Stupendous…. is it Stupid???


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11 Responses to Stupendous…. is it Stupid???

  1. lelananh says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the post.

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  2. leonard says:

    good job…the past shines“`

  3. leonard says:

    WOW=+_-+=how did I miss this video:-)Origin is right on rite! Every picture tells a story. H#O#T&F*O*R&W+O+R+D+S H^O^T^F^O^R^W^O^R^D^S :wink: RABBIT ears on the hip””stunned””””’thank you, rated every star

  4. pulchritudinous is you says:

    I would say all meanings of stupendous apply to you, as clearly shown by the picture. WOWWW

  5. babyface says:

    i never know this word before i saw the video.thanks marina!

  6. protac6 says:

    I never used this word before I saw this video, along with many other words. Stupendous is hot.

    Thanks Marina.

  7. tedt says:

    I have a lot of stunning effects when i watch your videos…..shame on me !
    :!: Stand tall….don´t fall :!:

  8. lindridge says:


    Latin gerundive is subtle.
    If an object is stupendus, the viewer should be stunned stupid.
    At first I confusingly thought gerundive->passive->the object should be stupid. Still not sure.

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