irritating. people are surrounded by “dirty” words everyday. even springsteen, not kown for “ganxta” shit, sings “the early bird catches the fucking worm” and “all the rest of that shit”.

  212. buzzword says:

    on the slang thread. So, I says to bob, “for the sake of liberty everyone better be prepared to be offended.” To which he compares the Amritsa Massacre of 1919 in which women and children are gunned down. Then asks, “How does a child prepare to be offended? What the fuck!

    • buzzword says:

      artlover is pissing me off as well, fucking hypocrisy of these opinions. How can he use the word, “jagoff” and cater to pornographers and criticize my language and marina’s videos. “You should avoid touching your breasts while dancing in the videos.” This guy has some issues! Why are all these opinions from the U.S.? Never mind, where is my passport.

  213. buzzword says:

    Was reading up on emergence theory and came across this… art

  214. buzzword says:

    I wish it were strange, just common here.

  215. aLx says:

    why do so many people asocciate profanities / slang /whatever with nakedness, sexuality? is this where the “dirty” notion comes from?

    like, telling her not to use slang words, and if she did she could as well strip or do porn. that’s just strange.

  216. aLx says:

    maybe I should register another nickname. something like, wth-fu-wtf-stfu-omfg-mofo. and then I’ll post thousands of word requests and she just has to take one of them. yeah, I like that idea.

  217. buzzword says:

    I’ve been reading the debate on slang. The appeals to Marina are an effort to have her further popularize their own norms. To censor or not to censor? The arguments get repetitive. Many of the conservative opinions are from the U.S. Many of her audience are not.

    The rest of the world seems to have coped very well with vulgarity, nakedness and sex. Marina’s site is a global forum. That global quality is the force that is improving U.S. society and the world. Marina is a playful academic and is not just introducing people to words, she is introducing people to a healthy and fun exploration of human meaning.

    Like my son exploring the garden and forests he is going to get dirty, hurt and scared. In doing so, all the more human. From my backyard to the world, if my son and the rest of the humanity can survive it I am quite sure that the conservatives in the U.S. can as well.

    Now to share my thoughts on the slang thread.

  218. aLx says:


    since some people know about certain linguistic termini, but a lot of others don’t — maybe you would consider doing a glossary? like, what is a morpheme and the like. I think that’d help some people to understand what other people are talking about and then even engage in conversations? like, some time ago I was involved in a conversation about morphemes, I think. some guy asked what morphemes are, I tried to explain it and then he understood the whole thing, or he got an idea of what other people were talking about.
    just an idea.

  219. aLx says:

    I’m gonna be 30 at the end of september. damn. 30. THIRTY!

    I remember having roll calls, I think that’s what you’d call it, at school. that wasn’t really cold war stuff.
    I didn’t have a bad childhood. in fact, I had a pretty good one. didn’t mis anything. we had oranges and bananas, too. ;)
    of course, there were marxism/leninism classes at school but that would have been in 11th grade or so. wasn’t old enough to experience that. I remember the school system changing all of a sudden. that was weird. went to five different schools. I don’t recall any paranioa.
    after the so called unification, though, that’s when things got pretty bad for a lot of people over here. my parents lost their jobs, for example. a lot of well educated people lost their jobs. you know, all those politicians have always been complaining about having not enough academics, especially engineers. my dad’s an engineer. in fact, he’s got like three academic degrees. now, did he find a job back then that would’ve been related to what he did before, to what he studied? no. so … many people were really, really frustrated. and this generation still is.
    it was always called “reunification”, but you shouldn’t call it that. reunification implies that the countries, the negotiating partners, doing that are more or less negotiating on some sort of equal level. it should’ve been called accession or attachment, not reunification.
    most people from the former west germany don’t understand that. they still think that they were like a god’s gift or something.
    don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of good things happening, but also a lot of bad things. you wouldn’t find those things in the press, and that means they went down the memory hole.
    my family and their friends get together occasionally, like every other family. and there’s a lot of stories they can tell. my uncle once said: “back then we had certain problems, now we got other problems. and they’re not easier problems”. I think that’s a great sentence and it sums it all up, kinda.
    today’s problems are different ones, like, fear of losing one’s job, fear of one’s (job-related) existence.
    and, like I mentioned in an earlier post, there’s a lot of depression, fear, stress-related anxieties and all that. maybe those things just come with capitalism, “democracy”, and “freedom”.
    believe me, people are not repressing the “bad” things or something.
    funny thing is … some things that were normal in the gdr just vanished in 1989/90. now, all of a sudden, they come back. of course, it’s the great politicians now who came up with the idea. yeah. the educational system. you know the pisa thing? they survey? number one was finland. they got their educational system from the gdr. lol.

    sorry, sometimes I feel like I have to defend the country I was born in. but it’s actually the people I’m trying to defend, you know. trying to make other people understand why there’s such a great frustration among a lot of people over here. people between the age of, let’s say, 55 — 80 or something. for a lot of people of this generation things did not change for the better, they changed for the worse.
    of course, there’s a lot of other examples, yes. but … you can’t just forget about the other ones, you know.
    I remember going on vacation to czechoslovakia, bulgaria, hungary, and romania. those were great vacations in great cities (you’ve got to see praque, budapest, bucarest!).

  220. buzzword says:

    I remember nuclear bomb drills in school. Nuclear war, those were the days. How cold was the cold war paranoia over there aLx? How old are you anyway?